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Axe had a brief fight with Sunspot in his cell at the Arena to demonstrate the latter's powers for Alexander Flynn. Later he was seen in Madripoor jungle, defending a drug cartel dealer, when he was attacked and defeated by Wolverine.

Major Story Arcs

Harriers Hunt

For more information see: The Uncanny X-Men #261 - Harriers Hunt

Axe is part of the Harriers who kidnap Wolverine.

The Hunted

For more information see: The Hunted

While in The Cage, Axe becomes the personal body guard of Mo Money.

While Wolverine makes a brief stay in The Cage, Mo Money orders Axe to kill Wolverine, but Axe fails and kills a member of the Skulls instead. This starts a riot, that leads to Wolverine being put into solitary.

Fear Itself

For more information see: Fear Itself and Fear Itself: Thunderbolts

Axe is killed.


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