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    Jean Grey was one of the five original X-Men. An omega-level mutant telepath and powerful telekinetic, Jean has gained near limitless powers as a recurrent host of the Phoenix Force. She is known for her return from death and as the wife of Cyclops.

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    Jean Grey
    Jean Grey

    Jean Grey was born the youngest of two daughters to John and Elaine Grey. Her father was a professor at Bard College History Department in Annandale-on-Hudson. Jean grew up a normal girl born and raised in New York, but while playing with her friend Annie Richardson, Annie was struck by a car. The high emotional stress of the accident caused Jean's mutant powers to manifest well before she reached pre-pubescence. This sudden surge in telepathic power linked Jean with her friend, which caused her to experience Annie's death firsthand. Jean was so traumatized by this event that she slipped into catatonia for the next three years.

    When Jean reached age eleven, a psychiatrist referred her parents to Professor Charles Xavier, an expert on mutation, specializing in telepathy. Following the psychiatrist's advice, the Grey's brought their young daughter to Professor Xavier's mansion in Westchester County. After his initial analysis, he informed Jean and her parents that she was a mutant, a possibility that her parents had yet to consider. The Professor recommended she stay in Salem to attend Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Here she would learn to harness the massive psionic power dwelling within her. Unbeknownst to John and Elaine, this would also be her first step to becoming a founding member of Professor Xavier's X-Men. This team of young (predominantly mutant) individuals would learn how to utilize their mutant powers to better all of humanity, mutant and non-mutant alike.


    Marvel Girl debut in X-men 1
    Marvel Girl debut in X-men 1

    Jean Grey was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, first appearing under the code name Marvel Girl in X-Men #1 in 1963. Jean was the first and (initially) only female member of the team, and was a regular part of the team during this run of publication. She began as a character whose sole ability was telekinesis. Years later, writers decided to give her telepathy. The writers explained that this was a suppressed ability that remained dormant (thanks to Xavier's intervention) while she was a teenager.

    During the first appearance of the 'Phoenix', created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne in the 1980s, her origin was altered and she became the vessel for the cosmic Phoenix Force, making one of the weakest members of the X-Men arguably the strongest entity in the entire Marvel Universe (although Jean had omega-class mutant potential even without the Phoenix).

    Major Story Arcs

    First Class

    Marvel Girl
    Marvel Girl

    When Xavier felt that Jean had reached a mastery over her telekinetic powers, she became the fifth member of the X-Men. The other members of the team were Scott Summers (code-named Cyclops), Henry Philip McCoy (code-named Beast), Warren Kenneth Worthington III (code-named Angel), and Robert Drake (code-named Iceman). Jean adopted the code-name 'Marvel Girl.'

    The team actively fought against other mutants (and human villains) who threatened their founder and mentor's ideals. As time went by, the team's relationship grew tighter, and they came to think of themselves as family. The original X-Men remained together, saving the world for many years, and they became renowned (famously and infamously) for their exploits. Unfortunately, the X-Men were never accepted by society the same way other superheroes were. This was due to the non-mutant public's fear and distrust of mutants. People fear what they do not understand, and this prejudice has ever remained a problem throughout the team's history. Even to this day, there's still no peace between humans (homo-sapien) and mutants (homo-superior).

    Despite romantic interest from Angel, Jean fell in love with her fellow teammate Cyclops. Due to timidity on both sides, the lovebirds were slow to show their affection for one another. Cyclops was perhaps more apprehensive due to his mutant power's destructive nature and its potential danger to anyone who got remotely close to him, especially Jean. Eventually, however, the two revealed how much they cared for each other. Later, when Xavier recruited new students into the school, the other original members, except for Cyclops, left the school to follow their own paths. Cyclops continued his relationship with Jean, though she traded heated battles for sunny beaches as a swimsuit model. Meanwhile, Cyke worked as a radio announcer (moonlighting as a superhero, of course). Their relationship survived countless challenges, finally leading to their marriage after several years.

    When the alien force named Z'Nox attempted to invade the Earth, Xavier took a much-needed sabbatical from the X-Men (leaving the former X-Men foe-turned-friend, Kevin Sidney, a.k.a. Changeling, to take his place) and was forced to release most of the psychic barriers he had placed on Jean. This allowed her telepathic powers to resurface (although at the time, it was explained that Xavier had given her a part of his own telepathy, but this was later retconned). Due to her current maturity level and years of tutelage and training under the Professor himself, he hoped that she could handle the amount of power that became accessible to her. Believing Xavier to be dead (though it was Changeling in his place), Jean did her best to fill her mentor's shoes. She continued to use her still-new telepathic and formidable telekinetic powers to aid the X-Men.

    The New X-Men

    X-men Vs Krakoa
    X-men Vs Krakoa

    When the original X-Men team was captured by Krakoa: the Living Island, the real Xavier was forced to recruit another group of mutants to rescue them. First, he called upon his former lover/current colleague, Moira MacTaggert. She had been training her own mutant team (affectionately referred to as the Islanders, as they were headquartered at Moira's research facility on Muir Island, Scotland) for such an occasion. However, this team was not yet prepared for the daunting task of fighting an entire island, and was quickly dismantled and defeated. Two of the four teammates perished, the other two went missing and were presumed dead for years. The Living Island then released Cyclops to bring the grotesque Krakoa more mutants on which to feed. Xavier was once again forced to bring together another group of mutants, whom he rightfully dubbed 'the New X-Men.' This team, along with Cyclops, defeated Krakoa. Following these events, Jean and the other members of the original team (excluding Cyke) left the X-Men to allow the new team to take over. Scott's decision to remain an X-Man initially upset Jean. However, she held on to her connections with the X-Men, becoming best friends with Storm (one of only two other females to have both joined the X-Men and survived the battle against Krakoa) and continuing her relationship with Cyclops.

    A few months later, the X-Men faced another of their seemingly endless supply of disasters. A solar flare appeared, advancing dangerously close to the Earth's surface. A Starcore orbital space station witnessed this cataclysmic event and immediately made the flare its first priority. The space station's crew needed to discover what caused the Sun to send such a powerful flare, hundreds of thousands of miles from its surface. Starcore eventually called on Dr. Peter Corbeau. Corbeau was the world's leading authority on solar flares and solar radiation, along with being a highly decorated astronaut and space shuttle pilot. The Doc recently created a prototype solar probe with complete radiation shielding. He was to lead a team of astronauts to the space station in a Starcore shuttle. The shuttle would be piloted by Corbeau himself, and would bring with it the aforementioned probe. Upon docking at the space station, Corbeau and his team found that it had been taken over by the well-known anti-mutant activist Steven Lang. Lang planned to unleash a new generation of Sentinels and had captured some of the X-Men as guinea pigs to test these atrocities. The space station was wrecked in the ensuing battle between our uncanny heroes and the giant robots, which forced the X-Men to abandon the station immediately before it exploded. The team and all of the astronauts escaped by the skin of their teeth, flying the shuttle away just as the space station went nuclear.

    The pilot and passengers weren't out of the woods yet, still having to avoid the mile-long wave of radiation that had been left behind in the wake of the solar flare. The shuttle still had the solar probe in its cargo, which had plenty of room to house all of the passengers and protect them from the danger. Unfortunately, some debris from the station damaged the shuttle, effectively disabling its auto-pilot feature. Someone would have to stay in the cockpit and pilot the vehicle manually to arrive safely on Earth. The only option they had was Jean. She could telepathically absorb Dr. Corbeau's flight training and telekinetically shield herself from the intense radiation. Jean took over the controls and prepared herself and the ship for re-entry as the others sealed themselves safely in the solar probe at the rear of the shuttle. Upon entering the top layer of Earth's atmosphere, Jean's psionic shields were overcome. The radiation began to eat away at her body, slowly killing her. With her last ounce of strength, she telepathically cried out for help, and was heard by the Phoenix Force.

    The Phoenix

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    The Phoenix offered to save Jean, but told her that she would need time to heal because her body was already far more damaged than her mind would allow her to realize. She accepted the entity's help, and the Phoenix siphoned a small piece of her essence, creating a copy of Jean's body for itself. It also took Jean's damaged body, placing it inside a healing cocoon, which (unbeknownst to anyone but the Phoenix itself) was to be buried in the very location that the shuttle crashed: Jamaica Bay, near JFK Airport, New York City. As the shuttle skidded across the water, coming to a halt, the solar probe shot out of the damaged spacecraft. One by one, all of the remaining X-Men and space station/shuttle personnel swam up from the bottom. However, as the precious seconds flew by, Jean was nowhere to be found among the debris. Just as Cyclops attempted to dive down, desperate for a sign of his love's survival, the water began to glow, and "Jean" (in reality the Phoenix, but no one would discover this for some time to come) burst from the water, ascending into the air wearing a brand-new costume. With a proclamation of, "I am Phoenix," the Phoenix/Jean entity was born.

    Phoenix (while posing as Jean, therefore referred to as such) joined the X-Men on several missions, even following them to the Shi'ar galaxy, where she single-handedly healed the breach in the M'Kraan Crystal torn by the megalomaniacal Shi'ar Emperor, D'Ken. Lilandra, D'Ken's sister and heiress to the throne, took note of the immense power held by the mortal "Jean Grey," and became concerned as to the fate of such a destructive force. She hid her concern for the sake of her love, Xavier (who, during the conflict with D'Ken, had developed an intense psychic/emotional relationship with the stunning alien empress). Later, during a battle with Magneto, Phoenix and Beast believed the rest of the X-Men to have perished. Without Cyclops and the rest of her "family," Phoenix decided to head to Moira's facility on Muir Island. During the trip, she was taken in by a strong illusion created by a member of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club, Jason Wyngarde. Through these intense hallucinations, Wyngarde (with the help of another Inner Circle member, Emma Frost) convinced Phoenix that she had dreamt everything about her life so far. The duo led her to believe she was an English noblewoman from the 18th century that was sailing to her homeland from America to be married to Wyngarde. During a notable debacle with Moira's son, Proteus, she fell prey once again to this illusion, just long enough to allow her to be taken out by Dr. MacTaggart's offspring. This mental reprogramming of the Phoenix's mind went on for several months.

    Dark Phoenix

    The Dark Phoenix
    The Dark Phoenix

    Following the defeat of Proteus and the X-Men's reunion, the team returned to their mansion. They soon received readings from Cerebro regarding two new and potentially powerful mutants. The team was split up so each group could investigate Cerebro's findings. While searching for the mutant whose location had been pinpointed to a nightclub in New York City, Phoenix once again found herself in the throes of an illusion. This time, she was at her own wedding to Jason Wyngarde. She snapped out of her vision in the middle of kissing Wyngarde, who was actually in the nightclub, kissing Jean. Before she or Cyclops can react to this, Dazzler, (the mutant found by Cerebro) comes on stage and starts singing. Outside the club, Nightcrawler receives a phone call from Kitty Pryde, the other mutant detected in Chicago. She warns him that the other half of the team has been captured, just as Nightcrawler is attacked by one of the Inner Circle's famous Pawn henchmen. Inside, Cyclops and Phoenix are also assailed by Pawns, who seem to have weapons specifically designed to negate their powers.

    With Dazzler's help, they defeat their attackers, and the four mutants leave for Chicago to rescue their teammates. As they go, Cyclops sees Jason Wyngarde on the street and notices that his shadow doesn't match his body's outline. In the Windy City, the team rescues Kitty as she is about to be captured by the Pawns from the Inner Circle, led by Emma. This strikes a chord in Phoenix, as she recalls that the Hellfire Club was the group of people featured in her illusions. With the help of Kitty and Dazzler, the team rescues their captive comrades. Meanwhile, Phoenix and Emma have a psychic duel that seemingly kills the latter, weaker duelist.

    The team decides to rest before taking the fight to the Hellfire Club. They retire to Angel's aerie in New Mexico. During this sabbatical, Phoenix takes off Cyclops's visor to see his eyes. He is initially hesitant, but she tells him she can telekinetically stave off the other-dimensional energy that fuels his optic blasts. The couple enjoys a moment gazing into each other's eyes. Still, Cyclops worries over the amount of power Phoenix possesses and whether or not she can control it.

    The team infiltrates the Hellfire Club with Angel's help. Soon after arriving, Jean is swept away into an illusion. As Wyngarde begins to escort Phoenix into the mansion's dining room, Cyclops is in hot pursuit. Suddenly, he recognizes Wyngarde as their former enemy from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Mastermind. As he enters the dining room, he is struck down by Phoenix's energy blast. She declares that she is now the Black Queen of the Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club. The noise of the attack sets off the impending battle. As Storm and Colossus confront the club's leader and Black King, Sebastian Shaw, Wolverine fights the Black Bishop, Harry Leland, while Nightcrawler battles the White Bishop, Donald Pierce. After a quick battle, the entire team is defeated, as the Inner Circle has had ample time to study the X-Men's powers and fighting styles. Wolverine is thought slain by Leland's gravity manipulation power, having plunged the X-Men's resident scrapper several stories below the initial battle to the sewers beneath the mansion. The Inner Circle shackles and disables the other X-Men's mutant powers, allowing them to live and witness their newest member's induction. As the Hellfire Club toasts their new Queen, Wolverine rises from the sewers, vowing revenge.

    Wolverine dismantles Pawns in the basement while the rest of the team is trapped, and Phoenix is still held under one of Mastermind's illusions. Cyclops attempts to reach Phoenix through the unique psychic rapport they share as lovers. As he enters her mind, he finds the landscape and motif alarmingly similar to that of the Hellfire Club's Mansion. He finds Mastermind waiting for him in Jean's mind, and he challenges Cyclops to a psychic duel. The challenge is accepted, and right away, he finds himself at a severe disadvantage to Mastermind's sword-fighting and psychic manipulation skills. Cyclops demands he end his illusions and fight in the real world. Mastermind laughs heartily at his opponent's lack of realization, telling Cyke that he (Mastermind) is not responsible for any other action than the fencing, and that Phoenix's own mind is fighting against our hero. Cyclops is caught off guard by this announcement and is stabbed through the heart by Mastermind. In the physical world, Cyclops falls over from the shock of having his psyche destroyed.

    All in attendance believed Cyclops to have perished. However, he groans in pain at the last moment, helping them to realize he's still alive. Shaw reprimands Mastermind, saying that his control over the Phoenix is not complete, as Cyclops is clearly kept alive because of his psychic link with her. The telepathic backlash of Cyclops's near-death results in Phoenix being forced into her correct frame of mind. Just then, Wolverine breaks into the room. Phoenix uses Wolvie's distraction to release the helmet holding Cyclops's optic blasts at bay. He quickly uses his powers to free the rest of the team, and the tide soon changes in the X-Men's favor. As Wyngarde escapes, he believes he can still bring Phoenix back to his control, and they encounter each other alone in the hallway. He quickly attempts to pull her back into the illusion, but she sees right through it, effortlessly tearing his fantasy asunder. She scoffs at his meager attempts to control such a powerful creature. She shatters the illusion he has created around himself to appear more handsome and opens his mind to the true being that she is. This shuts down his brain, killing him. As the X-Men gather in the Blackbird, the rising power within the Phoenix becomes much too destructive and powerful, and she rips the jet to shreds with her psychokinetic abilities. Amidst the death and chaos, she transforms into the Dark Phoenix.

    The Dark Phoenix then begins her short-lived, one-sided battle against the X-Men. As she tosses them around like rag dolls, she speaks back and forth with Cyclops. He questions her as to why she remains in Jean's mind after her success in healing the M'Kraan Crystal. She tells him it is because she'd never dealt with emotion and senses before she inhabited a human body. She asks him why he cares if Jean survives, and he answers: "Because I love her." Phoenix claims that she doesn't understand the definition of this particular emotional response, telling him that his answer is unacceptable. She attempts to destroy him once more, but as she brings him to the brink of death, the part of Jean still with the Phoenix stops her, taking the Phoenix into the vastness of space.

    She traverses to a nearby solar system named D'Bari, plunging herself deep inside its sun. A passing Shi'ar cruiser witnesses the attempted suicide. They believe it to have destroyed itself. The scanners on the ship show that Phoenix not only survived the impact, but is gaining energy from the sun - feeding on it. After depleting the sun of all of its internal energy, the sun goes supernova. The force destroys all of the planets in the solar system, including one that was inhabited by billions of lifeforms. The Shi'ar cruiser survived the blast by jumping into hyperdrive as they discovered that the sun would explode. The starship returns after the devastation, attacking the Phoenix in retaliation for the destruction, hoping to avert another in the process. In the blink of an eye, Phoenix destroys the threat to her existence, just as they hail the empress Lilandra in regards to the recent events. Phoenix, in turn, heads back for Earth.

    The Shi'ar and seeming Death

    Having received the distress signal from the now destroyed Shi'ar vessel, Lilandra summons Gladiator, the captain of the Shi'ar Imperial Praetorian Guard, and commands him to assemble his team and to ready them for a journey to Earth. While the disaster in the D'Bari system was unfolding, the X-Men were making plans of their own to stop the Phoenix and separate the entwined beings for good. Beast discovered that if he were able to shut down Jean's baser physical functions (i.e. emotional responses, hearing, smelling, etc.) it may force the Phoenix to leave Jean's mind. He and the Professor design a mnemonic scrambler which, if attached to Jean's head during a lapse where she is more in control than the Phoenix, would perform this task and stop Jean's body from providing the reactions that Phoenix craved.

    Through Cyclops' rapport with Phoenix they find that she is returning to Earth, and that she intends to go back to the place she was before she ever knew she was a mutant. Phoenix returns to Jean's parents' house in the middle of the night. The house is empty, since the X-Men already forewarned the Greys and led them to safety. As she is moving through the house reminiscing, Cyclops (driving Professor Grey's car) pulls into the driveway. She thinks that her father has come home and races outside to see him. As she walks through the door she finds that the area is covered in a dense fog and begins to revert to the Phoenix due to the impending danger. Phoenix surfaces as Beast jumps at her, securing his mnemonic scrambler device onto the top of her head. He activates it as Phoenix begins another attack. However, he finds that not only is the scrambler failing to respond to his remote control, but it melts like ice on a summer sidewalk before it can even perform its function. Realizing that he is running out of time, Xavier decides to take advantage of Phoenix's weakened state and confronts her in the battlefield that is her mind. Despite her overwhelming power, Phoenix loses against two of the most powerful minds on Earth. The sliver of Jean that still remains and the professor place psychic breakers around Phoenix in order to incarcerate the entity forever.

    As Xavier and "Jean," recover from the telepathic strain of fighting such awesome power, the X-Men find themselves surrounded by the entire Shi'ar Imperial Guard and Lilandra. She tells Xavier that by order of ancient Shi'ar/ Kree/ Skrull law the Phoenix/Jean Grey entity must perish. Lilandra states that Phoenix is far too powerful to be left alive and tells the X-Men about the perished solar system. Several billions of lives were lost, and the Phoenix did so without the bat of an eye. No effort, no remorse. Xavier pleads with Lilandra, to no avail. He intrudes upon the empress' mind in order to find a compromise. The only solution is to have a trial by combat to the death, the X-Men vs. the Imperial Guard. This is known as the challenge of Aran'n Halar. He invokes said challenge and he and the other X-Men (including Phoenix) are transported to the Shi'ar Imperial Cruiser.

    Cyclops and Phoenix
    Cyclops and Phoenix

    Lilandra is bound by Shi'ar law to accept the challenge, however, for the sake of all of space and time she cannot allow the X-Men to win. This situation is clearly a strain on Xavier and Lilandra's fairly new relationship. The X-Men prepare for battle. Phoenix implores Cyclops to reconsider his stance on the current conflict, reminding him of the horrors she performed whilst taken over by her dark side. He simply reaffims his undying affection for her and says she is worth all of the lives in existence. Several hours later, the X-Men (along with the Imperial Guard) are teleported to the blue area of Earth's moon. The battle begins.

    The two teams are evenly matched, as far as numbers are concerned. Unfortunately for the X-Men, the Imperial Guard is made up of super-powered beings from every reach of space. These beings have had eons to perfect and train themselves so as to defeat every known or unknown threat. The mutants simply cannot compare having been around for less than a decade. They are defeated, more swiftly than they or Xavier could have foreseen. The only members of the team left concious are the two lovers. With Cyclops' offensive skills and Phoenix's defensive telekinetic barrier, they are able to be quite the proverbial "thorn," in the aliens' side. Phoenix warns Cyke that she has lost telepathic contact with the others and the two are the last survivors of the battle. Phoenix discovers a cave and pulls Cyclops inside, forming a barrier of dirt and rocks telekinetically in order to remain hidden from the tireless Shi'ar army. The two do their best to say goodbye, proclaiming their love for each other as they try to gather enough energy for one last ditch effort. They run at the entire Guard, Cyclops inevitably takes a hit and is rendered unconcious like the others. Feeling the psychic backlash of his pain through their rapport is far too much for Phoenix to bear, and the psychic barriers containing the darkness are destroyed. Dark Phoenix resurfaces and disables the Imperial Guard with but a thought. Lilandra is forced to take drastic measures and fires a massive energy beam from the Cruiser to the moon targeting Phoenix. This blast seems to have destroyed Jean and the Phoenix disappears.

    "Resurrection" and X-Factor


    Several years after Jean's death, the Avengers discover the cocoon containing her fully-healed body, which had been resting on the ocean floor, in Jamaica Bay. Not realizing what it was (they thought it was another creation of the Hive such as Adam Warlock or Kismet), they brought it to Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four for further study. Jean soon awakens in the HQ of the heroic quartet and emerges from the cocoon, but cannot recall anything of her death, the battle for the M'Kraan crystal, the Inner Circle, or anything beyond that of the events leading to her living burial. The Avengers and the Fantastic Four aid her in recovering her memory. They found out that the real Jean had been trapped in the cocoon since before 'she' emerged as the Phoenix many months ago. Jean also discovers that she has lost her telepathic powers, but that her telekinetic abilities are far more formidible than they once were (not quite the proficiency that she had as Phoenix, but now she effortlessly used telekinesis for flight).

    Meanwhile, Cyclops had met and fallen in love with a young woman named Madelyne Jennifer Pryor who was seemingly an exact physical copy of Jean. She was, in reality, a clone of Jean that had been created by Mr. Sinister so that he could, in Jean's absence, still have a chance to receive genetically perfect offspring from the destined couple. No one (not even Madelyne) would figure this out for quite some time. She and Cyclops quickly married and moved to Alaska to settle down and have a family. Peace would never really come to the couple however, as their first and only child, (Nathan a.k.a. Cable) went missing. Madelyne and Cyclops soon approached the X-Men for help in discovering the whereabouts of their son. Madelyne also possessed a fraction of Jean's mutant powers and was able to hold her own as a member of the team. After months with the X-Men, Madelyne made a deal with some demons (one group of many that the X-Men had fought over the years) and began gathering power as the Goblin Queen. It was during this time that Jean (the real Jean) would reenter the life that she had left behind.

    Madelyne discovered that Jean had returned to end up with Scott, and began editing the information that the X-Men saw so they only saw the bad news about X-Factor and thus were kept in the dark about Jean. All of this came to a head when Madelyne made a grab for power by turning Manhattan into a spitting image of the demonic Limbo using her own son (whom she and Scott had recovered with the help of the X-Men) as the catalyst. Meanwhile, as a result of Madelyne's tampering with various forms of media, the X-Men go to battle with the seemingly out of control X-Factor team. This battle however, was short-lived as both the X-teams realized the source of the confusion and set out to make Madelyne answer for her treachery. Unfortunately they also had to combat Mr. Sinister. The X-teams confronted Sinister while an intense psychic battle for dominance raged between Jean (who had regained her telepathic abilities in a recent battle with the Dark Riders) and her clone. With considerable effort, Jean was able to defeat and kill Madelyne, not only stopping the threat of the Goblin Queen, but also succeeding in reuniting with the piece of her soul that the Phoenix had once used to impersonate Jean several months before. With that piece of herself back intact, a flood of all the memories of the Phoenix and Madelyne came rushing back to Jean's psyche, some good and some bad.

    Though she and the founding members of the X-Men had an emotional reunion, her regained memories affirmed Jean's fears that her life had been stolen from her. These feelings of doubt led to her refusal of Cyclops proposal of marriage. It also didn't ease the tension between the lovebirds when Jean met her daughter from the future, Rachel Summers, which made it seem inevitable that the two were to marry. The pressure seemed unbearable. She was further disturbed by the news that the New X-Men had been fighting anti-mutant movements with the help of the team's archenemy, Magneto. Because of this news, the original fab five continued their heroic efforts under the name of X-Factor for a while.

    X-Factor re-merged with the New X-Men soon after however, due to Professor X's need for the two X-Teams' aid in defeating the Shadow King, who had taken over Muir Island. When this threat ended the X-Men team was whole again and the name X-Factor was given to a different team.

    Return to the X-Men, Marriage and the Future

    Jean & Scott
    Jean & Scott

    Coming back to the shepherd and his fold, Jean had a change of heart with regards to her seemingly inevitable nuptials. She turned the tables and proposed to Scott herself. Never having lost his intense feelings for his "high school," sweetheart, Cyclops accepted. Married at last, the duo also accepted Rachel, their daughter from a parallel reality, into their lives. Just after the wedding however, Rachel was sucked into an alternate timestream to save her teammate, Captain Britain. During the honeymoon, Scott and Jean were pulled into this timestream by Rachel (now Mother Askani) herself. Rachel needed her parents to raise Scott and Madelyne's son (who had been sent to the future to heal from a vicious case of the Techno-Organic virus that he'd contracted during the battle with Madelyne and Sinister). In this alternate reality (Earth-811), the two heroes were known as Red and Slim so as to keep their true identities a secret. Here, they were able to ensure Cable's safety.


    Faces Onslaught
    Faces Onslaught

    When they returned, Jean took on the codename of Phoenix once more, to honor Rachel, who was believed to be dead. Jean also re-adopted the original green Phoenix costume and began manifesting a "firebird" visage whilst using her telekinetic powers. It was revealed that Rachel was only missing, due to events that coincided with Apocalypse's prematurely reported death. Around the time that Jean and the others had figured this out, a monstrous and powerful entity known as Onslaught, had come into being when the minds of Professor X and Magneto merged during an intense battle between the two arch-nemeses. Near the end of the war between most of Earth's heroes and Onslaught, the being confronted Jean and told her that he could reveal all of Professor X's secrets and thoughts to her, including his deepest secret of all. His feelings of affection for his first female student. Onslaught also tempted Jean with claims that he had the wherewithal to give her back the power of the Phoenix Force. The monstrosity was soon after defeated.

    The Twelve

    X-men: The Twelve
    X-men: The Twelve

    Following such a ferocious battle, you'd think that things would've calmed down for our heroine, but you'd be wrong. Apocalypse had come back from the "dead" and taken advantage of the Onslaught distraction by recapturing his former glory. During this time he had deduced that in order to achieve his ultimate goal of total world domination, he needed to capture and harness the power of the twelve most powerful mutants on Earth. Their power he believed, would determine the fate of both human and mutantkind alike and therefore must belong to him. Knowing what we know already, several of the Twelve were X-Men, not excluding Jean and Cyclops. Using yet another doomsday device (Apocalypse is fairly famous for these atrocities) Apocalypse was able to absorb all of the power that the Twelve possessed, making him immensely formidable. Arguably the most powerful of the Twelve, X-Man (yet another child of Jean and Cyclops' from an alternate timeline - Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse - who possessed enough psychic power to be able to bring back the dead) was chosen as a vessel for Apocalypse. X-Man's genetic makeup was better suited for handling such power than Apocalypse's. Before Cyke's son could be possessed by the madman, he attempted to shove X-Man out of harm's way. His actions saved his son, but were unable to stop Apocalypse from merging with Cyclops himself. The X-Men feared the worst for their fearless field commander. However, with the combined efforts of Jean and Cable, they were able to separate Scott from Apocalypse.

    Power Switch

    Revolution Jean Grey
    Revolution Jean Grey

    Jean’s teammate Psylocke needed help dealing with the Shadow King stuck inside her head. When Jean tried to help Psylocke, the two women switched powers. Jean lost her telekinetic powers but absorbed Psylocke’s telepathic powers and added them to her own already formidable telepathic abilities. Jean’s telekinetic power eventually returned while Psylocke also retained her massive telekinetic upgrade.

    Morrison’s New X-Men/Death Again

    New X-Men Jean Grey
    New X-Men Jean Grey

    Eventually, the mansion reopened as the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning with Jean and Scott as its Headmaster and Headmistress. During this time Scott began having telepathic therapy sessions with the now X-Man Emma Frost, which led to a telepathic affair. Jean caught them during this and this caused major trouble for the couple. When Emma was shot and her diamond form shattered by Esme Cuckoo, Jean was able to reconstruct her on a molecular level and restore her to life. Months later during an attack by Magneto, Wolverine stabbed Jean to spare her dying in an explosion. This “death” brought her back, whilst fully assuming the Phoenix persona. When they returned to Earth, Magneto unleashed a massive electromagnetic pulse through her body giving her a “planetary scale stroke”. Wolverine beheaded Magneto (later revealed to be an imposter anyway) as Jean died in Scott’s arms. Jean lived on in the White Hot Room of the Phoenix (thought to be the centre of creation), and while watching her own funeral, she telepathically nudged Scott to move on and be happy with Emma as she wanted him to live life to the fullest.

    Phoenix Endsong

    In the Phoenix Endsong story arc, the Phoenix Force formed and was assaulted by a Shi'ar warship, which caused it to splinter throughout the galaxy. The Shi'ar also planned on killing Jean Grey as they believed that Jean was the heart of the Phoenix and that the cosmic powers would eventually, inevitably, come back to her. During the Phoenix's arrival on planet Earth, it discovered that Jean was dead. With full determination to resurrect Jean, it consumed her body and forced her to dig herself out of her grave, and hence Jean was resurrected. Neither Jean nor the Phoenix Force were truly prepared for this resurrection, which caused the Phoenix to quickly go insane and become the Dark Phoenix. Jean stated that the resurrection was wrong and the entity was "sick, blind, and has forgotten."

    The X-Men started formulating tactics on how to contain the Phoenix Force, but things went from bad to worse when the mutant Quentin Quire (Kid Omega), who had been the sole reason for the Open Day disaster, returned with plans to resurrect his dead girlfriend Sophie Cuckoo using the Phoenix entity. The Shi'ar then arrived as well and planned on killing the Phoenix while she/it was still unprepared and relatively weak.

    The White Phoenix of The Crown
    The White Phoenix of The Crown

    The X-Men encountered Jean at the North Pole, where Logan would repeatedly attempt to kill her. When Wolverine confronted her and asked if he is talking to Jean or the Phoenix, she replied "I am always Jean Grey and always the Phoenix." Jean managed to regain control of herself and her sanity and sealed herself in ice. Phoenix then used Cyclops' optic blast to empower herself. Emma Frost then attempted to fool the Phoenix by telling the entity that Scott no longer loved Jean. Emma then proceeded in offering herself to the Phoenix. Whilst momentarily overwhelmed, Cyclops pushed both himself and Emma (who was consumed by the Phoenix Force) in a Phoenix Egg Containment Unit created by Beast.

    Kid Omega then appeared, broke open the containment egg, and asked the Phoenix fragment to bring Sophie Cuckoo back to life, which the Emma Phoenix did. Although Kid Omega had succeeded in his goal, Sophie decided to stay dead rather than return to life to be with Kid Omega, since she was still disgusted by him and his previous actions. Meanwhile, Emma Frost was still consumed by the Phoenix Force after being inhabited inside the Phoenix Egg, but because she was only an Alpha Level mutant (unlike Jean Grey who is an Omega Level mutant), she was not capable of joining with the entity for long. To save Emma's life, Jean Grey forcibly separated Emma from the Phoenix. The Phoenix was surprised that Jean was able to accomplish this feat without any assistance. Jean then stated that she and the Phoenix were one and that she would always be the Phoenix. Cyclops then instructed the Stepford Cuckoos and Emma Frost to link all the X-Men together telepathically to sustain the Phoenix's sanity. As they were helping her to keep her sanity, Jean Grey/Phoenix transformed itself into the White Phoenix.

    But then the Shi'ar created an event horizon and Cyclops found himself "somewhere" with the White Phoenix. She then asked Scott to show her his eyes and they both bathed within his optic blast. After Cyclops awoke, he found himself and the other X-Men alive and back on Earth, but Jean Grey was nowhere to be found. Jean is considered to be dead, again, when in fact she is in the White Hot Room searching for her (and the Phoenix's) missing pieces.

    All New X-Men

    Sometime later, after the events of Avengers vs. X-Men and Cyclops' becoming a fugitive, Beast takes up the idea, suggested to him by Iceman, of confronting Scott with his past self. After realizing that he is going to die as result of his mutation, Beast uses Dr. Doom´s time machine to travel to the past and convinces the original X-Men to come to the future (Hank´s present) to confront Scott. After some hesitation, the young X-Men decides to go with him. After arriving in the present, Jean's telepathic powers turn on (she is pulled from a past where those abilities were shut down by Xavier) and she learns about most of the things that are going on in the present, confirming Beast´s story. Despite Wolverine´s insistence they immediately return the young X-Men to the past, Jean puts him to sleep and the X-Men steal a blackbird to locate and confront the Future Cyclops. During the confrontation between them and Cyclops (who is with Magneto), Jean gets to read the mind of present day Scott, and learns that he killed Xavier, prompting a battle between the two teams, ending in Magneto ordering Magik to retrieve them.

    Teenage Jean recalling her future.
    Teenage Jean recalling her future.

    The 'O5' return to the mansion just in time when Beast has a stroke and is near death. Young Beast decides to save his future self and asks Jean for help. She use her power to communicate between the past and present version of Beast, so they can collaborate in saving themselves. While in Beast's mind, adult Hank lets Jean to take a peak inside his mind to learn everything about her future (her first adventures, the Phoenix saga, her time as Black Queen, the first incarnation of X-Factor, training Cable in the Future, her wedding, the death of Madelyne Pryor, her battle against Onslaught, the merger of Cyclops and Apocalypse, her relationship with Wolverine and her death at the hand of Xorn), all of which leaves her devastated. When they manage to save Beast´s life (resulting in another shape mutation), some of the O5 come to the realization that they should return to the past. Jean tells them otherwise, stating that they should stay until they right the wrongs of their future, so all the bad thing they endured wouldn't be in vain. After voting, the majority of the original X-Men decide to stay, with Kitty Pryde taking the role of their mentor (leaving her position of headmistress in the hands of Storm). Teen Scott tries to talk to jean, but she orders him to stay away from her. While adjusting to her life in the present, Jean has problems with her telepathy. Kitty teaches her an exercise to control her ability. When Jean asks if she learned this from Xavier, Kitty tells her that Jean herself taught it to her. After meeting with Storm, both Pryde and Ororo agreed that Jean should lead the young X-Men team (since Cyclops' credibility is in question and Jean was the one that convinced them to stay in the present).

    When Cyclops returns to the school (after almost being arrested at a bank), he gives one of the items from the safety deposit box to jean. It was revealed to be an invitation to their future wedding. Warren spends time with his future self and is upset about what happens to himself. Some time later Captain America and the Avengers show up angry at what the present Beast had done. Prompting Cyclops to smooth thing over. While everyone is distracted, teen Warren (feeling upset) tries to use the time machine to return to the past leaving the others behind. Jean Grey uses her telepathic powers to changes Warren's mind causing the x-men to worry. Some time later, the O5 have a training excerise lesson in the Danger Room. Jean again uses her power to read people's mind annoying first Kitty and then Cyclops. Jean tells Kitty that Scott met Mystique. When Kitty questions Scott about it, he leaves being angry at Jean for invading his privacy.

    Battle of the Atom

    Jean Grey VS Future
    Jean Grey VS Future "Xorn" Jean Grey

    Jean and her teammates are called out to a disturbance where they battle a powerful renegade mutant and Sentinels. During the battle Cyclops and his group of X-Men arrive. The time displaced Cyclops is endured and nearly dies, but he is saved at the last minute by Tirage. After this the X-Men decide that it is too dangerous for Jean and her team to stay. Before they can leave, a group of X-Men from the future arrive and tells them they have to deliver a important message. They tell them that the time displaced X-Men must return home. Jean doesn't trust them, because she can not read their minds. She contacts young Cyclops, and they leave together. They run to older Cyclops and his group of X-Men.

    The other X-Men managed to follow Jean and Cyclops. After a battle, it is eventually decided that the young time displaced X-Men must return to their own time. However, Magik and Beast travel to the future and learn that the people who were calling themselves X-Men are actually that eras Brotherhood. They bring the future X-Men with them to the present, and another battle ensues. The Brotherhood try to send the young X-Men back, but they can't do it. The X-Men managed to defeat the Brotherhood. They learn that the young X-Men are not able to be sent back to their own time because there is somthing important that they have yet to do.

    Extraordinary X-Men

    Jean Grey in Extraordinary X-men
    Jean Grey in Extraordinary X-men

    After the events of Secret Wars we see the time-displaced Jean now attending college. Storm confronts here and asks her to join her group of X-Men. Jean refuses, wanting to live a normal life. She does tell Storm that she sensed the presence of Old Man Logan. Jean later goes on a date with a boy from her college, but when Jean sees a mutant getting attacked she helps him. The boy she was with made a racist remark towards mutants and then freaked out when he realized Jean was a mutant. Jean then decides to join the X-Men. She seeks out Old Man Logan, who had refused Storms offer to join the X-Men, and convinces him to join. They then join the X-Men and help then track down Colossus and Magik who were missing, which leads them into battle with Mister Sinister. After the defeat of Sinister Jean and Logan walk into the new X-Men mansion together.

    After an extended period in the present, Jean and the other original 5 X-Men are sent back to their own time.

    Rebirth and X-Men Red

    Jean returns
    Jean returns

    After witnessing several troubling omens (including a large bird flaring out from the sun and an explosion on the moon), the X-Men discover that present day Jean's coffin is empty. It is revealed that the adult Jean has been resurrected by the Phoenix Force, but is initially in an amnesiac state with no memory of the X-Men. The visions of her past also cause confusion to Jean, leaving her unable to discern between reality and fiction. Old Man Logan is eventually able to help jog Jean's memory, and she convinces the Phoenix to leave her be.

    Now restored to life, Jean learns of the rise in anti-mutant bigotry, and decides to do something about it. She announces plans to create a mutant nation, and assembles her own team of X-Men (including her old friends Storm and Nightcrawler and new recruits like Trinary and Honey Badger) to help make this a reality. As the leader of the X-Men Red, Jean clashes with Cassandra Nova, who has been stoking hatred of mutants for her own ends. Together with her team of X-Men as well as a number of Avengers, Jean took down Cassandra Nova and was freed from any wrongdoing in the EU. No longer a wanted person, Jean returned to the Xavier Institute now located in Central Park.

    Age of X-Man

    Jean helped out the X-Men at a number of ocassions until she and almost every other X-Men where called upon to fight against a power-mad Nate Grey (known as X-Man). During the battle, Jean and most other X-Men where teleported into a strange warped reality known as the Age of X-Man. In this reality, Jean was a member of one of the original five X-Men, but Beast was replaced by Nate Grey himself. As the rest, Jean knew nothing of her former self and life. Luckily, the X-Men managed to regain their true memories and confronted Nate Grey.

    After X-Man was defeated, Jean rejoined the X-Men on Krakoa to be part of the first Mutant Society.

    Krakoa and new Relations

    No Caption Provided

    Jean joined the new mutant society and florished there. She became part of the new X-Men group as well as the strike-team known as X-Force. Now once more bearing her classic green costume, Jean had a new look on life and her character changed a little bid. Most significant in these strange new time was that Jean had a relationship to Scott Summers (Cyclops) but is also very, close to Logan (Wolverine) now. She lived with Cyclops and, together with a number of other relatives, have the Summers house on the moon, where she, Cyclops, Rachel and Cable spend their time from time to time.

    Fall of X

    At the third annual Hellfire Gala, ORCHIS ambushed the X-Men and attacked the mutants. Whilst trying to fight ORCHIS, Jean was stabbed in the heart with a magical dagger by Moria MacTaggert. While dying, she reached out to Scott and Logan to tell them she loved them. She also astral projected herself to Firestar, explaining that she was going to use her powers to make ORCHIS think that Firestar was on their side so that she could spy for the X-Men.

    Even though she was dead, she began a psychic journey to figure out where she went wrong, as she made a mistake and that something could've prevented ORCHIS's attack. She first thought she went wrong when the young X-Men had their memory wiped of the future but upon finding out what would happen if they had their memory, found that that was not the case. She moved on, next thinking that her mistake was when she became the Phoenix. But, upon seeing what would happen if any other X-Men became the Phoenix, she learned that was also not the case.

    In the midst of this, Jean's physical body was found wandering around a desert that some mutants had been transported through when Professor X sent them through the gates at the gala. It appeared that she was somehow alive and delirious, mumbling about the psychic journey she was on. Hope Summers tried to read her mind but she found that it was burning and she discovered that they weren't really in the desert - they were in the White Hot Room.

    Other Relationships


    Jean & Wolverine
    Jean & Wolverine

    Wolverine was intensely attracted to Jean when he first joined the X-Men and it created a heated rivalry between him and Cyclops. When the two were married, however, Wolverine realized that he would never be Jean’s, and actually became a therapeutic force for the couple.

    Professor X

    Jean & Professor X
    Jean & Professor X

    At some point, due to the bond they've shared since Jean's childhood, Charles Xavier developed a greater affection for Jean. The Professor decided to keep it a secret, since he felt that Jean would reject him due to his physical handicap and because he was her longtime mentor. This affection led Charles to transfer his powers to Jean at one point, and to also leave the Institute after her death. Onslaught revealed that Xavier had affections for Jean when he invited her to tune into the Professor's hidden thoughts.

    Differences between the original Jean Grey and "All New X-Men" Jean Grey

    Future Jean Grey (Xorn)
    Future Jean Grey (Xorn)

    This young version of Jean Grey has some differences with the original Jean Grey.

    The original Jean Grey took much longer and a more intensive training with the use of her powers, Charles Xavier decided to block her telepathy when she first displayed that power (concretely, when Annie Richardson died in her arms) waiting for the right moment for her mind to be developed correctly and be able to control it, under his tutelage and training, which happened during the Z'Nox invasion when Xavier shared a part of his power with Jean, awakening her own powers once again.

    However the "All New X-men" Jean (we can call her just Lil' Jean) had her powers awakened much earlier than the original Jean, struggling to control her powers initially but showing off a quick improvement over them plus a quite ruthless use of her new-found powers, which is a long departure from the original Jean; in example, the original Jean would rarely use her powers to coerce others to do her will unless extreme circunstances and not having another choice meanwhile "Lil'Jean" is more than willing to use her powers to "convince" others to obey her, as seen recently when she force "Lil'Angel" to forget about going back in time and stay at the Jean Grey School "happily".

    Also the original Jean has been very cautious about using her powers to "read" others, doing her best to control her powers and avoid such a thing happening meanwhile "Lil'Jean" is doing this kind of "feats" all the time.

    As seen during "Battle of the Atom" storyline "Lil'Jean" will become somehow a twisted and sort-of evil version of the original Jean Grey in the future.

    Personal Data

    Known Relatives

    Grey Family

    John Grey (father, deceased), Elaine Grey (mother, deceased), Brian Grey (paternal uncle, deceased), Phyllis Dennefer (maternal aunt, deceased), Roy Dennefer (maternal uncle, deceased), Fred Harriman (paternal relative,deceased), Sara Grey- Bailey (sister, deceased), Juila Grey (sister, deceased), Roger Grey (brother, deceased), Liam Grey (brother, deceased), Derry Campbell (cousin, deceased), Julian (nephew, deceased), Joey Bailey (nephew,deceased), Gailyn Bailey (niece, deceased), Bekka Wallis (cousin, deceased)

    Summers Family

    Oscar Summers (adoptive distant ancestor-in-law, deceased), Daniel Summers (distant ancestor-in-law, deceased), Amanda Mueller ( Black Womb, distant ancestor-in-law), unnamed great-grandfather-in-law, deceased, Philip Summers (grand father-in-law), Deborah Summers (grand mother-in-law), Christopher Summers ( Corsair father-in-law, deceased) Katherine Ann Summers (mother-in-law, deceased), Scott Summer ( Cyclops, husband), Alexander Summers ( Havok, brother-in-law), Gabriel Summers ( Vulcan, brother-in-law, presumed deceased), Paul Bailey (brother-in-law), Fred Harriman (uncle-in-law, deceased)

    Offspring and Other

    Fiona Knoblach ( Dark Mother, alleged ancestor), Clarity (alleged distant relative), Charles Grey (ancestor), Malkin Grey (ancestor), Eleanor Grey (ancestor), Lady Jean Grey (ancestor), Madelyne Pryor ( Red Queen, clone), Nathan Summers ( Cable, step-son by clone), Stryfe (clone of step-son by clone, deceased), Aliya Dayspring ( Jenskot,step-daughter-in-law, deceased) Hope Summers (adoptive step-daughter-in-law), Tyler Dayspring ( Genisis, step-grandson-in-law, deceased), Rachel Grey (Marvel Girl, alternative reality daughter), Nathaniel Grey ( X-Man, alternative reality son)


    • Citizenship: American
    • Marital Status: Married (Scott Summers)
    • Occupation: Cosmic host of White Phoenix of the Crown, former adventurer, headmistress, teacher, student and fashion model.
    • Education: College graduate at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters and Metro College.
    • Place of Birth: Annadale-on Hudson, New York
    • Hair: Red
    • Eyes: Green
    • Height: 5' 6"
    • Weight: 130 lbs

    Powers and Abilities


    Phoenix Raptor
    Phoenix Raptor

    Jean Grey it’s one of the most powerful telepaths, to such an extent that she had been stated to be the most powerful. Jean is able to use her telepathy in different ways as Mind Communication, Mind Reading, Mind Transferral, Mind Detection, Psychic Surgery, cast near flawless Illusions, project her Astral Form, control the Astral Plane, create Psychic Links with other beings and Mind Manipulation. She’s able to manipulate minds in different ways as Mind Control, Mind Possession, Hypnosis, induce Paralysis, modify or erase someone memories, Amnesia, prevent another mutant to use his powers, increase another mutant’s powers, induce Pain, change someone’s personality. At close range Jean can manipulate any number of minds at once. Jean can also mentally injure, stun or kill opponents with bolts of pure psionic force. Her psychic powers are so strong that they can bypass numerous forms of immunity and resistence.

    Jean Grey it’s also able to protect her mind and another’s ones from Mind Intrusion. Her defensive telepathy allows also her to Cloak Mind and to Telepathic Cloak.

    After her power switch with Psylocke, she temporally manifests a Phoenix symbol over her right eye on her astral form. Jean also starts since this moment to manifest her telepathy as a Phoenix raptor.

    Emma Frost herself, stated that Jean Grey "..goes beyond a regular telepath(...) she's judge and jury".

    • Animal Telepathy – She can psychically read and the minds and communicate with animals.
    • Mental Manipulation – She can manipulate and control the thoughts, mindsets, and upper brain functions of others.
    • Mind Walking – She can enter the mind of another person.
    • Psionic Blast – She can launch psi-blasts to cause mental damage.
    • Psychic Communication – She can communicate with ones mind.
    • Psychic Illusions – She can create and manipulate near flawless psychic illusions.
    • Psychic Inhibitors – She can place psychic inhibitors in others’ mind.
    • Psychic Shield – She can protect herself or others from psychic penetration.
    • Psychic Shield Penetration – She can penetrate psychic shields.
    • Psychic Energy Manipulation

    • Psychic Pyrokinesis – She can manipulate flames made out of pure psychic energy.
    • Psychic Electrokinesis – She can manipulate electrically charged psychic energy.
    • Psychic Energy Absorption – Teen Jean Grey is able take everyone's psychic energy and send it back out at them. Oracle said that it's her telepathy and telekinesis working together.
    • Telekinetic Godhood

    Telekinetic Force-Field
    Telekinetic Force-Field
    • Telekinetic Force-Field Generation - She can generate force-fields of telekinetic energy.
    • Tactile Telekinesis - She can use a personal force-field of telekinetic energy.
    • Telekinetic Aura - She can possess powerful telekinetic extensions of herself.
    • Telekinetic Blast - She can emit blasts of telekinetic energy.
    • Telekinetic Flight - She can fly using telekinesis.
    • X-Factor Negation - In Here Comes Tomorrow, Sublime was able to nullify Wolverine's healing factor with Jean telekinesis.

    Phoenix Force


    When empowered by the Phoenix Force Jean has total control over all matter on the sub-atomic scale to the point where she can manipulate the entire universe. She can generate endless amounts of energy as well as absorb endless amounts of energy. She can exists in any environment without harm and can create space time warps to travel through hyperspace or traverse the time stream with ease. She can also manipulate and create separate time lines. Also her telepathic powers are enhanced to the point where they become visible to the physical world. Usually she forms a giant Phoenix but can form any thing she can think of. The Phoenix Force can also resurrect the dead and absorb the life force from other beings to bolster its own.

    After her physical death Jean fully merged with the Phoenix becoming the White Phoenix of the Crown. This is the most powerful version any wielder of the Phoenix can achieve. The full limits (if there are any) have yet to be shown.

    Unharmed combat

    Jean was a fair hand to hand combatant. The extent of this is unknown, she prefers the use of her telepathy and telekinesis in combat.

    Omega Level Mutant

    Jean is also an Omega Level Mutant. The highest point of power a mutant can ever reach without outside forces.

    The Mutant Alpha

    Mutant Alpha
    Mutant Alpha

    Apocalypse Age's Sinister stated Jean as the Mutant Alpha, the most powerful mutant to ever exist. Dark Beast also said that she goes beyond mutation into some other category.

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-12 (Mimic's Reality)

    She was a team-mate and a good friend to Mimic. Both Wolverine and Mimic were attracted to Jean and while Mimic was operating with the Defenders, she died when she became the Phoenix. The affected Mimic quite badly but he became good friends with Wolverine due their harbored feelings for Jean and their passion for beer and singing.

    Earth-161 (X-Men Forever)

    Wolverine and Jean in X-Men Forever Annual
    Wolverine and Jean in X-Men Forever Annual

    In this reality, she was in a relationship with Cyclops but fell in love with Wolverine when they were sent on a mission to the Caribbean. When they shared their first kiss she was confused at first, but in the end decided she wanted to have a relationship with him nonetheless. While the X-Men were flying in the Blackbird to find and capture Fabian Cortez, she was day-dreaming about the time Logan kissed her when Cyclops was talking to her. Wolverine on the other hand was trying to stop thinking about her and concentrate on the mission. When their plane got shot down, they encountered Fabian and a fight began. When Fabian suck up on Wolverine and grabbed him from behind, Jean unleashed power that was from the Phoenix and defeated him. When the X-Men came back to the Mansion, Nick Fury announced that SHIELD would be working with the X-Men. Angered by this, Wolverine stormed out. When Nick Fury, Professor Xavier, Cyclops and Jean were having a meeting, Jean was in mental contact with Wolverine and screamed his name when he got killed, making everyone in the Mansion collapse. When everyone awoke, she was in a critical shape and could not be awoken. Professor Xavier looked through her mind telepathically and Jean awoke. She screamed at Storm that she killed the man she loved, which confused Cyclops. Once everyone found out Storm killed Wolverine, they chased her but she fled. When Cyclops questioned her about what she said and she explained that it was best they split up. Later, she fell in love with Beast, but he died when the X-Men were sent on a mission to Consortium space.

    Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)

    Jean Grey in Age of Apocalypse
    Jean Grey in Age of Apocalypse

    Jean was the first mutant, other that Magneto's own children to become an X-Man. Jean's parents knew there was something wrong with their daughter so the turned to Magneto and he took Jean into his care. As there was more X-Men recruited, she remained the lone telepath. Due to their being no telepathic teachers to help her control her power, she could not block out other team members thoughts. The person who's thoughts came to her the strongest was Weapon X. She felt his pain and eventually these feeling turned to love. When she was captured by Prelate Cyclops, she was held prisoner in Sinister's lab and he took her DNA and combined it with Cyclops. Weapon X freed her and they left the team to go on their own for a while. With Weapon X, she formulated a plan to create a bomb to kill Apocalypse. The Human High Council joined forces with them and started a nuclear war against Apocalypse and she was killed by Cyclops brother, Prelate Havok. Jean stopped the nuclear fight using her powers, which were the best of her abilities. Mr Sinister found out that Jean's DNA had special properties of those of a Mutant Alpha, so he resurrected her. He fused the Mutant Alpha abilities with those of Jean's that manifested into the Phoenix Force, but she had lost her memories of her past and who she was. Sinister used her to create a new opposing team to the X-Men, but Weapon X managed to get through to her. She destroyed Sinister and she and Weapon X became leaders of the X-Men along with Magneto.

    Jean Grey/Phoenix in Age of Apocalypse
    Jean Grey/Phoenix in Age of Apocalypse

    Years later of Apocalypse fallen, Jean Grey became the new leader of the X-Men. Now, they face a new menace, their former ally Weapon X who transformed in the new Apocalypse. For years the group fight Weapon X´s minnions in order to find the way to save him and their reality. During the Archangel Saga, the uncanny X-Force visited Earth 295 in oder to find the life seed using Dark Beast´s help so Phoenix´s X-Men attacked them. They found the real intentions of the trans dimensional travellers so decided to help them. Jean travelled to Earth 616 and helped their teammates to defeat Archangel, finally they return to their own dimension to stop Weapon X for good.

    Earth-311 (1602)

    Jean Grey/John Grey in Marvel 1602
    Jean Grey/John Grey in Marvel 1602

    Jean pretended to be a boy named John Grey so she could attend Carlos Javier's school. Along with her other team mates, she helped rescue Angel, one of the newest member of the group. One of the most powerful members, she perished when she was carrying a ship a long distance, her last wish was to die as a woman. At her funeral, Angel saw a bird shape image from the flames. Whether this had a future meaning nobody knows.

    Earth-689 (Scarlet Centurion captures all heroes)

    Along with other members of the X-Men, she gets captured by the Avengers, who had been tricked by the Scarlet Centurion. She is freed when the Avengers get defeated by their 616 counterparts.

    Earth-900 (Utopia)

    She along with Cyclops create a police force in this reality.

    Earth-905 (Professor X: Juggernaut)

    Along with other X-Men, Jean appeared in this story briefly.

    Earth-1003 (Professor's Secret Service)

    When Valerie Cooper becomes president, she, Magneto and Quicksilver all get murdered at a peace summit. The X-Men become the representatives of Mutants and Professor Xavier becomes leader of Genosha.

    Earth-1008 (By the Maker)

    The Phoenix Force is significantly amplified in this reality and Jean is fully possessed by it.

    Earth-1018 (Mutants, Mutants Everywhere!)

    In the year 2030, Cyclops and Jean Grey are proud parents of Charles and Jeannette and have retired from protecting the world from various threats posed by super-villains. The other members of the X-Men are still on active duty, continuing with their mission begun by the deceased Professor Xavier.

    Earth-1030 (N.Y.X.F)

    She was a part of a special team sanctioned by the government and led by Cable to help protect the growing mutant population.

    Earth-1031 (Reborn)

    Jean accidentally absorbed the powers of Cerebra. It caused her to be aware of the locations of all mutants, what they're doing and even their intentions/motives at all times. She cannot turn it off, so with this constant influx of information she is now confined to a wheelchair.

    Earth-1034 (X-Men X)

    Jean Grey in X-men X
    Jean Grey in X-men X

    Jean's mutant identity is a secret and she fights against those who hunt mutants. These mutant fighters were shown in wolves and sheep costumes.

    Earth-1036 (Deadpool: I'm Available)

    Along with other members of the X-Men, she is killed by Deadpool. As a memento, he takes her headgear and keeps it in his base.

    Earth-1038 (Retro Men)

    She appears briefly along with other members of the X-Men.

    Earth-1044 (X-Men rEvolution)

    Jean is a social misfit and one of four mutants at Bayville High School. Their shared love of music lead them to start a band, drawing inspiration from their life experiences and uniting mutants around the globe.

    Earth-1298 (Mutant X)

    Jean Grey in Mutant X
    Jean Grey in Mutant X

    Jean was known as the mutant Ariel. Jean was a founding member of this realities X-Men. She developed a romantic relationship with Havok. When Jean was believed to have died, Havok married her clone which looked exactly like her. The clone's name was Madelyne Pryor. When Jean stepped back into the scene, she became an agent for Mr. Sinister and Apocalypse to recruit Havok's new team against an evil Xavier. Later on, Jean joined The Six . As in the mainstream reality, Madelyne Pryor became the Goblyn Queen. It was also revealed that Jean had a relationship with Wolverine and to have worked with SHIELD for a time.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate)

    Ultimate Jean Grey
    Ultimate Jean Grey

    Before being an X-Man, she was a normal teenager. After her powers manifested, she was sent to a mental institution until she met Professor X who trained her to control her powers. She became the second X-Man and the first ever X-Woman. She had a brief relationship with Wolverine who was secretly working for Magneto and his Brotherhood who were planning to kill Xavier. When Wolverine confessed this, Jean violently ended their relationship. She then became involved with Cyclops with whom she fell in love.

    Jean was then possessed by an entity called the Phoenix Force during a fight with Apocalypse. It then proceeded to cause lots of trouble in this time-line. In the conclusion the Ultimatum event, Jean, despite her track record, was one of the few X-Men who survived the event after Scott was tragically killed by a bullet launched by a super-speeding Quicksilver in retribution for Scott's killing of Magneto. Rogue had to carry a distraught Jean away and the later the two along with Iceman tear down the grounds of the Xavier Institute and bury the deceased X-Men in their place.

    Following the Ultimatum event during the events of Ultimate Comics: X, Jean left her life as a superhero behind and took the alias of Karen Grant, growing her usually short hair out and dying it black. She has taken a job at a shopping mall and is dating the mall's security guard, Dave, using her telepathy to make everyone think she's been there for years despite being there much shorter than that. Karen later discovers Dave put her picture on Facebook without her knowledge which angers her because she knows danger will come looking for her. She is correct when Mystique (initially disguised as Rogue) and Sabretooth are able to track her down because of this and attack her, leaving Dave dead. Karen defeats the two and tells them to leave, while they still could. Later that night, Karen goes home to find Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine, waiting for her. She joined Jimmy in his mission to recruit mutants for an as-of-yet unclear cause (likely to stop Quicksilver's Brotherhood, which includes Mystique and Sabretooth who had already attacked Karen) and they are later joined by new mutant Derek Morgan and proceed to locate former X-Man Liz Allan, aka Firestar.

    Jean Grey as Karen Grant in Ultimate X-men
    Jean Grey as Karen Grant in Ultimate X-men

    During Ultimate Comics: X-Men (Ultimate Comics: X being a prequel to this series), Jean is still using the Karen Grant alias and has joined Nick Fury's new covert team Ultimate X (supposedly the Ultimate version of the Runaways) along with Firestar, Derek Morgan (aka The Guardian), and Bruce Banner the Hulk. Karen is field leader of the team. Jimmy Hudson was initially a member but has left the team just prior to them undertaking a mission in the S.E.A.R. (South East Asian Republic) in the Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye miniseries. The Hulk also leaves the team at some point.

    Earth-2122 (Home world Of Crusade)

    The first member of the X-Men in Britain (British Secret Service). Mastermind corrupted her thoughts and made her the Shadow Queen for the Shadow King. She fought against the X-Men, and Mastermind convinced her that she had killed some of them. She then begged a reality-hopping Phoenix to end her life before she became truly evil.

    Earth-2149 (Zombieverse)

    Zombie Phoenix
    Zombie Phoenix

    When Alpha Flight attacked the Xavier Institute, Jean became infected by the zombie contagion. She was then possessed by the Phoenix Force and joined the Zombie Galactus.

    Earth-2182 (Nocturne's Reality)

    She was a member of Professor W's team and died under unknown circumstances after Professor X. Apocalypse used her genetics to create his own Armageddon.

    Earth-2189 (Namora's Reality)

    Jean fought to make the world a place where mutants and humans could live together in harmony, until Magneto attacked an air force base that made humans fear mutants. Within months, mutants were required to surrender or become hunted by the Avengers.

    Earth-5311 (Kitty's Fairy Tale)

    Years ago, Kitty told a bedtime story to a girl named Illyana Rasputin. Her story involved an adventurous land populated by strange creatures and characters inspired by her own team-mates. What Kitty didn't realize however, was that she was actually subconsciously creating an dimension where these character truly existed. Kitty's imagination envisioned Jean as an enchanted Princess whose soul had been consumed by the Dark Phoenix. Lady Jean Grey was a student of a wizard, Xavier and lived in a land with Prince Cyclops. A man named Friend-With-No-Name tried to woo her but she rejected him and chose Cyclops. Years ago, the kingdom was threatened by an unknown force and Jean joined with cosmic forces of the universe in a bid to save the kingdom. Doing this saved the kingdom, but trapped her soul.

    The dark side of her personality grew until she evolved into Dark Phoenix. She captured Jean's pure soul and kept it inside a crystal sphere and turned her powers against her allies, Cyclops and Windrider. She cursed Cyclops with the "eyes of death" and imprisoned her in a bottle and set her adrift in the sea. Cyclops contacted Xavier and they fled the kingdom and encountered Kitty and Colossus, who were pirates. Then, Phoenix appeared again and stopped the escaping. Xavier used the sphere containing Jean's pure souls and drove her away. Kitty summoned her dragon, Lockheed and they all flew to Bamf Island. They found Friend-With-No-Name and he joined them. They also found Windrider and set her free. Phoenix appeared again and attacked them. Xavier managed to use mystical power to re-merge Jean's pure soul with the Dark Phoenix, destroying her evil side. Cyclops sight returns to normal and Lady Jean and him marry.

    Earth-5521 (Phoenix Exterminates the Skrulls)

    As the Phoenix, she is released on the Skrull Homeworld by the Illuminati. She gets destroyed by Reed Richards in order to stop her going crazy.

    Earth-5692 (Skrulls Invaded)

    In this reality, Jean Grey was a competitor in 'The Games' on a version of Earth when the Skrulls invaded before the discovery of electricity.

    Earth-6141 (Shadow King Possessed Xavier)

    Jean Grey (Shadow X)
    Jean Grey (Shadow X)

    This evil version of Jean was a member of the Shadow X (an evil version of the X-Men) who battles New Excalibur. She also seemingly has some connection with the Phoenix Force.

    Earth-7207 (X-Men Noir)

    Jean Grey posing Anne-Marie
    Jean Grey posing Anne-Marie

    Con artist supreme, in this reality set in the early 1900's, she was born a sociopath, not a mutant. She was sent to Xavier's detention center where she was taught to be a better criminal instead of being reformed. But the fact that she was truly a sociopath, more than any of the others, made Warren kill himself because he could not live in the same world with her. She later was thought to be killed by Captain Logan, due to his signature, claw marks, all over her. In reality, Anne-Marie was killed, by Jean. Jean dyed Anne-Marie's hair red and her own brown with the white portion. Jean killed Anne-Marie because of the fortune she was about to inherit. She slashed her to death and even took out her eyes, because they were so naive. So she pretended to be Anne-Marie, and in turn, Warre's cousin. She was found by The Angel, not Warren but Halloway, and he took her back to his place,. While together, they made love. while she was about to leave, Magnus showed up and threatened to kill her if she show them the way to get to Welfare Island. She helped him, but was able to get away and warn the X Men that he was coming. Magnus followed her upstairs and she killed him. The Angel found her up there and made her admit that she was really Jean and not Anne-Marie. Then The Angel relieved that he was Tom's twin brother. He tackles her off the building and they both were found dead.

    Earth-8545 (Warlock)

    When Scott Summers was infected by the Vi-Lock virus, Jean was there taking care until his last minutes. What happened to Jean after this is unknown.

    Earth-8649 (Exiles Kill Jean)

    She became the Phoenix and was about to destroy the Galaxy when the Exiles convinced this realities Wolverine to kill her.

    Earth-9112 (Phoenix did not die)

    Jean Grey was imprisoned within a cocoon at the bottom of the Jamaica Bay by the Phoenix and she copied her form. After Phoenix powers were restored she realized that she was not the real Jean Grey. Not wanting anyone to discover the truth the Phoenix tracked down the real Jean Grey in Jamaica Bay and killed her.

    Earth-9575 (Home To The Red Queen)

    Jean Grey as the Red Queen
    Jean Grey as the Red Queen

    In this reality, Jean was looking for the ultimate weapon which was Nate Grey. She traveled through different realities until she arrived on Earth-616 and created a psychic illusion that posed as Madelyne Pyor to try and manipulate Nate. She later revealed her true identity to Nate and tried to convince him to join forces with her and conquer the 616 mainstream. He refused her proposal and angered by his, she sent a team of assassins after him. They failed and in the end Nate killed the Red Queen himself.

    Earth-9591 (Ruins)

    In this reality Jean worked as a prostitute in Washington D.C. She got killed when she was shot while trying to seduce Nick Fury.

    Earth-9916 (Wonder-Man Saved the Avengers)

    She is shown among other members of the X-Men brought into conflict with the Avengers by Quicksilver who accidentally killed Magneto. She is later shown attending Wonder-Man and Scarlet Witch's wedding.

    Earth-9997 (Earth X)

    Jean Grey and Phoenix in Earth X
    Jean Grey and Phoenix in Earth X

    On this Earth, Jean has lost her telepathic powers due to unknown circumstances. With the psychic birth of the Skull, all of the telepathic people that existed in the world died, including Professor X. Later on, at some point right before or after the X-Men disbanded, she left Scott for Wolverine. The relationship with Wolverine ended badly.

    Earth-15104 (Here Comes Tomorrow)

    Jean Grey/Phoenix in Here Comes Tomorrow
    Jean Grey/Phoenix in Here Comes Tomorrow

    Jean hatches from a Phoeinx Egg in this future. Jean is also possessed by the Phoenix Force but, unlike most of her other versions, wears a black tattered costume throwing modesty to the wind and showing off her fiery body. Sublime tries to use Jean's Phoenix powers to control all of creation. After awhile, Jean remembers her mission and destroys this future's reality.

    Earth-70105 (Bullet Points)

    She lived the same life as she did in the 616 time-line and she helped defend the Earth from Galactus.

    Earth-77995 (Age of Xavier)

    Jean Grey in X-men: Age of Xavier
    Jean Grey in X-men: Age of Xavier

    When Professor Xavier founded the X-Men, Jean joined him an together they fought for a future where humans and mutants could live together in peace. The X-Men managed to achieve this goal after some time and they became media heroes. Jean, along with her husband Cyclops retired from the X-Men as they did not like all the attention that they were getting from the Press and also due the fact that the X-Men were now reduced to what Xavier described as 'freaks' and were used as entertainers. They went to live in Anchorage in Alaska and has two children who were Rachel and Nate. After Xavier came to recruit them after detecting unusual mutant presence with Cerebo, they refused his offer but after seeing a TV report that the X-Men were losing against the Followers of Apocalypse they decided to help them. Jean covered Cyclops and herself with the Phoenix Force and they left to join the fight.

    They arrived just in time and saw Apocalypse just about to kill Xavier. Cyclops stuck Apocalypse down and Jean took Xavier to safety using her powers. Jean then faced Apocalypse but he matched her with his damping ability. Xavier got hit by Gideon's plasma rifle after he was dropped by Cyclops but managed to break into Apocalypse's mind, killing them both. After Apocalypse's death the Followers of Apocalypse were still continuing with their bad deeds. Jean realized that Xavier was wrong and that she couldn't let the dream he died for lay dead there. As the area was overcrowded with the Followers of Apocalypse, Jean had no choice but to let the Phoenix Force loose and engulf the entire area. obliterating the Followers. A few months later, Jean and Cyclops took over the Institute and raised a new mutant generation in a more hostile climate.

    Earth-80219 (Spider-Man Never Became A Crime-Fighter)

    Jean and other members of the X-Men agreed to allow Spider-Man to represent them and he promised to make them more accepted and appreciated to the public.

    Earth-81727 (Phoenix Survived and Dark Phoenix Took Over)

    The X-Men lost their battle against the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and Jean was given treatment to remove her powers as well as the Phoenix Force. However, the procedure was unsuccessful and while Jean was able to control the Phoenix Force's return, it was not long until she lost control. She killed all her friends and when she killed Cyclops, she went crazy and destroyed everything in her path and eventually the entire universe.

    Earth-92100 (Spider-Man had Six Arms)

    Jean, as Marvel Girl, telekinetically stopped Angel and Spider-Man from falling out of the sky when Spider-Man temporarily blinded Angel.

    Earth-523002 (Jessica Jones: Avenger)

    Jean helped Jessica Jones regain her mind after she went into a coma due to Purple Man's hypnosis attack on the Avengers.

    Marvel Mangaverse

    Jean Grey in Marvel Mangaverse
    Jean Grey in Marvel Mangaverse

    Jean Grey is a powerful telepathic and telekinetic mutant, named Marvel Girl, who also had access the Phoenix's powers. Another character based Jean is named Jena Pyre and her sister Madelyne. They are the guardians of the Phoenix Sword, whose powers Jena absorbs.

    In the original Marvel Mangaverse and Ronin serie, Jean is called Marvel Girl and is incredible powerful, capable of summon the Phoenix force too.

    X-Men: The End

    Jean Grey in X-men: The End
    Jean Grey in X-men: The End

    The X-Men encountered Cassandra Nova as the Phoenix and fought her with the best they could muster. However, Jean and the other X-Men and Shi'ar died. Madelyne Pryor then merged with Jean and brought her and the other X-Men back to life. They defeated Cassandra Nova together.

    X-Men: Misfits

    Jean Grey has yet to make an appearance in the Del Rey manga reinterpretation. She is still a teacher at Xavier's Academy for the Gifted, but has not been seen all semester as she has been across America searching for new students. Her portrait can be seen hanging on the wall with the photographs of all the teachers.

    Age of X

    Age of X
    Age of X

    In this Marvel multiverse alternate reality the mutant abilities of a young mutant named Jean Grey manifested in the form of an explosive, fiery phoenix. Young Jean's mutant Phoenix-power is so incredibly powerful that immolates everything in its path. When she went to Albany, New York she utterly decimated the city, leaving approximately 600,000 people dead.

    Amalgam Comics

    Firebird in Amalgam Comics
    Firebird in Amalgam Comics

    When DC Universe and Marvel universe temporarily merged, Jean and the Brazilian DC super-heroine Fire were amalgamated to become Firebird. Firebird was a member of the Justice League of X-Men or "JLX" (This group/team was an amalgamation of DC's Justice League of America team and Marvel's X-men team). The Dark Firebird saga was told during this amalgamation.

    Other Media


    The Marvel Super Heroes

    The Marvel Super-Heroes
    The Marvel Super-Heroes

    In a Sub-Mariner episode, Jean Grey is a member of Professor X's Allies for Peace. Her teammates were Warren Worthington III, Bobby Drake, Scott Summers and Hank McCoy. She also displays mental powers.

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

    Jean appeared in flashbacks in two episodes: The Origin of Iceman. In the episode "Triumph of the Green Goblin", a guest in a costume party is dress as Phoenix.

    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Jean Grey/Phoenix in X-men: The Animated Series
    Jean Grey/Phoenix in X-men: The Animated Series

    Jean battles the forces of Magneto, as well as other threats, as one of the most powerful members of the X-Men. At the beginning of the series, she is already in a relationship with Scott Summers, and is quickly pursued romantically by newcomer Wolverine, though she rejects his advances. In this series the whole Phoenix Saga is told, divided between in "The Phoenix Saga" and "The Dark Phoenix Saga". She is among the telepaths captured by Apocalypse in the last season. She is voiced by Catherine Disher.

    Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Spider-Man: TAS
    Spider-Man: TAS

    Catherine Disher reprise her role as Jean Grey as a guest star in the two part story "The Mutant Agenda."

    Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four
    Fantastic Four

    Jean appears in a very quick cameo in the episode "Nightmare in Green" as Human Torch flies. She is seen along Cyclops, Gambit, Wolverine, Storm, Juggernaut and Scarlet Spider.

    X-Men: Evolution

    Jean in X-Men: Evolution
    Jean in X-Men: Evolution

    Jean teaches and trains the mutant students of Xavier Institute. Jean is also a popular athlete of Bayville High and is dating a jock named Duncan Matthews, though she harbors a crush on Scott. This Jean has the same powers as in Earth-616. She wears a black costume with green accent. She is shown to be closer to Professor X than anyone else in the team. Since she is a telepath, she is also capable of operating the Cerebro. Later in the series, she becomes romantically involved with Scott. She is also rivals with Rogue, as Jean's mutation is easily hidden, and Rogue has a crush on Scott, as well. Unlike other adaptations, Logan does not pursue her romantically, as Jean is a teenager in the series. When humans found out about mutants, Jean was accused of using her powers for things that she successfully accomplished without using her powers, such as playing volleyball in school. In one episode, Jean lost control of her powers which caused her to be uncontrollably read people's minds.

    The X-Men were having a hard time trying to help her, but luckily Rogue was present and used her powers to absorb Jean's and thus weaken her telepathic connection to the world for the time being. Jean and Rogue became much closer after this event. Later Mystique kidnaps Cyclops for revenge and dumbs him in a Mexican desert without his ruby glasses. Jean has visions of Scott and tracks him down. She and Mystique engage in battle and Jean defeats her and takes Scott back home. Their romantic relationship reaches it's peak at this point. When Professor X became Apocalypse's horseman, she faced him and they fought on the Astral Plane. After Apocalypse's defeat, Professor X had a vision that Jean would be possessed by the Phoenix Force. If the series went on for another season, it would have focused on the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix story arc. She is voiced by Venus Terzo.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Jean in Wolverine & The X-Men
    Jean in Wolverine & The X-Men

    Jean Grey appears at the beginning of the series. She and Professor X seemingly disappear after a mysterious explosion at the Xavier Institute, leading to the X-Men disband. In the episode "eXcessive Force" she is revealed to be alive but without memories in a hospital. In Breakdown Jean's origin is retold through Cyclops memories and is shows her being confronted by Magneto and Professor X, unleashing incredible powers and ultimately joining the X-Men, becoming part of the original five that included Angel, Beast, Cyclops and Iceman. In the same episode it´s revealed that Jean, with the power of Phoenix, is the responsible for the incident of the first episode. She does come back in the episode "Shades of Grey", where she is found by Cyclops and Emma, only to reveal that the latter is working for the Hellfire Club to retrieve the Phoenix Force. In the final episodes she confronts the Hellfire Club and Phoenix, only for Emma Frost to sacrifice herself in order to defeat the entity. After that she finally rejoins the X-Men. She is voiced by Jennifer Hale.

    X-Men Anime

    Jean as Phoenix and Dark Phoenix in the X-Men anime
    Jean as Phoenix and Dark Phoenix in the X-Men anime

    Jean is once again a major player in the story arc in the anime adaptation. In this story Jean is shown being manipulated by Emma Frost into seemingly destroying herself to save the world from her insane fury as the incredibly powerful Phoenix. Throughout the series, so far, she has only been seen in flashbacks and helping the X-Men from beyond the grave through a strong telepathic link. When she does actually appear, it's as the White Phoenix of the Crown. Jennifer Hale reprises her vocal role as Jean Grey.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Show

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Show
    Marvel Super Hero Squad Show

    Jean appears in the two episodes of the "Super Hero Squad" television series. The first episode is "Mayhem at Mutant Academy" where Jean appears as a member of the X-Men team. Like most of the other X-Men Jean is very young, perhaps a teenager, and she is a shown as a cheerleader at the X-men Academy.

    She also has a cameo in another episode titled "The Iceman Cometh." In this episode Jean is shown telekinetic-ally holding back the water released from the polar ice caps, when they were being melted, thus keeping it from hitting and destroying the entire X-Men Academy school. She is voiced by Hyden Walch.

    Astonishing X-men Motion Comic

    Jean Grey in Astonishing X-men
    Jean Grey in Astonishing X-men "Gifted" Motion Comic

    The first episode of the motion comic based on the Astonishing X-men arc "Gifted" takes place shortly after Jean death. The School reopens with Scott with Emma Frost acting as Head ministers. Also, they have been involved in a romantic relationship which prompts a fight between Scott and Wolverine, with the latest making a point that is to soon to be with someone since Jean has been dead for short time. Scott thinks that this commentary is ironic since Logan has been trying to steal his wife since the day they met. While Scott and Logan fight, Emma is frustrated that she is below a corpse (Jean).

    In the third episode, Beast discovers that Kavita Rao is running her test on a mutant and says "nothing stays buried", which leads Scott to believe that Jean is being used a test subject. This leads the X-men to Benetech to find more, in the fourth episode. Emma complains about how Cyclops get pump up when Jean is named, and this prompts a fight between the two of them, with Scott telling her that attacking Jean is not going to get anywhere, and she telling Jean was no good for Scott. At the end of the episode its revealed that the test subject was in fact Colossus, who sacrificed himself while back to cure the Legacy Virus.

    She is voiced by voiced by Eva Kaminsky.

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures

    Jean vs Magneto
    Jean vs Magneto

    A teenager in this appearance, Jean, under the assumed name of Annie Claremont, enrolls and begins to attend the same school Tony Stark, Pepper Potts and James Rhodes attend. While attending this school she meets this crew of teenage friends and soon she telepathically learns about Tony's secret life as Iron Man. Jean, Tony and the other soon became friends. Jean is soon kidnapped by the X-Men's arch-foe Magneto, mutant master of magnetism forcing Tony and James to assume their roles of Iron Man and War Machine, respectively, and, joined by Pepper, to help Jean to defeat Magneto. Once Magneto is defeated Professor Charles Xavier offers Jean a place in his School for Higher learning. Venus Terzo reprises the role.

    Mad TV

    Jean Grey in the Clawfice in Mad TV
    Jean Grey in the Clawfice in Mad TV

    Jean makes various cameos in Mad TV fragments involving the X-men, such as "The Clawfice". She is voice by Grey DeLisle.

    Robot Chicken

    Jean Grey in Robot Chicken
    Jean Grey in Robot Chicken

    Jean Grey and Wolverine appears in the episode "Joel Hurwitz" from Season 8, voiced by Famke Janssen, reprising her role from the movies.


    Jean Grey is played by Dutch actress Famke Janssen in the X-Men Trilogy.

    X-Men (2000)

    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey
    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

    Jean is the school's medical doctor and is dating Scott Summers. When Wolverine arrives at the school a love triangle starts between the three. In the first film her powers are very limited compared to her comic counterpart. She is a low-level telekinetic, able to move small objects around. She attempts to use Cerebro later in the film, but experiences difficulty as her telepathy is not nearly as developed as Xavier's. Her greatest feats in this movie where when she stopped Toad mid-leap, and when she held Wolverine steady as Storm used wind to levitate him to the top of the Statue of Liberty. An early version of the "Phoenix effect" can be seen as a glow when she manages to help Wolverine achieve his goal of breaking Magneto's machine with his claws.

    X2: X-Men United (2003)

    Jean Grey in X2
    Jean Grey in X2

    Jean's powers have started to developed into what would soon be the Phoenix, as a result of Magneto's machine. At the beginning of the film, Jean is watching over the students on a field trip to a museum. She tells Scott that she has been having bad dreams and that her telepathy has been growing stronger, and that since the event on Liberty Island her powers have been increasing. While on the run from the U.S. Air Force, in the X-Jet, Jean shows Phoenix like powers when she destroys a missile, causing her eyes to glow fire red. When she fights Cyclops who is under William Stryker's control, and is able to telekinetically shield herself from Cyclops' optic beam before dispersing it and scattering the energy about, causing it to destroy the dam's structural integrity, a red glow seems to come off of Jean at this point. Her power apparently reaches Phoenix level as she repairs the X-Jet wit her mind, lifts the jet into the air, telepathically stops Nightcrawler's teleportation to prevent him from rescuing her, and communicates with Cyclops through Professor X by telepathy, all while she holds back the resulting massive tidal wave from the dam's collapse. Jean is engulfed by fire at this point and, once she's sure she's gotten the X-Men out of danger, closes her eyes and lets the waters crash onto her. At the end of the movie as Jean narrates an explanation of evolution you can see a symbol of the Phoenix Force below the surface of the water.

    X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

    Jean in The Last Stand
    Jean in The Last Stand

    When Jean died in the last film, it started a downward spiral in Scott. He is haunted by nightmares and telepathic messages. He returns to Alkali Lake, where he angrily releases the full force of his optic blasts into the waters. This in turns awakens the Phoenix. [Like in the comic, the Phoenix feeds off of the optic blast. It can be argued that Scott's outburst is what causes her rise.] They begin to kiss and she insists he remove his glasses as she is able to control his powers and stops his optic beams from emitting, but then apparently kills him by atomizing him with her telekinesis. [Although this is not shown on screen, it is apparently what happens.] When Scott is killed, Xavier is shown feeling pain and then sends out a telepathic message that has Wolverine and Storm running to his side. He sends them to Alkali Lake where they find Scott's glasses and an unconscious Jean Grey who is taken back to the Mansion. It is revealed by Xavier that since Jean was a young girl she had powers that were beyond all known limitations. Fearing that Jean could not control her vast powers, Xavier put psychic blocks around her subconscious mind to keep Jean's full powers at bay. Due to this, while growing up, Jean has developed a dual personality - one being her usual self and the other being her powerful and uninhibited side which calls itself the ' Phoenix' which emerges when she gets angry. Xavier leaves and Wolverine stays by Jean's side. When she awakens, she seems normal but is really the aggressive Phoenix. They kiss and when Jean snaps out of the Phoenix's hold she starts to have a nervous breakdown, causing thing to shake and burst. When Wolverine mentions Xavier, the Phoenix comes back in full force and knocks Wolverine out, and crumbles the huge mental doors. She is next seen at her old childhood house, where Xavier meets Magneto. Once in the house, Phoenix and Xavier begin a huge telepathic battle. Gravity reverses, and things begin to disintegrate, and so does Xavier. Phoenix then leaves with Magneto.

    Jean as Dark Phoenix
    Jean as Dark Phoenix

    Near the movies end, during the attack on Alcatraz Island, Dark Phoenix unleashes her full power and destroys much of Worthington Labs, the X-Jet, and kills both mutants and humans along the way. Wolverine tells Storm to get everyone to safety while he stays behind, as he is the only one who can stop her [because of his healing factor]. He manages to get up to Jean, who burns through his skin multiple times, only for it to re-surface long enough for him to plead for her to stop. She then asks him "You would die for these people" to which he replies "No, I would die for you". It's at that moment that Jean resurfaces and begs him to stop her. Wolverine tells Jean he loves her, and then stabs her with his claws. With that, Jean's destruction ceases and she smiles thankfully at Logan before she dies. Her gravestone is later seen next to that of Cyclops and Xavier.

    The Wolverine (2013)

    Famke Janssen as Jean in Logan´s Dreams
    Famke Janssen as Jean in Logan´s Dreams

    She appears through out the entire movie in Wolverine's dreams, defying or guiding him. By the end of the movie, Wolverine finally let her go as she vanish in white light (Probably a reference of the White Hot Room). Whether this Jean is the real Jean from beyond the grave, or just a hallucination of Logan remains unclear.

    X-Men: Days of the Future Past (2014)

    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey in Days of the Future Past
    Famke Janssen as Jean Grey in Days of the Future Past

    Famke Janssen reprises her role in a cameo appearence in the movie.

    In a not so distant future, Sentinels hunted down most of the X-Men, leaving an small group to fight back. Kitty Pryde sends Wolverine back in time to prevent the assassination of Bolivar Trask (At the hands of Mystique), thinking this is the turning point that leads to the apocalyptic future.

    In the past, Wolverine must convince Xavier to work with him. Logan lets Charles gets into his mind, whose memories mostly retells his history with Jean Grey (Their first meeting in X-Men 1, their reunion at the beginning of X2 and Jean fate as Phoenix finally dying), making Charles learn the history of Jean.

    Later, in a plane, Wolverine makes the Professor promises him that no matter what he will form the X-Men and will look for Ororo, Scott and Jean.

    After the events of the movie, Logan returns to the future, only to find the School opened and a brighter present. He walks the school and finds Rogue, Iceman, Kitty, Colossus, Beast and Storm. He finally encounters Jean standing in the door of Xavier office. She is alive and healthy. He greets her and tell her she is there, while she replies "Where else would I´d been?". When he tries to touch her face, Cyclops (also alive in this new future) stop his hand. Scott and Jean leaves the office, but Jean senses something is up with Logan. She farewells and leaves with Scott.

    This proves that the timeline has been modified and, at least, most of the events of X-Men: The Last Stand were erased from history, including Jean and Scott's deaths, and probably the Phoenix part of Jean life never happened as she has no memories of it. Only Wolverine, and probably the Professor X, recalls the previous timeline.

    X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

    Sophie Turner as the young Jean
    Sophie Turner as the young Jean

    A teenage version of Jean Grey appears in X-Men: Apocalypse, portrayed by Sophie Turner of Game of Thrones fame.

    Jean is a strong telepath at Charles Xavier's school. She suffers from telepathic dreams about death and destruction. Because of her abilities most of the other students are afraid of her, but she does befriend Scott Summers and Kurt Wagner.

    When William Striker arrives at the X Mansion and kidnaps the other X-Men, Jean telepathically shields the presence of herself, Scott, and Kurt from his guards. They then sneak aboard Strikers jet to rescue them. During this time, they find and free Weapon X, who goes on a berserker rampage, but Jean manages to calm him down.

    Jean is pivotal to the defeat of Apocalypse. After Professor Xavier battles Apocalypse he calls upon Jean for help. Seemingly using the power of the Phoenix, Jean manages to defeat Apocalypse.

    At the close of the film, Jean is one of the students who is officially inducted into the new team of X-Men, with Mystique and Beast acting as their leaders.

    Logan (2017)

    In a deleted scene from the film, during the family dinner with the Munson family, when Logan is asked if he was married, Charles Xavier replies “He was. She passed. She was a pupil at my school. I knew her many, many years. She was lovely. Her name was Jean Grey." Then, after a moment, the telepath adds, “He killed her."

    Dark Phoenix (2019)

    Dark Phoenix
    Dark Phoenix

    Sophie Turner reprises her role in the final Fox X-Men movie. The film deals with Jean's Phoenix persona, which had been locked away, reemerging and causing destruction.

    X-Men: Dark Tide

    Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Tide
    Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Tide

    Jean Grey (With Cyclops, Archangel, Wolverine, Beast, Storm and Xavier) is featured in the short animated brickfilm release by Minimates, as DVD part of a set of figures. The X-Men battle the Brotherhood (Mystique, Magneto and Juggernaut), as well as fighting Sentinels at the beginning.

    Video Games

    X-Men II : The Fall of Mutants

    X-Men II
    X-Men II

    Jean Grey appears under her first codename "Marvel Girl" and is a playable character in 1990s action-adventure game X-Men II: The Fall of the Mutants.

    X-Men (1993)

    X-Men game aiding Wolverine
    X-Men game aiding Wolverine

    Jean Grey is a supporting character in the action game X-Men and levitates living characters to stop them from falling into fatal pits.

    X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

    Although she is not a playable character, Jean does make a cameo at the end of the game if the player manages to beat the game with all of the X-Men surviving.

    X-Men: Children of the Atom

    Jean's cameo in Children of the Atom
    Jean's cameo in Children of the Atom

    Jean Grey does not appear as a playable character in this Japanese fighting game from Capcom. However, she shows up in Cyclops' ending, where she passionately greets him in the Danger Room after he and the others return from defeating Magneto. After Colossus informs the heroes that Omega Red is attacking the city, Jean leaves with the other X-Men to confront him. She also appears in Wolverine's ending, where Logan decides to take a break from the team after seeing her embrace Cyclops.

    X-Men : Mutant Academy

    Jean in Mutant Academy
    Jean in Mutant Academy

    Phoenix is a playable character in X-Men: Mutant Academy voiced by Catherine Disher. X-Men: Mutant Academy is a fighting game that features 3D stages, but largely adheres to the rules of 2D fighters. The main characters are a combination of classic X-Men characters and the X-Men film. Nearly every X-Men character is available, each with their own fighting moves (much like Street Fighter) and plenty of finishing moves to spice things up.

    X-Men : Mutant Academy 2

    X-Men: Mutant Academy 2
    X-Men: Mutant Academy 2

    Phoenix reappears in the sequel X-Men : Mutant Academy 2. Like its predecessor, the game allows the player to select from several heroes and villains and includes many of the signature moves from the comic.

    X-Men: Next Dimension

    Jean Grey in X-Men: Next Dimension
    Jean Grey in X-Men: Next Dimension

    Jean appears in this fighting game as the Phoenix sporting her appearance from the New X-Men run. Her Dark Phoenix persona also appears as a separate unlockable character. She is voiced by Jenette Goldstein.

    X-Men: Legends 1 and 2

    X-Men: Legends
    X-Men: Legends

    Jean Grey is a playable character in both of the games and is the first psychic mutant playable. She is available from the start of both games. Her default costume in both games is her Ultimate X-Men costume. In the first game, her default costumes include the original Marvel Girl uniform and the green Phoenix costume. In the second game, she has both of these costumes, as well as the red Dark Phoenix costume, and her Age of Apocalypse incarnation's costume. She is voiced by Leigh-Allyn Baker.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1

    Non-playable character for the Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Wii, and PSP. And is only playable for the Gameboy Advance and PC.

    The player chooses between allowing Jean to live or Nightcrawler which will decide the fate of one of the game's endings. Jean's sacrifice results in her returning to Earth as the Dark Phoenix and subsequently destroying it. Nightcrawler's sacrifice leads to Mystique killing Professor Xavier. She is voiced by Sarah Waits.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance
    Marvel Ultimate Alliance

    In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Jean Grey is an unlockable playable character by collecting 5 shards of M`Kraan Crystal. The character is shown to have a neutral position during the heroes' Civil War. Jean's skins include: the Phoenix costume and her yellow and blue first class costume. Her powers include telekinesis, telepathy and the Phoenix Force. She also has the ability of resurrect herself from dead. She is voiced by Molly Hagan.

    Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds

    Jean in Marvel vs. Capcom 3
    Jean in Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Jean is playable in her Phoenix persona and one of her ultras involves her transforming into Dark Phoenix and radically increasing her strength to Godlike powers. She is consider one of the most powerful characters of the game, played by many high leveled players and winning some major tournaments, for this reason she was toned down in the Ultimate version of the game (although she is still highly powerful). She has 4 costume skins: X-men forever look, Phoenix: Endsong costume, New-Men attire and Jim Lee's design. Jennifer Hale again reprises her vocal role.

    In her ending, the heroes celebrate Jean´s victory over Galactus. She told them that she did it, but she is no longer the same Jean grey and their problems have just begun (Implying that she has turned into Dark Phoenix) .

    Jean also makes a cameo in Albert Wesker´s ending. She is shown in a test tube along with other marvel heroes.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online
    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    In Super Hero Squad Online Jean Grey is represented as two playable characters: first she is Jean Grey and she wears her first X-men costume/school uniform. Her second character is Phoenix, a role for which she appears in her classic green and gold Phoenix costume. Each of these two characters have different abilities based on her powers and abilities she has as a comic character in the Marvel Universe. Another playable character variation of Jean, specifically the White Phoenix, featuring the appropriate powers and white and gold attire became available for a limited period of time. In this game Jean is voiced by Tara Strong. A fourth variant of Jean was released in her Dark Phoenix persona.

    In several of the characters power displays there are hints of the love triangle between her, Emma Frost and Cyclops, as well as the one with her, Cyclops and Wolverine.

    Jean Grey description: With psychic powers, Jean Grey always knows what you're thinking and can lift objects with the power of her mind!

    Phoenix description: When the Phoenix Force possesses Jean Grey, she's one of the most powerful heroes in the universe. And that's saying something.

    White Phoenix description: When Jean Grey leaves Earth, she appears in this white costume before coming back. Sometimes she keeps it on because it's so cool.

    Dark Phoenix Costume: Jean Grey is a deadly force of nature when she wields the mighty Phoenix Force!

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Marvel Avengers Alliance
    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    In "Marvel Avengers Alliance" Jean Grey is one of the original playable characters users can use/play in the game. Here she has both her telepathic and her telekinetic powers as well as the powers she is granted by Phoenix-Force. In this game Jean appears wearing her traditional green and gold Phoenix costume. The White Phoenix of The Crown and a Phoenix Five outfit designed for the game (She is shown as the fifth member of the Phoenix Five, replacing Namor, in the Avengers VS X-men special operation) are two other costumes she has and can appear in.

    Her bio says: One of the original X-Men, Jean Grey has developed her native telepathic and telekinetic abilities to unheard-of levels as a result of her bonding with the Phoenix Force. As the avatar of that cosmic power, she has attained control over time and space, and can even resurrect the dead. The true extent of her powers has yet to be discovered.

    Jean is also an Epic Boss, in her Phoenix Five version, as part of the Avengers VS X-Men Special OP when the player choose the avengers side.

    Avengers: Battle for Earth

    Phoenix in Avengers: Battle for Earth
    Phoenix in Avengers: Battle for Earth

    She is a playable character in the game based on Secret Invasion, and released as a tie-in for the Avengers movie. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

    Marvel Heroes

    Jean Grey in Marvel Heroes
    Jean Grey in Marvel Heroes

    Jean appears as a playable character in game voiced by April Stewart. in the game she has a ranged number of alternate costumes:

    • Original Marvel Girl
    • Hellfire´s Black Queen
    • Phoenix
    • Dark Phoenix
    • White Phoenix
    • AOA Jean Grey
    • Green skirt and gold mask Margel Girl
    • All New X-Men Jean Grey
    • Jim Lee ´90 Jean Grey
    • New X-Men Jean Grey
    • Apocalypse Event Exclusive Costume

    Her bio says:

    Jean Grey manifested her mutant psychic abilities at an early age, and was subsequently sent to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters to learn control over her powers.

    As a founding member of the X-Men, she's spent most of her life as a hero and has the calm confidence of a seasoned pro.

    When Jean served as an avatar for the Phoenix Force, an immensely powerful entity of death and rebirth, her powers were greatly enhanced. Although she no longer operates on that scale, her telepathic and telekinetic abilities make her a formidable opponent.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Jean appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Chosen One] Jean Grey
    • [Telekinesis] Jean Grey
    • [White Hot] Jean Grey
    • [White Crown] Jean Grey
    • [Omega Telepath] Jean Grey
    • [Gifted Youngster] Marvel Girl
    • [Time-Lost] Jean Grey
    • [Lost Thoughts] Jean Grey
    • [Multiplied] Jean Grey
    • [Mutant Power Couple] Jean Grey & Cyclops

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes

    Lego Marvel
    Lego Marvel

    Jean was confirmed as part of in her Phoenix, Dark Phoenix, 90´Gold/Blue and First Class costumes. voiced by Laura Bailey

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Jean is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards Are:

    • [Xorn] Jean Grey
    • [Original X-Men] Jean Grey
    • [Mind Controlled] Jean Grey
    • [Xorn Unleashed] Jean Grey
    • Young Jean Grey
    • [Human High Council] Jean Grey
    • [Holiday] Jean Grey
    • [Fatal Attractions] Jean Grey
    • [Gold Team] X-Men
    • [Onslaught Saga] Jean Grey
    • [All-New] Jean Grey
    • [Future] Brotherhood of Mutants
    • [Phoenix] Jean Grey
    • [Dark Phoenix] Jean Grey
    • [White Phoenix] Jean Grey
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom-Avatars
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom-Avatars

    Jean is a boss, in her future Xorn persona, in the Battle of the Atom event. Jean is also a boss in the Hellfire Academy missions, thought it's latter revealed that she is just a product of Mastermind illusions.

    Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Jean is a playable character in the game. She was released is her younger "All New X-men" version and in her traditional Phoenix costume.

    Phoenix in Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Phoenix in Marvel Puzzle Quest

    Her bio, as Phoenix, says:

    A founding member of the X-Men and a powerful psychic, Jean Grey sacrificed herself to save her teammates. Absorbing a deadly dose of radiation while her spaceship careened towards Earth, Jean's heroism and telepathic potential drew the attention of the Phoenix Force.

    The ancient, elemental force of life, creation, and destruction merged with Jean's consciousness. Jean, as the Phoenix, was reborn a hero powerful enough to save worlds... or burn them.

    Jean Grey in Marvel Puzzle Quest
    Jean Grey in Marvel Puzzle Quest

    As Teen Jean her bio says:

    Jean Grey was just beginning to master her telekinetic powers when Hank McCoy, her teammate Beast, came back in time and pulled her and the rest of the original X-Men into the present.

    Adventuring with the rest of the time-shifted original X-Men, Jean has already found ways to combine her telepathy and telekinesis into abilities no one's ever seen. Looking back at the fate of her adult self, teenage Jean decided to stay in the present and re-write her past.

    Marvel Contest of Champions

    Phoenix in Contest of Champios
    Phoenix in Contest of Champios

    Jean, as Phoenix, is a playable character in the game. She is a cosmic class champion.

    Her bio in the game says: Though Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force have long been separated, their bond is unique. More than a mere host, Jean is a part of the Phoenix, as the Phoenix is a part of her. When Jean was brought to the Battlerealm and exposed to ISO-8, the highly mutagenic properties of ISO-8 reopened Jean's latent connection the universal force of life, and the Phoenix was reborn again, this time into the Contest of Champions!

    Dark Phoenix and Ice Phoenix are a non-playable characters in the game.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Jean Grey in Marvel Future Fight
    Jean Grey in Marvel Future Fight

    Jean Grey is a playable character in the game. She is a blast type.

    Her bio in the game says: A founding member of the X-Men with great telepathic powers who can also transform into the cosmic being known as the Phoenix.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    Ultimate Alliance 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3

    Jean appears as a playable character in the third Ultimate Alliance game, and is the subject of the X-Men: Rise of Phoenix DLC pack. Jennifer Hale once again provides her voice.

    Other Games

    • She is a playable character in X-Men: Gamemaster´s Legacy with her Jim Lee uniform. She is one of the few flying characters.
    • Jean makes a cameo in X-Men: The Official Game, voiced by Katherine Morgan.
    • Jean appeared to have been slain in X-Men: Destiny.
    • Jean is mentioned in Spider-Man: Edge of Time.
    • Jean is featured in Marvel: Pinball game in the X-men table

    Toys and Merchandising

    Action Figures


    From the movie line
    From the movie line
    • Jean Grey was featured in the Uncanny X-Men line as part of the Phoenix Saga series.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the line for X-Men: The Animated Series.
    • A 10-inch Jean Grey figure was featured in the Marvel Universe line.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the Marvel Hall of Fame series.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the X-Men Classics: Battle Blasters line.
    • The Age of Apocalypse version of Jean was featured in the X-Men: X-Force line.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the X-Men: Space Riders line.
    • Jean Grey and Cyclops were featured in a Marvel Famous Couples box set.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the X-Men: Onslaught wave, complete with the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak and a miniature Juggernaut as accessories.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the 2000 line based on the live-action X-Men movie. A slimed up and trapped version of Jean was also featured as a pack-in accessory with the Cyclops figure.
    • Jean Grey was featured in Marvel Legends Series VI from ToyBiz. A variant depicting Jean in her Dark Phoenix costume was also released.

    Marvel Legends

    Later figures
    Later figures
    • Once the Marvel Legends license transferred to Hasbro, the movie version of Jean Grey from X-Men: The Last Stand was featured in the Blob Build-a-Figure wave.
    • A figure of Jean as the Black Queen was released as a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
    • Jean Grey was featured in her green Marvel Girl outfit as part of a two-pack with Cable.
    • In 2009, a 12-inch figure of Jean as Phoenix was released as part of the Marvel Legends Icons line. A Dark Phoenix variant was also released.
    • The 90s version of Jean Grey was later featured in the Rocket Raccoon Build-a-Figure wave. A variant depicting Jean in her white Phoenix costume was also planned, but never released.
    • Jean Grey was featured in her classic Silver Age uniform as part of the All-New X-Men box set, which was a Toys "R" Us exclusive.
    • Jean Grey was released in her Phoenix uniform as part of the Juggernaut Build-a-Figure wave.
    • A Dark Phoenix figure was released as part of a two-pack with Cyclops as another Toys "R" Us exclusive.
    • An updated Jim Lee-style Jean was released in a box set with Wolverine and Cyclops.
    • The Age of Apocalypse version of Jean was featured in Hasbro's Sugar Man wave.
    • The Black Queen version of Jean was featured in the San Diego Comic-Con-exclusive Hellfire Club box set.


    Marvel Select and Marvel Universe
    Marvel Select and Marvel Universe
    • Phoenix was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line as part of a two-pack with Wolverine. A variant depicting Jean in her white Phoenix costume was also included in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine box set alongside Wolverine, Sabretooth and Deadpool.
    • Jean Grey was also featured in her 90s Jim Lee uniform as part of a Super Hero Squad box set with Wolverine, Cyclops and Stryfe.
    • Jean Grey was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line in her 90s Jim Lee costume.
    • A teenage version of Jean Grey was also featured in her First Class uniform as part of a Marvel Universe Comic Pack with Cyclops.
    • Jean Grey was featured in her X-Factor uniform as part of a Marvel Universe box set that also included Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Apocalypse and Mr. Sinister.
    • Dark Phoenix was featured in a Marvel Universe: Greatest Battles Comic Pack with Cyclops, based on the Secret Wars limited series.
    • Jean Grey was featured in Diamond Collectibles' Marvel Select line in her green Marvel Girl costume.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Jean Grey was also featured in the Marvel Select line her Dark Phoenix outfit
    • Jean Grey was featured in Diamond Select's Marvel Minimates line in various incarnations, including her movie incarnation, her Marvel vs. Capcom 3 incarnation (in a two-pack with Morrigan) and her various comic looks.
    • Funko included Jean in the Pop! line of bobbleheads.


    From Kotobukiya and Bowen
    From Kotobukiya and Bowen
    • Phoenix was the 11th figure in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications. A limited edition Dark Phoenix Variant was also released.
    • Bowen Designs released multiple Jean statues, including her Jim Lee uniform, her Black Queen design, and her X-Factor and Marvel Girl looks.
    • Jean Grey was featured in the Bishoujo line from Kotobukiya in her Jim Lee, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix outfits.
    • Diamond Select released a Phoenix statue for the Marvel Gallery line.
    • Diamond Select released a Dark Phoenix statue.
    • Adam Hughes Black Queen.
    • Jean was included in the Death of Phoenix diorama that Diamond Select released for their Marvel Milestones line.


    From Diamond Select
    From Diamond Select
    • Diamond Select released a bust depicting Jean in her New X-Men uniform.
    • Diamond Select created an Ultimate Marvel Girl bust.
    • Diamond Select released a Phoenix bust for the Marvel Icons line.
    • Diamond Select released a statue based on Jean's X-Men: The Last Stand appearance.
    • Diamond Select released an Age of Apocalypse Phoenix bust.
    • Bowen Designs released a special twin-pack that featured Jean as both Phoenix and Dark Phoenix.
    • Bowen Designs included Jean in her Marvel Girl uniform as part of set of busts depicting the original Silver Age X-Men. A variant showing Jean in her green Marvel Girl costume was also produced.

    Awards and Recognition

    As the "first lady" of the X-Men and one of Marvel's most prominent and popular mutant characters, Jean Grey has ranked high on official lists of comic book favorites.

    • IGN's Top 25 X-Men of the past forty years (2006 list): Jean Grey ranked #6
    • IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Heroes (2011 list): Jean Grey ranked #13
    • IGN's Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time list: Jean's Dark Phoenix persona ranked #9
    • Comic Buyer's Guide's 100 Sexiest Women in Comics list: Jean Grey ranked #3 (the highest-ranked Marvel character on the list)

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