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    A long-lived mutant with the rage of a beast and the soul of a Samurai, James "Logan" Howlett's once mysterious past is filled with blood, war, and betrayal. Possessing an accelerated healing factor, keenly enhanced senses, and bone claws in each hand (along with his skeleton) that are coated in adamantium; Wolverine is, without question, the ultimate weapon.

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    Wolverine emerges.
    Wolverine emerges.

    The man who would be known as the superhero named Wolverine was born as James Howlett in the mid 1880s in Alberta, Canada. He was the second and sickly child to Elizabeth and John Howlett Sr. His mother was ill and, in the early 1900s, a young Irish girl named Rose O'Hara was brought to the Howlett estate to be a friend and a caretaker to young James. Together they befriended a young boy named Dog, son of the grounds keeper, Thomas Logan. Dog tried to form a normal bond between the two, but due to his father’s resentment and drunken abuse, he grew to resent his station in life; so much so that one day he makes undue advances on Rose, which are reported by young James to his father. This whole chain of events leads to Thomas Logan being sacked from his position as groundskeeper, following which he goes seeking for Elizabeth Howlett, trying to convince her to leave with him. This leads to an altercation that results in the death of John Howlett. The shock of seeing his father murdered in front of him leads to the manifestation of young James’ powers and he stabs Thomas with his newly drawn claws, also slashing Dog across the face before fainting. He and Rose flee the house and make their way through the harsh Canadian wilderness with James near-catatonic and Rose having to facilitate their transportation, while Dog tells the police that Rose was the killer.

    They arrive at a mine where Rose gives false names, calling James incorrectly as “Logan.” The other workers dub the revived Logan “the wolverine” because of his penchant for tenaciously digging and begin to accept him as one of their own due to his incredible work ethic. What they don’t know is that by night, he runs in the wild with a pack of wolves that he is cowed the alpha of. Dog arrives one day, having survived his encounter years ago, still holding a massive grudge against Logan. Logan recognizes his erstwhile friend and accepts his challenge to a brawl to the death. Before Logan can kill Dog, however, Rose tries to pull him away and is inadvertently stabbed through the chest, killing her and leaving Logan to mourn alone.


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    Wolverine was created by Roy Thomas, Len Wein and John Romita, Sr.. Although Herb Trimpe drew the issues Wolverine first appeared in (a cameo on the last page) in The Incredible Hulk issue 180 (1974) and first fully appeared in The Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 issue 181 (1974), he is not acknowledged as an "official" co-creator from Marvel. At the time of his creation, comics were becoming increasingly popular in Canada and Roy Thomas, Marvel's then Editor-in-Chief, suggested to Len Wein to create a Canadian character to put in the Hulk comic he was working on called Wolverine. The two of them ironed out details and based details of their new character around the characteristics of the Wolverine. John Romita, Sr. was then brought on to design the character, once again using the animal as the basis for the character, making him short and stocky and introducing claws to both the character and in the motif of his costume. Wolverine was first drawn for publication by Herb Trimpe. Wolverine's mask was drawn incorrectly by Gil Kane for the cover of Giant-Size X-Men #1, but Dave Cockrum, who penciled the comic, liked it so much that he incorporated it into his own artwork for the actual story and was the first to draw Wolverine unmasked.

    In an interview in Back Issue #4 with Peter Sanderson, John Byrne revealed that actor Paul D'Amato from the 1977 movie Slap Shot, was his inspiration for his depiction of Wolverine during his run on X-Men with Chris Claremont.

    More recently an older, alternate version of Wolverine, known as Old Man Logan, appeared in the comics and joined the X-Men after the real Wolverine died. Old Man Logan first appeared in Wolverine Vol.2 issue 66 (2008).

    Character Evolution

    Early Years of Wolverine

    In 1910, Logan traveled to another frontier community in the Canadian Rockies and met a young Blackfoot woman named Silver Fox, with whom he falls in love. She reciprocates, and the two share a cabin together in the woods and live happily for a time. In late May, when Logan believed his birthday to be, Sabretooth tracks and murders Silver Fox after seeing her and Wolverine together, envious that Logan had found a measure of peace. Upon discovering the gruesome scene, Wolverine flew into a rage and battles Sabretooth, but couldn’t best his counterpart, who was able to keep his cool.

    Sabretooth and a mysterious cloaked figure then manipulated the feral, mindless Logan to slaughter the inhabitants of the town he had been living in at the time.

    Later, employed by The Hudson's Bay Company as a fur trader to the Blackfoot Indians, he defeated the demonic snake-worm known as Uncegila, a feat which earned him the Blackfoot warrior name of "Skunk-Bear." A broad, largely unseen conspiracy then began to shape Logan, robbed of his conscience and free will, into the perfect killer. Wherever Logan went, Sabretooth or one of his handlers, was not far behind.

    World War I

    Logan in the Great War
    Logan in the Great War

    In 1914, Logan joined the Canadian Army to fight during The Great War. During a battle in Belgium on April 22, 1915, Logan encountered Lazaer (anagram of Azrael, the Angel of Death) for the first time and a fight ensued. Lazaer got the upper hand and impaled Wolverine with his sword, but Logan pulled the sword from his body, and impaled Lazaer to defeat him. Since then, every time Logan has had a near death experience, he has had to battle Lazaer so that he is able to return back to the realm of the living and use his advanced healing factor to return to health.

    When the authorities became aware of Logan's abilities, he was assigned to a special unit of the Canadian military, The Devil's Brigade, tasked with the most suicidal missions in the war under the command of the super-humanly strong Silas Burr (who later became the mercenary Cyber). After a falling out, Cyber murdered Logan's girlfriend and during the confrontation Logan was severely beaten and one of his eyes was removed, but he was able to escape. Cyber and Sabretooth tracked him at the bidding of Romulus and returned him to the squad where he was assigned to Madripoor.

    Post-World War I

    After a stint in the small nation, Logan traveled to China where he turned down an offer from the warlord Ogun to instruct him in the Art of War. But Logan was a man ever on the move, this time finding himself in South America where he ran across Mystique for the first time. The two of them were going to be executed by firing squad, but escaped using their abilities and formed a small criminal syndicate. Wolverine and Mystique became romantically involved, but the relationship was short lived as Logan reported on their criminal doings to the police, thus sending the syndicate to prison and returning to Canada to take part in the Weapon X program.

    World War II

    Fighting against the Nazis
    Fighting against the Nazis

    During World War II, Logan teamed up with Captain America and Bucky Barnes in Madripoor. The two were unaware of his mutation, believing him to merely be extraordinarily lucky, and dubbed him “Lucky James.” One of their first significant missions was to rescue Natasha Romanova, a young child at the time, from being brainwashed into an assassin by The Hand. Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker was also implicated, causing Cap and Bucky’s attention to shift to the fascist HYDRA organization. During this time, Seraph, guardian of Madripoor and another ex-lover of Wolverine, was killed by Sabretooth, presumably under the orders of a strange entity called Romulus. But who he was would not be revealed until years later. Logan decided to officially get involved in the war and enlisted in the Armed Forces, joining the First Canadian Parachute Battalion. It was with this battalion that he first encountered Bloodscream, an immortal being with vampire-like qualities and powers. He fought in various missions, already soon making a name for himself as one of the best soldiers in the division. He ended his stint living in Japan and possibly training as a samurai.

    After the War

    After WWII, Logan returned to Japan, having remembered Ogun's offer to train him. Logan would soon develop a deep love of Japan, particularly samurai culture and code of Bushido, that would stand the test of time. His training complete, he journeyed across the nation until he met the beautiful Itsu, with whom he started a family. But Logan’s destiny was never one of peace, and after he accidentally killed a man during a disaster, he returned home to find Itsu dead and the child they conceived stolen by Romulus. Logan had nothing left in Japan and returned to Canada to once again join with Weapon X. It was then that he gained his trademark adamantium skeleton, but also lost his memory due to the trauma of the experiment before joining Alpha Flight and taking on the Hulk for the first time.

    Team X

    Team X
    Team X

    After his military duty and his return from Japan and his training there, Logan applied for the job of Special Agent for an American underground government organization. With extreme coincidence, Logan's mortal enemy Sabretooth turned out to have applied for the same 'job'. A fight erupted in the offices of the organization, but both were subdued. At this time it turned out, it was not just a normal organization where the two had come to. They were both given a memory wipe and had false memories implanted. All except for Logan's time in Japan was a complete mystery to him, and Logan had no recollection of his former feud with Sabretooth. He fought on various missions together with teammates Maverick and John Wraith. It was during one of these missions that Logan first met and fought Omega Red.

    False memories were given to Logan and his teammates after most missions, so they would not, or only partly remember what they had done or what their objective had been. After some time, Sabretooth's brutal ways became an eyesore to the other team members and it was not before long that the team had an internal conflict, resulting in a breakup of the team and Sabretooth leaving. Logan's missions for Team X seemed done, but his long road of suffering would just be at the beginning.

    Major Story Arcs

    Weapon X

    For full arc summary see: Weapon X

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    After all of Logan's missions with Team X, a few heads turned with interest to Logan. During some point in his career as a special operative, Logan was kidnapped by agents of the Weapon X (or Plus) Program, a joint U.S./Canadian program. He was taken to a facility in the Canadian woods where he was examined by Professor Thorton, Dr. Abraham Cornelius, and Carol Hines. The Professor learned that Logan possessed a mutant healing factor and would be able to sustain the installation of Adamantium onto his bones, as the procedure would kill any other person. In this, they attempted to build the perfect living weapon.

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    The procedure was performed, and Logan now had a skeleton completely laced with the hard metal. This included his claws, which were now razor sharp claws that could cut through anything. During his time with Weapon X, Logan was heavily sedated and controlled through a helmet, giving him false memories and turned him into sort of a puppet for the Program. He was even forced to kill an entire town, wanting to test if Logan would do any assignment. His abilities were put to the test. Eventually, Logan was able to resist the mind-control and broke free from the facility (with help from the Winter Soldier). Enraged and more beast then man, he killed nearly anyone who stood in his way. That is except for Professor Cornelius, Hines, and Malcolm Colcord. These persons would all spell more trouble for Logan while the years went by.

    Department H

    Wolverine vs. Hulk
    Wolverine vs. Hulk

    After his escape from the Weapon X program, Logan spent months in the Canadian wilderness until he was found by James Hudson (aka Guardian) and Heather Hudson (aka Vindicator). The two of them were scientist and super-powered humans who worked for a division of the Canadian Government named Department H. Logan was soon brought back to good mental health, and also started working for the government (not remembering much of his time in Weapon X or what happened before that period). He participated in a few missions for Department H and was even given a costume and secret identity; the Wolverine. Logan's most prominent mission was when he was asked to locate, and subdue the incredible Hulk. The Hulk was spotted in a Canadian forest, and Wolverine seemed to be the best operative to engage the "Green Goliath". He was dropped into the mission zone by Department H and soon found the Hulk, who at the time was fighting the Wendigo.

    Wolverine, knowing it would be difficult to fight against both of them, first pretended to team up with the Hulk against the Wendigo, but turned on him the moment they defeated the creature. Logan started a brutal fight against the Green giant, and fought for a long period of time, but the two seemed evenly matched. When it took too long, Wolverine was told to abort the mission and return to the helicopter, his ride back to Department H. During this time, Professor Charles Xavier found out about Wolverine being a mutant and started to watch him more closely.

    Wolverine in the X-Men

    Logan meeting Jean Grey.
    Logan meeting Jean Grey.

    Wolverine first came into contact with the X-Men when Professor Xavier contacted the Canadian government to arrange a personal introduction. Knowing full well that Department H was exploiting Logan for their own purposes and that there was friction between Wolverine and his superiors, Professor X offered Wolverine a position with the X-Men on the spot. The Department official objected but Logan lashed out at him and accepted Xavier's offer to join his school and team. Unbeknownst to Logan, he had been released from the Department intentionally with implanted subliminal orders to assassinate Professor Xavier. Xavier was fully aware of this, however, and simply removed the implanted suggestion from Logan's mind. He promised to help Logan with his memory loss in exchange for his enrollment on the X-Men roster.

    Logan joined simultaneously with a number of new X-Men from across the globe, including Nightcrawler, Banshee, Storm, Sunfire, Thunderbird, and Colossus. Scott Summers (aka Cyclops) was already established as the leader of the team, but Logan caused immediate problems in their working relationship by bucking his authority and questioning his leadership of the team. The mission for which Logan and his fellow team members were recruited was an attempt to save the original X-Men team from the living island of Krakoa. Following the successful mission, Logan (as well as many of the other new X-men) clashed with the original X-Men. In one such instance, Warren Worthington III (aka Angel) noticed Logan flirting with X-Man Jean Grey out in the yard. Feeling that Logan was out of line, a fight between the two X-Men almost ensued but Jean intervened. This was the beginning of a longstanding romantic tension between Logan and Jean Grey, although she remained in a committed relationship with Cyclops until her untimely death. Despite this tension with Logan, Jean and Cyclops were the only two original X-Men to remain with the team immediately after.

    Phoenix Saga

    For full arc summary see: Phoenix Saga

    In a later mission, Wolverine and the other X-Men were taken captive by the newly returned Sentinels, giant robots whose main objective was to capture or kill mutants. The captives were taken into outer space to be imprisoned on a space station but managed to escape and return to earth via stolen space-shuttle. This proved catastrophic when the shuttle began to break up and Jean volunteered to fly the space-jet back to earth, risking exposure to cosmic rays. The shuttle reached Earth safely and crash landed in the Hudson river. Wolverine and the other X-Men managed to get off the sinking space shuttle, but feared for Jean's life. She burst from the water in a fantastic display of telekinetic power, seemingly born anew.

    At the time the X-Men accepted this person as their own Jean Grey, but in reality it was a cosmic entity known as the Phoenix who had taken her place, copying Jean's body, personality, and memories and leaving the real Jean comatose in a cocoon on the bottom of the Hudson river. After the incident, the X-Men and the ersatz Jean performed various missions together, including facing down the mad Emperor D'Ken of the Shi'ar Empire who sought to rule or destroy the entire universe. During this mission the X-Men fought the Shi'ar Imperial Guard on the surface of Earth's moon. In this fight, Logan faced and defeated a member of the Guard named Fang, briefly wearing the guardsman's costume after his own was torn. The X-Men defeated the Shi'ar, deposed D'ken, and put the fallen Emperor's sister, Lilandra, on the throne in his place.

    After the team returned home, Logan's former friend and Alpha Flight teammate the Guardian turned up unannounced and attacked the team in an attempt to bring Logan back to Canada, no matter the cost. He was defeated and sent back to Canada empty handed. The Guardian would try to recapture Logan again, this time with the help of Alpha Flight, but once again Wolverine evaded capture and remained with the X-Men, seemingly unconcerned that he was wanted by the Canadian government. During this time Logan began to develop close personal connections with his teammates that were uncommon for him. He grew especially close with Colossus, Storm, and Nightcrawler.

    Wolverine meeting Mariko Yashida.
    Wolverine meeting Mariko Yashida.

    Logan even seemed to develop a friendly relationship with Xavier whereas before he'd repeatedly rebelled against authority figures, although Logan still annoyed Xavier by insisting on referring to him with nicknames such as "Chuck" and "Charlie" rather than as "Professor Xavier" or even the more casual "Charles." However, his relationship with "Jean" remained at an impasse as she continued to be devoted to Cyclops. Logan and the X-Men faced numerous threats during this time, and on one of these missions they traveled to Japan where Logan met and fell in love with a young Japanese woman named Mariko Yashida, abandoning his pursuit of the unresponsive Jean. After this mission, Logan often returned to Japan to visit Mariko and continue their courtship.

    Some missions later, disaster struck when the being posing as Jean, now openly calling herself the Phoenix, was manipulated by the Hellfire Club, a mutant organization bent on world domination. She was taken hostage and subjected to mental manipulation by Mastermind, transforming her into the Dark Phoenix, an entity with no remorse who fought with the Hellfire Club instead of against them. The X-Men tried to rescue her, but all were captured save Wolverine. Working alone, Logan fought his way through Hellfire Club soldiers, injuring many. Just as he successfully rescued the X-Men, the Dark Phoenix suddenly became extremely unstable. Now out of the control of even the Hellfire Club, she flew out of the Club's building in a rage and traveled to deep space, where she consumed an entire populated planet in her primal hunger.

    After this horrific event, the Phoenix regained her normal "Jean" personality but remained highly unstable. This atrocity convinced the rulers of the Shi'ar Empire that the Phoenix, an entity that had been previously known to them, had to be destroyed, which meant killing Jean. The X-Men refused to surrender their teammate and fought for her life against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard once more on the dark side of Earth's moon. The Guard was winning the battle until the Phoenix fought back with her full might and in a burst of power knocked out almost the entire Guard, nearly killing them. After that, the "Jean" persona took control of the Phoenix and decided she was too far out of control and too dangerous to be left alive. She intentionally walked into the path of an automated laser cannon, allowing herself to be vaporized. The X-Men were devastated by her death, especially Cyclops and Logan, who had not moved past his desire for Jean as much as he'd let on. Cyclops decided to quit the team immediately after, leaving Storm to lead, but Wolverine stayed with the X-Men.

    Further Adventures & Marriage?

    Do not mess with him!
    Do not mess with him!

    After Phoenix had died, hope came back to the X-Men and Wolverine in the form of young Kitty Pryde. An uptown girl with the mutant ability to phase through any solid matter. As time went on, Wolverine became somewhat of a mentor to her, although she first found him to be scary. Cyclops returned during this time, with a new girlfriend named Madelyne Pryor and took leadership of the X-Men once again. Logan and the X-Men soon found themselves in more trouble when space-pirates named the Starjammers (whom they had encountered during their mission against the Shi'ar) asked for their help. The team went into outer space to help, but where captured by the alien race known as the Brood. Some of the X-Men, including Wolverine, where implanted by a Brood egg, which would change it's host into another Brood. Logan managed to break free from captivity and his healing factor prevented the egg from hatching and killed the creature inside him.

    After the X-Men defeated the Brood, they managed to return home once again. Only problem was that they had remained in space for a long time. During this time, Xavier thought the X-Men to be dead. Xavier, (who himself also got infected with a Brood egg by a Brood whio had traveled to earth) assembled a new team of mutants calling them 'the New Mutants'. When the X-Men returned, they found strange people living inside their home, and a fight erupted until they found out that it where the New Mutants and that they where no longer the youngest team of X-Men. The Brood Xavier had however hatched by this time, and though the X-Men and the New Mutants. They did defeat it, but the transformation to Brood and back took its toll on Xavier, he became very sick. Wolverine needed to get away for a while, so he decided to take a trip to the Canadian mountains.

    After taking a vacation in the Canadian mountains Wolverine finds out that all of the letters he had been writing to his girlfriend, Mariko, were being returned. When he calls the embassy in New York that she was staying at he discovers that she was summoned back to Japan weeks ago. Logan then travels to Japan to find out what happened. There he discovers that Mariko has been married on her father's, Shingen Harada's orders. Logan travels to see her immediately after receiving this news. Logan finds her with bruises on her face and realizes that her husband has been beating her. Logan attacks Mariko's husband, but stops when she begs him not to hurt him. Logan then fights Mariko's father to prove that he is worthy of Mariko, but Logan loses due to being poisoned. Afterwards Shingen hires the Hand to kill Logan as well as the mercenary Yukio to kill Logan. Yukio lies to Logan, telling him that the Hand are after her. Logan agrees to help her. With Mariko seemingly being out of his reach Logan begins to develop a relationship with Yukio. When she fails to kill Logan Shingen sends the Hand after them again and Logan discovers that Yukio was Yukio working with Shingen, but she was the one that poisoned him costing him the duel for Mariko. After taking out the Hand Logan returns and fights Shingen once more but this time the fight he ends with Logan killing him with his claws. Mariko then says that her father was corrupt, and she was prepared to kill him herself and then take her own life in ritualistic suicide. Mariko and Logan then reconcile and plan to marry.

    Wolverine had invited all his X-Men friends on the day of the wedding, but just before they wanted to say the 'I do', Mariko walked up to Logan and told him she did not love him. Logan was stunned, and above all, heartbroken. It turned out that this was not Mariko's own decision, but Mastermind's manipulating her, he was an old enemy to the X-Men. Wolverine fell into a deep angry mood. He however found some new excitement when ex-criminal and former enemy Rogue joined the X-men. He had fought her once before in which she nearly killed him, but now she came to the X-Men in search of help to control her powers, and wanting to change her life. Almost nobody believed her, but Wolverine felt less mistrustful towards her and he took Rogue on a trip to Japan. There the two strangely enough soon become friends. She returned as a fully respected X-woman. Around the same time, the spirit of Wolverine's old Martial Arts trainer Ogun had taken an interest in Kitty Pryde. Kitty had gone to Japan in search of her father, but soon found herself mind-controlled by Ogun, who trained and manipulated her from beyond the grave.

    Eventually, Wolverine managed to bring Kitty out of her trance and together they managed to stop Ogun, after which they returned to America. Wolverine and the other X-Men then entered the Secret Wars. Upon their return they where teleported to Japan and opposed a huge green dragon who ravaged the city. A building came down and a woman was mortally wounded. Wolverine rushed to her, hoping to save her, but it was already to late. With her dying breath she asked Logan to look after her daughter Amiko, to which Logan gave her his promise. He became the foster-father to Amiko, and visits her as often as he can, but Logan gave her a home in Japan with his good friend and former lover Yukio. Back in the United States, things went downhill for Charles Xavier. With a body that had to get back to health, Xavier remained very fragile. During a court-session in which former arch enemy Magneto stood trail, Xavier collapsed during a fight and could only be saved if given medical care from the Shi'ar. Xavier left and Magneto became mentor to the New Mutants, and teammate to Wolverine and the X-Men at the same time. Many team-members did not trust Magneto, including Logan. Cyclops even left the team with his wife Madelyne Pryor and his newborn son, started X-Factor and left Storm in charge. However, they soon began trusting Magneto, becoming allies and even friends.

    Mutant Massacre

    For full arc summary see: Mutant Massacre

    Classic Wolverine
    Classic Wolverine

    Wolverine and the X-Men soon met their greatest threat yet, in the form of the mutant-hunting Marauders. Under the tunnels of Manhattan lived the Morlocks, an underground civilization of mutants. Storm had become their leader after she had bested their former leader Callisto. The X-Men were alerted by a giant "mole-like' Morlock who stormed into the yard of Xavier' school. With his dying breath, he told them of a slaughter going on in the tunnels by a group of hunters. The X-Men soon went underground and into the tunnels. What they found was a large number of dead Morlocks. It was not soon before they found the Marauders and fought them, with heavy casualties. Colossus could not change back to his human form, Kitty stayed in her phasing form (becoming much like a ghost) and Nightcrawler was injured as well.

    The X-Men found out that they were not alone in the tunnels, Cyclops' team, X-Factor was also fighting the Marauders with their own dramatic consequences (the former X-Men Angel lost his wings). The X-Men returned to the school with their casualties, but Wolverine went back into the tunnels to fight. There he first encountered the child super-team Power Pack. He was just about to tell them to leave the tunnels when he came eye in eye with Sabretooth. He noticed that Sabretooth had been slaughtering many more Morlocks, and was about to kill an old Morlock man with the gift to heal almost any injury, named the Healer. Logan knew how valuable the Healer could be in treating all the wounded Morlocks and got Sabretooth to let him go by saying "you're fighting old men now, is that the best you can do or wanna try fighting against a real challenge" namely, himself. His plan worked and a brutal fight erupted with Wolverine coming out victorious.

    The Morlocks seemed to be saved from more harm, but not a few days later, Sabretooth re-emerged. He fought against Elizabeth Braddock, known as Psylocke, a new recruit to the X-Men. She managed to hold him off long enough for Wolverine to arrive and finally making an end to the thread, pushing him off a cliff and into the water. For now, the mutants were saved. But the threat was far from over. While Cyclops seemed to have vanished, he left his wife Madelyne Pryor and his son unprotected for the Marauders who were now attacking there. The X-Men luckily were hot on their trail and saved Madelyne from certain death and they managed to defeat the Marauders at the same time. Madelyne then joined the team, she and Wolverine soon became good friends, with Logan calling her "Maddy". The X-Men's next mission was in Dallas, Texas. It ended with the X-Men giving their lives up in order to defeat an incredible thread called the Advisory. All the X-Men (except for the still injured and absent Kitty Pryde and Nightcrawler) seemingly sacrificed their lives. However, nothing was further from the truth. Roma, the omniversal guardian, saved the lives of the X-Men because they still had great things to do. The X-Men however decided to keep a low profile, letting everybody think they had died, even to their own teammates Kitty and Nightcrawler.

    Wolverine in Australia


    Right after Wolverine's mission in Texas, they fought a criminal group of cyborgs called the Reavers out of their base, a deserted Australian desert town, and made it their own headquarters. On top of a mountain near the village was an Aboriginal mutant named Gateway, who teleported the X-Men to where ever they wanted to go. They had various missions, including a second encounter against the Brood and the team uncovered the horrible truth about mutants that were used as slaves on the island nation of Genosha. After this the events of Inferno took place. The leader behind the Marauders, Mister Sinister made himself known. He turned out be to be the creator of Madelyne, who was a clone of Jean Grey. Through mind-control and Madelyne's sincere anger towards Cyclops for leaving her and her baby, she became the evil Goblin Queen.

    Although Logan tried to reason with Madelyne, the battle that followed left Madelyne dead, and the X-Men feeling defeated. Logan however did find out that Jean Grey, who was believed dead for many years, was alive and working with X-Factor from the beginning. Upon completion of a mission, the X-Men teleported to their headquarters but unbeknownst to everybody, a girl named Jubilee followed Wolverine into the portal and remained hidden in their headquarters for some time. Feeling lost and wanting to quit the lives they once led, the X-Men all went through a portal that erased their memories and scattered them around the earth. All except for Wolverine. He was attacked by the returned Reavers group who tried to reclaim their base. Being the only X-Men member left, Logan was defeated, nailed to a cross and left for dead. It was not until then that Jubilee made herself known. She rescued Logan by helping him off the iron X-shaped cross and they fled.



    With Jubilee as his only companion, Logan sets out in search of the other X-Men. He did so with his undercover identity and alias known as "Patch". The first X-(wo)man he found was Psylocke. But not the British Psylocke that Logan knew, for now, she had been transformed into an Asian ninja by the cult known as the Hand. Logan helped her get rid of the Hand's influence, and although she did regain her own consciousness, she remained more aggressive than before and kept her Asian looks.

    They soon found other X-Men such as Dazzler, Colossus, and Storm (who had been reduced to a child and was under the guidance of a mysterious mutant named Gambit). Unfortunately many didn't return, and so the team remained scattered for a rather long period of time. The first real mission with this handful of X-Men led by Wolverine, combined with X-Factor and the New Mutants, was against the Genoshian Government which they then overthrew. However, during this mission known as the X-Tinction Agenda, Logan was reunited with Jean in a holding cell and the two shared an intimate moment.

    Wolverine has his own distinct method for finding the real Xavier.
    Wolverine has his own distinct method for finding the real Xavier.

    The remaining X-Men were shocked when Professor Charles Xavier seemed to have returned to Earth after being away for many years with the Shi'ar. However, it turned out to be an imposter and the real Xavier was being held prisoner by some rogue Shi'ar agents. Wolverine found out about this and shocked teammates and enemies by stabbing the Xavier imposter in the chest. After the rogue Shi'ar had been defeated and the reinstatement of the real Xavier, the team went back home but encountered an evil entity known as the Shadow King. He turned members of the X-Men against each other, resulting in numerous fights; chief among them: a fight between Wolverine and Gambit. The situation escalated, culminating in the Shadow King's defeat and Xavier losing the use of his legs once again. At long last, the long tumultuous journey came to an end with Xavier returning to the X-Men, as well as the X-Factor team of Beast, Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, and Archangel returning to the fold. Although not credited, Wolverine had been the one main reason that the team survived this very difficult time.

    Reformation of the X-Men

    X-Men: Blue Team
    X-Men: Blue Team

    After Logan joined the newly reformed X-Men, things finally seemed to calm down. However, nothing was further from the truth. Old ally and friend, Magneto had gone back to his old ways, and when he brought up nuclear weapons from a submariner he once sunk, claiming to only use them for defensive purposes, the X-Men lost all trust in Magneto's good intentions. Magneto was furious that the X-Men did not understand that they were still his allies. A fight broke out and Magneto was defeated. After his defeat, he told his former teammates that next time, they would meet as enemies. Sometime after these events, Wolverine's past finally came back to haunt him.

    During a day off, Wolverine, Gambit, and Rogue were attacked and captured by an old enemy of Logan's; Omega Red. He had met Omega Red during his mission as a secret agent with Team X (which included Sabretooth, John Wraith, and Maverick). Logan, however, had no recollection of his past, and even when his former teammate Maverick came to help him and the X-Men break free, he still had trouble remembering who he was. This event however triggered Logan into looking into his past. He went back to the Weapon X labs with his X-Men friends. There, Logan started getting flashes of memories, re-living some of his most horrible memories. Logan was fully aware that not all of these memories were real, but he could not yet determine which was true, and which was false. During his visit to the laboratory, he even met a strange operative claiming to be Silver Fox, his former lover. She told him that she had not died when Sabretooth attacked her but joined the Weapon X program years later. Whether this claim was true or not remains to be seen. Logan finally started making some sense out of the wasteland that was his memory and was now happy to let the past rest. However, more trouble arose on the horizon.

    Losing the Adamantium

    Logan with bone claws
    Logan with bone claws

    During an encounter with Magneto on the space station Avalon, Wolverine cut Magneto with his claws. In retaliation, Magneto used the power of the magnetic field in space to tear the adamantium that laced Wolverine's skeleton out of his body. This cause extensive injuries, which shortened out Wolverine's healing factor for a while, and also revealed that Wolverine's claws, which he believed were a result of the Weapon X program, were in fact part of his actual bone structure. During this period, Professor Xavier, Beast, and Heather Hudson were conducting experiments on Wolverine. They discovered that Wolverine's mutation was actually ongoing and that whilst his healing factor and senses accelerated it would eventually cost him his humanity, for it would eventually change him into a feral, wild animal-like creature. It was also discovered that the presence of the adamantium slowed down his mutation as his healing factor was constantly trying to expel it.

    Phalanx Covenant

    For further details: Phalanx Covenant

    Bone Claws
    Bone Claws

    Because of the injuries he received, Wolverine left the X-Men team for a while and was asked by Kitty to make a visit to Muir Island, where he was attacked by Cyber. During the invasion of the Phalanx, Wolverine and Cable were requested by Professor Xavier to find and rescue the captured X-Men team. They joined up with Cyclops and Jean Grey, who had just come back from their honeymoon (and secretly the future) and with their help managed to free the X-Men in Tibet. After freeing the X-Men, Wolverine was kidnapped by Tyler Dayspring, who was going by the name Genesis. Tyler wanted to make Wolverine one of his new Horsemen so he acquired adamantium by destroying the body of the mercenary, Cyber, and tried to recreate the bonding process used on Wolverine years ago. However, this time around Wolverine's body rejected the adamantium and he became feral. Wolverine managed to regain himself, however, and he made his way back to the X-Men.

    Wolverine becomes Death - Horseman of Apocalypse

    Wolverine as Death
    Wolverine as Death

    After re-joining the X-Men team, Wolverine was kidnapped by the mutant Apocalypse and was forced to participate in a fight against Sabretooth for the place as one of Apocalypse's Horsemen, Death. With the knowledge that he may be able to resist the Apocalypse's programming and that with Sabretooth on his side, he would become very dangerous, Wolverine fought and defeated his nemesis. As a result of the fight, Wolverine's skeleton was laced with adamantium again and he fell under Apocalypse's control and became the third incarnation of the Horseman Death. While under the spell of Apocalypse, Wolverine attacked his X-Men teammates and fought ferociously under his Death persona. However, Wolverine eventually regained himself after his teammates helped him regain control of his personality and he broke free of Apocalypse's control.

    Weapon X Program & the Director

    When Logan was framed for the murder of Senator Walsh, Nick Fury could not bring him in due to a conflict of interests. Instead agent Brent Jackson was dispatched to organize the capture. Fury, suspecting Jackson would have Logan killed, hired a bounty hunter named the Shiver Man to capture Logan first. The Shiver Man failed, however, and Jackson managed to trap Logan with the help of a Nick Fury Life Model Decoy. An infuriated Fury decided to send the Shiver Man to monitor Jackson. Jackson was actually working for the renewed Weapon X program under new director Malcolm Colcord. Jackson's job was to retrieve Wolverine and imprison him in The Cage, a high-powered prison. Wolverine would then be handed over to Sabretooth, who was also working for Weapon X. Things however did not work out as they hoped since Wolverine managed to prove his innocence and had agent Jackson's cover blown. Jackson then had to flee SHIELD and started working permanently with the Weapon X program.

    New X-Men & the Weapon Plus Program

    Wolverine in New X-Men.
    Wolverine in New X-Men.

    Wolverine rejoined the X-Men as a faculty member of Professor Xavier's newly reconstituted School for Gifted Youngsters, settling into his role as the tough-but-fair mentor to a younger generation of mutants. This era was punctuated with the intense conflict between the X-Men and a number of new threats, including the U-Men, a group of zealots who graft mutant body parts to themselves, and Cassandra Nova, a being of chaotic psychic energy and Charles Xavier's evil twin sister. The greatest of these conflicts for Wolverine came when he was contacted by Fantomex, also known as Weapon XIII, a later iteration from the same program that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and false memory implants. Unwittingly aided in his earlier escape by Professor Xavier and Jean Grey, Fantomex had tracked the Weapon Plus program back to the place where he was created; a domed habitat known as The World. The World was an experimental structure where the program operators could control the flow of time, allowing them to create a new breed of superhumans in the blink of an eye by introducing evolutionary factors into the environment and speeding up time within to reap the results. Seeking answers about their respective pasts, Wolverine and Fantomex set out for The World with Cyclops in tow.

    As they came across the structure, it was in the midst of a siege from without by AIM, and from within by Ultimaton (Weapon XV), the latest product of the Weapon Plus super sentinel program. The trio found themselves at odds with both the AIM remnants and the bizarre machinations of the World itself. Following Ultimaton as he broke free from the World and headed into space, the team discovered the base of operations for the Weapon Plus program: an orbital station. It was here that Wolverine discovered how and why he was turned into a guinea pig all those years ago, as well as the lineage of the program going all the way back to the Super Soldier project that created Captain America. Faced with the truth of what he is, Wolverine set the station to blow up, taking the tragic legacy of the Weapon Plus project with it.

    The Death of Jean Grey
    The Death of Jean Grey

    As the orbital station exploded, Jean Grey attempted to rescue Wolverine in a shuttle. Unfortunately for them, it was a trap sprung by the mutant known as Xorn, who was really Magneto in disguise. He had lured them to the Weapon Plus satellite, which turned out to be built using remnants of Asteroid M. With Wolverine and Jean trapped on board, Magneto flung the deteriorating station on a collision course with the sun. Wolverine was able to withstand the heat due to his healing factor, but Jean could not withstand the pain and asked Wolverine to kill her. In order to stop his love's pain, Wolverine killed Jean with his claws. Jean's death unlocked the power of the Phoenix Force, which created an oxygen bubble around Wolverine, which helped him heal.

    Wolverine and Jean returned to Earth and confronted Xorn, alongside the other members of the X-Men. However, when Jean confronted Xorn, he injected her with a lethal electromagnetic pulse and she died in Cyclops' arms. Wolverine mourned Jean's loss greatly and was displeased about Cyclops' new relationship with Emma Frost but still remained within the team, serving in many missions and even indulging in the occasional solo missions.

    Solo Adventures

    Wolverine is later sought out by a man who goes by the name of Mister X, who wishes to challenge Logan for the title of "Best there is." After sending his underlings, A and T, to capture Logan, he battles him. During the battle, Wolverine notices that Mister X seems to know every move that he was going to make before he makes it. Logan is defeated and held captive but managed to escape later. He is to fight Mister X again, but he escapes. Logan later travels to Madripoor and enter a fighting tournament where he fights and finally defeats Mister X, while also getting his marriage to Viper annulled.

    Logan later has Nightmares about murdering people. He then discovers that these dreams are actually memories that happened. With aid from the Beast, Logan hunts the trail to discover that a man known as The Director was behind it, discovering that he was brainwashed again. Wolverine manages to break free of the hold on him, and shuts down Weapon X, battling Sabretooth in the process. However, The Director escapes.

    Agent of Hydra & Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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    Wolverine is ambushed and attacked by the triumvirate comprising: the ninja group the Hand, the criminal organization Hydra, and a mutant cult called "Dawn of the White Light" (then led by Gorgon). He is then killed, resurrected by the Hand, and reprogrammed by Hydra, where he is transformed into a killing machine and fitted with several upgrades. Wolverine battles many heroes including Hornet and Northstar, whom he had killed. Wolverine is eventually stopped when the government organization SHIELD deprograms him. Wolverine is able to regain control of himself yet again.

    House of M

    For full arc summary see: House of M

    Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai
    Wolverine vs. Silver Samurai

    As a result of House of M, all of Wolverine's memories are restored and he is able to distinguish what memories were implanted by Weapon X and what was real. As a result of the sudden return of Wolverine's memories, panic risen between the major powers and government across the world due to their involvement in Wolverine's past. The United States and Canada purge all of the records showing that Wolverine was

    involved in their work in case he had a plan of revenge upon them. Their fears are proven when Wolverine visits Japan in search of knowledge of the mysterious sword called the Muramasa Blade. While in Japan, Wolverine seeks out the Silver Samurai, who is the bodyguard of Japan's prime minister. After they battle each other and Wolverine beats Silver Samurai by cutting off his hand, he explains that Wolverine did not escape the Weapon X program by himself as Bucky, Captain America's partner known as the Winter Soldier, helped him break free. Wolverine travels to Serbia to find and confront Bucky, where he comes across the site of the original Weapon X program. While there, he clashes with Captain America regarding his search for Bucky.

    After defeating Captain America, Wolverine locates Bucky and it is revealed that Bucky murdered Wolverine's unknown pregnant wife, Itsu. Wolverine then recalls the time he had with Itsu. After Wolverine completed his training with Ogun, Wolverine was sent to another village, where another samurai master known as Bando Saburo taught young warriors how to regain their humanity. While there, he met and fell in love with Itsu and they were soon married and even conceived a child together. Suburo's village was surrounded by mountains that belonged to the demon sword-smith named Muramasa. When Bucky murdered Itsu, Wolverine believed that the people of the village were responsible for her death. To get revenge against the people, Wolverine joined forces with Muramasa who then made the Muramasa Blade, the only weapon capable of killing Wolverine.

    After remembering what transpired, Wolverine returns to Muramasa's mountains to find and reclaim the Muramasa Blade to excite vengeance on those who were responsible for manipulating him nearly his whole life. While Wolverine is searching for those responsible for the horrors in his past, he encounters Nuke, who has been sent to stop Wolverine. Wolverine feels guilty for taking down Nuke as her remembers that he is partially responsible for Nuke's creation as he was part of the reason he was created in the first place. He battles Nuke in the jungles of South Vietnam with the aid of Captain America and Cyclops, Emma Frost and Hellion of the X-Men. After defeating Nuke, Emma reveals to Wolverine that she had visions of Wolverine's previously unrevealed son, Daken. Wolverine explains that Daken is under the control of the same men that controlled Wolverine previously. He gives Cyclops the Muramasa Blade and tells him to kill him if he should come under the control of another again. Wolverine sets out in search of his son in hopes of rescuing him from the clutches of the men who once controlled him.

    Joining the New Avengers

    After "Disassembled", the New Avengers are born.

    Wolverine is on a mission in the Savage Land and this is where he meets, rather violently, the New Avengers who have recently reformed. Iron Man requests that Wolverine be given a membership within the team because he is "willing to cross the line to get the job done". After the events of Avengers Disassembled, Iron Man realizes that the team needs someone who is prepared to kill, should anything like what had happened with the Scarlet Witch ever occur again. Wolverine agrees to work within the team and serves alongside Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man and Luke Cage.

    Civil War & the Skrull Invasion

    For full arc summary see: Civil War

    However, just as Wolverine was about to look for Daken, Nitro murders over 600 residents in Stamford, which triggers the Civil War between all superheroes. Wolverine goes on a mission to bring Nitro to justice and goes against Namor and a group of his double agents. After the events of the Civil War, Wolverine remains with the New Avengers, who remained underground after the surrender of Captain America. They are given two objectives, one to rescue people the way the want to and to find out why the world is in a state of chaos recently. After successfully rescuing Echo from Elektra and the Hand, the team find out that Elektra has been replaced by a Skrull some time previously. Wolverine is one of the first to suspect that his team mates are secretly Skrulls until he is proven wrong when Doctor Strange casts a spell revealing that no one in the team is a Skrull. In between missions with the X-Men and Avengers, Wolverine battles with the Hulk with the aid of the X-Men when the Green Goliath tries to kill Xavier.

    Wolverine Origins

    Wolverine and Daken
    Wolverine and Daken

    Wolverine continues his search for his son, Daken and searches for the carbonadium synthesizer, which is capable of disabling Daken's healing factor, should Wolverine need to defeat him. While in search of the synthesizer, Wolverine comes across Omega Red, who is also searching for it. He attacks Wolverine, but is easily defeated. After retrieving the synthesizer from Omega Red, Wolverine travels to Berlin, where he finally encounters his son. However, Daken is under control as Wolverine predicted and he attacks his father. While fighting Daken, Wolverine also comes across his old foe, Cyber who joins in the battle and manages to break Wolverine's bone claws. After the battle is over, Daken manages to escape, but is later punished by his masters for going after Wolverine without their permission. After Daken escapes, Wolverine tracks down Bucky Barnes and gives him three carbonadium bullets to use in the future, should he come across Daken.

    Wolverine takes a break from his mission in finding Daken and visits Captain America's memorial site, where he recalls his history with the super-soldier. After paying his respects to his old friend, Wolverine begins to experience strange dreams about two battling feral armies, which he referred to as Lupines. While in Madripoor, Logan learned from Gambit that Sabretooth was at Xavier's school. Logan returned to confront Sabretooth, and in the ensuing battle, chained him to a jet. Sabretooth survived and ended up in Wakanda, only to be controlled by Romulus. Wolverine interrogates Sabretooth about a being from Logan's dreams called Romulus, but Sabretooth refused to give him any information. The Black Panther tells Logan of a theory that many animal-like mutants may have evolved from canine roots and not primates. He also told of a graveyard of these canine-descended beings Eventually, Sabretooth broke free and butchered Feral. Logan returned to the Xavier school to seek the Muramasa Blade from Cyclops, retrieved it. Logan then tracked Sabretooth to the cabin that Logan had shared with Silver Fox. Sabretooth felt himself losing control and returning a wild state. After he was defeated, Sabretooth requested for Logan to end his life. His request was granted.

    Messiah CompleX

    For full arc summary see: Messiah Complex

    Again in the company of the X-Men, Logan went on a mission to find a baby mutant that was thought to be held at Mister Sinister's base by Mister Sinister and the Marauders. Cable was discovered to be the one that had the baby after Logan stabbed Gambit through the stomach and interrogated him. Logan was ordered by Scott Summers to gather his fellow X-Force members X-23, Wolfsbane, Warpath, Hepzibah, and Caliban and recover the child from Cable at any cost. They tracked Cable down and Logan attempted to apprehend him. As Logan, Caliban, and Warpath raced after Cable, a bullet heading directly for Warpath was stopped by Caliban, who sacrificed his body to do so. In the meantime, Cable stole the Blackbird jet and escaped. Logan then led the X-Force in battle against the Marauders. Logan was swallowed by Predator X in this battle, and sliced his way out from the inside.


    Wolverine became team-leader of the new X-Force team
    Wolverine became team-leader of the new X-Force team

    Scott Summers made the decision to reassemble X-Force with the intent of permanently eliminating the threat posed by key enemies, even after the events of the Messiah Complex. Their first mission was against Matthew Risman and the Purifiers. It was then discovered that Vanisher made an attempt to steal a sample of the legacy virus. X-Force was relieved to find that he had been unable to make off with the sample. While at Sinister's lab, Vanisher had come under attack by a pack of Marauder clones and dropped the sample.

    He lead his first X-Force team until Second Coming, when the other X-Men found out the existence of the group. After that, he assembled a new secret X-Force group.

    Schism - Wolverine and the X-Men

    For full summary see: Wolverine and the X-Men

    Through the events of Schism, the X-Men have split apart. There were two teams resulting from the split. Wolverine is leading one of these two teams and builds the Jean Grey Institute for higher learning, while Cyclops remained in Utopia with another team of X-Men. Logan is the official headmaster of the school and takes his role very seriously. When the school was attacked for the first time, Logan did not want his students to fight.

    Wolverine returned to the Xavier estate to start his own school.
    Wolverine returned to the Xavier estate to start his own school.

    Wolverine's new school is located on Krakoa, which is an actual living island. The school itself is formed from Shi'ar technology and even has some parts of it that are floating in mid-air. In the beginning of this series, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde are attempting to get everything as ready as possible for an inspection that will determine whether or not the school can remain open. Professor Xavier makes his first appearance after Schism and tells Logan that even though he never would have imagined that he would open his own school for mutants, he could not think of anyone else better suited for the job and gives him his blessing. The master architect of Wolverine's new school is none other than Beast himself. The major staff of the school includes Wolverine, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Grey, Iceman, Beast, Gambit, Rogue, Chamber and Husk. The main goals of Wolverine's new school is to keep the children away from the fighting at all costs and not turn them into living weapons.

    But unfortunately a number of things occur that gets the children directly involved in a number of problems. Apparently, the new Hellfire Club was fully aware of the fact that Wolverine had built his school on top of Krakoa. The new leader of the Hellfire club told Wolverine that he was the cause of the Sentinel attacking Utopia and driving the final wedge between his relationship with Cyclops. He also tells Wolverine that he will make it his personal mission to destroy the school. At that very moment, Krakoa begins to attack the students and destroys a major part of the school. Fortunately, Wolverine and his team were able to put an end to it after a great showing from Iceman. He created ice clones of himself in order to combat the monstrous living landscape. Reconstruction of the school begins soon after, as Wolverine and his staff are able to come to an agreement with it.

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    For full arc summary see: Avengers vs X-Men

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    With the Phoenix Force on its way to Earth, Cap asks Wolverine for assistance. He joins the battle on Utopia after Cap demanded Cyclops turn over Hope and he gets shot at by Cyclops. Wolverine and Spider-Man go off on their own as Wolverine is hell bent on killing Hope but gets burnt by her Phoenix flames. Later on when on the jet with Captain America, Captain America questions Wolverine disobeying orders and attacks him. Wolverine and Cap fight which ends in Wolverine getting blinded side by Giant-Man and kicked out of the jet into a frozen tundra. Wolverine catches up with Hope and is about to kill her but she asks for his help to get to the moon which Wolverine accepts. They reach the moon and are in crossfire of the Avengers vs X-Men fight as Phoenix Force is broken and the shards sent into five X-Men. Wolverine and the Avengers try their best to stop the Phoenix Five. They attempt various fights and lose the majority. When Cyclops becomes the Dark Phoenix and final avatar, Professor Xavier dies in the midst of battle. Cyclops is eventually defeated thanks to Scarlet Witch and Hope along with the mutants being repopulated and re-powered. Wolverine delivers Xavier's eulogy. In prison he attempts to try and kill Cyclops, but Scott seeks that as his mission is done. Wolverine decides not to and eventually tells Scott he was a role model for him.

    Back in School

    A lot of weird incidents happened during this time at the Institute.
    A lot of weird incidents happened during this time at the Institute.

    Wolverine also decides to employ the services of Matt Murdock in order to sue the Hellfire Club for $879 million dollars worth of damages that they inflicted on the school during the attack. As things begin to go back to normal, the school receives another instructor: Deathlok. He foresees that Apocalypse (the child version who is currently attending Wolverine's school for gifted youngsters) is going to be the cause of his own death as well as the death of many others. He tells Wolverine that his capacity for good is immeasurable and that he will either be their greatest savior or he will be their undoing.

    Meanwhile, Wolverine and the school go through various occurrences from the school having Kitty Pryde infested by brood to the current Hellfire club still wishing them harm. Wolverine's school has also gathered new mutants since the population had been restored. Recently, Storm has joined Wolverine's side and become a new teacher. Also, Wolverine and the teachers were brainwashed by a traveling circus that houses Frankenstein and will attack the students. Eventually, the teachers regain control of themselves and Wolverine is able to easily defeat Frankenstein. Everything returns to "normal" when the circus leaves.

    Wolverine decides to teach a survival lesson to the kids and dumps them in the Savage Land, while he watches over them from above. In the meantime, Wolverine contemplates his decisions and the quality of his job as headmaster, when he's attacked by his half-brother, Dog.

    All-New X-Men

    For full summary see: All-New X-Men

    One headache after another.
    One headache after another.

    When Hank brings in the O5 (the original five X-Men) to the future from the past to prevent Cyclops' revolution, Wolverine smells them and attacks past-Scott. The young mutants put him down quickly in self-defense. He eventually awakens and finds the time-displaced mutants with the rest of the staff in Beast's lab. He tells the mutants he will send them back, but Jean puts him back to sleep. The young X-Men then take the blackbird and escape the school while Wolverine, Storm, and Kitty run out of the school and see them take off, with Wolverine mentioning that it really is her in reference to the original Jean.

    The original X-Men return after their encounter with the modern-day Cyclops and his team. Beast's continuing mutation takes a drastic toll on him and Wolverine and the others leave the room. After some time, Hank finally comes out just fine and in a completely new form. Young Cyclops takes off into town and Wolverine tracks him. Cyclops blasts Wolverine across the city and manages to escape. Wolverine eventually finds him again and brings him back to the institute. After encountering the real Cyclops, the school loses the original Angel and Stepford Cuckoos. Wolverine, Kitty, and the remaining mutants of the original team end up tracking Mystique and halting her plans of buying Madripoor.

    Savage Wolverine

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    Wolverine mysteriously wakes up in the Savage Land and is immediately attacked by a small dinosaur which he kills quickly. As he traverses the jungle, he stumbles upon a group of savages carrying an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Wolverine attacks them and manages to kill them quickly as well. The agent tells Wolverine all he can like his name and where their fort is. Logan stumbles upon it and is attacked by Shanna the She-Devil when she didn't know it was him. She explains she was on expedition with S.H.I.E.L.D. to map the Savage Land and that there is an ancient machine that is producing a dampening field around the island. Logan and Shanna fight off the threats of the Savage Land, like the super strong natives and various creatures that live there. TAs they continue their journey, they continue battling the natives and Shanna even dies but is soon revived to prevent Wolverine from blowing up the dampening field which would end up releasing an ancient alien creature. The Hulk and Amadeus Cho appear and due to a fight from the Hulk and a Great Ape, the prison is broken and the alien creature is freed and flies off.

    Wolverine is currently on a mission with Elektra, who has been hired by the Kingpin to find the body of Bullseye. Wolverine and Elektra infiltrate the Hand hideout and begin decimating the ninja forces. After they brutally slaughter them, Elektra heads on by herself while Wolverine combats the behemoth known as Shikaru the Mute, only to end up losing to him in the end.

    Loss of Healing Factor

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    As Logan goes to grab a cup of coffee, he encounters a an intelligent, sentient virus from the Microverse. This virus is trying to take control of the world to ensure it's survival. They possess some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in order to take a hellecarrier in order to do so. Wolverine infiltrates the hellecarrier to stop them. Once the virus realizes Logan will succeed they possess him and shut down his healing factor. Despite this Logan stops them but he is left without his healing factor for good. Now Kill-able Logan has to face hi mortality, and isn't taking it easily. He then goes to back to Canada to face Sabretooth and his faction of Hand ninjas along with other enemies of his including Mystique and the new Silver Samurai. trapped in a mall with Kitty Pryde and civilians, Logan encounters Creed and suffers a crushing defeat. Wolverine still learning to deal with life without his healing leaves the X-men and Avengers to go undercover, leading his former allies to believe he has gone rogue. Wolverine is undercover working for a man called Offer who is looking to find an ancient artifact that can alter reality to make Sabretooth an offer he cannot refuse. Sabretooth is also on the hunt for this artifact to change the world to his liking, a primitive society where it is survival of the fittest. Logan cover is blown when he needs to be healed after suffering another loss at the hands of Creed. While the rest the team that was working under Offer is captured, Logan sets out to rescue them and stop Sabretooth. Wolverine succeeds and gets redemption by defeating his nemesis.

    Death of Wolverine

    Wolverine's Death
    Wolverine's Death

    Wolverine still without his healing factor consults Reed Richards to find a way to restore it. Reed responds saying he needs more time. Even with this news Logan goes to Canada to invite all mercenaries and assassins, who have taken the job to bring him in, to fight him there. Nuke and his team go to capture Wolverine only for his team to get killed and himself severely beat. Wolverine agrees to let Nuke live if he warns anyone else they will die if they come after him or anyone he cares for and the name of the person with the bounty on his head. Nuke reveals it was Viper who called the bounty, so Logan goes to Madripoor to see her himself. Upon arriving he finds that Sabretooth is there as Viper's lap dog and they begin to fight. Viper reveals she is not the one who wants Logan but that she was hired to capture him. Viper escapes an Logan is rescued by Lady Deathstrike right before Creed finishes him off. Lady Deathstrike reveals that Logan isn't the only one being hunted, and that it is members of the Weapon X program who have healing factors. She offers Wolverine to team up, but once she realizes Logan isn't healing she changes her mind and decided to capture Logan herself and bargain for her own life. Just before the fight can happen Logan is saved by Kitty Pryde. Upon reaching Japan, Wolverine discovers Kitty is possessed by their former master Ogun. After a brief fight, Kitty fights to regain control of her body and Ogun escapes to take control of an innocent bystander. Logan corners his adversary who threatens to kill his current host if Wolverine does not take the information he has and leave him alone. Logan agrees and Ogun reveals Dr. Abraham Cornelius is the man behind all this. Wolverine pays the former Weapon X scientist a visit and finds that Dr. Cornelius is experimenting with humans, trying to recreate Weapon X's success. The Dr. needed Wolverine to try and unlock the secrets of his healing factor, but upon hearing Logan no longer has it , he begins the adamantium bonding to his patients which will kill them, and proceeds to escape. Logan is left with a choice, capture Cornelius or save the test subjects. Wolverine slashes at the container holding the melted adamantium and it pours and hardens on his body, leaving him completely encased in adamantium.


    Logan Returns
    Logan Returns

    The teenage, time-displaced Jean Grey eventually heads to Canada to visit Logan's grave. There, she finds his adamantium cocoon split open, indicating he has somehow returned to life.

    Meanwhile, a group of Frost Giants sent by Loki attack a S.H.I.E.L.D. facility in order to find a mysterious item. They are met and defeated by Sam Wilson, Ironheart and Thor, but one of them manages to escape with the case containing the artifact. Outside, he is hit by a truck, and the driver is revealed to be Logan. After the Frost Giant threatens him, Logan easily kills him with his claws. He then opens the case to reveal the item Loki was after is the Space Stone

    Wolverine was encountered by half-Ultron, half alien like creatures and he killed them. He was then confronted by Loki, who tried to get the stone from him but Wolverine stabbed him and left, telling Loki he'll find the other gems. He decides to leave the gem at a drop location in Madripoor, hoping Black Widow would find it and take care of it.

    Return of Wolverine

    Wolverine returns to life but can't remember much of anything. He meets a scientist of a faction called Soitera, where the scientists asks to be killed and freed of them. He is killed by grenade that rolls in the room, and this triggers a memory for Logan. He hears and gunfire and hops into the fray, and is soon rendered unconscious. He meets a nurse named Ana, who asks him to help her save her Sun. She tells him about Soitera and their leader Persephone. They head to an island of Soitera. On the boat they were on, Wolverine fights Omega Red and Daken, who were taken over by Persephone. Wolverine defeats Daken by using his new hot claws and lighting up a gas line ejecting oil to catch Daken ablaze, where he falls into the ocean. When they get to the island, they are soon visited by a team of X-Men, who attempt to capture Logan and bring him home. He unlocks memories of them to fight and starts to battle them.

    He wakes up in a hospital, where it was said the X-Men fled, and because Wolverine was still in a rage, he slaughtered a third of the city's populace. It is soon revealed that Ana is a puppet of Persephone and her brother, Zeregus, takes Logan to her space station, where she, in the form of a hologram, tells him of her plan to replace many people of the world as zombies so she could shape the world to her will. Logan denies her plan by attacking the space station, and by unlocking the rest of his memories, defeats Zeregus and destroys the space station. It crash lands back on earth. He soon returns home back to the X-Men.

    This Is Forever

    Wolverine returns to help the newly resurrected Cyclops to fight various factions coming to attack him. He helps Scott recover whatever remaining X-Men they could find and form a new team. They come up with a list of X-Men's enemies to confront and defeat. Rahne eventually leaves the team and is murdered by a group of men when they tried to force themselves on her until they beat to death when they found she was a mutant. He brings the returned Kwannon on a mission to find out who did it, and Wolverine sets out to kill them, but is jumped by soldiers. He returns home but only to leave after getting into a fight Cyclops over not attending Rahne's funeral. He takes Kwannon again and confronts Emma Frost and her Hellfire Club. He battles them, but is eventually taken out after being set on fire mid-lunge on Emma, and is captured by the military. Wolverine eventually heals and runs rampant amongst Callahan's forces, slaughtering many of them. He finds Velocidad, now aged to an old man and possessed by a Phalanx, Wolverine kills him out of mercy. He regroups with his team shortly after they came to rescue Emma. Wolverine and team of X-Men finish off the remaining sentinels and Logan is the one to kill Callahan by slicing him in two, just as the rest of the X-Men that were warped out of reality by Nate appear back in the normal world.

    House of X

    Months later, Wolverine now lives on the sovereign living island of Krakoa, led by Charles Xavier, where he lives with the rest of the worlds mutants. Logan is sent on a strike team to stop a mutant hating organization called ORCHIS, where they plan to unleash a Mother Mold. Wolverine ends up being the last surviving member of the strike team before he rides the station into the Sun, thus killing him. He is later reborn on Krakoa through a resurrection process used a group of mutants called The Five.

    Dawn of X

    On Krakoa, a group of modified assassins using Domino’s genetic code to gain access to the island infiltrate the island and kill Charles Xavier before Logan kills them. Wolverine is sent out to find more information on who killed Xavier. He is led to a facility outside of Seoul for a group creating anti-mutant soldiers. Some of the bodies wake up and attack Wolverine and Kid Omega. They defeat the creatures and find Domino. A larger creature breaks out of the facility after rescuing Domino, where it is also defeated. upon returning to Krakoa, a newly resurrected Xavier is holding a meeting to claim the reformation of a new X-Force. Wolverine and the new X-Force strike team consisting of Domino and Kid Omega head off after getting an alert of a new heist being pulled. The enemy shuts the gate as Quire and Wolverine are through, decapitating Omega and cutting Wolverine in half from the waist down. Logan still surviving attacks the soldiers before rendered incapacitated again before Forge and Domino come to save him. Forge using a krakoan suit or armor shoves his legs back to his torso for him to heal and fight again. After the fight, he shares a drink with Domino on the shore of the beach.

    Wolverine, Domino, and Kid Omega have been deployed to investigate the nation of Terra Verde, as they had come to be able to nearly recreate the abilities of Krakoa via telefloronic technology. They are attacked upon entering the ruins and Wolverine is taken to an altar and about to be sacrificed but the team is saved by Jean Grey, Black Tom and Sage. After the mission and return home, Wolverine is seen relaxing is one of Krakoa’s hot springs with Jean Grey, where the two end up sharing a kiss. With Colossus being apprehended to undergo a psychic interrogation for having any possible knowledge on what the Russians are planning, Wolverine scares off the spectators Beast gathered before punching him about his treatment against Piotr. Logan brings in Jean to do the mental scan on Colossus. With Omega Red also apprehended, Logan wishes to kill him due to his enthrallment by Dracula, however, Beast persuades to use Omega Red as a double agent.

    With a parasitic like off-shoot of Krakoa infesting the waters causing zombified creatures to attack, Wolverine, Forge and Quire head to the depths of the ocean. They encounter more zombified humans and creatures that have been taken over by this parasite and under water Logan brushes up against a leviathan of a god. They soon are surrounded by more and more creatures only for them to be saved by Namor. He tells them to return to Krakoa, but if they continue to return to the water, he will bring down the entire island himself.


    Wolverine wakes up with no memory of what happened but only finds the dead bodies of some of his fellow teammates, having slaughtered them. He is picked up by Agent Jeff Bannister and returned to Krakoa. He joins up with the agent to help stop the spread of a drug called “pollen” which is made of Krakoan flowers. The two venture off at sea where Wolverine is possessed once again by a psionic entity known as the Pale Girl, as he stabs Jeff in the back before commandeering the boat.

    It’s revealed the Wolverine that stabbed Jeff was Kid Omega in a mental disguise. Wolverine prepares a plan the day prior to stop the Pale Girl by stealing Magneto’s helmet and bringing back up against the Pale Girl and the Russians. The mission is successful and Wolverine stops at Jeff’s house with Krakoan medicine to help his daughter get over her illness. Amidst talks for food, Logan is called home but not without leaving a portal gate at Jeff’s house.

    There Will Be Blood

    Wolverine is requested to meet with Xavier and Magneto about running a secret mission against the Russians, and they ask to him to openly communicate with them, but he leaves. He heads through a secret gate he planted to go far North to a small bar called the Red Tavern in the middle of the snowy wilderness. He gets into a fight with a man in there but is unknowingly drugged before being fully tranquilized. The group in there planned on capturing Logan, stating themselves as a mutant trauma group, all having suffered from Logan in some capacity. They drag him to a frozen lake and cut a hole into it, sending Logan in the icy waters below to freeze. As Logan falls in, Omega Red reveals himself, killing the group and slithering his tentacles into the water to grab Logan while an army of vampires descends from the sky.

    In a small shack Wolverine is frozen in ice as Dracula and a few of his followers drain him of some of his blood as his blood can make them daywalkers, albeit temporarily. A group of younger vampires enter the shack and steal Logan while he is in his icy prison. As they are driving their snowmobiles through the woods, Wolverine breaks free and attempts to kill them. They reveal they were trying to rescue him as they don't like Dracula themselves. Wolverine and the young vampire trio trail and hunt down a couple of Dracula's lieutenants and he kills them. While walking through the woods, Wolverine is picked up by the Bifrost.

    Continuing to battle the vampires, Wolverine hunts and kills them. With Sage and Beast, they watch Omega Red leaving the island and teleporting to Chernobyl. Wolverine travels to Paris to meet up with Louise from the Nightguard. She explains to him that Father Cole, their leader, betrayed them. She reveals she‘s been turning to into a vampire. They are attacked by Father Cole, but Wolverine fends him off, impaling him. Meeting with Omega Red again, Arkady reveals that Dracula wants Wolverine, as his healing factor will allow the vampires to become Daywalkers. With Beast’s and Dr. Boggs’ help, they use a clone Wolverine with his blood filled with a plankton that creates its own bioluminescence that acts as a bomb to the vampires. Wolverine and Omega Red infiltrate Dracula’s ranks with the clone Wolverine battle more of the vampires. Dracula kills Dr. Boggs but manages to escape. Later, Wolverine joins Louise to Sevalith, the otherworldly dimension of the vampires, to meet with their leader to form an alliance against Dracula.

    X of Swords

    With a cross-dimensional fight on the horizon between the the Otherworld’s Arrako and Krakoa, Wolverine is selected as one of ten champions to fight. Requiring a sword, specifically the Muramasa blade, Logan travels to Japan to find Muramasa the swordsmith. He travels to an area that is between Earth and Hell and locates Muramasa and must now save him, while finding our he works for the Hand to save his village. Logan lands in the fiery lava of the hell hole while fighting the hand. His skeleton is placed in a cell with the warrior of Arrako named Solem, also looking for Muramasa. When he heals he tries to attack him, only to find out his skin is adamantium enforced. Wolverine and Solem interrupt a wedding of the Hand where Muramasa gives them two Muramasa blades and the couple kills him. Solem attacks and takes one blade only to find it can cut adamantium. Wolverine attacks the Beast with Solem taking both swords and offers one to Logan for a price. Logan leaves Hell and returns to Krakoa, wondering if the price he paid was worth it.

    Wolverine is tasked with battling Summoner of Arakko in a battle to the death. They fight through the reality altering dimension of the Blightspoke, being torn to pieces yet coming back together. Wolverine ends up winning by killing Summoner, but loses the point as it was a battle to who would die first. After the fight, Wolverine joins Storm for a drink in Saturnyne’s bar. Logan is teleported to a battle between Solem and the Horseman War, as Solem cashes in his deal with Logan, but not before telling War he killed her son, Summoner. The drink messes with Wolverine‘s healing factor and he is drunk. Wolverine ends up defeating her by slicing off her hand in a battle to slice off an appendage. But as Logan was in place of Solem, Arakko got the point yet again. Wolverine was present for the final battle between Arakko and Krakoa.

    The Ties That Bind

    Wolverine walks through the gate he planted at Jeff Bannister's house to talk about CIA business, but they regale in old war stories and have a beer. Wolverine returns back to Krakoa where, Gabbie and Daken draw out Omega Red and attack him for information about Agent North, but soon he is over powered by Arkady, with Omega Red telling him to not make an enemy of friends before letting him go. Wolverine is called to the Pointe by Sage and Beast where they discuss an attack that happened at a government black site in Utah, it regards Team X. They find out from a blood profile that the merc was a mutant, and with Logan being on Krakoa along with Creed, they deduce the agent to be Maverick. Logan is sent to Dazzler's home in San Diego where the mercenaries show up, he attacks them, but recognizes one of the agents. He captures him and interrogates the merc where he reveals they've been doing jobs for a placed Legacy House that specialize in super hero and villains. Before much more is revealed the merc is killed from an unknown assailant from the shadows. Beast and Sage dress Logan up and send him to Madripoor to attend the Legacy House auction, with the funds necessary to blend in. Logan in doing so once again dons the identity of Patch.

    Wolverine enters the auction and discovers a severed hand of his. In his disgruntlement, he shatters the glass of his drink, catching the attention of a viewer. She uses a facial recognition of his nose and jaw to figure out he’s Wolverine. When a mind wiped Maverick is brought out out, Logan starts bidding on him. His cover is soon blown and one of the auctioneers uses magnetic gloves to restrain Logan, but Logan calls to Maverick, breaking the mind control he is under to save him, albeit having no memory. Wolverine and Maverick fight off the hired guns at the auction and escape from Madripoor with the help of the Mercs. Maverick gets more of his memory back and asks Logan for help with one more job. They infiltrate a base in Houston and find files on various different superhero factions and events, and one marked Team X, where Logan burns it.

    Fox Hunt

    Wolverine is sent to Madripoor as Christian Frost was found burned and unconscious with the logic diamonds missing. Wolverine hunts down information to who did this as it takes him to Sevyr Blackmore, Arakii pirate lord with acidic blood. Wolverine meets with him and he believes it was Solem. Wolverine attempts to fight Sevyr, but he made magnetic floors to prevent Logan from moving. He commands Logan find and bring him Solem, to which Logan initially refuses, until Solem shows he has one of the Muramasa Blades in his possession as Solem ditched the blade. In return for Solem, Blackmore offers Logan the blade.

    The Beast Agenda

    Wolverine is seen spending time with Jeff Bannister and his daughter before being called in by Beast. Beast has him and Deadpool run a scenario where they attack a group of pirates before they have done anything and using biological warfware weaponry. Wolverine disagreeing with Hank’s stance on preemptive strikes before a target has done anything to warrant it, he leaves. Wolverine and Jeff are given a lead to the Smithsonian Castle in DC about potential black market dealings. They are captured and Logan held at the auction. Beast pays to be the man to kill Wolverine where he decapitates Logan.

    Upon his revival, Beast interrupts the memory restoration process and puts a control collar on Logan, regulating to very simplistic thought. Logan is seen being kept in a cave by Beast where he feeds him dead animals, and unleashes him as his personal weapon when seeing fit.

    Beast takes Wolverine to assassinate General Norad, an official seeking to potentially threaten Krakoa for its revival technology. Hank tells Logan to wait for him to disarm the security but the primitive minded mutant kills the guards and the general. With the security footage making it’s way across the world, Beast shocks Logan and leaves him back in the cave. Krakoa itself gives Wolverine a glimpse at what Beast is doing, and a chance to leave and he escapes, running through the island. Logan comes across a young mutant in distress and saves her but terrifies the children. He cuts himself, wishing the bad thoughts would go away, but Krakoa takes him down into the pit.

    The Pit strangles Logan in its vines yet awakens his repressed memories and faculties. As he fights the vines and roots it transforms into a Krakoan imprint of Sabretooth. Logan manages to defeat it by placing the shock collar Beast put on him, before making his way to the surface. He is found by Sage and Jeff’s daughter, who tells him that the Blue Man took her father.

    Maddie is stung by a Krakoan biotech wasp and Maddie is barely kept alive. Wolverine and Sage track down Bannister who reveals he is a double agent of The X-Desk and X-Force, but is shot from afar by Beast. Wolverine chases after Beast and kills him. A fungus bursts from Hank’s skull and reanimates his body. Wolverine severs his limbs and decapitates him. After returning to Krakoa and the healing gardens, he visits the Five and requests the backup revival files of Beast with that data having been deleted. He drags the body of the destroyed Beast to the Quiet Council where he shows them what happened. He tells them they need to figure this out while he goes hunting.

    Maverick heads to a safe house with one of the Wolverines and throws it into a cell when the real Logan sneaks up behind him. They agree to stop Beast and his horde of clones. While riding in a speed boat with Maverick, Logan is mistaken for one of the clones and are attacked by a government fleet of jets. Logan manages to get a hold of Bannister and convinces it’s him, causing a ceasefire. Beast, in his giant Krakoan monster like base attacks them, causing Jeff to get sunk into the water and disappears. Logan tries to save him but to no avail. While dining in a lodge in Norway after the mission, a Wolverine clone tracks Logan and Maverick there while holding what appears to be a bomb in his hand. The clone is shot down while Wolverine jumps on the bomb, but it doesn’t go off, instead displaying a holographic message from Beast. The messages informs Logan Beast has Agent Bannister safe for now while inviting Wolverine to a dinner between the two. Wolverine meets with Beast and Beast goes over his plan, Wolverine telling him he isn’t like this. Beast scoffs at the notion that this may be the real him but also says he wants his clones back and in exchange he will give Logan Jeff Bannister back.

    Back at Maverick’s bunker, the clones starting talking. Logan says they weren’t doing that before with Maverick having run some tests they discovered their neural pathways have been increasing, suggesting their healing factors must be starting to kick in. They both conclude that the army Beast has grown may turn on him at any moment.

    Wolverine has Sage, Domino, X-23, Omega Red, and Deadpool help with the Beast situation. Wolverine agrees to the hostage exchange with Beast and the two meet so X-Force can infiltrate Beasts’s kaiju base. Wolverine and the team succeed in recovering Bannister but Beast Prime makes his escape. Wolverine heads back to the island and offers to help Sage if she ever needs him but he himself is done with Krakoa.

    Fall of X

    Logan travels around to kill the remaining Wolverine clones from Beast’s hatchery. He travels to the Howlett Estate but is attacked by a Wendigo turned Wolverine clone that defeats him but is in turn defeated by an on the run Hulk. Banner and Wolverine travel to Japan and stop a cult. They venture to Madripoor and stop a Patch version running around with Hulk leaving after having been attacked, as he threatens Wolverine before doing so.

    Wolverine tracks down Captain America at a bar and asks for his help. They sneak aboard an ORCHIS storage ship that has taken various mutant weapons and paraphernalia. They discover the crew has been slaughtered except for one survivor. The duo learns it was the Legacy House. They stealth their way aboard the Legacy House cruise ship where they have the mutant items up for auction. Logan sinks the cruise ship by cutting a hole in the bottom and with help from Steve, has Nick Fury take and hide the salvaged mutant gear before riding off onto his next venture.

    Logan ventures to Wakanda on a surveillance mission, and ends up teaming with T’Challa to take down Jun Wei of Orchis and a few mining criminals before he steals Jun Wei’s ORCHIS jet. Logan recruits Spider-Man for a mission by traveling to ORCHIS’ space station to download any info they can but they both get attacked by sentinels and another jet. Logan’s jet explodes, leaving him floating in space but is saved by Parker hijacking the ORCHIS agent’s own jet. After returning to earth, one of the sentinels and another agent follows them, but the duo manages to defeat them.

    Sabretooth War

    Wolverine is settled down in the Greenhouse, the North Pole base of Krakoa with Sage, Black Tom, Laura, Daken and Fang. Knowing it’s his birthday, he has a sinking feeling about Sabretooth, and when going outside to check on his son and Fang, he finds their body parts are used to spell out happy birthday in the snow.


    The most savage member of the X-Men known as Wolverine is a gruff loner with an immense sense of honor. Even though Wolverine is very honorable, brave and noble, he is also one of the most dangerous men in the world, mostly because he always tries to control his inner berserker and more savage side, and most of the time doesn't even mind dealing with his adversaries permanently for the greater good. Wolverine is seen as a father-figure by Black Widow, Jubilee, X-23, Armor and Shadowcat. Furthermore, Wolverine's love life has not been very successful, he has loved many women but most of them died. His love interests include Rose O'Hara, Itsu, Viper, Silver Fox, Phoenix, and Mariko. Wolverine doesn't trust many people, but he completely trusts Captain America, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, and Jean Grey.

    Powers and Abilities

    Regenerative Healing Factor

    Wolverine can heal from any injury.
    Wolverine can heal from any injury.

    Wolverine's most prominent power is his healing factor. This allows Wolverine to heal from virtually any injury at an incredibly fast rate. This allows him take hits from class 100+ characters and continue fighting. He can regrow missing limbs, organs and has even regenerated from nothing but a skeleton. His healing factor grants him a high resistance to toxins and poisons- he was one able to consume enough Blowfish poison to kill 20 men with no discomfort. Large enough doses have proven effective at bypassing his healing factor. His healing factor prevents nerve strike attacks from working effectively on him as his healing factor bypasses the effect virtually instantaneously. His healing factor also grants him immunity to all Earthly diseases and it extends Wolverine's lifespan. Wolverine's healing factor depends on his body's state. So if Wolverine lacks sleep and proper nutrition for a time, it slows his healing abilities drastically.

    Superhuman Durability

    Wolverine can survive being hit by a plane.
    Wolverine can survive being hit by a plane.

    Wolverine possesses superhuman durability thanks to a combination of his healing factor and adamantium skeleton. This enables him to take attacks from class 100+ characters such as the Hulk, Thing, Wonder Man, Red Hulk, Juggernaut and so on while still being able to fight. Thanks to the adamantium bonding, his ligaments are also near unbreakable, preventing superhuman characters such as the Hulk or Ba'al from doing so much as dislocating a joint.

    Superhuman Acute Senses

    Another one of Wolverine's prime abilities is his acute senses that are many time greater than that of a human being and even surpass that of most animals on Earth. Wolverine has the ability to see vast distances with complete clarity. This advanced eyesight also allows Wolverine to see in almost complete darkness. Wolverine's hearing is also enhanced allowing him to hear from great distances as well as hear pitches that ordinary human beings cannot and even fight blindfolded. These abilities also allow Wolverine to recognize people by their scent even if they are in a shape shifted state like beings such as Mystique and Morph. Wolverine is also one of the best trackers in the Marvel universe as he is able to track objects as well as human over very great distances. Wolverine has also been seen to be a human lie detector as he can hear a person’s heartbeat increase when they lie and also identify certain changes in their body such as increase in perspiration. Wolverine's sense of taste is also enhanced, allowing him to not only smell, but taste pheromones in the air such as when he made mention of training with Jean Grey in the Danger Room.

    Superhuman Strength

    Wolverine is superhumanly strong. His strength can range from 1,200 lbs to no more than 2 tons. Wolverine has swung tree trunks around like baseball bats, held an elevator with one hand, throw dumpsters, motorcycles, and even lifted and threw a dozen men with a single arm. He is also capable of striking beyond his strength range, having knocked out super durable foes like Roughhouse, Caliban and Spider-Man, although he caught the latter with a sucker punch.

    Superhuman Agility

    Wolverine's balance and agility as well as his body coordination is beyond the capabilities of a human being at its peak and is well into the superhuman range. Wolverine has also been seen to jump nearly 30 feet in the air unassisted.

    Enhanced Speed

    Wolverine is able to move at low level superhuman speeds. He has attacked faster than the eye could follow, enabling him to blitz opponents before they realize what is happening. He has shown he can keep up with characters like Spider-Man or the Gorgon in combat, and even hit faster characters such as Speed Demon.

    Superhuman Reflexes

    Wolverine possesses enhanced reflexes. He has dodged bullets point blank, machine gun fire and even Cyclops' optic blasts.

    Superhuman Stamina

    Wolverine's healing factor is able to fight off fatigue toxins allowing Wolverine to exert himself for a long period of time before fatigue builds up. He has been able to fight in Omega Red's death spores for over 17 hours, though he needed medical intervention afterwards.

    Animal Empathy

    Wolverine has been seen to be able to understand the emotions of animals around them and communicate with them on a very basic level. Wolverine has been seen to be able to show animals his intentions and actions so he would not be perceived as a threat to them.

    Bone Claws

    Bone claws coated with adamantium.
    Bone claws coated with adamantium.

    Wolverine possesses 6, 12 inch retractable bone claws. 3 are in each arm and are housed in his forearms. When extended, they tear through the flesh in his knuckles but his healing factor heals the injuries virtually instantaneously. The bone claws are able to tear through most types of flesh and have been able to cut through stone and even steel. Combined with the adamantium, Wolverine's claws are capable of cutting through virtually anyone and anything. His claws have penetrated the most durable of foes, including the Thing, Thor, Hulk, Gladiator and perhaps most impressively Thanos.

    Psionic Resistance

    Wolverine has level 9 psi shields implanted in his brain by Professor Xavier, and combined with his own willpower it makes Wolverine highly resistant to mental assaults. However, many characters such as Emma Frost, Jean Grey, Xavier, and Tomi Shishido have been able to effect him mentally.

    Master Tactician

    Wolverine has displayed an uncanny ability in preparing for an upcoming battle. He is highly intelligent although at times he can come off to be more animal like than most. Forge once referred to Wolverine's brain functions while in a training room session to be beyond that of a human athlete. His brain function in combat has also been compared to a highly advanced computer.

    Master Martial Artist

    Wolverine has been able to learn virtually every form of fighting style on Earth, mastering 28 forms of Kung-Fu alone, as well as the pressure points located not just on the human body, but also on some alien bodies as well. He demonstrated such knowledge when he performed a pressure point attack to defeat Kid Gladiator and when he crumbled the Rock of Buddha with one well placed blow. Wolverine has also been shown to stop the negative effects of Chi based attacks by controlling his thoughts and emotions. Wolverine has defeated some of Marvel's best hand to hand combatants such as Iron Fist, Shang-Chi, Captain America and Deadpool. His skill has also enabled him to "disappear" to other skilled opponents such as Nuke and even Nightcrawler He has also trained or partially trained a number of Earth's heroes in various forms of hand to hand combat, including Black Widow, Storm and Shadowcat.

    Master Swordsman

    Wolverine is a master swordsman and was described as having nearly flawless technique by the Silver Samurai. His swordsmanship technique include Kenjutsu.

    Covert Ops Expert

    Wolverine has acquired and demonstrated advanced covert abilities during the years he has worked with the C.I.A., Canadian Intelligence and S.H.I.E.L.D. He has trained in the use of and is familiar with many weapons, vehicles, aircraft and computer systems. Wolverine is also a highly skilled assassins.


    Wolverine has been seen to be able to speak many languages because of his vast travels around the Earth that his longevity has been able to grant him. Wolverine has been seen with the ability to speak Russian, Arabic, English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, Thai, German, Vietnamese, Lakota as well as Portuguese. While learning these languages Wolverine has also been seen to understand the culture these languages belong to and has much respect for their beliefs and customs.

    Skilled Mechanic

    Wolverine is a highly skilled mechanic and has been the mechanic for the X-Men's Blackbird for a long time along with Nightcrawler.


    Murumasa Blade

    Wolverine's direct weakness is a magical blade that has been endowed with the ability to halt accelerated healing factors. This blade has the ability to reduce his healing factor many times and when he received a very minor cut from the blade it took days for it to heal when in normal circumstances it would have healed within a matter of moments.

    Sensory Overload

    Wolverine's senses can be overloaded as seen when he has stated whispers hurt him and when Hulk used his thunderclap to overload Wolverine's hearing sense. Despite this weakness, Wolverine's pain tolerance and healing factor have allowed him to push through attacks that should overload his senses like withstanding thunderclaps on multiple other occasions to the point that they don't even seem to effect him.


    According to the Xavier Files, it is assumed decapitating Wolverine and removing his head away from his body would kill him. However, due to the adamantium laced skeleton, attempts have been prevented from this happening.

    Adamantium Allotropes

    The element of adamantium has been seen to have thirteen different allotropes because of the different molecular configurations. Wolverine has been seen to experience a type of dizziness when he comes into contact with the different elements of adamantium.


    Carbonadium is a poisonous substance to Wolverine and could be potentially lethal.


    No Caption Provided

    Height: 5'3"

    Weight: 195 lbs. (without adamantium); 300 lbs. (with adamantium)

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Black

    Unusual Features: Wolverine is physically equipped with two sets of three retractable bone claws stored in his forearms. The claws measure at exactly one foot in length. Both sets of claws and his entire skeleton are laced with adamantium. This makes his bones virtually indestructible. The adamantium that Wolverine has is a unique type to him. When the metal was grafted to him, his healing factor altered the properties of the metal infusing it with the bone without inhibiting any of his skeleton's functions. The new metal was dubbed adamantium beta.

    Alternate Universes

    Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse
    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse

    Logan in the Age of Apocalypse reality goes by the code name Weapon X. Weapon X is recruited by Magneto’s X-Men, though he’s reticent to at first. Jean Grey convinces him, however, as their legendary romance begins. When Mr. Sinister abducts Jean, Weapon X is furious to learn that Magneto and the X-Men find it too dangerous to rescue her. Angered, Logan leaves the X-Men and goes after Sinister and Jean all by himself. He is however stopped by Cyclops, one of Sinister's most loyal soldiers. Cyclops and Weapon X start a brutal fight, in witch one of Logan’s hands is obliterated by Cyclops' force-beam. Logan however manages to gouges out one of Cyclops’ eyes. After the fight, Wolverine managed to rescue Jean from Sinister and the two made their escape. They however did not return to the X-Men, still angry about not coming to Jean's rescue. Weapon X and Jean become somewhat of a fighting duo, still fighting against the hordes of Apocalypse, but more stealth and only on some occasions working together with the X-Men.

    Weapon X and Jean came into contact with the Human Council, located in a war torn London. There they where thinking about the possibilities of nuking New York City, the strong hold of Apocalypse. A mayor fleet of airships eventually set out to New York. The Human Council however knew that this would not go unnoticed and they asked Weapon X and Jean to accompany the fleet. Weapon X and Jean however got separated during an evacuation. They promised each other to meet again, back in New York. Logan went his way and accompanied the fleet. This was not for no reason, as the ships where soon attacked by some of Apocalypse's soldiers. One of them was Carol Danvers, a former close friend to Weapon X, but she was changed into something less then human. Weapon X killed her, the fleet went on and he managed to return to New York City, right at the moment when the final battle against Apocalypse went on. During this time, Jean and former archenemy Cyclops, who had changed sides and was now pro-human, had found each other and had become uneasy allies.

    They tried to help humans escape the city, until Havok, Cyclops brother, seemingly first killed Jean, and then Cyclops. Weapon X was just about to meet Jean on the rendezvous point when he saw this scene happening. Weapon X lashed out at Havok, killing him instantly. He then ran up towards Jean, telling each other how much they loved one another. At that point, the reality known as the Age of Apocalypse seemingly dissolved, right at the moment that the nukes where about to be dropped. A great big white flash was seen and the reality seemed to vanish. This, however turned out not be the end. The reality remained and Jean had somehow managed to stop the bombs from going off. She even revived and turned into a strange Phoenix like entity. Weapon X recently is seen when the 616 Uncanny X-Force team travels to the Age of Apocalypse reality. He had taken the place of Apocalypse, wearing similar armor and replacing his missing hand with an energy cannon.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

    The Tomorrow People

    Ultimate Wolverine
    Ultimate Wolverine

    In this universe we first meet Wolverine as a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Like in the mainstream universe, Logan was a member of the Weapon Plus program. Due to his time there his mind can not be read by psychics. Because of this Magneto sends Logan to kill Professor Xavier. In order to make sure Logan meets the X-Men Magneto sends a tip to the Weapon Plus program telling them where Wolverine will be. When Logan gets captured Magneto knew Xavier would seance it and rescue him.

    After his rescue, Wolverine stays with the X-Men and starts to develop a relationship with Jean grey. They share a attraction to each other. While staying there the Brotherhood of Mutants kidnap the presidents daughter and Wolverine agrees to help the X-Men get her back. They succeed in their mission and afterwards Logan and Jean begin a sexual relationship.

    While saving the presidents daughter the United states goverment finds out where Magneto is and sends Sentinels after him. Meanwhile while laying in bed with Logan confesses to Jean that he was originally working for Magneto and was sent to kill Xavier. This leads to them having a fight which is stopped when Xavier reveals to them that Magneto has taken control of the Sentinels and was about to attack Washington DC. Jean tell Logan to stay out of it, but he refuses and ends delivering the final blow to Magneto allowing Xavier to defeat their enemy.

    Return to Weapon X

    After helping Colossus end his ties with the Russian mob, Wolverine sets out to find Weapon X and hopefully find out about his past. While Logan is out looking for the Weapon X attacks the X-Men and takes them all as prisoners.Weapon X later find Logan and return him to the program where he is reunited with the X-Men who were being held there. Sabretooth takes Wolverine out into the woods and grabs a paper that claims to have everything written about Logan's life on it and starts destroying them in front of him, telling him he will never know who he really is. Wolverine breaks free and they start fighting. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood of Mutants, whom Logan had called earlier for an assist, show up to save the X-Men. Logan returns from his fight with Sabretooth just as The X-Men and Brotherhood had finished taking out Weapon X. Nick Fury, another old friend that Logan called who he was revealed to have saved during the Golf War, shows up and sets the Mutants free.

    World Tour & Hellfire and Brimstone

    The X-Men became famous due to their envolvment in saving Washington DC from Magneto. Xavier had written a book and while promoting it the went to Scotland where Xavier came into contact with his son, Proteus, who wanted revenge on his father for leaving him. While fighting him, Logan gets possessed by him, which results in him being shaken up mentally for the first time. Later on he posses Betsy Bardock, but is killed by Colossus.

    Back in New York Logan realizes that Jean Grey has begun a relationship with Cyclops. Logan still has feelings for Jean, so one night after drinking Logan insults Cyclops until he attacks him. Wolverine has the upper hand in the fist fight until Scott uses his optic plastic to get Logan away. Wolverine pops his claws and is seemingly ready to kill Cyclops until Xavier breaks it up. In an attempt to get them to work together Xavier sends Logan and Cyclops on a mission together to the Savage Land, but instead of working together, Logan pushes Cyclops off of a cliff and leave him for dead.

    Ultimate War & Return of the King

    When Logan returns to the X-Men he discovers that Magneto, who Xavier had been keeping taps on after reprogramming his brain to forget he was a mutant, had been freed by the remains Brotherhood of Mutants. When the goverment finds out that Magneto is back they send their government sanctioned team of Superheroes, The Ultimates, to check on the X-Men. Instead of finding the X-Men they find planted evidence to make them believe that the X-Men and Brotherhood are working together. After hiding out for a while the X-Men are eventually found and attacked by the Ultimates. Here Logan fights, and single handedly defeats multiple members of the Ultimates before being taken down by Captain America. Xavier uses his psychic powers to help his students escape, but allows himself to be caught to do so.

    The X-Men eventually go after Magneto. Here they see Scott again, who was rescued by Magneto's forces, and who had been trying to escape. After Magneto is defeated Logan in confronted with when he tried to murder Cyclops, which he confesses to. After getting into a fight with Cyclops, Scott tells him he is off the team. A couple weeks later Scott returns to apologize. He asks Logan to come back to the X-Men and gives him a ring that SHIELD found that used to be his wedding ring. Logan realizes that at one time he had a wife.


    While having breakfast at a dinner one morning, a woman walks in and claims to recognize Logan from when he was in the paper months before. She offers to buy him his breakfast and after she leaves Logan noticed that the man behind the counter was gone to. Immediately afterwards Logan is gunned down. Wounded, Logan goes to the house of Spider-Man, whom he tracked down after a earler meeting. There he heals and Spider-Man decides to help him find out who is after him.

    First they go after the man who was behind the counter at the dinner where Logan was gunned down. He reveals that the woman who offered to pay for Logan's meal gave him a note telling him to leave. Next Logan goes to Black Widow to find out if it is a goverment operation, which it was not. Afterwards they get attacked again and Logan ends up in Hell's Kitchen where he meats Daredevil. When they come back for another attack Wolverine, Daredevil, and Spider-Man fight them off. Logan corners the woman that he originally met in the dinner and tries to question her but she does not talk. She gets away when her men attack again. Afterwards Spider-Man asks Logan why he does not call the X-Men, and he says he already did enough bad to them does not want to get them mixed up in his personal business. Next the X-Men show up and Spider-Man reveals that he called them.

    While using his psychic powers to see inside Logan's mind they discover that the woman that is after him was at Weapon X when Logan had the adamantium bonded to his skeleton. Afterwards Logan and Jean gave a talk where she tells him if he ever hits on her again she will kill him. During the conversation, Jean senses a helicopter and loses control of her powers and destroys it. This leads the X-Men to finding out where it came from and attacking but unfortunately the people they're after kill themselves before Wolverine can find out who they really are.

    New Mutants, The Tempest, and Cry Wolf

    Logan and Storm
    Logan and Storm

    When a teenagers mutant powers come into being he it kills his family and friends due to his power being a toxin admitted from his body that he can not control. Wolverine meets the kid in a cave and gives him a beer. The kid pours his heart out to Wolverine about how depressing his situation his. When he realizes Wolverine is there to kill him and tells him to just do it and get it over with. We later learn that Logan was sent by Nick Fury to kill the kid.

    After Storms ex boyfriend, Beast, is killed, Storm starts to develop a attraction toward Wolverine. They are at the carnival together with the rest of the X-Men when the mutant Gambit shows up to try and take Rogue. Wolverine tries to fight Gambit off, but is defeated and Gambit gets away with Rogue. Wolverine gets up and goes after him. While tracking Gambit, Storm meets up with Logan again and tries to calm him down. Wolverine is very angry that Rogue was taken but Storm manages to calm him down. She kisses him but Logan rejects her, telling her that he is to old for her. Logan continues tracking Rogue until he finally finds the building she is in. Here Wolverine fights Gambit again, but Rogue breaks it up because she learned that Gambit was just a good guy being used by two mutants known as the ferris twins. Rogue snaps at Wolverine for hurting Gambit, which seems to depress Logan. Logan then leaves the X-Men after this.

    A Hard Lesson & Phoenix?

    After a while without seeing Wolverine we see that Storm is tracking him down and trying to bring him back into the X-Men. When attacked by someone from Storms past who now goes by Lady Deathstrike, Storm is hurt in the attack. After the fight Logan brings her back to the X-Men.

    Later when Logan and Storm are playing pool at a bar Sabretooth shows up. After Logan a fight, Sabretooth claims to be Logan's son. Logan does not believe him, and we later see that Sabretooth is working with Doctor Cornelius. When returning to the mansion, Logan sees that there is a new recruit that was dropped off by Nick Fury. It later turns out that the new recruit was not actually dropped off busy Furry and he was just manipulating the X-Men to think he was. This leads to a fight which ends with Logan stabbing him in the chest with his claws, seemingly killing him.

    Ultimate Nightmare

    One evening Professor Xavier and Jean Grey sense a troubled mutant. Wolverine, Jean Grey, and Colossus go to Russia to find the Mutant. There they find a old bomb shelter from World War II and inside they find strange creatures. They end up fighting for their survival and come into contact with Nick Fury and the Ultimates.

    Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk

    No Caption Provided

    Wolverine is asked by Nick Fury to track down Bruce Banner,the Hulk. Wolverine agrees to simply because it sounds fun to him. After tracking Hulk to China Wolverine finally finds him. Here he realizes that the Hulk has some intelligence, he can talk and he does not seem as dumb as he did before. Eventually Wolverine insults Banner's woman in order to get Hulk to fight him. Hulk rips Wolverine in two pieces and is about to eat knew of his legs when Betsy, Banner's girlfriend, drops from the sky and is to revealed to of taken the Hulk formula as well. Next a Hydrogen bomb is dropped and Wolverine is picked up by SHIELD. When Betsy was retreating, Logan heard her yell at Banner and tell him where to meet her. Nick Fury tries to get Wolverine to tell him where Hulk is, but he won't say. After Logan gets free from SHIELD he takes out Betsy and then goes after Banner. He meets Banner on a plane and puts a collar around his neck that prevents him from turning into the Hulk. Banner jumps out of the plane, which forces Wolverine to remove the collar so Banner can survive the fall.


    When a mysterious man appears claiming to be from the future and tries to kill Xavier. He claims that Xavier needs to die to prevent a disastrous outcome in the future. The X-Men try to stop him but the man seems to know the weaknesses of all the X-Men. The fight eventually comes down to the man and Wolverine and the mysterious man. When Wolverine seems to get the upper hand the man pops his own claws and cuts him. Logan come to the realization that he is fighting a older version of himself. Using his futuristic technology the man is able to defeat Logan but Iceman and Rogue prevent him from achieving his goal of kill the professor but he does manage to kidnap Jean and offers to trade her for Xavier. Later Bishop comes from the future as well and reveals the older version of Wolverine is called Cable. Bishop devises a plan to defeat Cable claiming to know how to find them. When the X-Men do find Cable they are attacked by the Marauders and ultimately fail as Cable appears to kill Xavier.

    Sentinels & Apocalypse

    Wolverine's new look
    Wolverine's new look

    After the death of Professor Xavier, Cyclops disband the X-Men. Logan leaves to do his own thing but is later found in a bar by Storm and Bishop who are reforming the X-Men. Wolverine easily joins the new group. Their first mission is to stop a Sentinel attack. They later find out that it is the Fenris twins that are making the Sentinels and go to stop them. After this, Beast returns and rekindles his relationship with Storm, which stops Logan's relationship with her.

    Through Bishops knowledge of the future, the X-Men stop Sabretooth and Cornelius who were trying to clone Logan. When Mister Sinister returns and continues to shed mutant blood in order to bring forth The X-Men try and bring forth Apocalypse. When Sinister is about to kill Angel, Bishop prevents Storm and Dazzler from helping him. Logan then kills Bishop for that. Apocalypse then arrives and when the X-Men try to fight him he rips Wolverine's arm off. Apocalypse seems to be unbeatable, with all of the heroes of the Ultimate Universe trying and failing to defeat him. Eventually Xavier returns, who had actually been training with Cable in the future, and with the help of Jean Grey who tranforms into Phoenix, they defeat Apocalypse. Phoenix then alters the timeline to make it like Xavier never died, with the X-Men never disbanding and Cable and Bishop never showing up.

    Absolute Power

    Logan learns that there is a mutant growth hormone being made from his DNA. He finds out that it is coming from Muir Island and shuts down the source of it.

    Ultimatum and Death

    Logan's Legacy
    Logan's Legacy

    After Magneto’s daughter, The Scarlet Witch, is killed Magneto reverses the Earth's axis and causes havoc across the planet. What is left of The X-Men and the Ultimates decide to to take out Magneto. Before Wolverine goes he gives a letter and a box containing information about his son to Kitty Pryde and tells her who to give it to if he dies. While fighting Magneto, Wolverine goes for a killing blow, but is killed by Magneto when he removes the metal from his body.

    It would later be revealed that years earlier, Logan had fathered a son named Jimmy Hudson, who inherited similar mutant powers. After Logan's death, Jimmy discovers his true heritage and joins the remaining X-Men as the new Wolverine.


    In this universe it was revealed that Mutants were genetically created in a lab in a attempt to remake the Super Soldier Serum the at created Captain America. It was also revealed that the first mutant ever created was Wolverine, who volunteered for the experiment in the early 1900's. This information all came after Logan's death. After his death, his son took on the mantle of the Wolverine.

    Earth-2107: Cable (Ultimate) future

    No Caption Provided

    The Ultimate version of Cable is a future version of that universe’s Wolverine. When he arrives in the “present” timeline, he kills Professor X, believing that his death will stop his horrific future from occurring. Apocalypse ruled the world he was from. This Wolverine claimed to have gotten rid of his healing factor, possibly to hide the fact he was a mutant from Apocalypse. He does not actually Kill Xavier, but instead takes him back to his own time where he repairs his legs and trains him to fight Apocalypse. They return to present day where Apocalypse is eventually defeated by Jean Grey As Phoenix.

    Earth-90210 (Old Man Logan)

    For full arc summary see: Old Man Logan

    Old Man Logan
    Old Man Logan

    The villains of the Marvel Universe unite under the iron fist of the Red Skull and kill the heavy-hitting heroes. Fifty years later Wolverine, now an pacifist, old farmer, lives on property owned by the Hulk gang and must travel cross-country with a now blind Clint Barton to get enough money to make rent before the Hulks kill his family. Wolverine says he doesn't fight anymore because of what the villians did to him. It is later revealed that Wolverine killed a majority of the X-Men because Mysterio made them look like supervillians. After that tragic moment, Wolverine swore to never pop out his claws again. He and Clint take the Spider Buggy, once owned by Spiderman, to get the money Clint will earn when he delivers a mysterious package. During their journey, they encounter a symbiote t-rex, save Clint's daughter who is also the granddaughter of Spiderman, and face the Kingpin. When they finally reach their destination, Clint delivers his package to an underground resistence, and it was a case of Super Soldier Serum. Unfortunately, the clients that hired Clint turned out to be working with the Red Skull. They shoot at Wolverine and Hawkeye, killing Clint. However, Wolverine's healing factor saves him and he awakens at the Red Skulls trophy room. The room is full of torn apparel and belongings of fallen superheroes, like Iron Man's armor and Captain America's shield. Wolverine uses Cap's shield to kill the Red Skull and he uses the Iron Man armor to fly home with the money. But when he arrives home, the Hulk's grandchildren had already killed his family, and their lifeless bodies lay motionless on the floor. This causes Wolverine to finally use his claws once more. He finds and kills the entire Hulk clan before encountering Banner himself, who displays extraordinary strength even in his human form. When he turns into the Hulk, Banner consumes Logan. But hours later, Logan heals inside Banner's stomach and kills him from within him. he later discovers the Hulk's own bay son, Bruce Banner Junior. A month later, Logan and his neighbors hold a small memorial for Logan's family. Logan and Bruce Banner Junior ride into the sunset after he tells them that he plans to defeat all the new world villains and thereby bring peace.


    After the event Secret Wars, Logan is transported to Earth-616. After realizing he is in the past he thinks the reason he is there is to kill the villians that took over the world in his time. He remembers in his own time when he took his son to the market they came across Butcher, who stole his sons hat. Logan gets a pen and writes some names on his arm. He then tracks down Butcher and kills him. We see the other names he is after are Red Skull, Bruce Banner, and Mysterio. Next Logan goes after Hulk. After fighting him he realizes that it is not Banner, but instead someone else. Logan gets pretty banged up from the fight, so he goes to Hawkeye's place to heal. There he meets Kate Bishop. He tells her his story and she insists in helping him. She tells him the location of Mysterio and they go after him, but Kate seems to have second thoughts when she sees that Logan is out for blood. They get into a fight with Logan escaping and then running into Steve Rodgers. Logan doesn't believe that it is Steve Rodgers at first, due to Steve still appearing old at this time. They start to fight, but Steve manages to tranquilize Logan, and then he takes him to the body of this world's Wolverine. After realizing that this is not his timeline, Logan leaves and wonders through the mountains and eventually runs into Storm and the X-Men.

    Rejoining the X-Men

    Old Man Logan with the X-Men
    Old Man Logan with the X-Men

    Storm tries to recruit Jean Grey to join her group of X-Men. Jean refuses, but informs Storm that she had sensed Old Man Logan's presence. When the X-Men confront Logan, he immediately has a problem with Cerbra, a Sentinel that Forge built. Storm tries to convince him to join her X-Men, but Logan refuses. Remembering what he did to the X-Men in his timeline he didn't want to be near them. Later Logan is drinking at a bar when Jean contacts him telepathically and meets him at his mobile home. Being able to read his mind, she talks to Logan about what happened in his timeline when he killed the X-Men. After a chat, she eventually convinces Logan to join the X-Men. They are then teleported by Forge to the X-Men base which is in limbo and was being attacked by demons during their arrival. Logan and Jean help the X-Men fight them off. Afterwards Logan uses his enhanced senses to track down Illyana and Peter Rasputin who were being held by Mister Sinister. Logan immediately attacks Sinister, Stabbing him in the chest. Sinister then reveals a cloned version of Cyclops who was currently dead. However it is revealed that this is actually not Cyclops at all and he attacks them. Logan is hit first and asks Jean to help him with the pain so he can get back in the fight. Logan is able to make the killing blow to the Cyclops clone. When the X-Men get back to the school Logan seems to be having second thoughts about joining, but Jean takes his hand and walks in with him.

    Later on the X-Men discover that there is a mutant in weird world. After Storm dismisses the other X-Men she calls Logan back and reveals that it is a mutant that sided with Cyclops when the mutants attacked the Inhumans. She informs him that he might need to kill him if things turn hostile. The mutant turns out to be Sunfire. After the X-Men help him protect the people he is with, he stays behind as the X-Men return home.

    Logan tells Storm that he is going to be taking some time off. He travels to Canda where he meets the girl that became his wife, Maureen, in his own timeline. Logan buys a trailer in the small town, his goal was to protect Maureen from harm that he knew we come to her. Logan helps Maureen feed a stray dog, but a couple days later she knocks on his door telling him that the dog is missing. Logan promises to look for it.

    Logan gets the dogs scent and tracks it to its corpse. The dog was killed by machinery. Logan discovers the Reavers, Bonebreaker. The invaded the small Canadian village looking for him. After a tough battle with Bonebreaker, Logan talks to a law enforcement officer and learns that Maureen is at school. The village is burning to the ground, so Logan hurries to find her. When Logan gets to Maureen, he has to fight off more Reavers. He is then confronted by Lady Deathstrike who was holding Maureen's money as hostage. He manages to save her and defeat Deathstrike. After Logan's battle with Deathstrike, he decides to leave. Knowing that the Reavers were looking for him, and it was his fault that chaos was brought to the town, Logan is left alone feeling guilty.

    Logan decides to track Lady Deathstrike, and follows her to Japan. There Logan uses his old guise as Patch to get information that he needs to find Deathstrike, but when he finds her he sees that she is being held captive. It turns out to be a trap, with Logan being set up by a man named Sohei, who was a man that Logan had killed before in his future in the wasteland. He is a member of a group called The First Order. The group is led by a child called Silent Monk. Logan manages to break free from their holds and teams up with Lady Deathstrike to defeat them. Logan then invites the silent monk to the X-Men and tells him that he will help him.

    Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombies)

    For full arc summary see: Marvel Zombies

    No Caption Provided

    In the Zombiverse, Wolverine is turned into a zombie like almost all of Marvel’s heroes. He is also one of the only zombies to feed on the Silver Surfer, thus gaining his power cosmic and using it to bring down Galactus, whom he also helps consume.

    Earth-6195 (Divergent Zombieverse)

    A similar version of the Zombie Wolverine is drawn onto a failed team of Exiles comprised entirely of various Wolverines from different realities.

    Earth-12 (Mimic's Reality)

    A friend and teammate of Mimic of the Exiles.

    Earth-1081 (Morph's Reality)

    A friend and teammate of Morph of the Exiles.

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    For full arc summary see: Earth X

    In Earth X (Earth-9997), James Howlett was not the biological son of the Howletts. In fact, the Howletts' second child had died in childbirth. The Howletts decide to adopt a new son and end up adopting a baby from the Moon Clan. The Moon Clan were a bestial race that was able to co-exist with normal human beings. Wolverine still has his burning hatred of Sabretooth, who comes from the rival bear clan.

    Earth-811 (Days of Future Past)

    For full arc summary see: Days of Future Past

    Wolverine is one of only a few mutants left, along with Storm, Colossus, and Kitty Pryde, in this alternate reality, the X-Men fail to stop the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly. In retaliation, the Sentinels soon help in a pogrom against mutants and Logan has become an old man leading the resistance against the government.

    Earth 5700 (Alternate Days of Future Past)

    Continuing Earth-811. Shortly after his death, his remains are recovered by X-51 (Machine Man) of Earth-9997 (Earth X). X-51 revives Wolverine using technology used by Merlyn to revive Captain Britain, and Wolverine joins X-51's group of Heralds.

    Earth-58163 (HoM)

    In the House of M reality, Wolverine is an elite Red Guard Unit S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. He is the second person, after Layla Miller, to discover that reality has changed as he remembers his original 616 life.

    Earth-2182 (Nocturne's Earth)

    In Nocturne's home reality Wolverine is known as Professor W. He is crippled after a fight with the Shadow King, and acts as the leader of the X-Men.

    Earth-20051 (Marvel Adventures)

    In the Marvel Adventures reality Wolverine is a member of the Avengers alongside Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man, Storm, Giant Girl, Tigra, and Luke Cage.

    Earth-1298 (Mutant-X)

    Wolverine is a member of the Pack group, consisting of feral superheroes, that also consists of Sabretooth and Wildchild. All three of them are savages, driven insane by Weapon X and roam the Canadian wilderness like a pack of wolves.

    Earth-9602 (Amalgam Universe)

    In the Amalgam Universe, Wolverine merges with Batman and forms the new character Dark Claw.

    Earth-982 (MC2)

    For full summary see: MC2

    In the MC2 reality Wolverine has a daughter, named Rina, and a son named Hudson - Wild Thing and Sabreclaw respectively, with Elektra.

    Earth-42777 (Iron Doom)

    James is a part of Magneto’s Mutant Resistance, who begin the Great Mutant Wars against humans, and prompt the invention of the Iron Man armor by Tony Stark.


    Before the Zombie virus spread, Wolverine fought against The Hand in Asia. When the zombie virus broke out, he joins the zombie Spider-Man's New Avengers against Sentry and his zombie "Avengers".


    Wolverine is represented by a baby named “Wolvie.”

    Earth-891221 (Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

    Wolverine became an agent of SHIELD instead of a member of the X-Men. After Nick Fury’s death, Wolverine becomes the director of SHIELD and rids the world of the threat of Sentinels forever.

    Earth-9811 (What if...? - Starring Secret Wars 25 Years Later)

    In this reality, also called Battleworld, Wolverine and Storm have a daughter called Torrent.

    Earth-9927 (Wild Weapon X)

    In this reality, Logan has become a wild killer.


    In this reality, Wolverine remains a member of the new Fantastic Four along with Spider-Man, the Hulk and Ghost Rider.

    Earth-311 (1602)

    For full arc summary see: 1602

    Wolverine is considered a witchbreed, the 1602 equivalent of a mutant.


    In this reality Wolverine is an agent of HYDRA and lover of the Invisible Woman, who is Madame Hydra. He and his lover, along with Slaymaster left their reality and sought to conquer the Multiverse. Wolverine was later ultimately (and gruesomely) killed by Shadowcat.


    In this reality, Wolverine is a member of the Avengers but is killed on a mission to stop Charnel.

    Earth-9140 (Lord of Vampires)

    In this reality, Wolverine becomes the Lord of Vampires.


    In this alternate reality, Sphinx (Karim) is in control of the world and Wolverine is a member of the Mutant Liberation Front. While covering the escape of other members of the MLF, Logan is killed by Horus of the United States of Assyria's version of the Avengers.

    Earth-691 (War of the Worlds)

    In this reality, a decree is passed against mutants, forcing Magneto to take as many mutants as he could off-world to find a more suitable home. Wolverine is among those that left with him and after Magneto is killed by Apocalypse, Wolverine leads the future generations to a new world which they named Haven.

    Earth-7085 (Marvel Werewolves)

    Wolverine is one of those who became infected with a werewolf virus and became a werewolf.

    Earth-8545 (Legacy Virus merged with Warlock)

    Wolverine is one of the superheroes converted into a Vi-Lock Prime by the mutated Legacy Virus.

    Earth-9200 (Dystopia)

    Wolverine was killed during the Maestro's rise to power. His adamantium skeleton is placed on display in Rick Jones' trophy room.


    This Earth is not in an alternate reality, but was located within the Earth-616 reality and was created by Franklin Richards and Wolverine has been masquerading as Hawkeye.

    Earth-2301 (Marvel Mangaverse)

    For full summary see: Marvel Mangaverse

    In this reality, Wolverine is the one that formed the X-men composed of himself and Cyclops. He is depicted with only his left arm having adamantium claws, while his right arm is robotic, projecting laser claws.

    Earth-9590 (What if Storm absorbed the Phoenix instead of Jean Grey?)

    Wolverine is the only survivor when the spaceship explodes before Phoenix-Storm reveals herself. Wolverine helps T'Challa to save all mutants before Kitty meets Ororo.

    Earth-1007 (Wolverine Earth X Big X Change)

    Wolverine, Rogue, Angel, Nightcrawler and Storm were converted into their opposite genders during one of their missions.

    Earth-4011 (Wolverine: The End)

    In this alternate reality, Logan was living in the Canadian wilderness, waiting to die. When he received a mysterious letter, he set out for Japan to investigate. He later found out that he was lead there by his older brother, (John Howlett Jr., who was also a mutant), who planned to blow up Las Vegas and then take over the country. Logan stopped his brother but accidentally killed him and John died in Logan's arms.

    Earth-1008 (By the Maker)

    Wolverine gains godlike fighting abilities.

    Earth-91172 (Earth-Hulk: Annihilation)

    Wolverine is killed by The Hulk.

    Earth-3071 (Snikt!)


    In the year 2047, the Mandate attacked and killed most of the population. Eleven years later, a small group of people bring Wolverine forward in time to kill the Progenitor and stop his wicked reign.

    Earth-3515 (Thor: The Reigning)

    Wolverine is one of the many heroes who die fighting Loki as The Reigning begins.

    Earth-8101 (Marvel Apes)

    For full arc summary see: Marvel Apes

    No Caption Provided

    An ape-version of Wolverine exists in this reality.

    Earth-Last Man Standing

    Gene Wars were produced out of the death or desertion of the entire team of Avengers, where the M Toxin is released into the atmosphere, killing a sixteenth of the population of the planet. Shortly thereafter, nuclear war breaks out, and Wolverine awakes having been the only person who survived. He sets out to find any other living soul on the planet.

    Earth-1005 (X-Men: Millennial Visions)

    The year 2035, an elderly Kitty Pryde leads the X-Men, with Wolverine, Gull (daughter of Archangel), Medea (daughter of Storm and Gambit), Salamander (son of Nightcrawler), Lockheed (All grown up), and Metallique (daughter of Colossus).

    Earth-15104 (Here Comes Tomorrow)

    For full arc summary see: Here Comes Tomorrow

    In this timeline alongside Cassandra Nova, the three remaining Stepford Cukoos, Tito Jr, and No-Girl form the X-Men to fight against Sublime.

    Earth-948331 (Mutant Destruction)

    Wolverine follows Magneto’s Brotherhood and is killed defending him from Hyperion.

    Earth-901237 (Earth-Hulk: Rampage)

    Part of the large team of Alpha Flight who were trying to capture the Hulk, who was raging across Canada.

    Earth-3470 (Heather Hudson's Earth)

    Howlett is discovered by Heather Hudson in the wilderness, where he becomes a permanent member of the much stronger Alpha Flight.

    Wolverine Noir

    This story arc is set in the Noir Universe where there are no superhumans, and the Logan in this story isn’t the same one who appears in X-Men: Noir. This Logan does not have retractable claws built into his body, but instead uses Claw like weapons. Jim Logan is a small-time private detective down on his luck with a bad luck streak a mile wide, but a dishy new dame aims to turn his fortunes around.

    Earth-208/12025 (X-Treme X-Men)

    X-Treme X-Men
    X-Treme X-Men

    Scott Summers of 616 encountered this Wolverine while he was imprisoned by the Savior after being abducted from his own world. He is called General Howlett, and represented his world's version of Canada on a long voyage to the forgotten city of Shangri-La for the British empire. He is currently part of a new version of the X-Treme X-Men, aiding in eliminating alternate 'evil' versions of Charles Xavier.

    As an alternate version of Wolverine, James Howlett shares most of Wolverine's mutant abilities (Superhuman speed, strength, regeneration, razor-sharp claws, enhanced longevity, etc) but has a few of his own unique perks due to his bones being bonded with Adamantine instead of the traditional Adamantium. The former is the original metal and gift given to James by the Gods (Hercules specifically), granting him the following abilities:

    Near immunity to Psychic manipulation/attacks- James possess incredible telepathic resistance to all unwanted probing, and the metal is versatile enough to let those he wishes to read his mind do so. His record so far

    (The only time this version of Wolverine was able to be mentally controlled, was due to prep and Massive physical trauma to Jame Howlett's brain)

    Energy negation- Due to the Adamantine, James Howlett can counter and negate energy directed at him. From:

    Heroes Reborn

    For full arc summary see: Heroes Reborn

    Logan as Hawkeye
    Logan as Hawkeye

    In the Heroes Reborn continuity, Hawkeye is revealed to be Logan, explaining their similar costumes.

    Multiversal Masters of Evil

    Feral Wolverine
    Feral Wolverine

    A feral version of Wolverine, who was pet to a Dark Phoenix host, was recruited by an alternate reality Doctor Doom for a new Multiversal Masters of Evil that have agreed to work with Mephisto against Earth's legacy heroes.

    Other Media


    Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981-83)

    Wolverine appears with Angel, Professor X and other X-Men in an episode that tells the history of Firestar. He also is part of the team in the episode "The X-Men Adventure". He is voiced by Neil Ross, who gives him an Australian accent, as he was unaware Wolverine was Canadian.

    Pryde of The X-Men (1989)

    No Caption Provided

    In this incarnation of the X-Men, Wolverine is depicted again with an Australian accent. It was also one of the few times he has been animated in his classic brown & tan costume. Wolverine was once again voiced by Neil Ross.

    X-Men: The Animated Series (1992-97)

    No Caption Provided

    In this series Logan is a member of the X-Men. He only remembers a small part of his past and is immediately drawn into a love triangle between Jean Grey and Scott Summers. A few episodes have depicted portions of his history. He is voiced by Cathal J. Dodd, who is considered the definitive voice of the character.

    X-Men: Evolution (2000-04)

    No Caption Provided

    X-Men: Evolution also involves Wolverine’s past being shrouded in mystery and him being something of an imposing figure, though his good-nature eventually shines through. In this reality, Wolverine is one of the founding members - alongside Professor X, Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops. He mentors the younger mutants alongside Prof. X and Storm. This is also the first universe depicting his clone, X-23. He starts off with an orange and black costume before switching to an ultimate styled one during the third season. His second costume resembles the costume of Ultimate Wolverine. In the finale, he is not seen with the future X-Men in Xavier's vision, meaning he might leave the team at some point. He is voiced by Scott McNeil.

    Wolverine and the X-Men (2009-10)

    No Caption Provided

    Wolverine is the center of this series, which also features the rest of the X-Men’s supporting cast. He is voiced by Steven Blum.

    Marvel Motion Comics (2009)

    Wolverine is voiced by Marc Thompson in the ones based on Astonishing X-Men and Jeffrey Hedquist in the ones based on Spider-Woman: Agent of S.W.O.R.D.

    The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

    Wolverine in The Super Hero Squad
    Wolverine in The Super Hero Squad

    In this series Wolverine is a main character and serves as Second-In Command next to Iron Man. Steven Blum reprises his role. His depiction with an Australian accent is spoofed in the second season episode "Too Many Wolverines!", which also spoofs how Wolverine is exaggerated as the "busiest character in the Marvel Universe", and indeed he mentions having teamed up with many - including the Easter Bunny.

    The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (2010)

    Wolverine as an Avenger
    Wolverine as an Avenger

    Wolverine has a cameo appearance in a flashback, in a 'micro series' episode of the show, as a member of Steve Rodger's WW2 platoon. In the episode Captain America leads an assault on a HYDRA facility where Logan participates. He is once again voiced by Steven Blum. He is also shown to be still alive as when Captain America found himself in the realm of the dead, where his WW2 platoon confronts him, all but Logan and Bucky, who had been shown to be revived due to the Cosmic Cube.

    He also appeared in the second season as a member of the New Avengers alongside Spider-Man, the Thing, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and War Machine. Unlike the others, though, he was not chosen by Iron Man in the event the Avengers were lost - he was simply with Spider-Man when he got his message. Again, Wolverine is voiced by Steve Blum.

    Black Panther (2010)

    Wolverine is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson in an episode where the X-Men guest-star.

    Marvel Anime: Wolverine (2011)

    No Caption Provided

    This anime focuses much more on Wolverine’s time in Japan with the Yashida family. He is voiced by Milo Ventimiglia.

    Marvel Anime: X-Men (2011)

    No Caption Provided

    Steven Blum once again voices Wolverine alongside fellow Wolverine and the X-Men co-stars Fred Tatasciore (Beast) and Jennifer Hale (Jean Grey).

    Ultimate Spider-Man (2013)

    Ultimate Wolverine
    Ultimate Wolverine

    Wolverine also appears in episode 10 of Ultimate Spider-Man, named "Freaky". Like his incarnation in Wolverine and the X-Men, he is voiced by Steve Blum. In this episode, Spider-Man and Wolverine work together to defeat Mesmoro. However, before he is taken into custody, he switches the minds of Spider-Man and Wolverine. Wolverine and Spider-Man, in eachother's bodies then have to work together to defeat Sabretooth. Spider-Man, in Wolverine's body, then threatens Mesmoro to change them back using his claws, which works.

    He returns in the Season 2 episode "Game Over," where he helps Spider-Man and Captain America battle Arcade.

    Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers (2014)

    Disk Wars Wolverine
    Disk Wars Wolverine

    Wolverine appears in the Japanese anime as a guest-star. He initially appears to help the kids in their battle against Sabretooth, and is revealed to have been sent to find Noriko Ashida, a young Japanese mutant. He is voiced by Kenji Nomura.


    In all these films (sans Hulk Vs. Wolverine), he is played by Hugh Jackman.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

    Young Wolverine
    Young Wolverine

    The film begins with the same story of the Wolverine: Origin miniseries, but then changes to show Wolverine and Sabretooth side-by-side across several different historical wars. In this version Wolverine and Sabretooth are brothers. The two then fall in with the Weapon X program and become part of a black-ops squad of killers. Logan leaves the program and meets Silver Fox and falls in love. When he thinks Sabretooth kills her he agrees to have adamantium bonded to his skeleton to defeat his brother.

    The film was poorly received by critics and fans, and was later retconned out of the series canon.

    X-Men: First Class (2011)

    Wolverine appears in a brief cameo in the movie in a bar smoking a cigarette when Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr are recruiting mutants from around the globe.

    X-Men (2000)

    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine
    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

    Logan is one of the protagonists, though when the audience first meets him, he’s in a cage fight in a sleazy bar. It’s not until he runs afoul of a runaway Rogue that he meets up with Charles Xavier’s X-Men.

    He also develops an attraction to Jean Grey, as well as a rivalry with her boyfriend, Cyclops.

    X2: X-Men United (2004)

    Wolverine in the sequel
    Wolverine in the sequel

    Wolverine is the protagonist of this movie, focusing on recovering his past and battling against the mysterious anti-mutant militant Col. William Stryker.

    Stryker offers to tell Logan about his past, but Logan instead chooses to remain with the X-Men, who have become a family to him.

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    Wolverine takes a bit of a backseat role in this movie, but is instrumental in uncovering the Dark Phoenix force as well as battling it. In the finale, he is forced to kill Jeanto prevent her from destroying the world. The choice proves emotionally devastating for Logan.

    Hulk vs. Wolverine (2009)

    No Caption Provided

    This animated film tells of Wolverine’s first outing as a superhero, battling the rampaging Hulk. Logan also meets the Weapon X program again here and many of it members. He is voiced by Steven Blum.

    The Wolverine (2013)

    No Caption Provided

    Taking place a number of years after the events of The Last Stand, the film depicts a bitter, broken, and weary Logan who no longer has any interest in being a hero. After being invited to Japan to witness the last days Ichiro Yashida, a man whose life he saved during World War 2, Logan becomes caught in a complex conspircy to steal his healing factor.

    During the course of the movie, he befriends Yukio and falls in love with Ichiro's granddaughter, Mariko, and eventually resolves to become a hero again after getting over Jean's death.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

    Future Wolverine
    Future Wolverine

    In the near future, Wolverine is shown as one of the last surviving X-Men in a world dominated by the Sentinels. After realizing that Logan is the only one who would be capable to make a trip back in time due to his healing dactor, Professor X devises a plan to send Logan back from 2023 to 1973 in order to prevent Mystique from assassinating Bolivar Trask, the act that led to the creation of the Sentinels. After Kitty Pryde sends Logan back into his younger body, he recruits a young Charles Xavier, Beast, Magneto, and Quicksilver to stop Mystique.

    Logan is betrayed and nearly killed by Magneto, but the plan succeeds when Mystique is convinced to spare Trask of her own volition. Upon waking up in the new future, Logan is overjoyed to discover that all of his dead friends, including Jean, are once again alive.

    X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

    When Jean, Scott, and Nightcrawler infiltrate Colonel Striker's based to free their friends, they encounter Wolverine fresh out of Weapons X. Logan goes through a berserker rage killing many of the guards until he is eventually calmed down by Jean Grey. He then runs off, leaving the area.

    Logan (2017)


    Jackman returns for the final time in this film, set in the near future. After a tragedy results in the X-Men disbanding, an aged and tired Logan heads to the Southwestern United States, where he and Caliban act as caretakers for Professor X, who is now losing control of his mental faculties thanks to his advanced age. This situation is upended when a young girl named Laura arrives, pursued by the Reavers.

    Logan and Charles are forced to go on the run to protect Laura, who is revealed to be a clone of Logan created by a corporation called Transigen. Logan grows gradually sicker throughout the course of the film, and eventually learns from a doctor that the adamantium in his body is poisoning him.

    During the final battle, Logan is fatally wounded, but manages to get Laura and the other children created by Transigen to safety. After sharing one final touching moment with his cloned "daughter," Logan succumbs to his injuries and dies.

    The film garnered rave reviews from critics.

    Video Games

    The Uncanny X-Men (1989)

    Wolverine appears in his brown and tan costume in this NES game.

    X-Men: Madness In Murderworld (1989)

    Wolverine is a playable character in this game that takes place in Murderworld.

    X-Men 2: Fall of the Mutants (1990)

    Wolverine appears in the PC version of the game.

    Wolverine (1991)

    Wolverine starred in his first solo game in 1991, which was an action game that featured Wolverine trying to escape an island he had been trapped on.

    Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

    He makes an appearance in the fourth level of the game and is also a playable character.

    X-Men (1992)

    No Caption Provided

    He is a playable character in both the arcade and home editions of the X-Men game from Konami. He sports his brown and tan costume in this version as well. The game was an adaptation of the unsold Pryde of the X-Men pilot that had been produced a few years earlier.

    Wolverine: Adamantium Rage (1994)

    Wolverine starred in this platformer game, which featured the character in his yellow tiger stripe costume. It was notable for being one of the first games to feature a recharging health system, meant to emulate Logan's healing factor from the comics.

    X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel vs. Capcom series (1994-2001)

    Wolverine and Bone Claw Wolverine
    Wolverine and Bone Claw Wolverine

    Wolverine appears as a playable character in this 1994 Japanese fighting game, with the Savage Land serving as his stage. Wolverine would return in the subsequent sequels/crossovers Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. In Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Wolverine is playable in both his classic form and his bone clawed form from the 90's. In all of the pre-3D Capcom games, Wolverine was voiced by Cathal J. Dodd, who reprised his role from the 90's X-Men animated series.

    X-Men: Wolverine's Rage (2001)

    In this side scrolling Gameboy Color game you play as Wolverine as he fights through some of his classic villains. The main antagonist of the game is Lady Deathstrike who wants to liquefy the adamantium in Logan's body.

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 (2001)

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3

    Wolverine appears as an unlockable skater in the game due to it being made by Activision, the company who also published a number of Marvel video games during the early 2000s.

    X-Men: Mutant Academy 1 and 2

    Wolverine in Mutant Academy
    Wolverine in Mutant Academy

    Wolverine appears in both installments of the game (released in 2000 and 2001, respectively), which could be called the spiritual successor to the Capcom series. He was voiced by Tony Daniels.

    X-Men: Next Dimension (2002)

    No Caption Provided

    Wolverine is a playable character in this fighting game and is voiced by Steven Blum.

    X2: Wolverine's Revenge (2003)

    No Caption Provided

    Although X2 is in the title of this game, it is based of the comics of the time period. Magneto has made a weapon so powerful it can even melt Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton! He must stop him across several different locations. Hugh Jackman does not reprise his role here, and Wolverine is instead voiced by Mark Hamil.

    X-Men Legends 1 and 2 (2004-2005)

    No Caption Provided

    Wolverine is a playable character in the game and has special dialogue with James Hudson in the second installment. This is where famous Wolverine voice actor Steve Blum got his start voicing the charecter.

    Ultimate Spider-Man (2005)

    He appears in the game as the first boss you have to fight while playing as Venom. He is voiced by Keith Szarabajka.

    Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (2005)

    No Caption Provided

    He is a playable character in this fighting game. He was voiced by Mark Acheson.

    X-Men: The Official Game (2006)

    Hugh Jackman reprises his role for this game, which is set between the events of X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand. Logan is one of the three playable main characters (the other two being Iceman and Nightcrawler), and his plotline sees him battling HYDRA, Silver Samurai and a returned Sabretooth.

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

    Logan in the movie game
    Logan in the movie game

    The game switches back and forth between flashback and current timelines in which Wolverine and the rest of Weapon X must complete various missions. This game stands out from the others because of the graphic violence, earning it an M-rating. It is also notable for being far better received than the actual movie it was based on.

    Hugh Jackman reprises his role as Wolverine.

    No Caption Provided

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2

    Wolverine appears in both installments of this game and is one of the main characters, along with Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man. He has special dialogue with Nick Fury and Captain America. He is a main character in the second installment as well, and will have special dialog throughout the game for as long as he is in the first player slot. He is voiced again by Steven Blum.

    Marvel vs Capcom 3 (2011)

    MVC 3
    MVC 3

    Wolverine appears in this fighting game as a playable character. He is voiced by Steve Blum.

    Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012 - )

    Wolverine appears as an unlockable character in the Marvel: Avengers Alliance video game on Facebook. He is a Scrapper Class character by default, but his alternate costume also allows him to become an Infiltrator Class character.

    Marvel Heroes (2013 - )

    No Caption Provided

    Wolverine is one of the major playable characters in the game, once again voiced by Steve Blum. He sports his Astonishing X-Men outfit as a default uniform, but has multiple costumes to choose from.

    Marvel Contest of Champions (2014)

    Contest of Champions
    Contest of Champions

    Wolverine is a playable fighter in this mobile app game from Kabam.

    Marvel Future Fight (2017)

    Future Fight
    Future Fight

    Wolverine was added to the mobile app game as part of the X-Men expansion. This was notable since the X-Men had previously been barred from appearing in the game.

    Marvel Strike Force (2018)

    Strike Force
    Strike Force

    Wolverine appears as a playable character in this mobile RPG game. Despite the recent embargo on X-Men characters in video games, Wolverine was allowed to appear thanks to an agreement between Disney and 20th Century Fox.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order (2019)

    Ultimate Alliance 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3

    Wolverine returns for the third Ultimate Alliance game, with Steve Blum reprising his role once more.

    Fortnite (2020)


    In 2020, Wolverine was added to Epic Games' popular Fortnite battle royale title. He was featured as one of the playable characters in the Nexus War event, which was a crossover between Epic and Marvel.

    Marvel's Midnight Suns (2022)

    Midnight Suns
    Midnight Suns

    Wolverine is a playable character in the Midnight Suns tactical RPG game, with Steve Blum once again reprising his role.

    Wolverine (TBA)

    The teaser for the new game
    The teaser for the new game

    In 2021, it was announced that Insomniac Games, the studio behind the hit Marvel's Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, would be producing a solo Wolverine game as their next Marvel title after Spider-Man 2.

    Live Performance

    Universal Studios and Marvel Live
    Universal Studios and Marvel Live
    • Wolverine is featured in the Universal Orlando Resort from Universal Studios. He is also present as a costumed character in the Super Hero Island section of the park.
    • Wolverine was featured in the first iteration of the Marvel Universe Live arena show alongside his fellow X-Men members Storm and Cyclops.

    Audio Drama

    The Long Night
    The Long Night
    • Wolverine was the subject of an audio drama podcast called Wolverine: The Long Night, which was produced for Stitcher Premium. Set in a small town in Alaska, the series focuses on a pair of federal agents who are investigating Logan after he is thought to be responsible for a series of grisly murders. The podcast features English actor Richard Armitage as the voice of Wolverine. In 2019, a second season titled Wolverine: The Lost Trail was released.


    As one of Marvel's most popular and iconic characters, Wolverine has long been a popular choice for merchandise. After making his toy debut in Mattle's Secret Wars line, Wolverine went on to appear in statues and toys produced by Toy Biz, Hasbro, Hot Toys, and many other manufacturers. Toy replicas of Wolverine's claws have also long been hot sellers, especially among children. The following is a brief selection:

    Marvel Legends

    A sampling of Marvel Legends figures
    A sampling of Marvel Legends figures
    • Wolverine was prominently featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line, starting with Wave 3. As one of Marvel's most popular heroes, he would go on to appear numerous times in ToyBiz's version of the line until the license transferred to Hasbro in in 2007.
    • First Appearance Wolverine was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends Face-Off line as part of a two-pack with Sabretooth.
    • Wolverine was featured in the 12-inch Marvel Legends Icons line by ToyBiz.
    • Ultimate Wolverine was featured as part of Hasbro's Blob Build-a-Figure wave.
    • The X-Force version of Wolverine was featured as part of a San Diego Comic-Con X-Force box set from Hasbro.
    • The Days of Future Past box set featured the older version of Wolverine alongside a Sentinel.
    • The special Marvel 80th Anniversary line from Hasbro featured a two-pack of the Hulk and Wolverine in his first appearance costume.
    • The Weapon X version of Wolverine was featured in the Caliban Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.
    • Wolverine was featured in the Ultimate Riders line with an alternate Patch head.
    • Wolverine was featured in the X-Men Retro line.
    • Bone claw Wolverine was featured in the Love Triangle three-pack with Cyclops and Jean Grey.
    • In 2020, to celebrate the twenty year anniversary of the first X-Men movie, Hasbro released a line of cinematic Marvel Legends X-Men figures. These included two versions of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.
    • A Marvel Legends version of Wolverine from the Logan movie was released by Hasbro as a San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive.
    • The Age of Apocalypse Wolverine was featured in the Sugar Man Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.
    • The House of X version of Wolverine was featured in the Theta Sentinel Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.

    Other Figures

    From ToyBiz, Diamond Select and Kaiyodo
    From ToyBiz, Diamond Select and Kaiyodo
    • Wolverine's very first action figure was featured in Mattel's Secret Wars line back in the 1980s.
    • When the Marvel license changed to Toy Fair, Wolverine was prominently featured in almost all of the X-Men toy lines produced throughout the 90s.
    • Wolverine was also featured in X-Men Classics, the sister line to Marvel Legends.
    • Wolverine was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Wolverine was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Wolverine was featured several times in Hasbro's Marvel Mashers line.
    • Kaiyodo produced a Wolverine figure for the Revoltech line.
    • Action figures of Hugh Jackman's likeness were first produced by Toy Biz starting with the original X-Men movie in 2000. This continued for the sequel, X2: X-Men United. In both lines, Wolverine received the highest number of figures. Role play accessories based on his trademark claws were also produced.
    • Wolverine figures for the subsequent movies were largely handled by Hasbro after the licensed transferred to them. This included a special Marvel Legends two-pack that depicted Wolverine and Beast.
    • Hasbro released a dedicated line of action figures for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Also included were role play items and accessories, as well as comic book figures.
    • Diamond Select released Wolverine figures for both X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The Wolverine under the Marvel Select banner.
    • Hot Toys has also produced several Wolverine figures from the movies, specifically X-Men: The Last Stand, The Wolverine and X-Men: Days of Future Past.
    • Wolverine was featured in ToyBiz's various lines for the 90s X-Men cartoon.
    • He was also featured in ToyBiz's line for X-Men: Evolution.
    • Wolverine was featured in Hasbro's short-lived line for Wolverine and the X-Men.
    • Wolverine was featured in Bandai's line for Marvel Disk Wars: Avengers.
    • Kotobukiya released a Wolverine statue based on his design from the original 90s animated series.


    From Diamond Select, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya and Hollywood Collectibles
    From Diamond Select, Gentle Giant, Kotobukiya and Hollywood Collectibles
    • Bowen Designs has produced various statues and busts of the character in his various incarnations.
    • Gentle Giant Studios has also produced several Wolverine statues and busts, including one based on his movie likeness.
    • Kotobukiya released several Wolverine statues, including his X-Force, Astonishing and Marvel NOW! looks.
    • The Hollywood Collectibles Group produced a statue of Wolverine based on his Marvel vs. Capcom appearance.
    • Diamond Select has produced several Wolverine statues.
    • An anime-inspired Wolverine figure was released by Square Enix.
    • Wolverine has been featured in toys from several fast food outlets.
    • Wolverine has been included in some of the Marvel kits produced by Lego.
    • Funko has released Wolverine products, including in their line of Pop! bobbleheads.
    • Kotobukiya released a statue based on Wolverine's appearance from the 90s cartoon.

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