Book of the Vishanti

    Object » Book of the Vishanti appears in 64 issues.

    The greatest known source of "white" magical knowledge on the Earth. Its counterpart is the Darkhold.

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    Written by the Vishanti themselves this book holds the most powerful and practical spells on this plane. All it's secrets are yet to be uncovered because mastering a single spell takes time of study, practice and concentration as well as an understanding of the mystical forces relative to the spell. The book is said to have infinite pages.

    This book contains every counterspell known against dark magic. The book itself is considered a force of balance on the side of white magic. The book is currently under the custody of Dr. Stephen Strange who received it from his master the Ancient One.

    The spells in its contents have been used by Dr. Strange and Brother Voodoo.

    Table of ContentsPage 7 -

    The Corelli's Exorcism Reversal Battle Attack

    Page 10 -

    Colognener's Reversal Spell

    Page 453 -

    Colodor's Reversal Spell

    Page 497 -

    Yoovies Spell of Itemized Protection

    Page 567 -

    The Gorgorell Transportation Spell

    Page 4564 -

    The Vishanti Spell of Illusion

    Appendix XIII -

    Colotor's Protective Spell

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