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Nikolai Rasputin is the late father of Colossus, Magik, and Mikhail Rasputin. He resided on the Ust-Ordynski Collective Farm in Lake Baikal, Siberia, with his wfe , Alexandra, and their family. He spent his life working the land, and supporting his family the best that he could amidst the civil and social upheaval of living in the Soviet Union during the Communist era with three mutant children, Mikhail being a nationally praised hero for his endeavors as a cosmonaut.    
The Death Of Nikolai
The Death Of Nikolai
Following the events of Inferno, an age-digressed Magik was returned to her parents in Siberia. Colossus made a trip to visit his family in Russia with his teammates the X-Men , and the town of Neftelensk was attacked by the Soul Skinner. The X-Men were recruited by , Alexi Vazhin, the head of mutant affairs in Russia, to stop it. Meanwhile, the Russian government took advantage of the situation, invading the Rasputin household while Colossus was distracted. After killing Alexandra and Nikolai , they kidnapped Magik, with the intention of aging her involuntarily to manifest her latent mutant teleportation ability. 

Powers And Abilities

 Nikolai had no known superhuman powers.  

Alternate Realities

X-Men Forever # 14
X-Men Forever # 14
In Chris Claremont's alternate reality of X-Men Forever, Alexandra and Nikolai still live. When Colossus comes to his family's aid after Cossack's soldiers raid the farming collective in search of Illyana Rasputin, he asks his mother where his sister is. She tells him that she has been taken by bad men.  


X-Men: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series "Red Dawn"

Nikolai appeared in the second season of the "X-Men: The Animated Series" episode entitled "Red Dawn".  

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