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Current Events

Having helped Cyclops and Emma Frost break out of prison, Illyana Rasputin (a.k.a. Magik) is currently a member of Cyclops' team of rebel mutants who are recruiting new mutants to their cause.


Illyana Rasputin
Illyana Rasputin

To simply be a mutant didn't quite make you as different as it once would have. What made someone different was the type of mutant that they were. Specifically, their power level that would show their potential or ability as a mutant. The Rasputin children, Mikhail, Piotr and Illyana, were all mutants. Each of them would have gifts that would/could affect many, even on a global level. Their futures would see them all go very different ways; their genetics ensured whichever way they chose to go, huge repercussions could be expected. These three mutant siblings would be no exception. From Mikhail's ability to manipulate matter on the subatomic level and his dimensional teleporting powers to Illyana's immensely powerful magical might and teleporting powers and even Piotr, who seemingly appears much weaker in comparison, but is prophesied to be the sole individual responsible for the destruction of an entire planet, Breakworld, and all of its inhabitants.

On the outward appearance it may seem that it must be purely coincidental that Illyana and her two older brothers, Mikhail and Piotr (Colossus), would all have massively powerful mutant powers and all be born to one family. But, not all is as it seems. These three siblings were born to a family that had been manipulated to ensure these outcomes. A bloodline refined to create power. Not only just Illyana, Mikhail and Piotr would have these substantial gifts, but all children born within the Rasputin bloodline would. Each would have the same genetics, share the same bloodline and lineage, each with the possibility to wield powerful mutant gifts. This was not a coincidence at all. This is all due to the manipulation, on a grand scale, by one of the foremost masters in genetics by the name of Nathaniel Essex, better known as Mr. Sinister.


Illyana Rasputin first appeared in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (May 1975). She was created by Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum. Her first appearance as a teenager can be found in Uncanny X-men Issue 160.

Character Evolution

Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin, the indomitable mutant known as Magik, is a super-humanly powerful mutant with the power of teleportation, as well as being unbelievably powerful and gifted sorceress. She has a potential that has yet to be reached. In her short life, she has seen and been through many things. From the experience of being kidnapped at a very young age by the evil Belasco, to life in a "Hell" dimension named Limbo for 7 years. Her gifts were exploited, and her soul was corrupted by black magic, turning a portion of it evil. After becoming the first victim to die of the Legacy Virus, she was eventually resurrected by her former master several years later. She is currently a member of the New Mutants. During the events of Avengers vs X-men, she has tasted even greater power; that of the Phoenix Force.

Major Story Arcs

Before Her Time...

The Rasputin Family Tree
The Rasputin Family Tree

More than 100 years ago, the patriarch of the Rasputin bloodline, the legendary Grigory Rasputin, would be the first to meet Sinister. The two would make unlikely allies. After their encounter, the Rasputin family would never be the same. When Grigory was younger, around the time of the emergence of his own mutant powers, Sinister would give him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Sinister or the "Pale Man" as Grigory referred to him as, would offer Grigory the chance to create a bloodline from his DNA that would lead a race of super humans. Grigory's importance to Sinister was quite simple. He was a mutant, and based on the time one of the few firsts. Not only was he a mutant, but a powerful one. Grigory was aware of his gifts or the "miraculous occurrences" that surrounded him. He enjoyed them and used them regularly. Though unrevealed, it’s assumed that Grigory may have had matter manipulating abilities. These powers seemed similar to that of his future descendant, Mikhail. Powerful or not, Sinister's offer appealed to him and he accepted promptly after. Sinister would go to work immediately.

He would seek out females similar to Grigory, mutants with special powers. Sinister would find around 15-20 women and impregnate them all by crossing their genes with that of Grigory's. Sinister would experiment on the unborn babies with many dying in the process. There was one woman though that was a prefect match for Grigory, a woman by the name of Elena. Once Sinister found that the two could produce the outcome that he wished for he would put introduce the two. Shortly after meeting, two would marry each other. Elena would be his soon-to-be wife and bearer of his future army of super powered children. This would culminate with Grigory taking part in a mystical ceremony, led by Sinister, transferring his essence into his pregnant wife’s womb. His last words were that he promised to return to the world when the world was ready for him. With Elena giving birth to her baby months later it would be the beginning of the powerful mutant bloodline that would lead to the eventual birth of one Illyana Nikolievna Rasputin.

Innocent Beginnings


Nikolai Rasputin and Alexandra Rasputin had three children, two boys, named Mikhail and Piotr and, their youngest, a girl named Illyana. Mikhail was already an adult when Illyana was born. He wanted more than a farmer's life and decided to become a cosmonaut working for the Russian government. As a result Illyana would never have the opportunity to meet her eldest brother and unfortunately never would as reports would come indicating that Mikhail had died while in duty. The reality was that his mutant powers manifested and the government decided to use him as a guinea pig. They wanted to see if they could find a way to harness his gift. Basically they were exploiting him, with no intention of releasing him. Illyana's family grieved but she was relatively unaffected partially due to her age and she really didn't know him. Beyond that she had a fairly normal early childhood. She had a close knit family, more love then she could ever know and a bond between her brother and her that death couldn't break, literally. The Rasputins would thrive and continue to live their lives as best they could. They managed to achieve a little normalcy in their lives right when another mutant would make their self known.

Professor X & the X-Men

Illyana's first appearance
Illyana's first appearance

Mikhail wouldn't be the only of his sibling to have mutant powers. Piotr would also have his powers emerge. Though he would attempt to keep his mutant gifts hidden, he would be forced to reveal them in a much unexpected way. Illyana was playing alone when an unmanned tractor came barreling in her direction. No one was near or had the ability to help her, save Piotr. He reacted instinctively, running to her aid and unconsciously activating his mutant powers. In a bright flash of light his entire body turned into that of a silver, shiny, armored giant. Standing in the way of the tractor, it would hit him and go no further as it would be destroyed upon impact. Like a night in shinning armor he was able to save his "Little Snowflake," as he referred to her. Relieved that he was able to protect his sister, he never noticed that a visitor had arrived and had watched the entire event unfold.

A man that would change not only Piotr's life, but that of his little sister, Illyana's as well. This man was Professor Charles Xavier and he had arrived wanting to speak with Piotr, hoping to recruit him as one of his new X-Men. After much conversation Piotr would accept and begrudgingly leave his family to start a new one in the United States. While a member of the team he took the codename Colossus and became one of the vaunted X-Men. As a member of the X-Men he would save the world many times over. But for Piotr it was a rough transition. He missed his family. He often suffered from homesickness, and as such he tended to stay alone and withdrawn. While on missions he often hid his feelings. Hiding them as he might, nothing could prepare him for the following events.



The X-Men would do battle with many a foe, but one of the oddest was the eccentric, murderous Arcade. An assassin for hire and creator of Murderworld he was one of the best at what he did, but would bite off too much when Doctor Doom was involved. Arcade became involved in dealings that went bad with Doctor Doom. As a result he was held captive with no means of freedom. An associate of Arcade's, Miss Locke, would devise a plan that would have the X-Men do all the hard work and free Arcade for her. Of course they would never do this willingly, she would have to force them somehow. Miss Locke decided that she would blackmail them by kidnapping numerous members of each of the X-Men's family, this would include Piotr's little sister Illyana, and force them to assist.

And they did. The X-Men sent in two units, sending the larger of their forces in to get Arcade and the few remaining to free their captive loved ones. The X-Men would find themselves to be successful and would return home. Colossus though would make a decision that would change his little sister's life permanently.

In Arcade´s Clutches
In Arcade´s Clutches

He decided that Illyana should stay with them and not return to Russia. He felt that it would be safer for her as he and the X-Men could protect her better, so that another incident like her being abducted could never happen again. Professor X agreed with the decision. He even telepathically taught all of his X-Men how to speak the Russian language so that Illyana would feel more comfortable in her new environment. He, too, wanted to test Illyana to see if she had the mutant gene, like her brothers feeling that there was a strong chance that she would be one. A discussion would follow but it would be decided to not test her. Feeling that she had many more years before her potential mutant powers would emerge based on her age. Illyana's stay would be granted by a special student visa. She would attend tutored classes by Professor X while at the X-mansion.

While there she brought a happiness to Colossus, one that he hadn't felt in a long time since he left his home long ago. Illyana would get close to all the X-Men, but especially Kitty Pryde. Kitty would read her bedtime stories and interact with her a lot. This would be the start of a bond that would only grow over time.

Abducted by Balasco

Illyana in the clutches of Belasco
Illyana in the clutches of Belasco

Illyana stayed with the X-Men all the time, save when they embarked on missions. This included when they were in need of a new temporary headquarters. Due to a recent battle it had sustained major damage and Xavier's Institute had been destroyed. The X-Men with no other choice would be forced to take up base elsewhere. They would find and inhabit an island that Magneto once used as a base. It was a strange alien city on an island in the Bermuda Triangle. Coming to this island would be the event that would lead to Illyana's destiny and future self.

Illyana was a child, only 7 years old, when the X-Men came to the island. Having been on the island for only a couple of days the X-Men had managed to settle themselves in; though they were still held doubts over their new location. Storm, the field leader, deciding they needed to release some stress had the X-Men participate in a training exercise while Illyana would play alone a short distance away as to not get hurt.

However, when no one was paying attention, the young Illyana began to walk away as if she was being guided. Unable to control herself she would continue on until she reached a temple, which she entered without hesitation. Of all the other X-men it was only Kitty who had noticed her missing, and began to follow with the X-Men not too far behind. Illyana would reach her destination in the back of the dimly lit tunnel inside of the dilapidated temple. She stood in the middle of a circular shape with glowing yellow and white lights and disappeared. The X-Men would follow and also get teleported to another dimension, one of the many splintered realms of Hell. This one was called Limbo.



As soon as Illyana arrived she was whisked away to the side of Belasco. He tempted her with many wonderful things including a glorious future. All the while the X-Men made their way to Limbo as well. Through a string of events they were informed, by a second set of X-Men, that they had to leave in order for their Illyana to survive. The second set of X-Men, those stuck in Limbo, attempting to rescue their Illyana were successful but they themselves found themselves unable to return; they too were stuck in Limbo. Immediately after the X-Men were spirited away back to Earth and Illyana was left to fend for herself. Meanwhile back with Illyana, Belasco had brought her to an altar and began a spell to withdraw the first of 5 pieces of Illyana's soul.

Effectively taking the first piece of her soul it was transformed into a "Bloodstone" and he placed it into what he called the Beatrice Amulet. The Amulet once opened had a 5-pointed star with open holes. The first Bloodstone filled the spot of one of those points. Belasco's intentions for Illyana was to slowly take all 5 portions of her soul and turn them into bloodstones to complete the Beatrice Medallion. He needed time to further corrupt her soul, all the while step by step consecrating her to evil and making her the instrument of Belasco's masters the Elder Gods. He would also use her to free him from Limbo and allow him to roam Earth once again, where he would take over and rule supreme. He would leave immediately after the Bloodstone was removed and allowed time to take place.

Girl Interrupted

Illyana as Magik
Illyana as Magik

Still on the altar, Illyana would be saved and taken in by an older alternate Storm and an alternate version of Kitty Pryde, now calling herself Cat. Both were very different; Cat actually had been transformed in to a cat/human hybrid by Belasco and as a result she hated magic. Differing from her mainstream counterpart, winds no longer listened to the elderly Storm so she could not control the weather anymore and instead she focused purely on magic. Ororo attempted to break Illyana free of the link she had with Belasco immediately after saving her. After a trip to the astral plane she finds that a part of Illyana was now and forever belonging to the side of evil, specifically to Belasco. When in Illyana's mind the "evil" part of Illyana would attack and try to kill the elderly Ororo, but Ororo luckily would survive. Once back Ororo devised a plan to help the young Illyana. Wanting to equip Illyana for her future, Ororo decided to teach Illyana all the white magic she knew by making Illyana her magical apprentice.

The goal was to teach Illyana so that she would be enabled to keep her dark side at bay with white magic. All of her lessons would take place in Ororo's magic garden, from there they would proceed to administer the classes on the astral plane. Illyana was trained and became quite adept at white magic, tapping into her ancestral magical lineage. Storm felt it necessary to teach Illyana so that she was prepared for her next confrontation with Belasco. What Illyana didn't know, was that Belasco had once attempted to use both Storm and Cat to draw bloodstones from but was unsuccessful. Storm knowing this would only further her want to protect the young child. Cat disagreed partially because she despised magic, but also because she felt that Storm would be doing Belasco’s dirty work for him. She felt that Storm was making a huge mistake. Regardless, Storm began teaching Illyana white magic. While there she taught Illyana about life, white magic and the creation of life itself.

Illyana Practicing Magics
Illyana Practicing Magics

Their Illyana stayed for an entire year and learned everything that Storm could teach. Illyana learned fast but was quite angered by the fact that, try as she might, each and every spell she would cast would always be tainted by darkness. Where Ororo would magically have the ability to create life such as plants (or her entire garden), Illyana's attempts always seemed to fail. Though her spells were done properly and she had the magical aptitude to make them work they would always turn out in a negative way.

Illyana killing the Limbo version of Kitty Pryde
Illyana killing the Limbo version of Kitty Pryde

Once the year was complete, in the middle of the night Cat would wake Illyana up and convince her to come with her leaving Ororo's garden. Cat was attempting to return Illyana to her home. During that night Illyana and Cat would get into a heated argument and during this time, Illyana's mutant powers first manifested. She accidentally created a stepping disc and fell through it. When she arrived she was still in Limbo but here is when she first meets her future servant and enemy, S'ym. He taunts her and begins to attack her. She luckily is saved by Cat and together they escape from S'ym. While seeking a way to send Illyana home they came upon a desert and were informed that at the end of the desert would be the wall of Limbo.

Where if Cat used her phasing powers she could take Illyana through and free her from Limbo. Their trek through the desert would take two long years. Through that time Cat would teach Illyana how to fight, use a sword and survival skills. At the end of the 2 years they would finally reach their destination only to find that they were misled by one of Belasco's illusions. Belasco would first transform Cat even further into a cat-like being and took the young Illyana with him as his pupil. It would be during this time that Belasco would create his second Bloodstone out of Illyana's soul, effectively tainting the essence of the child even further making her even more evil. Illyana followed Belasco to his palace, worried but accepting her situation. She fully understood that Cat would no longer be able to provide help to her. Belasco's spell halted Cat's ability to think for herself and she was now bound to Belasco doing his every bidding. In the 3 years that followed, Belasco made Illyana his pupil, teaching her all that he knew.

Illyana learned the darkest of dark magic and the blackest of black magic’s. She took to it quite quickly, and unlike the spells that Ororo taught her, Illyana could produce all the black spells with ease, without error. She realized that the reason why she was unable to produce spells that created life was because her soul was permanently tainted with darkness. She would never produce white magic spells without them going array. One day while Illyana was brainstorming a way to get out of Limbo, she inadvertently activated her latent mutant powers of teleportation. Now a few years old she had so much control learned from her magic teachings that she was able to practice her mutants powers without being afraid of them.

She began creating stepping discs and decided to walk through one to see where she would go. Her stepping disc took her to the future, unknown to her. Here she witnessed the arrival of her future teammates the New Mutants. Although at this point she had no clue who they were. The New Mutants were teleported to that very spot by a future Illyana. Seeing all she wanted to she, she created yet another stepping disc and teleported herself away. The disc this time sent her to the past. Here she witnessed a battle that took place many years ago in Limbo. The fight was between Belasco and a very young magician Storm.

Storm, corrupted
Storm, corrupted

Illyana watched as Storm was able to successfully defeat Belasco. As Storm was to make her killing stroke, she was taken over by darkness. In attempting to kill Belasco, Storm tainted her own soul, changing her. Scarred by what she saw she opened yet another disc and teleported to the current time. As she arrives, she sees yet another battle. The opponents were the same, but now Storm was very aged. The elderly Storm had attacked Belasco's palace in an attempt to free Illyana. Illyana immediately ran to Storm's aid but was cut off by the demonic Cat. They battled for a few short minutes but Illyana could tell that Cat was simply trying to hold Illyana back from helping Storm. Angered by this, Illyana lunged at Cat and snapped her neck, killing her immediately. When she finally gets to Storm she realizes that Storm too had fought against Cat and was dealt a mortal wound.

The elderly Storm was dying. Realizing it was all a trap, Illyana tried to take Storm when she found out that Belasco planned to used Storm's soul and life essence to create a 3rd Bloodstone. Not wanting to help Belasco get any closer to his goal she mercy kills Storm, putting a halt to Belasco's plan. Belasco sees what Illyana has done and became enraged, but put plan b into play. Instead of using Storm for the 3rd Bloodstone, he would use Illyana to create it. She immediately teleports away using her mutant powers and reappears in Russia on the farm she grew up on directly in front of the house of her parents.

Overcome with happiness when she realized that she could use her power to leave Limbo, she ran to her parent’s door and knocked. Her happiness would soon end when she sees her parents and tells them who she was. They, of course, did not recognize her and turned her away, under the assumption that their daughter was safe with their son Colossus in America and was a 6 year old little girl. Giving up she turned around and saw the corpses of the Limbo X-Men animated their to take her back to Limbo. When she gets back to Limbo, Belasco would quickly draw a 3rd Bloodstone from Illyana, even further tainting her soul and making it more demonic, and would exile her to the garden that the elderly Ororo taught her in many years ago. He would bind her powers disabling her use of her magics and mutant powers. Timing could not have been worse as it was the beginning of a harsh winter one that Illyana, likely, would not survive.

Illyana and her Bloodstones
Illyana and her Bloodstones

While in the garden Illyana used the skills taught to her by the now deceased Cat, managing to thrive in the unbearable cold. She also continued to practice the magic that the elderly Ororo taught her, attempting to find a way to free her self of the garden. Time and time again she was unable to produce magic that allowed creation, always coming out tainted as her soul was. She then had an epiphany, she was not able to produce magic like Ororo because they had differing motives. Ororo was attempting to help Illyana, Illyana's motive was quite simply revenge. She reconfigured the spell and used a small portion of her untainted, pure soul and a bright light grew directly in front of her. When she reached in she pulled out her Soulsword. Shortly after she headed to Belasco and with the use of her newly created weapon she battled and defeated Belasco. Just prior to her killing stroke she stopped not wanting to become anymore dark, any more like Belasco. She then exiled him from Limbo.

Due to this defeat, Illyana was now the unquestioned ruler of Limbo. And due to the 6 years of teaching she received while there, she had the ability to fight for her title if need be. Finally gaining confidence she would create a "stepping disc" and would return herself to home. When she arrived it would only be seconds from when they originally lost the younger Illyana. After a small conversation they believed her and took her to Professor X for further examination. He found that he was unable to probe her very much but did see, for the most part, that what she claims happened, did.

She would stay at the mansion with the rest of the X-Men uneventfully for a short while. She would be roomed with Kitty Pryde. They became quick friends and would lay the foundation for a relationship as best friends that would be unending. But even to Kitty she revealed nothing. She made sure not to tell anyone of her magical or mutant powers, wanting to keep them a secret. Illyana was attempting to try and cope with all the events and changes she went through while in Limbo. Try as she might, Illyana could not hide forever and her secrets would be revealed.....well one of them at least.

An unexpected arrival of Belasco would force her to use her mutant powers to teleport the New Mutants (mutant students who attend the Xavier Institute) to Limbo for their safety. Coincidentally, this would be what she saw when she was stuck in Limbo many years ago. When all was said and done the New Mutants were returned to Earth unharmed. Illyana would use a forgetting spell ensuring the New Mutants would not remember any of what occurred except for the fact that Illyana was a mutant. Once Professor X was informed of Illyana's mutant nature, she would be granted to ability to study with and join the New Mutants, which she gladly did.

Enter the New Mutants

Illyana "Magik" Rasputin

While apart of the New Mutants, Illyana would finally allow herself to let her guard down....a little. In a short time she became a powerful and valued member of the team. Although they knew she was a mutant, she still guarded her magical side intensely. Due to the barriers she kept up she sometimes felt misunderstood and alone but the others truly cared for her. As a team, the New Mutants would go through more than their fair share of battles. Though they had many successes, they too had many great loses. First Professor X stepped down and left the school in the hand of the villainous Magneto. Magik and the New Mutants were none too happy about this change. Amidst the ups and downs of life Illyana finally revealed her magical side to her teammates, receiving mixed reviews. Shortly after that they would suffer yet another lose, this time the death of teammate Douglas Ramsey (Cypher).

As if that wasn't enough, the New Mutants all would then have their lives snuffed out by the Beyonder during the Secret Wars. He made it as if they never existed. The Beyonder was bent on the idea of humanity and the attempt to gain one. He would have a machine created that if working properly give one life or bring one back to life. Needing guinea pigs he would test it on the recently departed members of the New Mutants. Though they were alive again, the experiences of their deaths and resurrections was far too traumatic for them. They were all severely mentally affected by their experiences. Magik and the New Mutants were mere husks of their former selves and showed no human emotions. Once they returned to the Institute, Magneto would decide to send his students to Emma Frost, the White Queen of the Hellfire Club and leader of the Hellions. Emma was to use her vast telepathic powers to help repair the already damaged psyches of each of the New Mutants.

While under the care of Emma Frost, the New Mutants enrolled at her school and were recruited into her team of Hellions. This was her true plan all along. To her surprise though once Magik and the New Mutants were healed they would leave immediately back to the Xavier Institute.

The Inferno

Illyana, corrupted
Illyana, corrupted

During a standard trip through Limbo, something went wrong and the New Mutants were stuck. Illyana's evil and demonic side started to take over her body. The demons there wanted her to become the full lord of Limbo. When she tried to escape, the demon N'astirh used this as a way to open a huge teleportation disc between Earth and Limbo, which started an invasion of Earth by the demons of Limbo. Magik then managed to defeat the powerful demon S'ym . After the battle the New Mutants examined the remains of Magik's armor and found the seven-year old Illyana inside it. However she still possessed the bloodstone amulet. The 7 year old Illyana was then brought home and returned to Russia where she lived with her parents until they were murdered by the Russian government in order to make sure Illyana had her abilities to defeat a powerful psionic being, which posed a threat to Russia. After this, Illyana returned to the X-Mansion.


Legacy Virus
Legacy Virus

Illyana was brought back to America and the X-mansion. However, shortly afterward, Illyana caught the Legacy Virus, a deadly and incurable disease that only effected mutants. At this time, the young X-woman Jubilee and Illyana made a special friendship. Although she was a fighter, and her brother was at her side almost always, Illyana succumbed to the virus a few weeks later and died in the X-Mansion. This happened at a time during witch her brother was on a mission with the X-Men, something he would never forgive himself for. She was buried at the Xavier Institute and was mourned by everybody, especially by her brother and good friend Kitty Pryde. Her spirit would later go on to visit Wolverine and her brother, Piotr.

Magik Returns

House of M
House of M

During the House of M storyline, the Scarlet Witch used her reality-warping abilities to recreate the world as we knew it, transforming it into way she wished it was. Illyana came back to life and joined many of the new X-Men as students at S.H.I.E.L.D. She was placed in the Hellions training squad and, during their last mission, was told to take a group of mutated humans somewhere safe. She teleported just as chaos took over, and the House of M came to an end reverting back to the way it was before. In a world where Illyana was no longer alive. No one remembers ever meeting Magik because none of them remembered the House of M. Later, the evil Belasco came looking for Magik, as he sensed her presence that was left behind during the House of M, and used his powers to take most of the students at the school prisoner. He smelled Magik on them but none of them remembered meeting her. All clues began to point to Magik being alive.

A group of free students on the run in Limbo ran into a version of Illyana in her Darkchild self. She revealed that she was recreated by Belasco, but in body and mind only. Her soul resided in her Soulsword, and that had been lost. She sought to create a new soulsword, and five new bloodstones of power, from the pure soul of Pixie. The process was only partially successful, resulting in only one bloodstone being created. Pixie ended up with a soul dagger instead of a soul sword. Illyana then taught Pixie a teleportation spell, which allowed the students to reach Belasco's castle which lead to their confrontation with Belasco. In the ensuing fight, Pixie stabbed Belasco with the dagger, allowing Illyana to use the bloodstone's power to presumably destroy Belasco. With Belasco defeated, she once again became queen of Limbo. Despite an emotional reunion with her brother, Piotr, she banished the X-Men from Limbo and sealed it off, not content to rest until she recovered her soul and became whole once again.

Divided We Stand

llyana wants her soul back, thinking back to the ones she once loved, like Kitty and Piotr she tries to reclaim her soul through these connections and teleports to the Xavier Institute only to find it destroyed and abandoned after the events of Messiah Complex. Angrily she decides that she will not get her soul back through love but through hate and suffering and she will target those who have wronged her and make them pay with their souls.


Pixie vs. Magik
Pixie vs. Magik

Infernus is the Quest for Illyana to regain her soul and to later rejoin the X-Men. The story begins with Illyana in Limbo searching for the Beatrice Amulet. Flustered that she can't find it, she sends hordes of Limbo Demons to search the earth and find it. Meanwhile, the X-Men are back in their danger room and Pixie goes crazy and stabs Nightcrawler. After she stabs him with her Souldagger, she pulls the weapon from his body cavity and out comes Illyana's Soulsword with it. Nightcrawler is unharmed by the Souldagger, and the Soulsword that his ex girlfriend Amanda Sefton (another ruler of Limbo), locked inside of him for safe keeping. Instantly back in Limbo, Illyana feels her Soulsword emerge and teleports to the Danger Room to reclaim what is rightfully hers.

Everyone is shocked to see Illyana again, as most believed her to be dead. Illyana demands her sword, promising that no one will be hurt if they just hand it over to her. The X-Men refuse and one by one are struck down by Illyana. First Rockslide, then Mercury, followed by Beast. Then Pixie comes along and starts a fight against Illyana but loses, so Illyana takes her Soulsword back and she changes, becoming more human but still incomplete so she runs away to Limbo again only to find out that Witchfire, Belasco's daughter is there and wants her head. The X-men go to Limbo after her and encounter demons but Pixie feels her soul and goes to the castle. The mutants go after her only to be taking down by Witchfire who has Illyana in chains and starts to take another piece of Pixie's soul. Nightcrawler stabs Illyana with the Souldagger and pull out the Soulsword. He calls Pixie and tells her that she is the only one that can save them all. She frees Illyana and together they banish Witchfire but she took along Illyana's and Pixie's soul, that make the young X-Men fly away. Illyana takes everybody back to the Danger Room and there Illyana decides to stay with them.

Back to the New Mutants

The New Mutant Return
The New Mutant Return

After another brief disappearance, Illyana reappears at the X-Men's new San Francisco home, exhausted and injured. Disoriented and sounding more than a little insane than usual, she gets fellow New Mutants Cannonball, Sunspot and Magma to help her find Dani and Shan, who she says will die soon if aid doesn't come quickly. She goes with her old friends to Colorado, where Dani and Shan had gone earlier based on reports that a young mutant there might have been endangering the local populace. On the way there, she plays mind games with Amara, teasing her that she can cure Empath of the injury caused by Pixie's Souldagger. Once there, she splits up with Amara to track down a missing little girl, empathizing acutely with her as she was also kidnapped in her youth.

Tracking her down to a certain home, Illyana and Amara think they've found Shan being held prisoner. But when they open the small cell, they instead find a grinning Legion waiting inside. Conferring with Sam and Bobby, who had found Shan's body in another location, they find out that Shan is inside Legion's mind with a benign little girl personality, but are being chased by the more violent personalities in David Haller's mindscape. When Shan and the little girl are overwhelmed, the violent persona take over. One with superhuman strength punches Amara away, and another one uses an energy blast to down Illyana. The mutant sorceress quickly recovers, and tells Sam and Bobby to find Dani. As one of the beings who previously tried to "fix" David Haller's mind, Dani has become one of Legion's intended targets.

Meanwhile, Sam and Bobby find Dani imprisoned in a local jail, about to be attacked by Legion. Bobby knocks Legion away from Dani's cell before she can be harmed, but Sam leaves her inside, thinking that she will be safer. Sam realizes his mistake when Legion uses another of his powers to manipulate the earth in Dani's cell in a second attempt to kill her. That attempt is stopped when Magik and Magma arrive. Magma melts the earth golem Legion created, preventing Dani from being strangled. Furious at Sam, Dani punches him, then leaves to arm herself in order to be useful when they bring the fight back to the insane mutant.

Determined to put an end to the threat and save Shan, Illyana teleports to Shan's body and touches it, initiating a transfer of her mind into Legion's. Once there, Illyana shows that she means business by threatening harm if they didn't release Shan to her immediately. When she is accused of bluffing, Illyana manifests her soul sword and, ignoring Sam's plea not to harm any of Legion's personalities, proceeds to cleave and decapitate three of Legion's personas in short order. When a fourth persona attempts to stop Illyana and fails, the remaining personalities acquiesce and lead her to where they're holding Shan and the little girl prisoner. Illyana frees them both, and in the process also frees David Haller's base personality. Guided by David, Illyana discovers that the doll, named "Moira," is the basis for conscious control of Legion's body. Illyana takes the doll away from the remaining hostile personalities just in time to save Dani and the others.

Second Coming and Hellbound

X-Men: Second Coming - Revelations: Hellbound
X-Men: Second Coming - Revelations: Hellbound

When Cable returns to the present timeline with Hope Summers in tow, Illyana is dispatched along with a group of other X-Men to retrieve the pair and return them to the safety of the island nation of Utopia. Unfortunately, Bastion's forces nearly kill the trio in an explosion, but Illyana manages to take the brunt of the attack. Before she can use magic to mend herself, Illyana is dragged into Limbo via a stepping disc by demons, much to Colossus's dismay. The next day, Colossus confronts Cyclops, and demands that he be allowed to rescue his sister. Cyclops declines his request, explaining that he needs him by his side, and that he has already ordered Cannonball to form a team of X-Men to retrieve the teleporter from the hellish dimension. They include Northstar, Anole, Pixie, Trance, Dazzler, and Gambit. Although some of the mutants are more willing to help than others, they are all teleported to Limbo thanks to the spell Magik taught Pixie during the events of Quest For Magik. They are quickly attacked by the monstrous hordes belonging to the demon N'astirh, and Gambit succumbs to the realm's evil mystical influence.

Illyana in Limbo
Illyana in Limbo

Facing seemingly insurmountable odds, Dazzler and Northstar both fall victim to Gambit's corruption, and proceed to attack the remaining X-Men sent to aid illyana. Meanwhile, Pixie is visited by N'astirh, and given a choice. He offers to restore the portion of her soul that has been corrupted by Magik. All she has to do is use her Souldagger to kill Magik, and retrieve the Soul Sword for him. Pixie seems reluctant, but allows the demon to take her to Magik. Magik pleads with Pixie to take her life, and end her suffering, but Pixie tricks N'astirh, and stabs the demon with her weapon. With the aid of Cannonball and Anole, The trio manage to free Magik from her imprisonment, and liberate Gambit, Dazzler, and Northstar from Limbo's wicked influence. Magik explains that the reason she hates the new crop of X-Men so much is that they remind her of the monster she has become, and of everything she has lost since Inferno.

Once Pixie and the X-Men free Magik, the pair use their weapons to stab N'astirh, and Illyana reclaims Limbo as her own realm. Illyana makes a tentative pact with Pixie to work together in order to reclaim what they have lost as the result of dark magic. Magik and her teammates then leave Limbo to rejoin the rest of the X-Men, and combat the threat posed to mutankind during the events of Second Coming.

Avengers vs. X-Men

Hope Summers & The Phoenix Five
Hope Summers & The Phoenix Five

During the conflict, Magik becomes one of the mutants empowered by the Phoenix Force to help defeat the Avengers. Magik intervenes during a battle between Rogue and the Avenger Ms. Marvel, using her powers to gag the heroine and trap her in Limbo. Upon Namor's defeat, Magik, along with her brother, Cyclops and Emma are empowered by Namor's portion of the Phoenix Force. Magik and Colossus defeat Thor and they throw him into a portion of Limbo that Magik raised into the Earthly plane that they are using a prison for the Avengers. The Rasputin siblings end up fighting the Avengers trying to break their team out. In order to buy some time for the Avengers to break the team free, Spider-Man stands up to the two of them. Colossus punches him telling him he does not wish to harm anyone. Magik tells him that he should kill him now and Colossus tells her he does not like what the Phoenix Force is doing to her, and them in general. Spider-Man tricks the two into fighting each other. The Rasputins clash in a fiery blaze of the flaming cosmic energy and both are knocked out and lose their respective portions of the Phoenix Force which then goes to the remaining avatars, Emma and Cyclops. Magik teleports Colossus and herself away to Siberia. In a dark moment for Colossus where he feels doomed, Magik reveals that she planned Colossus becoming the Juggernaut from the beginning. She wanted him to truly understand how she felt when she was a demon from his own demonic experience. In his anger, he attacks her as the Juggernaut but she teleports away leaving him with her final gift; regret.

Illyana later returns to her brother with the aim of finishing their 'business'. As Colossus attacks her, she teleports the both of them to Limbo and, being empowered there, removes Cyttorak's corruption from her brothers soul. When asked if she could have done this any time, she replies that she could put that she wanted her brother to learn both of her experiences and to not sacrifice someone who "simply does not deserve it". Colossus threatens to kill her if he ever sees her again and, satisfied that he learned that lesson, Illyana teleports away again.

She is next seen at the Jean Grey School For Higher Learning. She hides in Storm's room and upon seeing her, gives her a letter with her brothers location and the suggestion to arrest him. When Storm finds Colossus she is shocked by his animosity he has for the very image of his sister.

All New X-Men and the New Revolution

Magik teleporting Cyclops out of prison, alongside with Magento
Magik teleporting Cyclops out of prison, alongside with Magento

Illyana plays a crucial role in the breakout that frees Cyclops, summoning demonic arms to tear away the wall of his cell. She is also seen banishing prisoners murdered a mutant inmate to her dimension of Limbo.

Now known as a public enemy to the US Magik has joined Cyclops' team of renegade X-Men alongside with Emma Frost and Magneto. Magik plays a pivotal role in the new All New X-Men series. Magik helps teleport the team around saving innocent mutants from mutant hate groups and law enforcements.

Due to the Phoenix Force's influence on the hosts, their powers have been altered and Magik's have been upgraded. Her, Magneto, Cyclops, Emma Frost, and the two new students named Eva Bell and Christopher Muse, show up to save a new mutant by the name of Fabio Medina. During the rescue, the team is attacked by a horde of sentinels and Magik destroyed a massive one with utter ease. After Cyclops lays waste to the rest, Magik teleports the new mutant to the New Xavier Institute where they will be taught how to control their powers. Magik attends the meeting with the other veteran X-Men where they go over the new institute lay-out with the new students and explain the current world's mutant situation. Eva Bell wishes to go home to check on her mother so Magik volunteers to take her and the others, but the whole group goes save for Magneto. Once in Australia, Magik keeps an out for trouble and eventually a group of the Avengers led by Captain America make their way to the scene.

Magik Black Costume
Magik Black Costume

Cyclops' team show up the Avengers on live TV by having Scott's team appear as victims of persecution and Eva freezing the Avengers in a temporal bubble. Magik continues to be their primary source of transportation as she teleports the team to the Jean Grey Institute where Cyclops attempts to clear the air and offer a chance for the younger mutants to join his school. When they leave and return home, Magik's powers show her broken side-effects as she writhes in pain, disappears in a hellish portal, and the reemerges with a burst of flames before running off on her own. Her powers act up a second time when the team returns once again with new students in the Stepford Cuckoos and the original, younger version of Angel.

Magik is pulled into Limbo after discovering Dormammu has tried taking over. Dormammu forces Magik back into Limbo, along with the rest of the team, and is held captive by the demon as he forces her to watch as his teammates fight for their lives against the mindless ones. Magik manages to break free and casts the team out of the dimension, all the while she absorbs the entirety of Limbo into herself. She then finds the demon in the desolate Limbo and is suggested to have killed him. With her revelation and after absorbing Limbo, Illyana decides she needs help and finds a Dr. Strange back in time before he ever becomes an Avenger to help her control her powers.

Magik and the Cuckoos rescue and recruit a new mutant by the name of David Bond. After receiving word of Fabio's kidnapping at the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., Magik is one of the team members that helps rescue him. Magik is seen training with Eva, but gets caught in Eva's bubble and displaced somewhere in time before coming back. Magik joins the X-Men team to a pro-Cyclops rally, but the team is suddenly attacked by a new sentinel called the blockbuster sentinel. Since the Blockbuster sentinel attack, Magik has helped in training the students and fighting with the alternate timeline versions of the X-Men during the Battle of the Atom event. When the X-Men get a notification of a new mutant, it turns out to be a trap from more sentinels. Thinking it is SHIELD, Cyclops tries to get a distraction going when he learns the sentinel is somehow disabling their mutant abilities. Illyana taps into her training from Dr. Strange and unleashes a magical dragon attack that destroys a bunch of the sentinels. The large one ends up fleeing and the team declares war on whoever is sending these sentinels, whether it be SHIELD or someone using SHIELD.

The Last Will & Testament of Charles Xavier

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When lawyer Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk, received the last will and testament of Charles Xavier, she left for the Jean Grey School to read it to the X-Men listed by Xavier, who also included Scott Summers on the list. In order to have the will read, Scott needed to be contacted and brought to the school. Hank McCoy revealed that he'd always known where Scott's secret base was, but he never told anyone else, not wanting his life to be directed by Scott Summers any longer. The X-Men flew to the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants in the Canadian wilderness, and were greeted by the Uncanny X-Men. The situation was explained, and Magik quickly teleported to JGS and back to verify the story. Scott, Emma, Illyana, Kitty, and Ali teleported to JGS for the reading of the will. It was revealed that Charles Xavier had married Mystique, and that he'd covered up the discovery of an omnipotent mutant by the name of Matthew Malloy. He'd suppressed the boy's memories in order to suppress his powers, but it was all beginning to become undone. He charged the X-Men with the final task of finding and suppressing this mutant. Scott left along with Storm and Rachel Grey to find the mutant. With a wave of his hand, Malloy destroyed a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, and proved to be telepathically immune to Rachel's provocations. He teleported the X-Men away, back to their respective schools. Scott had Magik teleport him back to Malloy, and made a deal with the man. Together, the trio teleported away to Devil's Tower. Scott ordered Magik to give him time to talk to Malloy. During this time, Magneto intervened telling Scott that he'd gone too far, and needed to back down. Malloy, angered, teleported Magneto away and continued his conversation with Scott.

Death of Magik
Death of Magik

In the meantime, Magik visited Doctor Strange in the past again, and, after interrupting one of his more private sessions with a woman, asked if he knew of a way to stop someone as powerful as Malloy. Strange gave Magik the Eye of Agamotto to use on Malloy. Teleporting back to the present, Magik attempted to explain how she would use the artifact, when SHIELD attack forces appeared and blew the entirety of Devil's Tower to smithereens, resulting in the unfortunate and untimely demise of Scott Summers, Matthew Malloy, and Illyana, herself.

Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex

Responding to a distress call from her friend and teammate Kitty Pryde, Illyana takes the All-New X-Men and teleports to the Jean Grey School. Once there, she is able to quickly and vaguely inform Storm and Beast that there is a problem that requires their attention. She teleports the group to a the planet Spartax where Kitty and her boyfriend, Peter Quill aka the Legendary Star-Lord are waiting for them with the Guardians of the Galaxy. They have gathered to discuss the dangers of the mysterious Black Vortex, and begin to argue over what should be done with it. While some, like Gamora, want to use the artifact, others, like Storm, want to destroy it. The cosmically empowered Slaughter Lords working for Mister Knife attack the assembled heroes to steal back the Black Vortex. While they battle, Gamora uses the Vortex to enhance herself. With her new skills, she easily battles all of the Slaughter Lords at once, giving Magik time to teleport everyone away. Once safely spirited away by Magik, an argument erupts once again over what should be done, with Kitty spearheading the argument against using the Black Vortex. During the commotion, Beast uses it and becomes cosmically empowered. He agrees with Gamora. All his questions have been answered. He urges the others to use the artifact, tilting the mirror so that they can see what they would look like if cosmically empowered by the Black Vortex.

Powers and Abilities

Illyana has two very distinctive powers, one is her mutant power to generate spacial/temporal warps in the form of stepping discs, the other is her magic, learned while she was in Limbo. As more and more of her soul was removed, it was replaced and filled with Black Magic granting vast mystical abilities. The two powers will be described separately below.

Mutant Power

Stepping Disc
Stepping Disc

Illyana Rasputin has the mutant ability to create and control teleportation energies in the form of "stepping discs". These yellow rings of glowing light, once created, provide the ability to teleport. Not only just herself but a group of individuals as well, to a multitude of different places including destinations in both time and space. The only limitation to her teleportation power is that she must use Limbo as her stopping point prior to her final destination, wherever that may be. Magik can also teleport herself or others into her domain, Limbo or "Hell" dimension or out of it. As Limbo is her domain, Illyana is able to mentally scan Limbo, while on Earth in order to locate whomever she wishes to teleport to Earth from it. Magik has succeeded in teleporting herself and another person across a continent on one occasion, and to travel through time on a few others.

However, Magik has not yet mastered her teleportation ability. The greater the distance over which she teleports, the greater the possible margin of error in terms of her arriving at the point in time she desires. Hence, when she once teleported herself and a friend from New York to California, hoping to arrive within seconds of the time she left, Magik and her friend instead arrived one week later, having accidentally traveled into the future. Magik is continuously practicing the use of her teleportation power in order to master it. Although already quite adept in the use of the mutant powers she still has a lot to learn especially considering how new she is to them.

In terms of potential Illyana's is nearly limitless. She was once told by Dr. Strange that she had the potential for great feats of manipulating time on a very wide scale. Never one to accept the status quo, Illyana continuously and regularly practices the use of her mutant powers in order to master them and have them grow in strength.

Ever since having her powers altered by the Phoenix Force, Magik has undergone an upgrade. She has been shown to be able to conjure and project powerful blasts of energy from her Limbo dimension as an extension of her powers rather than her magic. She has been shown consistently adept at teleporting people away before others can react. Since Dormammu attempted to take over Limbo, Illyana has absorbed the entire dimension into her body.

Magical Power


As a result of the time Illyana was forced to spend in Limbo, she was permanently changed both physically and mentally. She would spend a total of 6 years in Limbo during which she would learn valuable skills and abilities taught to her by different teachers that would help her in becoming the future Sorceress Supreme & Ruler of Limbo, that she was destined to become. During her first year in Limbo, Illyana was an apprentice to an alternate reality version of Storm. One who unfortunately was stuck in Limbo and lost the ability to control the weather instead becoming a powerful magician highly skilled in the use of white magic. So skilled was she, that she was nearly able to best Belasco in their very first battle only faltering in the very end. During Illyana's time with the now elderly Ororo, she was taught in the uses and practices of white magic. Different from black magic, white magic usually helped rather then hurt when used. She was also taught about life, the creation of it and astral projection. It would be during the time that she would spend with the elderly Ororo that Illyana would learn, much later master, the ability to mystically heal herself. She would spend an entire year apprenticing under the tutelage of the elderly Ororo.

Following Illyana's first year with Ororo, Illyana then was trained by Cat. Cat was an alternate reality version of Kitty Pryde. No longer fully human in appearance, due to an interaction with Belasco, she had been transformed into a cat-like hybrid making her more animal in nature. As a result of the magical transformation forced on Cat, she had a hate for magic and wanted Illyana to have nothing to do with it. Illyana would train with Cat for 2 years, during which she would be taught how to fight, specifically, unarmed-combat and in the effective use of bladed weapons. Initially Cat taught Illyana how to use a dagger then moved on to that of swords. Illyana would become quite comfortable in the use of both weapons; comfortable and very effective. It was during her time with Cat that she was also taught valuable survival skills allowing her to thrive in the most unlikely places. Illyana would grow to become best friends with Cat and look at her like family, willing to do anything to protect her.

It would be during her time with Limbo's, then, ruler Belasco that Illyana would learn and be changed the most. It was Belasco's goal to transform all 5 parts of Illyana's soul into Bloodstones. This was for two very different reasons. Firstly, with the 5 Bloodstones, Belasco could complete the magical Beatrice Medallion thus allowing him the ability to traverse to and from Limbo. An ability he had lost when he was exiled to Limbo by his masters the Elder Gods, for failing them. As a result of her soul being removed, it would be filled completely with black magic and would permanently make her a tool of both his, Belasco, and that of his evil masters the Elder Gods. This would make her a being of pure evil and thus helping the Elder Gods take over the Earth dimension.

Belasco would be unsuccessful in his ploy to remove all 5 parts of Illyana's soul. In the 3 years that she would learn under his tutelage, he would only manage to take 3/5 of her soul. This would still permanently taint her soul and as a result give her a partial demonic soul instead. It would be during her time as a pupil of Belasco's that he would teach her the darkest of the dark arts and the blackest of black magic. While at his palace she, too, had full access to Belasco's library of books of magic, that he had collected through this long, unnatural life. Belasco taught the young Illyana everything he knew. As a result of this, Illyana could produce virtually any and all spells that Belasco could and would be able to manipulate the forces of magic for a variety of effects to include.


-Mind Control (both humans and animals)

-Metamorphing (herself, others or objects. living or otherwise)

-Astral Projection


-Generate and release concussive bolts of pure magic energy

-Creation of magical force fields

-Inter-dimensional travel

-Ability to generate and manipulate fire

-Mental Possession

-Dark force manipulation

-Creation of constructs purely of magical energies

As a result of Illyana's diverse training and multiple years learning while in Limbo, she gained an aptitude for sorcery and control over magic that was unlike no other. She had created a unique blend of both white and black magic that she would wield. Additionally, due to her now partially demonic soul, Illyana had also naturally gained formidable psionic shielding granting her immunity to mental probing. This shielding was effective enough to hinder the vaunted telepathic abilities of both Professor X and Marvel Girl (Rachel Summers) arguably two of the most powerful mutant minds the world has seen.


After Illyana bested Belasco in battle, she chose to exile him from the Limbo, allowing him to live rather than kill him. As the winner, Illyana, was granted the title of Sorceress Supreme of Limbo. The full extents of her powers have not yet been fully defined. It have been stated that in Limbo, Illyana's power is unmatched and her word is law. With but a single thought she can completely alter the physical appearance of Limbo. As stated previously, she too, potentially, could cast all spells that Belasco could have. This especially since she has unlimited access to Balesco's sorceress knowledge.

For this reason and more Illyana is most powerful during her time in Limbo. This is clearly a result of her should being connected to the dimension, allowing for the two being intertwined by the very essences that they are created from. On the flip side, while on the Earth dimension, cut off from Limbo, Illyana's magical prowess and abilities are dramatically reduced. Illyana has preformed a handful of magical skills on Earth but nothing comparable to that of what she can do in Limbo. While on Earth, Illyana has effectively preformed; Astral projection, an abilities to sense magical presences and the ability to magically scan her Limbo dimension, allowing her to track and/or see all that occurs in Limbo while she is away. Illyana's most notable power while on Earth though are largely limited to her magical weapon, of her own making, called the Soulsword.

Recently,Illyana has been using her abilities to travel back in time to Dr. Strange before he became an Avenger to help train her in her magical abilities.

The Soulsword

The Soulsword
The Soulsword

The Soulsword is the ultimate embodiment of Illyana's magical strength that was forged during a time of great need and despair. Illyana was desperate to find a way to free herself of Belasco and find a way to leave Limbo. Attempting to use the white magics that her previous teacher, the elderly Ororo, taught her she attempted to create with all her strength something that would help her free herself. Only to find that she would fail each time she realized that she could not properly produce the exact spells as the elderly Ororo. She found it was because they used magic with differing motives. Reconfiguring the spells, she would use a portion of her still intact pure soul combined with her motivation, that she found was revenge, a bright light grew directly in front of her. When she reached in she drew forth, what appeared to be a very simple looking silver sword. When she fully grasped it and pulled it from the light, light enveloped it completely and a surge of energy consumed Illyana. While in Illyana's hands the Soulsword, as she named it, aided her in defeating Belasco, ruling Limbo, controlling her demons in Limbo while she was away and aided her in battle while she was on the Earth dimension. With each and every use of the blade, its strength grew and its abilities increase exponentially.

Much later it was revealed that the sword was just the beginning of her magically strengths. Through time a suit of armor composed of the same magical properties as the sword would come to the holder of the blade. It was revealed by Dr. Doom that the Soulsword granted ruler ship of Limbo, and the armor was, by right, the protection given to the owner of the sword. The strengths and extents of Illyana's Soulsword were never fully revealed. Her Soulsword did though show a number of very specific magical attributes and abilities that included the follow:

  • Grants Rulership of Limbo: He who own/wields the Soulsword is granted rulership or dominion over Limbo, though the full power of the sword could only be accessed by Illyana.
  • Disruption of Magic & Breaking of Spells: This includes its very lethal nature to that of magical beings.
  • Soul Absorption: With the sword, the wielder is able to absorb souls of others either permanently or to simply store and transfer. If kept in the sword it would increase the swords strength.
  • Sword Summoning: Granting the owner of the sword the ability to place and store it in absolute nothingness and allowing them to retrieve it from whence it came with ease.
  • Teleportation Discs: As a result of the Soulsword being forged from as pieces of Illyana's soul, it wields the ability to create teleportation stepping discs.
  • Dimensional Manipulation: The ruler of Limbo can mentally manipulate the physical appearance of Limbo, allowing it to look/appear as they wish it to.
  • Augment Magical Powers: Whom ever holds or owns the sword is granted increased magical strength.
  • Spell casting: When holding the Soulsword, it grants the hold the ability to cast or produce magic, even if they do not have the ability to do so.
  • Summoning of Mystical Eldritch Armor: It was revealed by Dr. Doom that the mystical armor that manifests on the individual that wields the Soulsword is actually a magical armor provided to any who rule Limbo.
  • Super Strength: When wearing the mystical armor, Illyana displayed a increase in her own personal strength. Shown when she did battle with her, one time, servant S'ym. During the Inferno invasion the two did battle Illyana would easily grab S'ym and throw him yards away from her with only one arm.

The Soulsword is unable to harm beings of non-magical origin but for unknown reasons, the Soulsword can physically injure Kitty Pryde, alias Shadowcat, even when she is using her phasing power to become intangible. Pryde is also the only known person other than Magik who can wield the Soulsword effectively. When Pryde does so, Magik's armor begins to appear on Pryde's body. Moreover, when the Beyonder once freed Illyana from the influence of her Dark soul, Pryde gained the ability to produce and wield the Soulsword. Illyana later took the dark soul influence back upon herself in order to again wield the Soulsword to save Pryde's life from a demon. The reason for the mystical connection between Illyana Rasputin and Kitty Pryde, each of whom is the other's best friend, is unknown.

More recently, Amanda Sefton placed a Soulsword, presumably Magik's, in Nightcrawler's care and keeping. Kurt has been able to wield this sword, pulling it out of his chest on occasions when confronted by supernatural threats.

Special Skills:

  • Illyana is bi-lingual. She is fluent in both Russia and English.
  • Illyana is highly skilled in the mystical arts and swordplay as well.
  • Also, Illyana stated that whatever Pixie's souldagger does, she can undo, so she could cure Empath's blindness.


  • Illyana's mutant teleporting abilities are potentially limitless with one exception. She must use Limbo as her segue point prior to reaching her final destination. Limbo must always be her mid point regardless.
  • Illyana's magic is nearly limitless only while in Limbo, while on the Earth dimension her magics were once very limited. She has been working with Stephen Strange, and is now able to channel the energies from Limbo to cast powerful spells.
  • Illyana's SoulSword, powerful as it may be, is unable to harm anyone that is not magical making the sword only usable in very specific situations. The Soulsword can, however, be used to render a non-magical individual unconscious, incapacitated, paralyzed, or shocked.


Illyana Rasputin
Illyana Rasputin

Gender: Female

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Unusual Features: When in Darkchylde persona, Illyana manifests horns, hooves and a tail. When in use of her SoulSword, an Eldritch armor covers portions, if not all, of her body.


Known Relatives: Grigory Efimovich Rasputin (great-grandfather, deceased), Elena Rasputin (great-grandmother, deceased), Ivan Rasputin (great-uncle, deceased), Grigory Rasputin (grandfather, deceased), Vladamir Rasputin (uncle, deceased), Nikolai Rasputin (father, deceased), Alexandra Rasputin (mother, deceased), Mikhail Nikolievitch Rasputin (brother), Piotr Nikolievitch Rasputin (Colossus, brother), Peter (nephew), Larisa Mishchenko (cousin, deceased), Konstantin (cousin, deceased), Klara (cousin, deceased), Dimitry (cousin, deceased)

Citizenship: Citizen of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. Lived in U.S. with a student Visa. Minor with no criminal record.

Place of Birth: Ust-Ordynski Collective Farm in Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.

Marital Status: Single

Occupation: Sorceress Supreme & Ruler of Limbo, Adventurer, Revolutionary, (Formerly: student.)

Education: Xavier Institute & Massachusetts Academy; high school level classes.

Alternate Realities

Earth-58163 - House of M

House of M
House of M

In this re-envisioned/recreated version of Earth-616 world of Scarlet Witch, called House of M, mutants are the majority and are in power and baseline humans are forced to live in hiding. Here the roles are very much the opposite of the mainstream Earth. Young mutants and their burgeoning mutant powers now have two options for their future schools and futures and mutants in society. They can either pick between the New Mutant Leadership Institute, ran by Xi'an Coy Mahn ( Karma), where here they develop the future diplomats and leaders of the world, though they do not get combat training and tend to enroll mutants with passive powers. The other option is to join the SHIELD training program, ran by Sebastian Shaw. It is here they have a more military training focusing on warfare and covert operations and enroll mutants with active battle ready powers. The training team is called the Hellions. This group included Scion (Earth-616's Hellion), Magik (Illyana Rasputin), Synch, Quill, Surge, Wind Dancer (now known as Renascence), Anole & Danielle Moonstar. Moonstar is a fully-fledged S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and is assigned to the training of the Hellions. Though she is the trainer she does participate in active battle with them. Her assistant trainers are the twin mutant siblings Aurora and Northstar. In this reality, she strangely has the ability to speak Japanese.

Earth-295 - Age of Apocalypse

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In the Age of Apocalypse reality, Colossus was never recruited by Xavier as he was already dead. Due to this the events that led to Illyana being kidnapped never occurred. Illyana was never kidnapped by Belasco, she was instead imprisoned in the Seattle Core. Colossus, Shadowcat and their students dubbed Generation X were sent on a mission to rescue her. Colossus didn't think of or care for anything but to rescue Illyana. This led to the deaths of all of his students. All save Husk, who would later attempt to get revenge for Colossus' actions. Illyana in this reality was too young for her teleportation powers to have occurred naturally, but in combination with the M'krann Crystal a chance was stood. She knowingly chose to give her life for the opportunity to better the life of others. The price paid off as their ploy to fix Earth #616 was successful.

Earth-4210 - Exiles


The Magik from Earth-4210 was a member of the Exiles . She replaced Blink when she supposedly was sent home, which she wasn't. From the very start of her term with the Exiles, it was apparent that the mentality of Magik was different from that of her teammates, with her morals more like those of the Weapon X team (the Timebroker uses them to perform tasks to evil for the exiles). Illyana was more brutal then her teammates, doing whatever was necessary to complete the mission, even kill, so she would be sent home. However this mentality appeared to change when the exiles were instructed by the Tallus to exterminate the Avengers. This team included a version of her brother Colossus.

Faced with having to kill her older sibling, Illyana became hesitant, thus jeopardizing the mission she took upon herself when the other exiles had already abandoned the task (because it would mean the deaths of all Japanese). She explained her situation to the remaining Avengers, but they thought she was lying. Fortunately, the great love Colossus had for his sister prompted him to kill himself and his teammates so she could have a chance to go home. Her aggressive actions would continue to ostracize her from the rest of her teammates, until a rift in the team was created after the death of Sunfire. An angered and upset Morph distanced himself from the team. Magik would then offer her condolences and try to help but Morph called her a killer. She then revealed that if she failed to repair broken timelines, the Timebroker would make her kill everyone she ever loved.

Magik Death
Magik Death

They are then taken to a world along with Weapon X. The Timebroker tells them that there are too many people in both teams. So of the 12 people in the combined teams, 6 would move on and 6 would die. Magik then proceeded to stab Sasquatch and try to kill everyone on her team so she would be one of the lucky to live. Realizing that she would have a better chance of surviving if she went to the other side, she left to join King Hyperion. She tells him the mission but he thinks he is being tricked. So, Hyperion snaps her neck to see if a replacement is sent. When one doesn't arrive he realizes she told the truth. Magik died and was not one of the ones to move on.

Earth-1610 - Ultimate

The Ultimate Universe Illyana has yet to make an actual appearance, but she has been referred to. When her brother Colossus was at a fair he indicated that he would like to win a stuffed animal for his little snowflake, Illyana.

Earth-811 - Days of Future Past

In the apocalyptic timeline known as Days of Future Past, a battle between humans and mutants was waged. The humans would win, using Sentinels as a weapon. This future was a very different time seeing all but a few X-Men alive after the initial onslaught from the Sentinels. Illyana would be one of the first of two to die along with her aunt Amanda Sefton. Initially thought to have died with Nightcrawler as well, but Nightcrawler was later revealed to have died at a later date.

Earth-2182 - Nocturne's reality

In Nocturne's home reality, Colossus merged his soul with Limbo in order to save the dimension, and the life of his sister, Illyana. His soulless husk was then inhabited by the Phoenix Force, which reshaped it into the form of a female. Illyana Rasputin's current status on Earth-2182 is unknown.


(Possible Earth-616 Future Timeline)

The Illyana of the reality known as Shattershot lived a very similar life to that of the mainstream Illyana, with one significant difference. When Illyana of this reality is regressed in age at the end of Inferno, she does not get infected with the Legacy Virus and instead lives. She grows up and naturally gains her mutant powers. She would also have her magical gifts, though would be unexplained as how since she had not been corrupted by Belasco. Years later Illyana joins X-Force along with many of her old New Mutant team-mates. Now though her team-mates are approximately 10-15 years older than her. They still look at her as their equal, but when she was regressed she lost all of her memories of them. She looks at them as more of uncles and aunts.

X-Men: Millennial Visions

(Possible Earth-616 Future Timeline)

In Pablo Raimondi's version of a future team of X-Men in 2008, Magik has failed in her battle for supremacy against the N'Garai forces in Limbo, and struggles with the last remnants of her humanity slipping away in a world where most mutants are missing, dead, or worse.

Excalibur "The Cross-Time Caper"

In this reality a child version of Illyana wearing regalia (robes) like that of Dr. Strange was a mob boss. She was in the organized crime business with her partner and best friend Shadowcat.

Exiles "A World Apart"

Illyana appears as one of the combatants of a brutal gladiator sport pitting super-powered beings against one another in a reality where the Skrull Empire conquered earth during the Industrial Revolution.

Exiles "A Bump In The Night"

Exiles # 57
Exiles # 57

In a reality where Kulan Gath cast a magic spell that thrust Manhattan into medieval time, Illyana freed the Exiles of his mystical enchantment using the Soulsword. She joined Spider-Man and the Exiles when they invaded the stronghold of Zarathos, and used the Soulsword to stop Wendigo from killing her allies. Illyana was then murdered by Morbius, who bit her neck, and drained her of her blood.

X-Men: Phoenix - Legacy Of Fire

Illyana appears as a dangerous succubus in Limbo, who threatens to devour Jena and Madelyne during their quest to retrieve the Phoenix Blade from the Shadow King.

Sovereign Seven

"DC Comics"

Illyana, Kitty Pryde, and Lockheed appear in a coffee shop. Kitty orders a Latte for her "book bag", and Illyana warns her best friend that "they could be in trouble just for being there" when Kitty's curiosity is piqued by the potential of a rescue.


Wolverine: Knight Of Terra
Wolverine: Knight Of Terra

Lilian, Illyana's counterpart from the mystical realm of Geshem, comes to the aid of Earth-616's Wolverine during his mission at Queen Rain's request to kill the Beast, the feral doppelganger of Sabretooth. She is perplexed by Wolverine's attitude that they are acquaintances, despite never having met the young swordswoman, before.

Sacrificial Worlds

An alternate reality Illyana Rasputin traveled to Earth-616 in order to be reunited with her son, Hutch. Illyana struck a deal with Mephisto to help him destroy creation by utilizing Hutch's mutant ability to break down the walls between realities in order for the Hell-Lord to harvest the souls of the X-Men of all realities, and use their power to take control of the universe.

Wolverine: First Class

Wolverine: First Class # 6
Wolverine: First Class # 6

In Wolverine: First Class # 6, Illyana is still a child. She joins Kitty Pryde, Amp, and Siryn for a Danger Room simulation, where Illyana's latent teleportation ability first manifests itself. Illyana blindly teleports herself into the Danger

Room, inadvertently bumping into the control panel. This causes the robotic versions of the Brother of Evil Mutants that Kitty and Siryn are fighting to shut down. Later, Illyana tries to tell Kitty what happened to her through a drawing while the girls play a Truth Or Dare version of "Spin The Bottle", but Kitty merely chalks it off as the little girl's admiration of her own mutant ability to phase.

Doctor Voodoo

Dr. Voodoo # 4
Dr. Voodoo # 4

Illyana appears in a universe of Nightmare's design, belonging to an army comprised of some of the world's most renowned supernatural beings. By using the Earth's strongest magical relics, Nightmare is able to temporarily plunge Earth-616 into a horrific realm of pain and torment. Illyana is part of the team dispatched to stop Doctor Voodoo from thwarting Nightmare's efforts, and is killed by Doctor Voodoo after he hurls a spear through her chest when she confronts him in battle.

Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way

Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way # 2
Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way # 2

In a reality in which the New Mutants have been transformed following the events of the Asgardian Wars, an evil Illyana opts to teleport her teammates to Limbo instead of Earth, and proceeds to slaughter and enslave the friends she has held so near and dear to her heart for years. One by one, the New Mutants fall prey to Magik's devious machinations, until Dani Moonstar puts an end to her bloody rampage by killing her with multiple arrows. In doing so, Moonstar becomes the mistress of Limbo, complete with horns.

X-Men Forever

X-Men Forever #12
X-Men Forever #12

In Chris Claremont's re-imagining of the Uncanny X-Men following his departure from the series in 1991, Colossus left the X-Men, returned to Russia, and is a hero of the Russian Republic dating The Black Widow. Illyana regressed to childhood following the events of Inferno and returned to Russia, and although she did not retain the majority of her memories prior to the event, is clearly aware of her and the X-Men' s prior experiences with demons. Illyana is kidnapped on her way home from school by Bhodan Shkuro, also known as The Cossack, who kills her bodyguard, Pavel, and lures Illyana away in his car using a magical enchantment. Cossack takes Illyana to the Karinovski Industrial Facility, and informs her that he has had dealings with her previous mentor, Belasco.

He mentions that the Rasputin name is famous in Rodina, back from the time of the Czar, and proceeds to cast a spell on her. The X-Men learn of Illyana's location from a lead provided to The Black Widow, and quickly head to the facility. Once there, however, they are quickly trounced by an eldritch blast. The team discover Cossack and Illyana, who has somehow been mystically aged to adolescence, is clearly evil, and wields a dangerous magical spear. Cossack introduces this Illyana as Black Magik. Cossack unleashes his Tartan soldiers on the team, magically enhanced werewolves with superhuman strength, speed, agility, and ferocity.

Kitty, corrupted
Kitty, corrupted

Black Magik uses her spear to dampen Kitty Pryde's phasing ability, and both she and Lil 'Ro are nearly killed by the soldiers, until Lil 'Ro's lightning manipulation ability saves their lives. Kitty begins to suffer from Illyana's dark influence over her, and Black Magik confronts the pair. She tells Kitty Pryde that she didn't save her when she pulled her out of Limbo, that she was supposed to be pulled in, and that she loves who she is. She warns Kitty that she wants her to join her. Illyana then uses magic to restrain Lil 'Ro with chains and rope, and casts a spell to unleash the darkness residing inside of Kitty's Pryde's very own soul. Kitty becomes Firecat, the outward manifestation of the evil within her soul, and joins with Illyana, and Cossack. Meanwhile, the Black Widow and the surviving members of her team regroup with the Winter Guard, and summon Darkstar and the Red Guardian. The Black Widow asks the whereabouts of the

X-Men, and one of her men informs her that they have taken the battle to Cossack, and Illyana. The Black Widow tells her men to arm themselves, and prepare to join the X-Men. The X-Men battle Black Magik, Firecat, and the werewolf soldiers back at the Karinovski Industrial Facility, while Cossack attempts to manifest the darkness inside Lil 'Ro's soul. She resists the sorcerer, and generates a hurricane that threatens to destroy everyone. Darkstar and the Red Guardian join the fray, but their combined forces do little good against Illyana. Gambit pleads with Kitty to come to her senses, and the mental visage of the late Wolverine helps her overcome Black's Magik's sorcery. She takes a moment to compose herself, and becomes Firecat, once again. Kitty makes the conscious decision to kill Cossack with Wolverine's claw, and returns to her normal self. Illyana, however, does not. She angrily proclaims that her current form is her true face, and warns the mutants that she will meet them again, before teleporting away.

New Mutants Forever

In Chris Claremont's re-imagining of the New Mutants, the team find themselves stuck spending the night at the Hellfire Club, while Magneto attempts to reason with the club's member. Elsewhere, in Central Park, a shoot-out causes the New Mutants to teleport to the scene of what appears to be a massacre of several innocent civilians. The team quickly makes short work of the gunmen and Hela appears to Danielle Moonstar, and tells her the time will come soon for her to collect the souls of the slain. The mutants discover that Magma's father is the sole survivor of the gun battle, and the Hellfire Club joins the team in Central Park.

They retreat to the Hellfire Club, with Magma's father in tow. Later, Magma enlists the aid of Cypher to go online in order to learn what has happened in Nova Roma, being that her father is still unconcious, and unable to tell them what has happened. Suddenly, more of the same gunmen from earlier storm the Hellfire Club, and begin attacking the occupants. They kidnap Magma and Cypher, and leave the building via helicopter, before the other mutants can capture them. Magma's father awakens, and proceeds to tell the Black Queen that the men are after his daughter. The Black Queen tells the New Mutants, and Illyana teleports her to Limbo. Selene drains a prisoner secured from Central Park of his lifeforce, and learns of her grandaughter's whereabouts. Elsewhere, in Nova Roma, Magma and Cypher are brought before the Red Skull, who has claimed the nation as his own.

Later, in Brazil, Nina da Costa runs for her life from the Red Skull's minions. She is shot, however Sunspot and Warlocksave the woman, and return her to the da Costa mansion. Sunspot's mother explains to her son that Magma's father gave her a ring that allowed her to teleport, but she was pursued by the Red Skull's men. She tells them Nova Roma has been enslaved, and asks them to help. Back in Nova Roma, Magma and Cypher meet another prisoner named Tiberius Sum, who reveals that he has been the Red Skull's prisoner for as long as he can remember, and Cypher figures out that Magma is the one the Red

Nova Roma
Nova Roma

Skull sought all along. The Red Skull then injects Cypher with a serum that transforms him into the mirror image of the villain. Later, the remaining New Mutants teleport to Nova Roma along with Selene, and are attacked by a brainwashed Magma, Tiberius, and Cypher. The forces of the Red Skull prove too much for the New Mutants. The Black Queen is injected with the same poison that transformed Cypher into a Red Skull, Sunspot is captured, and Warlock is wounded. Magik teleports Cannonball and the Black Queen to Limbo. The Black Queen begins transforming into a Red Skull, and Magik tells Sam that she does not have a spell that will halt her transformation. Magik teleports the trio back to Nova Roma, where the Black Queen's servant Marius gives his life to his mistress so that she may deliver her home from the Red Skull's rule.

The plan works, and the Black Queen is restored to full health. Elsewhere, the Red Skull entertains himself with gladiator matches between Nova Roman soldiers and his biogenetically-enhanced minions. He claims Magma as his new paramour, and being that she is under his thrall, she is forced to comply. Elsewhere, Cypher is suddenly freed of his mental conditioning, and realizes that he has become the victim of the nazi tyrant. Warlock breaks into Cypher's quarters, unaware that his teammate has regained his will, and threatens to take his life for ending Cypher's.

Warlock battles Cypher as the Red Skull, Magma, and Tiberius watch on. Magma momentarily breaks free of the Red Skull's control, but is quickly restored to her brainwashed state. The Red Skull orders that Cypher be assisted, and his soldiers move in to attack. Warlock realizes that Cypher is still himself during their battle, and manages to knock Magma unconscious without seriously harming her. Before he can be captured, Warlock teleports away, and rejoins Cannonball, Magik, and Selene. He informs them that Cypher is still their ally, but that Sunspot is still a prisoner. Selene rallies the citizens of Nova Roma into battle, and they succeed in defeating the Red Skull's soldiers.

Meanwhile, Cypher breaks free of the Red Skull's control, and meets up with Tiberius Rex, who claims to also be free of their captor's brainwashing. Cypher asks Tiberius to rescue Magma, and engages in battle with the Red Skull. Cypher manages to avoid being injected with a poison that would further transform him, and brutally defeats the Red Skull. However, Magma blasts Cypher from behind with fire, knocking him unconscious. Tiberius then injects him with the poison, and claims that he has elected himself the new ruler of Nova Roma.

Selene leads the revolt against the army of the Red Skull, only to discover that Tiberius has assumed control of Nova Roma. They engage in battle, and Warlock manages to rescue Sunspot from his imprisonment. Tiberius displays a previously undisplayed power of mental domination over the citizens of Nova Roma. Whether this is mutant or magical in nature has yet to be revealed. As Tiberius is prepared to kill Selene, Cypher breaks free of his mental control, and brutally defeats Tiberius in

The Battle For Nova Roma
The Battle For Nova Roma

unarmed combat. As each of Selene's party decide who should deliver the killing blow, the Red Skull, from a helicopter above, fatally shoots Tiberius, and disappears. Peace and order are restored to Nova Roma, and Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Storm return Magma's father home. The New Mutants celebrate their victory, but it is short-lived. Cypher, still in his Red Skull form, risks becoming a monster, if he stays in his current state. His friends discuss what to do, and Warlock uses his power to purge the mutation from Cypher's body, successfully ending the Red Skull's reign of terror over them.

What If?

WHAT IF Colossus Never Joined The X-Men?

In this reality Peter was preoccupied in a conversation when a run-away tractor hit and killed Illyana. At the time he was talking to Professor X about joining his team. Due to this he blamed Xavier for her death and declined membership. He would still live a super hero life though, instead though for Russia. During his time as a hero he met, fell in love with and married Darkstar. They eventually had their first child, a girl, that they named Illyana.

WHAT IF Phoenix Rose Again?

Illyana is present with the X-Men and the New Mutants when the Phoenix Force returns to Earth in the guise of Jean Grey. The Phoenix Force uses it's power to change Rachel Summers from a young woman into an infant, and Illyana is stunned when she appears at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning with the baby in tow.

WHAT IF The X-Men Lost Inferno?

Illyana appears at the climax of the Inferno story arc, hurling the Soulsword skyward to close the dimensional rift between Limbo and Earth. It is unknown what happened to her following these events. However, S'ym, once banished to Limbo locates the Soulsword, and without Illyana to oppose him, uses the weapon to cross over to earth. He then conquers the reality with the help of his new lover, the Goblin Queen.

WHAT IF The X-Men Had Stayed In Asgard?

In this reality Illyana along with some other X-Men and most all of the New Mutants decided to stay in Asgard rather then return, as the Earth #616 counterparts. Unlike her counterpart she more then easily defeats the

Enchantress in battle and would replace her in title and power. Though in the divergent reality she would be overcome by the power and turn evil. Illyana would sufficiently be able to handle them here. Illyana would also serve as the liaison between Asgard and Hel. This is because her friend and once team-mate Danielle Moonstar had taken the place of Hela and was now the goddess of death.

WHAT IF Storm Had The Power Of The Phoenix? (Earth-9590)

Illyana was one of Storm's followers after she inherited the awesome power of the Phoenix Force. She combated the heroes that had banded together to stop Ororo when she was driven mad with power in the pursuit of a better world for all, dressed in the colors of her mistress.

WHAT IF The Fantastic Four Had Been Cosmonauts?


In this reality both Illyana and her brother Piotr (Colossus) would not join Xavier's cause instead they would join the Soviet version of the Fantastic Four known as " The Ultimate Federalists Freedom Fighters." Where Colossus has pretty much the same powers as his counterpart, Illyana, though, doesn't. She is similar to that of Earth #616's Invisible Women. Illyana can make herself invisible mystically, only seen when she chooses to allow someone to.

Other Media


X2: X-Men United

Magik's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


X-Men: The Animated Series

Illyana and Piotr
Illyana and Piotr

Illyana appeared in the episode Red Dawn. In that episode, she and her mother remained by the side of Colossus and the X-Men as they fought the newly-released Omega Red. She also appeared in one of Cable 's visions of the altered time-stream in Time Fugitives.

Video Games

X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends
X-Men Legends

Illyana appeared as a NPC in this video game. She was psychically kidnapped by the Shadow King in order to lure Xavier onto the astral plane.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

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Illyana's skin has been uploaded to various modding sites so she can be a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Marvel Avengers Alliance
Marvel Avengers Alliance

Magik is a playable character in the game. She is the third hero to be unlockable via special operation mode for a limited time. She was latter released as a permanent recruitable hero.

She appears in her Phoenix Five costume, with her classic New Mutants attire was released as a variant.

Her bio says: Abducted into the demonic realm of the Limbo as a child, Illyana Rasputin eventually came to rule it through her mutant powers of teleportation and her gift for sorcery. Though she has friends in the X-Men, especially her brother Colossus, she will always carry a piece of hell with her.

During the Avengers VS X-men Special Op, she is a boss teaming up with Phoenix Five Colossus.

Marvel: War of Heroes

X-men: War of Heroes
X-men: War of Heroes

Magik appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

  • Magik
  • [Darkchilde] Magik
  • [Little Sister] Magik
  • [Eldritch Armor] Darkchylde
  • [Mutant Scout] Magik
  • [Innocence Corrupted] Magik
  • [Sentinel Hunter] Magik
  • [Exile] Magik

X-Men: Battle of the Atom

X-men: Battle of the Atom
X-men: Battle of the Atom

Magik appears in several cards in the mobile game X-men Battle of the Atom. Her cards are:

  • Magik
  • [Phoenix] Magik
  • [New Xavier School] Magik
  • [Darkchilde] Magik
  • [Generation Next] Illyana
  • [Utopia Defender] Magik
  • [Necrosha] New Mutants
  • [Exorcist] Magik
  • [Original Exiles] Magik
  • [Exiled Weapon X] Magik
  • [New Xavier School] X-Men

Marvel: Contest of Champions

Marvel Contest of Champions
Marvel Contest of Champions

Magik is a playable character in the mobile fighting game. She is a Mystic Class character.

Her bio in the game says: Mutants are known to be mysterious and strange, yet Illyana Rasputina may be the most uncanny of them all. As Magik, she can teleport anywhere in the world (and occasionally, anywhere in time). As the Darkchilde, she is the sorceress supreme of the demon world Limbo, and wielder of the terrifying Soulsword. Illyana is sister to Colossus, best friend to Kitty Pryde, and a strict instructor at Cyclops' mutant school.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes

Magik is a team up character in the game. She is voiced by Tara Strong. She was released as a playable character with variant costumes including her Phoenix Five, modern and new mutant customes.

Her bio in the game says: Younger sister to the X-Men's Colossus, Illyana Rasputin was raised into a world that would continuously try to engulf her. Abducted by the demon lord Belasco, Illyana was raised in the hell dimension Limbo in order to allow Belasco the means to ascend to absolute power. Belasco's plan ultimately relied on the corruption of the young Illyana's soul, for each piece of her soul he corrupted, Belasco would harness its power. Ultimately resorting to teaching her the dark arts in order to complete her corruption, Illyana began executing Belasco's downfall--invariably taking his place as the mutant ruler of Limbo: Magik!


X-Men: The Last Stand

X-Men: The Last Stand - Novelization
X-Men: The Last Stand - Novelization

Illyana was mentioned in the novelization of X-Men: The Last Stand stating that Shadowcat and Illyana were pen-pals.

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