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    An Omega Level Mutant and Wakandan Goddess, Ororo Munroe is gifted with the superhuman ability to manipulate the natural energy patterns of the universe to produce weather phonomena ranging from the lightest of breezes to the most powerful solar winds

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    Mistress of the Elements
    Mistress of the Elements

    Storm (Ororo Munroe) is a descendant of an ancient royal line of white-haired, blue-eyed sorceresses (possibly mutants), who's defining physical features surface every five generations. Her royal heritage can be traced back to the dawn of humanity. Her family's kingdom lies hidden in the Great Rift Valley of Africa, the valley that spawned the human race itself. The power in her family is transferred from mother to daughter. Her mother, Princess N'Dare, rebelled against their tradition as she felt that she was forced into the role that was expected of her. She then married an American photojournalist, David Munroe, and lived in Manhattan. They then moved to Cairo, Egypt when Ororo was still an infant. When Ororo was five, she and her family were caught in an Arab-Israeli conflict. Her parents were killed and Ororo ended up buried under rubble next to her mother's body. Because of this, Ororo has since had a life long struggle attempting to overcome her severe claustrophobia. Ororo was never sought after by her own people in fear for her own her safety as her own uncle, Shetani, who felt left out and wanted to rule, threatened that he would kill Ororo should her people even try to find her. Storm, by birth, is the rightful heir to her family's kingdom and to the oldest royal family on the face of the Earth.


    Storm was created by the writer Len Wein and artist Dave Cockrum and made her first ever appearance in Giant Size X-Men #1 in May 1975. Storm was created using different characters that were originally intended to be used in the Legion Of Superheroes comic book. During an interview in 1999, Len Wein explained that the original black female character of Legion would have been named The Black Cat and wore a similar costume to Storm but without the cape and sported cat-like haircut and ears. However, due to other female cat-like characters like Tigra appearing, Dave Cockrum decided to re-design the new character and give her white hair and a black cape and the name Storm.

    Character Evolution

    Goddess of the Plains
    Goddess of the Plains

    Since her introduction, Storm has always played a very prominent role in the world of the X-Men. In her early days after her first appearance she was a major character in the new team of X-Men following the relaunch of the mutant team in 1975. Then, perhaps her definitive role was as leader of the X-Men after Professor X went into space with the Starjammers for a time. She led the team through many huge challenges: the Mutant Massacre and Inferno to name but two, even through a long period when she had lost her powers. Following the return of Professor X, the X-Men were split into two teams, Gold (led by Storm) and Blue (led by Cyclops). During that period her closest male relationship was with Forge, however due to Storm being busy with the X-Men all the time, Forge felt left out and knew that her heart would always be with the X-Men and not with him which ended with the two breaking up. Following the discovery of Destiny's diaries, Storm led the X-Treme X-Men and then the X.S.E. teams. Most recently Storm has married Black Panther and taken on a new leadership role in Wakanda.

    Following the events of Doom War, both Storm and T'challa have left Wakanda for more heroic duties, Storm is now a main-stay member of the X-Men yet again and was in charge of the Utopia Security Team.

    After the events of Schism, she stayed with Cyclops' team, but following the events of Avengers vs X-Men, she left his team to join Wolverine's school and his team there. Currently, she has formed a new X-Men team with Monet, Rachel Summers, Psylocke and Jubilee. Whether she stays on as leader or not is yet to be seen.

    Major Story Arcs

    Orphan in Cairo


    As an orphan in Cairo, Ororo was forced to live on the streets. She was taken in by Achmed El-Gibar who taught her the many skills of thievery and hand to hand combat. While in Cairo, Storm has her first encounter with Charles Xavier, a powerful telepath who would go on to form the team of mutants called the X-Men. Through Ororo's attempt to pick Xavier's pocket, Charles meets the Shadow King. Storm also proves her skills as a thief by stealing a rare ruby-colored gem, the so-called "heart of eternal darkness" against Achmed's orders. Years later, it would be discovered that this stone contained the essence of the immortal mutant Candra.

    Years later, Ororo leaves Egypt and returns to her ancestral homeland of Kenya. On the way there, Ororo accepts a ride with a man who attempts to rape her. Ororo killed the man with a knife, but swears never to take a life again. After nearly dying of thirst in the Sahara desert, Ororo learns that she has the power to control the weather. She also learns that South Africans, under the leadership of Andreas de Ruyter, were trying to kidnap Prince T'Challa of Wakanda, who was a little older than her. Storm uses her powers to help him escape, and the two travel together for a while, growing attracted to each other, but Ororo's dream and T'Challa's duty meant they couldn't be together yet.

    Making her home in the Serengeti Plain in Kenya, Storm calls out to her goddess and is answered with the sight of a shining figure of a woman, who resembles her. Adopted as a goddess of life by the local tribes, Storm helps however she can, using her powers. The connection between the weather and her emotional state lead her to detach herself from stronger emotions as much as possible to protect the people. An elderly tribal woman, Ainet, helps her learn how to responsibly use her complex powers. A threat arises from a fellow mutant called Deluge, who wrested control over the weather from her in an attempt to revenge himself on humanity. Ororo managed to destroy Deluge and disperse the storm with the help of the X-Men, who were stranded in Kenya at that time. The X-Men inform Professor X about this promising mutant, however, he already knows of her, but hadn't contacted her before because he thought the cultural shock would be too much for her to handle.

    Joining the X-Men

    Eventually however, Xavier is left with no choice but to contact Ororo and ask her assistance in rescuing the X-Men, explaining to her that she was not a goddess but a mutant. Ororo agrees to join the X-Men and returns to live in America. The new X-Men's first mission tasks them with rescuing the original X-Men from the living island of Krakoa. Acclimatizing to life in America, Ororo was naive in the ways of the modern world; for example, she had no idea why there was any need for clothing, if one didn't feel cold.

    Storm quickly makes friends among the X-Men, regarding them as family, with an especially strong bond of friendship with Jean Grey, who had helped Ororo in buying a new wardrobe. It was during one of their shopping tours that Jean learned of Storm's severe claustrophobia when the two women had chased a thief into a subway station.

    Deadly Genesis


    The X-Men are taken into space by the Sentinels and held as prisoners in Lang's sentinel factory above Earth. During their escape, they are forced to use a damaged space shuttle to reenter the Earth's atmosphere. With Jean as the only person on board who could survive long enough to pilot the ship by using her powers to shield herself from the heat and radiation, while everyone else must remain in the protection of the radiation room. Unknown to everyone, Jean is replaced by the Phoenix Force during the reentry and placed in a cocoon hidden away under the ocean water in the area where the shuttle crashed-landed. To take a break from all the stress, the team decides to go on vacation to Banshee's home, Cassidy Keep. When they get there they are attacked by Juggernaut and Banshee's cousin Black Tom Cassidy. During the battle, Storm suffers an extreme bout of claustrophobia from being confined within the castle, but when she's finally able to make it outside she turns the battle in favor of the X-Men.

    While still in Scotland, the X-Men go to Muir Island, to the lab of Moira McTaggert to check on her research. The facility is then attacked by Eric the Red, Havok and Polaris who take the infant Magneto and age him into his thirties when his powers are at their peak. Magneto easily defeats the entire team, helped by the fact that two of its strongest members are metal based.

    Eric the Red reveals that he is actually a Shi'ar spy sent to Earth to capture the fugitive Princess Lilandra, who had been in psychic contact with Charles Xavier, and had fallen in love with each other. When Eric takes her back to Shi'ar space, Xavier sends the X-Men after them which leads them into battle against the entire Shi'ar Imperial Guard. After their battle, the X-Men, along with the Shi'ar ruler D'Ken, are sucked into the M'Kraan Crystal. Phoenix repairs the crystal, thus saving the universe. Storm and the rest of the X-Men return to Earth but are soon after kidnapped by Magneto and held prisoner in the Savage Land. Magneto punishes the team for his time stuck as an infant and binds them so they can't move or speak. However, Storm is able to use her skills as a master lock-picker to break the restraints and frees the rest of the team.

    They then attack Magneto and he ends up destroying his hidden headquarters in an attempt to kill them. The X-Men are split into two groups, Phoenix and Beast are propelled out of the Savage Land to Antarctica and the rest of the team is imprisoned underground in the Savage Land. Phoenix and Beast return to America believing their teammates killed, while Storm and the X-Men adapt to life in their temporary home in the village of Ka-Zar and help him defeat the tyrant Garokk. Garokk dies accidentally, however, Storm blames herself for his death, which leaves her traumatized since she had vowed never to take another life. Storm then distances herself from the other X-Men and wandered around the Savage Land on her own. During this time, she saves a mysterious woman, M'rin, from a savage beast. Finding herself in another fantastic dimension adjacent to the Savage Land, M'rin - who is this dimension's warrior queen - befriends Ororo and regards her as her surrogate daughter. Before Storm leaves, M'rin showed her how to use her mother's ruby crystal to open the dimensional gates and come visit her, if she wishes.

    Asgardian Wars

    As the X-Men leave the Savage Land aboard a raft, they are caught in a massive gale that brings them to Japan where Storm and the team help battle Moses Magnum. Flying back from Japan by plane, the team are blown off course and forced to land in Calgary, Alberta. Alpha Flight had been instructed to bring in Wolverine and were found to be responsible for misdirecting the X-Men's plane. The X-Men and Alpha Flight begin to battle. As the battle reaches its climax, Storm has to use her powers like never before to quell a blizzard summoned by Shaman that grows out of his control, spanning the size of the Canadian continent. While successful, the effort required leaves her physically exhausted. Back in New York, Storm decides to visit the apartment in Harlem where her parents fell in love and where she was born.

    Arriving at the building where her family used to live, she is shocked to find out that it was now occupied by some drug addicted kids. She meets up with her friends, Misty Knight and Luke Cage, who remind her that there is only so much that superheroes can do. This causes Ororo to start to doubt her life as an X-Man. Some time later, Storm is kidnapped by Arkon the Imperion, emperor of the other-dimensional world of Polemachus, who wanted someone with control over lightning to restore the machine that powered the energy-rings around their world. Ororo is willing to help, even though it would have cost her life. With the aid of the other X-Men, any loss of life was avoided. This adventure reminded her that life as an X-Man was more than just one battle after the next.

    When a new student, the teenager Kitty Pryde, joins the X-Men, Ororo develops motherly feelings towards the girl, whose parents' marriage was disintegrating. Around the same time as this, Storm is captured and humiliated by the telepathic White Queen (Emma Frost) who telepathically probes Ororo for information on the X-Men. When the rest of the team assaults the building where the White Queen was keeping Storm prisoner, the White Queen becomes angry and almost wipes Storm's mind, but is prevented by the intervention of Phoenix.


    The Transformation
    The Transformation

    After the death of Jean Grey, Cyclops leaves the team and Storm is appointed team leader by Professor Xavier, a role she is unsure about at first. Soon after this, the X-Men free the villain, Arcade, from Dr. Doom (actually, a very convincing Doom-bot) in order to get their friend Stevie Hunter back. Doom and Ororo feel some attraction towards each other; however, Doom still traps her and her fellow mutants and transforms Storm into a statue of organic chrome.

    For a claustrophobic, this was a nightmare come true. Subconsciously, she started to warp weather patterns all over the world, creating a giant thunderstorm. When her teammates finally free her, she is immensely more powerful and close to insanity in her rage. The other X-Men make her realize she is heading down the same path as Phoenix had. They get though to her and she reins in her power, stops the storm, and spares Doom's life. When Storm brings Kitty to the White Queen's Massachusetts Academy per Kitty's parents' wishes, the White Queen uses a device to switch bodies with Storm. After switching back to their respective bodies, it still takes Storm some time to convince Kitty that it was really her stuck inside Emma Frost's body. With their personalities restored again, Storm almost kills Emma in the final battle, but Wolverine holds her back and reminds her that she is better than that. Storm is then ambushed by an assassin hired by the Bull. Teaming up with the Black Panther, her first love, they locate the Bull, and defeat the Bull's robot. This also kills The Bull himself as he was psychically connected to the robot.

    Storm and Arkon
    Storm and Arkon

    Later, Ororo and the team join the Fantastic Four and return to Polemachus, the world ruled by Arkon. The Badoon had invaded and taken control of Polemachus, and had taken Reed and Arkon prisoner. The teams defeat the Badoon and save both Arkon and Reed. A short time later, Storm is attacked by Dracula and turned into a vampire. Proving her strength of will rivaled his own, Storm gains the respect of Dracula who promises to relinquish his hold on her. However, Dracula later attacks Storm again, breaking his promise. He wanted to use her skills as a thief to steal a book from a monastery containing a spell that could kill him.

    Dracula's daughter Lilith takes control of Kitty Pryde and takes vampiric control of Colossus, in pursuit of Storm. Kitty and Colossus ambush Storm who flash-freezes Colossus but is injured by a crossbow bolt from Kitty. Dracula saves Storm and the X-men later arrive to assist her in defeating him. Dracula is seemingly destroyed by Kitty (Lilith) reading the Montesi Formula. With his apparent death, his hold over Storm is released.

    Quest for Magik

    Storm's Mystic Heritage
    Storm's Mystic Heritage

    The X-Men continue on their many adventures. Travelling to Limbo to rescue Illyana (Magik), Ororo meets an elderly version of herself. The older Ororo's mutant powers have waned with age, instead, she has turned to the other side of her heritage, becoming a powerful sorceress and challenging Belasco's rule over Limbo.

    The Brood then attack the X-Men, implanting them with their eggs. Storm flees from the others in a spaceship when she begins to transform into a new Brood. She uses her powers to channel nearby stars energies into her body, killing the Brood embryo and nearly killing herself. Adrift in space, she is then saved by Prophetsinger of the Acanti, a Whale-like species of space creatures who were enslaved by the Brood and used as huge living Starships. After destroying the Brood homeworld, back on Earth Storm and her team are confronted by Professor Xavier, who was the host for a Brood Queen. Again they defeat the Brood, and Professor Xavier is transferred into a cloned body. Ororo's powers briefly flare out of control and she feels that the Earth has "rejected her" - the recent encounter with the Brood had caused her inner harmony of body and soul to shift out of balance.

    When Storm, Wolverine and Carol Danvers infiltrate the Pentagon to erase their data files, they meet Rogue, who had permanently absorbed Carol's powers. A fierce fight ensues, with Rogue absorbing Wolverine's and then Storm's powers only to be overwhelmed by this power. Storm traps Rogue within a tornado and removes her from the Pentagon so the team could escape and to protect the staff at the Pentagon. Soon after, Rogue comes to the X-Men for help controlling her powers, Xavier agrees and allows her to join the team.

    Storm's new look
    Storm's new look

    Storm is angered by this decision but is able to set aside her feelings and accept Rogue. Angel then is kidnapped by the Morlocks and the X-Men go to rescue him. Storm challenges the Morlock's leader, Callisto, to a duel for leadership, defeating Callisto by stabbing her through the heart. Storm then becomes the leader of the Morlocks. When the team later goes to Japan to attend Wolverine's wedding, Storm meets Yukio, a self proclaimed ronin who becomes one of Storm's closest friends. Yukio's devil-may-care free-spirited attitude triggered a dramatic change in Storm, resulting in Storm acquiring a mohawk, a new leather-clad look, and a more aggressive attitude.

    Storm and several members of the X-Men are abducted by the Beyonder and, joining with other heroes, are forced to battle a cadre of villains on Battleworld. Back on Earth, during a mission to help Rogue, Storm is shot by a power neutralizer meant for Rogue, and she loses her powers. She goes to the home of the mutant Forge to recuperate and, during this time, they fall in love. When Storm later discovers that the power neutralizer was created by Forge, she feels betrayed and ends their relationship, leaving the X-Men for Africa where she meets Andrea and Andreas Von Strucker. Storm battles the twins to protect a local woman but is grazed on the temple by a bullet and is knocked out. Awakening, she travels across a desolate plain of Africa, encountering a woman in labor whom she helps give birth at the woman's village. Storm comes to terms with the loss of her powers and goes to Cairo where she helps the New Mutants defeat the Shadow King.

    Storm and the New Mutants are all then transported to Asgard by Loki, in yet another scheme of his to take over Asgard. The X-Men travel to Asgard to rescue them. Loki tempts Storm with the title of the Goddess of Thunder and gives her Freya's Cloak of Magic Feathers and a mystically enhanced hammer. At first, she attacks Wolverine, but he's able to help Storm see through Loki's deception. She then returns to Earth with her team. Upon her return, Storm learns that Magneto had been appointed Headmaster of the school by Professor X. Cyclops had returned to the X-men while Storm was on Asgard and resumed leadership of the team, but Storm challenges Cyclops in a duel for leadership and defeats him.

    Mutant Massacre

    Sometime later, the mutant geneticist Mister Sinister sends his Marauders to exterminate the Morlocks. The X-Men quickly venture into the underground tunnels to investigate. They save a few survivors, but several X-Men suffer horrific injuries when the team encounters the killers. Storm feels she had failed as a leader, but Callisto slaps her back to her senses and into taking up her responsibilities again.

    Fall of the Mutants

    With more and more enemies of mutantkind in general rallying against them, the Hellfire Club proposes an alliance with the X-Men, offering Magneto the seat of the White King. After discussing this with Ororo, he accepts, with his own condition that he and Storm would jointly assume the title of the White King. However, Ororo would not be available for much longer. The Marauder Malice's attempt to possess the body of Dazzler and the bombing of the house of Jean Grey's sister, Sara, indicates that somebody is trying to get to the X-Men by harming their friends and families. As these enemies would apparently only stop once the X-Men were dead, Storm decides to go underground, naming Wolverine as Deputy Leader. Storm travels to Dallas seeking Forge's help. Finding his home derelict, she meets who she thinks is his old mentor Naze. Naze tells her that Forge (a powerful, but reluctant, Shaman) has probably been claimed by his nemesis, the Adversary, and will try to destroy the world in his name. Storm accompanies Naze (really a Dire Wraith who had previously disguised itself as Naze and now serving as host for the Adversary) on a dangerous quest to find Forge. Storm starts to admit to herself that she still loves Forge, but is convinced that he has gone evil, thanks to Naze's subtle manipulations. She confronts Forge on a mountain, surrounded by demons, with a gate to another dimension above him, and stabs him, only then realizing that he had in fact been trying to close the gate and save Earth.

    In Dallas, time and space suddenly go crazy. Meanwhile Storm and the heavily injured Forge find themselves transported to another Earth, devoid of any human life. After spending a year there, they realize that the Adversary is giving them the chance to become parents to a new humanity on this world while destroying their own. The two decide that they have to try and save their own Earth. Forge uses the technology in his artificial leg to create an anti-Neutralizer, giving Storm back her powers. She uses her lightning is to energize a portal back to Earth. The magical spell to counter the one Forge cast many years ago, which had freed the Adversary, needs nine souls to give it energy. Thus, the X-Men and their companion Madelyne Pryor, on live TV, sacrifice themselves for Forge's spell. Secretly the X-Men are returned to life by Roma, and following Storm's original plan, let everybody believe they are still dead in order to better strike at their enemies. The team relocates to the former hideout of the Reavers, in the Australian Outback. Storm gets the chance to reacquaint herself with her foster mother, M'rin, after freeing Garrok from the influence of Terminus in the Savage Land.


    Lil' Storm & Gambit
    Lil' Storm & Gambit

    When Madelyne Pryor, with S'ym and N'astirh release a demon invasion of Earth, the X-Men meet X-Factor (the original 5 X-Men) for the first time. Some initial tension is soon overcome and Storm is happily reunited with her best friend. Storm destroys the demon N'astirh by overloading his circuitry with her lightning. Cyclops is shocked that Storm just wanted to get the job done, by any means necessary. Back at their headquarters in the Australian Outback, the X-Men are attacked by the psychotic Nanny and her underling, the Orphan Maker, who capture Storm and fake her death with the help of a SHIELD life model decoy. The villains escape and, once back at their base, Nanny physically and mentally reduces Storm to her pre-teens to better control her. However, Storm's claustrophobia gives her the strength to overload Nanny's systems and she escapes. The now approximately 11-12 year old Ororo finds herself in the city of Cairo, Illinois with no memories of her time with the X-Men or even why she was in America.

    Her powers barely worked at this time, due to her youth. The Shadow King takes this opportunity to hunt her down. Taking over the body of FBI agent Jacob Reisz, he frames Ororo for murder. During a stint as a thief, which is all she knew at this age, the Shadow King has his agents waiting for Ororo, but she's saved by a fellow mutant and thief named Gambit. Gambit is intrigued by Ororo and they form a partnership, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Nanny finds them again, but they manage to beat her and destroy her aircraft, while at the same time reactivating Storm's memories of what had happened to her and who she really was. Gambit and Storm are reunited with Banshee and Forge at the X-Mansion, as well as with the New Mutants, Cable and X-Factor. Tests reveal that Ororo is stuck at this young age, not able to grow or age and without full access to her powers.

    X-Tinction Agenda

    The Genoshan government, working together with old X-Factor enemy, Cameron Hodge, plan to destroy the various X-Teams as revenge for an earlier defeat. They kidnap Storm and several New Mutants. In custody, Storm undergoes the conditioning process that the Genoshans had developed to turn mutants or mutates into obedient, mindless slaves. She is stripped of free will and is called Mutate 20. However, Genegineer Moreau and Chief Magistrate Anderson are among the faction working against Hodge and use Storm in a Trojan Horse gambit against him. When Storm attacks Cyclops on Anderson's orders, Storm not only regains both her faculties and her adult body, she's also given the means to reactivate the neutralized powers of the other captured X-Men.

    Muir Island Saga and X-men Gold Team

    Gold Team
    Gold Team

    Back on Muir Island, the Shadow King takes over the minds of the residents of the Research Facility. Several X-Men are captured by the residents when they try to stop the Shadow King. Professor Xavier, back on Earth, enlists the help of both X-Factor and SHIELD. After the villain was defeated, the original five X-Men rejoin. Storm is made leader of the so-called Gold Team. The arrival of the new X-Man Bishop from the future further strains the relationship between Storm and Forge, a relationship that was already on the rocks. Forge proposes to Storm, but Ororo hesitates. Jean Grey refuses to tell Forge about Storm's true feelings, and he becomes convinced that Storm didn't love him and could never be a complete person outside the X-Men.

    He retracts his proposal and leaves to help Mystique, although it turns out that Storm would have said "yes." After an incident in which Mikhail Rasputin, Colossus' mad brother, floods the Morlock tunnels, apparently killing them all, Forge invites Storm to dinner where they make up. While they don't fully resume their relationship, they remain more than friends.

    Return to the Morlocks

    Marrow's Heart
    Marrow's Heart

    As it turns out, Mikhail in actuality, had transported the Morlocks to another dimension, where time passes faster than on Earth. Children had grown up in the time since the X-Men saw them last and one group called the Gene Nation, led by Marrow - wanted revenge on the humans who had shunned the Morlocks while on Earth. They plan another massacre on the anniversary of the Morlock Massacre. Storm confronts Marrow, and in single combat cuts out the girl's heart, before the bomb attached to it could explode. Unaware of the fact that Marrow had survived, as she actually had two hearts, Storm is deeply troubled by her choice, feeling that she was incapable of making long-term decisions. While celebrating the Ceremony of Light as a remembrance ritual in the Morlock tunnels, she is teleported away by Mikhail Rasputin to his other dimension, where she was to become "mother" to the Morlocks. Storm learns that Rasputin actually backed Gene Nation. She forces him to return all the surviving Morlocks back to Earth and gives the Gene Nation members a choice. Either help rebuild the impoverished African village she had once visited - or else.

    Storm then presented a new look to her teammates. During that time Storm also called off her on-again-off-again relationship with Forge for good, since she couldn't imagine a long-term future with him and started a subtle flirtation with Cable instead. Storm once more confronted Candra - who had by now learned that Storm had stolen her heart as a child - over the fate of the children Jamil and Karima. After facing several old foes and friends who couldn't possibly be there, Storm realized that Karima was a powerful mutant with the ability to make desires real and that Jamil was only an expression of her own desires. When Cyclops destroyed the ruby that contained Candra's essence, Storm's opponent perished and Ororo returned Karima home.

    After Cyclops and Phoenix leave the team to recuperate, Storm is left, once again, as leader of the X-Men which now includes Marrow, who tries to provoke her at every point and whose very presence reminds Storm of her own failures. Storm and Marrow make peace though, thanks in part to Marrow's burgeoning friendship with Cannonball. Following the restructuring of the X-Men, Storm takes a less active role and joins a division of the X-Men that travels around the world to face new threats in Venice, Italy, and Russia.

    X-Treme X-Men

    X-Treme X-Men
    X-Treme X-Men

    Shortly after Storms brief leave of absence, the X-Men learn of the Diaries of the late precog Destiny, which chronicled the future. With only one book in their possession, Ororo realizes that the Diaries are too dangerous a weapon to be trusted to Charles Xavier following the incident with Onslaught. Planning to find the rest of the Diaries, Ororo asks Tessa AKA Sage to be among her group as her analytical skills would be needed to make sense of the cryptic prophecies. However, the team is beset with difficulties from the very beginning, not the least of which is the death of Storm's teammate Psylocke at the hands of Vargas, who claims to be the true Homo Superior. Gambit asks Storm for the ruby she had inherited from her mother, which is part of a mysterious powerful group of gems called the Madripoor set. The ruby, as well as the other gems, is stolen by the other-dimensional warrior Shaitan, who also abducts Gambit. Shaitan uses the gems and Gambit's power to create a portal - a giant space needle in the making - to allow the other-dimensional armies of his master Khan, a conqueror of whole universes, to enter Madripoor. At the same time, a force field prevents other heroes from entering Madripoor to help.

    After Storm saves Khan's life from Madripoor crime lord Viper, Khan becomes obsessed with Storm, recognizing in her a kindred spirit and an equal. When Viper strikes Ororo in the back, leaving her for dead, Khan takes her with him to another dimension, saved her life and was going to make her his queen. Storm tried to convince him to stop his attempted conquest of Earth. Meanwhile, the other X-Men race against time trying to find Storm and to stop Khan's troops from gaining access to Earth. Khan's concubines jealously try to murder Storm but she defeats them despite her injuries. Together, the X-Men manage to successfully stop the Invasion by sabotaging Khan's castle and blowing up the inter-dimensional portal, seemingly blowing Khan's ship up in the process. Ororo's serious injuries cause her to collapse and have a near death experience, but she regains consciousness and goes through physical therapy treatment for her back and legs. With their mission to find the Diaries ended (since Rogue now had access to them, thanks to her powers), the other X-Men ask Storm's team to return to the mansion. Storm, Sage and Bishop, however, feel that someone has to defend the rights of humans and make sure that they could all co-exist peacefully. Storm and Gambit infiltrate a meeting of world leaders on mutant policy at the President's home. Storm makes Val Cooper, Alexi Vazjin and several other politicians an offer: she suggests a special police task force of mutants policing mutants, with worldwide authority - the X.S.E. The idea is given a green light but, as a test, she is sent to Tokyo to apprehend the extra-dimensional slaver, Tullamore Voge. There she meets with her good friend Yukio. At a nightclub, Storm intervenes in a mutant vs. mutant fight in an underground arena and unwittingly became the new champion. Excited by the thrill and the rush, Ororo returns and fights Callisto. This battle turned out to be a trap as Callisto had acquired new powers - tentacles in the place of her arms - and the fight was only a distraction for Storm to be defeated psychically by operatives of Callisto's master, Masque.

    Storm and Callisto then outwardly live as champions, while remaining the slaves of Masque. However, they defeat Masque before they can be sold as slaves to Tullamore Voge. Storm hands over control of the arenas to Callisto, to form them into an organization offering safe harbor to mutants all over the world. Voge escapes, but his activities in Tokyo are brought to an end, so the X.S.E. are given the go-ahead. After returning to her teammates, Ororo learns of the devastation in Manhattan at the hands of a madman claiming to be Magneto. She also learns of the death of Jean Grey. Storm's team returns to Westchester to help rebuild the Xavier Institute, which now houses both the X-Men and the X.S.E. Professor Xavier departs for Genosha while Cyclops and Emma Frost function as Headmasters of the Institute.

    The X.S.E.

    Storm and Wolverine
    Storm and Wolverine

    The X.S.E. is given global authority as a mutant police force to maintain peace between humans and mutants. Storm is field leader with Bishop, Sage, Cannonball, Marvel Girl (Rachel Grey), Nightcrawler and Wolverine as team members. They easily beat the Weaponeers, a group of arms dealing terrorists, in the Sahara desert. Their next mission is against the extra-dimensional Fury, a super-adaptive robot with immense power. The Fury defeats the combined forces of Bishop, Marvel Girl and Cannonball at Captain Britain's ancestral home, and then takes control of Sage through her cyber glasses. Storm is able to overcome this by absorbing lightning into herself. Storm, Wolverine and Nightcrawler find that Sage is too difficult a challenge to overcome, but Fury's control over Sage is weakened and she is able to free herself after being hit by an EMP from Storm. While the Fury is briefly neutralized, Storm, Bishop, Sage and Marvel Girl, combine powers to create a miniature black hole in which they trap it.

    En route to dinner with the Queen of England, the team is ambushed and kidnapped by Viper in revenge for her defeat during Khan's invasion and takes them to Murderworld while threatening to kill the Queen of England. The team manages to escape and their powers return. Viper had in actuality kidnapped one of the Queen's maids. The maid was trapped in an amusement park ride with a baby nuke that would explode if anyone entered. Nightcrawler teleports into the pod and saves the maid while Storm's air pressure field contains the nuclear blast long enough to save everyone.

    Storm and Logan go on a date but are interrupted when they hear of some murders that implicate Wolverine due to some suspicious claw marks. They investigate and find X-23, the killer, at a nightclub. X-23 escapes after slashing Wolverine. Storm and Rachel catch up to X-23 and neutralize her, learning her identity and that she was actually on the trail of the Bacchae. The Bacchae - a team of women warriors - are defeated by Storm's team, thus freeing a man that was a friend of X-23. The team are then attacked by Geech, who defeats most of the team before Storm and Wolverine finally beat him. They then set about finding Sage, who did not return after their encounter with Viper. Storm and Bishop find Sage at the Paris branch, dressed in her old Hellfire Club garments standing with Sebastian Shaw and Sunspot, the club's latest Black King. The Cleaning Crew led by Donald Pierce, the club's White Bishop, attack but Storm manages to escape. Storm, Wolverine and Nightcrawler join the battle and defeat Donald Pierce, knocking off Pierce's head, but not before suffering serious injuries. Sage decides to remain with the Hellfire Club to assist Roberto DeCosta (Sunspot).

    Travelling to Spain, the team find Psylocke alive after her death at the hands of Vargas. With Psylocke they travel to the Savage Land to find that Wolverine and X-23, who had stowed away in Logan's ship in order to go with him, are under attack. Storm and Rachel neutralize the attackers - the Hauk'ka, a race of Saurians - with a combination of blinding snow and sensory perception alteration. However, a team of super powered Saurians - Kaidan, with powerful telepathic powers, Raina, with super strength, and Masano, who could fly, take down the mutants and the team is captured and imprisoned. Using Rachel to amplify her powers, Storm was being used to generate massive hyper storms all around the world to destroy all human life on the planet. Psylocke and X-23 manage to save Bishop and Nightcrawler, and together with Kazar and the Savage Land Mutates, they capture Raina, Masano and Kaidan, and convince them that only mutual destruction is assured by their storms. They agree to join with the X-Men to save the world. Brainchild, who lied to them about saving Storm, is taken down by X-23 and Kaidan reverses his effect on Rachel. Together, Storm and Rachel are able to stop the hyper storms, and save the world.

    Back at the Xavier Institute, Storm is reunited with Colossus, believed dead after his heroic suicide sometime before. The team is then attacked by Mojo and Spiral, who teleport in with Nocturne and Juggernaut. Spiral uses her magic to transform the team into the X-Babies, but Psylocke helps them to escape. The team then fight the Exiles, who are under Mojo's control. Once they are defeated, Juggernaut takes down Spiral, and then Mojo is subsequently defeated by the X-Men.

    Wakanda and Marriage

    Storm's marriage to the Black Panther
    Storm's marriage to the Black Panther

    When the Scarlet Witch becomes insane she creates an alternate world in which all mutants had their wishes fulfilled. After being brought back to reality she goes into shock and depowers the majority of the world's mutants. The X.S.E. cease operations, and Ororo returns to Africa in order to protect former mutants. During this time, Ororo is reunited with T'Challa, the Black Panther and King of Wakanda. T'Challa proposes to her and Ororo accepts. Their marriage coincides with the superhuman Civil War brewing in America, and their wedding is riddled with disagreement and fighting between heroes on both sides. After their wedding, Storm and T'Challa go on a royal world tour. Their first stop is Dr. Doom's castle in Latveria at Doom's request. After battling a legion of Doombots, they escape and visit Namor in Atlantis, who does not receive them well. Then they fly to the moon to visit the Inhumans royal family.

    Civil War

    Storm and Black Panther - Rulers of Wakanda
    Storm and Black Panther - Rulers of Wakanda

    While visiting the Inhumans Royal Family, they were all attacked because of Quicksilver's recent theft of the Terrigen Mists. While the fighting was stopped, they left with the looming threat of war between the Inhumans and Earth. Lastly, they stopped in America where they were set up and attacked by Tony Stark and the Sentinels of ONE. Storm and T'Challa decided to stay, and have expressed support for Captain America's rebellion against the Super-Human Registration Act. At the conclusion of Civil War, Storm and her husband make a temporary home in the Baxter Building and fill in for Reed and Sue Richards of the Fantastic Four. When Reed and Sue return, Ororo and T'Challa moved back to Wakanda.

    Dark Reign

    T'Challa is viciously attacked by Dr. Doom and his forces and is left in a coma. During his time in recovery, Storm takes political control of Wakanda and nominates Shuri to go before the Panther God. As Shuri goes on her quest to seek the Panther God's approval, Ororo and Queen Mother, Ramonda, seek out the help of the witch doctor Zawavari. Because of her spirit and strong connection to T'Challa, it was decided that Zawavari would use his magic to send Ororo into limbo so that she could rescue her husband. In limbo, T'Challa is successfully fighting off death and his forces, but it soon becomes too much, and he is about to be dragged off into the next life. Suddenly, a powerful wind sent all of his enemies flying away from him and Storm appears with lightning in both hands. In a bid to free T'Challa, Storm levels Death and his minions with a fierce wind attack and reveals that the only way she could save T'Challa was to give her life in his place. Fortunately for the both of them, Shuri, his sister and the new Black Panther, is able to lure and trap Morlun in their place, saving them both.

    Doom War and Loss of Husband

    Storm Vs. Vibranium Kracken
    Storm Vs. Vibranium Kracken

    While T'Challa recovered he secretly prepares for war with Doom after realizing that Wakanda was already under attack. Storm meanwhile, used her powers to save the crops in the country but could not ascertain why they were still dying. In an unexpected confrontation with a mob, Storm blasted an angry farmer with lightning when he appeared to have drawn a weapon on her and was put on trial for crimes of treason, practicing witchcraft and crimes against humanity, and was imprisoned. Storm used her lockpicking skills as a former thief to pick the lock on her cell, but was captured by Doctor Doom, and forced to pick the lock to the vibranium vault under threat of the Queen mother and others being killed. Storm managed to pick all but the last of the locks before T'Challa finally reached Doom and Storm, who was released as Doom passed the final lock and met the Panther God.

    Doom passes the test by convincing the Panther God of his vision of humanity in his "Doom World". Storm, Black Panther (Shuri), the Dora Milaje and the Fantastic Four (Sue, Johnny and Ben) attack networks and vibranium storage facilities throughout the world. While on this mission, Storm and her team of Dora Milaje are surprise attacked by a massive vibranium-enhanced Kracken, but Storm successfully defeated it. Becoming one with the alien metal, Doom used his power to control any object or structure that contains vibranium to initiate attacks worldwide. Launching a final offensive, the team met Doom on the battlefield, and T'Challa used shadow physics to combine alchemy with quantum science in a way that would make vibranium useless, instantly defeating Doom. Storm destroys all the doombots in a massive multi-pronged lightning strike. Storm returns to Wakanda with her husband, storing the planet's remaining portions of the recovered pure vibranium.

    After T'Challa abdicated his throne at the conclusion of Doom War, he left his homeland and took Daredevil's place as the protector of Hell's Kitchen. Though Storm initially agreed to stay apart from her husband and promised to not interfere in T'Challa's mission of self-discovery, Storm broke her promise and had Pixie teleport her to Hells Kitchen to save T'Challa from a fatal fall. Storm and T'Challa worked together to take down Kraven and save a boy, Brian, who was the reason T'Challa and Kraven had come into conflict.

    Astonishing X-Men

    Saving Abigail
    Saving Abigail

    Storm continued to be an active member of the X-Men, fighting alongside both the Astonishing and Uncanny teams. Storm helps save SWORD agent Abigail Brand from certain death while plummeting toward Earth after her starship was damaged. It is then revealed that someone had hacked into the research files that Beast maintained in reference to his attempts to find ways to reactivate the mutant gene. The culprit, only identified as Kaga. Storm, the X-Men and Agent Brand gain entrance into one of Kaga's transport vessels and, after being attacked, managed to find and defeat him.

    Storm later lead a team of X-Men that consisted of Beast, Kitty Pryde, Colossus and Lockheed, into space to save Hank's girlfriend Abigail Brand, who along with several scientists and other agents aboard an off-shoot S.W.O.R.D. space station, had been taken and infected by the Brood. The Brood was using special S.W.O.R.D. technology that could safely and repeated remove the Brood progeny from a single host to repopulate their species. After repelling several attacks, and overcoming their own planned Brood infections, the team defeated the Brood, with Storm killing one of the queens with a lightning bolt, reversed their infections, and saved a new species of Brood that could peacefully co-exist with other life forms (later became Broo at the Jean Grey School For Gifted Youngsters).

    Second Coming

    Fighting the Nimrods
    Fighting the Nimrods

    When Storm, along with other members of the X-Men, is made aware of Cyclops' black ops team, X-Force, she is disgusted by the idea that he would put such a team together but, due to the situation at hand, she leaves it alone, promising to have a long talk with him after the current events are handled. It appears that Bastion, has assembled some of the X-Men's deadliest adversaries in an all-out effort to destroy the mutant race. The cabal includes Cameron Hodge, William Stryker, Graydon Creed and Steven Lang and a large army of anti-mutant soldiers and powerful Sentinels from a future timeline. Trapped in a nearly indestructible dome of energy among her fellow mutants with a portal connected to the timeline bringing in more sentinel units, Storm battles on the front lines.

    She is nearly killed but saved by Hope. At the conclusion, Storm approaches both Cyclops and Wolverine about X-Force. She tells Wolverine that X-Men don't kill and that his actions make him no better than the enemy. Logan tells her that if he had the chance he'd do it all over again. She sits down to have a beer with him and tells him that this could be the last drink they will ever share.

    Regenesis - X-Men

    Cyclops appointed Storm as leader of the security team, which consisted of Psylocke, Warpath, Jubilee, Domino and Colossus. The team was dispatched to retrieve Domino, whom they had lost contact with when she was attacked during a mission in Kupernicstan involving a sentinel smuggling ring. As they approached their destination, the team was confronted and told to leave the area by War Machine. Feining compliance Storm and her team proceeded to Kupernicstan anyway but was confronted a second time by a then agitated War Machine. After coming to an understanding, War Machine helped Storm's team battle the sentinels, which were launched in a large army to destroy Kupernicstan's neighboring country Symkaria, long enough for the rest of the team to defeat the rogue military group and deactivate the sentinels.

    At the end of their battle in Kupernicstan, Storm discovered Jubilee was missing and set out with her team to find her. After weeks of searching, Jubilee was found to be on a remote island in China with a group of vampires called The Forgiven. Storm ordered her team to take down the vampires, with Storm battling Nighteyes, but Jubilee ended the conflict before it further escalated. As the two teams talked they discovered that the island was swarmed by various groups of assassins for hire, who had come to kill Raizo Kodo, leader of The Forgiven. Combining their efforts, the team defeated the assassins, with Jubilee choosing to stay with The Forgiven for the foreseeable future.

    Learning of mysterious sightings of monsters across the globe Storm's security team, which consists of Psylocke, Domino, Pixie and Colossus began to investigate. After they secured a sample and used resources outside of the X-Men to analyze their findings, Storm discovered that these monsters were actually "proto-mutants", a genetic offshoot of the mutant species that were slaughtered centuries before, and that an unknown enemy, David Michael Gray, was recreating them in his secret lab. Considering the magnitude of this discovery, Storm chose to keep her findings a secret from Cyclops, which brought her into conflict with some of her team members. The team managed to secure one of the proto-mutants and learned of Dr. Gray's location, but arrived too late to stop him from killing himself and all of the proto-mutants. Storm finally reported the team's failure to Cyclops, and after a heated conversation, Storm and the team went in pursuit of their sample and recovered it, which had been stolen and placed into the hands of the Heavenly Path. They then encountered one of the original proto-mutants, Gabriel Shepard, who abruptly left the team after discovering what Dr. Gray did to his race. The internal tension between the team members, as a result of the conflict between Storm and Cyclops, continued to escalate, leading to an altercation between Storm and Colossus, and leaving the remaining team members disillusioned and unsure of the team's future.

    Regenesis - Uncanny X-Men

    After the events of Schism split the X-Men into two separate factions, Storm, who explained to Cyclops that she was not fully in agreement with the direction he was taking the X-Men, was preparing to leave Utopia and join Wolverine's team of X-Men when Scott pleaded with her to stay. The team consisted of Magneto, Magik, Colossunaut, Namor, Danger and Emma Frost, he explained that he needed her to remain on Utopia to help him maintain control of what could be a potential disaster. Convinced by his compelling explanation, Storm agreed to remain on Utopia, and to be his second in command in the field. Cyclops met with Storm, Namor, Magneto, Colossus, Emma Frost, Hope, Danger and Magik and informs them that they will be the new Extinction team, the premiere and most powerful superhero team in the world. The team has taken on Sinister, the Phalanx and battled the "Bad Apex" in Tabula Rasa, where Storm ended the conflict by making the Apex see the error of his ways. At the conclusion of Avengers vs X-Men the Extinction team disbanded. Storm joined Wolverine at the Jean Grey School and is now the school's Headmistress.

    Joining The Avengers

    Storm as an Avenger
    Storm as an Avenger

    Looking to replenish the ranks of the Avengers, Captain America approached the Black Panther, who declined Steve's offer to return to the team but recommended Storm for membership. Calling Storm to Avengers' Mansion, which was swarming with the media and public supporters of the heroes, Captain America asked Storm to join the team. This short-lived Avengers team consisted of Storm, Captain America, Iron Man, Red Hulk, The Protector, Spider-Woman, Hawkeye, Quake and Vision. The press conference was interrupted by a holographic image of Norman Osborn, who accused the Avengers of a litany of criminal offenses against him, and that H.A.M.M.E.R. would rise to challenge the Avengers. Captain America had the Avengers begin an immediate search for Osborn's whereabouts, teaming Storm up with Red Hulk, but all of them were surprised attacked and held captive by Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R. forces. They were eventually freed by Quake, and Storm and the Avengers defeated Osborn and shut down his bases of operation. The team also went on to defeat another faction of AIM.

    Avengers Vs X-Men

    The marriage's end
    The marriage's end

    With the anticipated return of the potentially world ending threat of the Phoenix Force, the Avengers organized and planned an attack to attempt to defeat the Phoenix and take it's intended host, Hope, into protective custody. Believing that the Phoenix Force could reboot the mutant species, Cyclop's has the X-Men fight the Avengers to keep Hope with them, putting Storm in a difficult position of having to choose sides. Though she sided with the X-Men at the start of the conflict, Storm found her husband and asked that he help her find a way to end the conflict, but T'Challa refused, and Storm replied that his pigheaded stubbornness is the reason the couple were in marriage counseling. As the conflict escalated, a small team of X-Men travelled to Wakanda in an effort to locate Hope and encountered a team of Avengers, which included the Black Panther. Both he and Storm engaged each other in combat. At the climax of their fight, after being angered by T'Challa actually having a contingency plan in place to combat his own wife, Storm told T'Challa he was a terrible husband and threw her wedding ring to the ground. It is revealed in Avengers vs. X-Men # 9 that the Black Panther, after a Phoenix empowered Namor attacked and almost destroyed Wakanda, has annulled his marriage to Storm. Despite this, Storm, still assisted the Avengers with rescuing their captured teammates, who were imprisoned by the Phoenix imbued Colossus and Magik, and continued to fight on their side to help defeat the Phoenix Five.

    Uncanny X-Force Now

    Storm is co-leading a new X-Force team with Psylocke. At Wolverine's request Storm and Psylocke aided Puck on a mission that brought them in contact with Spiral. After capturing Spiral, who was taking care of a young mutant girl Ginny, the team encounters a possessed Bishop. Bishop was after Ginny and captured her, but with Spiral's teleportation power they caught up with him and eventually defeated him. One of the revenant forces that possessed Bishop then possessed Ginny and disappeared. Storm and Psylocke went into Bishop's mind and saved him from the Demon Bear that was still inside him. Under the leadership of the Owl Queen, who had taken possession of Ginny, the team was then attacked and captured by an army of revenants, though with Storm's help Bishop managed to escape. The Owl Queen had the revenants of each of the team brought out of them, but once Bishop returned and freed them the team killed their own revenants. For the accomplishment of killing her own revenant Storm was christened by Bishop as a Holy Revenant Hunter of the Order. The Owl Queen turned out to be Cassandra Nova and she tried to lead an invasion of the earth by an army of revenants to destroy all of humanity, but she was defeated by the Uncanny X-Force.

    After a brief fight with Cable and his X-Force team over the discovery that Bishop had returned to the present Storm was briefly united with her former lover Forge. The two X-Force teams took on Stryfe and defeated him. At the conclusion of that battle, Storm had to leave the team and returned to the school.

    All-Female X-Men Team

    Storm leading the team
    Storm leading the team

    Storm is also leading the first all-female X-Men team. The roster initially consists of Psylocke, Jubilee, Rachel Grey, Rogue, and Kitty Pryde. This team is a spiritual continuation of her former Security Recon Team, except now this team originates from the Jean Grey School instead of Utopia. The team took on Arkea, who is the sister to Sublime and has the ability to control technology and took control of Karima and attacked the school. During the mission, Storm made the decision to kill Karima, who ultimately did not end up having to die, but brought Ororo into conflict with Rachel Grey, with Rachel questioning Storm's assumption of being the team's leader.

    A strain of the Arkea virus was retained and downloaded into Reiko, the assistant to Lady Deathstrike. Arkea recruited Enchantress, Typhoid Mary, and a revived Selene and Madelyne Pryor. They formed the Sisterhood. Storm's team found them, and after confronting Selene and Madelyne Storm made a deal to let them go in exchange for Arkea. Both ladies agreed and made their escape, allowing Storm's team to kill Arkea unabated. The team then encountered Shogo's father, The Future, who had kidnapped Jubilee and he tried to ransom her for the return of his son Shogo. Storm's team, aided by her daughter Kymera, succeeded in defeating him.


    Director of S.W.O.R.D., Abigail Brand contacted the X-Men, asking them to visit the Peak. Once on board, they meet Manifold Tyger, Brand, and Dr. Cecilia Reyes, who helped to examine the body of Deathbird. Sidrian Hunters infiltrated the Peak in search of Deathbird. The X-Men helped to fight them off. Monet, Rachel, and Psylocke entered Deathbird's mind, and later boarded the Lilandra (a Shi'ar Imperial Craft), to resolve the issue. After Storm managed to restore power to the Peak's engines (via intense lightning blasts), she passed out from the power exertion. Manifold Tyger, revealed to be a member of the Providian Order, then strangled Storm and nearly killed her. While recovering in the med bay Storm went into cardiac arrest but was saved by Jubilee and Dr. Reyes.

    Storm - Solo Series

    Setting out to live by her own rules and use her powers for the betterment of humans and mutants alike Storm used her powers to save the island village of Santo Marco from a tsunami and, despite the political consequences, from a local anti-mutant militia. Her adventures also brought her into a brief conflict with her former nemesis Callisto, took her back to Kenya where she met up with Forge to aid a local village suffering from drought conditions, and taking care of some of Wolverine's unfinished business with their mutual friend after his untimely death. While aiding Yukio, who had become the leader of several dangerous criminal clans, Storm was unexpectedly forced into fighting on her behalf in order to protect Yukio when her position as leader was challenged by a rival. After defeating the rival's champion in combat, though suffering some injuries, Storm secured Yukio's position as leader of the four clans.

    While still recovering from her injuries the passenger plane Storm was flying home on was attacked by one of the clans. Already being recognized and branded a terrorist by one of the passengers, who happened to be a U.S. senator, Storm managed to defeat the attackers and save the plane. However, upon landing the plane in NY Storm passed out from the strain of exerting her powers, and while she was unconscious the Senator made a publicized accusation that Storm was holding the passengers hostage and was terrorizing them. She was immediately arrested and taken into custody by the FBI. Seeing Storm arrested on television and that she was being held in a special FBI facility in Brooklyn her fellow X-Men reached out to Storm telepathically. Through Rachel's telepathic link Storm had explained that the plane was attacked by one of the criminal clans, Eaglestar, and that she was being framed by them. Rachel also informed Storm that a large crowd of people had come to protest her arrest and were outside of the facility she was being held in.

    Unsuccessful with trying to convince the FBI that she was being framed and that the mastermind behind the attack was Davis Harmon, who was believed to be dead to the world at large, Storm was forced to break free and find him herself. After making a daring escape Storm, through the assistance of the X-Men, found the senator who falsely accused her. Scaring him into confessing and revealing the whereabouts of Davis Harmon Storm had to elude the FBI a second time and made her way to San Francisco. Diving under the bay Storm found Harmon raiding the remnants of Utopia. Refusing to surrender Storm forced his large vessel to the surface of the ocean and easily defeated him. After explaining to Storm why he tried to frame her he made a final but unsuccessful attempt to kill her by detonating his vessel. The explosion created a massive tidal wave that threatened to kill the people on the Golden Gate bridge, but Storm creatively vaporized it before it could reach the bridge. She then turned Harmon over to the FBI.

    After having a special thieves adventure with her good friend Gambit Storm returned to her duties as Headmistress of the Jean Grey School. Unexpectedly the school was attacked by one of the former students and residents of Utopia - the believed to be deceased Kenji Uedo. Explaining that he felt that Storm failed him Kenji used his powerful abilities to attack not only the entire school, both students and faculty but was simultaneously attacking Callisto in New York, Forge in Africa, and one of her former student's Marisol Guerra at her home in Mexico by generating numerous monster clones around the globe. Using his psionically conductive body mass to channel additional energy Storm used her powers across the planet to simultaneously take out all of Kenji's monster clones, and then pulled Kenji, Callisto, Forge, and Marisol into the astral plane via taking control of Kenji's psionic powers. There, instead of killing Kenji, she managed to pull off a psychic intervention and was able to spare his life.

    Avengers & X-Men: AXIS

    After the initial events that led up to AXIS, Storm arrived with reinforcements, including Colossus and Nightcrawler, to battle the Red Onslaught and the two sentinels in his control, both of which were created by Tony Stark and designed specifically to take down heroes. Storm, along with all the other heroes, except for Iron Man, was taken down by the Red Onslaught. After Wanda Maximoff and Dr. Doom were able to cast their inversion spell, Storm and the other heroes reappeared, though some of them - including Storm - were noticeably different. After becoming darker as a result of the inversion spell Storm joined her fellow X-Men, and all were under the leadership of Apocalypse. They were trying to retrieve the Red Skull's body, who had part of Xavier's consciousness inside it but the Avengers refused to turn him over. This brought Storm and the mutants into conflict with the other inverted heroes and villains. Later the inversion spell was reversed and Storm was restored to normal.

    Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex

    Storm vs Gamora
    Storm vs Gamora

    A mysterious artifact of vast cosmic power was discovered in space by the villainous Mister Knife, the father of Peter Quill. The Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde stole the artifact from Quill's father and brought it to the Planet Spartax. Kitty asked her friend and teammate, Illyana Rasputin aka Magik, for help. Magik teleported to the Jean Grey School with the All-New X-Men. There she briefly explained the situation to Storm and Beast before teleporting them with her to Spartax. Once on the planet, the group argued over what to do with the artifact. Storm was in favor of destroying it. Some of the others, most importantly Gamora, were not. During their discussion, the Slaughter Lords arrived and attacked the assembled X-Men and Guardians. During a brief engagement, Gamora used the Black Vortex and became cosmically empowered. With her new abilities, she took down all of the Slaughter Lords on her own, giving Magik enough time to teleport the group away to Spartax's moon, where the argument continued. Beast also used the Black Vortex on himself, and Angel soon followed. They urged the others to do the same, but they would not. The cosmically empowered heroes wanted to take the artifact, but Storm would not allow it, leading to a short battle, during which Storm took on the empowered Gamora. After their altercation, the three transformed heroes left the planet with the Vortex. Mister Knife finally located the group and unleashed a fierce bombardment on the heroes gathered on the moon. It was initially thought that the heroes were wiped out by this attack. However, Kitty was able to reach Storm and one other, using her intangibility to spare them from the attack. Magik saved the rest of the group with some quick teleportation. Magik also cast a spell of intangibility to block the group from the view of the others.

    Extraordinary X-Men

    With the release of the terrigen mist into the earth's atmosphere, the mutants faced a new deadly threat. The toxic properties of the mist were not only deadly to mutants but also sterilizes the carriers of the X-gene. In an effort to save the earth's remaining mutants and fight for her species place in the world Storm created a sanctuary, X-Haven, and assembled a new team of X-Men that includes Magik, Colossus, Iceman, Nightcrawler, Forge, teenage Jean Grey, and Old Man Logan. After Storm's team saved Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Magik from the clutches of Mr. Sinister Ororo addressed the world, announcing X-Haven as a safe house for all mutants, and declared that the X-Men will find and save all mutants, retaliate against any persecution, and fight to protect all life - mutants, humans, and inhumans alike. Storm's team rescued many mutants and their families. During the team's time in Limbo Storm lead her X-Men team on several crucial missions, playing a key role in defeating a new incarnation of Apocalypse, overcoming the universal threat of the World Eater and dominated the war with the Inhumans.

    Despite her successes and repairing her strained relationship with her former lover Forge Storm was plagued by her failings. Her uncharacteristic doubts in her leadership ability, the mutants who fell victim to the terrigen mists, and trusting the unstable Emma Frost in their war with the Inhumans all took their toll.

    X-Men Gold

    After the events of the war with the Inhumans and unsure of the direction they go Storm asked her close friend Kitty Pryde to take over leadership of the X-Men. She had planned to leave the team but Kitty convinced Ororo that she was still needed and to stay with the team. Over the course of several adventures Storm along side the other X-Men had taken on a number of threats in their ongoing effort to promote peace between human and mutants. During one these missions Storm, thanks to the prayers from her adoptive mother Ainet, was reunited with her asgardian hammer Stormcaster, returning her access godly power. Learning of Ainet's death a short time later Storm returned to the kenyan village Uzuri, and discovered that her adoptive mother was killed by the disciples of Uovo, a dark god with the power of Necromancy. Uovo initially tried to tempt Storm to his side by reuniting Storm with her dead parents and Ainet. Seeing through the dark god's deceptive motives Storm battled Uovo. The dark god proved to be a formidable opponent, however, Storm used the remaining power of Stormcaster to defeat him, causing her hammer to disintegrate and all of the dead raised by Uovo to turn to dust.

    Black Panther & Storm - Rekindled

    After forming The Crew, a team of respected black superheroes who aided the people of Harlem, Black Panther and Storm reconciled and rekindled their relationship. Ororo has come to the aid of Wakanda on several occasions, helping to defeat the followers of Sefako, an ancient god later revealed to be an old and extremely powerful enemy Storm had a history with - The Advesary. Black Panther revealed to Storm that, independent of her mutant powers, she was the Hadari Yao, the protector of the balance of all natural things, and possessed the gift of Godhead. Through this gift Storm was granted divine power, acquired by the belief and faith of worshipers. Through this power she was able to defeat The Advesary and seal him away once again.

    House of X

    Discovering that peaceful coexistence between mutants and humans was not possible Xavier, Magneto, Moira MacTaggert and Apocalypse created a new haven for mutants - Krakoa. Through crafty negotiations and distributing life enhancing pharmaceuticals only the mutants could create Krakoa became a recognized sovereign nation. Storm has joined her fellow mutants and was appointed to The Quiet Council, the group of mutant leaders who will govern the new mutant nation. These groups are composed of 4 Houses based on the seasons - Magneto, Xavier and Apocalypse in the Autumn House, Exodus, Mister Sinister and Mystique in Winter, Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost and an unrevealed Red King in Spring, and Storm, Jean Grey and Nightcrawler in Summer.

    Regent of Sol

    After aiding her fellow mutants as part of the Marauders and fighting against the powerful war hardened mutants of Arakko and the daemon armies of Amenth during the X of Swords event, Storm's role within the mutant government began to evolve. Combining her powers with several other omega mutants, Storm helped terraform the planet Mars at the climax of the X-Men's Hellfire Gala. With the mutants rise in power they have claimed ownership of Mars, and renamed it to Arakko. In addition to her role on the Krakoan Quiet Council Storm has also taken on the role as the Regent of Arakko, and joined the Great Ring - the governing body of the Arakkii mutants. With Arakko becoming the primary planet in the Sol system Storm is also the Regent of Sol, becoming the voice of the Sol System on the Galactic Council.


    Weather Manipulation

    The Sculptress
    The Sculptress

    Multiple times over the years Storm has been called a "sculptress". This is one of many ways to describe her absolute mastery and dominion over the forces and elements that govern weather. In the blink of an eye, Storm can alter her perception to perceive the elements of nature, including the planet's magnetic and electromagnetic field, and the ozone layer, as patterns of force and energy. She becomes one with these forces and can mold them to her will for a variety of effects. These atmospheric forces include (but are not limited to) air, moisture, temperature, pressure, and electrical energy. Through molding these forces Storm can manifest any meteorological tempest, weather effect, and other atmospheric phenomena with a thought. This also includes control over ocean currents.

    She has summoned powerful blizzards, thunderstorms, monsoons, tornadoes, hail, and hurricanes, as well as disbursed natural storms to create clear weather. Her range has been shown to be planetary but she can also localize the weather effects to a specific area or target, even refined enough control to manipulating air and electrical forces inside a target's body. Storm has also shown that she can channel these elemental forces through her own body, allowing her to project weather-effects in a beam-like path from her hands, such as lightning, wind, thermal energy, and moisture. Her control over air also gives her the power of flight.

    Due to her powers being tied to her emotions and because she is completely in-tune with the environment, she must keep a tight rein on her emotions to avoid them influencing the surrounding weather. Being acutely attuned with the biosphere of the planet Storm can sense various changes within the atmosphere and earth, including unnatural shifts in the air, movement within the earth, changes in the earth's electromagnetic field, or shifts within the water's currents. She has sensed objects as small as a snowball being tossed her way or the Blackbird cutting across the atmosphere from thousands of miles away.

    Weather Pattern Creation and Climate Stabilization

    In Planet Size X-men #1 Storm uses her power over the elements in a way never seen before. Typically, Storm manipulates weather patterns and atmospheric conditions that already exist to achieve her desired effects. Here, after the proper resources were provided by some of her teammates Storm molds the climate to her will by altering atmospheric pressure, temperature, electricity as well as creating air and ocean currents, essentially "writing" the climate rules of mars. By doing so, Storm achieves something that would've normally taken millions of years, in a matter of moments.


    As Storm goes into different environments her powers adapt, including other planets and dimensions, allowing her control over the atmospheres in these different environments. For example, in space, she can manipulate energies of stars and the solar wind. She can also summon atmospheric lightning while in space (though she can generate bioelectric lightning bolts through her metabolism). When in space she needs no medium for her lightning to travel and the raw power of her bolts are significantly enhanced and has summoned a bolt big enough to cover a spaceship.

    Omega Level Mutant

    No Caption Provided

    Storm in officially one of the fourteen Omega Level mutants listed in Jonathan Hickman's House Of X.


    Storm being powered by faith disperses the unnatural storms over Wakanda
    Storm being powered by faith disperses the unnatural storms over Wakanda

    Storm's status as a goddess was expanded upon in Black Panther (2016) issue #17 by a Wakandan by the name of Baba. Wakanda had been plagued by relentless rains summoned by a god called Tetu, followed by an attack by spider humanoid creatures referred to as the "Anansi". Baba referred to Storm as the Hadari Yao, walker of clouds, the goddess who preserves the balance of all natural things. Storm was skeptical, initially believing herself powerless over the rains because they were not apart of the natural order of the planet. However at the end of the issue it is revealed that Storm can channel the power of faith of those who believe in her to boost her already incredible weather manipulating abilities to banish the storms over Wakanda, allowing her to undo the work of gods.

    Storm's godhead was fully realized and activated in Black Panther issue #172 after Storm is buried underground by The Adversary. King T'challa, the Black Panther revealed that Storm's godhead is in fact, separate from her weather controlling ability and is passed down from her ancestors. This revelation allowed Storm to channel the faith of all of Wakanda in order to help defeat The Adversary by blasting him through a portal created by wakandan mystics.

    Storm's godhead fully activated
    Storm's godhead fully activated


    Storm is a gifted and cunning hand to hand combatant of formidable skill, having been trained by Achmed El Gibar and the Black Panther in her youth, and extensively trained by her fellow X-Man Wolverine. She is a master thief, lockpick and escape artist, has the same degree of dexterity in her toes and mouth as she does with her hands, and her reflexes, balance and coordination have been said to be far above normal. She is highly skilled with wielding knives, is experienced with a bo staff and has received training in sword fighting by the finest warriors in Wakanda. She is also an excellent marksman with a gun. She is very intelligent, a skilled and resourceful tactician, and possesses strong natural leadership skills, having led the X-Men for years prior to and after her marriage to the Black Panther and her time as queen of Wakanda.

    Mystical Heritage

    Ororo is the descendant of a long line of African Priestesses and Sorceresses that had white hair, blue eyes, and strong magic potential. This line of women has been around since the dawn of Atlantis. While there have been many of them, the exact number of women who possessed Ororo's unique features is still unknown. Due to the fact that Storm possesses the signature markings of a witch (blue eyes and white hair on her maternal side) you can assume has inherited latent magic abilities. To this day, Storm still has not shown the mystic aspects of what she could have inherited, but she does embrace the "Bright Lady", The Goddess of her ancestors who is also known as the Vishanti member, Oshtur, the source of her ancestors magic. Storm has used her latent ability as a priestess to successfully invoke her name. Out of the entire line of women, only 3 have been brought up. Ayesha, a Sorceress Supreme who was possibly the first to hold the High Priestess title, Ashake, a very talented Egyptian sorceress who appears to have also been High Priestess of her time, and another "Wind Rider" who was confirmed by Andreas deRuyter and his father. Like her ancestor, Ayesha, Storm also possesses the title of this era's High Priestess. But she shares the title equally with Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness. Storm now has great mystical power that she could develop in a matter of days.


    Storm is one of the most powerful mutants and members of the X-Men, however, she suffers from claustrophobia (the fear of narrow or enclosed spaces), due to the experience as a child of being buried alive beside the dead bodies of her parents. When she had fallen victim to claustrophobic attacks in the past, she lost control of her powers. However, over time Storm has learned to manage her fear through sheer force of will and with mental exercises taught to her by Professor X.


    • Known Relatives : Ayesha, ancestor (deceased), Ashake, ancestor (deceased), Mr. Munroe (paternal grandfather), Harriet Munroe (paternal grandmother), unidentified Kenyan maternal grandmother, David Munroe, father (deceased), N'dare Munroe, mother (deceased), Vivian Munroe (deceased), Colonel Shetani (maternal uncle), David Evan Munroe Jr. (nephew), T'Challa aka Black Panther (Ex-husband), Ramonda (Ex-mother in law) Shuri (Ex-sister in law), S'yan (Ex-uncle in law)
    • Citizenship : American
    • Place of Birth : New York City, New York
    • Marital Status : Divorced
    • Occupation : X-Man, Adventurer; former Former Queen of Wakanda, gladiator, thief, tribal patron
    • Characteristics
    • Gender : Female
    • Height : 5'11"
    • Weight : 145 lbs.
    • Eyes : Blue, glowing white when utilizing her powers.
    • Hair : White

    Alternate Realities

    For more information, see: Marvel Multiverse. Images from less prominent alternate realities and various others can be found in the Other Realities Storm gallery. If you're looking for a particular reality's Storm and don't see a gallery for it, check there first. We're trying not to create too many Storm galleries.

    Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)

    Storm in the Age of Apocalypse
    Storm in the Age of Apocalypse

    On Earth-295, Storm was seen by many people as being a Goddess. Her home continent, Africa was in turmoil following the rise of the mutant tyrant Apocalypse. Following this, Storm called herself the Windrider and declared a small section of Africa for herself to intended to keep it safe from the war brewing between mutants and humans. However, her plan backfired as the small section of Africa she was protecting actually made her and the people within stand out. Apocalypse took advantage of this and attacked the small nation and captured Storm to turn her into a Horseman. She was taken to Mr. Sinister and the Dark Beast where she was branded and made into a warrior for Apocalypse. It was here that Apocalypse gave her the codename 'Storm'.

    While she was within Dark Beast's lab, she was subjected to torture and the Shadow King's mind-controlling telepathy. However, Storm was able to resist the Shadow King's mind control and managed to summon a large storm that wiped out all of the power within Apocalypse's lands. During the loss of power, Prelate Scott Summers found Storm and feeling sympathy for her helped her escape the labs. While Storm was heading back to Africa, she was confronted by Quicksilver whom she thought was a spy for Apocalypse. As she was about to electrocute him with lightning, Quicksilver explained that he was actually a member of the X-Men and he earned her trust. Later on, Storm became romantically involved with Quicksilver.

    Storm joined the X-Men team and kept the codename Storm to remind her of what she had been through with Apocalypse. She was selected to join Quicksilver's X-Men team and was sent to help destroy the Sentinels that were created by the Human High Council in evacuating North America. While the team were within America, they were confronted by the Brotherhood and Abyss, who was a Horseman of Apocalypse, and their leader. Storm managed to defeat Abyss and his Brotherhood by luring Quicksilver out into the open.

    Upon completing the evacuation, the X-Men team were sent back to their headquarters in Westchester. While there, they discovered that Apocalypse attacked their headquarters and captured Magneto, Charles and Bishop. Along with Quicksilver, Storm travelled to the Mandri Temple to rescue Bishop. They managed to find and rescue Bishop and they also managed to free Jamie Madrox, who was responsible for the creation of the Madri Cult. To stop the Madri surviving, Jamie shut down his own mind. Along with the rest of the X-Men team, Storm travelled to New York City to confront and defeat Apocalypse once and for all. They were successful in doing since then Storm and Quicksilver have developed their relationship and continue to fight for Magneto's vision of coexistence. After a decade of Apocalypse's defeat, it is revealed that Storm became a loyal herald of the new Apocalypse (Weapon X).

    (See: X-Men Chronicles #1-2, X-Men: Alpha, Astonishing X-Men #1, Amazing X-Men #1-4, Age of Apocalypse 10th Anniversary One-Shot, Age of Apocalypse 10th Anniversary #1-6. Uncanny X-force # 13)

    Age of Ultron (Earth-61112)

    Age of Ultron - Storm
    Age of Ultron - Storm

    Storm was one of the few survivors of Ultron's reemergence and takeover. The survivors hid in tunnels beneath Central Park to evade Ultron's forces. When the group travelled to the Savage Land, Storm provided mist and fog as cover in tandem with the Sue Storm's invisibility and Emma Frost's psychic cloaking. The group discovered a secret bunker built by Nick Fury, who later revealed himself to them. There was a time machine inside the bunker. He proposed that a team be taken into the future. Storm was one of the selected few. She used her powers to carry the team through the air from the Savage Land (which was unexpectedly verdant) to New York City, which had been transformed into a technological masterpiece. They were detected immediately upon their arrival by Ultron, who sent hundreds of drones to attack the group. After a fierce battle for their lives, each of the heroes, including Captain America, Black Widow, Quake, Iron Man, and Red Hulk, was hurt, and presumably, died.

    Earth-58163 (House of M)

    After the Scarlet Witch lost control of her powers and warped the Earth 616 reality, Storm's history and connection to the world changed. She did not meet Charles Xavier and later join the X-Men. Instead, while in her teens, she ventured to Africa, where her developing mutant powers emerged, and the legend of the Windrider grew across the continent. During this time, she met T'Challa. Storm used her powers to save T'Challa from a mutant attack on the young prince's kingdom of Wakanda. During that time the two fell in love, and T'Challa eventually proposed to her but Storm refused him. Over the subsequent years, Storm used her powers for the good of Africa, using her powers to quell human-mutant conflicts throughout the continent and promote peace, and helped to end a civil war that erupted in Kenya. As a result, the Kenyan people embraced Storm as their queen. Storm played a pivotal role in Magneto's successful victory over the rest of Africa, though not Wakanda, and installed leadership in Africa, but allowed Storm to remain as queen of Kenya. Storm had helped to turn Africa into a world power, making Africa into the world's breadbasket. And, in addition to Africa's rising power, Storm's promotion of peaceful relations between humans and mutants gave Magneto great concern and brought her into conflict with him. To address this, Magneto instructed Quicksilver to court Storm, though the two of them developed genuine feelings for each other. However, due to Storm's distaste for Magneto's rule and that Pietro supported his father's philosophy, she did not pursue a relationship with him. Storm, as well as Sunfire, Namor and Blackbolt, rulers of their respective lands, was secretly working with T'Challa, whom Magneto had been trying to eliminate. After T'Challa killed the latest assassin, Sabretooth, Magneto sent in Apocalypse and his Horsemen to kill the Black Panther. As part of T'Challa's secret resistance, Storm takes down Apocalypse's airship and engaged Iceman, one of Apocalypse's Horsemen. A shot time later, at a large gathering to celebrate and honor the House of Magnus, Wanda changed the world back to normal but also eliminated 99% of the world's mutant population. Storm was one of the few remaining mutants who retained her powers.

    Earth-1298 (Mutant X)

    No Caption Provided

    The Storm of the Earth-1298 reality (Mutant X), is known as Bloodstorm after being bitten by Dracula. Before she was completely turned Kitty Pryde tried to slay her but fell as Storms first victim. She later joins up with fellow thief Gambit possibly as her consort and takes on a job to steal something from Apocalypse. It is here when she encounters Warren Worthington once known as Angel, now resembling more of a winged demon calling himself The Fallen. He first taunts Ororo, before forcing her to expose herself as a vampire to Gambit when he attacks her. Fallen then attacks Gambit, fatally wounding him. Gambit begged Ororo to turn him.

    At this time, she reluctantly turned Gambit into a vampire, because he was dying and he begged her to do it no matter what. He ended up hating her for what he becomes. They go their separate ways afterwards.

    Ororo later joins up with the Six and takes on the name Bloodstorm. The team consist of a mock of the original X-Men line-up, Havok, Madelyne Pryor, Ice Man, Brute, and Fallen. She also keeps Forge and Kitty, now calling herself Kathrine, as her consorts, and it is inferred that she fed on Forge instead of letting the thirst get the better of her.

    The Goblin Queen: Mutant X was originally supposed to be a 13 issue mini-series in which Havok gets his own happy ending, in place of his brother Cyclops. Madelyne Pryor was possessed of the Goblin Force, which is depicted much in the tradition of the Phoenix Force. Once driven mad by its power Madelyne Pryor becomes the Goblin Queen, first attacking the Six, and controlling them. Bloodstorm was one of the first to be attacked, by her hordes of demons. When her castle was attacked Bloodstorm diverted the demons long enough for Kathrine and Forge to escape, though she fell to the Goblin Queen influence. By the end of the short-lived inferno, Bloodstorm and the six are returned to normal and Havok along with Scotty (His son) defeat the Goblin Queen. Madelyne, however, is lost as well.

    Gambit: The Six find themselves in New Orleans where they encounter Gambit, who is now the leader of the thieves guild. Having owed Bloodstorm a favor for saving his life, he gives them sanctuary from the "Friends of Humanity" and anti-mutant terrorist group. Gambit, however, is betrayed by one of his own, and his wife is killed. He then leaves the guild and joins with the six, and he and Bloodstorm reconcile their differences. Jean Grey joins the Six and helps them defeat an evil Professor Xavier who has been possessed by his adversary the Shadow King.

    The Hunt for Dracula: The Six were contacted by an organization known as the Vault (a high-security prison for super-powered villains) A box containing Dracula had been stolen from the Vault by the Marauders. Bloodstorm sensing her maker volunteered to track it down and bring it back. In her pursuit, Bloodstorm became more and more violent attacking people and beating answers out of them. Gambit who followed her tried to calm her but failed. Bloodstorm eventually found her way to the Morlock tunnels where she engaged the Marauders in battle, killing two of them, all the while growing more and more violent. Gambit eventually shows up and seeing that the closer she gets to the box the eviler she became, Gambit blew it down one of the drain pipes with a card. Bloodstorm immediately regained control over herself.

    A Cure: While in the tunnels, Bloodstorm and Gambit are ambushed by the Morlocks who are all dressed like druids. Bloodstorm looses consciousness and Gambit disappears. When Bloodstorm awakes she meets Dagger, the leader of the Morlocks. Dagger has crucified Gambit for unspoken crimes against them, and he is hung up where the suns deadly rays will reach him upon sunrise. Bloodstorm challenges Dagger in exchange for his life, and much like the battle between Storm and Callisto, no powers are allowed. Bloodstorm bests Dagger stabbing her in the chest when it is revealed that Dagger is actually Cloak and Dagger and the two of them had become one. The Morlocks drag Cloak and Dagger away and Bloodstorm helps Gambit down from the cross just before the sun reaches him. The two of them, however, have both decided that they would rather not live on as vampires and they wait for the sun to finish them. However before they are killed, Ice Man creates an ice shield over the opening blocking the sunlight, and Havok brings them two vials, telling them that it's not a cure, but it will make them immune to sunlight and it will remove the dependency on blood.

    Dracula the Beyonder and the Golblin Queen: The Beyonder rises from the center of the Earth after a cosmic scale battle between Captain America and Havok. He absorbs the memories of Captain America, and goes in search of Havok who he calls the "Key to everywhere." The Six Return to their castle where Havok is attacked by Dracula who bites him. The Six try to fight him off, but he easily overwhelms them when they are all suddenly hit by some strange psionic attack, felt through the universe as the Beyonder has returned. The X-Men, lead by Magneto come to the aid of the Six, but are slowly killed off by Dracula. First Quicksilver, then Mystique, then Polaris. Jean is attacked and left paralyzed. Iceman and Beast work together to hold off Dracula while Havok is revived. The last to defend against Dracula is Elektra who sacrifices herself in an effort to stop him but tragically failed. The Six escape as Magneto comes to a secret fortress where they prepare for the more prudent threat at hand, the Beyonder, who is later revealed to actually be the Goblin Queen in disguise. While Havok does battle with the Goblin Queen, Dracula attempts to kill the last of Earth heroes when Bloodstorm stakes him through the heart, and he dies. Havok defeats the Goblin Queen and she is forced out of Madelyne Pryor's body who is returned to her son, though Havok disappeared after that returning to his own reality.

    Reality Hopping: Later, Bloodstorm was pulled from her own reality by Machine Man of Earth-9997 and joined the Heralds. They were sent on a mission in alternate worlds to warn them of a Celestial at the center of the Earth. Bloodstorm's group was sent to an Earth where everyone had been turned to vampires. Though she accomplished her mission of warning them of the Celestial, they all agreed to just end their miserable existence, choosing death over their own Vampirism. Machine Man theorized that Bloodstorm's vampirism could be reversed through a simple blood transfusion from her still mortal counterpart in an alternate reality. As a reward for helping, she was cured of her vampiric state. Though it is never revealed whether or not the theoretical cure worked, or what effect this would have on her vampiric powers.

    Towards Reality 616: Some months after the events of the Secret Wars, in which all of reality ceased to be, and was later remade, Bloodstorm found herself on a new reality, Earth 616. She soon encountered the time-displaced young X-Men of that reality and eventually joined them, together with Jimmy Hudson, forming the new X-Men Blue team.

    Powers: Bloodstorm has the same powers as Earth-616 Storm, ability to manipulate weather patterns in her area to summon winds, rain, fog, snow, hail, thunder, or lightning, though amplified by her vampiric state.

    Additionally, as a vampire, she has the standard vampiric traits such as superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and reaction time, ability to morph into a bat, wolf, or mist. She can summon and control vermin, and use a hypnotic stare to hold human beings enthralled. She must suck the blood of others to survive otherwise she is invulnerable to most forms of permanent injury.

    Earth-983 ( What if the X-Men condemned Gambit to death?)

    Storm and the rest of the X-Men battle Gambit until Storm gets the idea to put the fate of Gambit to a vote. Before judgment can be passed, Wolverine realizes that Gambit's fate should be decided in a trial by combat. After the X-Man Gambit was revealed to have had a past connection with their enemy, Mister Sinister, involving the creation of the Marauders, and their slaughter of the mutant Morlocks, Angel and Psylocke visited Papa Joe's Club to interrogate Gambit's adopted father, Jean-Luc Lebeau. Jean-Luc explained that he had no idea where Gambit had been, especially since the X-Men had dropped him in the Antarctic. The Angel and Psylocke then realized that Jean-Luc could only have known about the Antarctic had he spoken to Gambit. Jean-Luc begged for the X-Men to leave Gambit, as he could have died in the Antarctic, but the Angel and Psylocke claimed that it wasn't enough suffering for he had done to them.

    Soon after they left the club, Angel and Psylocke were confronted by Wolverine, who reminded them that X-Men don't kill. Angel replied that it was funny coming from Wolverine and the X-Men also don't freelance to Mister Sinister. Wolverine agreed that Gambit screwed up big time, but Angel and Psylocke were not helping by going off on their own. He then warned that if the entire team didn't have a say in Gambit's judgment then he could not see the X-Men staying together as a team. Later, as Gambit awoke in Paris, Jean-Luc called Gambit and warned him that he had just been visited by some of the X-Men. Back in New York, Joseph informed Rogue that the X-Men were about to have a meeting concerning the fate of Gambit. He noticed that Rogue was looking up the Antarctic in an atlas and reminded that she couldn't punish herself because of the crimes Gambit had committed. Their conversation was soon interrupted by the Beast, who wanted to know what was keeping them.

    At the meeting, Storm informed the others that Wolverine, Angel, and Psylocke were towards Paris, where they believed Gambit was hiding. While the others discussed Gambit's fate, Maggott,

    Marrow, and Dr. Cecilia Reyes stood outside the door trying to listen in on the conversation. While Marrow argued with Maggott, Maggott's maggots ate their way through the door, revealing their presence outside. Storm invited the three newest X-Men into the room, where she announced that the X-Men had decided to send a team to Paris to pass final sentence on Gambit. In Paris, Gambit walked the streets, where he was attacked by Psylocke. As he tried to battle her, Angel arrived as well. The duo soon cornered Gambit, who explained that he had been cornered before and lived to tell about it. At that time, Storm and the other X-Men arrived on the scene to battle Gambit. Before Marrow could kill Gambit, Rogue knocked her away and Storm put a vote on the fate of Gambit. Bishop voted imprisonment, Marrow voted death, Iceman voted exile, but Wolverine explained to them that it was the Morlocks who suffered most from Gambit's actions. He suggested that Gambit's fate be decided by a trial by combat, as the Morlocks would have done. Marrow was the first to want to battle Wolverine, but the Angel announced that his hostility was more personal. Marrow then agreed to allow the Angel to battle Gambit. The two battled furiously until the Angel managed to pin Gambit to the ground, but he then let Gambit go free instead of killing him. The other X-Men prepared to let Gambit go, but Marrow killed Gambit anyway, unable to just let what she saw as a killer go free.

    As Gambit died, he begged Rogue not to kiss him as that would allow her to absorb Gambit's feelings of guilt and cause her more emotional pain. Gambit dies, but not before urging the X-Men to come together and stop letting his own crime tear them apart. See: What If vol. 2 #106.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

    No Caption Provided

    On Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe), Storm is a founding member of X-Men and had a relationship with first Beast, then Wolverine. See: Ultimate X-Men series. Storm was an illegal immigrant from Morocco who settled in Harlem New York. Using his Cerebro machine, Prof. X found Ororo in Athens, Texas where she'd been stealing cars for a living. When she took a 1978 Mustang for a joy ride, the police finally caught up with her. Pulling her over, Ororo used her powers to create a lightning storm so as to escape. Unfortunately, her control of her powers was limited, and she almost killed a group of children playing in a nearby playground; the police officers then subdued her. Per orders of Xavier, Jean Grey used her abilities to convince the Athens authorities that Ororo was actually an FBI agent and that she was sent to relieve them of the mutant. At first Ororo believed that Jean was another of Magneto's henchmen (apparently she had been contacted previously with an offer to join his Brotherhood), but Marvel Girl was there to offer her a place amongst Xavier's X-Men, a team of mutants gathered to halt the undeniable war that was brewing between humans and mutants whilst better mutants' standing in society.

    Ororo joined the team not only to help further human/mutant relations but also to gain control of her powers. Shortly after joining the X-Men, Ororo, who was given the codename Storm, became interested in and began a relationship with fellow X-Man Henry "Hank" McCoy. She and Beast remained together for some time until Beast was killed during a mission. Beast's untimely death led Storm to become belligerent, bitter, and angry; she even drastically changed her personal appearance, altering her style to a punk-inspired look. After Beast's death, Storm took much time to heal emotionally. Eventually, Storm began to flirt with fellow X-Man Wolverine. Initially, Wolverine rejected her, saying that he was too old for her. Later when Wolverine leaves the X-Men Storm follows him and brings him back. When it is later revealed the Hank McCoy is still alive, Storm and Hank rekindle their relationship. The happiness doesn't last long, as Hank dies aging in the event of Ultimatum. Storm is one of the few X-Men to survive and is a key member in reforming the group afterwards.

    Earth-9602 (Amalgam Comic)

    Storm on Earth-9602 has been amalgamated with Wonder Woman (from the DC Universe) and is known as Amazon or Wonder Woman, having won that title in a fair contest against Diana. See: DC vs. Marvel #3, DC / Marvel All Access #4, Amazon #1, JLX: Unleashed #1, Bullets and Bracelets #1.

    Amazon's ship was wrecked by an angered Poseidon and her parents were killed, but she was saved from drowning by the Amazon Queen Hippolyta. After being nursed back to health, she was raised by the Amazons, particularly by Queen Hippolyta, as a princess and as a sister to Diana (later known as Diana Prince). Ororo first learned the truth of her origin after an annoyed Diana taunted her with the fact that Ororo was not "a real amazon" - the two scuffled, Ororo asserting that she was a real Amazon, but the fight was quickly broken up, at which point Hippolyta admitted that Ororo was an outsider adopted when she was just a small child.

    See Amazon.


    Ororo Munroe is a meta-mutant with the ability to control the weather. After the Amazons discovered Ororo's power to control the weather, they taught her to create a lasso with lightning that could make people tell the truth. She eventually left to enter "Man's World" where she joined the JLX and took Aqua Mariner's place as leader.

    Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures)

    In the Marvel Adventures Universe, Storm is co-leader of the Avengers along with Captain America (co-leader), Iron Man, Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine and Giant Girl. It seems this world doesn't hate mutant kind, as it doesn't baulk at having one co-leading this heroic team. See: Marvel Adventures: Avengers series.


    On Earth-110, Storm is a part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, along with Magneto, Wolverine, Havok, Quicksilver, and the Scarlet Witch. See: Fantastic Four: Big Town #1-4.

    Earth-957 (What If Blink Had Survived?)

    Storm is seen putting out a fire in Cerebro along with Forge; the fire was caused when Cerebro began to pick up the anomalies in the time stream due to Blink blinking Generation X out of existence. See: What If vol. 2 #75.

    Earth-267 (Kang killed the Avengers)

    On Earth-267, Storm and Colossus join the Avengers. Not long after she does, she rushes off to quell a gulf coast hurricane. She and Colossus were later plucked from time by Rick Jones to battle on behalf of Earth-616 Kang against the Time Keepers in the Destiny War then returned to be incinerated along with the rest of the Avengers as Kang successfully detonates a nuclear device. See: Avengers vol. 1 #267, Avengers Forever #11-12.

    Earth-811 (Days of the Future Past)

    On Earth-811 (Days of Future Past), in an alternate future in the year 2013, Storm is one of the last remaining mutants until she dies in an attempt to destroy the Sentinels' command center in New York, though not before taking out an Omega Sentinel all by herself. See: Uncanny X-Men #141-142.

    Earth-26 (De-powered)

    Storm, along will all of the other Super Heroes had their powers taken by a device created by Red Richards. Because of this, the Superhero Registration Act never became active.

    Earth-90210 (Old Man Logan)

    Storm was one of the X-Men that was murdered by Wolverine when he was tricked by illusions made by the villain Mysterio. This happened when all of the Super Villains formed together as one and attack all at once.

    Earth-95120 (Marvel Riot)

    Despite it being an Age of Apocalypse, things are very silly indeed. Magneto leads the X-Men, including Storm, since Xavier's been killed. See: Marvel Riot.

    Earth-12 (Mimic's Reality)

    On Earth-12, Storm is a member of the X-Men, which in this reality includes Mimic. See: Exiles #1, 83-84.

    Earth-37072 (Magic Rules)

    In this reality, Storm was a day guard who was against the Exiles when they planned to attack the palace that Zarathos owned. Initially, the guard had the upper hand until Selene interfered and defeated them.


    On Earth-892, Storm is known as Empress Von Doom, the Empress of the World, loving wife of Victor Von Doom a.k.a. Doctor Doom, and mother to their two children. Due to her high political position, she was literally the second most powerful person on Earth. Dr. Doom found a Cosmic Cube and used it to merge the realities of Earth-616 and Earth-892 for a brief time. See: X-Men: Chaos Engine Trilogy.

    Earth-900 (Utopia)

    The X-Men save the President of the United States from an unknown mutant assassin near the end of a large-scale war between humankind and mutant kind. As a result, the X-Men become government-appointed officers of a new police force comprised of four- or five-member squads. Each squad consists of one human being, two to three mutants, and one Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) operative. Storm is the headmaster in charge of X-Men training as well as a member of one of the aforementioned squads. Her squad includes Nate Grey, Psychedelia (a female mutant with auditory, visual, and olfactory hallucination powers), the human David Chan, and A.I. Sarah, Model #00-1468. The squads defend the United States against the world's greatest threat: Wolverine. The fact that he becomes a super terrorist (mostly due to a brain injury) doesn't help the world that's struggling to put its mutant bigotry behind. See: X-Men Millennial Visions.

    Earth-92800 (What if Storm had stayed a thief in Cairo instead of going to Kenya when she was a teenager?

    She was caught stealing from an older man named Herman Hassel, who turned out to be a retired thief himself. Herman took Storm under his wing, at which point she started calling herself Jack Black and accompanied Herman to New York, where they were thieves together. When Ororo was arrested, her claustrophobia caused her mutant weather powers to surface. Later, Ororo attacked the X-Men because they were threatening to Herman, who had stolen an important gem. Charles Xavier managed to calm Ororo down, perhaps particularly because Herman had taught her to be respectful towards elderly people, especially cripples. Ororo declined Xavier's offer to join the X-Men, but she gave up thieving and instead returned to Kenya to find her true self. See: What If vol. 2 #40.

    Earth-9939 (Charnel)

    Earth-9939 is taken over by Charnel also known as Baron Strucker the Fourth. The only surviving heroes include the Avengers and the team Storm is on known as the X-Saviours. See: Death3 #1

    Earth-987 (What if Colossus had never joined the X-Men?)

    Storm and the rest of the X-Men battle Proteus, mostly unsuccessfully, until Soviet super soldiers (including Colossus) join the fight. Other members of the X-Men of this reality include Cyclops, Havok, Nightcrawler, Phoenix, and Wolverine. See: What If vol. 2 #110.


    On Earth-913, Storm is sought after as a bride by Arkon in Africa. The All-New, All-Different X-Men (which included Storm) is never formed on Earth-913, so Storm never becomes an X-Man. See: What If vol. 2 #23.


    Instead of leaving with the rest of the X-Men as she did in the Earth-616 continuity, Storm remains in Asgard. Storm, and the real Thor (turned into a frog by Loki) defend Asgard from invading forces of Hela and Karnilla, as well as a disguised Loki's machinations. Storm becomes the Goddess of Thunder as well as its queen after Thor opts to give up his right to the throne and remain on Earth. See: What If vol. 2 #12.

    Earth-1008 (By The Maker)

    Magneto has entered into an alliance with Deathbird, killing Deathbird's sister Lilandra so Deathbird can become leader of the Shi'ar Empire and, using the might of the Shi'ar military, launches a deadly assault on Professor Xavier and his followers. With his dying thought, Xavier transfers his consciousness into Cerebro as what remains of the X-Men turn to Forge to build a machine that can upgrade their powers to nearly god-like heights. Storm becomes a sentient weather pattern without a physical body. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2000.


    The girl Ororo Munroe in Cairo is sought after by both Charles Xavier and Sinister for their respective X-Men teams. The two teams fight over her, but both end up withdrawing without her. See: What If vol. 2 #74.


    Storm, along with Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Earth-22051's Avengers expose a plot by Kang to the Agents of Atlas, helping to defeat Kang. See: Giant-Size Marvel Adventures: Avengers #1.


    On Earth-94831, visited by Exiles' Weapon X, almost all mutants have been killed by Sentinels. Xavier's school has been destroyed and Magneto sends Asteroid M hurdling toward Earth. Storm has created a haven for mutant and human alike in "Storm City" (what Chicago was renamed to when she started ruling it with the help of Vanisher), having created an impenetrable storm field around it while Vanisher serves as the only means in and out of the city. Although Exiles' Weapon X is sent to kill the remaining mutants, Hyperion (replacing Storm from Earth-23895 on the team) decides he wants to rule the world, instead; when he finds he can't stop Asteroid M, he starts killing the remaining mutants of this Earth so that Exiles' Weapon X can move on to the next world. Gambit of Exiles' Weapon X, having just lost his Storm, takes up a relationship with this Earth's Storm, who has lost her lover, Gambit of this Earth. But when Hyperion starts killing mutants, this Earth's Storm asks Gambit to kill her rather than be killed by Hyperion; Gambit reluctantly does so. See: Exiles vol. 2 #38-40.

    Earth-1027 (Goddess of Thunder)

    In this reality, when Storm joined the X-Men, felt that she was cut off from the rest of the world. Because of this she became drawn to the violent natural forces, spending her time in hurricanes and tornadoes. Storm became attracted to Thor, the God of Thunder and eventually fell in love with him. However, Tarene was dead against their relationship and in a rage, attacks Storm. However, Thor stops the fight, with results in Tarene being killed and her hammer being given to Storm, who becomes the Goddess of Thunder.

    (See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2001.)

    Earth-1002 (Rex Dogs)

    The inhabitants of the Earth are dogs. Storm's a Collie. See: X-Men Millennial Visions.


    In the year 2004, a pop mandarin named Buzz and a genius chimpanzee named Bubbles attempt to render the world infertile with an invention called a Blank-O-Ray emitter, but instead manage to change the sexes of the X-Men, making the men into women and the women, including Storm, into men. Buzz and Bubbles escape, leaving the X-Men to adjust to their new situation. See: X-Men Millennial Visions.

    Earth-1031 (Reborn)

    In 2006, Apocalypse has captured Professor X and manipulated his powers to unlock the mutancy of every potential mutant on the planet. 220,000 mutants are "born"; Professor X dies. One year later, the X-Men, with some roster additions, struggle to live in this brave new world; Gambit and Rogue are married, Cyclops has a death wish, and Nightcrawler no longer believes in the church's teachings. Storm, as a member of this team of X-Men, becomes regarded as a terrorist after she flooded Washington, D.C. in response to their mandatory testing of embryos for mutation and abortions of mutant pregnancies. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2001.

    Earth-1033 (War to Come)

    When Magneto learns he only has months to live, he and his Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants launch a vicious attack on the X-Men in New York City. After seeing Storm critically injured, Rogue tries to absorb Magneto's powers but it backfires on her, her mind overwhelmed by his personality. Rogue-Magneto finds a deadly plague in the High Evolutionary's compound in the Savage Land and unleashes it on the world, killing millions of non-mutants; countless mutants, including all but three of the X-Men, are rounded up in a desperate attempt by the world's governments to find a cure. The three remaining X-Men, a disfigured Storm among them, battle Rogue-Magneto in the Savage Land. The other two free X-Men are Wolverine and Nightcrawler. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2001.

    Earth-1038 (Retro Men)

    Storm is a part of the X-Men, who decide to rename themselves to the Retro-Men due to this world's love for all things retro. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2001.

    Earth-1815 (Operation: Zero Tolerance is a Success)

    On Earth-1815, the U.S. government, aided by Forge, wipes out many super-powered people early on; others are imprisoned then freed by the Exiles. Inhabitant of an Earth where Charles Xavier is a mass murderer and Magneto is a savior. (more information needed). See: Exiles #1-2, Exiles Annual #1.

    Earth-2030 (Callisto: Sorceress Supreme)

    A magical world where Callisto, Sorceress Supreme, is overthrown by the Exiles. Storm is one of this "Mistress of Mysticism's" servants and battles the Exiles. See: Exiles #18.


    In yet another alternate reality, Mojo created X-Babies so that he'd get higher ratings. His plan backfired, as the X-Babies acted very much like the heroes on which they were based. The X-Baby modeled after Storm was called Shower. The X-Babies that Mojo created came from an earlier idea when he turned the X-Men into X-Babies and, in doing so, had garnered higher ratings. See: Uncanny X-Men Annual #10 & Uncanny X-Men #461 for X-Men turned into X-Babies; for more X-Babies, see: Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, X-Men #46-47, X-Babies: Murderama, X-Babies: Reborn.

    Earth-2149 (Zombieverse)

    On Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombies), Storm is turned into a zombie as most of the heroes on that world. She is one of the last heroes to turn zombie, however, along with Thor, Dr. Strange, Colossus and Nightcrawler. See: Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, Marvel Zombies #3.

    Earth-2301 (Marvel Mangaverse)

    On Earth-2301 (Marvel Magnaverse), Storm is a part of a very powerful coven of witches, alongside Amanda Sefton. A power-hungry Amanda summons an electromagnetic demon called Magnus, who destroys the coven with ease. It is only through the combined magical knowledge of Amanda and Ororo that Magnus is sealed away. With her coven destroyed, the mutant Ororo decides to accept Logan's offer to lead the X-Men. Ororo saves Jean Grey from being kidnapped by the Hellfire Club, Storm killing Mystique using a bolt of lightning. This version of the X-Men has no qualms about brutally killing to achieve its goals. She later becomes involved with Forge. See: Marvel Mangaverse: X-Men, Marvel Mangaverse: Eternity Twilight, X-Men: Ronin, New Mangaverse: The Rings of Fate.

    Earth-5311 (Kitty's Fairy Tale)

    On Earth-5311, in Kitty's Fairy Tale world, Storm is a genie known as Windrider. Though imprisoned in a bottle by the evil Dark Phoenix, she was freed by Colossus. Windrider joined Kitty's party and helped the adventurers defeat the Dark Phoenix. Her powers include the ability to grant wishes. See: Uncanny X-Men #153.

    Earth-6706 (Home To Remy)

    On Earth-6706, A meteor wipes out most of the population 50 years prior and the moon, Mars, and Venus are all terraformed, possibly with Storm's help (more information needed). See: New Exiles #1, 4.

    Earth-77995 (Age of Xavier)

    After Professor Xavier formed the X-Men team, Storm was one of the first mutants to join and fight for a future when mutants and humans alike can live together in peace. After a long fight for this, the X-Men finally achieved this vision and become media heroes. Along with the other X-Men, Storm was placed in the Danger Room to fight against holographic versions of the Hellfire Club as a training course. The X-Men get attacked and almost perish against the Followers of Apocalypse and it is unknown whether Storm survived this fight.

    Earth-8280 (X-Men Trapped in Limbo)

    On Earth-8280, Storm is trapped in Otherspace, learned black sorcery from Belasco, and later trains Illyana Rasputin in the white magical arts. She also helps the X-Men from Earth-616 return to their world. She chooses not to kill Belasco when she has the chance so she doesn't become like him. Storm is later killed by Illyana to prevent Belasco from stealing her soul. See: Uncanny X-Men #160 as well as Magik #1-4.

    Earth-93246 (Cable Destroys the X-Men)

    The past of this version of Storm is similar to the Earth 616 version right until she is turned into a child by Nanny and gets her memories restored. Storm becomes involved with the X-Men and is called upon by Charles Xavier to sort out the state of the human/mutant relations. Cable, the leader of the New Mutants who were working alongside Xavier, turn against him after disagreements between Xavier and Cable. Storm fights the New Mutants until they manage to escape. Cable assassinates Xavier, Cyclops and Marvel Girl, which results in the X-Men being divided into two. Storm leads a team to deal with Cable, where they remain in the X-Mansion. While there, they become a targeted by the Mutant liberation Front and the Savage Land Mutates, which results n the death of many X-Men.

    Magneto manages to takeover Washington D.C, which results in humans releasing Sentinels. Storm and her team realize that the alternative future in which mutants are captured and put in concentration camps could come true. Along with Psylocke, Storm travels to Washington to stop Magneto. However, when they arrive, another wave of Sentinels attack and a overconfident Magneto destroys them, unaware that they contain nuclear explosives. Storm and everyone in Washington D.C get killed in the blast. (See: What If vol. 1 #46-47)


    On Earth-8441, T'Challa slays Iron Man, who tried to spread superhuman registration globally (more information needed). See: Black Panther Annual #1.

    Earth-9105 (Forever Yesterday)

    Storm was a part of the Avengers, a government task force loyal to Sphinx, and married to teammate Horus (who was this Earth's equivalent of Thor). See: New Warriors vol. 1 #11-13.

    Earth 2532 (X-Doctors)

    Storm was born into a world where mutants ceased to exist and was brought to the Crystal Palace by Cat Pryde, who was leader of the Exiles. She was a doctor, so was brought there to heal Brain Braddock who was injured. See: X Men: Die By The Sword #3.

    Earth-523004 (Magneto and Professor X had formed the X-Men Together)

    Ororo Monroe is a friend of Charles Xavier's as well as the president of Kenya. See: What If...Magneto & Professor X Had Formed the X-Men Together? (Feb. 2005 Special)


    Wolverine becomes a horseman of Apocalypse. Storm lives (more information needed). See: What If vol. 2 #111.

    Earth-9590 (What if Storm absorbed the Phoenix instead of Jean Grey?)

    Jean Grey becomes knocked unconscious and Ororo is forced to pilot the plane with the use of her weather controlling abilities. However, her plan fails and all of the X-Men except Wolverine and herself are killed in the crash. Strom emerges out of the wreckage as the Storm-Phoenix, whose power over the weather is beyond double in strength. Storm-Phoenix decides to rule the Earth as a dictator and anyone who opposes her becomes frozen into the atmosphere. Storm-Phoenix becomes more cruel and psychotic and starts to detach herself from humanity. People who are closest to her come up with a plot to kill her, when they find the real Storm in a healing cocoon. As she is brain dead, Kitty Pyde takes over her body and decides to confront Storm-Phoenix as a fake. The plan works, and the Phoenix decides to leave Earth, but Storm dies as her body became weak and the strain became to much for her. (See: What If vol. 2 #79)

    Earth-23895 (Home To Storm)

    Earth-2385 Storm is a member of Weapon X run by the Timebroker a.k.a. Exiles' Weapon X. She first appeared in Exiles #5 with a team consisting of Sabretooth, The Spider, The Hulk, The Vision, and Deadpool. She was proud and cold-hearted. One exchange between her and The Spider, showed him claiming that 50 sleeping Morlocks that he and Storm killed deserved better, where Storm responded "That is debatable Spider...". Even though she's only 16 years old, she possesses considerable skill in weather manipulation. She had full control of her powers, and was able to summon powerful lightning, battering winds, torrential rain, and electromagnetic pulses capable of taking out multiple sentinels. She also possesses mystic knowledge and abilities. She especially took pride in her mystic heritage, by confidently stating that she was a witch who was raised with her uncle, a tenth generation shaman. A statement that shut down her teammates doubts that the amulets she created to bypass a fortitude spell would be unsuccessful. She is also the ruler of half of Africa. She is slain in Exiles #38, after being mortally wounded by an unknown attack. She died in Gambit's arms, while begging him not to let her die there, saying she wants a forest. Her teammates teleported just as her words were becoming more inaudible and slurred. Her body is returned to her home reality by the Exiles, where she is laid to rest as Black Panther and his people look on in Exiles #83. See: Exiles series.


    When Fitzroy kills Bishop, it causes Shard to go on a killing spree against all mutant villains; after killing Magneto, she battles the X-Men. Storm is killed in this battle and, not long after that, humanity decides to follow in Shard's footsteps by hunting down and killing all of mutantkind. What If vol. 2 #84.

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    Storm is married to the Black Panther and lives in Wakanda. She have been the Queen of Wakanda for many years. In this Earth, Black panther is in a cat like form. See: Earth X limited series.

    Earth-9811 (Battleworld)

    In the Earth-9811 universe, a divergent reality also known as Earth-Battleworld, Reed Richards is killed by a supervillain and therefore unable to bring the Secret Wars heroes back home to Earth. Eventually, the superheroes and super-villains make peace. Storm has at least two children with Wolverine; their eldest daughter Kendall Logan, codename Torrent, has Storm's weather powers as well as some traits from her father. The heroes' children, form a new Avengers group to combat the son of Dr. Doom and eventually make it back to Earth. There, they battle Sentinels, which have taken over the Earth. See: What If vol. 2 #114.


    On Earth-41001, Storm lives with Wolverine in Kenya, where he takes care of her in the Kimanu Highlands in East Africa. She is quadriplegic, unable to move from the neck down, and depends on a life support chair. See: X-Men: The End: Dreamers & Demons #1-2, #5, X-Men: The End Heroes & Martyrs #1-2, X-Men: The End: Men & X-Men # 1-6.


    On Earth-94040, Scott and Jean leave the X-Men, marrying earlier than their Earth-616 counterparts did. A new X-Men team is recruited, including Storm, Aurora, Northstar, Colossus, and Catseye. Professor X accompanies them on their mission to defeat Krakoa, but all are killed; once the Avengers defeat Krakoa, they find the X-Men's bodies and give them a proper burial. See: What If vol. 2 #60.


    Storm becomes an air traffic controller but the stress of her job causes her to create thunderstorms that down planes. See: What If vol. 1 #34.

    Earth-1003 (Professors Secret Service)

    In this world Valerie Cooper is president, she, Magneto, and Quicksilver are all murdered at a peace summit. The X-Men become representatives of Mutantkind, and Prof. X becomes the leader of the island nation Genosha.


    In an alternate future in the year 2035 in New York City, Storm and Gambit have a white-haired daughter named Medea, whose power, the ability to rapid-fire chain lightning, is a combination of her parents'. The new generation faces a renewed hatred for mutantkind when the Morlocks, who have been biding their time, attack the surface world. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2000.


    The Sentinels destroy all but seven of the X-Men; Storm is among those who live. Led by Magneto and Cyclops, the magnificent seven X-Men finally bring an end to the Sentinel War. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2000.

    Earth-1020 (Duty Calls)

    In the distant future, the X-Men have become multiple two-member teams designated to protect people and keep the peace in different parts of space. The husband-wife team of Cable and Storm are in charge of protecting Earth's colonies on Mars, Venus, and the Moon. Storm is now able to control the weather on a planetary scale, so she's been put in charge of controlling the weather patterns on both Mars and Venus, making sure both worlds are suitable for habitation. Cable and Storm are known throughout the galaxy for having saved Mars from certain doom at the hands of the Dire Wraiths in the early days of settlement and colonization. See: X-Men Millennial Visions 2000.

    Earth-1036 (Deadpool: I'm Available)

    On Earth-1991 a place called Geshem exists. It is a magical place whose capital city has been built upon Geshem's largest magical pool; some inhabitants are able to tap into it and use magic. Storm appears to be one of the magical people, though her Earth-1991 counterpart is called Lady Mistral or Mistress Mistral. At least one inhabitant, called the Mage, is aware of Earth-616's existence, though he calls it Terra. See: Wolverine: Rahne of Terra.


    On Earth-9140, Storm destroys the X-Men instead of turning on Dracula and becomes a true vampire as Wolverine becomes Lord of the Vampires when he slays Dracula. The Punisher, possessed by Dr. Strange, slays Wolverine, Storm, and the other vampiric X-Men. See: What If vol. 2 #24, Quasar #30.


    On Earth-9250, Storm destroys the X-Men instead of turning on Dracula and becomes a true vampire as Wolverine becomes Lord of the Vampires when he slays Dracula. Wolverine kills the Punisher before he can slay Wolverine. See: What If vol. 2 #37-39, Quasar #30.


    On Earth-9910, in an alternate future, the legend of the X-Men does not survive, but the legend of "Oro" does. The descendants of the Morlocks have come to worship the Windrider Oro, their goddess. Her symbol was the shape of the tiara. Storm is famous for having worn when she was an X-Man in the past. See: Bishop the Last X-Man #7-8, 10-11.


    Storm lives (more information needed). See: Spidey Super Stories #1.


    In an alternate future, Storm marries Forge and lives with him and their two children, Orora and Naze Munroe, in Eagle's Plaza in Dallas, TX. Nimrod comes from the future and kills Storm, demanding that Forge fix him and threatening to kill his children if he doesn't. See: New X-Men #29.


    The X-Men, presumably including Storm, fail to stop the Goblin Queen and S'ym's Inferno plot, causing everyone with evil inclinations to become pure evil. The world is saved when the Phoenix (Rachel Summers) purges the dark magic from the Earth, killing half the population (those who had been corrupted by the magic). With modern society in shambles, the world descends into a more primitive state. See: What If vol. 2 #6.


    The Scarlet Centurion tricks the X-Men, including Storm, into capturing superheroes; this reality was destroyed by Kang's Time Arrow. See: X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow series


    Storm, along with the rest of the X-Men, perish on their first mission, one against Krakoa. See: What If vol. 2 #9.


    Storm's powers and memories have been permanently absorbed by Rogue somehow, possibly implying that Storm was once a fellow X-Man but is now dead... she lives on, however, in Ororogue, who joins the Avengers after New York is transformed into a jungle. See: What If vol. 2


    Earth-10724 (X-Campus)

    A young teenage version of Ororo resides in this realm.

    What If..?: Age of Apocalypse

    What if Legion had killed Xavier and Magneto? In this version of the Age of Apocalypse, Storm has become one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse alongside The Incredible Hulk, The Unstoppable Juggernaut, and Namor the Submariner. Storm and the other Horseman carry out a campaign of extermination against the mutants using the Savage Lands as a safe haven. In a battle, Storm unleashes a lightning bolt at Wolverine. See: What if The Age of Apocalypse? (2006 Special).


    Hailing from an unidentified alternate reality, the Executive Action Committee (better known as X-Com) featured male versions of several X-women, including Storm. X-Com became the bodyguards of Captain Cymru and, as such, battled Captain Britain of Earth-616 on her orders. See: Uncanny X-Men #462.

    X-Men #98

    In an alternate future, in December 2099, the X-Men have become the X-Alliance, a peacekeeping force with hundreds of members whose base of operations is a planet known simply as X-World. Indeed, the X-Men, having saved the universe on more than one occasion, have ascended to be the heroes of countless billions. Ororo has ascended beyond her mere mortal body, becoming a pure elemental being, with greatly expanded powers. See: X-Men vol. 2 #98.

    Other Media


    X-Men (2000)

    Storm in X-Men 1
    Storm in X-Men 1

    Storm is played by Halle Berry. In the first movie, she uses a Kenyan accent which is non-existent to the other installments. By portraying the role, she won an award. During the earlier sequels, she only was a back up for other characters. Storm was portrayed as a teacher in the Institute. In the first movie Storm is first seen paired with Cyclops on a rescue mission To save Rogue and Wolverine from Sabretooth. She is then seen teaching many of the schools students, including Rogue, Iceman, and Pyro. Storm is also seen as a co-pilot of the Blackbird on the mission to Liberty Island. Once on Liberty Island Storm squares off against Toad, ending the battle by blasting him into the water with a large lightning bolt.

    X2: X-Men United (2003)

    Storm in X2
    Storm in X2

    Halle Berry reprises her role as Storm. In the second film Storm is first seen with the other teachers and student on a field to at a museum. Storm and Jean are then both sent to Boston to find the mutant that attacked the president. Once in Boston, Jean and Storm locate Nightcrawler, and see with their own eyes that he is a tortured soul and ask him to join them back to the mansion. On their way back they are contacted by Wolverine who informs them that the school was attacked and that they need to come pick him and a few of the students up. Storm is quick to ask about all of the children, showing her maternal side. After picking Logan and the kids up, Storm is seen again flying the blackbird. They are soon under attack by fighter jets. Storm summons tornadoes to take down the jets and their missiles. The team then joins forces with Magneto to Rescue Xavier and stop Stryker. Also, her name is listed in Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    The Last Stand
    The Last Stand

    Halle Berry reprises her role as Storm. In the third film, Storm is first seen training the youngest members of the X-Men in the Danger Room. Storm is the reunited with Beast when he shows up at the school to inform Xavier about Mystique and news on Magneto. He also informed them of the news of a cure, where Storm takes a stance on there is nothing wrong with being a mutant. Storm is next seen when her and Logan are sent on an emergency mission to return to Alkaline Lake, where Jean died - and where Scott had recently traveled to, there they found Scott's glasses, but more importantly the alive body of Jean. They took Jean back to the school. Soon Jean escapes, and Xavier, Logan, and Storm track her down to her parents' house. When they arrive they find Magneto and his new Brotherhood are already there. Xavier leaves Storm and Logan outside, but after crashes are heard Storm and Logan rush in. Storm summons a small tornado that lifts her and she uses it to knock Arclight and Quill out of the way, and then she begins battling Callisto. Jean ends up killing Xavier and the Brotherhood get away. Storm taking the lead of the X-Men along with Logan form a small team and go to the Island just of the coast of California, next to the Golden Gate Bridge, to stop Magneto and his new Brotherhood. During their final battle, she fought Callisto and killed her using her electric shock. At the end of it all with the professor supposedly dead Storm takes over the X-mansion as the head mistress.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

    A young version of Storm appears in a deleted scene.

    X-Men: First Class (2011)

    When Charles first uses Cerebro a young white-headed girl is seen in color which means she is a mutant. This may or may not be Storm.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

    Storm in DOFP
    Storm in DOFP

    Halle Berry reprises her role as Storm. She appears in the movie as one of the last surviving X-Men. She is killed by a Sentinel, but is revived after the timeline is altered thanks to Mystique sparing the life of Bolivar Trask. At the end of the movie, she is seen as a teacher at the restored Xavier Institute.

    X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

    Alexandra Shipp as Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse
    Alexandra Shipp as Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse

    A teenage version of Storm appears as one of the main characters in the prequel, portrayed by Alexandra Shipp. This version of the character is one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, but switches sides and joins the X-Men at the end of the film.

    Shipp would reprise her role in the 2019 film Dark Phoenix, the final Fox X-Men movie.


    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends


    Ororo appeared as a guest star in this TV Series like her other fellow X-Men. She is one of the X-Men who helped Firestar from a cyborg named Cyberiad who was seeking revenge. When the team was divided, Storm joins with Thunderbird and Iceman. As they follow a fake Nightcrawler, they are trapped in a room which has walls getting tighter. Storm's powers did not work. Thanks to Thunderbird who transformed into a grizzly and destroyed the room they escape. She was voiced by Kathy Garver in her first appearance and Annie Lockhart in her second.

    Pryde of the X-Men

    Pryde of the X-Men
    Pryde of the X-Men

    Ororo was an X-Man who fought Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Terrorists. She was then introduced to Kitty Pryde like her teammates. She accepted Kitty hospitably. When the power circuit was stolen and Kitty apologizes, Ororo told her that none of them would have a chance alone against Magneto. So when they attempted to retrieve the machine, she was assigned to bring the atmosphere inside the base with her powers. As Storm thanks Kitty in behalf of her teammates, she asked Wolverine about what he can say about Kitty Pryde saving the entire planet. She was voiced by Andi Chapman.

    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Storm in X-Men TAS
    Storm in X-Men TAS

    Storm was a member of the X-Men. Storm was first seen in a mall with Rogue when suddenly, the Sentinels detected Jubilee. As they save Jubilee, she was later confronted by the X-Men's youngest and newest recruit about some things that occur in the Institute. Storm was also shown managing the green room. Shadow King lured her to her home in Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro) causing her and Rogue to face the aforementioned villain. In this cartoon series, Storm does not have any love interest to Forge. Later, Storm is abducted by Sauron because of her powers and it is shown briefly the extent of her powers if she were to go insane or rogue. She was voiced by Iona Morris and Alison Sealy-Smith.

    Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Storm in Spider-Man: TAS
    Storm in Spider-Man: TAS

    Storm appeared alongside the rest of the X-Men in the Season 2 two-part episode "The Mutant Agenda", and returned for the final season's adaptation of Secret Wars. Iona Morris reprised her role from the X-Men cartoon.

    X-Men: Evolution

    X-Men Evolution Storm
    X-Men Evolution Storm

    Ororo was also featured as an X-Man. She has a nephew who was named Evan Daniels a.k.a. Spyke who also joined the team. She also trains the new Mutants alongside her other teammates and at the same time manages the green room. Her past is also revealed, showing she is worshiped as a goddess in Africa. Storm is tormented by Hungan, an evil shaman from Africa who wants to take over Africa. During the X-Men's encounter with Apocalypse, Storm accompanied Professor X. They were both defeated and were presumed dead by the other X-Men. When they decided to face Apocalypse, they discovered that Storm, Professor X, Mystique and Magneto were turned into his horsemen. After the X-Men defeated Apocalypse, Storm was back to normal and was foreseen as an active member of the X-Men thereafter. She was voiced by Kirsten Williamson.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Storm in Wolverine and the X-Men
    Storm in Wolverine and the X-Men

    Storm lives in Africa in peace together with her fellow Africans. Then Shadow King transported into her body and deceived her by making her believe that Africa was under a great fire. Ororo used her powers with the best that she can. She did gigantic waves, strong winds, frightening lightning and thunder, hale storms resulting into an overflowed Africa. By believing that she is saving Africa, she is really destroying it. The X-Men then came to recruit her back to the team and stopped her from using her powers. Emma Frost then used her powers to enter her mind and discovered that she is under Shadow King's control. Emma fought him and defeated him. Storm then went back to the team to be an X-Man once again.

    The series is also notable for having Storm in an relationship with Angel, which ends once he transforms into Archangel. She was voiced by Susan Dalian.

    Black Panther

    Black Panther
    Black Panther

    Storm is a regular character on the Black Panther cartoon that only aired in certain countries on BET Networks. She was voiced by singer Jill Scott.

    Super Hero Squad Show

    Storm in The Super Hero Squad Show
    Storm in The Super Hero Squad Show

    Storm is an ally of the super hero squad. She calls the Black Panther her boy friend (although in mainstream comics continuity he is actually her fiance and husband). Storm is one of the first super hero girls to appear in the first episode of the show. She was voiced by Cree Summer.

    X-Men Anime Series

    Storm in the X-Men anime
    Storm in the X-Men anime

    In the Japanese anime, Storm appeared as one of the lead characters. She was voiced by Aya Hisakawa in the Japanese version and Danielle Nicolet in the English dub.

    Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

    Marvel Disk Wars
    Marvel Disk Wars

    Storm guest-starred as a member of the X-Men, voiced by Yayoi Sugaya.

    Video Games


    Storm and her teammates
    Storm and her teammates

    Storm appears in the X-Men arcade game from Konami as one of the main playable characters.

    Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge

    Storm appears as a playable character.

    X-Men: Children of the Atom

    Storm as she appears in Capcom's fighting games
    Storm as she appears in Capcom's fighting games

    Storm appears in the Japanese fighting game Children of the Atom, sporting her Jim Lee design from the 90's. This same sprite would later be reused in the subsequent sequels/spin-offs X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of the Super Heroes, and Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. In each game, her voice was provided by Catherine Disher.

    Within the fighting game community, Storm is considered to be one of the most powerful characters in the series.

    X-Men: Mutant Academy

    Storm is a playable character in X-Men: Mutant Academy.

    X-Men : Mutant Academy 2

    No Caption Provided

    Storm is a playable character in X-Men: Mutant Academy 2. The game describes her as the X-Men's second in command. When fighting against her as the cpu, her level is Muir Island.

    X-Men Legends and X-Men Legends 2

    Storm is a playable character in both games, using electrical and wind based attacks in both. In X-Men Legends, her super power move is "Cyclone Fury" and in XL2 "Raging Tempest" both harm every enemy in the room or on screen.

    X-Men: Next Dimension

    Storm in X-Men: Next Dimension
    Storm in X-Men: Next Dimension

    Storm is a playable character in the fighting game X-Men: Next Dimension, the successor to the Mutant Academy series. In the game, she sports her X-Treme X-Men uniform as her default costume. Her fighting style focuses largely on kicks and projectile attacks.

    Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects

    No Caption Provided

    Storm is a playable characters in the fighting game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. The game had a tie-in 6 issue miniseries of the same name. The stories of the books and the game is however different. She is first encountered as an enemy under alien control when playing as Wolverine.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    Storm is a playable character from the start (after the tutorial) using herself, Thor, Iceman and The Human Torch creates a team bonus reducing the damage taken from elemental attacks. Her super power is "Thunderstruck" and her costumes are of retro Storm - complete with Mohawk, Storm, Phoenix - or the white outfit from the television series in the 90's, her Ultimate X-Men outfit, and her original classic 70's outfit.

    She unlocks scripts with Lilandra, and is found in the Hall of the Fallen in Valhalla when not on your team. Storm, Susan, Logan and yourself confront Nick Fury about the Black Widow.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
    Storm in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Storm is a playable character in this game after the very first mission of the game. Storm has one alternate costume which is based on her Astonishing X-Men look. She is one of the six X-Men in the game and when four of the X-Men are put on the same team this adds a bonus. In certain versions of the game she has a special conversation with the Black Panther and is locked into the Anti-registration side for the game.

    Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (2011)

    Storm in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Storm in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Storm is a playable character in the game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. She now sports her modern design rather than her 90's Jim Lee costume from the previous games. In the updated rerelease, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Storm's "punk" outfit from the 80's is also available as an alternate costume from the Femme Fatale DLC pack. Susan Dalian reprises her role from the Wolverine and the X-Men animated seriesas the voice of Storm.

    Marvel Heroes Online (2012)

    Storm in Marvel Heroes
    Storm in Marvel Heroes

    Storm is a playable character in Gazillion's Free To Play MMO. Storm's signature powers of elemental control will be present it is unknown whether they are focusing on only one aspect of her power such as "Thunder" for balancing issues. Not much is known about the game bar for the fact it is based on Diablo's core gameplay aspects. The MMO's story is being written by Brian Michael Bendis.

    Her bio says:

    Over the course of her life, Ororo Munroe has been trained as a juvenile thief, worshiped as a goddess, and hated as a mutant. Since Charles Xavier enlisted her to join the X-Men, Storm has grown as a warrior and as a leader.

    Her control over the climate has been honed through constant training and numerous battles, and her arsenal of elemental powers, from shattering lightning strikes to freezing winds, make her a force of nature to be feared and respected.

    She was released with several alternate costumes.

    She is voiced by Danielle Nicolet.

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance
    Marvel: Avengers Alliance

    Storm appears as an unlockable character in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance video game on Facebook. She is a Blaster Class character. She has two costumes and her bio says: Orphaned as a young child in Egypt, Ororo Munroe traveled Africa as a young woman, when her powers over the weather began to develop and she joined the X-Men. She and T'Challa, the Black Panther, jointly ruled the ancient African kingdom of Wakanda until its destruction.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Storm is a playable character in this game voiced by Grey DeListe. Her costumes are the classic one. and the one base on the mohawk era.

    Her classic description says description says: Mistress of the winds, Storm controls everything about the weather. Cloudy days turn to sunny skies at her command!

    Her mohawk version description says: A friend from Japan inspired Storm to make some big changes to her look, but she's just as powerful as ever.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    War of Heroes
    War of Heroes

    Storm is featured in the mobile card game X-Men: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • Storm
    • [Queen of Lightning] Storm
    • [Wind-Rider] Storm
    • [Weather Front] Storm
    • [Thunderstruck] Storm
    • [Regal] Storm
    • [Headmistress] Storm
    • [X-Woman] Storm
    • [Static] Storm
    • [Force of Nature] Storm
    • [Wind Cruiser] Storm
    • [Vengeful Goddess] Storm
    • [Going Solo] Storm
    • [Right and Wrong] Storm
    • [Utopia Security] Storm

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    X-Men: Battle of The Atom
    X-Men: Battle of The Atom

    Storm appears as a support card in the mobile game X-Men: Battle of the Atom. Her cards are:

    • Storm
    • [Force-X] Ro-Ro
    • [Professor] Storm
    • [Limbo] Ororo
    • [Battle of the Atom] Storm
    • [Messiah Saga] Storm
    • [Future] Storm
    • [Amazing XM] Storm
    • [Astonishing XM] Storm
    • [Gold Team] X-Men
    • [Onslaught Saga] Storm
    • [Crawler's Crew] Storm
    • [Headmistress] Storm
    • [The World] Storm
    • [Exiled Weapon X] Storm

    Storm is also a playable avatar in the game.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Marvel Contest of Champions
    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Storm is playable fighter in the game, sporting her mohawked Uncanny X-Force design. She is a mutant class character.

    Her bio in the game says: Mutant, thief, leader, goddess - Ororo Munroe has played many roles in her life. As Storm, she controls all aspects of the weather on an astonishing scale. Tornadoes, lightning, and blizzards are hers to command. Summoned from her home in Africa by Professor X, Ororo found a new family in the X-Men - and a new role, as a hero.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Storm in Marvle Puzzle Quest
    Storm in Marvle Puzzle Quest

    Storm is a playable character in the game.

    Her bio, in the Mohawk version, says: Storm's strong will and bright spirit drove her to accept Charles Xavier's offer to leave her African village for America as a member of the X-Men. This choice set her on the path to become not just the X-Men's leader, but one of the most respected and powerful heroes on Earth.

    Her bio, in the classic version, says: Being worshiped as a weather goddess as a teenager gave Storm a commanding presence she needed to become a leader of the X-Men. Surviving as a child thief on the streets of Cairo gave her the grit she needed to succeed in that role.

    Her bio, in the modern version, says: When her mutant weather-control powers first manifested, Ororo Munroe brought many days of rain to save a village at the foot of Kilimanjaro. This caused a drought in surrounding villages, killing hundreds of animals, until Ororo learned to work with the natural order.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Storm in Marvel Future Fight
    Storm in Marvel Future Fight

    Storm is a playable character in the game. She is a blast type.

    Her bio in the game says: One of the most powerful, noble and respected members of the X-Men, who can control nature itself.

    Marvel Strike Force

    Marvel Strike Force
    Marvel Strike Force

    Storm appears as a playable character in the Marvel Strike Force mobile app game.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

    Storm in Ultimate Alliance 3
    Storm in Ultimate Alliance 3

    Storm returns as a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, an exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. She is voiced by Mara Junot.



    In August 2020, it was announced that Storm was among the Marvel characters who were going to be added as DLC skins to the popular Fortnite battle royale video game as part of the Nexus War battle pass.


    From Universal Studios (left) and Marvel Live (right)
    From Universal Studios (left) and Marvel Live (right)
    • Storm is featured as one of the Marvel characters at the Universal Orlando Resort from Universal Studios. She also has her own ride in the Super Hero Island section of the park, known as the Storm Force Accelatron.
    • Storm was one of the characters featured in the first iteration of the Marvel Universe Live arena show, alongside fellow X-Men members Wolverine and Cyclops.


    Action Figures

    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Toy Biz- Storm was among the first X-Men figures in Marvel's 1991 X-Men line, a figure that was reissued in 1994 as female figures in the line grew more popular. Storm would go on to become one of the most popular X-Men figurines, issued across multiple lines in assorted scales. Storm had a 10-inch figure in the Marvel Universe line, three 9-inch mego-style figures as part of their Famous Covers collection, and multiple 6-inch and 5-inch action figures throughout the X-Men toyline in multiple costumes, as well as numerous exclusive figures. Other figures were also issued for the X-Men Evolution and X-Men Movie toylines. Notable variations include a Joe Mad-styled Storm, a Savage Land Storm, and a Storm in the original X-Men uniform in an exclusive boxset modeled after the team as they appeared in Uncanny X-Men #275. A Mohawk Storm action figure was issued exclusively in Canada.
    • Notable oddities include plush versions of Storm, a Storm packaged with a Storm-themed giant robot, and a fashion-doll scale Storm based on the X-Men animated series.
    • Hasbro- a 3 3/4 inch Storm is scheduled for the Secret Wars collection of Hasbro's Marvel Universe line in her Mohawk look. In addition, Hasbro has also created assorted Super Hero Squad versions of Storm. A new Marvel Legends-scale Storm was slated, in her original Dave Cockrum outfit, as shown in a poll for Wizard magazine, but is currently on hold.
    • A Marvel Legends figure of Storm in her X-Force outfit was released as part of the Jubilee Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Storm was featured in the Marvel Superheroes Happy Meal promotion in the 1990s, alongside fellow X-Men Wolverine and Jubilee.
    • Minimate figures based on Storm's original costume, her 1990s costume and her Ultimate X-Men costume have been made.
    • Storm received a Lego minifigure in one of the company's X-Men themed sets.
    • Storm was among the Kubrick figures made in Japan of Marvel characters.
    • Hasbro produced a figure of Storm in her punk outfit as part of the Apocalypse Build-a-Figure wave.
    • A Marvel Legends version of Storm in her classic outfit was also produced by Hasbro as part of a two-pack with Thunderbird.


    • Eaglemoss Publications included Storm in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection.
    • Kaiyodo released a collectible statue of Storm.
    • Bowen Designs released statues and busts of Storm.
    • Diamond Select released a Storm statue.
    • Hard Hero released a Storm statue based on her design from X-Men: Evolution.
    • Kotobukiya released a Storm Fine Arts bust.
    • Kotobukiya released an anime-style Storm statue for their Bishoujo line.
    • Kotoubukiya released a Storm statue for their Fine Arts line.

    Awards and Honours

    In the 2007 GLYPH Comic Awards, the Fan Award for Best Comic was won by Storm, by Eric Jerome Dickey, David Yardin & Lan Medina, and Jay Leisten & Sean Parsons. For," Glyph Comics Awards" in 2007, Ororo was the most successful comic and was the winner for the best comic of the year, by Eric Jerome Dickey, David Yardin & Lan Medina and Jay Leisten & Sean Parsons. In Comics Buyer's Guide, Ranked 30th Storm was one of the 100 Sexiest Woman in Comics List. Storm was ranked the 89th greatest the comic book character of all time by Wizard magazine, In 2011, Storm was ranked #1 on Comic Vine, and by Marvel Studios was one of the bravest and strongest women of all time, was placed as the #8 best X-Men.


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