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Alpha Flight
Alpha Flight

Jean-Paul Beaubier and his twin sister, Jeanne-Marie, were orphaned almost immediately after their birth when their parents were killed in a car crash. The twins were taken in by their mother's cousin, however, due to finances, they were forced to send Jeanne-Marie to a private catholic school. Jean-Paul was placed in a foster home at the age of six when his guardians passed away, forcing him to grow up unaware that he even had a sister. During his teen years, Jean-Paul took to stealing and was eventually caught by Raymonde Belmonde. Belmonde took him in and became his mentor, helping Jean-Paul to come to terms with his mutant powers and sexuality. Jean-Paul also spent some time in a circus, becoming a talented trapeze artist and creating the family he never had with his fellow performers. However, Jean-Paul still had quite a bit of pent up anger and frustration within him which he ultimately expressed by joining the separatist Front de Libération du Québec movement. Jean-Paul acted as a courier for the Libération before he reliased that their tactics were too violent when he was forced to save the lives of innocent bystanders from one of their bombs. Jean-Paul quickly severed all ties with the Front after this incident.

Meeting his sister
Meeting his sister

Some time later, Jean Paul secretly used his mutant powers to become an Olympic world ski champion, earning him a bundle of fame and wealth. This fame brought him to the attention of James Hudson, who worked for the Canadian government, and was the founder of the team of super humans known as Alpha Flight. Hudson had already recruited Jeanne-Marie and his wife, Heather, noticed a resemblance between the two from a newspaper article about Jean-Paul. Thrilled to be reunited with the sister he had never known, Jean-Paul joined Alpha Flight. Adding to the twins surprise was the intense blinding light that was generated when the two touched.


Northstar was created by John Byrne and Chris Claremont along with his sister Aurora and Alpha Flight. Northstar first appeared in the Uncanny X-Men vol 1 #120 (4/1979) written by Claremont, drawn by Byrne (pencils) and Terry Austin (inks). When Byrne began writing Alpha Flight, he decided to make one of the characters gay, and felt that Northstar was the perfect person. However, comic codes at the time prevented him from doing anything but hint at Jean-Paul's sexuality.

Major Story Arcs

Alpha Flight

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As Northstar, Jean-Paul accompanied his sister on many missions with Alpha Flight. Unfortunately their relationship often had its ups and downs, especially when he found that Aurora suffered from a dual personality. As Aurora began to switch personalities more frequently, Northstar insisted that she receive psychiatric help. Later, Aurora accompanied Northstar to visit his old mentor, Belmonde, but the reunion turned to tragedy after Belmonde was killed by Ernest St. Ives, also known as Deadly Ernest. He mistakenly believed Aurora to be Belmonde’s daughter and kidnapped her. However, with the help of the enigmatic Nemesis, Northstar manages to rescue his sister and St. Ives was seemingly killed. The siblings later argued over Northstar’s mistaken assumption that Aurora had romanced St. Ives in order to prevent him from harming her. Shocked at her brother’s arrogance and insolence, Aurora angrily told him she never wanted to see him again.

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Although Northstar pleaded for forgiveness, Aurora would not accept his apology and eventually ceased operating as a member of Alpha Flight altogether. After the apparent death of Walter Langowski, the twins reconcile their differences, and come together to help defeat a rampaging Hulk in Vancouver. Unfortunately, the twins also found out that when they touched, they now temporarily canceled each others powers due to Aurora's previous alterations on her physiology. Soon after, Northstar's terrorist past was pardoned by the Prime Minister, when he helped to capture a serial killer who was targeting former members of his old terrorist organization.

Versus Loki and Asgard

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A short time later, Northstar grew severely ill, and while Alpha Flight sought a cure, the Norse God Loki appeared to Aurora and Northstar, convincing them both that they were not mutants at all, but rather half-elves. This, he said, was the reason why Northstar was dying, as he would not be able to survive without the light that the twins had once shared. Aurora willingly expended her powers to bathe Northstar in her light, finally curing him. Both of the mutants then traveled to the Elven lands, however Aurora was immediately captured by demons and became trapped in the Asgardian netherworld, while Northstar was welcomed into Asgard by his supposed brethren. Loki was summoned before the higher Gods who berated him for lying to the twins about their heritage. In order to atone for his misdeeds, Loki transported Aurora from the netherworld to the Sainte-Anne de Beaupré monastery in Quebec, but was sent to the netherworld himself as punishment. Northstar remained in Asgard until his teammates came to his rescue before he could be sacrificed by the Dark Elves who worshiped Llan the Sorcerer. A battle with Llan soon followed, and it was here that Northstar used his powers to restore Aurora's mutant gifts, although the twins could now create a bright light individually.

Openly Gay

A baby girl with aids caused Northstar to publicaly anounce he was gay
A baby girl with aids caused Northstar to publicaly anounce he was gay

In Alpha Flight Vol.1 #106, Jean-Paul discovered an abandoned baby girl born with AIDS, who Jean-Paul decided to adopt and name Joanne. Unfortunately, Joanne died only a few weeks later. Also, Canada's first-known Superhero, Major Maple Leaf, went into a rampage as a result of a severe depression from the HIV related death of his son. Jean Paul is able to defeat him, and the two share a mournful embrace after the passing of Joanne. This gave Jean-Paul the idea to publicly announce his homosexuality, hoping that as a former Olympic medal winner and Canadian superhero, that the public would take more of an interest in HIV prevention. Jean-Paul ended up leaving Alpha Flight and even wrote an autobiography titled, "Born Normal", which discussed his life as a mutant and as a homosexual.

Joining the X-Men.

At a book signing in Philadelphia, Jean-Paul was persuaded by Jean Grey-Summers to help the X-Men save Professor Xavier from Magneto. Northstar later returned to Canada where he established himself as a successful businessman before opting to become a teacher of business and economic at the Xavier Institute.

Killed by Wolverine
Killed by Wolverine

Shortly there after, the X-Man Wolverine was captured by the terrorist organization Hydra who was able to brainwash him into being their personal assassin. At Hydra's behest, Wolverine lead an ambush on the X-Men, and Northstar was subsequently killed. The government organization, S.H.I.E.L.D. took possession of Northstar's body while they attempted to contact his family. However, Jean-Paul's body was soon taken by Hydra where he was resurrected as another super assassin. S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually managed to capture and deprogram Wolverine, while Northstar went on a rampage, killing bigoted humans who opposed mutants and homosexuals. Wolverine opted to help track and defeat Northstar in order to place him back into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, where they made several attempts to deprogram his brainwashing, before falsely announcing his death. This was due to the fact that the procedure did not go as well as it did for Wolverine, partly because Wolverines healing factor. The X-Men later created a memorial statue in Northstar's honor.


While still insane, Northstar was again captured, brainwashed, and had his powers enhanced by a new group of beings called the Children of the Vault , who also had him recruit his sister as well. Aurora was given the same treatment, however, her damaged psyche was also healed in the process. The twins then went and attacked the X-Men at their mansion in order to kill Sabretooth on the Children of the Vaults behalf. The two easily over-powered many of the X-Men, however, Jeanne-Marie was soon defeated by Mystique and Iceman. In the lower sections of the mansion.

Northstar encountered his former pupil Anole, whose conversation nearly caused Jean-Paul to waver in his mission. However, he knocked Anole unconscious and resumed his task before being defeated by Cable and Rogue. The X-Men then held the twins captive until Rogue and her team of X-Men were able to take them to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and attempt to undo the brainwashing through a technological/psychic process in which they would relive their lives in an accelerated rate . The procedure was almost successful, however the twins were interrupted during the process which caused them to rampage through S.H.I.E.L.D. until they ultimately decided to heal each other by coming into contact and using their light based powers. After this, both twins seemed to have gained a better understanding of the power they share and Jeanne-Marie's psyche was once again healed. The two then opt to remain with the X-Men for the time being.

Secret Invasion

For further details: Secret Invasion

Northstar and Aurora during the Secret Invasion
Northstar and Aurora during the Secret Invasion

Northstar was later sent on a mission by Cyclops to seek out Anole following the school's (and the X-Men's) disbanding. Northstar apologized to Victor for assaulting him during his attack on the mansion when he was brainwashed. He also tried to sympathize with Victor's brooding attitude following his own violent experiences as a student and New X-Man. Anole, still furious about the way in which both Northstar and the X-Men had used and then abandoned him along with his fellow students, told Northstar that he wanted nothing to do with the X-Men or his old teammates. Victor then punches Jean-Paul in the face before leaving his home. During the Secret Invasion, both Northstar and Aurora assist the X-Men when they answer Emma Frost's telepathic call for help. Although, Anole is present here, the two of them do not have a chance to speak before the event is over.

Return to the X-Men

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After helping the X-Men during the Secret Invasion, Northstar seemed to enjoy a more normal life style after he created his own Extreme Sports business alongside Aurora, making him the CEO and Brand Visionary of Team Northstar Extreme Snow Sports. During a snow boarding event, Northstar used his powers to break the altitude, speed, and vertical drop records for the sport. Jean-Paul also developed a romantic relationship with an, as of yet, unnamed man, and was later asked by Wolverine to rejoin the X-Men. Although hesitant about being seen as the X-Men's "queer mascot", Northstar ultimately agreed after being made aware of the teams tactical need for a member with speed based powers. Once he returned to the X-Men, Northstar assisted the team in defeating the Sisterhood of Mutants, and personally dealt with Spiral during their final confrontation at grave site of Jean Grey.

Northstar was later seen during protests that centered around the idea of mutant reproductive rights violations and helped the X-Men defeat the "Avengers" after they came to San Fransisco to enforce Norman Osborn's curfew, which he established after branding Cyclops as an outlaw. Jean Paul assisted his team in dealing with both the Dark Avengers and the Dark X-Men before he and the rest of the remaining mutants defeated Osborn and his teams after they gathered on the resurfaced Asteroid M, making it their new home, free from any government jurisdiction.

Nation X

For further details see: Nation X

Commuting back from Toronto where he had been visiting his boyfriend Kyle, Northstar unwittingly lead a pack of Warwolves to Utopia, though Storm managed to repel them. Cyclops scolded Northstar for this, ordering him to sort deal with his problems. After arranging for Kyle to visit Utopia, it became obvious that a strain had been placed on the relationship. This was partly due to Kyle's uncomfortableness with Utopia and Jean-Paul's strong desire to see him. The two settled on staying in a hotel in San Francisco with Kyle promising to someday return to Utopia.

Second Coming

For further details see: Second Coming

Entering Limbo
Entering Limbo

Northstar was among the many mutants present on Utopia when Nightcrawler sacrificed his life to return to the island with Hope, the first mutant born since M-Day. Northstar comforted fellow teammate Dazzler after they discovered Nightcrawler's death and later attended his funeral. Northstar then joined a team lead by Cannonball into Limbo so that they could rescue Magik who had become trapped there by Bastion's schemes due to her position as one of the X-Men's key teleporters. Upon arrival in Limbo, Northstar scouted the area, noting that the terrain constantly changed and that if they did not hurry it would only be a matter of time before they were spotted.

The team was soon separated after being attacked by a number of demons, though Northstar managed to find and assist Dazzler in battle. The two were soon attacked and subdued by Gambit, who had succumbed to his Death persona. Under Gambit's control, Northstar and Dazzler attempted to defeat the rest of their teammates, but were ultimately freed after Illyanna used her soul sword to subdue Gambit, once she had been freed by Pixie. With their mission complete, the team wasted no time in leaving the hellish realm of Limbo in order to return to Utopia.

Curse of the Mutants

Northstar is part of an attack wave to an island populated by vampires. The goal is to retrieve Dracula's body to resurrect him. The mission is considered a failure because he was forced to stake all the vampires at super-speed to protect Dazzler, who's powers were being blocked by the vampires. Because of this Emma is unable to read any of their minds. He is later sent in with the other X-Men for another attack. This attack is more successful as he grabs all the vampires light-bending medallions, which was what blocked Dazzler's powers. Without them Dazzler was able to set off a large blast of light at the vampires, killing them, as Northstar proudly shouts "go team Jacob", a reference to Jacob Black from Twilight.


Shortly after Second Coming, Utopia came down with a nasty disease. During this time the mutants that weren't on the island were asked to be the X-Men, while all the mutants on Utopia could not leave. A virus was engineered by the Sublime Corporation to finish off the mutant species. The virus not only has flu like symptoms, it also has a power dampening effect on the mutants powers. With a growing number of infected mutants, which included Anole, Wolverine and Iceman, Cyclops quarantined the island in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. To assuage growing public fear of a flu epidemic and to help maintain order, Angel gathered the mutants who were not on Utopia to form a team of X-Men, and called in Storm, Angel, Northstar, Dazzler and Pixie. Unknown to the team, the Collective Man had arrived in San Francisco and had forcefully taken over an underground Chinese criminal organization. It was also revealed that the Sublime Corporation has also developed a gene altering chemical that provided 5 unknown individuals with the powers of the first class of X-men.

World War Wendigo

Wolverine, sneaking away to Canada on his own, goes to answer a distress call from his old friend Heather Hudson. She is concerned about her husband, believing that something terrible has happened to him. Wolverine agrees to help her find him, and the Amazing X-Men (Rachel Grey, Iceman, Storm, Firestar, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Northstar) travel to Canada to find the now vulnerable Wolverine. After tracking him down, they come across several Wendigo. The Wendigo Curse is transforming the Canadian citizens into mindless, savage Wendigo. Alpha Flight member Talisman prepares to mystically solve the problem, when Wolverine is transformed into a Wendigo, and nearly kills Talisman. The X-Men are joined by the rest of Alpha Flight. Northstar and Aurora reunite and battle and work with Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor to get the Wendigo across the border into the United States. The curse was only functional in Canada.



Northstar, like his sister Aurora, has complete control over the kinetic energy of the atomic motion in his bodies molecules, which he can channel in a single direction. He normally uses that power to travel and fly at superhuman speeds. When concentrating, Northstar can accelerate his body to a velocity in direct proportion to the amount of kinetic energy he has tapped. It is theoretically possible for him to come close to moving at light speed, however, he would be unable to breathe and his body would suffer injuries due to the immense wind and friction. Northstar's skin is able to withstand speeds of up to at least mach 10 without injury as his body is made more durable due to the atomic motion he creates. Northstar also has greatly enhanced agility and reflexes, being able to dodge items and make sharp turns while moving at speeds of up to Mach 18.7. Northstar is able to perform a variety of feats such as; create concussive blasts with his light based abilities, use his atomic motion control to compensate for any disturbances in the G-Force, complete complicated tasks (such as reading) at high speeds, run across water, create cyclones by running in circles, and move only one part of his body at superhuman speeds. An example of this would be when Northstar repeatedly strikes an opponent in only fractions of a second. This technique has been shown to hurt even the Hulk.

It has been noted that Northstar is slightly faster than his sister Aurora, however she has more endurance and is able to travel longer than he can in the same amount of time. By coming into physical contact with his sister, Northstar can change the rate at which his molecules accelerate in order to let out an extremely bright burst of light. This power has been altered through out his time with Alpha Flight thanks to genetic experiments on Aurora, however it has currently been reverted back to its original state, with the twins having more control over the light which they generate.

After their alteration by the Children of the Vault, it appears that both Northstar and Aurora have enhanced abilities. Both have demonstrated super-strength, as well as the ability to cause an explosion when in contact, but the extent of these new abilities is still unknown, if they are even present at all.

Northstar is also noted for being an accomplished trapeze artist, novelist, and world-class skier.


Jean-Paul Beaubier
Jean-Paul Beaubier
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 185 lbs (84 kg)
  • Gender: Male
  • Unusual Features: Silver streaks in his hair and slightly pointed ears
  • Known Relatives: Jeanne-Marie aka Aurora, twin sister, Jean-Baptiste Beaubier (alternately given as Jean-Claude Baptiste; father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased), Louis Martin (adoptive father, deceased), Genevieve Martin (adoptive mother, deceased), Joanne Beaubier (adopted daughter, deceased)
  • Citizenship: Canadian
  • Marital Status: Married to Kyle Jinadu
  • Occupation: Former terrorist, adventurer, teacher, businessman, novelist, professional skier, trapeze artist, thief
  • Education: High school level
  • Place of Birth: Montréal, Québec, Canada

Alternate Realities


Ultimate Northstar
Ultimate Northstar

Northstar initially shows up in Ultimate X-Men when he is recruited by Nightcrawler and Angel. With Jean-Paul clearly upset, the two X-Men attempt to stop him from committing suicide by jumping off of a roof, although this was not his intention. He later admits that he was kicked off the track team for supposed steroid use and then figures out that he is a mutant after Angel and Nightcrawler continue to talk with him. He vehemently refuses their offer to join the X-Men, claiming that his father, the Canadian Ambassador, had already warned him about their supposed school. Jean-Paul quickly speeds off and begins to roam around the city before being approached by Mr. Sinister who attempted to murder the young mutant. Northstar barely survived, thanks to his quick reflexes, which allowed the bullet to miss his vital organs. Northstar was later awakened in the hospital by the telepathic Jean Grey, who read his mind in order to discover the identity of his shooter. After being told that Colossus watched over him the entire night, Northstar asked if he was single, although Jean and Colossus both immediately leave to help the X-Men find Mr. Sinister.

Jean-Paul is later recruited by Emma Frost in order to join her school of both gifted humans and mutants known as the Academy of Tomorrow. Northstar most likely joins because the school is more pacifistic in nature and includes both humans and mutants, as Northstar previously said he did not believe in segregation. During his time at the Academy, Northstar completed the Advanced Workshop Program which allowed him to participate in off-campus community service missions in conjunction with the local authorities. During one of these missions, Lorna Dane was framed for the murder of many innocent by standers after her powers seemingly go out of control. She was subsequently placed in the Triskelon building where she was placed in the same prison as Magneto due to their similar power sets. A group of students, which included Northstar, attempt to break Lorna out of her prison, placing them in direct conflict with both the Ultimates and the X-Men. During their battle, it became apparent that Northstar had grown in power as he was able to take out some key members of both teams, including fellow speedster Quicksilver. At one point, Northstar again expressed a romantic interest in Colossus before he was taken out by Alex Summers. Northstar then carried Alex across the water and up the side of the Triskelon building where they witnessed Magneto breaking out of his prison. Lorna is soon cleared of the charges and Northstar returned to the Academy of Tomorrow.

It was later shown that both Northstar and Colossus had kept in contact since their last encounter and Northstar invited Colossus to his school's homecoming dance (which he accepted). Unfortunately the dance is interrupted by the Brotherhood, and after the apparent death of Charles Xavier, Colossus agreed to live with Northstar at his school where the two continued their romantic relationship. A softball game between the two schools was later interrupted by Northstar's sister, Aurora and the Alpha Flight team. A battle ensued between Alpha Flight and the X-Men, although all of Alpha Flights members seemed to be addicted to the drug known as Banshee, or the Mutant Growth Hormone (MGH) allowing them to easily defeat their opponents. Alpha Flight is successful in retrieving Northstar, taking him back to their base and forcing him to take MGH. Soon after, Colossus, Cyclops, Rogue, Angel, Dazzler and Nightcrawler all use Banshee in order to break into Alpha Flight's base and rescue Northstar. After they easily incapacitate Alpha Flight, Colossus found Northstar overdosing on the MGH drug, which left him crippled from the waist down . He was last seen with Piotr outside the Institute, both gazing at the sunset together.


Earth 295
Earth 295

In the The Age of Apocalypse, both Northstar and Aurora were part of Mr. Sinister's Elite Mutant Force (E.M.F.) and, as such, were assigned to patrolling the breeding pens. The siblings were rather snotty about their superior status as mutants and seemed to take great pleasure in punishing the prisoners who acted up or tried to escape. When the E.M.F.’s leader, Cyclops switched sides, secretly helping Polaris and other prisoners to escape, he was caught in the act by the twins, who had conveniently been re-assigned. However, both of them were quickly defeated by Cyclops with the help of Polaris.

When the series was revisited for the 10 year anniversary, it was revealed that following the fall of Apocalypse's regime, the Beaubier twins became fugitives, they hid in Canada, until they were killed by Weapon X and Kirika. Its not clear why Northstar had an entirely different look, with white and black stripes all over the face and was bald.


Northstar Trigger was an outlaw, a part of first The Alpha Outsiders then Generation Hex, in this Earth's version of the Old West. With his sister, he formed the Twins Trigger.

X-Men: The End

X-Men: Then End
X-Men: Then End

In the alternate future of X-Men, Northstar was one of the many members who now reside at the Xavier Institute as one of the staff. He first used his speed powers to help rescue many of the students after the mansion fell under attack, but was ultimately forced rescue Cyclops and flee after a massive explosion erupted. Northstar briefly survived the destruction after flying several miles, but still managed to receive critical wounds that eventually took his life. As Northstar passed on, he saw a vision of his former Alpha Flight teammates and his sister, who encouraged him to leave his body and join them in the after life.


In the House of M reality, Northstar is a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Red Squad, where he and his sister, Aurora, train new mutant recruits.

Appearances in other Media

X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men: The Animated Series
X-Men: The Animated Series

Northstar briefly appears along side Aurora in the X-Men Animated Series episodes, "Slave Island" where a multitude of mutants have been captured on Muir Island and in "Repo Man" as a member of Alpha Flight. He is voiced by Rene Lemieux and possesses the ability to fly and is able to generate a blinding flash of light when slapping hands with Aurora.

X-Men Destiny

Northstar made his first video game appearance in "X-Men Destiny", which was released in fall 2011

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