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    When Master Mold subsumed Nimrod, the resulting robot was forced into the Siege Perilous by the X-Men. Once, a mysterious man named Bastion saw himself as humanity's last "bastion" of hope, unaware of his identity as a Sentinel.

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    Bastion is a Super-Sentinel, an amalgam of Master Mold, and Nimrod. The fusion happened when Nimrod encountered a module from Master Mold’s body. After being forced into the Siege Perilous, The heterogeneous symbiotic being who would become Bastion was created, with no memory of his history. Bastion was able to live among humans and became aware of the mutant presence, which unbeknown to him, re-activated his mutant-termination directives. Bastion somehow managed to infiltrate the American Government and gain access to Project: Wideawake, a governmental commission created to analyze and manage the "mutant menace", and its mutant neutralizing technologies. After the events of the Onslaught Saga, and the assassination of Graydon Creed, Bastion garnered enough political and public support to begin the global covert war against mutants known as Operation: Zero Tolerance. The US Government implemented Operation: Zero Tolerance, a plan suggested and overseen by Bastion.

    He was raised by his foster mother Rose Gilberti as her human son. But it is depicted that Bastion was really cruel to her, terrorising her.

    Zero Tolerance

    Operation: Zero Tolerance
    Operation: Zero Tolerance

    Operation: Zero Tolerance's objective was to capture and eliminate All mutants. To this end, Bastion created Prime Sentinels, implanting humans with nano-technology. This new generation of cybernetic Sentinel was the first of its kind and incredibly effective. Thanks to their human appearance, they were able to serve as sleeper agents and get the jump on the X-Men. Bastion was able to take over the X-Mansion; capturing some of the X-Men, learning valuable mutant intel, and stripping their home of its technologies. His original plan was to recover and use Xavier Protocols, with this data he could seek and destroy every mutant on earth, nevertheless Cable was able to stop him and destroy a great deal of the sensitive info. However with Xavier captured, Bastion tried to fool him and get access on the real information behind the protocols. Once the origin of Prime Sentinels became known, International support for Operation: Zero Tolerance was withdrawn and the U.S. Government declared an arrest warrant for Bastion, pushed forward by Senator Kelly convictions.

    Eventually, Bastion was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. with Iceman´s help. He was able to escape. During a battle with Cable and the Machine Man, he was all but destroyed. His remaining body was found by Mainspring, who deleted the Nimrod and Bastion programming inside of him. Bastion was given a new body and was renamed "Template". Ultimately, Mainspring and "Template" were destroyed. At a later date, Bastion's head was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody and placed in a storage facility.


    Bastion Reborn
    Bastion Reborn

    In the aftermath of the Messiah Complex, the Purifiers infiltrated a SHIELD facility with the help of some double agents inside and stole back Bastion's head and reattached it to Nimrod's body. Once online, he alerted the Purifiers to the presence of the X-Force in their church. After their escape, Bastion carried out a plan to finally eliminate the remaining Mutant population by recruiting some of the prominent enemies of the X-Men and resurrecting others that have been dead and taking control of them by exposing them to the Techno-organic virus. Bastion fought Wolverine, but calculated that the risk was too high to fight him directly, and made His escape with the resurrected X-Men enemies.

    Second Coming

    Bastion had formed an alliance with anti-mutant leaders Cameron Hodge, Steven Lang, Bolivar Trask, Graydon Creed, and Reverend William Stryker. Dubbed the Human Council, they had assembled and combined the paramilitary forces of the Mutant Response Division, the Sapien League, The Purifiers and the Friends of Humanity. Their objective... Eliminate the recently-returned-from-the-Future Hope Summers, the Mutant Messiah.

    Bastion Upgraded
    Bastion Upgraded

    Using the same Techno-Organic virus used to revive the Human Council, Bastion was using the T-O virus to locate Cable and Hope. After unsuccessful assassination attempts by the Sapien League and the Purifiers, things swung in Bastion's favor when the "captured" Donald Pierce succeeded in disabling Cerebra and neutralising the Mutant psychics. With the X-Men's communications heavily crippled, and no longer able to track Cable and Hope, Cyclops sends Ariel to teleport Hope back to Utopia. Aware of this, Bastion dispatches a fighter jet, which launches a missile strike at the vehicle that Ariel was in. The strike kills Ariel.

    Using his own mutant locating technologies he is able to locate Hope, who is being escorted to Utopia by Nightcrawler and Rogue. Bastion is able to cut them off himself in Las Vegas. The ensuing battle culminates with Bastion killing Nightcrawler, but not before he was able to successfully teleport Hope and Rogue back to Utopia. Bastion, unsuccessful in His attempt to eliminate Hope, launches a Contingency plan.

    After sending Donald Pierce to destroy the X-Men's Blackbirds Bastion had a large red energy sphere lock down not just Utopia but all of San Francisco. Not even the Avengers or X-Club could get through the barrier and inside the X-Men found a smaller sphere which was a conduit to the future. Soon a wave of Nimrods swarmed out of the sphere and attacked the X-Men, resulting in a number of injuries. The team stood their ground and repelled the initial wave, Only to discover that over 170,000 Sentinels were waiting on the other side of the portal.


    Bastion was obliterated by Hope Summers during the Second Coming story arc. Due to Cable's noble sacrifice, the sphere that was transporting Nimrods from the future was closed and Bastion's plan ultimately failed. In one final act of, what he believed to be purpose, he descended upon the surviving X-Men on the bridge. Whilst his underlings attacked the surrounding mutants, Bastion himself aimed at Hope, who he also believed to be the cause of the end of the world. Hope, enraged by the death of Cable, unleashed a portion of the Phoenix Force which augmented her already apparent 'copycat' mutant abilities.

    Hope obliterates Bastion
    Hope obliterates Bastion

    Bastion's personality grew menacing during this encounter, stating that "It was beyond His capacity to hate Her, beyond their capacity to enjoy murdering Her, but were now beyond their capacity and would enjoy murdering Her'. During the fight, Wolverine launched himself at Bastion from behind and stabbed him in the back of the neck out of vengeance for Kurt Wagner. Hope then unleashed the full extent of her Phoenix Force augmentation and disintegrated Bastion's entire form in a blinding supernova.

    Powers and Abilities

    Blast it!
    Blast it!

    Originally, Bastion was a mystical amalgam of two hyperpowerful Sentinels: Master Mold and Nimrod. As such, he had a variety of abilities designed to locate, hunt, negate, capture, and destroy "Mutant threats". He was able to detect all mutants (within an approximate range of 20 miles), had enhanced strength, flight via jet boots, and could fire concussive or disintegrative blasts from his hands and chest. His Master Mold programming gives him complete control over any and all Sentinels and a unique take on it's Sentinel Production abilities, being able to create Prime Sentinels; humans outfitted with nanorobotic enhancements. He was also able to interface with any computer system within his undisclosed range, accessing its data and controlling its programming. His Nimrod programming gave Him a higher degree of intelligence than most Sentinels; He was able to assess Mutant threat levels and implement counter-measures when attacked. He was able to self-repair from most physical attacks, and was immune to all psychic attacks.

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    Following his "resurrection," Bastion upgraded himself with both Celestial and Technarchy technology. Having been infected with various Techno-Organic Virus strains pertaining to the "Technarch, Phalanx & Apocalypse" variants. The later of which was garnered from the Celestial Tech bonded to the Mutant, Archangel. These enhancements grant him amazing new additions to his existing abilities as well as various other ones. Such as vastly augmented regenerative capabilities in addition to incredibly potent Technoforming powers, being able to appear through any electronic appliance and morph it's machinery however he see's fit. He'd even upgraded his Prime Sentinel Technology, being able to activate and transform members of his Human Council into Nimrod like Omega Prime Sentinels based on a blending of MK I and his old Nimrod based Designs. He now has vast technopathic and energy manipulative abilities. Having created an energy dome stretching as far as around the island of Manhatten and Back, even having some limited form of Space-Time Manipulation as during the Second Coming event; Bastion could summon Nimrod series sentinels from an alternate future as well as teleport and time travel under his own power by force of will. His new form even boasted Techno-Organic wings with which to attack, defend and fly with. Having once used them to defend against Cyclops's optic blasts.

    Physical Attributes

    In human Form:

    • Height: 6´3"
    • Weight: 375 lbs
    • Hair: White
    • Eyes: Hazel
    • Skin Color: Caucasian

    MSH Encyclopedia Role-Playing Notes:

    "Bastion is a cold, calculating villain. Although he may appear reasonable on the surface, his obsession with the destruction of all mutants, and his willingness to sacrifice anyone or anything to achieve that goal, present him as a madman of the most dangerous kind. Remember, however, that he is in fact an artificial intelligence programmed expressly for the purpose of mutant extermination. He is, however, capable of emotion, and it is not currently known how much his original programming influences him in his evolved form."

    Alternate Realities

    Earth 295: Age of Apocalypse

    Though never seen in person in this alternate reality, Bastion was mentioned by name as one of Apocalypse's former Horsemen of Apocalypse. He was killed by the young mutant Abyss, who then replaced him as a Horseman.

    Bastion's powers in this reality are never revealed.

    Other media


    X-Men Next Dimension

    Bastion in Next Dimension
    Bastion in Next Dimension

    Bastion appears as the main antagonist of the fighting game X-Men: Next Dimension. The plot is loosely based on Operation: Zero Tolerance, with Bastion imprisoned and his Prime Sentinels freeing him from S.H.I.E.L.D. Exchanging information about Xavier Institute, Bastion makes an alliance with the Brotherhood of Mutants. They attack the institute and abduct Forge, who Bastion uses to design multiple weapons, including one capable of stripping a mutant of their powers.

    Realizing the threat Bastion and the Prime Sentinels pose to all of mutantkind, the X-Men and Brotherhood unite to attack his citadel in the Savage Land. He escapes to Asteroid M, where he is defeated by Wolverine. However, Bastion revives while Wolverine collapses (due to having lost his healing factor), and is ultimately beaten by Magneto or Phoenix.

    His character profile starts saying: "The era of mutants is coming to an end...", but it is interrupted and shown a box alleging that Cerebro cannot be accessed because the file has been deleted by: nimrod@32.virus.

    He was voiced by Don Morrow.

    X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

    Legends II
    Legends II

    He is one of the bosses in the video game. He plays as an antimutant activist who uses plenty of sentinels to do the job. He argues that he is not under any influence and his actions are due his own hatred to mutants.

    He is voiced by Alastair Duncan.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Bastion was featured a few times in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Hasbro released a figure of Bastion in their Marvel Legends line as a pack-in with the HasLab Sentinel.

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