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    Ace was Illyana Rasputin's friend in the Age of Apocalypse reality. She worked in a prison camp with Rasputin in Seattle.

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    Ace was a little girl whom grew up in an alternate reality in America where the mutant known as Apocalypse had seized power. This time was known as the Age of Apocalypse.


    Ace was created by Bob Harras and Chris Bachalo and first appeared in Generation Next issue 1(1995).

    Major Story Arcs

    In the Age Of Apocalypse

    Ace was caught as a little girl by mutants and was put to work at the Seattle Core; a labor camp where Illyana Rasputin was also being held. Ace was the one who taught Illyana how to behave in order to avoid severe punishment. One day, one of the supervisors was upset with how fast she was working and pushed her off a cliff. Fortunately, that was the same day that Generation Next had come to liberate Illyana and Mondo was there to catch her. He promised to return for her when he could and left to search for Illyana. Eventually he came back for her with Gen-Nexters Decibel and Skin, though they were all stopped by interference from Sugar Man, who killed Mondo. Sugar Man was defeated and Ace was picked up by Chamber, whom carried her on his back, to the exit of the Core. Generation Next's retread to the exist was not easy due to the ensuing riots at the Seattle Core between mutants and the uprising human slaves. Chamber was shot by a laser in the head, and fell down a few meters, right into the fights. Ace, whom was siting on Chamber's shoulder. fell down at the same time. And although teammate Skin went right after them, nothing has been heart from any of them since this day. All points turn to the likelihood that Ace was killed during the retreat.

    Powers And Abilities

    • Ace did not have any mutant powers. Whether or not she would have developed mutant abilities upon reaching puberty will never be known.

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