Great Captains of Krakoa

    Team » Great Captains of Krakoa appears in 11 issues.

    The war Captains or Great Captains of Krakoa is in charge of advancing the military interests of the mutant nation - Krakoa.

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    Each Captain is in charge of a specific jurisdiction. The four Great Captains of Krakoa and their jurisdictions are:

    1. Bishop: Captain Commander, member of the Marauders and the Hellfire Trading Company, acts as security for the Hellfire Trading Company's activities.
    2. Cyclops: Former Captain Commander and leader of the X-Men.
    3. Magik: Member of the New Mutants, acts in the Sextant being mostly in charge of squadrons formed by younger generations of mutants.
    4. Psylocke: Personal bodyguard for members of the Quiet Council of Krakoa. Succeeded Gorgon after his death in Otherworld left him unable to fulfill his duties.

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