Alexander Flynn

    Character » Alexander Flynn appears in 24 issues.

    Alexander Flynn was born to an unnamed Gypsy woman in Latveria. He claimed to be an illegitimate son of Dr. Doom.

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    Alexander Flynn was created by Ann Nocenti and Don Perlin in 1985 and first appeared in Beauty and the Beast # 1. A flashback shows Victor Von Doom dispatching a young child and his mother, who looks vaguely like Valeria, Von Doom's long-time "love," in a carriage. Flynn believes that Von Doom is his father, the throne of Latveria his birthright. To claim his birthright, he assumes control of the Gladiators, an underground "fight club" of mutants whom he is secretly seeding to be his army in retaking Latveria. However, through the intercession of Dazzler and the Beast, Flynn is thwarted, and Von Doom arrives on hand to address the situation.

    Later, Flynn appears to still be in control of the Gladiators, but this proves to be holographic projections used by the Shadow King, then inhabiting the body of the New Mutant Karma. This fiction is exposed.


    He has low level telepathy powerful enough to hypnotize small groups of people. He does not posses any other powers.


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