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Miss Locke was the assistant and right-hand-woman to Arcade. She served as his field agent, capturing or otherwise luring victims to Murderworld. She once recruited the X-Men to help save her employer from Dr. Doom. She was also Arcade's lover and the two played games of murder with each other. Arcade loved the thrill of his lover trying to kill him for some reason.


Miss Locke first appeared in " Marvel-Team Up" vol. 1 #65 (January, 1978). She was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne.

Major Story Arcs

 Miss Locke
Miss Locke

According to " Wolverine/Gambit: Victims" #4 (December, 1995), the games between Arcade and Miss Locke ended in tragedy. While in bed, the two lovers were playing with a knife, playfully cutting at each other. Locke accidentally cut deeper than intended and left a scar in the face of her lover. Arcade grabbed the knife, furious, and started stabbing at her. By the time he recovered his senses, she was dead. He could not live with the reality of killing her and created an elaborate fantasy where Wolverine was the one responsible for the deed. He employed Mastermind/ Martinique Jason to achieve revenge against the "murderer". When Martinique found the truth, she was disgusted and locked Arcade in a recurring nightmare within his own mind before leaving. Miss Locke inexplicably returned in "Colossus" #1 (October, 1997). She has also appeared in " Thing" vol. 2 #1-3 (January - March, 2006). No explanation for her resurrection has been offered yet.

Locke seems to be of partly Asian origins, based on her artwork depictions at times. While deadly serious mostly, Locke could be charming when she wanted. She once flirted with Lockheed of Excalibur as the dragon seems to have appreciated her beauty. According to the scolding of Lockheed by Shadowcat: "That hussy, rolls her eyes, shakes her bad-girl booty and what you couldn't wait to let her and Mr. Chambers escape! Shame on you, dragon! Shame, shame, shame".

Locke seems to a proficient hand-in-hand combatant. However she mostly relies on her long-barreled guns in battle.

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