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    A magical weapon created from the purest part of Illyana Rasputin's soul during her stay in Limbo.

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    The Soulsword

    The Soulsword is the ultimate embodiment of Illyana's magical strength. Forged during a time of great need and despair. Illyana was desperate to find a way to free herself of Belasco and find a way to leave Limbo. Attempting to use the white magics that her previous teacher, the elderly Ororo, taught her. She attempted to create, with all her strength, something that would help to free herself; only to find that she would fail each time. Realizing that she could not properly produce the exact spells as the elderly Ororo because they used magic with differing motives, she reconfigured the spells. She would use a portion of her still intact pure soul combined with her motivation, revenge, a bright light grew directly in front of her. When she reached in she drew forth, what appeared to be a very simple looking silver sword. When she fully grasped it and pulled it from the brightness, light enveloped it completely and a surge of energy consumed Illyana. While in Illyana's hands the Soulsword, as she named it, aided her in defeating Balesco. It also contributed to her ruling in Limbo, controlling her demons while away, and in battle while she was on the Earth dimension. With each and every use of the blade, its strength grew and its abilities increase exponentially. Much later it was revealed that the sword was just the beginning of her magically strengths. Through time a suit of armor composed of the same magical properties as the sword would come to the holder of the blade. It was revealed by Dr. Doom that the Soulsword granted leadership of Limbo, and the armor was, by right, the protection given to the owner of the sword.

    More recently, Amanda Sefton placed a Soulsword, presumably Magik's, in Nightcrawler's care and keeping. Kurt has been able to wield this sword, pulling it out of his chest on occasions when confronted by supernatural threats. In X-Infernus #1, Pixie pulled the Soulsword from Nightcrawler's chest.

    During the events of Second Coming, Illyana is dragged to Limbo and she uses the Soulsword and Pixie's Souldagger to cut Limbo's influence over Gambit who had turned to his Death persona. She then reclaims control over Limbo.

    Powers & Abilities

    The strengths and extents of Illyana's Soulsword were never fully revealed.

    As S'ym told, the Soulsword held stable Limbo. It's the Darkchilde Token of Dominance.

    Her Soulsword did though show a number of very specific magical attributes and abilities that included the follow:

    • Grants Leadership of Limbo: He who own/wields the Soulsword is granted leadership or dominion over Limbo, though the full power of the sword could only be accessed by Illyana.
    • Disruption of Magic & Breaking of Spells: This includes its very lethal nature to that of magical beings.
    • Soul Absorption.
    • Sword Summoning: Granting the owner of the sword to place and store it in absolute nothingness and allowing the own to retrieve from whence its place with ease.
    • Teleportation Disc's: As a result of the Soulsword being forge from as piece of Illyana's soul, it would wields the ability to create teleportation stepping disc's. Thus allowing the current owner the same ability.
    • Dimensional Manipulation: The ruler of Limbo can mentally manipulate the physical appearance of Limbo, allowing it to look/appear as they wish it to.
    • Augment Magical Powers: Whom ever holds or owns the sword is granted increased magical strength.
    • Spellcasting: When holding the Soulsword, it grants the hold the ability to cast or produce magic, even if they do not have the ability to do so.
    • Summoning of Mystical Eldrich Armor: It was revealed by Dr. Doom that the mystical armor that manifests on the individual that wields the Soulsword is actually a magical armor provided to any who rule Limbo.
    • Super Strength: When wearing the mystical armor, Illyana displayed a increase in her own personal strength. Shown when she did battle with her, one time, servant S'ym. During the Inferno invasion the two did battle. Illyana would easily grab S'ym and throw him yards away from her with only one arm.

    The Soulsword is unable to harm beings of non-magical or cosmic origin but for unknown reasons, the Soulsword can physically injure Kitty Pryde, alias Shadowcat, even when she is using her phasing power to become intangible. Pryde, The Beyonder, Amanda Sefton, and Karma are to date the only other known beings besides Magik who are capable of wielding the Soulsword effectively. When Pryde does so, Magik's armor begins to appear on Pryde's body. Moreover, when the Beyonder once freed Illyana from the influence of her Darksoul, Pryde gained the ability to produce and wield the Soulsword. Illyana later took the Darksoul influence back upon herself in order that she could again wield the Soulsword to save Pryde's life from a demon. The reason for the mystical connection between Illyana Rasputin and Kitty Pryde, each of whom is the others best friend, is unknown but some believe it is because of the time Illyana spent in Limbo with an alternate version of Kitty Pryde.

    Other Versions

    The Magik from Earth-4210 was a member of the Exiles. She replaced Blink when she supposedly was sent home. This version of Illyana was much more bloodthirsty, not hesitating when it came to missions involving killing. She demonstrated considerable magical ability, including the ability to forge Soul Swords, but her weapons were identified as a "Soul Swords of Bata's Circle," and were not the same as Earth-616's Soulsword. The Soul Swords could cut through living flesh, and was mystical in nature, with the ability to destroy vampires, including the Vampire King. Magik's first Soul Sword was taken by Archangel in battle, but she was able to conjure a new one almost immediately. These Soul Swords were most likely created by her soul, not from her soul. She mainly used these weapons to deflect energies directed at them, focus her spells, and kill.


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