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    The New Mutants are a team of young mutants in training at Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters.

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    New Mutants
    New Mutants

    Believing the X-Men to be dead after an attack by the parasitic alien race known as the Brood, a grief-stricken Professor Charles Xavier had all but given up on the idea of ever teaching again. The efforts of his best friend and former lover Moira MacTaggert persuade him to take on both her charge Rahne Sinclair (Wolfsbane) and Xi’an Coy Mahn (Karma), a Vietnamese mutant referred to him by Reed Richards. They become his students at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

    Shortly after the two girls settle in, Xavier receives a letter from his longtime friend Black Eagle, asking if Xavier would be willing to take on his granddaughter Danielle Moonstar (Psyche) as a student and teach her how to use her burgeoning mutant powers. Xavier sets off to meet her immediately, bringing his two current students with him. When the trio arrive, they find that Black Eagle has been murdered at the hands of Donald Pierce, a long-standing villain of the X-Men and former member of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle. Dani agrees to go with Xavier, intending to track down Pierce and make him pay for what he has done.

    They soon find yet another youthful mutant attacked by Pierce: Roberto da Costa (Sunspot). Pierce's mercenary squad kidnaps his girlfriend and lures him into a trap. Psyche and Karma arrive in time to help him, but his girlfriend dies when she takes a bullet for Sunspot. He then joins the team of young mutants led by Professor X to enact revenge on Pierce.

    They are able to track down Pierce's headquarters, and decide to attack it directly as a group. Once they arrive, they encounter Pierce's mercenary squad and manage to defeat them. Amongst the squad is Samuel Guthrie (Cannonball), a mutant hired by Pierce to attack Xavier and his charges. Pierce commands Sam to kill Xavier, but he refuses. Xavier battles Pierce and defeats him with the use of his mental powers.

    Xavier invites Sam to attend the school as well, and a couple weeks later he shows up at Xavier's school to accept.


    The success of the X-Men in the 1980s convinced Marvel Comics to publish the first spinoff to be inspired by the X-Men. Popular X-Men writer Chris Claremont and successful artist Bob McLeod created the New Mutants as well as the original five students that comprised the team. Claremont and McLeod were the creative team for the first appearance of the New Mutants Graphic Novel #1 in 1982. Claremont, McLeod, and inker Mike Gustovich were the creative team for the first issue of the ongoing New Mutants series in 1983.

    Team Evolution

    The five young mutants stay with Xavier and become students at the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters. Though he does not want to teach anymore out of fear of losing more students, he quickly changes his mind. Unknown to all however, Professor X only allows the new team to form at the behest of the alien Brood. Professor X was present at the battle in which the X-Men apparently died, but no one ever questions how or why he survived the experience. In truth, the Brood had laid an egg inside Professor X. Once inside, the egg eventually takes over the body of its victim, slowly transforming him into one of the Brood. Now almost fully under the control of the Brood, Professor X willingly allows the students to stay so that they can also become hosts to Brood eggs. But the X-Men survive the Brood attack and make a timely arrival and save their mentor and the students who would later become the New Mutants.

    Like the X-Men, the New Mutants have largely different backgrounds, social statuses and ethnicity. The original team consisted of:

    Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie)


    Sam Guthrie comes from humble Kentucky beginnings and a huge family supported only by his mother, as his father passed away in a coal mining accident. Like his codename, Cannonball has the ability to propel himself through the air like a human cannonball while creating an impenetrable force field around himself making him invulnerable while in flight. He shares leadership of the New Mutants with his teammate Psyche.

    Psyche (Danielle Moonstar)


    Danielle is a proud Native American with Cherokee blood coursing through her veins. Strong willed and determined, she uses her mental-based powers to manifest images of others' greatest desires and/or fears to stop her foes in their tracks. Due to her level-headed nature and natural instincts, she shares the role as team leader of the New Mutants with Cannonball.

    Karma (Xi’an Coy Mahn)


    Xi’an is the only adult member of the New Mutants. Xi'an made her way from Communist Vietnam with her younger brother Leong Coy Manh and sister Nga Coy Manh. She lost both of her parents in their escape, leaving her the sole guardian and protector of the younger siblings. Seeking peace and a safe place for her brother and sister are her main concern, and she is ready and willing to use her mutant power to mentally possess another individual to the fullest extent needed to ensure she achieves her goal.

    Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair)


    The red-headed Scottish girl named Rahne was orphaned at birth, leaving her alone until Reverend Craig stepped in. She was raised by Reverend Craig and given a regular dose of guilt and shame on a daily basis. When Rahne's mutant powers first emerge, she transforms into a red wolf, leading the reverend to believe she is possessed by the Devil. He attempts an exorcism, but she was saved by Moira MacTaggert, which eventually leads her to Professor X and the New Mutants.

    Sunspot (Roberto da Costa)


    Rising soccer star Roberto was born to a wealthy family in Brazil. His powers manifest during one of his games when an opponent attacks him with a racial slur. After his girlfriend is killed, He leaves Brazil to attend Xavier's school, where he learns to use his increased strength and solar absorption powers responsibly.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Mutants Are Born

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    Together they formed the first junior X-Men team ever and were dubbed the New Mutants. Though they were a team they were not meant to ever see field duty. It was not Professor X’s wishes to have them do battle. But fate has a way of doing what it chooses. Together they would live at the x-mansion and be trained and taught by Professor X. They would go through many battles from Demon Bears bent on killing Psyche, to Viper with her partner Silver Samurai to there rival teen mutant team the Hellions and even to seemingly other worldly places like the hidden land of Nova Roma. While in Nova Roma, it would be where they would first encounter the vampiric, immortal, sorceress Selene (later the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle) who was attempting to drain the life of one of the of the Nova Romans by the name of Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla (Magma). Through a random string of event the New Mutants would end up saving the life of Amara but defeating Selene. The New Mutants would find out that Amara, too, was a mutant as they were. She would be the first to be recruited in the group of New Mutants besides the charter members. Though they would gain a powerful new teammate they would also gain a new villain that would seek revenge on the New Mutants for their meddling. Once Magma was saved she would leave her home and move to the Xavier Institute and become a full-time member of the New Mutants.

    The Hellions

    The Hellions
    The Hellions

    Amidst the training, gelling and strengthening of their team another team was being created by the sinister organization known as the Hellfire Club. This would be created specifically to do battle with the New Mutants. They were called the Hellions. As the New Mutants were to be X-Men in training, the Hellions were to be future members of the Hellfire Club. While some, Wolfsbane and Catseye (New Mutants and Hellions respectfully), would kind kindred spirits in each other. A larger majority would find rivals, life long enemies and in some cases future lovers. The Hellions would do battle with the New Mutants numerous times in there time as teams.

    More Members Come & Go

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    Shortly after Magma joins the team, the New Mutants would have yet another recruit found in the younger sister of X-Men member Colossus by the name of Illyana Rasputin ( Magik). With her mutant teleporting powers and the fact that she is the ruler and Sorceress Supreme of the dark dimension known as Limbo, she would lead the New Mutants into many new, different and darker missions. Many the likes of which the New Mutants had never seen and likely wish they never would have seen. Rounding off the team were the additions of the mutant mental linguist Douglas Ramsey (Cypher) and the Techno-Organic alien Warlock. After this time, the X-men returned home and the New Mutants could relax a bit more and take a break after so many months of intense battles. During this more relaxing time the New Mutants met with the son of Charles Xavier, David Haller, or Legion. A powerful mutant , but also a schizophrenic with witch the New Mutants had their hands full. Not soon after Professor Xavier had to leave the earth, he was injured badly and was taken into outer space for healing by his soul-mate Lilandra. Not wishing to leave the New Mutants without anyone to care for them, Xavier would turn to his long time friend and sometimes enemy Magneto to fill in for him.

    Thus, it came to pass that Magneto became Headmaster of the Xavier Institute and caretaker of the New Mutants. This decision didn’t sit well with anyone. Due to this past misdeeds and violent history with the X-Men the New Mutants as a whole initially didn't trust him. Slowly he did prove himself to some of the kids but it was clear the New Mutants wouldn't do Magneto's bidding without thinking it over for at least a second time. Not soon after this the New Mutants encountered the Beyonder, a being powerful enough to lay waste to the whole universe. The mutants tried stopping him, but this resulted into the seeming deaths of all the team-members. However, the Beyonder soon thought it to be foolish and brought them back to live. Though alive, it left the New Mutants traumatized and Magneto questioning himself whether or not he was the right person to teach the young mutants. During their time with Magneto the team would see their long time teammate Magma leave their team and join their rivals the Hellions.

    Fall of the Mutants

    At a certain point the New Mutants would encounter an Ani-Mate mutant known by the name of Bird Brain. Ani-Mates where genetically engineered animals giving human abilities by their creator the Ani-Mator. The New Mutants befriended Bird-Brain and even have him join the team for a short while. While assisting their new member on his home-island (witch was actually a prison for all the mutated animals) the New Mutants got into a heated battle with the Ani-Mator which ended with the death of one of the New Mutants. During the battle Ani-Mator was going to shoot Wolfsbane but Cypher jumped in front of her, trying to rescue her but getting hit by the bullets himself as a result.


    Doug died a few minutes later. Filled with rage over the death of Cypher, Magik teleported the Ani-mator and his soldiers to Limbo. Letting her demons do to them whatever they wanted. After the battle Bird Brain made clear he wanted to stay with his other mutate friends on their home-island, witch was no longer a prison to them. So the team lost another member of themselves at the same day. Reeling from the death of their friend and teammate and lose of Magma and Bird-Brain, the New Mutants would follow up by denouncing Magneto’s position and his control over them. This was mainly because the New Mutants had found out that Magneto was not only working on the side of Xavier now, but he was also a member of the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle as their White King. An organization bend on world-domination through political and financial means, as well as one of the X-Men's most feared enemy's. Although Magneto only did this to help the New Mutants, having more power

    meant to protect the mutants, the New Mutant's didn't (want to) understand his point of view. The revealing of this information would only create more animosity on the side of the New Mutants against their new Headmaster. The New Mutants would later be joined by the beautiful alien known by the name of Gosamyr. As quickly as she joined the team, she would depart. The events that followed would put the New Mutants through a tailspin that would be an impossible job of recovery.


    Dark Child
    Dark Child

    The New Mutants would next go through the events better known as Inferno and before that day would end they would lose yet another teammate; this time it was Illyana Rasputin (Magik). The Inferno was a demon invasion over New York City, the result of a trick played by Magik's second in Limbo; S'ym. Magik was the only person with enough power to close the demon gate from Limbo to Earth that made the invasion possible. But she could only achieve this by letting her darker side take full control over her. After the gate was closed the seemingly lifeless form of the Dark Child (as she was known by then) lay before her brothers feed. But nothing was further from the truth. Illyana was found inside the hull of the Dark Child. She was reduced to her child-hood and was 7 years old again. The same age she had when she was first kidnapped into Limbo all those many years ago. This was probably the result of a time-travel warp the New Mutants took during the Inferno in which the New Mutants saved the 7 year old Illyana right after she was taken to Limbo for the first time. Back to her child-state, Illyana was too young to have her mutant powers yet and lost every memory (or the ability to speak English) she had since she joined the New Mutants.

    After Inferno the New Mutants and Illyana returned to the Xavier Institute, but where horrified when they saw it laying in ruins (The mansion was destroyed by Mr. Sinister during the Inferno crossover). In the ruins of their mansion they met their headmaster Magneto, alongside his new companions of the Hellfire Club. While Magneto tried to calm the kids down, they where furious with him for his absence during the Inferno and his collaborating with enemies of the X-men. They even attempted to battle him at the ruins of the school but fail short of their goal as they would be overpowered by his magnetic might. Beaten, the New Mutants went their own way, clearly letting Magneto know that they didn't want anything to do with him anymore. After this the New Mutants went to Russia to bring Illyana back to her parents, since it was too dangerous for a 7 year old child to stay with them. There they said goodbye to a good friend.

    Enter the X-Terminators


    Amidst the constant fighting that that the New Mutants were involved in during the Inferno, luck would soon fall upon them. They would find allies, in yet another group of mutant youths using the name the X-Terminators. When the dust settled and the Inferno was over the X-Terminators would disband and nearly all of their members would join the New Mutants including: Julio Rictor (Rictor), Rusty Collins (Firefists), Tabitha Smith (Boom Boom) & Sally Blevins (Skids). Though these four were granted membership into the New Mutants, they were never actual students at the Xavier Institute and were never taught under Professor X or his X-Men.

    The New Mutants No more

    Cable and the New Mutants
    Cable and the New Mutants

    Numerous events would follow in witch many of the core members of the team would leave. Mirage's powers became greater and greater, and during an adventure in Asgard, she chose to stay there, serving as a Valkyrie for the Norse Gods (including Thor). But the arrival of the future warrior known as Cable would change the New Mutants the most. Aimless without a leader the New Mutants would encounter Cable and quickly take him on as a mentor. As a warrior who had seen the dark future ahead, Cable told the New Mutants the only way to stop that future from happening was to transform their team into a 'strike-force' and take the initiative themselves. During the transformation of the team another casualty arose. Long time team-member Warlock seemingly died during the events of the X-Tinction Agenda. Wolfsbane was also harmed in a bad way; seeing Warlock die in front of her and being turned into a Genoshian slave made her stay in Genosha with teammate Rictor and X-man Havok. She soon became part of the second incarnation of X-factor. During this time the only original members of the New Mutants who remained where Cannonball and Sunspot. Although the latter would return home after he heard his father died of a seeming heart-attack. Because Skids, Rusty and Rictor had also gone away that only left Cannonball and one of the newer recruits Boom-Boom part of the team. Soon though they would be joined by new and more aggressive mutants giving the team a more savage attitude then ever before. These new members would be:

    Domino (Neena Thurman)


    Long time friend and sometimes lover of Cable. Able to have events and occurrences fall in place for her all the time. Domino joined the New Mutants when she heard Cable was leading them, whom she hadn't seen in years. It would later be revealed later that the Domino who joined the team was actually a double agent with morphing abilities named Copycat. The real Domino was captured while Copycat infiltrated the New Mutants. Copycat stayed with the team and even fought the good fight with them until the truth about her came out and the real Domino was freed from her captors. She then left, and the real Domino took in her place with the team, that by then would be known as X-force.

    Shatterstar (Benjamin Russell)


    A refugee from the world known as Mojo-World, Shatterstar left his home-dimension after hearing rumors about a legendary fighter and strategist who was on earth to prevent an apocalyptic future, namely Cable. He and the New Mutants first met Shatterstar when he teleported into their training room, the Danger Room (Although the X-mansion had been destroyed during the Inferno, the lower levels, including the Danger Room, remained intact). Shatterstar started fighting the automatic training-programs until he was stopped by Cable. After that he swore allegiance to Cable and his new team, thus becoming one of the last members of the New Mutants before they became X-force.

    Feral (Maria Callasantos)


    Their is not much known about the mutant named Feral. She is a Morlock who escaped the massacre that the Marauders inflicted upon her community. Feral came to the New Mutants much by accident, helping defeat a common foe. For most of her time on the team, she would remain a mystery to her other team members. They would often see her as more of a lose cannon then a trusted ally. She would come and go whenever she liked and she did not only cut enemies with her razor sharp claws, but also her teammates when something happened that she didn't like or approved of, thus honoring her code-name; Feral.

    Warpath (James Proudstar)


    A mutant with a long history with the New Mutants. James was once a member of the Hellions, the great rivals of the New Mutants. After James left the Hellions, he returned to the reservoir where his friends and family lived. Coming there, the place was burned to the ground, and his family was missing. The only evidence left was a mask of a soldier of the Hellfire Club, the same organization that started the Hellions team. Filled with grief and wanting revenge on the people who hurt his family, James took on the name of Warpath and joined the New Mutants, just before it became X-force.

    With the new members and a new mentor in Cable, the New Mutants would take on a radical change in philosophy and tactics. No more would they take the passive approach of Professor X. They would be more army like becoming soldiers, willing to do battle for what they believed in. As a result, the New Mutants would be no more. Under Cable's lead the team would segue from that of the New Mutants and officially change their name to the X-Force.

    New Mutants: Truth or Dare

    This would be one of the few and only reunions of the original New Mutants. This story follows the current versions of the New Mutants, grown up, meeting their younger counterparts in the present. They would be brought to the future by Magik on a dare. The chance meeting of the New Mutant teams would finally explain how Illyana contracted the mutant killing Legacy Virus, which would eventually kill her, at the hands of her oldest brother Mikhail Rasputin.

    The New Mutants Squad

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    More than 10 years after the original New Mutants had both come and gone, Professor Xavier made the decision to go public with his school (in reality this was Cassandra Nova, but Charles decided to keep the school running for the new generations of mutants). This resulted in a huge increase in the number of students who enrolled and attended the Xavier Institute. He had the current X-Men become teachers/staff and invited several of his former pupils and X-Men (including the ex-New Mutants) to return to the school as teachers and advisers to the hundreds of additional students.

    The legacy of the New Mutants, would be reborn with some of the original members returning to become advisers for the students at Xavier's Institute including Moonstar, Wolfsbane, Karma and (later) Magma. Due to massive amount of students enrolled at the academy, the squad system was put in place. This broke down the students into teams (average size was six members, but could be greater or fewer) with an adviser to tailor their teaching and training styles specific to the squad. Each squad had their own student-leader in addition to adviser and they each had their own costumes and color schemes. The teams regularly competed and trained in a variety of methods.

    Just as there was a team called the New Mutants many years in the past, so too would there be one now. The New Mutants Squad consisted of Elixir (Josh Foley), Prodigy (David Alleyne), Surge (Noriko Ashida), Wallflower (Laurie Collins), Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega), and Wither (Kevin Ford). The New Mutants squad would later be joined by Cannonball's younger brother Icarus (Joshua "Jay" Guthrie) after Wither and he decided to exchange squads. The squad adviser would be none other than New Mutants alumna and charter member Danielle Moonstar.


    After M-Day
    After M-Day

    This squad would eventually disband around the time of House of M and some of its members would move on and became members of the New X-Men (A junior up and coming team of X-Men). Though after M-Day, many New Mutants were de-powered such as Prodigy and Wind Dancer. Then tragedy would occur when the, mutant hating, Purifiers launched a rocket at a bus full of de-powered mutants that were leaving the school under the cover of night. All that were aboard the bus were killed devastating those who looked on helpless to stop it. Still reeling, only days later, more deaths would follow seeing Wallflower and Icarus, both previously of the New Mutants squad, meet their untimely deaths as well, at the hand of the Purifiers. This hurt all at the mansion, but it especially hurt there former teammates, who knew them the most.

    The Return of the original New Mutants

    Years after the team have disbanded, the original New Mutants all found themselves back at the X-men island home of Utopia. Bonded together after the events of X-Infernus and the return of the long diseased teammate Magic, Cannonball asked Cyclops if he could make his own team within the X-men to take on different threats around the world. With Cyclops' approval, Cannonball brought together his old team members; Moonstar, Magma, Karma, Sunspot and Magic. The team's first mission was to investigate the strange disappearance of a young mutant girl. Eventually this resulted in the discovery that the mutant son of Charles Xavier, Legion, was alive and well. The mutants just barley defeated his evil persona, and brought him back to Utopia after the fight was done and the girl was rescued.


    Not soon after this, the techno-organic Warlock, old team-member of the New Mutants, returned from outer space, to see his old friends again. He first went to the X-mansion, but when he saw it laying in waste (after the events of the Messiah Complex) Warlock started searching for the mutants. He found them at the island of Utopia, just before disaster would strike with Necrosha.

    Cypher attacking Magma
    Cypher attacking Magma

    A long time adversary of the X-men and the New Mutants named Selene had brought back a large number of diseased mutants, including Doug Ramsey, long dead friend of the New Mutants. She used these dead mutants as slaves to fight against the X-men on their island. When Warlock first encountered Doug, he was ecstatic, but soon he was drained of all his energy by Doug, nearly killing Warlock in the process. The 'zombie' Doug sought and found the New Mutants, first almost beating Magma to death and then leading other dead mutants, including the dead advisories of the New Mutants, the Hellions into the headquarters of the X-men.

    A large fight erupted. Thankfully a new X-force team managed to defeat Selene and putting all the dead mutants to their rest. Strangely, this did not happened to Doug, probably because Warlock was able to break the virus code through witch Doug was made a zombie to serve Selene. All his friends gathered around him, and Doug told them that 'they' were his language. After these events all the original New Mutants where back together again, except for Rahne. She stayed with X-force and later went back to the new X-factor agency.

    Second Coming

    New Mutants in Second Coming
    New Mutants in Second Coming

    During the crossover of Second Coming, Sam and his team are sent to fight against The Right and Cameron Hodge. During this Xi'an gets injured, resulting in her leg being amputated. Warlock also had to look past his vow of not killing another human life in order to save the New Mutants. Doug also found information on Bastion's towers. On another mission Illyana was sent to the X-Men, during this mission Illyana is sent to Limbo, but is saved in the Hellbound tie-in by a team lead by Sam, which featured no other New mutants. Later, after Hope is rescued (for the time being) Dani and Hope get in a fight after Dani confronts Cable about putting every other mutant in danger by bringing her here.

    Later X-Force recruits Doug to go into the future and destroy the mastermind. Doug melds with the mastermind system and overtakes it. As a result all the Nimrods are deactivated. Those not injured also took part in the war against the Nimrod army in the area under the red dome.

    Fall of the New Mutants

    After the events of Second Coming, Sam and Scott both agreed that it would be best for him and the New Mutants to take a break from everything that has happened and take a vacation for a break. The team head to a ranch while the new antagonist of the series, General Ulysses moves his forces out. Sam stresses the importance of talking about their feelings about what happened with very little response until he mentions he brought lots of beer, which prompts Dani to ask the others to hear him out. At this point, Cypher mentions that Warlock does not like watching them eat because of what happened against Hodge. Roberto and Amara further hinting to a relationship, and finally one of Sam and Dani kissing with no explanation as to how they got to that point. Illyana then feels something happening in the distance. General Ulysses soldiers then reach their destination and attack their target, which is revealed to be Pixie, whom they defeat, tie up, and then steal her soul dagger.

    Soon after, Illyana transports Warlock to the X-Men to tell them what is happening as he once caused problems there. She then teleports the team to Limbo against Sam's wishes. She speaks to her minions who have captured Witchfire. Witchfire tells them where the men who stole the bloodstone amulet went. They travel far in Limbo over a long period of time and arrive in the military base through a portal. Meanwhile Pixie tries to escape and uses her pixie dust to make the soldiers hallucinate. They plan to use her soul dagger to pull the rest of her soul out of her body. Illyana confronts the military men but is taken down by one of the Inferno babies, who then prepare to attack the rest of the New Mutants. One of the children blows off his face while fighting the demons and has it replaced with a way to focus the blasts that come from his face when he uses his powers. The kids blame the New Mutants for being handed over to the government, which causes them to realize that they are the Inferno children. The children then say that once they are done with Illyana, they will kill her. The New Mutants attack the Inferno children and are all defeated one at a time.

    Shan makes contact with Face, the mutant without a face. Sam is then tied up surrounded by dynamite, while Dani is being tortured in a room close by. The mutant guarding Sam can taste emotions, and Sam's worry for Dani tastes delicious. Pixie's soul is ripped out of her body using Illyana's Soulsword and Pixie's Souldagger. Ulysses plans to use the bloodstone amulet to strike fear in the demons of Limbo. Illyana is thrown into a room with Amara and Roberto. He then asks if Amara will die, and Illyana tells him that she will and that she does not love him as Roberto loves her. Sam continues to worry about Dani, who helps him by saying he is an excellent kisser, taking away the feelings that his captor was enjoying. With the new bloodstone, Ulysses and his men move out to go back to Limbo. It is then revealed that they are planning to sacrifice the New Mutants to the Elder Gods. Shan is being prepared to be moved, but some of the Inferno children decide to amputate her bionic leg. She talks to Face again and shows him what became of his face. This upsets him so much he blasts all the others around. All the others have left, leaving only Face, Shan and Illyana behind. Illyana then reveals she only came back to save Shan, not the others.

    Rise of the New Mutants

    Emma Frost uses Cerebro to try to locate the missing New Mutants. She is unable to do so, but Pixie, Illyana, and Shan teleport into Cerebra and explain that the others have been taken to Limbo. Dani and the rest of the team remain trapped by the Inferno babies, while the soldiers of Project Purgatory prepare to use the bloodstone amulet to destroy Limbo. The X-Men gather and prepare to move out while Shan talks to Illyana.

    New Mutants # 20
    New Mutants # 20

    Shan deduces that Illyana is not bringing the X-Men on a rescue mission to Limbo. Illyana then proceeds to use her Soulsword on Shan and leaves her behind as the others prepare to leave for Limbo.

    Demons gather at the Project Purgatory base, and a trio of leaders tries to negotiate with the soldiers. They are killed, and the demon army attacks. A group of demons attack Dani in her prison and accidentally release her. She then proceeds to fight back using a small knife she was known to carry in the original run of New Mutants.

    Dani's jailer kills the remaining demons and comes looking for her. Dani then proceeds to shot her with an arrow from a bow she stole from one of the demons. Due to her broken arm, she uses her foot to hold the bow. One of the Inferno babies, Toko, is sent into the army of demons holding the amulet and the final bloodstone. She places the final stone into the amulet. Illyana then arrives at the earth base of Project Purgatory. It is then she realizes the Elder Gods have been released and they proceed to punch through the Limbo portal to get at her. Meanwhile back on Utopia, Shan enters Legion's mind. Legion is scared and tells Shan not to go in there. Shan tells Legion to stand back and draws the Soulsword from inside her. Shan opens a door marked Do Not Enter onto Legion's mindscape seen in the early issues of volume 3. It is then revealed that the Legion that has been in charge is not the real Legion, but another personality. The real Legion is locked up with what seems to be the rotting corpse of Bishop. He then says that Illyana told him previously that Shan would be back for the real Legion.

    Back in Limbo, Dani frees Sam, Amara, and Roberto from their prison. Sam prepares to go find the amulet to try to avoid the Elder Gods being released, unaware that it already happened. He gets incredibly angry and flies off to get vengeance. Amara and Roberto see Illyana on a dragon fighting demons. This is the Illyana that teleported in at the start of the series. Amara prepares to run and tell her what went wrong and what needs to be done to make it right. Roberto stops her, and she tries to trick him into letting her go off and hide alone; as a result of this she would die. Amara knows he is right but knows she needs to do it. Roberto then says he is going with her so she does not die alone. General Ulysses realizes the Elder Gods are attacking Earth and tries to command them to turn back. He is then killed by an Elder God, and the amulet is taken. Cyclops asks Illyana how to defeat the Elder Gods, but she simply states defeating the Elder Gods is beyond them.

    Elsewhere, Roberto is preparing to make a path for Amara to get to the former Illyana to try to fix things. He powers up and runs into the fray, knowing it will be the death of him. As he falls he says goodbye to Amara and says that he loves her. This results in Magik feeling uncharacteristically sentimental at a time when she is focused on the Elder Gods. The feeling causes her to she transport the X-crew to the point where Roberto is about to be killed enabling Colossus to rescue him. Some of the Inferno babies attempt to escape on an underground train. Sam flies straight through the train car, effectively killing everyone on board.

    Dani finds Cypher with the girl who took control of him. Earlier having been playing a strange instrument, it is revealed the machine plays magic. As a result, Doug was able to play a spell to free him from the girls' power and to remove her mouth, effectively killing her powers. Roberto then sacrifices himself to help Amara, being overcome by many demons. At this time, he also tells her that he loves her and goodbye. Illyana is talking to Cyclops when the real Legion appears in Limbo. Inside his head the good Legion, Shan, and Marci are protecting themselves from the chaos of Legion's mind, where Shan tells Marci not to worry because Illyana knows what she is doing. Legion then destroys the Elder Gods and the amulet, giving Illyana back the bloodstones.

    New Mutants # 21
    New Mutants # 21

    He then returns everything in Limbo to as it was before the Elder Gods were released. Back on Utopia it is revealed that Roberto is still alive as are Amara, Warlock, and Doug. Elsewhere, Dani questions Sam about if he caught up to the babies. When he remains silent, she asks him what he did. He stays silent and walks away, leaving Dani distraught.

    Illyana returns Pixie's soul dagger and soul gems to her. Pixie then asks if Illyana got hers back and if it means Illyana is a real girl again. Illyana cryptically says she hopes to act like it does, if nothing else. Shan then talks to Illyana about how Legion got back to Earth. All Illyana does is give her a knowing look. Shan also asks if Illyana let the Elder Gods be released in order to get her vengeance. When Illyana says yes, Shan tells her she has to tell the others. Finally Shan asks what she gave Legion in return for helping her, to which Illyana replied, "Everyone wants to come home, Shan. Even the worst of us." Illyana goes to her brother and tells him she is as she once was, whole and his little snowflake once more. Shadow is thrown on this statement by the look on Illyana's face as she hugs her brother.

    Unfinished Business

    After Age of X Cyclops names Moonstar as the new leader of the New Mutants - now consisting of just Moonstar, Sunspot, Magma, Cypher, and Warlock - and charges the team with the new mission of tying up the X-Men's loose ends. Their first assignment: To find and bring home X-Man, Cyclops' son from an alternate reality who was last seen during Dark Reign.

    The group begins their search in an abandoned H.A.M.M.E.R. Facility that's being excavated by Captain Steve Rogers and Victoria Hand. Rogers convinced Moonstar that the Avengers have already searched the facility, and there is no one here. However, as the Mutants leave, Cypher claims that there is in fact someone here, but he does not want to be found; reality is being warped in the facility. The Mutants manage to work past the warp, and find the Sugar Man and his mutates holding X-Man hostage. Sugar Man has been holding X-Man in the Omega Machine, a device that Norman Osborn built to open portals to other realities, hoping that X-Man will open a portal to Sugar Man's home reality. Moonstar, Sunspot, and Magma battle Sugar Man and his lackeys, while Cypher and Warlock try to release X-Man from the Omega Machine. Eventually, X-Man uses all of his will and power to open a portal to Sugar Man's home reality, hoping that Sugar Man will now leave him alone. Sugar Man attempts to escape through the portal, but he is stopped and defeated by the New Mutants. He is taken into custody from Steve Rogers, his lackeys are moved to get their artificial powers removed, and X-Man is taken to Utopia. There, it is revealed after using his abilities to open the portal to Sugar Man's reality, X-Man's powers were mostly burnt out, and he now only has telekinesis. Cyclops welcomes X-Man to Utopia, hoping he will make it his new home.

    Moonstar calls in her old friend Gus Grim a Cognitive Therapist from Colorado. Grim is known for his work in the Cheyenne communities, to help her "damaged" teammates. She first brings him to see Nate Grey, but Grim never talks to Grey, and instead recommends that Moonstar let him battle something "real" in the Danger Room so Grey can push himself. Grim then talks to Cannonball, who has put himself under psychiatric observation in a secure ward. Grim believes that Cannonball took himself out of a leadership position because he was too afraid of failing, and that he is still capable of leading if he was simply willing to put aside those feelings. He then goes to see Karma, who has stayed out of the field to be with Face, a sense deprived mutant whom she shares a psychic bond with. Grim tells Karma that there are any number of telepaths or empaths who could engage with Face, and the fact that she wants to do it alone is selfish of her. Lastly, Grim is taken to see Illyana, who is imprisoned because of her reckless actions in Purgatory. Before they can talk, however, Grim collapses as three demons from Purgatory burst from his body to rescue Illyana; Illyana has no intentions of leaving, however, as she wants to stay to regain her life and the trust of her friends. The demons are then killed by Danger using a protocol designed by Doctor Strange for just such an occasion. Grim recovers from this ordeal, and Illyana explains that the demons used his body as a Trogan Horse to get into Utopia to rescue her.

    As Grim gets ready to leave Utopia, Dani fears that his experiences have put him off from doing regular sessions with her teammates, but Grim is surprised that Dani would even want him to do more sessions after how hard he went into her teammates. Dani explains that what Gus was doing is exactly what her teammates need; they're X-Men, and the life of an X-Man is too quick to spend time sitting around moping. Grim agrees to do weekly sessions, and he leaves Utopia. In the Danger Room, Nate has turned off the safety protocols, and he is quickly getting overwhelmed. Thankfully, he is saved by Hope who up to this point had refused to even meet X-Man due to his connection with Cable. She offers to teach Nate some non-power based combat techniques that Cable taught her, and Nate agrees as the two begin training.

    X-Men: Regenesis

    No Caption Provided

    During the Regenesis event, the New Mutants, with the exception of Cannonball and Karma, choose to join Cyclops' side, but rather than remain on Utopia, they establish a new base at the 1128 Mission Street in San Francisco in order to better integrate themself with the rest of humanity . With the departure of Cannonball and Karma to New York and Magik's assignment to Cyclops' Extinction Team, the team added Nate Grey to the roster, all under the leadership of Dani Moonstar.

    The new teams consists of Moonstar, Nate Grey, Magma, Cypher, Warlock and Sunspot. In addition to the team the reoccurring character Blink makes quite an appearance throughout the series. After being resurrected by Selene Blink has been a rogue mutant. Although not hurting anyone she has been leaving teleportation whole around the world and the New Mutants are assigned to see what is causing this effect. The New Mutants team up with Blink and they stop the destruction. Unfortunately Blink choose to attend Wolverine's Jean Grey School for Higher Learning after giving the choice to join the New Mutants or them. However she still makes an appearance throughout the series as she relates well with the New Mutants.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-811 (Days of Future Past)

    In this despotic future time line, overrun by mutant killing Sentinels, the New Mutants still thrive and is still a team composed to mutant youths learning the proper use of their powers. Led by an older, war-torn Banshee, now wearing a patch and cybernetic limbs replacing ones lost. The New Mutants of this reality had a rough existence, never knowing when another Sentinel attack was going to happen. This New Mutants team consisted of:

    Franklin Richards (Scrape): the son of the Fantastic Fours Sue and Reed Richards. He was the field team leader.

    Rachel Summers: the telekinetic daughter of Jean Grey and Cyclops and girlfriend/future wife of Franklin.

    Douglas Ramsey (Magus): the only member to stay on the team from the original New Mutants but very different from who he used to be. Due to his connection to Warlock he could get and be consumed by the Techno-Organic Virus. Being that he took that name "Magus" it can be assumed that he killed Warlock as well.

    Blue: the daughter of Nightcrawler and Amanda Sefton.

    Blaze & another unnamed member: no information was revealed of their lineage.

    Though their fate as a team was unrevealed, it can be assumed that the New Mutants of this time line ended tragically as Franklin and Rachel are two of the last living mutants in America and in a mutant concentration camp and Banshee's gravestone are shown in front of the camp indicating his death at the hands of the Sentinels. It’s likely that the other members too met the deaths in this apocalyptic future but nothing is certain.

    A divergent reality similar to the Days of Future Past.

    New Mutants #49-50

    Most of the X-Men, if not all, and the New Mutants were killed by Sentinels in their initial attack. The New Mutants are now a trio consisting of three individuals: a now aged Cannonball, his lover Lila Cheney and a very embittered and war torn Danielle Moonstar. They devised a plan to gather the remaining mutants together and use Lila's intergalactic teleportation powers to safely leave Earth and head to another planet. It appears that they are successful in their attempts as they are shown teleporting away in one of the final panels.


    Homeworld of Morph, previously a member of the Exiles.

    The New Mutants of this reality were/are very similar to the mainstream counterpart of Earth #616 with an exception to the members of the team. The team consisted of Cannonball, Sunspot, Moonstar, Wolfsbane and Morph.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

    Academy of Tomorrow
    Academy of Tomorrow

    Emma Frost, once a student of Charles Xavier but now disagreeing with his tactics, left to follow a dream of her own. She decided to create her own team of young mutants to train and pursued her own beliefs. Initially she was going to form a group with the assistance of the United States government and the president. Once created she would dub the group the New Mutants. She wished to create a group of mutants that had no ties to Charles Xavier’s vigilante police force that he created. She gathered a number of mutants together including:

    Havok (Field Leader), Cannonball, Cypher (the only non-mutant on the team), Northstar, Polaris, Sunspot, Angel.

    Beast (Deceased), Dazzler (Deceased), Karma.

    In their first public appearance her team was attacked by Sentinels and would be saved by the X-Men whose tactics that she despised. Due to the attack she would severe ties with the government and renamed them the Academy of Tomorrow.

    Earth-? (Geshem)

    Here the New Mutants are represented as non-mutants living in a time very similar to the Dark Ages. Here, Rahne (Wolfsbane) is Princess Rain of Gesham. Members of her Royal household include: Tabby (Boom-Boom) her lady-in-waiting, her Prince consort Douglas Ramsey (Cypher) and her knights: Robert (Sunspot), Samuel (Cannonball) and Richard (Rictor).

    None of the New Mutants in this reality have the powers of their original counterparts except for Rahne's knights Robert, Samuel and Richard. Though they are not mutants, they are granted their powers through the use of magical items.


    What If the X-Men Stayed in Asgard?

    An offer is made to the X-Men and New Mutants giving them the choice of whether to stay or leave Asgard. Though only a few X-Men accept and stay, all but three of the New Mutants remain in Asgard effectively putting an end to the group as a whole. Karma, Magma and Warlock would choose to leave returning to Earth and become fully fledged X-Men. Those that remain in Asgard dramatically change history there and most take on important roles while there.

    Cannonball marries Eitri daughter of the dwarf king and soon becomes the Dwarf King when the, then, current king was killed in battle.

    Danielle Moonstar battles and defeats Hela the Goddess of Death and takes her role and place becoming the new Goddess of Death, ruling over her domain of Hel.

    Magik battles, easily defeats and replaces Enchantress and taking her name as well. She, too, becomes the liaison between Asgard and Hel as she is friends with Moonstar and does not fear her as others do.

    Wolfsbane becomes the Queen of Wolves and has three cubs/kids continuing the royal line.

    Sunspot is a warrior and dies in the final battle defending Storm by taking an energy blast meant for her. Once hit he was completely disintegrated.

    Cypher becomes a scholar and translator of ancient texts of Asgard. Later he is appointed as Vizier to Storm when she becomes ruler of Asgard.

    Other Media


    X-Men Evolution
    X-Men Evolution

    X-Men: Evolution

    In the second season of the animated cartoon X-Men: Evolution, Professor X recruits a handful of new students at his Institute. Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Magma, Sunspot, Iceman, Jubilee, Berserker and Multiple Man are the new under class at Xavier's Institute and are called the New Mutants. Boom-Boom also became a member but became cold in the team as she was persuaded by her father to commit crime. She then temporarily became one of the Brotherhood. They undergo trainings together with the X-Men. At first, these New Mutants are not interested in schooling as they do not follow Jean Grey and Scott Summers' orders. For them to realize how important studying is for an X-Man, Jean levitated all of them with her telekinesis. Scott then used his optic blast to reflect through the walls and amaze the students as he sliced an apple with his optic blast. They also have messed with the Blackbird for having a joyride when they used it for fun. They drove the Blackbird recklessly putting them into danger. Following some events, Kitty Pryde and Kurt Wagner have decided to have a party in the Institute as they invite their friends from Bayville. When the X-Men discovered about this, they got scolded. After the people found out about the mutants, Wolfsbane and Jubilee left the Institute. Cannonball became closer to Wolverine as he races with him with their motorcycles. Some boys also opens up to Wolverine about them disliking their studies especially of Physics.During an encounter with a mutant who was named Dani Moonstar, she projected herself into Kitty's mind with a ghost shaft. In Kitty's imaginings, Dani became a member of the New Mutants. Dani have complications in controlling her powers at first and caused trouble to the minds of their teachers. However, it was revealed that Dani is unconscious while projecting herself to Kitty after the X-men and the New Mutants have saved her. She was then picked up by her grandfather Black Eagle. During the final battle against Apocalypse, Magneto, Mystique, Storm and Professor X were converted into Apocalypse's horseman. Each of the New Mutants were given different missions in different base of operations. Wolfsbane and Sunspot were along other mutants in Mexico to fight Magneto. Though, the united forces of the mutants have not succeeded against him. Wolfsbane, Sunspot and other mutants were seen unconscious after their fight and only Wanda, Kitty and the Brotherhood were left to fight him. Multiple Man and Magma were sent to Egypt to help Jean's team defeat Professor X. Using her powers, Amara created a fissure with magma inside it and Multiple Man duplicated himself into lots of duplicates while firing Xavier, however, most of his duplicates were defeated. Boom-Boom then created gigantic explosives for Colossus to throw on Xavier. Iceman and Berserker along with Spyke and Beast went to China to face Storm. Storm attacked them and Iceman created an ice cave to shield them. Berserker was then able to knock Storm out. But using her powers to make it rain, Berserker have electrified himself and went unconscious. Cannonball then accompanied Rogue to fetch Leech and borrow his powers to turn Apocalypse's machine off. He carried Rogue and fled inside the pyramid. Following the defeat of the aforementioned villain, anything was back to normal. In Professor X's vision about the X-Men, Jubilee have returned in the Institute and the New Mutants continued studying at Xavier's.


    The New Mutants (2018)

    No Caption Provided

    In May of 2015 it was announced that director Josh Boone was set to direct a live action adaption of the New Mutants, being based on the classic stories by Chris Claremont. Thecast announced includes Mirage, Sunspot, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, and Magik. The film is set to be a horror film, with producers comparing it too such films as The Shining, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Breakfast Club. The trailer to the movie was originally released on October Friday the 13th 2017 and the film is scheduled for a April 13th release date. Fox is currently planning a trilogy of New Mutants movies, with the sequel planning to introduce Karma and Warlock.


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