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    Reality is flipped upside down by the Scarlet Witch when mutants are the ruling majority. This story arc occurred in Marvel Comics titles between 2005 and 2006.

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    Plot Summary

    The Avengers and the X-Men coming together to discuss Wanda Maximoff's fate
    The Avengers and the X-Men coming together to discuss Wanda Maximoff's fate

    Following the destruction of the Avengers, a group of super-heroes came together to decide what to do about the Scarlet Witch. Over the years, her mental instability and subsequent lack of control over the immense reality-manipulating power she wields have put herself, those closest to her, and the general public in imminent danger. Together the X-Men, as well as Avengers, new and old, decide that she is too dangerous to live, and that something must be done before reality itself is undone by her madness. Of all those heroes involved only Quicksilver seeks to preserve his sister. Magneto is absent because when he heard of his daughter's breakdown he rescued her and remains reclusive on the island nation of Genosha while she recuperates.

    The House of Magnus
    The House of Magnus

    As the heroes make their way to where Wanda is being held, Quicksilver rushes to his sister's side. Awakening her, he tells her of the plot to kill her and that she needs to use her powers to save them. Suddenly, a white flash over-takes the world, and reality is flipped upside down. The Scarlet Witch has remade reality in the views of Mutant superiority over humans formerly held by her father. In this new, alternate reality mutants are the majority, with normal Homo sapiens are in the minority. Sapiens (sapes, as the slur goes) is now also second class citizens, suffering the ridicule, indignity, and the same constant fear of persecution that mutants had to endure for so long. Mutants now hold positions of authority in business, as well as the highest offices in the world's military and governmental bodies.

    Of the world's population, only two remember life before House of M. Wolverine's mind rejected this new reality from the beginning. He knew of his life in this new reality, but he also knew it was fabricated. The other person in this reality who initially understood that the accepted truth was fake was the child Layla Miller. Layla has the fortuitous ability to be able to re-activate people's memories of their past lives, as well as their lives in the new House of M reality, granting them the ability to understand that the world they now belong to is fake.

    Before long, Layla had assembled a group who were going to assault Magneto (the beloved global dictator in the House of M reality). Not long after the assault began, Magneto's memory had been restored.

    He is both shocked and angered at what had happened, and, immediately, realized that the Scarlet Witch had been coerced by Quicksilver to re-form reality to one which she, and her family, could live seemingly perfect lives.

    "No More Mutants."

    Angry at Magneto for, again, choosing mutants over their family, the Scarlet Witch spoke her now famous words, "No more mutants", which caused the M-Day, in which 99% of the world's mutants lost their powers, and reality was reverted to its original state.

    After House of M

    Decimation - The events occurring directly after the House of M detailing the fallout in the wake of the House of M.

    Civil War - Partially in response to the events of the House of M the U.S. government drafts and enacts a bill that will require registration with SHIELD for all superpowered individuals.

    Deadly Genesis - A powerful figure from the X-Men's past is awakened by the surge of power created when the Scarlet Witch de-powered the majority of the Earth's mutants.

    Onslaught Reborn - When Professor X and Magneto are de-powered during the House of M their mutant energies re-awaken the creature Onslaught who desires revenge against the Earth's heroes; particularly Franklin Richards.

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