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    A mutant girl who was saved by Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, who was then brought to Xavier's school. She is able to project her emotions onto others. She later becomes good friends with Siryn while attending the school.

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    Michelle was saved by Wolverine and Kitty Pryde during their first mission together, in which she accidentally projected her emotions onto the entire town, making them angry. Wolverine brought her to Xavier's School, where she became friends with Kitty and Siryn.

    During her stay at the Mansion, she developed feelings for a boy, who secretly had a crush on Siryn. While being looked after by Wolverine during their girl's night, Siryn confessed to Michelle that the boy who she liked not only had a crush on Siryn, but actually found Michelle's skin to be weird and thought she was a freak. Full of emotion, she accdientlly made Siryn mad, who then attacked Kitty.

    Kitty and Siryn break Logan's TV, only for Michelle to calm down and have everyone go back to normal. Logan gives her a speech on how not to settle for anyone who thinks she's ugly, and that's she's capable of finding love. Much later, Siryn and Michelle make up, and she reveals that she has a crush on Logan.

    Other Univeres:

    In another Universe, not much is known about this version of Amp. She is seen having a good time with Hank McCoy, but not much else is shown. Although she most likely follows their word's Magneto, who took over all mutant-related teams and relocated to Genosha after Charles Xavier had been killed. Whether or not she possesses the same powers or not is unkown.


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