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    Eva Bell is a new mutant that appeared in Gold Coast, Australia. She has the power to stop time, and was rescued by Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Magneto after her mutation emerged unexpectedly.

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    Eva was convinced by her friend to go out clubbing and finally talk to the boy she has a crush on. However, her overprotective brother arrived and ended up causing a fight with the boy and his group of friends. In this moment of stress, Eva's mutation awakened and she froze the entire block in time. What seemed like only moments to her was actually a day gone by. The X-Men Cyclops, Emma Frost, and Magneto arrived to help her.

    They explained how her mutant power had emerged, and that they would aid her in her new life. As the time sphere dispersed and the police moved in to apprehend Eva, the X-Men combated them to defend her. Eva quickly became friends with other new mutant, Christopher Muse, as the two talked to each other introducing themselves and discussed their powers.


    Eva was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Stuart Immonen, making her debut in All-New X-Men #1. Eva's brown hair was changed to black after her mutation emerged (an artistic change later reflected on the cover of All-New X-Men #2), likely as a means of helping fans to avoid confusing her with Rachel Grey.

    Major Story Arcs

    The New Revolution

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    With the awakening of a new mutant powers by the name of Fabio Medina, Cyclops and his team of revolutionaries locate him and help him as he is being detained by police after his powers manifested themselves causing a comotion in the city. Eva manages to use her powers to trap the cops and a certain part of the city in a time bubble to prevent any interference from them. As the team meets Fabio, a horde of sentinels attack and the veteran X-Men attempt to stop them as they feel the students are not yet ready. Cyclops manages to make the final blow in the brief battle, destroying the sentinels as well as the surrounding area. With a new mutant bolstering their ranks, the team leaves back to their school: the New Charles Xavier Institute.

    Eva along with the other new mutants are given the run down on the situation of the status of mutant-kind in the world. The veteran X-Men tell them that they were always mutants but once the X gene was restored, their powers were finally able to manifest themselves. Cyclops tells them about the sentinels and that the robots will hunt them and attack them. Eva wishes to go home to Golden Coast, Australia to make sure her mother is safe. Reluctantly, Cyclops allows this and the new squad leave save for Magneto. They arrive in her town and she heads to her house where she is reunited with her mother. Cyclops tells Eva's mother that her daughter will be safe. Not long after arriving, the Avengers assemble outside Eva's home.

    Eva reveals all her life she looked up to Captain America and she tries to talk to him but the Avengers continue to pursue Cyclops under the charges of him murdering Xavier. The new students stare and Eva stare on as Cyclops and Emma call out the Avengers for their part in the problem as Eva remains close to her mother. Eventually the Avengers are about to attack, but Eva out of reflex, traps the Avengers in a time bubble. Eva and the new students watch on as Cyclops proclaims he will save the mutants and the humans that support them but will not sit back against those who hound mutant-kind. Eva says her goodbyes to her mother with Cyclops telling her Eva will be safe. The new students watch as Magneto comes clean about his plan and they also watch TV as Eva's mother expresses her negative opinions about the Avengers. The new students remain at the new institute while Cyclops and the veteran X-Men head towards the Jean Grey Institute.

    The new mutants go and pick out their rooms while they stay there. Before the teachers come back, Tempus and the rest of the grew wind up stuck in a Danger Room session and don't get out until older X-Men return. The new mutants watch as Magik's powers go haywire and Tempus goes outside on her own for a bit with her doubts about the teachers, but she finds a new friend in Benjamin. When they head back inside, the Stepford Cuckoos and the young Angel have come to new Xavier Institute as students. The team has been forcibly pulled into Limbo by the unstable powers of Magik, where she has turned into Darkchilde.

    The team has been forcibly pulled into Limbo by Dormammu where he wants to kill the X-Men to spite Magik and eventually kill her as well. Tempus and the students are all scared by Dormammu and his underlings. In order to fight back, the Stepford Cuckoos transform the fear into bravery via telepathy and Tempus and the rest of the team begin their stand against the powerful entity and his minions.

    Tempus fights with the team against the mindless ones and they manage to hold off long enough for Magik to get free of Dormammu's control and teleport them out of Limbo. Cyclops apologizes to the team that they weren't ready for this, none of them were, and that they will all train together. With Fabio gone, the X-Men recruit a new mutant by the name of David Bond, who has control over vehicles. Tempus is seen watching Emma coach him through his control of a large plane. Tempus joins up with the main X-Men to rescue Fabio when they catch of word him being kidnapped by S.H.I.E.L.D. and they successfully do save him.

    Eva is training with Magik while being observed by Emma and Scott, but she isn't allowed to use her powers at the time. By accident, Eva ends up trapping Illyana in a temporal bubble and displaces her somewhere in time before Magik eventually comes back. Eva joins the X-Men at a pro-mutant rally in honor of Scott, but as Cyclops is in mid speech at the rally, a new sentinel called the Blockbuster Sentinel appears and attacks them. Tempus helps battle the sentinel before it ends up being called away.

    Later, while fighting highly evolved wildlife, Tempus' powers evolve, sending her far into the future. She ends up in the year 2099 and meets the current Sorceress Supreme, Illyana. By the time she understands how to go back, seven years had passed. Tempus had gained friends, a husband and a daughter and considered this future period her true home. However she became lost in the dawn of time and fell under the manipulation of Morgaine Le Fey, an evil witch.

    Tempus managed to strand her there and made her way to her 'future' time period. However, nobody recognized her, her family did not exist and Tony Stark was the current Sorcerer Supreme. He praised her heroism in keeping Le Fey stranded but this was not enough to temper Tempus' loss.

    She managed to return to her friends, still fighting the evolved beasts. For them, only mere moments had passed.


    Temporal Bubble- Eva's primary mutant ability is to control time and space. She does this by creating a temporal bubble that freezes whatever is inside. Her powers have shown they can reach the span of a city block and last up to twenty hours. She has shown the ability to create multiple bubbles at once, trapping separate foes in them. When using her powers at first, she was shown getting dizzy due to her lack of control. But as her training continues the side effect of her abilities has seemed to subside.

    Time Displacement- While being trained in fighting by Magik, she learned that she has the ability to send the people she traps through time.

    Other Games


    X-men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Tempus is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • Tempus


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