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    Synch is able to sync up with other mutants and use their powers as if they were his own. Synch is a founding member of Generation X. Now officially a member of the X-Men.

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    Everett Thomas was a mutant born in St. Louis, Missouri. He possessed an aura which allowed him to synch up with other superhumans in his immediate vicinity, thereby briefly gaining any powers they possessed.


    Synch was created by Fabian Nicieza and Andy Kubert and first appeared in X-Men issue 36 (1994).

    Major Story Arcs

    Phalanx Covenant

    Generation X
    Generation X

    The mechanical collective race known as the Phalanx had assimilated the X-Men and attempted to wipe out what was to be the next generation of mutant heroes. Synch had accidentally synched to Banshee, who was in the area, and had shattered all the windows in his area with Banshee's "borrowed" scream. He didn't know how he did it, but the next thing he knew there was a slew of police officers with guns pointed at him. Unfortunately for them, the menace wasn't Everett, but the Phalanx, who attacked the officers. Luckily, he was saved thanks to the help of the Emma Frost, Sabretooth, Banshee, and Jubilee. This misfit band of heroes ended up saving the other kids who were attacked by the Phalanx. With the sacrifice of Blink, they managed to escape.

    Generation X

    M and Synch
    M and Synch

    Following the end of the Phalanx crisis, Everett and the other youths were all relocated to the Massachusetts Academy, where they trained to use their powers, received a formal education, and acted as the next generation of X-Men, Generation X. Although they where taught to become normal students, they also became a new striking force to help out other mutants and to make the world safer. The team, taught by Sean Cassidy, better known as Banshee, and Emma Frost became a tight group whom enjoyed each others company very much. Synch's powers were a great help during their missions. Synch became very close to his teammate "M" during their later years in the school. Soon a romance blossomed between the two.


    Synch was one of the original members of Generation X, headed by Banshee and Emma Frost. He met his untimely demise when the school had a bomb placed in it by Emma Frost's sister, Adrienne. Heroically, Synch searched for the bomb using his teammates powers that he synched up with. He would find it, but would be too far from his team to properly use their powers. He would jump on the bomb and take the explosion himself dying at the same time. His death would ensure the survivor of hundreds of others. Following his death, the academy would be shut down and Generation X would disband, going their separate ways.



    He was one of the many mutants to be revived by Eli Bard in an attempt to make Selene (The Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, which his teacher Emma was once a memebr as the White Queen), a Goddess. He is seen with fellow Gen-Xer, Skin (who died after Gen-X disbanded) attacking Husk along with some of the younger X-Men.

    House of X & Krakoa

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    Synch has been resurrected with the help of a group known as The Five, which consists of Tempus, Goldballs, Elixir, Rachel Grey, and Proteus, whouse their individual powers in sequence to resurrect any deceased mutant into a new husk body with the consciousness & memories in tact.

    Synch is shown at a celebration with the also newly resurrected Skin on their new home of Krakoa. Synch, along with Darwin, Laura Kinney were tasked with tracking down the elusive mutant Serafina, after she escaped Orchis. They were sent to the Vault, a place where minutes can be aeons on Earth.

    Synch, along with his Orchis-mission teammate Laura Kinney, joined Krakoa's main-line up of X-Men. Their first mission is taking out a Mind Reaver attacking the city. Synch orchestrated the first offensive plan of action, in thanks to synching up with Forge. Using the abilities of all his teammates he directed them to construct their own mecha to match the Reavers size and power. This inventive feat impressed the Fantastic Four and Spider-Man as they arrived on scene after the Mind Reaver is destroyed.

    Powers & Abilities

    Rainbow Powers
    Rainbow Powers

    Power Mimicry/Rainbow Essence

    Synch is a mutant who possesses an aura which allows him to be "in synch" with other mutants in his immediate vicinity, thereby gaining any powers they might possess. It is possible for him to Synch with the powers of NON-mutants as well, considering that at one point he synched with Spider-Man's powers. The powers Synch "synchs" will fade some time after the superhuman with whom he is "in synch" leaves his vicinity.

    It has been theorized that, with practice, Synch will be able to permanently retain powers he has acquired. As time has passed and Synch's mutant gene has evolved, that has become the case. Not only can Synch retain the powers he's acquired, but he perfectly control those powers.

    Synch can generate/manipulate his Rainbow Aura in various ways. When Synch uses his powers, his mufti-colored aura of light appears around his body. This aura is caused by the energies he is absorbing splitting the ambient light around him. Synch is also able to use his aura to track other mutants, by allowing his aura to lock on to the mutant's bio-signature. In a defensive measure, Synch has used his Rainbow aura as a shield to ward off attacks from Penance. The aura will then extend in the direction of the mutant's location, acting as a invisible map/G.P.S.

    Post resurrection by The Five Synch's powers transcended previous limits. Synch powers no longer has a dormant or active state instead his synchronistic field is constantly seeking out a live connection to other powers including non mutant source.


    He has demonstrated numerous times since Generation X to the present that he is inventive, using the powers of other mutants in ways they have not explored or are capable of doing. His first conflict during the Phalanx era, he used Jubilee's pyrotechnic abilities to attack Phalanx with a sub-atomic blast. His first mission as an official Krokoa X-Man, he directed a counterstrike on-the-fly to take out a Mind Reaver attacking New York City.


    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'11"

    Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg)

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Black. Normally appeared shaved bald.


    Known Relatives: Stan Thomas (father), Ida Thomas (mother), Kim Ho Twae (adopted sister).

    Citizenship: Citizen of the United States.

    Place of Birth: St. Louis, Missouri.

    Marital Status: Single

    Occupation: Adventurer, former student

    Education: Xavier Institute at the Massachusetts Academy branch, High School level classes.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Although Synch does not physically appear in the Age of Apocalypse storyline, he is referred to. Before Jubilee joined Gambit's X-Ternals, she befriended Synch and became good friends with him. Unfortunately like many mutants in this timeline he was killed in battle with Apocalypse's agents. Its likely that he too would have joined the X-Ternals along with Jubilee, had he lived.

    By the time the AoA storyline had taken place Jubilee had already mourned his death.

    Earth-811: Days of Future Past

    Days of Future Past
    Days of Future Past

    Thanks to a mutant power dampening tech device created by Beast along with the mutant powers of Leech, Synch and his lover Jubilee (now known as Wondra) were alive and lived together in the ruins of Hollywood, California. Their living was partially in due to their lack in participation in the invasion that the X-Men started and subsequently lost against the Sentinels at their base. Jubilee has felt guilt over their lack of participation and her friends deaths and incarcerations. As a result she, along with Synch and Leech contacted and found Emma Frost and put together a rebel group, including an anesiatic Wolverine, Amiko and Magneto. They planned to attack the Sentinel base and save their surviving friends. Their attack was never shown, but it can be assumed that it ended badly. This is due to the fact that years later, Wolverine is shown working alone and Magneto was captured and in a wheelchair in the Sentinel concentration camp.

    Earth-58163: House of M

    House of M
    House of M

    In this re-envisioned/recreated version of Earth-616 world of Scarlet Witch, mutants are the majority and are in power and baseline humans are forced to live in hiding. Here the roles are very much the opposite of the mainstream Earth. Young mutants and their burgeoning mutant powers now have two options for their future. They can either pick between the New Mutant Leadership Institute, ran by Xi'an Coy Mahn ( Karma), where here they develop the future diplomats and leaders of the world, though they do not get combat training and tend to enroll mutants with passive powers. The other option is to join the SHIELD training program, run by Sebastian Shaw. It is here they have a more military training focusing on warfare and covert operations and enroll mutants with active battle ready powers. The training team is called the Hellions. This group included Scion (Earth-616's Hellion), Magik ( Illyana Rasputin), Synch, Quill, Surge, Wind Dancer (now known as Renascence), Anole and Danielle Moonstar. Moonstar is a fully-fledged S.H.I.E.L.D. operative and is assigned to the training of the Hellions. Though she is the trainer, she does participate in active battle with them. Her assistant trainers are the twin mutant siblings Aurora and Northstar.

    In this reality Synch similarly sacrificed himself as he did in the mainstream reality to save others. This may mean that he sacrifices himself in many realities.

    Other Media

    X2: X-Men United

    Synch's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.


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