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    Piotr Rasputin is a Russian mutant who possesses the ability to transform his body into organic steel, giving him immense strength and durability. Colossus is among the physically strongest X-Men, and is a talented artist.

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    Current Events

    Colossus is having issues controlling his powers, leaving his body only partly armored. He was recruited by Cable to join X-Force, which consists of Domino, Forge, and Dr. Nemesis. This newly formed team was at the site of a mass murder and is hinted at being responsible. They have also attacked the Avengers, resulting in rhetoric referring to them as would be terrorists.


    Colossus origins
    Colossus origins

    Piotr Nicolaevich Rasputin grew up on his family's farm in Russia. Piotr, his older brother Mikhail Rasputin, and younger sister Illyana Rasputin were all mutants. Piotr's ability to transform his body into organic steel allowed him to work around the farm and help out neighbors with ease. The Rasputin family was not related in any way to the fraudulent "Man Of God" Grigori Efimovich Rasputin, who became one of the court favorites of Tsar Nicolai II through taking advantage of Tsarevich Alexei Nicolaevich Romanov's hemophilia though years after being recruited by Professor X, Mr. Sinister would seek to draw doubt upon this relation in the story arch entitled X-Men: Colossus Bloodline.


    Colossus was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum and first appeared in the second team of X-Men in Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975).

    Major Story Arcs

    Joining the X-Men

    On a fateful day Professor Charles Xavier came to the Russian Rasputin family farm to recruit young Piotr to join his new team of mutants, the X-Men. Xavier was putting together a new team to rescue the original whom were being held on the sentient island - Krakoa. After discussing the decision put to him with his family - Piotr accepted the Professor's offer to return to New York. Even after the eventual rescue of the original team members, Piotr would remain in Westchester County. At first Piotr found it hard to adapt to the American way of life, which differed from his rural Russian roots. Missing his family, Peter frequently wrote letters to home to bridge his emotional gap in such strange settings. He eventually developed close friendships with teammates Wolverine and Nightcrawler as well as Storm, whom would come to affectionately call him "Little Brother".

    X-Men and Early Love

    Kitty and Peter
    Kitty and Peter

    Shortly after joining the X-Men, Miss Locke kidnapped many of the team's loved ones to use as hostages in order to force the X-Men to aid her in freeing her employer, Arcade, from captivity by one of Doctor Doom's robots. Among her captives was Colossus' younger sister Illyana. Arcade used this to his advantage as he brainwashed Colossus into becoming "The Proletarian" and forced a battle with the remaining X-Men until they were able to overcome Arcade's control. The X-Men ultimately freed Illyana and afterward she would stay with her brother Piotr at Xavier's Mansion, in turn setting the foundation for her future team membership in New Mutants.

    Not long after the events with Arcade, the X-Men would find themselves thrown into a desperate battle with the reality warping mutant, Proteus. The X-Men were forced into a dire position where they would be forced to kill him in order to stop the horror he sought to wreak. Ultimately, it was Colossus who delivered the killing blow, as Proteus suffered from fatal reactions when subjected to direct contact with metal. This decision would have a profound impact upon Piotr moving forward, Piotr had always sought to protect life, not take it. Years later, this story would frame his aversion to mortal harm when his might came to bear. During his early career with the X-Men, Colossus shared a mutual attraction with with fellow X-Man Kitty Pryde (who was then known as Sprite). Although they never officially dated at the onset, the relationship provided the foundation for a deep and lasting friendship which would see maturity in the pages of Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men.

    Dark Phoenix Saga

    For full arc summary see: Dark Phoenix Saga


    When the Dark Phoenix' powers raged out of control, Colossus was forced to battle her. He punched the Dark Phoenix, temporarily stopping the Phoenix so that Cyclops could kill her. He then battled the Imperial Guard again, in an attempt to save Phoenix's life. During a battle with the Brotherhood, Colossus was later trapped in his metal form. He was saved by the combined efforts of Rogue and the Morlock Healer. Kitty struck a deal with the Morlocks, agreeing to marry Caliban to save Colossus. During Secret Wars, he met and fell in love with the alien Zsaji. Tragically, she died soon after. Upon returning home, he felt he need to be honest with Kitty about his relationship with Zsaji. It drove a large wedge between them. It continued to weigh heavily on his mind for some time. Wolverine, looking to teach him a lesson for hurting Kitty, took him to a local bar where he ended up in a one on one brawl with Juggernaut.

    Mutant Massacre

    For full arc summary see: Mutant Massacre

    Mutant Massacre
    Mutant Massacre

    During the Mutant Massacre Colossus became heavily involved in the X-Men's efforts to save the Morlocks from the Marauders. When Kitty was severely injured by Harpoon, Peter gave in to his rage and snapped Riptide's neck. He continued to battle on, but eventually passed out from previous wounds inflicted by Riptide. In his armored form, he was "bleeding" energy from his wounds. Magneto used his powers to heal Peter's armored form, but the process left him paralyzed. He was sent to Muir Island along with Nightcrawler, Kitty Pryde and the surviving Morlocks to recuperate. Over time, Colossus' wounds healed, but he could only retain his human form. When he saw the X-Men in Dallas during their battle with The Adversary he had his sister teleport him to the battle, where he became a wild card, as Destiny had not seen him in her vision of the X-Men's demise.

    When the team decided to sacrifice themselves to stop the Adversary, Colossus joined them, dying to save the world. Like the rest of the X-Men, he was revived by Roma and the X-Men worked out of an Australian base. The events in Dallas had been televised, and the X-Men decided to let the world believe they were dead. Illyana watched and re-watched the news footage of her brother's death, driving her into a desperate state of grief and further into her Darkchilde persona.


    For full arc summary see: Inferno


    The X-Men returned to New York during the Inferno. While they battled with X-Factor, Colossus recognized the demons that had infested the city and set of in search of his sister. Illyana had fully transformed into Darkchilde, but Colossus could not reach her because of the combined scheming of Sym and N'astirh. Therefore Colossus was left to battle Sym (who had killed Colossus in a previous alternate time-line) while the New Mutants scrambled through time to save Illyana's six-year old counterpart. Darkchilde sacrificed herself in a blinding flash of light leaving behind the lifeless eldritch armor. Colossus cradled the armor until he heard a murmur from inside it. He tore it open to reveal his little sister, Darkchilde had saved her younger counterpart. Colossus had to leave his sister with the New Mutants while he went to battle the Goblin Queen alongside the X-Men.

    New Beginnings

    For full summary see: New Warriors: Beginnings

    Into the Siege Perilous
    Into the Siege Perilous

    The X-Men began falling apart with Rogue vanishing, Wolverine took off, Longshot quitting, and Storm had apparently been killed. Psylocke telepathically prodded the remaining three to disband and travel through the Siege Perilous to gain new lives. Colossus emerged in New York with no memory of his past life, and invented a new persona for himself as 'Peter Nicholas'. He quickly became a successful artist and began having visions of a beautiful model, who turned out to be Callisto transformed by Masque. The two were kidnapped by the Morlocks, though Peter had no memory of his time with the X-Men. He resumed his armored form and defeated Masque. He was saved by Forge, Banshee and Jean Grey, who decided it better that he live his new life rather than be dragged back into theirs.

    Unfortunately, Peter was psychically dominated by the Shadow King and sent to hunt down Stevie Hunter and Charles Xavier. Xavier had no choice but to destroy the Peter Nicholas persona to break the Shadow King's hold. Colossus joined in the battle of Muir Island, and rejoined the X-Men as a member of Storm's Gold Strike Force. Colossus fought alongside his fellow X-men for some time and a new age seemed to bring hope for the future. However, soon events would rise that would change Colossus forever.

    A Death in the Family

    For full arc summary see: Quest For Magik

    Acolyte Colossus
    Acolyte Colossus

    Not long after, Peter's parents were slain and Illyana kidnapped by the Russian government, who hoped to genetically evolve Illyana to the point where she would have the use of her powers again, and defeat the mutant known as the Soul Skinner for them. Colossus, with the help of the X-Men, saved Illyana and brought her back to the Mansion. The X-Men went to another dimension where they discovered Colossus' brother, Mikhail. Mikhail had gone mad during his time in another dimension, but returned to Earth with the X-Men. There, he became the new leader of the Morlocks and transported them back to another world, killing many of them in the process.

    Later, Illyana became an early victim of the Legacy Virus and died from it. The loss of the last member of his family, as well as brain damage that forced him to remain in armored form, caused Colossus to rethink his position with the X-Men and joined Magneto's Acolytes.

    Colossus eventually recovered from the brain damage, but decided to remain with the Acolytes of his own volition, hoping he could temper the Acolytes' extremist methods with what he had learned from Professor Xavier.


    After Magneto was left brain-dead and the space station was destroyed by Holocaust, Colossus joined his former love and teammate Kitty Pryde on the team Excalibur. He came to her for help and hoped that they could renew their love once more. Peter however was stunned to find Kitty in love with her teammate, Peter Wisdom. He became angry and attacked Wisdom. Excalibur however managed to defeat Colossus and put him in jail for questioning. When the team found Colossus' intentions where only of the best kind. Peter only freaked out by seeing Kitty with someone else because it was just another setback Peter had to endure the last couple of months. Colossus finally accepted Kitty's new romance with Peter Wisdom and chose to remain in Britain. The team eventually took Colossus into their ranks and he became a valuable asset to the team. He was now fighting alongside his old X-Men teammates Nightcrawler and Kitty Pride. During his time with Excalibur, Captain Britain wasn't on the team, and Colossus and fellow teammate Meggan grew close as a result. It however never came to a relationship, despite their romantic feelings to each-other. Excalibur eventually disbanded, and Colossus along with Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde returned to the X-Men.

    Return to the X-Men and Legacy Virus

    After the disbanding of Excalibur, Colossus along with Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde returned to the X-men. At first, there where some crutches between Colossus and the X-men. Especially with Wolverine. This because of Colossus' changing sides to Magneto a few months earlier.


    Soon however, everything was forgotten and Colossus took on his role as the strongman of the X-men once more.

    He fought against Magneto once more during the war that led to Magneto getting his very own nation to rule, the island of Genosha. Peter also started painting again, but was still feeling very alone sometimes, missing his parents and above all, his young sister Illiyana. A shock came to Peter when his teammate Beast had urgent news. Using notes from the recently murdered Moira MacTaggert, Beast claimed to have found the cure for the Legacy Virus. Unfortunately, it could only be made airborne with the death of its first user. Colossus, who lost his sister to the Legacy Virus, sacrificed himself by injecting himself with the cure while he was alone. His teammates tried to perform CPR, but nothing seemed to work, and Peter apparently died. Some months later, Kitty Pryde took his ashes back to Russia to be scattered on his native soil.

    Astonishing X-Men

    For full summary see: Astonishing X-Men

    Colossus returns
    Colossus returns

    Although the X-Men believed he was dead, it transpired that Colossus' life had been restored by alien technology. His body was held by Ord while a different body had been given to the X-Men as a replica, that, as ash, was scattered in Russia. Ord explained that Colossus was only dead by "human" standards, and he had discovered that it was a mutant from Earth who would end up destroying his world. His goal was to experiment on Colossus's body. He revived him and, after discovering the Legacy Virus in his body, cured him. It was Kitty who found him later and freed Colossus from a secret chamber miles deep underground. Colossus' initial rage was calmed upon recognizing Kitty, and he returned to the X-Men. Returning to life at the mansion, Kitty and Colossus were initially wary of each other. They didn't want to move too quickly for fear of upsetting the other. However, they finally overcame their worries and entered into a sexual relationship.

    Despite having been attracted to each other since their young teenage years, it was the first time they had consummated their relationship. Unfortunately they soon ran into problems. After a fight with Danger, Cassandra Nova used Emma to launch a psychic attack against the X-Men. Colossus believed that he had been in battle with Sebastian Shaw. Colossus was quickly defeated, but was later awoken by the precognitive student, Blindfold. He was taken to the basement where he saw Cyclops shoot the psychic illusions created by Emma Frost's telepathic mind. Nova used Emma's powers to confuse Kitty with illusions. In her mind, Kitty and Colossus had a baby son named Michael.

    However, the X-Men and Colossus took the baby away from Kitty. Although it felt she had lived for years, the illusion was barely two minutes long. Kitty was released from the illusion but continued to believe that Colossus was hiding her baby. Incredibly angry, she threatened to phase an axe into Colossus' head until he revealed where their 'son' was. However, it was all part of Nova's plan to use Kitty's powers to retrieve her body from an impenetrable cage in the basement. It was then revealed that Colossus was the X-Man destined to destroy the Breakworld.


    When Nova was defeated, SWORD teleported the X-Men onto their ship and took them to the Breakworld. They were told that they needed to stop the Breakworld from firing a missile at Earth. Upon their arrival on Breakworld, the X-Men were divided. Kitty remained with Colossus, and they were given a room for the night. Despite the traumatic experience of Nova's delusional life, Kitty set aside her anger and used the opportunity to spend quality time with Colossus. It was the first and last time they were able to sleep together. Cyclops set his final mission plan into action. Cyclops, Emma and Colossus made their way to the core of the Breakworld as a distraction and as a fail-safe. If Kitty, Beast and Agent Brand failed, he was to rip out the planet's core. While battling inside the core, Colossus was then informed that Aghanne was behind the false prophecy that he would destroy the planet.

    Unfortunately, Kitty phased into the 'missile' to discover that there was no circuitry or machinery inside it. She was too exhausted to phase free, and was therefore trapped inside a planet-sized bullet. Although Kitty was able to phase the bullet through the Earth, she was lost in action.


    For full arc summary see: Decimation: House of M- The Day After

    Colossus was part of the team that tracked the Marauders and tried to find the first mutant baby since M-Day. He then took part in the final battle on Muir Island. After the X-Men disbanded Colossus journeyed to Europe with Nightcrawler and Wolverine. After a stop in Germany, the guys arrive in Russia where Colossus placed flowers on his parent's grave. They talked about how he lost the love of his life (Kitty), but were soon captured by the Red Room while trying to leave Russia.

    Their captors were trying to establish why was all their mutant agents have been depowered while Colossus had retained his powers. Soon a battle broke out between the X-Men and the Russian government with Omega Red. The X-Men were triumphant and immediately afterward received a call from Cyclops informing them of the X-Men's new base in San Francisco. While in a Sentinel art gallery, Colossus was forced to fight Magneto. It appeared that his powers had somehow been restored, but it was a new costume provided by the High Evolutionary that replicated his original powers. Colossus repeatedly approached Cyclops to continue his search for Kitty, and grew frustrated and withdrawn at the loss of his lover. The X-Men and New X-Men tried in vain to cheer him up with trivial distractions. Ultimately, Colossus began to cope with his loss when a little girl asked him to 'save kitty', referring to her little cat who had become stuck up a tree. Colossus later helped Cannonball and Armor fight against the invading Skrulls in San Francisco.

    Second Coming

    For full arc summary see: Second Coming

    Second Coming
    Second Coming

    Colossus is part of the team sent out by Cyclops to find Cable and Hope. They are teleported in by Illyana to stop the attack from the Friends of Humanity. Colossus is also present when the Bastion's forces are able to use a spell to banish Illyana to Limbo. Once back on Utopia, and after the death of Nightcrawler Colossus demands that Cyclops somehow rescue his sister. This is when Cyclops announces that he is sending a team in Limbo to retrieve Illyana, as she is the last teleporter left on Utopia (Bastion's forces had managed to kill Nightcrawler, Vanisher and Ariel) besides Pixie. Colossus demands to be taken along, but Cyclops explains that his strength is needed to defend Utopia.

    Pixie initially refuses to return to Limbo and Colossus becomes enraged. Pixie's feelings are hurt by his outrage and she runs away to hide on the island. Anole eventually convinces Pixie to go to Limbo and she teleports the team (Cannonball, Anole, Northstar, Dazzler, Gambit, Trance and Pixie) into Limbo.

    Colossus is seen again when he engages in the fight to defend Utopia from the first round of Nimrod Sentinels. The X-Men suffer large losses during this fight with almost every member hurt badly, including Hellion losing his hands. After defeating the Sentinels, Colossus along with Dust, Rockslide, Magma, and Namor are left to watch the portal. As more Nimrods emerge from the portal the team is quickly overwhelmed. The Nimrods manage to compensate for Colossus' immense strength, and one of the Nimrods breaks his arm. Colossus is almost killed by the Nimrods until they sense the arrival of a larger threat. The appearance of Legion, an Omega-level mutant, and a much greater threat, saves Colossus' life.

    Nation X

    Untouchable Kitty
    Untouchable Kitty

    For full arc summary see: Nation X

    The X-Men try to settle into their new island nation with old enemies, one of which is Magneto. Magneto is not welcomed greatly. In an effort to gain some credibility Magneto takes of to a high point in San Francisco to which he begins meditating and using his powers so greatly to bring Kitty Pride back to Earth. He uses his ability to bring the bullet she disappeared on back and he breaks the bullet down releasing Kitty. Only for Colossus and everyone to find out Kitty cannot turn solid. For the next several days the only way Colossus and Kitty can communicate is through Emma using her telepathy.

    Breaking Point

    For full arc summary see: Breaking Point

    Breaking Point
    Breaking Point

    The X-Men are contacted by Agent Brand that there is an issue in space that has to deal with Breakworld and she needs the X-Men immediately. A team goes up in space to meet Brand. She informs them that since Colossus tore their leader's arm off that made him their leader, and since he wouldn't stay and they wouldn't let S.W.O.R.D. be in charge Breakworld went into shambles. And there is a rebel ship in the sector. Brand takes the X-Men over to the ship to find Krunn with some of his people. He tells them they are there to seek asylum from Powerlord Colossus. Cyclops allows the Breakworld people asylum on Utopia. Everyone returns to the island. After a while Krunn gets some pieces of the bullet Kitty was on, from Magneto, he then uses some of the X-Clubs labs to create a serum that depowers mutants. He attacks and uses this serum on Magneto and Madison Jeffries. Krunn then attacked Kitty and Colossus. He used the serum on Colossus so he couldn't change.

    He stabs Colossus with a knife made from the same material as the bullet fired at Earth. Kitty got away and then her throat was slit by Krunn's partner, Haleena, who also had a knife made from the bullet, these magical knives were able to cut the intangible Kitty. We next see Kitty bringing Colossus a medkit and she is able to talk. Krunn finally takes Wolverine down and then tells Kitty he will be coming after her. Kitty then informs him she wasn't alone. Krunn turns around to see Storm, Psylocke, Angel, Hope, Namor, and Iceman. They go to attack him but he uses a smoke bomb to get away and he follows Kitty back into the X-Club labs. Where Kitty leads him to Heleena's body and reveals that she killed and used her lifeforce to bring Kitty back to life as the people of Breakworld did to Colossus and Cyclops. Krunn uses the life device to take some of his life and bring his Heleena back. Colossus is injured but fine and he and Kitty are next seen watching a sunrise.

    Fall of the New Mutants and Rise Of The New Mutants

    For full arc summaries see: Fall of the New Mutants

    During this storyline, Project Purgatory and the Inferno Babies prepare to release the Elder Gods with Magik's amulet and the bloodstones. They had already kidnapped Pixie and held most of the New Mutants hostage. Magik willingly freed Legion knowing that he was the only one who could stop the Elder Gods regardless of the cost. Cyclops saw this as a very dangerous move by Magik, and had her placed under indefinite arrest.

    Fear Itself

    For full arc summary see: Fear Itself

    Uncanny X-Men #542
    Uncanny X-Men #542

    Cyclops had Magik placed in the X-Brig under the watch of Danger. Madison Jeffries and Dr. Nemesis placed restraints on her that would shock her if teleportation distortions were detected. A bomb was set to explode if she made it to limbo, and worse if it detected a magic surge. This made Piotr very angry and he had a huge argument with Cyclops. Colossus occasionally visited his sister.

    Juggernaut is soon granted tremendous power by the Asgardian Serpent, and he is heading toward San Francisco. The X-Men engage him. Kitty phases Pete to appear behind Juggernaut, but Juggernaut just throws Colossus off to the side, and he is saved by Iceman. Colossus again engages him and once again Juggernaut tosses Colossus to the side like a rag doll. Soon Cyclops gets some info on the thing that has taken over Juggernaut. He takes it to his only expert on mystics, Magik. With Colossus and Kitty by his side, Cyclops goes to ask Magik for help.

    She tells them that she'll need some freedom. Cyclops lets Magik free but with a fail-safe attached. Magik teleports Colossus and Kitty to The Crimson Cosmos, where they meet Cyttorak. Magik explains to him that Juggernaut, his avatar, is serving another. With this new info, Magik also tells him he will need a new avatar. He agrees with her, and as she starts to step forward Colossus stops her and steps forward in her place. Kitty tries to stop him, but it is too late. He touches the crystal and becomes the new Juggernaut. Colossus is immediately teleported in front of Cain Marko and the two lock fists in combat. As the battle ensues, Colossus discovers that, even with his added power from Cyttorak, Cain is still more powerful than he is due to the added powers of the Serpent. However, Colossus also realizes that he doesn't want to stop and forces Marko back to the beginning point of his rampage in the country. Emma Frost soon discovers that due to the two powers of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, both Marko and Piotr's energies will soon engulf them both, not only killing them, but creating an explosion equal to a nuclear bomb going off. However, Colossus continues to pour into Marko to the point he knocks his helmet clear off and starts to beat him to death. The Serpent, realizing he could lose another of his fear avatars, teleports Marko back to his castle and ends the conflict. Colossus soon returns to his normal mutant form, but he is now larger and is missing his hair. While the day was saved and the Juggernaut was stopped, Kitty Pryde can no longer be with Piotr as he chose to once again not put her first in his life. The two soon depart and Colossus informs his sister, Magik, that the power inside him makes him want to destroy.


    For full arc summary see: Schism

    Colossus joins Emma Frost, Iceman, Namor and Magneto at the opening of the Museum of Mutant History, even while half the world's old Sentinels were being turned back on to attack mutants. The museum is soon attacked by the new Hellfire Club. After just a short battle all of the X-Men are taken down and were about to be kidnapped before one of the five lights that had also attended, Idie, lets loose and kills all of the Hellfire Club goons. Cyclops calls back to Utopia and tells the doctors to prepare for the injured X-Men.


    For full arc summary see: Regenesis

    Colossus currently resides on Utopia and a part of Cyclops' Extinction team which consists of Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor, Magneto, Storm, Danger and Magik. The team is called into action upon Sinister taking control of the Dreaming Celestial. The team begins to fight the Celestial but Colossus gets blasted away. Magik comes to his aid, while Piotr is sitting there with his clothes torn and a hole in his chest. Colossus decides it is time to become the Juggernaut which he does. He tells Magik to open a portal quickly which she does and he is back on the battlefield. Colossus is later seen with the team attack Sinister's people until a ceasefire is ordered. Colossus appears to have depowered himself but kept the helmet on due to telepathic resistance. In Sinister's palace, Sinister takes control of the team, Colossus was able to resist due to the helmet but that got blown off by Cyclops. The team is eventually freed thanks to Emma and Hope, who shoots Sinister but he predicts this and they learn Sinister's people have become its own hive-mind.

    Colossus continues to battle the hive-mind. He is with the team when Cyclops proclaims to the Celestials the X-Men will be the guardian of the people and the Dreaming Celestial.

    Colossus is deployed with the rest of the team again as a new habitat has appeared. Colossus pairs himself up with his sister to explore the area. They teleport off where Colossus is astounded by its beauty. Colossus and Magik get assaulted by a group of monsters. Magik gets tranquilized by them and is carried off into the cave system. When Storm calls for Colossus to report in he tells them he is going after his sister and turns into the Juggernaut as he enters the cave. After running through the cave system he stumbles upon Magik unconscious and seems to snap. Magik wakes up and finds body pieces littered all over the cave and Colossus who had transformed into a new Juggernaut-like form, almost losing himself. Magik helps reverse the power and reminds Peter to never forget who he is.

    Colossus has a brief talk with Magik in her holding cell and he decides to try and bring it up with Cyclops. They are interrupted by a prison break from the Peak and Colossus helps in stopping some prisoners. He is later teamed with Iron Man, Emma Frost and Red Hulk to defeat Xemnu the Titan using his Juggernaut form. The Extinction team leaves the Avengers to go fight Unit. With Unit's defeat the team heads home where Piotr talks with Scott about putting himself in prison with Magik cause he fears the times he may lose his sense of self to Cyttorak.

    Avengers vs X-Men

    For full arc summary see: Avengers vs X-Men

    With the Phoenix Force on its way, the Avengers battle the X-Men for possession of Hope. Colossus battles the Red Hulk and after Rulk thumbs him in the eyes, Colossus snaps entering his second Juggernaut form. He proceeds to beat on Rulk easily but after accidentally damaging a pillar that supports Utopia is damaged, Colossus comes to his senses and rips off his Juggernaut mask. He yells for Rulk to hit him harder so he doesn't lose himself again and Rulk understands as he knocks Colossus out. Colossus is on the moon ready to face off against the Avengers again with the rest of the X-Men. Iron Man used a special suit of armor to shatter the Phoenix Force into five pieces. Colossus along with his sister, Cyclops, Emma Frost and Namor possess a piece. Colossus tried appealing to Cyttorak that he can no longer be his Juggernaut due to having a piece of the Phoenix Force in him. Cyttorak reveled in the fact that Colossus, as a hero, brings about more destruction than Cain did since he spent most of his time slinking away from heroes. Colossus tries to force the release of him being a Juggernaut but Cyttorak easily quells Colossus' attempt at freedom and tells him he will tolerate this infraction for now and teleports him out of the Crimson Cosmos.

    The rest of the Phoenix Five head to Wakanda and upon Namor's defeat there, his part of the Phoenix Force is absorbed by Magik, Colossus, Emma and Cyclops. Colossus and Magik defeat Thor and they throw him into their prison, a portion of Limbo that Magik raised into the Earthly plane. The Rasputin siblings end up fighting the Avengers and in order to buy some time for the Avengers to break the team free, Spider-Man stands up to the two of them. Colossus punches him telling him he does not wish to harm anyone. Magik tells him that he should kill him now and Colossus tells her he does not like what the Phoenix Force is doing to her, and them in general. Spider-Man tricks the two into fighting each other. The Rasputins clash in a fiery blaze of the flaming cosmic energy and both are knocked out and lose their respective portions of the Phoenix Force which goes to Emma and Cyclops.

    Colossus and Magik escape and teleport to Siberia. Colossus deems himself damned due to Cyttorak's power and Magik responds with delight much to Piotr's confusion. She claims that she knew Colossus would take her place as the Avatar of Cyttorak and that she wanted to give him regret and to make him feel damned. In a moment of anger at this realization and betrayal of the person he thought he could trust the most, Colossus turns into the Juggernaut and attacks Magik where she eventually teleports away. Magik eventually took her brother to her hell dimension where she was able to free Cyttorak's influence from Colossus completely. She revealed to Piotr that in her domain she is able to alter any deals of other demons and in doing would be able to free Colossus as the Juggernaut. Shocked and surprised by what his sister did, Colossus said if she did anything like that again he would kill her. Magik smiled and teleported away to join Danger and Magneto in freeing Cyclops from prison. Colossus in the meantime is wanted for his crimes and went into hiding.

    Cable and The X-Force

    For full summary see: Cable and The X-Force

    Colossus is found by Cable hiding in the Art Institute of Chicago. Cable, looking for Colossus' help, brings him a device meant to keep Colossus' powers in check as he is seen with parts of his body uncovered while the rest is in his organic steel form. Colossus is at a warehouse being attacked by the strange virus creatures, which has been dubbed "the girth" as it changes its victims to obese monsters with a never-ending appetite. Colossus manages to find a Deathlok, but the Deathlok attacks him and disappears. A new enhanced version of the monsters shows up due to Dr. Nemesis's search for a cure gone wrong. After an unknown period between events, Colossus attacks Cable, infuriated about killing some people and assaulting the Avengers. Cable a puts device on Colossus as he reverts to his human form where easily Cable subdues Pete, telling him that he got his licks in and this confrontation is over. The team splits up to lay low for a time and Colossus ends up in Mexico with Domino where they share drinks and have a pleasure-filled night. Colossus leaves Domino in the morning and turns himself in to the police for his crimes.

    Colossus adjusts to his prison life in a few days, where he receives a note from Kitty who uses her phasing powers to break in. Domino and Boom Boom break into the Raft where Domino stops by to see Colossus and she mentions another reason she is here about something deeper in the prison. The guards mistook the incident with Domino for breaking Colossus out, but Piotr remains hesitant while Domino defeats the guards. An intergalactic criminal was housed under the Raft and X-Force freed him. This causes him to escape with Domino, Boom Boom, Forge, and Nemesis. Colossus, angry at the fact he could have stopped, fends off more guards before being subdued by Abigail Brand. Along with the now captured Cable, Colossus and Brand send Colossus onto the freed alien's ship where Colossus frees the kidnapped group. Colossus is now back with X-Force as they steal Abigail Brand's ship.

    The group is seen resting in Forge's trailer on an Indian reservation in Montana. Cable hands out new assignments to the team so they can split up. But the Avengers show up before they can leave. Colossus is quickly beaten by Thor, but thanks to a telepathic intervention by Cable, the group gains time to escape. Colossus goes to Zurich where he plans to find a relic that will open a portal to hell and wreak havoc on the Earth. He gets joined up by Domino, who helps him break into the vault and find the relic. They activate the relic and are forced to fight a horde of demons and both successfully stop it. Domino discusses the past events of their current relationship and how it might not work, but Colossus stops her and kisses her, telling her that they will make it work to which Neena hesitantly accepts.

    Colossus, Boom Boom, and Domino are seen falling down towards a massive monster, and Colossus punches the creature, killing it, thus preventing another one of the Cable's premonitions from coming true. The group meets back up with Forge and Dr. Nemesis to infiltrate the Avengers' Mansion to save Cable. Colossus battles the Avengers with X-Force. With Cable rescued, Colossus is on a new mission with Domino. The duo stops a group from breaking into a Trask family vault. Colossus stays outside to deal with them while Domino heads inside to deal with the sentinel. The sentinel bursts out of the vault as Colossus is beating up the thieves.

    Colossus later returns in Uncanny X-Men #600 and joins Cyclops' mutant rally along with the rest of the X-Men and Magneto. Colossus and Namor seem to be the only two people that did not have their powers affected by welding the Phoenix Force.

    Extraordinary X-Men

    After the events of Secret Wars and Death of X, Colossus left the X-Men after the Terrigen Mists had caused many mutants and teammates to die. A diss-illusioned Colossus returned back to Russia where he had resumed farming. His sister Illyana arrived some months later and convinced him to rejoin the X-Men. She revealed that mutants were still dying due to the Terrigen Mist. After some persuasion, Colossus agreed to rejoin his former comrades. While looking for Nightcrawler, Colossus and Magik were captured by Mister Sinister. They were eventually freed by the X-Men and Old Man Logan where they defeated Sinister and battled a clone of Cyclops mixed with Inhumans DNA, made by Sinister.

    Powers & Abilities

    Fastball Special
    Fastball Special

    Like the other Phoenix Five, Colossus was not fit to contain the Phoenix Force, and therefore his powers have been broken. He still possesses the same strength and durability, but he must use a special switch to help control his transformations between flesh and steel.

    Organic Steel Transformation: Colossus is a mutant with the superhuman ability to convert the tissue of his entire body into an organic steel-like substance. This substance resembling steel is of unknown composition but appears to be analogous to osmium and to carbon steel. He is able to transform into this armor-like state at will (the process is virtually instantaneous) and remain in that form for an as-yet-undetermined amount of time. (The longest time he has remained in armored form by choice so far has been five days). Once in his armored form, he remains so until he consciously wills himself back to normal. If he is rendered unconscious, however, he spontaneously reverts to his normal form.

    While in the armored state, Colossus possesses the same degree of mobility that he does in his normal form. The conversion from flesh and bone to organic steel is accomplished by a psionic whole-brain interface with an ionic form of osmium, an extremely dense metal, located in another dimension. In willing the act of transformation, Colossus actually exchanges osmium atoms for his carbon atoms. The psionic interface with the other dimension re-creates all of Colossus's body in functionally similar organic ionic-osmium materials. The process by which Colossus gains additional mass from an unknown, perhaps extra-dimensional, force remains unknown. Colossus cannot become partially or selectively armored, his body is either entirely converted or not.

    • Superhuman Strength: After transforming into his armored state, Colossus possesses vast superhuman strength. As a teenager, he was sufficiently strong enough to lift about 70 tons. However, as a fully mature adult, his strength has increased to the point that he is able to lift over 100 tons easily. With his brute strength, he has performed feats that include smashing tanks with his bare hands, easily uproot trees, easily throw around 50 feet tall robots, carry the X-Men Blackbird (which has a mass of around 85 tons) all the way to shore after it sunk in the ocean and was almost completely filled with water, and hold a collapsing hospital on his own. His punches have been able to considerably hurt Abomination, and slightly hurt Hulk.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Also, while in armored form, Colossus' musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins than the musculature of a normal human. At his peak, he can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several days before the build-up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him.
    • Superhuman Durability: In his armored form Colossus is invulnerable to most forms of bodily harm. His armor is capable of withstanding ballistic penetration, including that of a 155-millimeter Howitzer shell. He can survive extremes of temperature from 70 degrees above absolute zero (-390 degrees Fahrenheit) to approximately 9000 degrees Fahrenheit. He can survive a collision with a loaded, ten-ton flatbed truck at 100 miles per hour or an explosion of 4500 pounds of TNT. He can also survive falls from great heights while in his armored body. His durability has also allowed him to take punches from Rockslide without any damage (in fact, Rockslide has broken his hands punching him), withstand optic blasts from Cyclops, and Wolverine has had some difficulty in cutting through his skin with his Adamantium claws (although this has been because of Wolverine's brute strength not being sufficient), and he has briefly been able to take punches from Hulk. He has also withstood plasma blasts from Havok and Sunfire. During the events of Second Coming, the Nimrods calculated that it would take (approximately) 750 tons of force to break one of Colossus' arms. He's also immune to electricity, as well as resistant (but not immune) to magic. His density (and by extension, his mass) increases as well in his metallic form.

    Former Powers

    X-Men #20
    X-Men #20

    Avatar of Cytorrak: The Unstoppable Juggernaut possesses the conventional superhuman attributes of an Elder God, however many of his abilities are greater than the average member of his race. Cyttorak grants his godly body to his avatar, the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak then bonds to his avatar's soul and makes him a god, by giving him this new body. However, this body is Cyttorak's original Elder God body instead of his degenerated demonic body, hence it is superior to Cyttorak's current body.

    • Magic: now being Avatar of Cyttorak Colossus powers are no longer from his mutant powers but from magic, which means no scientific effects like a nuclear bomb or radiation wave can even affect him.
    • Superhuman Strength: The Juggernaut possesses vast superhuman strength the limits of which are unknown. When Colossus had the powers of Juggernaut, he was strong enough to overpower the Thing and Red Hulk with ease.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Juggernaut's body generates no fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting him limitless superhuman stamina in all physical activities.
    • Superhuman Speed: Despite his immense size, Juggernaut's superhumanly strong leg muscles allow him to run and move at speeds beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. He can run at speeds of 111 miles per hour or more.
    • Superhumanly Dense Tissue: The Juggernaut's skin, muscle, and bone is exactly 4 times denser than the same tissue in the body of a human being, greatly contributing to his superhuman weight.
    • Invulnerability: The Juggernaut is highly invulnerable to all forms of physical injury. The Juggernaut's skin is almost completely unbreakable and he is highly resistant to pain. The Juggernaut is also immune to all toxins, poisons, and disease.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: If damaged, Juggernaut possesses a regenerative healing factor that enables him to completely regenerate with superhuman speed. Essentially, as long as there is a molecule of Juggernaut's body, a molecule of the power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak still upon him, and he is still the Exemplar of the ruby, the Juggernaut will regain his full power and be completely healed, suggesting nothing is drawing or blocking the gems mystical energies or all of the energy from resonating and becoming one again.
    • Self Sustenance: The Juggernaut is completely self-sustained. He has no need to breathe, eat, or drink and cannot tire, hence he cannot sleep. However, his self-generating mystical energies provide him with the nourishment of sleep, nutrition, hydration, and oxygen. He is sustained by his mystical energies alone.
    • Immortality: Juggernaut is immortal. He is not a millisecond past his absolute physical prime and is immune to aging. Nothing except perhaps total molecular disintegration can kill him.
    • Force Field: The Juggernaut is capable of generating a personal force field around himself, extending to about 1 foot in diameter from his body. He uses this force field for many purposes, such as preventing physical contact, keeping debris and unwanted materials off himself, erecting his force field to escape piles of debris easier, and a few other purposes as well. However its most important purpose is the fact that if he is cast in concrete or other materials, for example a plane dropping a large amount of solidifying material that can put his body in a hard cast, or falling into wet concrete that would harden around him in a full-body cast which would keep his motion prohibited, he can erect this force field to break out of a cast. Hence, without this force field he would not be unstoppable. The force field is also particularly resistant to such materials in the first place, as they would slide off much faster and more smoothly then from his body alone due to the fact it is pure energy. Also, his force field can resist mystical attacks better then the Juggernaut could do alone, as it is energy created from his actual power. Mystical weapons that can hurt Juggernaut have to penetrate his force field first, making it even more useful, not to mention the force field being able to produce more energy to continually push out an intruder that has managed to break into his defenses.
    • Demon Form: When in states of heightened emotion Colossus will further mutate into a form more resembling Cyttorak. This includes spikes, scales, claws and red eyes. In this form Colossus appears to be stronger and more aggressive.
    • Embodiment of Irresistible Force: Once the Juggernaut begins to advance in a certain direction, it is virtually impossible to halt his movement. Some obstacles such as many tons of rocks and plasma-discharge cannons have slowed his pace but can't completely halt him. The only known examples of him being stopped involve physical force with mystical involvement, which is Juggernaut's sole weakness.

    Phoenix Force

    Phoenix Force: Colossus was one of five avatars of the Phoenix Force which granted him the great powers of the Phoenix. So far Colossus has shown greater brute strength and durability than ever before, being capable of taking punches from Gladiator without any damage, as well as punching him back with enough strength to smash his face easily. As an avatar he should presumably possess the following abilities as well:

    • Interstellar Travel: A Phoenix Force avatar can fly unaided through the vacuum of space, and can travel interstellar distances faster than the speed of light
    • Cosmic Pyrokinesis: An Avatar of the Phoenix can create 'cosmic' flames under any conditions even the impossible ones such as vacuum space or underwater. These flames do not require oxygen to burn, and burn so intensely that matter is consumed without by-products such as ash. It has perfect control over these flames, and they only consume what it wills. Typically they manifest as a raptor or part of a raptor such as a claw or wings, in the case of an avatar.
    • Resurrection: As the embodiment of all life and death itself, the Phoenix Force can resurrect whomever it desires into pure living flesh, bone, and blood.
    • Immortality: The Avatar of the Phoenix does not age and can be resurrected by the Phoenix Force.
    • Temporal Manipulation: An Avatar acting as the Phoenix Force can manipulate the past across large temporal distances and with a profound knowledge of the causal affect his or her actions will have.
    • Telepathy: A Phoenix Force Avatar can project their thoughts into the minds of others and read other people's thoughts at a near-boundless level.
    • Telekinesis: An Avatar of the Phoenix can control and manipulate matter at a molecular scale.


    • Height: 6'6" (transformed) 7'2"
    • Weight: 250 lbs., (transformed) 500 lbs.
    • Eyes: Blue, (transformed) Silver
    • Hair: None
    • Skin: White (transformed) Sliver


    • Known Relatives: Nikolai Rasputin (father, deceased), Alexandra Rasputina (mother, deceased), Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina (Magik, sister) Mikhail Rasputin (brother) Piotr Nikolaievitch Rasputin Jr. (son)
    • Citizenship: U.S.A. (naturalized), formerly Russian
    • Place of Birth: Ust-Ordynski Collective, near Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer, former artist, superintendent, student, farmer
    • Education: College level courses taken at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, no degree

    Alternate Realities

    Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

    Earth- 295
    Earth- 295

    The Rasputin Brothers (Piotr and Mikhail) were the greatest heroes of Russia, but when Apocalypse arrived Mikhail became one of his personal Horseman and Colossus became one of the original members of Magneto's X-Men on Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse). He freed Kitty from Apocalypse's pens and later they married, they were the leaders of Generation Next, a youngster mutant group.

    They were entrusted with the mission to seek Colossus sister Illyana, who was the last time traveler mutant alive. She was imprisoned in the Seattle Core monitored by Sugar Man after finding out that his sister was still alive in one of Apocalypse's slave camps. During the rescue mission all of his students died in the core and he refused to get back and save them. Believing that his sister was going to die, Colossus lost control and when he was trying to save her he ran through the X-men, injuring some of them and killing Shadowcat by trampling her to death. He was killed by his teammate Gambit. At the end (in his human form) he was able to say goodbye to his sister.

    In this reality Colossus is shown as an unconcerned leader, violent and hasty. He was unable to return to human form due to taking severe damage at some point in the past.

    Ultimate (Earth-1610)

    Ultimate Colossus
    Ultimate Colossus

    In the Ultimate Universe, Colossus worked as an arms smuggler for the Russian mob before being recruited into the X-Men. In this form, his organic steel is smooth and not sectioned. He appears on Japanese TV with Storm and some of the other X-Men and is voted "Sexiest Mutant." Early on in the series he is hinted to be gay. There are many instances where the women of the team foreshadow his sexuality. When Angel arrives at the Xavier Institute, Storm says that he was looking at him, along with the rest of the girls of the team. He also is seen to be more protective of the male members of the team, for instance when Magneto threatened Wolverine, Colossus beats him to a pulp. Later on in the series, Northstar who had previously shown interest in him, asks Colossus to accompany him to his prom. Colossus agrees and goes.

    When Bishop wanted the disbanded X-Men to come together again, he refused. He now works for a construction agency and has moved in with his boyfriend Northstar. During a softball game with the Academy of Tomorrow, Alpha Flight came to take Northstar back to Canada. Colossus and the X-Men fought back hard but since Alpha Flight had been using Banshee (a drug that gives/amplifies mutant abilities) they didn't stand a chance. Later when Jean went into Peter's mind, she discovered that he took Banshee and without it, he wouldn't be able to move in his armored form. Colossus gets into a heated fight with Jean, saying that many superheroes take drugs to beat the bad guys. In the end, Colossus left to find Northstar. Cyclops went after him to join him (although as a double agent for Jean) in getting Northstar back. When he found Colossus he also found his Banshee using X-Men, Dazzler, Angel, Rogue, and Nightcrawler. They went to Alpha Flight's base and with their newfound abilities, easily defeated them. Colossus went to where Sunfire said Northstar was, the science lab, only to find Northstar overdosed on Banshee.

    Colossus reaches him just before he collapses and Peter believes he is dead. Afterwards, Colossus and his team go to intercept a Banshee dealing because they are all now addicted to the drug. Nightcrawler realizes that they are addicted and alerts Jean Grey, who goes after Colossus' X-Men with her team. The two X-Teams fight until Northstar appears in a wheelchair. Jean-Paul explains that he is alive, but is paralyzed from the waist down. Colossus then comes to his senses and stops fighting. During the fight, Wolverine rips out Peter's heart while he was armored up. Jean later put his heart back but she isn't sure if he can ever change back into his human form. However, he is last seen with his boyfriend Northstar, in his human form, gazing at the sunset together.

    Days of Future Past (Earth- 811)

    As one of the last mutants on Earth, Colossus went on a suicide run and was killed by Sentinels while his wife, Kate Pryde searched for the cause of their dystopian future.

    Mimic's Reality (Earth- 12)

    In this reality, Colossus was a good friend of Mimic's and was his fellow team-mate in the group, Exiles.

    X-Men Forever (Earth-161)

    Earth- 161
    Earth- 161

    Colossus leaves the X-Men in this reality and joins a group known as the Winter Guard, a Russian elite superhero team. Along with other superheroes, he acts as security and has had fights with other superheroes which include Iron Man, She Hulk and War Machine.


    Colossus was forced to join Weapon X.

    Earth X (Earth-9997)

    Colossus was the Tzar of Russia, and his country provided the greatest amount of food on the planet thanks to the intelligence of all its animals. He is constantly attacked by Life Model Decoys of Nick Fury. This version though seems to be actually Mr. Sinister who has a fascination with Jean Grey. He goes back through time to preserve her as a clone.

    House of M (Earth-58163)

    Colossus never left the farm he grew up on.

    Mutant X (Earth-1298)

    During a battle between the X-Men and the Hellfire Club, Harry Leland used his control of gravity on Colossus, which made him sink into the ground. Rogue grabbed his arm to save him, but Selene cruelly dissolved her gloves and her absorbing powers kicked in. While pondering on whether to let go of Colossus or not, Rogue accidentally absorbed his powers permanently. Colossus was left in a comatose state and never woke up again and his psyche has been tormenting Rogue ever since.

    Marvel Zombies (Earth-2149)

    Little is known about Colossus' past before the zombie plague happened, but it is presumed that it followed the same path as his mainstream counterpart. At Xavier's Institute, Colossus was among the other members of the X-Men fighting a zombified Alpha Flight, when Magneto appeared and propelled magnetic debris through the zombie's head and asked the team to join him to help save humanity. The team got in contact with Nick Fury and battled their way through the city to reach the Helicarrier, which is acting as a base of operations for the remaining survivors of the plague. Here, Nick Fury tells the team that it is the end of the world and that everyone was now on the same side, including all the villains. When Beast and Reed Richards find some meat on Latveria, Colossus and a huge horde of zombies attack the castle. They are unable to break through the castle's magical defenses however, Colossus is surrounded by animated corpses of Deadlite Legion. Although this is unlikely to kill him, it is unknown what happened to him after this.

    Kang Killed The Avengers (Earth-267)

    Iron Man helped Colossus get his family out of Siberia during the Soviet rule. In return for helping his family, Colossus joined the Avengers team but was almost immediately defeated after he first joined. However, he was helped by Rick Jones' destiny powers, which plucked him from time to aid Kang against the Timekeepers during the Destiny War. Colossus was eventually returned back to the present time and he greeted reporters at the Avenger's Mansion with President Reagan. After doing this, Colossus was killed by Kang, who disguised himself as Iron Man and detonated a nuclear bomb, killing everyone but himself.

    War of the Worlds (Earth-691)

    When the Sentinels began attacking and slaughtering mutants, Colossus and a number of mutants led by Magneto left Earth to find another planet to live on.

    Colossus is not an X-Man (Earth-987)

    In this reality, Colossus never joined the X-Men. He lost his arm in a combination attack of Proteus and Charles Xavier.

    By The Maker (Earth-1008)

    Colossus became indestructible and could not be stopped by any means.

    Reborn (Earth-1031)


    Colossus was presumed to be dead, but was discovered alive by Wolverine in a Weapon X prison. His body was permanently composed of adamantium metal due to experiments of Weapon X.

    X-Men X (Earth-1034)

    Colossus died while trying to find a cure for the Legacy Virus and his body was stolen, reanimated without a soul. He returned to the X-Men more monster than man, with the intent of destroying anything in his path.

    Deadpool: I'm Available (Earth-1036)

    X-Men X
    X-Men X

    After killing Colossus, Deadpool uses his hand to hold up a golf ball.

    Home to Colossus (Earth-1917)

    Colossus was part of the Weapon X program and replaced Hulk (Jennifer Walters). Afterwards, he grew tired of all of the senseless murder on his team and thought he should have been put on the Exiles team instead. He fell in love with a younger version of Kitty Pryde, who had just survived an attack by Sentinels in her world. They died together in space when they were blasted up there by Hyperion.

    Ghost Boxes

    Colossus was briefly seen 5 years since the Annex destroyed the world. He was in a car partially in his metal form. Apparently Kitty Pryde returned to Earth to organize an evacuation. As Armor, Beast and Wolverine were on their way they realized it was a trap when they saw Colossus' dead body.

    X-Men: Misfits

    In the re-imagined manga universe by Del Rey, Colossus was a teacher at Xavier's Academy For Gifted Youngsters. So far, he only appeared when the Hellfire Club's tangle with anti-mutant protesters grew out of control. Havok's plasma blast destroyed a band-stand, which collapsed on Professor Xavier. Colossus' armored form was able to lift the demolished building, but the Professor remained hospitalized for the rest of the semester.

    In this universe, Colossus is too old to have any kind of romantic relationship with Kitty Pryde. His human form has a bushy mustache and he wears overalls with a flat cap. His armored form strongly resembles that of the character Tick-Tock from the movie Return to Oz, with a rotund body and an extremely rounded face. It has not yet been stated which classes he teaches, but he also drives the school bus for the excursion into New York City.

    Age of X

    Age of X: Colossus & Nightmare
    Age of X: Colossus & Nightmare

    Colossus appears in this reality, which was created by one of Legion's personalities. In this world Colossus seems to have had some damage to one of his shoulders as if it was crushed. One of his shoulders is pointy and Colossus doesn't seem to ever come out of his organic steel form.

    Other Media


    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981)

    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends
    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

    Colossus made a guest appearance in the series, where he was voiced by John Stephenson, who also voiced Thunderbird (who was strangely included even though he'd been killed in the comics years before) in the episode "The X-Men Adventure". He was part of the X-Men team who was watching a Danger Room training session being done by Spider-Man and Firestar. As the villain Cyberiad infiltrated the mansion to seek revenge against Firestar, he was among the X-Men who helped her fight back. The team was divided by Cyberiad's machinations and the team was taken into another dimension (the Danger Room, in actuality) by the aforementioned villain as they were fooled by a holographic Nightcrawler. The episode was originally to be a backdoor pilot for an X-Men cartoon series, in which Colossus would be a main character.

    X-Men: Pryde of the X-Men (1989)

    Pryde of the X-Men
    Pryde of the X-Men

    Piotr was a member of the X-Men who fought the Brotherhood of Evil Terrorists. He was shown on a Danger room mission. During the X-Men's attempt to retrieve the power circuit, he faced Juggernaut one on one. He was voiced by Dan Gilvezan (who had previously voiced Spider-Man in Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends).

    X-Men: The Animated Series (1992)

    X-Men Animated Series
    X-Men Animated Series

    Colossus appears in the episodes "The Unstoppable Juggernaut" (voiced by Rick Bennett) and "Red Dawn" (voiced by Robert Calt). He was shown working at a construction site as a one-man wrecking crew, much to the chagrin of the crew already working there. Wolverine and Jubilee witness this, and save him from being mobbed by the crew. They at first suspect him of being the mutant who wrecked the mansion, until Wolverine notices his scent doesn't match what he smelled in the wreckage. They learn that he had been working in order to send money to his family back in Russia. Colossus was later imprisoned after being mistaken for robbing a bank he'd gone to deposit his paycheck at, and he grew eager to look for the real perpetrator. Wolverine then discovered that the one who robbed the bank, as well as wrecked the mansion, was Juggernaut. Later, he comes to the X-Men for help in saving his village from an attack by the Cold War-era mutant super-soldier Omega Red.

    X-Men: Evolution (2000)

    X-Men: Evolution
    X-Men: Evolution

    Here he is unwillingly one of Magneto's Acolytes, as Magneto has threatened him numerous times with the death of his family. He joins Shadowcat briefly in the fight in the pyramid of Apocalypse, foreshadowing their canon relationship. When Professor Xavier sees the future Colossus is shown as one of his future X-Men. He is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite.

    Wolverine And The X-Men (2009)

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Colossus is only seen briefly in episode 1, in a flashback is showing him, Shadowcat, and Nightcrawler training in the Danger Room. Mystique later transforms herself into him, in a later episode. When Wolverine and Beast asked Colossus about rejoining the X-Men, he refuses and told them that he didn't want to leave his family in Russia again. He is voiced by Phil Morris.


    X-Men (2000)

    He has a cameo as a student painting in the courtyard.

    X2: X-Men United (2003)

    Daniel Cudmore as Colossus
    Daniel Cudmore as Colossus

    Colossus rescues Siryn and many other students after the school gets attacked by William Stryker's soldiers. He leads them through a series of underground tunnels to safety. He is played by Daniel Cudmore without a Russian accent.

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    Colossus in X-Men 3
    Colossus in X-Men 3

    Daniel Cudmore reprises his role in this film. He was seen as an X-Man in training here and he starts off training in the Danger Room with the others. Colossus helps Wolverine defeat the Sentinel by executing a perfect Fastball Special. He also aided in the fight on Alcatraz Island against Magneto's Brotherhood. In the novelization of the film, Colossus and Shadowcat were seen to have a relationship, but Shadowcat broke up with him, as she still had feelings for someone else.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

    Colossus in DOFP
    Colossus in DOFP

    Daniel Cudmore once again reprises his role. In the film, Colossus is seen as one of the last surviving X-Men alongside Bishop, Blink, Warpath, Sunspot, Kitty Pryde and Iceman. During a battle on Russia, one of the Sentinels breaks his left wrist and copies his own powers, becoming much stronger than him. The Sentinel then proceeds to punch him with enough force to KO him, rips off his left arm, and then crushes his head with another punch, killing him, however, Bishop prevents the deaths of Colossus and the others by going back in time a few days. During the final battle, he is killed after being ripped in half by 2 Sentinels, but is resurrected (along with all the other dead heroes) when the timeline is reset. He is last seen in the new timeline, teaching a class with Kitty at the Xavier Institute.

    Deadpool (2016)

    Colossus in Deadpool
    Colossus in Deadpool

    Colossus appears as a supporting character in the movie, voiced by Serbian actor Stefan Kapičić. This version of the character is entirely CGI (with the motion capture provided by Andre Tricoteaux), and is over seven feet tall, allowing for a much closer approximation to his appearance from the comics. After hearing that Deadpool was causing trouble on the news, Colossus and his protege, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, try to convince Deadpool to stop being violent and join the X-Men. Deadpool refuses and fights Colossus after his target gets away. Colossus easily defeats Deadpool and handcuffs him, but Deadpool cuts off his hand and escapes. Later Deadpool shows up at the X-Men Mansion and asks for Colossus' help to defeat Ajax.

    Deadpool 2 (2018)

    Colossus appears in the sequel to the first Deadpool movie, where Serbian actor Stefan Kapičić reprises the voice for the character.

    Video Games

    X-Men (1992)

    X-Men 92
    X-Men 92

    Colossus is one of the six playable characters in this beat 'em up arcade game from Konami.

    X-Men: Children of the Atom (1994)

    Children of the Atom
    Children of the Atom

    Colossus appears as a playable character in this Japanese fighting game. He later returned in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2000), using the same sprite. He also appears as an unplayable assist character in Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes (1998). In the series, he is the only character to speak in Russian rather than English or Japanese.

    X2: Wolverine's Revenge (2002)

    Colossus is an NPC in this game.

    X-Men Legends

    He is a playable character here. Colossus is one of the few characters in the game with the ability to lift heavy objects. He is able to perform the fastball special with Wolverine. He is voiced by Earl Boen.

    X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse (2005)

    Legends 2
    Legends 2

    Colossus is a playable character in this game. Colossus develops a flirtatious relationship with Magneto's daughter, The Scarlet Witch. Magneto does not mind and seems to encourage the two to be together. In one scene he is confronted by Shadowcat about his constant flirting with Scarlet Witch. Colossus has multiple costumes including Classic, Astonishing, Ultimate, Age of Apocalypse, and unarmed.

    X-Men: The Official Game

    He is a playable character on the Gameboy Advance and PSP versions only, where he is played again by Daniel Cudmore.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance (2006)

    Colossus is a playable character in only the X-box 360, Wii, and PS3 versions of the game. He can execute his trademark Fastball Special move with Wolverine. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

    Colossus is a boss for the Pro-Registration team during the 'Ambush' level of the Civil War-based game. He is voiced by Tim Russ. He has special dialogue with X-Men members.

    X-Men Destiny (2011)

    Colossus is a non-playable character in the game. You are able to obtain Colossus' suit and traits of his powers through X-Genes.

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012)

    Colossus as part of the Phoenix Five
    Colossus as part of the Phoenix Five

    Colossus is an unlockable character in the Facebook game Marvel: Avengers Alliance. He is in the Bruiser class and gains an enraged buff whenever he is attacking or attacked by Scrappers. While he is not the best damage-dealing Bruiser in the game, his Steel Curtain power allows him to protect allies from all single-target incoming attacks for a round. He takes reduced damage but does not have offensive powers during that time. While he starts with the classic (original Giant-sized X-Men) costume you can purchase the modern, pre-Juggernaut costume. It comes with the Steel Fortress power active for the first three rounds of combat.

    Marvel Heroes (2013)

    Colossus is a playable character.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)

    Lego Colossus
    Lego Colossus

    Colossus is a playable character.

    Marvel Contest of Champions (2014)

    Unstoppable Colossus
    Unstoppable Colossus

    Colossus is a playable fighter in both his classic and Unstoppable forms.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (2019)

    Colossus in UA3
    Colossus in UA3

    Colossus appears in the third Ultimate Alliance game, voiced by Chris Cox. He initially appeared as an NPC who assisted the players during the Brotherhood's attack on the Xavier Institute, but was later added as a free DLC character.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    From Hasbro
    From Hasbro
    • Colossus appeared in several of ToyBiz's X-Men toy lines from the 90s onward.
    • Bowen Designs produced several Colossus statues.
    • Colossus was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line in Series V. The figure came with a destroyed Sentinel display base.
    • Colossus was featured in the X-Men Classics line from ToyBiz.
    • The movie version of Colossus from X-Men: The Last Stand was included as part of the Brood Queen Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro's iteration of the Marvel Legends line.
    • Hasbro included a figure of Colossus in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine line, even though he does not appear in that movie.
    • Colossus appears in both the Marvel Universe and the Marvel Legends Icons lines from Hasbro.
    • Colossus was featured in the Marvel Select line from Diamond Collectibles.
    • Colossus was featured in the Minimates line from Diamond Select.
    • Kotobukiya and Dark Horse both released statues of Colossus.
    • Iron Studios produced a Colossus statue.
    • Unstoppable Colossus was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Infinite line.
    • A classic version of Colossus was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Marvel 80 Years promotion, and was included in a box set with the Juggernaut.
    • The Age of Apocalypse version of Colossus was the subject of a Marvel Legends Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.

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