Abominable Snowman

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    Brief History

    While in Calcutta, Carl Hanson overheard a man talking about a photograph he has of the Abominable Snowman Figuring that this would be a good opportunity to use it in order to capture the Creature, Carl Hanson stole the photograph from the man and set off to the Himalayas. He couldn't get any help due to the people knowing that the photograph is cursed and advised Carl to dispose of it before the curse overtook him. Carl Hanson set off to find the creature himself. As he continued to climb, his hair grew longer and longer until he resembled the Abominable Snowman. With his mind under going a breakdown, he drops the photograph which is now a resemblance of what he has become.

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    Years later the actual folkloric snowman worked with SHIELD's Howling Commandos in the supernatural department. He rode a flying cycle to stop Groot and was seen in the battle against Merlyn. His body seems to be composed of fur and ice.


    The Abominable Snowman has thick long fur which keeps him warm. He also has super-strength.


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