"New X-Men" Quest for Magik

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    When the Demon Lord Belasco senses his former apprentice, Magik, due to the effects of M-Day when she is brought back to life, he goes on a rampage at the Xavier Institue kidnapping the students.

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    The mutant student Blindfold tells a midnight "ghost" story to her fellow Xavier Academy classmates about a demond lord, Belasco and his history with a girl named Illyana Rasputin, Magik. Although Magik had died years earlier, the effects of M-Day brought her back to life. During the brief moments she was brought back, Belasco sensed her presence and tried to summon her to him in Limbo. But after M-Day was over, Illyana died again and when Belasco tried to summon her, he only got her body without a soul. Angered, he cast a spell on the Institute, kidnapping the students who he "smelled" Illyana's presence on, demanding to know where she is. Unfortunately, the students don't have any recollection of M-Day or Illyana and are helpless in the attack. Eventually the soulless Illyana, calling herself Darkchylde finds a group of the students and kills the demons attacking them. She knows that in order to defeat Belasco she must have a soulsword. Since she no longer has a soul she summons the innocent student Pixie in order to use her sould to create a soulsword. She only gets one fifth of the way through the spell when Pixie's classmates fight back against Illyana and instead of a full soulsword, Pixie is given a " Souldagger". Illyana teaches Pixie a spell since the part of her soul that was broken has now been filled with black magic. They teleport to Belasco where Pixie throws her Souldagger at Belasco, killing him.

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