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    Emma Frost is a fictional character originating from Marvel Comics. Originally starting off as a super villain and enemy of the X-Men, during which she was the White Queen of the Hellfire Club, Emma Frost is a powerful mutant telepath who can transform herself into organic diamond. She has become a prominent member of the X-Men. A gifted teacher, Emma is renowned for her beauty, wit, and sense of fashion.

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    Current Events

    Emma currently runs the Hellfire Club while working as seat on Charles Xavier’s mutant council on the sovereign mutant island of Krakoa.


    A young Emma
    A young Emma

    Emma Grace Frost grew up in the rich neighborhood of Snow Valley, Massachusetts as the daughter of a wealthy, albeit abusive father. She developed her powers while under pressure from her father to succeed. Emma blackmailed her father after he got a professor who she was romantically linked with fired. Despite her father being upset, he decided she was smart and offered her to take over the family business, but Emma declined, preferring to make her fortune herself. Emma left her family and joined the radical mutant group, the Hellfire Club. After spending a stint as the “White Queen,” she later defected to the X-Men to lead the team.

    Frost International

    Emma, using her telepathic powers, good looks, and charm, eventually came to be the majority stockholder in a multibillion-dollar conglomerate that would later become known as Frost International, after its CEO, Miss Emma Frost. The company specialized in the advancement of various technologies. electronics, and transportation. Frost International was so successful that Emma quickly became very rich, and was later involved in the Hellfire Club. Unfortunately, Emma decided to liquidate her company's funds in order to bankroll the mutant island of Utopia "... for the foreseeable future". The current state of her company is unknown, as of now.


    Emma Frost was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist/co-writer John Byrne and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #129 (1980).

    Character Evolution

    Emma Frost has transitioned from one of the X-Men's deadliest foes into a central figure on the side of the mutants. Her first era presented her as a leader in the Hellfire Club, but this ended when the manic time traveler Fitzroy appeared from the future, resulting in the deaths of many of her Hellions and putting Emma into a coma. Her involvement in the Phalanx Covenant arc led her to become co-teacher of the new Generation X team with Banshee. Later, after the end of the Generation X series, when the Sentinels devastated Genosha she gained a new power - her diamond form. Subsequent story arcs made her Cyclops' new partner and lover, and a former co-leader of the X-Men. She continues to play a prominent role in Cyclops' teams.

    Major Story Arcs

    Hellfire Club

    The White Queen
    The White Queen

    Emma Frost became the White Queen after meeting Sebastian Shaw, who became her patron and her lover. He recognized her power as an extremely high-level telepath and thought it best to recruit her.

    Emma first encounters the X-men while she is the “White Queen” of the dangerous Hellfire Club. She tries to forcibly recruit Kitty Pryde to the club but was opposed by the X-Men. Though Emma is initially triumphant, the X-Men eventually defeats her. She and her mutant students, the Hellions would encounter the X-Men many times after this.

    Emma also plotted with Sebastian Shaw to kill Selene during her time as White Queen, as Sebastian Shaw saw Selene as a threat to his power. Emma was in charge of training a young mutant with great power named Firestar, who was meant to kill Selene, but Firestar inevitably found out about Emma and Shaw's true intentions and turned on them.

    Emma threatening Magneto
    Emma threatening Magneto

    At some point, Emma decided that she wanted more students, and approached Erik Magnus aka Magneto to get him to transfer his students to her academy. The White Queen snuck into Magneto's office and surprised him while he was pouring himself a drink. Magneto questions her, asking her why she had come to see him, and she tells him that her intentions are not hostile, as if they were he would be dead. Magneto tells her that he will never transfer his students, so Emma used her telepathy to influence Magneto and force him to do so.

    Her time with the Hellfire Club ends when she is attacked by a mad time traveler named Trevor Fitzroy. In the ensuing incident which also involved the X-Men, most of the Hellions are killed, and Emma in sent into a coma. She is eventually revived, although her mind is transferred to Bobby Drake's body. Initially, Emma thought Xavier is holding her hostage, so she flees to Frost International - still in Iceman's body. Accessing one of her computers, Emma discovers her Hellions were dead and blames herself for it.

    When Xavier and some other X-Men finally catch up with her, Frost confesses to Charles that the only reason she fights him over young mutants was that she believes that she could offer them something Xavier can’t and that their deaths prove that she was wrong. Emma then agrees to go back to the X-Mansion and have her mind transferred back to her body.

    Generation X

    Emma forming Generation X
    Emma forming Generation X

    While Emma Frost resides in the X-Mansion after her body transfer, she and the rest of the X-Men encounter the evil Phalanx, humans possessed by the transmode virus. The Phalanx ultimate goal was to use the young new mutants that were born in their evil scheme. Emma and fellow X-Man Banshee take it upon themselves to find these new mutants before they are captured by the Phalanx. Thus creating an all-new team of mutants, which would later become known as Generation X. Emma tries to fight off the Phalanx, but was not strong enough so she combines the powers of Synch and Jubilee. Later, During Generation X's training, Emma's sister Adrienne tries to create chaos at the institute. She plants bombs which are not defused in time, and in a rage, Emma shoots and kills her sister. After a while, Emma has visions and is haunted by the past of her sister, but she is able to defeat her once again and expel her from her mind. From that point on she vows not to rely on her telepathic abilities. In her opinion, it had caused her to lose her edge resulting in Synch's death, and she vows to be hard "as hard as diamonds."

    Joining the X-Men

    Emma with the X-Men
    Emma with the X-Men

    After this, she goes on to teach at the mutant-dominated island nation of Genosha. During the infamous Sentinel Genocide of the island’s inhabitants, Emma manages to survive by virtue of her secondary mutation manifesting, allowing her to take on a near-invulnerable diamond form. She finds herself as one of the instructors at Xavier’s, where she develops a close relationship with X-Men founding member Cyclops. This would evolve into a secretive telepathic affair between the two, helped along by an incident where Cyclops temporarily becomes possessed by Apocalypse. Jean’s discovery of this would distance her own relationship with Cyclops, while Emma would only grow closer to the mutant leader.

    New X-Men

    Emma with Jean Grey
    Emma with Jean Grey

    Emma had been teaching on the mutant island kingdom of Genosha when Cassandra Nova launched a massive sentinel attack. The attack wiped out the population of the island. Jean Grey and Hank McCoy traveled to Genosha to help with relief efforts and discovered only one survivor - Emma Frost. She'd been saved by the manifestation of her secondary mutation, a flexible, organic diamond form. In her arms, she held the corpse of her former student, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, unwilling to accept that she'd died. Emma was taken back to the Xavier Institute so that Beast could run a few tests on her new mutation. He concluded that she'd been gifted with diamond skin. Unfortunately, when in diamond form, Emma discovered that she could no longer access her telepathy. In this form, she could not experience genuine emotion or pain. After telepathically summoning a taxi, Emma planned to leave the Institute, but she said she had an "epiphany", and decided to stop the car and head back to the school. She entered as the other X-Men were battling Cassandra Nova. In her diamond form, Emma twisted Nova's neck, killing her, saying that "There are just some things that shouldn't be forgiven." However, Nova had a type of healing factor that kicked in and brought her back. Unbeknownst to the X-Men, Nova had switched places with Xavier by means of a consciousness transfer. Nova now occupied the body of Xavier. As Xavier, she shot her own true body to cripple the real Charles. Cyclops thanks Emma for coming back. Emma plays this off, saying that she'd forgotten her bag, and it was lucky for Scott that it was a Louis Vitton. After this event, Emma decides to join the X-Men.


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    On a trip to China, the group came upon a captive mutant called Xorn. In an effort to free him, the X-Men battled Chinese militants and John Sublime's U-Men. Eventually, Xorn was free of captivity. Disgusted with the life he knew, he was attempting to overload his powers, which would destroy life on Earth. Emma used her telepathy to psychically "download" the Chinese language into Cyclops's mind. Scott was able to talk Xorn down, and even offered him a place on the X-Men.

    Soon later, Xavier (which was still really Cassandra Nova) outed himself as a mutant on a live talk show. Many reacted to this in a negative way, and soon a large crowd formed outside the school, comprised of protesters, mutant-haters, and the media. Xavier (Nova) decided to visit Charles's lady love, the Empress Lilandra Neramani of the Shi'ar Empire. He left the planet, leaving the team to deal with the new students, the protesters, and Sublime. Jean tried addressing the crowd, but her efforts bore no fruit. Emma, tired of waiting around for Jean's method to work, telepathically brought every member of the crowd to orgasm, simultaneously. They each passed out, and when they woke up, they left in their shame.

    Visiting Sublime

    Emma and Scott decided to pay a visit to John Sublime, who'd been preaching to the world that everyone could be a mutant. Despite his seemingly wannabe-attitude, Emma believed he was involved in a plot far more sinister. When questioned by the pair, Sublime had his U-Men attack Emma and Scott. One of them broke Emma's nose. She shifted into diamond form, unable to telepathically shut them down because she was being blocked by the captive Martha Johansson who would go on to become No-Girl. Emma and Scott were detained. The U-Men were given orders to sever Scott's head from his body. They were to later turn their attention to Emma to take her apart and make some sort of human chandelier out of her. While they were occupied with Scott, Emma broke free of her restraints and angrily took down her opponents, freeing Scott in the process. They located Sublime once again in his office. Emma telepathically stimulated the man's pain receptors so that he could feel what she felt when her nose was broken but amplified to an unbearable degree. Emma then attacked him, slamming him into the large windows, breaking the glass when she did so. She held him several stories above the ground, threatening to drop him. Scott urged her not to, reminding her that X-Men don't kill. Sublime let go of Emma, falling to his death. Emma told Scott not to blame her as "he practically somersaulted" from her grip.

    Cassandra Nova had been using her influence in the Shi'ar Empire to return to Earth with a host of Shi'ar destroyers. It was revealed that she had unleashed thousands of nano sentinels into the air at the Xavier Institute, infecting the X-Men. She then lied to the Superguardians, telling them that this mutant plague was contagious and needed to be wiped out before it harmed everyone else in the galaxy. The Shi'ar Imperial Guard attacked the Institute. Emma was taken out first so that her formidable telepathic powers would not interfere with their invasion. A device was placed on her head that prevented her from using her powers. As the Superguardians battled their way into the school, Emma was stuck, powerless on the campus. Fortunately for her, the Stepford Cuckoos were able to psychically learn how to unlock the device. They helped Emma out of her constraints, and she headed back to the mansion, where an understanding between the X-Men and the Imperial Guard had been reached. Unfortunately, Cassandra Nova did not halt her attack, still using Xavier's body. All hope seemed lost until Emma returned and tricked Nova into making a deal with her. Emma would provide Nova with a host body if Nova let her live. Nova agreed and entered the body of the alien, Stuff, who was a gelatinous blob programmed for learning basic things, meaning Nova would be trapped in the body of an unintelligent, incompetent alien blob.

    Riot at Xavier's

    Later on, Quentin Quire aka Kid Omega, the prized pupil of Charles Xavier, and his gang of cronies known as the Omega Gang attacked and inhibited the powers of Professor X. Unable to use his telepathy, the man tried to talk some sense into the students, who'd hooked him up on the wall. They were determined to ruin the school's Open Day the next morning by staging a riot. When crowds of humans arrived to see the wonderful displays the students had created for the school, Quentin made statements about the lies of Xavier and the superiority of mutantkind. Glob Herman was lit on fire, and he began to hurl balls of flame at the crowds. Emma assumed her diamond form and helped get the humans packed onto buses and away from the dangerous Omega Gang. Quentin had already managed to subdue Wolverine and Professor X. Glob Herman, still aflame, chased the bus of humans, drawing the attention of Beast. Cyclops engaged the Omega Gang, easily taking down several members. A member known as Tattoo phased her hand through Scott's head, threatening to solidify, thereby killing him. Emma slid her diamond hand through Tattoo's own head, saying that if Tattoo solidified, she would die as well. She was able to eliminate Tattoo as a threat. Meanwhile, the Stepford Cuckoos used the powers of their hive mind while Sophie Cuckoo used the drug known as Kick and Cerebra to enhance their powers. Together they were able to subdue Quentin but at a price. Emma had gone to check on Sophie. She carried the girl's dead body to the outside of the school. The psychic strain had killed Sophie Cuckoo.

    Psychic Affair Outed

    Jean finding out about the affair
    Jean finding out about the affair

    As Jean Grey was returning on a flight back to Westchester from her European missions with new mutant Sooraya Qadir, aka Dust, the Stepford Cuckoos contacted her, informing her that her husband, Scott, had been having a psychic affair with Emma Frost. The Cuckoos were mad that under Emma's tutelage, Sophie had decided to play the hero and died for it. This was their way of getting revenge. Scott and Emma were in the middle of their psychic tryst when Jean Grey returned, and burst into Emma's thoughts, catching them in the act. Scott tries to explain, but Jean shuts him out and gets personal with Emma. She forces her way into Emma's mind, and they argue, while Jean explores the depths of Emma's psyche, looking for memories Emma has been keeping well hidden. After invading Emma's mind and stomping around in it, Jean leaves, and Emma falls into Wolverine's arms, admitting finally and lamenting that she has fallen in love with Scott Summers. Beast goes to check on her later on, only to discover, to his shock and dismay, that Emma has been shot and shattered into thousands of little diamond shards. Veteran X-Men Lucas Bishop and Sage arrive on the scene to investigate Emma Frost's murder. They lock down the school and begin questioning everyone. It is later revealed that Angel Salvadore had confronted Emma Frost and shot her in her nose (the flawed weak point of her diamond form), thereby shattering her. Just before this diamond bullet was fired, Emma realized that Esme Cuckoo had been controlling Angel and had forced her to shoot Emma. Hank McCoy busied himself with reassembling Emma's diamond form in his lab as if it were a giant puzzle. When he was nearing completion, Jean decided to step in and used her Phoenix powers to piece Emma back together and fuse all the shards. Emma was alive again, and the first thing she did was shout out the name of Esme. Bishop and Sage confronted Esme as she was attempting to escape the school. She easily defeated them telepathically and then left the premises in a cab. It was revealed that Esme had been dealing the drug Kick at the school, and had gotten rid of Emma because she had been investigating it. Sooner or later, she would have discovered that Esme was behind it all. Esme had been using Kick to enhance her telepathy so that she could take total control of the hive mind she shared with the other Stepford Cuckoos. Sophie attempted to fight back, and because of that, Esme influenced Sophie's brash heroism during the riot at the school, thereby steering Sophie to her death. It was not Emma's fault, after all.

    Co-leader of the X-Men

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    After Jean’s death at the hands of Xorn, Emma makes her romantic relationship with Cyclops public, despite the disapproval of others. After this, she becomes co-headmaster of the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute. Emma soon begins playing a pivotal role in the lives of the students. Emma becomes the head of a team of students that she called the Hellions, after her former fallen pupils. Emma also joins the new premier X-Men team, consisting of Cyclops, Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, and Beast. When the Danger Room becomes sentient, Emma battles it with the other members of her team. Emma is the last one standing and is unable to defeat her. Later while battling Danger on Genosha, Emma reconnects with the Hellfire Club.

    House of M & M Day

    Put her down.
    Put her down.

    After the reality warp caused by the Scarlet Witch, Emma Frost was married to Scott Summers and the couple had three children. Emma was the first person Wolverine contacted when he discovered that reality had been altered by Wanda. Once "reawakened", Emma was able to use her telepathy to restore the memories of others, thereby "reawakening" them as well. After a significant number of heroes, both X-Men and Avengers, had their memories restored, a meeting was held to discuss what should be done regarding the Scarlet Witch. Speaking to this issue, Emma said, "What is there to say? Put her down". Emma was the only one who agreed with Logan - the Scarlet Witch needed to be killed. A large group of X-Men and Avengers traveled to Genosha to deal with the Scarlet Witch. Wanda was driven to the edge, and in this final moment of madness, she uttered the words "No more mutants" deactivating the x-gene of mutants all over the world, thereby significantly decreasing the mutant population from hundreds of thousands to mere hundreds. Emma had been monitoring the battle via Cerebro, and upon the utterance of those words, Emma witnessed thousands of lights representing mutants suddenly go out. She was among the few mutants who still retained their powers after M Day.

    Messiah Complex

    Emma with the X-Men in Messiah Complex
    Emma with the X-Men in Messiah Complex

    Emma was with the team when they visited Cooperstown, Alaska to find the newborn Hope Summers. They searched for survivors as they looked upon the carnage that the Marauders and the Purifiers had left in their wake. Emma used her telepathy to scan for survivors. The baby Hope was missing, and the X-Men believed Mr. Sinister's Marauders had taken her. In an effort to find her, a team of five - Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, & Angel - was dispatched to confront the Marauders. Sinister, believing that taking down the team would be simple, was surprised to find that there was a sixth X-Man with them: though her body was back at the mansion, Emma was psychically present, shielding the minds of the X-Men against Sinister's telepathy. When the Sentinels that stood guard over the school were hijacked by Bishop (unbeknownst to the team), Emma's concentration was broken, and the team became susceptible to Sinister's attacks. Emma was also with the team later on when they battled the Marauders and took down Harpoon. During the battle on Muir Island, Emma psychically engaged Exodus, and the two battled telepathically. Though Exodus was capable of other feats (telekinesis, etc.), Emma was able to keep him so completely focused on their psi-battle that he was unable to use his other abilities on her. While Emma kept him distracted, Dust entered his body one grain of sand at a time, and scoured his lungs, incapacitating the mutant, while the rest of the X-Men finished off the remaining Marauders.

    Secret Invasion

    When the full forces of the Skrull Empire invaded Earth, a portion of those troops traveled to San Francisco, believing the population there to be devoid of any superhuman presence. But they were wrong. At the time, San Francisco was still the home of the X-Men, and among them was Emma Frost.

    Utopia and Dark Reign

    Emma with the Dark X-Men
    Emma with the Dark X-Men

    Emma is called upon by Norman Osborn, after he is appointed as America's "Top Cop", to join a group named the Cabal to help Osborn consolidate power. Following a series of anti-mutant protests and riots in San Francisco, Emma is tasked by Norman Osborn to lead a civil peacekeeping group of X-Men. She is given command over Wolverine's son Daken, Weapon Omega, Mimic, and the duo of Cloak and Dagger. Emma brought a final element to the team: Namor, with whom she had previously shared a romantic relationship. Emma's first fight with the team occurred when she arrests a group of mutant vandals led by her own former student, Hellion. Emma insists on touring a mutant prison to see how the prisoners are being treated. She is then contacted, weakly, by Professor Xavier, and he informs her that he and Hank are being kept prisoner there. He also tells her that the Omega Chair, developed by the Dark Beast has horrible side effects and that Osborn isn't telling her everything. Emma then verbally reassures the Professor that she believes him and that she would make sure everything would be all right.

    Nation X

    In Nation X, Osborn retreated, leaving the mutants to build their Utopia, Emma continues to support Cyclops, though she was seemingly trapped in her diamond form until the Void essence could be safely removed. To help her, Xavier telepathically links Emma and Cyclops' minds. Cyclops finds himself in a vast white room inside Emma's mind. Many representations of Emma are present, and Emma's main consciousness approached him. Just as they began to discuss how to extract the Void, all the other Emma personalities attacks Cyclops, while the main Emma is pulled into the empty whiteness.

    She flies away from it towards Cyclops' thoughts until she is able to reach him through a hole he had blasted through the whiteness. Once rescued Emma sees something over Cyclops' shoulder, and is abruptly ejected from her mind and into the real world, no longer in her diamond form.


    Selene looking for Emma
    Selene looking for Emma

    In Necrosha, Selene recently resurrected Emma's Hellions are sent to attack her. They catch her unaware and taunt her. Confronted by her past failures, Emma crumbled and was unable to fight back. She is protected by Cyclops and Domino long enough for the Vanisher to appear and teleport Emma to safety. At the end of the battle, Emma recognizes the only way to end this is to kill Selene and anyone on her side, even Wither, a former and favorite student of Emma's. Other recently resurrected mutants are sent to attack the X-Men to prevent them from interfering with Selene's plans to sacrifice the souls of the resurrected mutants on Genosha. However, the Hellions are sent to kill Emma as a punishment for thwarting Selene's plans during their time in the Hellfire Club together.

    Second Coming

    During Second Coming Emma mostly stays on Utopia and used her telepathy to keep Scott and the field teams connected. She later leaves this post to fight with the other X-Men on the Golden Gate Bridge. She acted very nervously when Hope manifested the Phoenix Force, but she was told by Wolverine that there is nothing she can do now. She acts cold and unconcerned towards Scott when he seeks her out for moral support due to being in this form. She then sees the Phoenix Force manifest around Hope and remembers Jean Grey's words to her when she saw her during the Sisterhood attack: "Prepare".

    Fear Itself

    Emma and the other X-Men are forced to protect the city of San Francisco from Kuurth, Unstoppable Juggernaut. After creating a psychic conference room for the mayor, Cyclops, and herself; Emma waits on Cerebro to attack the Juggernaut mentally when the team can get his helmet off. Once his helmet is off, Emma tries to attack telepathically but suffers extreme psychic distress. She is sent to the recovery center on Utopia alongside Hope Summers, who, in a moment of confusion, she tries to suffocate. She is stopped by Namor who she mistakes for Cyclops and kisses him by accident, only to snap back to her senses and shoo him away telling him to never tell Scott about this. Namor continues to tell Emma that Scott is undeserving of her love and that he would make a far more suitable partner.

    Curse of the Mutants

    Emma was present when Xarus's united vampire nation attacked various parts of San Francisco. Jubilee was targeted by a vampire suicide bomber and was thusly transformed into a vampire, herself. The plan was to lure Logan aka Wolverine out to track her down and save her. According to Scott's plan, Logan's healing factor was temporarily negated and he turned into a vampire as well. Emma suggested finding the deceased Dracula, and reanimating him so that he might take down Xarus for them. Namor retrieved Dracula's head and Storm and Gambit were dispatched to find the body. Once put back together, Dracula threatened to simply attack Utopia himself. Eventually, Xarus led a full-scale attack on Utopia, which was defended by the "Tough Skin" squad, led by Cyclops, Emma, and Blade, the vampire hunter. Assuming her diamond form, Emma was able to effectively battle the vampire hordes because they could not bite her or do any damage. The sheer numbers of Xarus's legion soon overwhelmed the X-Men, and as they prepared to fall back, the vampire Wolverine was sent to kill Scott. It was then that Scott's plan played out, as Logan's healing factor was restored, and he returned to normalcy. Dracula's arrival saw Emma's plan play out, as father killed son, and the X-Men were able to send the vampires back to where they came from, relatively unscathed.


    Emma & Quentin
    Emma & Quentin

    When Scott Summers and Wolverine visited the United Nations to speak at an International Arms Control Conference, they were surprised to find another mutant in attendance: Quentin Quire, aka Kid Omega. Quentin used his vast psychic powers to force the world leaders in the room to reveal their deepest darkest secrets on live television. This incident sparked worldwide outrage and widespread panic. Mutant hysteria was at an all-time high as world leaders took old models of Sentinels that had been commissioned long ago out of storage. The Sentinels in nearly every country had been reactivated and were on the lookout for mutants. Emma Frost broadcast a telepathic message to every remaining mutant on the planet, warning them about the sentinels, and urging them to lay low. Emma also ran telepathic surveillance with the Stepford Cuckoos as teams were deployed into the field to destroy the sentinels. The old models began to malfunction and began attacking everyone around them - not just humans. Soon thereafter, Quentin Quire turned up on Utopia seeking sanctuary. Wolverine decided against it, but Cyclops allowed him to stay. He was sent to a room, but not without a stern warning from Emma. While most X-Men were out dealing with the Sentinel problem, Emma decided to visit the Museum of Mutant History located elsewhere in San Francisco on the night of its grand opening. The mutant-friendly Mayor Sinclair had invited Cyclops to the event. Cyclops decided to send the Sub-Mariner, Colossus, Iceman, and Magneto with Emma as a show of force to the outside world. While at the museum, Emma notes that she is mentioned barely four times, and in three of them, as a villain. Later, after taking photos, Emma and the X-Men are attacked by Kade Kilgore, his Inner Circle, and their henchmen. Emma's telepathy is blocked by a device activated by Maximilian Frankenstein of Kilgore's Inner Circle. He reveals there is a tiny button hidden away in his glove by his pinkie finger that allowed him to block her powers. Emma simply breaks his finger, reactivating her telepathic powers. Before she has the ability to shut down the invaders, a space slug is attached to her face, incapacitating Emma and the others. With the 'heavy hitters' down, Idie Okonkwo aka Oya, decides, based on Cyclops's orders, to attack the intruders. She burns them alive, all except for Kilgore and his Inner Circle, who escape. This attack sets Wolverine off against Cyclops, saying that it wasn't right for Oya to do what she did. Wolverine blamed Scott, and Scott accepted the blame. By the time the slug was removed from Emma's face, Cyclops and Wolverine had taken down a mega-sentinel that attacked Utopia - with the help of the mutant children.

    This final battle was what made up Logan's mind. He decided to leave Utopia saying that Cyclops was turning children into soldiers. Scott and Logan invited the rest of the mutants to make up their mind, and choose a side, and reassured them that there would be no hard feelings. Cyclops naturally assumed that Emma would stay on Utopia with him. Emma told him he shouldn't have assumed as much. She revealed that he has forced her to sacrifice everything she believes in, everything she loves to be with him on Utopia. She believed in teaching the next generation, not in fighting. After explaining why she should leave, Emma reveals that she liquidated her company in order to bankroll Utopia since Angel would be leaving. She did it even before Scott asked if she would be staying, showing that she'd already resolved to remain with him.


    Emma stays with Scott on Utopia where she liquidates her company in order to bankroll Utopia for the time being. She is on Scott's Extinction Team along with Hope, Colossus, Magik, Danger, Magneto, Namor and Storm. Emma and the team are alarmed of the Dreaming Celestial being activated by Mr. Sinister. They engage him in battle and Emma ends up losing one of her diamond arms due to a blast from a celestial probe. Emma and the team fought the Sinister people until Mr. Sinister invites them into to his domain. Sinister telepathically controls the team, but due to being in her diamond form Emma is immune but surrounded. Emma told Hope a code word that replicates Emma's diamond form to protect Hope from Sinister prior to entering his domain. With Sinister shot through the head by Hope thanks to Emma, the team is freed from his telepathic control but Sinister predicts this would happen and the team learns Sinister's copies have become a hive-mind-like species.

    Emma and the team continue to battle the Sinister Species when Emma realizes that Sinister is using Cyclop's mind as a blueprint for his species. Emma has Namor hold her left arm as a tourniquet and abandons her diamond form where she successfully uses her telepathy to mind blast the Sinisters. However, a new Sinister arrives saying he integrated the new data that the previous Sinisters received, and shoots himself after teleporting his palace away.

    Making The Gods Blink
    Making The Gods Blink

    The Dreaming Celestial's head attaches to its body as the rest of the Celestials land. Emma is about to be told to leave by Scott but cuts him short refusing to go. The team stares the Celestials down vowing to protect the Dreaming Celestial and Earth. A group of people gathers looking at the X-men but they do nothing, no throwing things, no derogatory slurs. They only show fear which was Cyclops' initial plan all along. Emma's diamond arm was eventually reattached by a molecular weaving machine made by X-Club.

    Emma was seen training, getting back into to fighting condition after her arm reattachment. She had a brief conversation with Namor and left while noticing Scott was on edge about something. She was later deployed with the Extinction team to deal with the escaped prisoners from the Peak space prison station and when the Avengers showed up to deal with further escapees. She teams up with Iron Man, Colossus and Red Hulk to face Xemnu the Titan While Colossus holds off Xemnu, Emma and Tony make a psionic shielding device for the Red Hulk to protect him from Xemnu's telepathy. With the device complete, the combined might of Colossus and Red Hulk was enough to defeat the alien.

    With Hope taken captive by Unit, the Extinction team takes leave from the Avengers to save Hope. Emma and the team are teleported there by Magik where Emma tries to invade Unit's mind. Unit uses a fake double mind, which is what he used in the first place to make a false mutant detection signal in order to draw out Hope, allowing him the chance to shoot a small laser at Emma stunning her. He then uses a pheromone barrage on her and Namor forcing them to become intimate on the battlefield which makes Scott angry and jealous causing him to blast Unit. With Unit's eventual defeat at the hands of Danger, the team returns home where Emma apologizes to Scott for what happened with her and Namor. He tells her that he was alright with what happened since she was forced to do so and had no choice in the matter.

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    Phoenix Five
    Phoenix Five

    Emma sides with the X-Men where she tried to take Hope deeper into Utopia away from the Avengers and the battle. She was close to telepathically shutting down the Avenger's mental defenses when Iron Man shows up using a nanotech taser cloud to block her telepathy. Emma is forced into her diamond form and after a brief battle with Iron Man is defeated shortly after until Magneto shows up to battle Iron Man, saving her. After the Avengers have soundly won the Battle of Utopia and Hope has run off, Cyclops surrenders the X-Men. The Avengers become aware that this is just a ruse, as Cyclops has Magik teleport the X-Men away. Emma is with Scott when he visits the Jean Grey School to ask for recruits and sanctuary. A brief battle with Wolverine's X-Men ensues, and the Extinction Team leaves the premises. They find out Hope is heading to the moon. Emma, and four other mutants, Cyclops, Magik, Colossus, and Namor, acquire a share of the Phoenix thanks to Iron Man using a new armor to stop it from bonding with Hope. Emma and the rest of the Phoenix Five take Hope back to Earth in order to prepare for future events. They announce they will cleanse the Earth.

    Emma and the rest of the Phoenix Five fix the Earth by ending hunger, providing an unlimited source of free, clean energy and water, and also outlaw war 'Pax Utopia'. In order to outlaw war, they destroy all large weapons including sentinels, missiles, submarines, tanks, etc. Emma destroyed sentinels from all around the world. In order to complete this job, she arrived at Avengers Academy to destroy the sentinel belonging to Juston. Despite its being a killing machine, Justin has grown attached to the sentinel and refuses to let Emma destroy it. The students of the Academy step in to prevent Emma from taking the sentinel apart. Hank Pym joins the fray, and together they make a stand against Emma, who easily tosses them around with her new powers. She cannot understand why the students would want to protect a mutant-hunting robot. She is most surprised by X-23 who attacks Emma to defend her friend. Laura is a mutant and Emma believed that she would side with her. Emma was able to thwart Laura's attack by shifting into diamond form. Emma offered to simply wipe the processing unit of the sentinel so that its prime directive to "Destroy all mutants!" would be erased. Juston wouldn't allow this claiming that it would do away with the sentinel's personality. Having been unable to reach a compromise, Emma decided to simply destroy the machine. Rather than melting it, however, she took it apart, so that Justin could rebuild it with a new unit. She melted its core so that it could not be used again. After extending an invitation to X-23 (that was hastily rejected), Emma took her leave of the school. Unbeknownst to her, Quicksilver had switched out the sentinel's unit with his super speed so that the sentinel would be safe after all. Emma's battle at Avengers Academy led to Hank Pym's announcement that the school would be closed because it was unsafe.

    Emma Manipulating Namor
    Emma Manipulating Namor

    Later, Emma and Namor talk about Transonic being imprisoned. Namor is disgusted with it and Emma tells him she knows where the girl is. In what appears to be a manipulative moment for Emma, most likely due to the corruption and the power of the part of the Phoenix Force in her, kisses Namor and tells him Transonic is in Wakanda and that she, Emma, hasn't told Scott about her whereabouts.Another scuffle with the Avengers occurs when the Avengers invade a remodeled Utopia (which now ascends all the way into the sky with all new levels of paradise) to snatch away Hope Summers. Emma and Scott prepare to battle the Avengers and permanently end the conflict, but the Scarlet Witch intervenes and teleports a voluntary Hope and the Avengers away. Emma talks with Cyclops who goes on to say that despite all the good X-Men do and all the good they have done, mankind still hates and fears them. That they will always be pushed further into a corner and steal away their innocent despite being endangered so few. The humans will always send their "heroes" to attack the mutants and continue to push them around. She watches as Cyclops simply states "No more Avengers." He plans to take the Avengers off the board, permanently.

    With Magneto bringing Namor's actions to Scott's attention, he questions Emma. Emma tells him Namor is his own man and that Scott has no authority over him. Emma tells him to look at the benefit of what happened with the Avengers being found. Emma and the rest of the Phoenix Five go to Wakanda wherein Namor's defeat, they absorb his share of the Phoenix Force. Emma calls for a meeting with Scott in the remote location of the Danakil Desert in Ethiopia. Emma and he talk and she go on to say she has reached into every mind on Earth. Scott tells her that she needs to stop sounding like Namor and that this isn't a war and she needs to come home. Emma tells Scott that Hope is in K'un Lun. Scott rushes off to retrieve Hope leaving Emma in mid-sentence begging for him to stop her as she is scared of what she might do next as the Phoenix Force's influence corrupts her further. She ends up making a man who had a hit and runs accident with a thirteen-year-old mutant boy years ago and never reported it just because he was a mutant, brain dead. When Colossus and Magik fight, they manage to knock each other out in an attempt to gain the other's portion of the Phoenix Force. They are returned to their normal forms as their portions of the Phoenix Force leave them and presumably go to Emma and Scott.

    Emma is now almost completely corrupted by the Phoenix Force. She has forced all the remaining X-Men to bow down and worship her. Only one resisted and that was Magneto. Emma explains that she is indeed the more powerful of the two which spites Magneto to contact Xavier saying both Emma and Scott are completely gone. Scott is in need of more power after his defeat at the hands of Hope taking the power of Iron Fist and Scarlet witch so he is heading after Emma.

    Emma talks with Scott telling him she can read his thoughts about how he thinks he might take her half. Emma begins to go on on a rant threatening to burn the world but Cyclops yells at her to stop talking like that and asks what has gotten into her. She replies with a worried look that she doesn't know. The Avengers and X-Men attack the two remaining avatars and they fight back. As the fight continues on the outside, Emma and Cyclops have a psychic dinner discussing things. Emma reveals to Scott even more disturbing tendencies such as using human blood as a sauce for a steak. She tells him about the psychic affair and that she truly loves him. She continues to talk about destroying the world and that she will be a queen of ash and they will just rebuild anew. Emma's corruption is almost complete and Cyclops realizes this. He asks for her forgiveness as Emma is stricken down by him and her half of the force is absorbed. Emma is arrested by the Avengers who are then attacked by Purifier being labeled as mutant sympathizers. The Avengers defeat them and then Emma is escorted to prison and the Extinction team is revealed to still be active.


    Never without heels
    Never without heels

    Kitty sees Emma in prison, asking her if she wants Emma to take a message to Scott. Emma retorts to Kitty that she doesn't want to foul up her mouth in her usual, mean tone towards the Kitty. They talk for a bit with Kitty saying they have a lot in common with Emma saying that both of their men turned out to be idiots. Kitty states that the difference is that she was smart enough to leave hers. She exits while Emma looks on with a scowl on her face.

    All New X-Men

    Mutant Revolution
    Mutant Revolution

    Emma was freed from a high-security prisoner transport unit by Cyclops and Magneto, whose powers just went haywire. Emma is furious at Scott for all his actions and betrayal and Cyclops tells her it wasn't him and it was the Phoenix. Emma storms off and Cyclops tells her to read his mind to show her how sorry he really is but Emma reveals she cannot as the Phoenix altered their powers and her telepathy is gone. Emma also tells Scott they best not be near each other and when she was seemingly going to end the relationship right then and there, the cops start heading towards them as Magik teleports the group away. In Australia, a new mutant girl named Eva has just awakened her powers after her overprotective brother started a fight. The girl formed a time sphere around a block in Australia with the Police and Federal Guard outside the sphere. Emma tells the mutant girl that these are the scariest times in mutant lives. The team offers to help her learn to control her powers if she will join them. When the temporal sphere goes down, Emma shifts into her diamond form, and along with Magneto and Cyclops, she helps protect Eva and fight off the police forces.

    With Cyclops and Magneto discussing the issues at hand in a field, Emma tells them both a new mutant has been revealed. When Magik teleports Cyclops and Magneto back to the Weapon X facility, Cyclops storms and Emma asks what happened where Magneto tells her that the Original Five X-Men have been brought to the present. Magneto mentions young Cyclops and Jean Grey which is all Emma needed to hear as she goes to find Cyclops. She finds him on a hill where she starts to ask him what happened. While reluctant, Cyclops tells her that they were all real. Emma ponders who would have the technology and wherewithal to something like this. With Cyclops pointing out Beast would be the only one, Emma figures it makes sense since Cyclops killed Xavier that with Hank not being able to kill Scott would punish him instead. She shows up with Scott and the group to the Jean Grey Institute to deliver his explanation of what happened in Avengers vs X-Men to clear the air and offer the new students to join his side of things at the new Xavier Institute.

    Emma recently took Jean Grey to Madripoor after promising to train her in her psionic powers. Emma reveals her psychic powers have been repaired with some help from the Cuckoos, and with it she shuts off Jean's telepathy. She sends Jean after the Blob, and Jean managed to defeat him. Emma congratulates her and tells her she needs to open herself up more and the two head home.

    The New Revolution

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    With the emergence of a new mutant by the name of Fabio Medina, Cyclops and his X-Men team show up to ascertain him to join the New Charles Xavier Institute for the Gifted. Fabio is being detained by the police at the time of his powers awakening and causing a commotion. The X-Men manage to stop the police but are soon attacked by a group of sentinels. The veteran X-Men manage to defeat the sentinels, even with their altered powers with Cyclops delivering the final blow, leveling the entire area as the group stare in amazement at his power. After the defeated sentinels, the revolutionary group of X-Men leave with Fabio and return the new Xavier Institute. Emma has a break down outside and discovers that she is now projecting her thoughts at random. She has a deep conversation with Scott about their current situation. While they agree they are separated, they show they still care about each other and will continue to work with each other for the betterment of the students. They head inside the new school and go over the current mutant situation. The team teleports to Australia to visit Eva Bell's mother, and not long after showing up, the X-Men and recruits are intercepted by an Avengers squad.

    Emma and Scott stand up to the Avengers with the bold proclamation that the Avengers are the ones responsible for the death of Charles Xavier. After some statements from Cyclops and the Avengers almost assaulting the X team, Eva Bell freezes them in a temporal bubble. Cyclops makes the statement that the X-Men will protect all the mutants and humans that support them and that a warning to the people who will deny them their freedom has been issued. The X team is transported back to the New Xavier Institute where Magneto is revealed to be the mole. The team shows disgust at the reveal except for Emma, who realizes that Magneto being a double agent is an ingenious plan and even convinces Scott it can play to their advantage. Emma, along with the rest of the veteran mutant team, are transported by Magik to the Jean Grey Institute.

    No Caption Provided

    When they show up to the Jean Grey Institute, Scott goes off on his explanation of his side in the story and in the meantime, Emma confronts the Stepford Cuckoos where they figure out she does not have her telepathy and realize that is why Emma never made contact. The Cuckoos psychically torture Emma to a degree about it and uncover what happened between her and Scott. Emma doesn't blame them for their actions as she does understand they are just like her. Emma and the Cuckoos then have a psychic conversation about the events happening at the school with the original X-Men coming to the future. The Cuckoos do make mention of Jean Grey and that she is still very untrained, as they have been reading her mind quite frequently. Emma tells the Cuckoos to come with her to the Xavier School where she will continue to train them. Emma and the group leave for a period to return to their school and find the new mutants getting attacked by the Danger Room. It is then that Magik's powers show her broken state as she screams out in pain, briefly disappears, and reappears in a small burst of flames. Emma and the veteran X-Men leave once more for the Jean Grey school and upon their return, the Cuckoos have come to the new Xavier Institute along with the younger version of Angel.

    After Magik's powers go off again, Cyclops has a talk with her and brings her back. Emma, along with the rest of the team, are forcibly pulled into Limbo where Illyana has transformed into Darkchilde.

    It is revealed that the team was forcibly transported into Limbo by Dormammu so he could kill the team to spite Magik and eventually kill her. Emma transforms into diamond form to keep herself protected and when Dormammu commands his mindless ones to attack the team, Emma gets the Stepford Cuckoos to turn the fearful new mutant's mindsets into bravery, thus giving them to courage to fight back. Emma and the rest of the team fight the minions to save themselves and Magik.

    Emma continues battling the mindless ones and the group is soon getting overwhelmed with some getting injured. Magik manages to free herself and cast everyone out while absorbing the entire dimension into herself. One of the students, Benjamin, is nearly dead, but Emma coaches Christopher through the use of his ability and saves him. Scott apologizes to the team and tells them they all must train. Emma and Scott escort Fabio home, as he could not handle the pressure that comes with being an X-man. Emma tells the team not to worry as new mutants are popping up all over the world, and the team rescues and recruits a new mutant by the name of David Bond, who has the ability to control cars. Emma is seen coaching David when he is controlling a massive plane just outside of the compound. When Irma of the Stepford Cuckoos dyes her hair, Emma is seen escorting her back inside when Celeste freaks out on her. Emma helps the team invade the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier when they catch word of Fabio being kidnapped and interrogated and the team manages to successfully save Fabio.

    Emma and Scott are training the students, but the former couple ends up having a small argument. After watching Eva perform a new ability with her powers, Emma and the rest of the X-Men end up watching a pro-mutant rally in honor of Scott. The X-Men go and join the rally where Emma watches Scott give a speech, but not long after a new sentinel attacks them.

    The Blockbuster sentinel attacks, and appears to vaporize him. Much to worry about Emma, but due to a timely save from Magik, he is alright. Emma goes diamond and charges the machine, only to be knocked back and caught by Angel. The rest of the X-Men try their luck at attacking it, but the sentinel keeps adapting. Eventually, Magneto arrives and does a final attack. The Sentinel appears to ready to explode, and with Cyclops demanding the robot tell him who sent it, Emma saves Scott before it does leave an explosion, but only due to the assailant calling it back.

    During a training session, Emma watches as Cyclops is being especially hard on Benjamin for giving up in a training exercise. When Benjamin gets out of the shower, Emma is clad in different clothes and begins to get close to the student in an attempt to make him uncomfortable and push him to get his powers to activate. The attempt works as Emma picks up on his traits and comes to the conclusion that he is more than just a shape-shifter, and that he can mess with technology, and that he releases a pheromone of sorts that makes people feel good about themselves. Emma and Magik take him to Atlanta, Georgia where they put his powers to the test. Emma ends up having the student run an actual mission. She hands him a letter and tells Benjamin to bring it all the way up to Timothy Dugan's office with a note telling him that in someone inside SHIELD is attacking mutants. Benjamin ends up passing and Emma tells Scott about his successful mission.

    X-Men vs. S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The team responds to a new mutant but it turns out to be a trap. Emma and everyone is attacked by a large sentinel and their powers begin to shut off. Emma manages to help get the students behind Cyclops and Magik saves the day with a spell. Emma and the group head back to the institute and come to the conclusion that whoever is baiting them is using Cerebro and sending out false signals to lure them in. They unplug Cerebro and they come to the conclusion that only a few people know to use Cerebro: Xavier who is dead, Magneto, who wouldn't do this, and Beast. Cyclops and Magik head to the Xavier Institute and leave Emma behind with the students. Emma is later seen with the students knowing that something wrong is happening and that she is worried about Scott. Emma is with the students when Magneto shows up with Dazzler. He has Triage heal her. Emma and the crew are about to leave when Magik arrives and teleports them to the Jean Grey school to see what is happening. They look on as Sentinels and helicarriers are attacking, but Hijack returns and saves the day. Scott reveals to everyone that it was Dark Beast who attacked them, but what happened was on Maria Hill's watch.

    Battle of the Atom

    Emma Frost and the rest of the Uncanny X-Men arrive on the scene of a battle to team up with Kitty Pryde and her students consisting of the remaining Original Five X-Men. After the destruction of all the sentinels, one of the heads remains active and kills the younger Cyclops, causing the older one to disappear and cease to exist. Emma gets Christopher to revive the younger Scott Summers, and the older one returns back to reality. After the battle, the Uncanny X-Men leave and return to their school where they watch the footage of their fight for studying. Emma ends up having a telepathic battle with the older Jean Grey from the future by being a conduit for the Stepford Cuckoos' telepathy, but Emma is ultimately defeated. More and more X-Men from the future continue to come to the present. Emma, along with the rest of the X-Men, continue to battle the designated evil future team. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s anti-mutant weapon armament is completely activated, and the X-Men work together to finish the battle while they manage to stop the assault, but not without some casualties.

    Original Sin

    Emma and Ant-Man: joining the team!
    Emma and Ant-Man: joining the team!

    Emma Frost was recruited by a mysterious boss during the events of Original Sin to join a team of three that included Ant-Man and the Black Panther. Other teams of two or three were also being formed, and each group led a mini-investigation of the death of Uatu the Watcher. Their investigations would eventually lead all the involved parties to a supposedly secret space station, in which all the teams argued with each other and tried to answer some of their questions. Who had led them there? Who were they working for? And why? Fighting broke out as an enraged Gamora threatened the Winter Soldier who appeared to have murdered Nick Fury. Emma Frost came to his defense, shifting into diamond form, and smashing her fist into Gamora, who returned the blow in kind. Eventually, things cleared up. The Nick Fury that Bucky had "killed" was actually a Life Model Decoy. The real Nick Fury revealed himself to the teams as the mysterious boss that they had been working for. He explained his story to them - that he was the "man on the wall" doing terrible things to defend Earth. He had selected each of them and led them to the space station so that he might choose one of them to become his successor. He believed they each possessed a special and lethal set of skills that would make them right for the job. The Avengers back on Earth soon caught on, and made their way to the space station to investigate. A battle between the Avengers, Fury, and Fury's possible successors ensued. When all was cleared up, and Fury was presumed dead, the heroes, including Emma returned to Earth ... except for Thor, who because of something Fury whispered to him, was unworthy of his hammer, and could no longer lift it.

    The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier

    Emma is seen with Dazzler, Magneto, and Magik at Mystique's old hideout in search of her. They find nothing and head back to the New Xavier School. Emma talks with Scott that he needs to apologize to David for kicking him off the team. Later on, the Jean Grey Institute Staff arrive at Scott's school and tell him that he needs to come with them about Xavier's will. Emma volunteers to go in Scott's place, but they all head to the JGS, and there She-Hulk begins reading the will and announces that Xavier was married to Mystique. Emma ends up being the only one to laugh at the new found revelation. Emma sat and listened with most of the Will as Xavier explained how he was forced to psychically and slowly, lobotomize a young mutant by the name of Matthew Malloy since Xavier could not help him and his powers were too strong to control. After Xavier mentions that this goes against everything he taught the X-Men that no mutant should ever be left behind, but he did to this one, only periodically reinforcing the psychic blocks he built in the child over the years. With Xavier telling them that the rest of the will is to be played after Cyclops and Wolverine, along with Rachel Grey, reinforce the mental blocks on Matthew, Cyclops has an outburst of anger. While he refuses to help Xavier due to being lied to, Emma is the only one who seems to get through to him, and thus, he leaves for Xavier's final request with Emma staying behind at the Jean Grey Institute.

    Emma is with Kitty and Dazzler when Beast walks in with the rest of the JGS staff to warn them that no one is going to help them, but that SHIELD is planning on attacking and killing Malloy, whom Cyclops is with. Beast gets an update that Scott was killed during an attack on Malloy. Upon hearing this, Emma storms out of the Jean Grey School and onto the lawn, and in her grief, causes a massive psychic projection that harms the staff and students of the school along with the Cuckoos back at the New Xavier School. Matthew Malloy appears on the front lawn in front of her, and Emma asks if he was there with Scott. After he replies yes, Emma punches him, and in reflex Malloy accidentally kills her.

    After Eva goes back in time to find a younger Xavier, she tells him what is going on, and they fix it by making sure Malloy's parents never conceive Matthew and Eva return back to her timeline, which has then prevented any of the teachers from dying. The will is finished and Scott inherits the Jean Grey School, but he signs it over to Storm and asks for her to take in his students, and all Emma says is Scott just shut down the school.

    After the events of the Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier, Scott has shut down his school and transferred the students to the Jean Grey Institute. Emma questions Scott about the revolution and what it truly meant. She suggests they start all over. Scott shoots her down, but Emma reveals her powers have returned and that he is conflicted about her and that she is to him as well. She wishes him good luck and she leaves the school.

    Death of X

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    Emma reappears during the 8-month gap after Secret Wars and has returned to Cyclops' team. They are investigating a distress call they received from Muir Island. They discover the death of Multiple Man, and upon further investigation, realize there is a Terrigen Cloud around the island. Shortly afterward, it causes Cyclops to die. Emma then uses her telepathy to make a projection of Cyclops as if he is alive and orchestrates the whole plan of Death of X. The Cuckoos help her project this image of Cyclops to everyone on the entire planet. Emma's projection of Cyclops gives a speech, warning everyone about the toxicity of the Terrigen Mist. She uses this projection to warn the world of the cloud, recruit the mutant known as Alchemist to alter the cloud and destroy one of them. She uses this projection to attack the Inhumans and destroys half of the Terrigen Mists. The Inhuman royals intervene and the projection of Cyclops ¨dies¨ at the hands of Black Bolt, giving Cyclops a meaningful death. Emma later reveals to Havok that Cyclops died before all of this and that she simply wanted to give his death meaning for all that he did for the world. A truce between the X-Men and the Inhumans has been negotiated, and Emma leaves, giving them time to find a solution.

    Inhumans vs X-Men

    Beating Black Bolt
    Beating Black Bolt

    Emma returns to the X-Men after they fail to find a solution to the problem of the toxic Terrigen Mist. A meeting of mutant leaders is held to discuss their plan. Beast reveals that the mutants have one week left to live. They listen to Emma and decide it is finally time to go to war. Emma infiltrates Black Bolt's club and uses Dazzler to take out the former king and most powerful Inhuman, thus starting their official attack on the Inhumans. In her diamond form, she is impervious to his vocal blasts, and smashes his voice box, breaking his jaw and preventing Black Bolt from using his powers.

    Impaling Black Bolt
    Impaling Black Bolt

    As the events of IvX roll on, Emma leads the mutants against the Inhumans in a final battle. Black Bolt attempts to blitz attack Emma with his super speed, but she manages to eliminate Black Bolt from the battle by impaling him with her diamond form arm. The cloud is finally dealt with and destroyed by Medusa, but Emma attacks the Inhumans with reprogrammed sentinels, attacking their species in the fashion they did to mutants for so long. As Inhuman reinforcements arrive under the leadership of Ahura Boltagon, Emma has her sentinels destroy their ships, effectively murdering hundreds of Inhumans. The X-Men and Inhumans unite against her. She takes over Magneto to further the assault but the control is soon broken and she is restrained by Medusa, only to be freed by Havok and disappears. She is last seen donning a Magneto-style helmet with an X across it, the same design as Scott's final visor, waiting to make her next move. The X-Men, Inhumans, and Magneto all vow to hunt her down.

    Secret Empire

    Revealing herself as the true leader of New Tian.
    Revealing herself as the true leader of New Tian.

    When Captain America is revealed to be the leader of Hydra and begins his takeover of the world, Emma strikes a deal with him to ensure the safety of the mutant population. With the help of Sebastian Shaw, Hank McCoy, and Xorn, Emma forms New Tian - the new mutant homeland. As a part of her deal with Hydra, Emma keeps the mutant population docile by telepathically controlling them. She also controls Xorn, who is a mere figurehead she has propped up as the King of New Tian. Emma operates from the former X-Men base of Utopia, which has been rebuilt. New Tian's mission is to take in all refugees, human or mutant, but mutants tend to be treated better in New Tian.

    Though Emma has thrown in with Hydra, she does not condone their actions and is merely using them to keep mutants safe in this new world. Behind the scenes, she is working against them. She has stolen a piece of the cosmic cube from Shang Chi and intends on using it against Captain America and Hydra. The members of X-Men Blue, led by the time-displaced Jean Grey and guided in secret by Magneto, attack New Tian believing that Emma is a Hydra villain. Emma's allies confront them, and Cyclops is taken to her citadel. Emma telepathically toys with teenage Cyclops, until the other X-Men come to free him.

    Revealing Xorn to be her puppet
    Revealing Xorn to be her puppet

    Eventually, Captain America realizes Emma has a piece of the cube and sends Hydra forces to invade New Tian. The invasion force has orders to bring Emma in, along with the cube fragment. Emma refuses, saying she will go and hand the fragment in herself as a sign of good will, and she will negotiate a cease-fire, not a surrender. She threatens to unleash King Xorn on the Hydra forces if they do not accept her terms. Emma marches into the capital, while the remaining heroes are fighting Hydra forces. The battle looks bleak until Captain America tells Emma he will not allow a ceasefire and will instead attack the mutants. Emma turns on him, promising no mutant will kneel to Hydra, and orders Magneto to tear Captain America's aircraft out of the sky, turning the tide of the battle.

    No mutant will kneel to Hydra.
    No mutant will kneel to Hydra.

    When Hydra has been defeated, Emma must once again negotiate with the US government, and the kingdom of New Tian is torn down, by Sentinels, no less, and the population is reintegrated with the United States.

    All Hail the King

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    Emma Frost asks to meet with some of the X-Men to request their help on a mission. Emma wishes to finally overthrow the Hellfire Club and take them down. She plans for the X-Men team to divide and conquer and take out many high ranking officials at once while she deals with Sebastian Shaw.

    Emma encounters Shaw and he overpowers her before succumbing to a paralyzing agent Emma's associate, a girl Shaw was just with, planted in his drink. She uses this time to mock Shaw, reminding him of when he made her his White Queen. She tells him it is only right that she officially takes his title away. Emma then changes into a black version of her dress and becomes the new Black King of the Hellfire Club. She declares to change the way the club is used after counseling with grieving members of the club that wish for said change, under her management.

    This is Forever

    No Caption Provided

    Emma reappears with Mystique at her side, still acting as the Black King of the Hellfire Club, where she appears to be telepathically mind wiping the X-Men of who she is. It’s shown that Emma was captured, tortured, and forced to work for Callahan into giving him the mutant cure Beast worked on years ago, going so far as to having members of her Hellfire Club killed. She also goes and hides herself from Cyclops but confesses her love to him before going away. She is also revealed to have caused Mystique to pretend to be Captain America, the one helping Cyclops. This all a part of Emma’s plan to defeat Callahan and while at a meeting with her group and the rescued Mr. Sinister, Wolverine shows up with Kwannon.

    Wolverine and Kwannon attack but are defeated by Callahan and his forces when they show up. Callahan locks Emma up inside the Hellfire Club, telling her she can't be trusted and they never had a deal. Emma then mentally reaches out to Cyclops, restoring his memories, and telling him she needs his, and the X-Men's, help.

    Scott and his team rescue Emma. She has Sinister perform a surgery on her to remove the bomb Callahan implanted in her head, and after doing so, uses her telepathy to wipe the planet's knowledge and memories of mutants ever existing. She teams with X-Men to finally defeat Callahan.

    House of X

    Emma and two of the Cuckoos arrive at the Project Achilles Supermax where Victor Creed is being charged for his crimes. She states due to the new law of all Krakoan citizens, being mutants, are given diplomatic immunity. When leaving, she tells the council to get used to it for the world is changing. Emma was initially approached by Xavier about using the Hellfire Club to say they are transporting Krakoa's drug, and return for Emma's services, she would be granted a seat on Xavier's council, but on the condition Sebastian Shaw is inducted back into the Hellfire Club. Emma agrees but ups the condition to three seats.

    Dawn of X

    When the Savage Land gateway of Krakoa becomes unresponsive, resulting in the island feeling pain, Emma accompanies Cyclops and Sebastian Shaw to the Savage Land to find out why. They encounter a group of elderly, radical botanists that want to destroy almost all of humanity and restore the planet to what it once was. By using their anti-mutant tech and age, they manage to defeat Cyclops and Sebastian Shaw before Emma goes diamond form and confronts them, only for them to leave.

    When Storm Is found comatose on island, Jean and Emma venture into Storm’s mindscape to see what could be wrong. They find her and discover that the Children of the Vault gave her a machine virus and she will die in 30 days.

    Hellfire Trading Company

    Emma asks Kitty to work for her as part of the Hellfire Trading Company to move their life saving drugs while also acting as mutant liberators for anyone who cannot reach Krakoa. Emma provides Kitty and her crew with a massive boat for their travels. She also discusses with Sebastian Shaw how she wants him to handling his duties with the trading company, as he now works under her. She also brings forth that Kitty Pryde is now the Red Queen of the Hellfire Club, a decision Emma made when she was the sole member of the board before returning Shaw into the fold.

    Emma, Kitty, Shaw and the rest of council of the company discuss a meeting to head to Madripoor. Emma downloads the Krakoan language into Kitty’s mind. They toast to their success and Kitty wonders how her life would’ve been had she found Emma first. Emma heads off to help accustom the new batch of mutants to the island.

    Emma recruits Callisto has her White Knight of the Hellfire Club. Emma discovers that Yellowjacket is inside Pyro. By trapping him in an illusion, she gives time for Magneto to pull him out and fling him off into the horizon. Emma then telepathically meets with the children Hellfire Club and warns them to not interfere before she psionically makes them feel as if they were set on fire.

    Emma Punishing Shaw
    Emma Punishing Shaw

    With a former partner of Forge working with the Russians to make mutant dampening devices, Emma and the team are tasked with taking them all out. Arriving in a UFO dubbed the Mercury, Emma and team are teleported onto the ship where Emma dispatches a group of men and confiscates the dampening firearm. Emma wipes the whole crew and dumps them elsewhere. Emma attends the funeral for Kitty Pryde and when mourning in silence, Lockheed arrives. He shows her that it was Shaw who killed Kitty and vows to make him pay. She convinces Charles to attempt once more at resurrecting Kitty, despite multiple failures. Emma uses her powers to get Kitty tangible and break through the resurrection husk to finally revive her. Emma throws a party with the mutants Kitty helped save where Emma shows her that it was Shaw who killed her. Emma and Kitty visit Shaw the next morning, and Emma punishes him for attempting to kill her Red Queen. Sebastian is severely beaten and loses an eye as part of Emma's reprimand.

    X of Swords

    Apocalypse presents his grandson, Summoner, to the council as he explains that they visited the Otherworld and were attacked by the forces of Arrako, the other part of Krakoa. With Apocalypse having established these gates, Emma votes to destroy the main gate.


    With Orchis attacking Krakoa and forcing mutants into hiding, Emma goes undercover with the alias Hazel Kendal, pretending to work for Tony Stark. At a party, Emma notices Feilong, one of the leaders of Orchis, is there, having seized control of Stark Enterprises. Tony takes Emma into another room but she starts fighting him. Feilong walks in on them with Stark looking like he is proposing to Emma and goes along with it as Feilong stares at the two.

    Personal Information

    Physical Attributes

    Emma Frost
    Emma Frost
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 144 lbs. (436 lbs. in diamond form)
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Brown, dyed ash blonde
    • Distinguishing Features: When transformed, bodily tissue becomes a flexible, diamond-like substance. Emma has admitted to having plastic surgery done.


    • Identity: Publicly known
    • Occupation: Adventurer; Ruler of New Tian, Headmistress of the New Charles Xavier School for Mutants, White Queen of the Hellfire Club, former teacher and former co-headmistress of Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Frost International, entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Headmistress of Massachusetts Academy, exotic dancer, sex therapist
    • Citizenship: U.S.A.
    • Place of Birth: Boston, Massachusetts
    • Education: College degree in business administration, qualified sex therapist
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Known Relatives: Winston Frost (father), Hazel Frost (mother), Christian Frost (brother), Adrienne Frost (sister, deceased), Cordelia Frost (sister), Stepford Cuckoos (cloned daughters)

    • Other Relatives: Scott Summers (husband - various alternate realities), Megan Summers (daughter - alternate reality), Ruby Summers (daughter - alternate reality), Summers-Frost twins (daughters - alternate reality), Alex Summers (son - alternate reality)

    • Known Lovers: Ian Kendall (teacher), Sebastian Shaw (coworker), Namor McKenzie (king of Atlantis), Tony Stark (business), Scott Summers (teammate)

    Powers and Abilities


    Emma telepathically overpowering Karma
    Emma telepathically overpowering Karma

    Emma is a powerful and experienced telepath. Her psionic powers allow her to perform several feats such as mental communication, mind reading, mind control, induce paralysis, possession, hypnosis, pain stimulation, illusion casting, astral projection, psychic surgery, and by collecting ambient psionic energy she can create powerful psionic lightning bolts or "psi-bolts", that can attack on a physical or mental level and are capable of rendering a person unconscious or even killing them. Emma's telepathy is powerful enough to communicate and affect people all the way across the planet. She has even done a mental broadcasting of Cyclops' own thoughts to all of the remaining mutants that were left on the Earth. Emma has also displayed psychometric powers, having taught a class of young mutants how to do so, as well. Using her telepathy, she can also psionically shut off another's mutant's telepathy.

    Emma has been stated to be an "Omega Class Telepath" (the same classification as Charles Xavier), a level 10 psi and one of the top five telepaths on Earth. Emma's telepathy manifested itself in her teens, and she has devoted her life to mastering her many psychic skills. For a period following the death of Jean Grey and the de-powering of Professor Xavier (though he has since regained his abilities), Emma has acted as the X-Men's primary telepath.

    After utilizing and losing the Phoenix Force post-Avengers vs X-Men, Emma's powers have been altered with her losing most of her telepathy as result. Another side effect of the Phoenix Force altering her powers, Emma now projects her thoughts unto people at random intervals with no control over this change.

    Despite the initial loss of her telepathy, for awhile Emma only had a modicum of her previous power levels. Emma is still one of the most skilled telepaths on Marvel Earth. In place of her shattered telepathy, she was relying upon on the powers of other telepaths to which she uses her own mind as a conduit for, such as the Stepford Cuckoos' or the young Jean Grey's telepathic powers. This enables her to engage in telepathic battles and make full use of her skill since the younger mutants do not possess the knowledge she does. Emma recently revealed that her broken telepathic powers have been repaired and back at her normal levels due to training with the Stepford Cuckoos.

    Her power levels have increased to the point where she was able to create and sustain a projection of Cyclops for an extended period of time. She was able to project her thoughts to the entire world, with the aid of the Cuckoos. This projection of Cyclops was even caught on camera, suggesting that Emma's illusions are not just in the mind of her targets.

    Organic Diamond Form

    Diamond Form
    Diamond Form

    Emma gained a secondary mutation during the destruction of Genosha, which manifested as complete transmutation of her organic tissues into a diamond-like substance. It was later revealed in a flashback that Cassandra Nova possibly catalyzed Emma's secondary mutation in order to allow her to survive the harsh environment of Genosha (however, it is still questionable if this is really true). This ability allows Emma to turn into an un-living yet sentient and mobile diamond form, granting her extreme resistance to damage, invulnerability to cold and heat, enhanced speed, super strength (no limit has been clearly defined but handbooks say approximately 2 tons), immortality, and limitless stamina as her body does not tire or produce any fatigue toxins while in this form. She also does not feel pain or emotions and has no need to eat, sleep, or drink while in diamond form. A drawback of her diamond form is she can not access her telepathy, but in return, it grants her telepathic immunity to all but a few telepaths. Emma can stay transformed for as long as she likes, and the speed it takes for her to transform in and out of her diamond form is almost instantaneous, being described as happening within a hundredth of a second.

    Emma's diamond form has stood up to Cyclops' optic blasts, jet crashes, blasts from Bishop, hits from World War Hulk, the collapse of Genosha, a blast from Black Bolt, and even a blast from the Dreaming Celestial's head when it was taken over by Mr. Sinister. Emma can be broken if hit with the appropriate amount of force, appropriate weapon and her shatter point (believed to be somewhere on her forehead). Her first instance of entirely shattering was due to a diamond bullet hitting her in her shatter point at extremely high speeds. In her second instance of breaking (this did not involve her shatter point), Emma's arm was cut off when attacked by one of the Dreaming Celestial's "mini celestial" probes its body broke into. Despite her arm breaking off, this shows an impressive upper limit to the kind of damage her diamond form can take, considering one of them was able to blast a massive hole in Colossus' chest and send him flying across San Francisco.

    Former Powers

    Phoenix Force

    No Caption Provided

    While in possession of part of the Phoenix Force, Emma acquires new powers on top of her old ones. She gains the ability to manipulate the Phoenix' cosmic energy for various purposes such as setting enemies on fire or simply projecting it as energy blasts. She also gains telekinetic capabilities and the ability to fly. Her telepathy has grown in strength as she was capable of reaching into every mind on Earth. She gains a massive strength boost easily putting her in class 100+ as she was able to fight and defeat a Mjolnir wielding Thor without much difficulty using nothing but physical combat. In her diamond form, she becomes almost completely invulnerable as X-23's adamantium claws could not cut her.

    Defeating Thor
    Defeating Thor

    Perhaps Emma's most unique ability gained from the Phoenix is when Thor "shattered" her, (it is possible Emma feigned Thor actually shattering her considering she was playing with him the entire fight) she had conscious control over all the fragments and rained them down through him and then reformed herself, showing Emma in her diamond form combined with the Phoenix Force is possibly unkillable. Despite her new found powers, Emma is not without weakness. Special Shi'ar weaponry, the Iron Fist energy from K'un-Lun and the Scarlet Witch's chaos magic have all been shown to harm them. However, as the Avatars gained more power when one falls, the Scarlet Witch's magic has grown to be less and less effective. As she gained more and more power, the Phoenix's corrupting influence over Emma grew stronger and stronger.


    Gifted Intellect

    Emma is extremely intelligent and cunning, allowing her to traverse the ranks of business, the Hellfire Club, and the X-Men, as well as acquire a great deal of wealth. Her persuasive manner and abilities can easily sway others to do anything in her favor, especially when this skill is backed up with her telepathy.

    Emma has also spent a great deal of time mentoring young mutants, granting her tremendous knowledge in mutant powers and how they work. When she possessed Iceman's body, she was able to use his powers in ways he had never been capable of before. Emma was the one that discovered Cyclops' inability to control his optic blasts was actually the result of mental blocks that Scott imposed on himself at a young age (and not physical brain damage, as was previously believed) and performed 'psychic surgery' that allowed him to control his powers for a time.

    Expert Technician

    Emma Frost is highly skilled in electronic theory and electronics and has learned how to build devices that can amplify psionic energy and utilize psionic energy for various effects. She devised the mechanism by which Mastermind projected his illusions directly into the mind of the Phoenix Force.

    Defense Training

    Emma is a capable fighter in her own right. While in her diamond form, she was able to hold her own quite well against Bishop and Sage until Bishop was forced to blast her away from the battlefield. She defeated half a dozen Sinister men with no powers for training right after her arm was just reconnected. Emma has fended off humans turned into lizard-like creatures without the need of her powers and also managed to fight well against a lizard-turned Wolverine, Gambit, and Storm in diamond form before Spider-Man showed up to help her. When she was a teacher for Generation X, Banshee planned to surprise Emma with an attack, but she quickly and easily thwarted him without the use of her powers, displaying her skill at unarmed combat even before she received official X-Men training in the area.

    Alternate Realities

    Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

    Age of Apocalypse
    Age of Apocalypse

    In the Age of Apocalypse alternate reality, Emma never joins the Hellfire Club or even the X-Men. At some point in her past, she was lobotomized, which eliminated all traces of her mutant abilities. She still retains the visible scar on the side of her head, which her hair no longer grows upon. Due to her wealthy background, she is placed on the Higher Council along with Moira MacTaggert, Bolivar Trask, Mariko Yashida and Brian Braddock. During her time as a member of the Council, she begins a romantic relationship with Brian, who was secretly working for Apocalypse. Emma lead a strike team against Apocalypse. While most people escaped a blast, it is unknown what became of Emma and whether she survived or not.

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    Emma Frost of the Ultimate universe is a former student of Charles Xavier. Xavier and Frost became romantically involved while Xavier was still in a relationship with Mystique, causing Mystique to angrily lash out at Xavier in a grotesque form until Emma had to diamond-punch her. Emma was even responsible for the naming of Xavier's cat, saying it should be named Mystique when it destroyed his office in a similar manner to the actual Mystique. Emma and Charles, however, didn’t make it as a couple. Frost leaves Xavier for mostly ideological differences as she thinks his approach to the mutant/human relation was too violent. Frost is more passive towards working on the mutant/human relation then Xavier. Frost goes back to Chicago and becomes a teacher giving mutant education seminars. The governor is very supportive of Frost's idea and helped introduce her to the White House chief of staff and eventually met the President.

    They come up with the New Mutants which is supposed to help educate humans about mutants while cutting ties with Xavies. During a press conference, Emma, the New Mutants, and even the President are attacked by Sentinels. Xavier and the X-Men came to help them. Xavier tried to convince Emma to come back to the school but she declined and returned to Chicago. In Chicago, she creates a new program called Academy of Tomorrow (the X-Men-like squad of the school being the Ultimate version of the New Mutants). She was later shown to be dating Shinobi Shaw (son of the deceased leader of the club, Sebastian Shaw). After Shinobi is arrested for attacking Jean Grey in order to release the Phoenix Force she was revealed to be the White Queen of this universe's Hellfire Club (wearing an outfit highly similar to her mainstream counterpart's White Queen garb) and requesting a new boyfriend. During the Ultimatum event, she is later confirmed dead by Madrox in issue #3.

    This version of Emma dresses more modestly and professionally than her mainstream counterpart, with even her initial outfit similar to her mainstream counterpart's White Queen costume showing very little skin. It is only when she is revealed as the White Queen that she wears the more revealing attire recognizable by her alternate counterpart. She also wore glasses most of the time (including as the White Queen). She also displays only her diamond form and is not shown using telepathy, though she was silenced before mentioning other powers.

    House of M (Earth-58163)

    House of M
    House of M

    During the events of House of M, Emma is a child therapist and is happily married to Cyclops and they have three kids. Emma was the first person contacted by Wolverine. Layla Miller restored the memories of Emma and Cyclops. With Emma's psychic abilities, Emma goes around and restored the memories of all the other heroes. They would go on to gather other heroes to attack the House of M. While the heroes battle Magnus, Emma and a few other heroes begin to look for Professor Xavier.

    Age of Ultron (Earth-61112)

    Emma Frost
    Emma Frost

    Emma was among the few survivors of Ultron's return and takeover. After Cyclops was killed by Ultron's forces, Emma left and found the other survivors. She served as the group's telepath, helping to scan areas for other survivors. She also helped Iron Man affirm that Hawkeye and Spider-Man hadn't been injected with some sort of tracking device or weapon. Emma traveled with the survivors to the Savage Land and found a secret bunker set up by Nick Fury, who met them there. Emma was unable to pick up any psychic signatures in the Savage Land, but Ka-Zar was present there. She was also unable to penetrate the walls of the bunker. The fact that it was built to keep out telepaths concerned her. Select members of the group were to travel in time to the future. Emma stayed behind while Fury's group left. Her fate after that is unknown.

    Age of Le Fay (Earth-26111)

    No Caption Provided

    When the 'Age of Ultron' timeline was altered by Wolverine and the Invisible Woman during their visit to the past to kill off Hank Pym before he created Ultron, a new future was created ... the Age of Le Fay. In this future, Charles Xavier is still alive, and both he and Emma work for Tony Stark and S.H.I.E.L.D. as telepathic informants. They scanned the minds of the time-displaced Wolverine and Invisible Woman to verify their accounts. Emma determined that they were telling the truth. In this future, Morgana Le Fay is a constant threat to the civilization built by the heroes. Emma and Xavier were sent by Stark to send the Defenders (the group that replaced the Avengers and picked up Sue and Logan) back to their Defender Sanctorum. The group did not want to comply, and forced their way into the Starkguard Carrier despite Emma and Xavier's attempts to stop them. Amidst this conflict, Morgana Le Fay commenced another attack, drawing the full attention of the Defenders of S.H.I.E.L.D. Emma presumably joined in the fight. During the chaos, Sue and Logan were able to slip away. Emma's fate after this episode is unknown.

    Hellfire Club Failing Reality (Earth-27538)

    In this reality briefly visited by the Exiles Emma is still the White Queen of the Hellfire Club.

    X-Men: The End (Earth-41001)

    Emma is know as Mrs Scott Summers and together they have four children, twin daughters, a son named Alex and a daughter named Megan, who has telepathic powers. Emma is shown to be very protective of her children due to her seeing a fair share of students dying and cannot see her children suffer the same fate.

    Home World of Crusader X (Earth-2122)

    Emma was enslaved by the Shadow King and was killed when Mastermind use her to boost his powers up in an attempt to corrupt Jean Grey.


    Emma leads the X-Society along with Cyclops. Wolverine and Beast. The team investigates occurrences in New Albion (which is known as California). Emma also refused Cyclops proposals stating her desire to avoid the "tedious scandal" so it would not cause any issues between the two of them. After a misunderstanding for being blamed for the deaths of the passengers in Hindenburg Disaster, the government placed the X-Society under house arrest so Emma migrated to Europe and was married to Cyclops. She later reappeared as Emmeline Frost-Summers, having married Cyclops, in the "Exaltation" storyline in "Astonishing X-Men", when Scott Summers from Earth-616 had been kidnapped by an alternate version of Charles Xavier known as "Savior". The world that this Xavier lived in was literally breaking apart, and only the power of Scott's optic beams were able to hold it together. However the price of this was the ultimate sacrifice: death. So Savior abducted the Scott Summers of various alternate Earths sacrificing them against their will to maintain his own world. Earth-616 Scott broke Emmeline out of her prison, and along with alternate versions of Storm, Nightcrawler, and Wolverine (known as Howlett only), they attempted to stop Savior. Reinforcements soon arrived in the form of Earth-616's Emma Frost and Ororo Munroe, who fought beside their alternate Earth counterparts. Emma helped Emmeline up and the two launched a telepathic assault against Savior. Once Savior had been stopped, Emmeline and the other aforementioned members of Scott's crew decided to remain there and band together to save that Earth. Emmeline revealed that the Scott she married - the Scott of Earth-889 - had suffered the fate Savior intended. He had died holding the world together with the energy of his optic beams. This makeshift new team would later become ... the X-Treme X-Men! Kurt Waggoner of the United States of California, General Howlett of the Dominion of Canada, and Emmeline Frost-Summers of the New Albion X-Society would soon be joined by Earth-616's Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler. They would embark on a journey to save different realities. The only way they could do this was by killing the evil Charles Xaviers in each reality. In first reality they traveled to, they stumbled immediately into the Pantheon of the Gods: Namor, god of the sea, Thor, god of thunder, Sabretooth, god of the wild, Warran, god of the air and sky, Draka, god of ice and snow, and Storm, the All-Mother. Emmeline bows to the gods so as not to incur their wrath. Alison has a problem doing so. After a brief battle with the gods, Xavier and Magnus arrive to whisk the team away to their version of Utopia. Emmeline and the head of Xavier, however, remain as telepathic servants to the gods. The X-treme X-Men return along with Magnus and Xavier only to find that the Xavier they thought was good was really manipulating the gods into killing mortals. The X-treme X-Men saved and freed the gods. In return for their favor, the All-Mother Storm offered them godhood. Emmeline decided to accept the offer, and the All-Mother began the transformation process. Emmeline notes that the one thing she had that was a weakness was her heart (emotion). The process of granting her godhood had removed that one weakness, and in the process, Emmeline's flesh turned to flawless diamond. Emmeline became the Diamond Queen, goddess of perfection and the mind.

    Age of Xavier (Earth-77995)

    Emma is a member of the Hellfire Club and is married to Iceman. Followers of Apocalypse attack the pair and stab Emma with a knife, killing her. Angered by the death of his wife, Iceman tries to avenge her death, but is killed in a fight against Pyro.

    Days of Future Past (Earth-811)

    Emma was once the White Queen of the Hellfire Club but went to India after a number of mutants were wiped out. In service of the mutant leaders, Emma sold her mental powers. Magneto and Jubilee then approached her and told her that they need help in saving Wolverine since the aforementioned hero was brainwashed by Psylocke who was the Red Queen of Hellfire Club at that time. With her powers, she was able to retrieve Wolverine's memories. She also attempted to bring Psylocke back to the side of good.


    In a reality where Warlock's techno-organic virus and the Legacy Virus have interacted, 75% percent have been converted into Vi-Locks. Emma played an important role to the team as she used her telepathy to mentally communicate with other super humans who aims to look for the cure. With her telepathy, the Vi-Locks were unable to detect how they communicate. Emma is paraplegic and uses a wheelchair.

    New Exiles

    This version is known as Dame Emma Frost. She was the founder of Force X and head of Department X.

    Old Man Logan

    Emma tricks others by using her telepathy to make herself appear young to others. Also, this ability is used by her to make her people follow her. Emma survives the attack that wiped other super beings. In this reality, she is the most powerful telepath. To assure herself that both races will survive, Emma Frost marries Black Bolt. Along with her husband, they rule United States of America where mutants can live freely like other normal beings. She tells her husband to save Wolverine and Hawkeye from a Savage Land T-Rex who was possessed by Venom.

    Young X-Men: End Days (Earth-38730)


    Much of Emma's history is unknown, but it is presumed that she was one of the very first citizens in Xaviera, a haven for all mutants (which some people compare to Genosha). At some point, for reasons unknown, Emma changes her name from the White Queen to Diamondheart. As she one of the last remaining members of the X-Men, she had seen many of her friends and comrades die at the hands of Dust, including her lover who was presumably Cyclops. Emma remains in her organic diamond form most of the time as she is less vulnerable to attack and does not change back to normal. She finds and attacks Dust, but is killed when she creates a whirlwind, suffocating her.

    Ruins (Earth-9591)

    Emma is the highest priestess of the church of the Next Generation. She legally adopted the children of her followers and made them unlock their psychic abilities through a surgery.

    Marvel Mangaverse (Earth-2301)

    Emma is a member of the Hellfire Club that was lead by her father Charles Xavier. Their objective is to abduct Jean and bring her to the group. Though, the X-Men became a great hindrance. Toad then advised the X-Men for defeating the Hellfire Club and bring her father back to the X-Men.

    Marvel Adventures (Earth-20051)

    Emma as The Silencer
    Emma as The Silencer

    This version of Emma Frost is a teenager and best friends with Sophia Sanduval (aka Chat), and uses her mental powers to get through life easier. She soon discovers Peter Parker is Spider-Man and grows interested in him. With her powers she decides to become the Silencer and test Peter's capabilities. A few days later Peter finds Emma in her Silencer costume eating in Chat's apartment. Thinking she is going to attack her again Peter breaks in to confront her. While chasing her through the building her runs into Chat and explains their situation to him. Peter then helps Emma escape from the police. Emma eventually turns herself into the police, with it being stated that since she's a minor, she'll likely get a reduced sentence for her crimes.

    Following her arrest, Emma is sent to a juvenile detention center for girls. After serving out her sentence, Emma is offered a job by the Blonde Phantom, and begins working at her detective agency.

    Boss Frost (Earth-32134)

    Boss Frost
    Boss Frost

    In the Mondo City region of Battleworld, Emma Frost was part of the Boss Enforcement Council. As psychics were the one type of mutant not considered to be in violation of Mondo City's "Genetic Decency Act," Emma was recruited as a child to be part of the Psi-Division. When the Bosses invaded Yinsen City, Emma and her cohorts clashed with the Defenders. Emma was distracted after being mentally attacked by the White Tiger God within Ava Ayala's amulet, which allowed She-Hulk to knock her unconscious. After the situation was resolved, Emma was seen as one of the Bosses making peace with the Defenders.

    X-Men Noir (Earth-7207)

    Emma Frost is the warden of Genosha Bay, a prison for Earth's worst sociopaths. Emma was a student of Professor X at Harvard University. She believes that living with a sociopath can turn a person in a sociopath as well, so she keeps her most dangerous inmates isolated from the others. This version of Emma seems to have a bondage fetish as referred to when she is tied up in prison.



    On this Earth, the Fantastic Four disbanded back in the Silver Age after their disastrous first battle against Galactus, which ended with the brutal death of Ben Grimm and Doctor Doom becoming the new devourer of worlds after stealing Galactus' body. The ripple effect of this incident led to a greatly altered Marvel Universe, with most of the planet's heroes becoming agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. after the events of the Secret Invasion. For unknown reasons, Emma Frost did not end up as one of these heroes, and instead married Norrin Radd, who'd lost his abilities after relinquishing the Power Cosmic to Johnny Storm. The two retired to a small farm together, but their peaceful existence was disturbed when the Earth-616 versions of Johnny and Ben arrived in search of help. Emma fired at the two with a shotgun, apparently believing them to be Skrull impostors, but agreed to hear them out after using her telepathy to confirm they were who they claimed to be. Learning that Doom was returning to consume the planet, Emma attempted to use her powers to switch bodies with him, but was bound and gagged by Doom's Earth-616 counterpart, who sought to take Emma's place and became the new devourer of worlds. However, Johnny convinced him to let Emma do it instead, and Doom eventually relented. Emma successfully completed the body switch, and was able to rewrite Galactus' own nature, causing the creature to become a Lifebringer rather than a destroyer. Now in Galactus' body, Emma and the repowered Silver Surfer set out to recreate the universe.

    Other Media


    Pryde of the X-Men

    Emma Frost in Pryde of the X-Men
    Emma Frost in Pryde of the X-Men

    Emma is one of the members of The Brotherhood of Mutant Terrorists who fought the X-Men. She was known as the White Queen. Emma used her powers to fool the authorities that they are experiencing catastrophes such as being sunk the sand and other mental illusions. Using her psionic spear, she have destroyed the tank where Magneto was captured and freed him. During the X-Men's attempt to retrieve the power circuit, Emma blocked them and Cyclops was the one who faced her one on one. She was voiced by Susan Silo.

    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Animated Emma Frost
    Animated Emma Frost

    Emma is a member of the Inner Circle of Hellfire Club alongside with her other fellow members who tried to use Mastermind to confuse Jean Grey and make the situation worse while Jean is under the influence of the Phoenix. She was a powerful telepath that can even alter the mind of Professor X with the aid of Cerebro. She later reappeared captured alongside other telepaths. She was voiced by Tracey Moore.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men
    Emma in Wolverine and the X-Men

    Emma appears as one of the main characters in the series, voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

    Uninvited, Emma Frost first appears at the mansion's front door seeking to join the X-Men. Wolverine refuses her, but is eventually forced to accept her into the team since she is the only telepath available and therefore the only one able to operate Cerebro. She successfully located Charles Xavier's lifeless body in the heart of Magneto's Genosha, but later attempts to locate Jean Grey were less successful. In an effort to remain on the team she informs Cyclops that “given time I could locate her, but if [Wolverine] has his way I’ll be gone tomorrow”. Frost is intelligent and tactical, and is an extremely powerful telepath. Her first telepathic fight as an X-Man was against the Shadow King. Storm had been manipulated into believing that Africa was burning and used her mutant powers to put the fires out. However, in reality she was tearing the country apart with rain storms and tornadoes.

    It was Emma's telepathic powers that saved Storm's life, the whole continent of Africa, and eventually defeat the Shadow King. Later on she was able to disable Psylocke's telepathic attacks with relative ease. Despite Wolverine's initial distrust of Frost, he has grown to accept her as a permanent member of the team.

    Her battle against the Shadow King and her success to mend some of Wolverine's memories of his time in Weapon X have earned his respect. However, she is extremely secretive and on one occasion lied to Wolverine about Forge's availability. She also appears to be fond of Cyclops, often watching him from afar. Cyclops is still depressed for the loss of Jean Grey. Emma offered to delete his memories of Jean and make him normal again.

    Emma betrays the X-Men after Jean is found. It is revealed that she has been working for the Inner Circle in an attempt to destroy the Phoenix Force. The Inner Circle then double crosses Emma and tries to use the Phoenix for their own ends. It, however proves too powerful for them to control. When the Phoenix Force is released and is searching for Jean, Emma traps it in her body, transforms into diamond and projects it into the atmosphere where it cannot find a host. She manages to ask Cyclops to forgive her before shattering and seemingly dies.

    X-Men (2012)

    Emma with Hisako
    Emma with Hisako

    In the Japanese X-Men anime, Emma is found to by the Astonishing X-Men (Beast, Cyclops, Logan and Storm) in a pod next to Armor in the U-Men Lab. It is revealed that Emma was kidnapped by the U-Men while searching for Hisako, her missing student. After copping the blame for forcing Jean Grey to commit suicide as Dark Phoenix, Emma joins the X-Men as to continue her tutelage of Armor. She even goes as far as allowing Xavier to view her mind and broadcast her life to the X-Men to gain Cyclops' trust.

    As the series goes on she is shown to care for younger mutants and enjoys teaching the next generation, a more motherly aspect - but still retains her ever-observant and cunning personality.

    Whilst Emma is shown to use both her Telepathy and Diamond Form, she lacks any of the hand-to-hand combat training and relies heavily on her Diamond Form to take a more defensive position in the team. She is voiced by Kaori Yamagata in the Japanese version, and by Ali Hillis in the English dub.


    Generation X

    Generation X
    Generation X

    Emma Frost was played by Finola Hughes in a made-for-TV adaptation of Generation X on FOX. Emma was a mentor for the Generation X alongside with Banshee. Together with her team, they fought a mad scientist who wants to gain psychic powers. She also handled a group of mutants called Hellions who died and blamed herself. It caused her to be strict to the team and makes sure they are working good. Before she became a teacher, she works on a dream machine project and gained rivalry with Russel Tresh.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine

    Emma appears briefly in this film and is played by Tahyna Tozzi. Emma is present in Wolverine's past and she is a mutant with the ability to turn her body in diamond form. She does not display telepathy. She is shown as the sister of Silver Fox and was a prisoner of William Stryker trying to free herself.

    (Note: It was later "revealed" that Emma of X-Men Origins: Wolverine wasn't the real Emma Frost. If there is any connection between Emma (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and Emma Frost (X-Men: First Class) is still unknown.)

    X-Men: First Class

    January Jones as Emma Frost
    January Jones as Emma Frost

    Emma Frost appears in the 2011 film, X-Men: First Class and is portrayed by January Jones. She is shown to be the White Queen of the Hellfire Club lead by Sebastian Shaw. She is first shown when Moria MacTaggert sneaks into the Hellfire Club's quarters looking for Colonel Hendry. She is next seen going to meet with a Russian general who Shaw is supposed to meet. Professor Xavier and Magneto also infiltrate the building Emma is in and confront her. She is then captured and taken to the CIA headquarters. Months later, Magneto and his Brotherhood free her from her prison and ask her to join them, to which she agrees. She displays incredibly impressive telepathy defeating and blocking out Charles Xavier several times. She also possesses her diamond form which seems to augment her strength (she was able to send Erik flying into the sea with a single blow) and renders her immune to telepathy. However it does not seem to provide her any physical durability as Erik almost killed her by strangling her with the metal railing of a bed while she was in diamond form (a close up clearly shows it beginning to shatter around the area the pressure was applied, her neck) and Charles had to persuade him not to kill her, which he surely would have. In this incarnation, Emma seems to play more of a henchman-type second-in-command role rather than more of an equal power player as she was in the comics when she was the White Queen.

    Video Games

    X-Men (Konami)

    The boss fight with Emma
    The boss fight with Emma

    Emma Frost appears as a boss character in the Japanese X-Men arcade game, which was based on the Pryde of the X-Men pilot. She is faced on Island M, and is infamous for her mistranslated line "The White Queen welcomes you to die!" Like in the pilot, she is able to attack her opponents with mental bolts of some kind, but also has a powerful slap as well.

    X-Men Legends

    X-Men Legends Emma
    X-Men Legends Emma

    Emma Frost is a playable character in X-Men Legends. She is unlocked as a Non-Playable character (NPC) after the Nuclear Power plant level where you save Colossus. She only becomes playable after Alison speaks with her and Charles Xavier at the Mansion. The depiction of Emma in this game is quite faithful to her comic book counterpart, aside from her attraction to Professor X rather than Cyclops. Her active powers in the game are: Confuse, Fear, Psychic Shell and Psychic Bedlam. She is voiced by Bobby Holliday.

    X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse

    She also appeared in the sequel as a NPC who helped the X-Men in their mission in Madri Temple after she telepathically contacted Professor X about the Stepford Cuckoos starting rebellion in Madri. She was taken for her harmonic DNA by Sinister. She was used to make Apocalypse stronger for the last battle. She is voiced by Bobby Holliday again.

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    Emma is one of the X-Men who are defeated byduring the CG video "Doomsday". At the end of the movie, Doom realizes he can use his new powers to corrupt the heroes' souls and turn them into brainwashed slaves. Later in the game, the player must face some of these corrupted heroes. Although Emma is one of the four characters we actually see being brainwashed by Doom, the player doesn't fight her later in the game.

    X-Men Destiny

    X-Men: Destiny
    X-Men: Destiny

    Emma Frost is one of the non-playable characters and is introduced as the leader of the X-Men alongside Cyclops.

    She uses her telepathy to guide the player through the game regarding how to use their powers, where to go next, and at times she'll physically meet up with you. Like when defeating Cameron Hodge the first time or when subduing Wolverine. Kari Wahlgren reprises her role from the animated series.

    Marvel Heroes Online (2012-Present)

    Emma Frost in Marvel Heroes
    Emma Frost in Marvel Heroes

    Emma Frost is a playable hero character in Gazillion's Free To Play MMO. Not much is known about the game bar for the fact it is based on Diablo's core gameplay aspects.The MMO's story is being written by Brian Michael Bendis.

    Her bio says:

    For most of her life, Emma Frost thought only of her own needs and goals, seeing humanity as inferior to her own mutant race. She used her intelligence, charm, and telepathic powers to accumulate great wealth. Soon she joined the mysterious Hellfire Club, a group secretly dedicated to world domination. For years she helped that group gain the political and economic influence it desired, often clashing with the X-Men.

    Over time, however, Emma came to see the teaching of young mutants as her true calling. Eventually she allied with Professor Charles Xavier and her former enemies, becoming a full-fledged member of the X-Men and a teacher at the Xavier School.

    She was released in several costumes.

    She is voiced by Kari Wahlgren.

    Marvel Super Heroes Squad Online

    MSHS Online
    MSHS Online

    Emma is a playable character in the game. There are hints of the love triangle between her, Cyclops and Jean Grey, they are shown in several of these characters power manifestations. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

    Her description says: Dressed in all white with a body that can change into diamond, Emma Frost has a hot temper to go with her cool personality.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Emma was the second character to be released as a recruitable character in the Special Operation "Long Live the Queen" in her classic X-Men costume. After a while she became permanently reclutable. She was also part of the Special Operation "Avengers Vs X-men" as part of the Phoenix Five (With her alternate costume released too). Is the agent play in the Avengers side she is featured as a boss.

    Her bio says: Born wealthy and privileged, Emma Frost didn't need her mutant powers to succeed in the world, but she still took advantage of them. Her telepathic powers won her an invitation to the notorious HellFire Club, where she rose in rank to become the White Queen. There she started a school for mutants and clashed with the X-Men with her contentious curriculum. After a tragedy killed most of her students, Emma decided that teaching for the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters and joining the X-Men was a better use of her gifts.

    Marvel: War Of Heroes

    War of Heroes
    War of Heroes

    Emma is featured in several of the cards on the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Diamond Lady] Emma Frost
    • [I'll Take Romance] Emma Frost
    • [Conglomerate] Emma Frost
    • [White Queen] Emma Frost
    • [Phoenix Fire] Emma Frost
    • [Be Mine] Emma Frost
    • [Teacher] Emma Frost
    • [In Touch] Emma Frost

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    No Caption Provided

    Emma Frost appears as a playable character in the Lego Marvel Super Heroes video game. She is unlocked when you guide a student through a maze.

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom
    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    Emma is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story of the same name. Her cards are:

    • Emma Frost
    • [Future] Emma Frost
    • [White Queen] Emma Frost
    • [Human High Council] Emma Frost
    • [X-Society] Emma Frost
    • [New Xavier School] Emma Frost
    • [Phoenix] Emma Frost
    • [Utopia Defender] Emma Frost
    • [Phoenix Ember] Emma Frost
    • [New Xavier School] X-Men

    She is also featured as a boss in the Hellfire Mission.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Emma Frost in Marvel Future Fight
    Emma Frost in Marvel Future Fight

    Emma is a playable character in the game. She is a blast type.

    Marvel Contest of Champios

    Emma Frost in Marvel Conster of Champions
    Emma Frost in Marvel Conster of Champions

    Emma is a playable character in the game. She is a Mutant type of champion.


    Bishoujo and Marvel Legends
    Bishoujo and Marvel Legends
    • ToyBiz produced a White Queen figure for the Generation X line.
    • Emma Frost was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Emma Frost was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Annihilus Build-a-Figure wave. A diamond-skinned variant was later released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
    • An updated Marvel Legends figure of Emma Frost was later included in the Puck Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Emma Frost was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Emma Frost was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Diamond Select released an Emma Frost figure as part of the Marvel Select line. Like the Marvel Legends figure, a diamond-skinned variant was also produced.
    • Emma Frost was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line.
    • Kotobukiya produced an Emma Frost statue for their Bishoujo line.
    • Additionally, companies like Eaglemoss Publications, Bowen Designs, Diamond Select and Sideshow Collectibles have produced statues, busts and figurines depicting Emma's likeness.
    • Funko produced an Emma Frost bobblehead for their Pop! line.
    • Emma Frost in her black Marvel NOW! outfit was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as a Walgreens exclusive.
    • A classic version of Emma Frost was released by Hasbro as part of the Marvel Legends SDCC Hellfire Club box set.

    Popular Recognition

    Emma Frost was ranked 5th in Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics. She was the second-sexiest Marvel character to appear on the list, after fellow X-Woman and arch-rival telepath Jean Grey (ranked 3rd).


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