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    Hellion is a powerful mutant telekinetic. He was a student at the Xavier Institute, leader of the Hellions squad and Emma Frost's prize pupil. Hellion lost his hands during Second Coming, received cybernetic replacements, and is currently enrolled at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning.

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    Julian Keller is the son of billionaires William and Elizabeth Keller. He has an older brother, James Keller. His abilities of telekinesis developed during puberty. While his parents did not reject him for being a mutant, they did not want him to advertise his difference to the world. Julian refused to comply, believing himself to be superior because of these powers; and eventually, he was sent to the Xavier Institute in the hopes that he would learn to be more discrete. On first arrival, he was assigned Northstar as his mentor, but this soon changed.


    Hellion was created by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir and first appeared in New Mutants Vol.2 issue 2 (2003).

    Character Evolution

    Julian Keller may come off as a bully, a snob, and an arrogant young man; he has an enormous ego, and is also a womanizer. Beneath this exterior, however, he is the best friend that anyone could hope to have, and has been described as 'having a heart of gold'. His attitude showed improvement over the course of the New X-men run; however he is becoming bitter and uncontrollable after losing both his hands in the events of Second Coming, and may possibly be turning into a villain as he is chased further away from the X-men. He has recently been shown beating Omega Sentinel to near death, thereby breaking his personal beliefs that X-men don't kill--or suggesting that he doesn't view himself as an X-man anymore.


    Throughout New Mutants, and New X-men: Academy X, Julian is shown to have the start of a relationship with Sofia Mantega (Wind Dancer). She is put off by his abrasive nature, but does share several kisses with him throughout the latter series. She leaves in the beginning of New X-men: Childhood's End. Both Mantega and Julian were shown to dream of each other, in the beginning.

    Out of all the other girls Julian might have gone out with, Sofia Mantega was the one who he truly loved.

    Starting in New X-men: Childhood's end, Julian is shown to have a growing attraction to Laura Kinney (X-23), a feeling that is reciprocated. Both have reacted with extreme panic when the other was in jeopardy, and have risked their lives to save each other. In the Second Coming even where Julian loses his hands, Kinney is shown to be near him, horrified, and later visits him in the hospital (with what she believes may be her last few minutes, seeing as she is going on a suicide mission), her hand resting where his would be on the bed.

    Hellion and X-23
    Hellion and X-23

    In the X-23 mini series, they come close to kissing for the first time, but are prevented by the New X-men, some of whom are insulting the couple. Julian puts his arm on Kinney's back and defends her. He later appears at the infirmary to visit her when she is injured; a scenario with demon-possessed Wolverine prevents any intimate moments, although Julian does impart to Kinney that she is his best friend. Later, when Kinney leaves Utopia, she stops by Julian's bedroom, but he pretends to be asleep, confused by the events in the Infirmary room.

    In the following issue, he tries to save them but ends up getting sucked into a portal with the others and transported to another dimension. He wakes her up and he tries to tell her how he feels, saying that he thought about her everyday and was waiting for her to come back. He leans in to kiss her but is interrupted by an explosion.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    New Mutants

    Learing to control his powers at the Xavier Institute
    Learing to control his powers at the Xavier Institute

    Julian first appears in a classroom, playing Jenga with a few other students--without their hands. Professor Xavier introduces new student Sofia Mantega to him, and asks if he could show her around, which Julian is more than happy to do. He shows her around various classrooms, all involving the application of mutant powers to activities such as art and target practice. He then imparts that he is late for flight class, which is being taught by Northstar, and is berated for not showing up on time for his first class. Northstar announces a pop quiz, demanding that everyone lift themselves off the ground; Mantega shows off with her wind-manipulation powers and accidentally knocks over a student. He later tells Sofia that he received marks off his grade for this incident. He is seen in the cafeteria, sitting with the other children and describing Mantega's accident while she claims he is over exaggerating.

    His next scene is in Dr. McCoy's math class, in which he asks Mantega how she had liked his teaching style. He catches Mantega in the hallway and begins to speak with her, offering his assistance in any future questions about the school that she may have. She is just asking Julian out for a date (to go dancing) when they are interrupted by Mantega's roommate, Laurie Collins. He reveals his rather nasty nature when he begins to start making comments about the newcomer, calling her a 'freak' and saying: "She's weird. She doesn't fit in here. And that's a challenge. To be a freak among freaks". Mantega responds by caressing his ear and causing an impaction of compressed ear, causing Julian to lose his balance. The girls walk off, and Julian's attitude, as well as the rift--and attraction--that develops between himself and Mantega, has been established.

    Some time later, Julian is seen sitting with a group of friends and waves new student Josh Foley over to join them. He then imparts that Emma Frost has given him detention for trying to telekinetically unbutton her blouse. Later, Foley and Julian sneak out of their rooms and into the room occupied by the then-comatose Magma, as Foley informs him of her state and says he wants to try healing her. Julian asks if she is hot, further impacting the idea that he is a womanizer. As they enter the room, Foley wonders how to go about healing a brain. Foley proceeds and heals Magma, who, upon waking, causes the infirmary to explode, then promptly escapes the mansion. Foley has to heal Julian, who has been injured in the explosion. As they are leaving the exploded infirmary, Foley spots the nurse squashed under pieces of wood. Julian wants to run away without the risk of getting caught, but Foley refuses, helping her could make them heroes. Julian smiles in a pleased manner at the idea.

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    As the ambulances gather outside to see if anyone needs assistance, Julian and Foley feel very good about helping. At a public school gathering later Professor Xavier speaks about the explosion. He tells them that being a hero is not just about bravery, but about critical thinking. At the same time, he mentally summons Julian and Foley to meet him in his office. There he informs them that he is very disappointed by their actions; that they have caused Magma possible mental trauma. Julian protests that it wasn't his idea, but Northstar reminds the boy that he is already in trouble from earlier. Professor Xavier gives Julian an extra week of detention, in addition to whatever his councilors wish to give him and Foley.

    Some days later, Julian notices a girl--Noriko Ashida--standing in front of the school-gates. He notes her dirty clothes and says: "Sorry. Don't have any spare change", to which Ashida asks him, in a very rushed way, if this is the mutant school; Julian does not hear what she said and tells her it is a private school, not the Salvation Army".

    In Julian's next appearance, he visits Northstar in his office and notifies his mentor that he is switching advisers to Emma Frost. Northstar informs him that he is making a mistake, but signs the transfer papers. Julian exits and tells Emma Frost (who is waiting in the hallway) the good news. Unfortunately for Julian, Josh Foley also became part of the team. At first Julian and Josh where friends, but that all changed when Julian's past connections with a mutant hategroup came to light. Julian picks a fight with Foley, calling him a 'Reaver'. He refuses to hear the boy's explanations. Karma scolds them, then marches them to their rooms with her powers.

    Julian is next seen in the first meeting of Emma Frost's students. Julian asks about Frost's previous students, and if they were called the Hellions. Frost replies that they are not at that school now, and that he and the other students are not the Hellions. He persists, asking: "Yeah, but these guys, they took what they wanted when they wanted, right?". Frost replies that those Hellions are dead, and that the dream behind them is over; they are living the Xavier dream now. Julian says: "If you say so". Emma imparts that she says so, but that there are always those who are destined for greatness, and that the students she has chosen are destined for that greatness. She also informs them that they will get to select their own code names. When she asks Julian what he wishes to be called, he replies: "Well, I've been thinking about it ever since you became my adviser. I want to be called Hellion", to which Frost responds: "Excuse me? I told you, there are no Hellions anymore". Julian argues that he does not mean one of the Hellions; "I said Hellion. Singular. Me. They were your favorite students, right? I promise, I won't let the name down". Emma says she will consider it. As the students leave Frost's office, they talk about how much they like her, and Julian says: "Was I right? Emma Frost is cool". Julian mentions that he is glad they ditched Foley before switching advisers.

    Julian appears briefly in the last issue of New Mutants, in a room full of refuges from the Xavier Institute (after it is destroyed by Magneto), but has no dialogue.

    New X-men: Academy X

    Academy X
    Academy X

    Julian first shows up again chagrin the New Mutants squad. He finds them in the Danger Room, unsupervised and taunts them over their performance in taking down a simulated Sentinel. He indirectly threatens to expose them for spending time unsupervised in the Danger Room, then as Foley tries to stop him from going, attacks him with his telekinesis. Mantega counters; Julian asks her: "What do you want, Sofia?". She responds that she wants him not to tell on them. He replies: "Well ... I never could refuse a beautiful girl. Especially one with a sexy accent and cool powers", then goes on to say he won't turn them in since Mantega is involved.

    He later appears when he meets Jay Guthrie for the first time. He tries to convince him to choose Emma Frost as an adviser, but Guthrie does not seem enthused. At the school conference soon after, the squads are introduced to the school. Julian is introduced as 'Hellion' now. Frost also announces that the squad is called 'the Hellions'. Rockslide asks: "Hey, is it just me, or did we just become Hellion and the Hellions?" to which Julian replies: "Yeah, isn't it cool?". Mercury responds (with a dry look): "There'll be no living with you now".

    Later on the Hellions and the New Mutant squads are seen engaging in a verbal fight on the lawn of the institute, with Foley and Julian as the instigators. Julian comments to Mantega that she should join the Hellions. The teachers are shown having a similar fight in the school, then Cyclops sees the students fighting on the lawn and runs out to intervene. He punishes them by informing them that they have just volunteered for the first field day exercise. Shortly after this Mantega volunteers to lead the New Mutants squad (as no one else is willing).

    Yearbook Photo
    Yearbook Photo

    During field day, Julian displays a knack for leadership, leading his squad to victory through superior organization and clever strategies. Rivalry continues to build between the Hellions and New Mutant squads. When Mercury tries to bring Wither to their cafeteria table to eat with them, Julian initially protests, but when Mercury confesses that she likes the boy, he acquiesces immediately, showing a side that he has not shown before: how much he cares for the people he calls his friends.

    Later, in the same cafeteria, after Wither's FBI charges become public knowledge, Julian and Mercury start talking about the boy. Julian suddenly stands up on his table and makes an announcement to the cafeteria: "Listen up, everybody! I said--LISTEN UP! You've all been talking. Gossiping. About how one of your classmates is going to go to jail. You should be ashamed of yourselves. He's a mutant. Just like you and me. Some flatscan from the F.B.I. shows up and says he's dangerous. And you all believe it? So Kevin Ford is dangerous? We all are. We're the next step in evolution and they want to shut us down. And all you can do about it is gossip. Take a good look at Kevin, 'cuz he could be you". Wither is shown to be smiling. This is the place we go to be safe. They want to take one of us away and all you can do is gossip. You're terrible mutants. You're not fit to be called homo superior". This speech impresses many students, but Mantega comments: "Does that speech remind anyone else of speeches made right before someone tried to wipe out humanity?", indicating she is comparing Julian's speech to that of Magneto.

    When Moonstar hands Wither over to the authorities, Julian is not happy. He rounds up his squad, but Icarus walks away, so he knocks on Mantega's door. They share a moment, then Julian convinces the girl to accompany them as the Hellions rescue Wither. He leads the combined squad to the facility in which Wither is being held. The New Mutants show up and a physical smack down begins. When Alleyne confronts Mantega for her actions, she says: "I just ... I do not know what to do about Kevin! I felt as if I had to act and no one would tell me what to do. No one except Julian". Alleyne replies that it's a complicated situation, and that Julian is a bad leader for thinking it's simple. Mantega begins to help out the New Mutants side, and Julian asks her: "How could you do this to us, beautiful? To ME?" indicating further that he considers them to have a special relationship. The next few panels show Wither being cleared in court (the death being declared accidental), and shortly afterward they return to the school. Icarus and Wither are shown switching places on their respective squads.


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    Sofia and Icarus are shown going to a dancing studio while having a discussion about partners. Icarus asks why she would pick him as a dance partner; Sofia replies: "Because neither David nor Josh is a dance-class sort of boy". Icarus says: "Yeah, good point. And I guess neither is Julian". Mantega asks why would she invite Julian, and he replies: "I'm not blind, Sofia. None of us are. There's something between the two of you, right?". Mantega is shown to blush, and she says: "Julian is selfish and irrational. And bossy. He makes me crazy". Icarus is convinced that there is something there.

    When Northstar dies at possessed Wolverine's hands in a HYDRA attack, Julian is depressed. He is shown flying over the spot where flight class took place; Mantega joins him, and they reminisce about Northstar while holding hands and flying (apparently bridging the gap between them once again). After this scene, however, he is shown skipping Northstar's funeral, his response to Mantega's concern being: "He used to be my adviser. I gave him the boot. Let's not make a big deal of this", then leaving to play frisbee as Mantega says "I do not understand him".

    As the big school dance approaches, Julian tries to ask Mantega to accompany him, drawing attention to the fact that the Hellions are winning the squad competition; she refuses his advances. He then invites her over to his place for the summer, which she also refuses. He is later shown attending the dance with all three remaining Stepford Cuckoos. On the dance floor, after some squabbling between various couples, he and Sofia share a slow dance, in which he further tries to persuade her to visit him for the summer. They break apart when Wallflower starts a major fight.

    At the awards ceremony later, Moonstar announces the Hellions' victory. This ceremony is broken up when the Blob attacks the school. After the ensuing fight, Julian again tries to win Mantega over for a summer visit; she declines, but suggests that they spend time together at some other date. Julian accepts this compromise. They watch as the New Mutants begin a fight on the lawn; Mantega comments on how horrible it is that her squad is so unruly. Julian tells her: "If anyone can fix it, you can, Sofia. You're special. You never take no for an answer and you always see the best in people. Even me". The pair share their first kiss, then Julian wanders off, rubbing the back of his head, smiling and saying he has to go. Julian's yearbook entry says: "Hellions leader, telekinesis. Likes: Getting the respect I deserve, Dislikes: You figure it out, Voted: Most likely to become an X-man".

    New X-men Academy X: Hellions

    The story opens with Julian speaking to Emma Frost about how she cannot attend the prize-giving ceremony. The scene is constantly cut through with shots of Julian, later, at the ceremony, and his acceptance speech: "Hey losers. You can try to take this (the trophy) back next year, but it's never gonna happen. They might as well inscribe 'Hellions' on this permanently". In the office, Frost expresses concern, saying this hasn't been the smoothest year for his squad; he scoffs. Frost says she has no doubt he will be an X-man one day, but he needs to learn to follow the rules. Julian seems quite irritated by the lecture, and leaves with an insolent comment. The scene cuts to him at the airport, along with the other Hellions, being accosted by armed security guards. It becomes apparent that the will not allow Mercury or Rockslide to fly. Mercury offers to fly in the cargo space; Julian says that's not right. They begin to fight the guards, but stop when Dust speaks with the officers and diffuses the situation. Julian agrees to meet in the Security Office with the head guard.

    Once there, he asks for a telephone; he has called in a favor that the head of Homeland Security owes his parents. The next panel depicts the Hellions in the plane, having successfully gained passage. The students discuss their lives; Julian imparts: "My parent's will be in the Caribbean for a month. No big deal. They go away all the time. We'll have the house to ourselves". When Cruz comments about his parents knowing someone from Homeland Security, Julian replies: "Yup. They know lots of people. They're super connected. And none of it is inherited. My parents fought their way up from the working class, a total rags-to-riches story. Now they're corporate bigwig billionaires". At the airport, later, Julian expresses confusion that his parents have not sent a car to pick him up.

    When the Hellions reach Julian's enormous mansion in an expensive neighborhood in Los Angeles, he is surprised to run into his father. William Keller appears angry when he questions Julian for using the family connections. He asks him to come to his office where the boy's mother, Elizabeth Keller, is also waiting. His father then begins to tell him how disappointing he is, and mentions how hard is brother is working in the company. Julian replies: "I'm sixteen. I can't work in the business. I have to go to school". William replies: "Yes. A very special school".

    The Hellions
    The Hellions

    He expresses displeasure that Julian refuses to hide his powers, mentioning that he is very fortunate since he can hide his mutation; "You can pass". Julian is angered by this comment. Elizabeth Keller says: "What your father is trying to say is that we fear you don't have your brother's sensibility". Julian tells her: "I'm not James, mom", naming his brother for the first time. His mother replies (while holding his hand): "No you're not . And you will walk your own path. But your father and I have worked too hard for everything we have. We can't risk that". Julian is then informed that he has been written out of the will. He is very upset about this, but his parents are firm.

    His parents leave on their vacation, and the trouble begins. Julian tears through their office, mentioning he needs a lawyer so he can sue them for the disinheritance.

    Mercury expresses disbelief that ten thousand dollars was spent on his twelfth birthday party, and how eighteen months earlier, his parents' income was only thirty thousand dollars per year. This starts him to wondering how his parents got so rich so quickly; the Hellions find their safe and open it to find a scroll with instructions and the name 'Kingmaker' on it. They follow the instructions, which involve a magical summoning circle, and a phone. The next day Julian declares he thinks the ceremony was stupid; just then there is a knock on the door. The Kingmaker is here, and he offers all of the Hellions one wish.

    The Hellions spend a long time debating over whether they should accept the offer (Dust is strongly against it). Julian finally comes up with an idea: make the Kingmaker prove he can satisfy the wishes they make, with a sample, 'no strings attached'. Julian's wish is to be a real super hero. Cruz (who has wished to become an agent like Kingmaker, in order to keep contact with his friends, who are going their own separate ways), brings Julian to a street in Hollywood, California. A staged assassination attempt on the Governor takes place; Julian defeats the assassin and is accosted by the media. Cruz fields the reporters for him, and introduces him to a certain reporter (named Jennifer Matlin). She interviews him, and when he later finds out it was staged by Cruz, Matlin imparts that she made the interview easier for Julian by leaving the fact that he is a mutant out of her report. She also tells him that she will make him a star (and turns down Hellion's innuendo as he tries to hit on her).

    It now comes time for the Hellions to commit to their deal with the Kingmaker. Everyone agrees to sign the contracts, enchanted by having their wishes come true. Their payment is to return the favor for someone else. Kingmaker briefs them on a mission: they must secure a briefcase from a research facility. They are alerted that Paladin and Diamondback will be making an attempt, and sure enough, they meet in the compound. The Hellions beat the two mercenaries very easily, and ignore Diamondback's please to give the case back (she explains that they are working for S.H.I.E.L.D.). Julian refuses and the Hellions leave, however while they are waiting for the Kingmaker, the team demands to know what's in the case. It turns out to be a bio weapon. Julian finally does the right thing: he gives the case to Kingmaker, but demands that the contracts be cut up. After trying to persuade the kids, Kingmaker gives up and complies. Immediately after giving Kingmaker the case, Julian orders the Hellions to attack, and a fight ensues. Kingmaker has many gadgets and easily escapes, leaving the Hellions unconscious on the floor and then calling the authorities on them. Through teamwork, the Hellions evade the police officers and track down the Kingmaker again, intercepting his car. This time the Hellions beat him; and Julian telekinetically puts Rockslide back together after he is smashed.

    Back at Julian's home, his parents show him a newspaper featuring himself with the title: 'Los Angeles' Mutant Menace'. His parents scold him for ruining the arrangement with Kingmaker, and for crossing him. Elizabeth Keller warns her son that they can no longer protect him. Julian replies: "You got in bed with a villain, and now he's gonna be mad at you. Maybe you should be looking to me for protection. So, if you need me, give me a call. Unlike you, I'm always there for my family".

    The last scene takes place at the school. Julian asks if the Hellions can stay at the Institute instead of with his parents. Frost agrees, and imparts that she is proud of her students, especially Julian.


    After the events of the House of M, the school is shown in complete devastation as the various students adjust to having lost (or retained) their powers. Hellion is one of the few who does remain a mutant; however, in a chaotic scene (with various mutants adjusting to losing or retaining their powers), it becomes apparent to the reader that Sofia Mantega has been de-powered.

    Julian's next appearance is at the doorway of the entertainment room of the mansion, as he taunts Prodigy for having lost his mutant abilities. Sofia suddenly appears and asks him why he is talking that way. Julian has no response except to stammer; after witch Sofia walks away. As he moves to pursue her, Surge stops him, and he explodes, ready for a fight. Off-panel, Wolverine says: "Am I interrupting something?" He brings in Laura Kinney, better known as X-23 and announces her to the group. He tells them Laura is his sister, but also a genetic clone of his DNA and that she has claws as well. Julian looks at her for a moment in silence, then, in a very bad temper, tries to resume his fight from earlier on. Prodigy breaks up the fight, then one by one the students leave, Mercury saying: "Julian...I love you, but it's time for us grow up". Julian is left with X-23, who keeps staring at him with an uncertain expression. He snaps at her: "What are you looking at, clone?" in what becomes his attitude towards Kinney for several issues.

    Hellion saves X-23
    Hellion saves X-23

    The next scene takes place in the Danger Cave that Prodigy has built. The Hellions accompany him, having followed the New Mutants in. They partake in a Danger Room-esque series of simulations, dressed in simulated X-men uniforms that change with each simulation. Eventually the fighting between the squads becomes too much for Icarus, who leaves, he suggests X-23 takes his place. Julian tells X-23 it is ok, but she doesn't get to be Wolverine every time. Kinney approaches him without saying anything, just staring; Julian starts to smile in a smug way (perhaps because this is unusual behavior for a girl toward him, based on his aggressive and abrasive personality) and says: "Down, girl". Kinney pops her Adamantium claws off panel (but presumably near his waist, as he looks down); he responds with: "Didn't they clone you a sense of humor? A few panels later, Julian is overwhelmed by simulated opponents, and Laura begins to hover around him defensively, taking them out herself. "Hey! Back off, claws. I don't need anyone to rescue me." he tells her, but Kinney ignores him. Surge notes this, and says: "Awww, she's sweet on you, Keller".

    Julian's next appearance is at night, in the hallway outside Mantega's door, begging her to talk to him. She refuses to open the door and tells him to go away (on the other side, she is crying). Julian says: "Look, I know you're hurting, beautiful...I want to help". Mercury interrupts to ask if Julian has seen Wither; he says that he is busy, and that the other boy can take care of himself. Mercury takes off with the comment: "Nice, Julian. Way to look after your friends". Julian chases after Mercury, and the panel shows Sofia in her room, packing.

    He is present for Emma Frost's battle royale (to determine which students will train to be X-men). He is seen glancing at Kinney, then at Surge, who is threatening him with electricity, and he grins. Frost contacts him telepathically : "Whatever it takes, I want X-23 taken out first". Julian glances at Kinney, and has a flashback of her saving him in the Danger Cave. Frost is upset by his reluctance, but he eventually agrees that it will not be a problem. Almost immediately after this, Rockslide attacks him; he yells: "Not me, you idiot! THEM! The Hellions are staying together!"

    As the battle begins, Julian tries to clear a path to Kinney but is momentarily distracted. When he reaches her, Kinney is rooted to the ground mentally by Frost, an easy target. As Onyx attacks from the side, however, Julian suddenly changes his mind and lifts her up with telekinesis, telling her : "No one saves me! Got it?". Kinney says okay. Julian adds: "Now we're even". Frost is not pleased with this, and expresses her displeasure (at the end of the fight) by putting Hellion on the team, but letting his nemesis Surge lead. Both Julian and Surge are astonished, then trade glares. Frost originally does not include Kinney on this team, but Cyclops appears at that moment and says that she will be. He adds: "We'll discuss this little 'exercise' later." while looking upset. The last panels of this part of the story show the New X-men at night saying goodbye to the depowered students. Julian is depressed as he says goodbye to Brian Cruz. Kinney suddenly yells : "AMBUSH!" as she points at a hill in the distance. The bus explodes.


    Julian next appears at the funeral held for the students that lost their lives in the attack. He reminisces about the events following the explosion of the bus: he was close to saving Brian Cruz, when there was a secondary explosion. He himself retained severe burn damage to half of his face, and it is shown in the next panel during the present. Kinney is shown in the background, leaning against a tree and watching him with a thoughtful expression. After the funeral, he discusses with Mercury about how things aren't supposed to be like this. He then says that he's going to check on Mantega, to make sure she is okay, to which Mercury responds that she has left. Julian doesn't believe her and storms off, enraged heading to Mantega's room to find it empty, and breaks her former window in a fit.

    Some time after this, he is standing in the parlor with the other students, when Frost says they need to train. In the Danger Room, they are instructed to take Colossus down; the former Hellions and New Mutant teams do not work together well, with both Surge and Julian dishing out orders. Julian attempts to take Colossus down himself, but fails, as Surge shouts for him to stop. He watches as Elixir flips out and whacks Colossus on the back of the head when he reverts to his human form, and comments: "Damn, Foley." in what seems to be a quiet voice. During the Purifier attack on the mansion, Julian shows up in time to save Emma Frost from the Purifier named Mary. He is soon afterward hit by a bullet of unknown substance (possibly Vibranium) which passes through his telekinetic shield. The New X-men are overwhelmed in the fight, until Kinney appears and slaughters the entire hallway of opponents almost effortlessly. He pulls the knife out of Frost's shoulder, then bears witness as Elixir kills William Stryker with a single touch, overloading him with diseases.


    Julian's first appearance is in the aftermath of the attack, when the authorities are taking away bodies. He remarks to Mercury: "Nobody could be ready for this kind of hate". He is in the room when the other New X-men try to figure out what happened to Icarus, who has died; and when they try to convince the X-men not to leave for Storm's wedding in Wakanda. He is also present when the New X-men put together the pieces of the puzzle, and discover that Nimrod is attacking Forge in Dallas, TX. When the New X-men get into the X-wing to go and save Forge, he clears the caved-in passageway telekinetically. When Prodigy crashes the X-wing, Julian shields everyone and opens the door, commenting: "Nice flying there, Alleyne". When the New X-men get into a battle with guarding robots (and later Nimrod) he participates. He is knocked unconscious during the first Nimrod charge, but revives just as the machine comes back for a second attack. He witnesses Rockslide blown up, then begins to really put power into his attacks. Finally Forge and Prodigy come up with a battle plan; Kinney cuts the robot on its chest cavity, Mercury holds the incision open, and Surge overloads its chronal device. Julian saves Surge from overloading herself when she becomes unable to disconnect herself from the robot.

    Saving X-23
    Saving X-23

    In the aftermath, Julian puts Rockslide back together again, who comments about how Kinney appears to be dying. Julian appears panicked suddenly, and grabs the girl with his mind , shouting: "We HAVE to help her!". Not accepting his teammates' answers that it can't be done, he begins to carry her back to the institute, begging her to stay alive: "You hang in there, do you hear me?! You're not leaving me, too! STAY WITH ME, LAURA!". Frost contacts him at that moment; he begs her to help him fly faster. At first Frost refuses, then unlocks the part of his mind that controls his powers, warning him that it may hurt. He seems to have a moment of pain, then his speed dramatically increases, and along the way he seizes an armored car and uses it to break through obstacles in front of them. As he approaches the mansion, operators in the guarding sentinels are seen discussing his speed as mach (sonic). The occupants of the mansion are disturbed by an enormous crash and him sweeping through (leaving a sonic boom in his wake and a green trail of energy).

    The Stepford Cuckoos discuss his presence: "Julian is back. He's very emotional right now, you may want to give him a moment". Julian is shown landing outside the infirmary and looking at Elixir (who is lying on a stretcher, in a trance from killing Stryker earlier). He is surrounded by rubble from his landing, and most of his uniform has been shredded during the flight. He promptly enters the infirmary, mentally lifts Elixir off the bed, and gives him an inspiring speech to rouse him: "Heal her, dammit! Elixir heals the girl, both he and Julian call her at the same time; and when she looks up, Julian asks: "Are...are you okay?" while smiling. Kinney replies with "Hi.", then Julian passes out. Next is a scene in which Julian has been sleeping in his bed for the last 34 hours. while Laura watches him. When he says "...Sophia..." in his sleep, she leaves, appearing upset; Julian wakes up, looks around his empty room, then falls back asleep.

    Mercury Falling

    The story opens with Julian and Beast in the Danger Room. He is instructed to pick up a paper clip, and mouths off for a while about how that is very simple. Beast asks him to prove he can do it; Julian does and says: "Ha! See! You want me to make it dance for you?". The paperclip then explodes, causing a hole in the Danger Room floor. Kinney can be seen watching him from the observation booth on the ceiling, and pressing her fingers against the glass with a look of what may be longing (in a separate scene, Frost tells Kinney that she has watched how she follows the boy; Mercury overhears, and directly questions the girl on whether she likes Julian. Kinney's response is: "I do not want to talk about this", but it is obvious that she does). Beast lectures Julian, telling him that he is more powerful than he was before, and that he should practice as much as possible, but preferably away from other students. Julian agrees and leaves the Danger Room for a shower.

    Later, Julian is looking for Cessily and cannot find her; he finds Kinney in the room she shares with Dust, covered in blood (she pops her claws when he looks around the door, and he looks afraid). He demands to know what happened, and where Mercury is. Kinney tells him: "She's gone. But I'll get her back". He tells her to stop, and asks her to tell him more. When Kinney informs him that her creators took Mercury (and that she is going after the girl), he tells her that he's going with her, to which Kinney replies "No." in a firm fashion. The scene changes to the roof of the institute, and shows Julian bursting through it with Kinney in his arms, telling her: "I'm going with you. Understand?", to which Kinney responds "Yes." with a grim smile.

    He helps Kinney to interrogate thugs, stopping their car from leaving, and ripping their gun away (giving it to Kinney). He watches on horrified as Kinney interrogates the man, receives an answer, then promptly shoots him in the head. Julian demands: "Why did you do that?!". Kinney replies that he did not have any more information; Julian argues that she didn't have to kill him. Kinney replies: "Yes, I did. He works for the facility. He deserves to die". Julian replies: "We'll find Cessily, but no more killing. Do you understand me? We'll shake down your contacts, we'll get the location--but no more killing, understand?". Kinney does not reply, but looks upset. Later, Julian is seen jumping out of a window after a thug while yelling "Dammit, Laura!", then "WHAT DID I SAY?! I said no more killing! You promised!". Kinney smiles and says "He is not dead. You saved him". He replies: "This isn't funny, Laura!"

    Shortly after this they hit up one more of Kinney's contacts, the Owl (who is Kingpin's placeholder). After a brief scene in which Owl over confidently mocks the two teenagers (notably comm enting to Kinney: "You're dead, girl! You and your pretty boyfriend are dead!"), Julian carries them up through the roof and threatens to drop Owl if he does not answer their questions, as per prior agreement with Kinney. Owl looks terrified.

    Hellion and X-23
    Hellion and X-23

    In a scene that takes place near the New York/Vermont border, Julian talks to Kinney as they are flying (with his arm still around her waist): "I don't know you, Laura...I don't know anything about you. Who are you? What are you?", to which Kinney responds: "I don't know". Frost tries to contact them shortly afterward, but barely says "Hellion!" before Julian is out of range again. A little while later, Kinney and Julian are in the facility, fighting off personnel. Neither has trouble. Julian orders Kinney to stay close, and defeats all of her enemies in one shot, afterward telling her: "No need to thank me or anything" while smiling.

    Then Kimura arrives with a siren that renders Julian unable to think for pain, and she comments: "I love telekinetics. They're so over-confident. Mind powers are useless when you can't form a thought". She goes on to mock Kinney, saying she is impressed that she has found a boyfriend, and starts to talk about dating, as she picks Laura up and stabs her in the gut; seeing this makes Julian very angry, and he crushes Kimura into the wall and starts to threaten that he is going to kill her. Kinney pulls out the knife, healing instantly, and asks for him to kill Kimura, telling him that he is the only one that can do so (by creating a telekinetic bubble in her heart, or brain). Julian can't bring himself to kill, however, and instead sends Kimura through the ceiling and a long distance away (27.3 miles, a dialogue box says). The pair begins to rescue Kincaid from the instruments that have been used to steal her mercury; at that moment the Predator X beasts arrive.

    After being bitten on the shoulder, Julian passes out, leaving Kinney to save him and Mercury. Kinney appears to be distraught as more operatives shows up, and she realizes she cannot protect her friends.; but at the last moment the combined X-men and New X-men teams burst through the roof, saving the day. One Predator X escapes. Elixir heals Julian, and they return to the mansion. Mercury, sitting on the porch with him, tells him that she can feel more of the Predator X beasts out there, wearing her mercury.

    Quest for Magik

    Quest For Magik
    Quest For Magik

    Julian is standing outside the school, with Surge, at night, describing what he had witnessed Kinney do when saving Mercury: "...killed him right in front of me. She didn't give it a second thought. She's got mob connections, and this place, this facility...I think she's seriously messed up, Ashida. You should have heard the way Laura talked about this woman, Kimura. The look in her eyes..." Surge responds by ordering him to shut up, and punching him in the jaw, then chewing him out for leaving the school without telling her or the others, telling him that he, Kinney and Mercury are her responsibility now that she is leader. Julian answers that he will next time. Just then the mansion explodes; he shields them just in time. Afterwards he discovers that they cannot get back into the mansion. They find Hope Abbot's body, and meet her trance form, who informs them that Belasco is responsible, and that he has sucked the other students into hell (meaning Limbo). He and Surge join the SHIELD team that is planning to enter Limbo, and insist that they will come along. He is present when Surge wakes up Amanda Sefton, and listens to the woman's information about Limbo. He accompanies Surge to Limbo, having been teleported there by Sefton, along with a Sentinel. He helps in the attack on Belasco; he is teleported back out of Limbo when the X-men arrive, and Magik

    Children of the X-Men

    In the aftermath, he blows up his bedroom practicing his powers, commenting: "Anything smaller than a refrigerator, and I can't deal with it". He appears next in the meeting between the students to discuss who will be the next to die; Surge uses the opportunity to kiss him in front of Prodigy (trying to make Alleyne leave the school). Kinney pops her claws; Julian pushes Surge away, asking what she's doing. Then he looks at Kinney and calls her name; she runs out of the room and he is seen flying after her, but it is not shown if he stops to speak with her. Later Dust finds him outside and asks him if he's well, to which Julian responds: "Not really, Sooraya. My best friend is dead, the girl I thought I loved is gone, my mentor flipped out, I can't stop thinking about a girl that literally scares me, and now...Nori. It's too hard. I've always been so sure, and now I have no idea what to do. And there's no one to show me". Dust does not want to say; Julian smiles at her and hugs her with one arm while thanking her.

    Later he walks in on Surge and Prodigy fighting and attacks the latter, telling him to get away, and asking Surge if she is hurt; Surge responds that she is not, and Prodigy uses Julian's distraction as an opportunity to attack him, saying: "Israeli special forces training. Wolverine and Shadowcat know it, and now I do, too. There are three parts of the body that are essentially unbreakable. I just used all three on you.", to which Julian replies: "Didn't...kiss her...". Prodigy replies that he knows.

    World War Hulk

    When Hulk attacks the mansion, Julian and the other New X-Men are the first to respond. Julian manages to pin hulk down for a moment in their first attack but is then knocked away. When he tries again to attack him he is the first to be defeated. Realizing he is a telekinetic Hulk creates a sonic boom, rupturing his eardrums. He is down for the rest of the fight.

    Messiah Complex

    During the Messiah Complex event, Julian accompanies the New X-men in an unauthorized hunt for the newborn mutant baby. Julian is disturbed by Surge's violence, and begs her to relent. The lead they have turns out to be a trap; Lady Deathstrike shows up and impales Julian on her Adamantium laced claws. Pixie teleports the New X-men out, but does so in a panic, and therefore the kids are spread out between Washington, D.C. and the Xavier Institute in New York. Julian is taken to the infirmary and is operated on by Beast, as Elixir is unconscious. He has sustained massive trauma from the attack by Lady Deathstrike; having had his spleen ruptured, both his lungs pierced, and various other damage. At this time, it should be noted that Kinney, on the new X-Force team, is pitted against Lady Deathstrike and her new Reavers. After a battle, Kinney appears to kill Lady Deathstrike, and tells her: "You were dead the moment you touched Julian Keller."

    X-men: Divided We Stand

    Julian ponders his future.
    Julian ponders his future.

    Julian appears at a table, on the balcony of an outdoor cafe in New York city. He recalls everything that happened, and also waking up in a hotel room, ripping out IV attachments, as Frost greets him. She then informs him that the school has been disbanded; Julian is very upset. He asks where Mercury and Dust are, and then about Kinney, but Frost tells him that that is enough, and knocks him out, just as he is shouting: "No! You're doing it again! You're taking away everything I had! Where are they?!". He narrates that he woke up an hour later, and Frost was gone. He went to find his parents, but they had sold the mansion and left town. He notes: "They'd rather give up everything than take me back in". He says that his food and hotel was paid for by Angel. He then describes his search for the X-men, including shouting to Frost that he knows she can hear him, and begging her not to leave him there, but receiving no response. Julian then says to hell with the X-men, and that he knows 'you' were there, waiting; 'you' turns out to be Magneto, whom Julian is speaking to. "The X-men made a big mistake. I'm one of the most powerful mutants on the planet now. You need that power. You need me," he says. Magneto declines his offer, and Julian gets upset. The older man continues: "Everything you thought you were is gone, and the only thing left, the thing you held on to so tightly was that you were an X-man. Your teachers abandoned you. Your friends died. Your heart broke. Your beliefs shattered. The X-men failed you. So then you find me, their greatest enemy. You love them so much you want to hurt them. But I won't use you, and I won't kill you. You are a mutant, one of the few remaining. After everything you've been through, you still don't see that Cyclops has given you a gift. He's given you time. Enjoy it Hellion, because soon enough, war will come again for all mutants. And it will consume you..."



    After a gap of more than a year, Julian is next seen on a street corner, sitting at a table, talking to a girl with blond hair and hitting on her. She asks him if he is a mutant, to which he replies: "I'm one of the most powerful mutants in the world". She says she could tell, and asks what he is doing later, as she passes him a drink. "I'm looking at her..." he responds, then promptly passes out. The woman calls him genescum, and says he will be doing tonight is dying. He appears in the Leper Queen's Sapien League headquarters, along with an unconscious Surge and Boom Boom, where he and Ashida are injected with a modified form of the Legacy virus that will cause their powers to go into overdrive and eventually force them to explode. It should be noted here that Kinney was told of his capture, and Wolverine said her body "lit up when (she) heard Keller's name". Julian and Surge are then taken to the U.N. building. They wake up in the back of the van and, although very slow and obviously suffering the effects of Legacy, begin to escape. X-force shows up (sans Kinney), and free them from their captors. Elixir heals Julian, then goes to save Surge; he does not get there in time and she begins to explode. Julian saves everyone in the nearby vicinity by telekinetically channeling the massive lightning storm up into the sky. He passes out afterwards, but later is seen asking where Kinney is, and expressing concern when he finds out she is missing. Kinney is also shown (separately) to express concern for him; after returning from an ordeal in the future, and then saving Boom Boom, she is seen lying on the floor, mumbling that she has to save Julian. She passes out before she can do this, and is taken away by HAMMER agents.

    Avengers/X-men: Utopia

    Julian again shows up, this time dressed in a striped sweater vest very reminiscent of Kid Omega's. He rallies a team of mutants in San Fransisco to hold a demonstration in a park to show their feelings towards the mutant protestors. At the park, Norman Osborn's Dark X-men show up. Emma Frost is with them. She punches Julian in the face while in diamond form, on live TV, and announces that he is under arrest. He and his group are taken captive, and are planned for use in the depowering machine Osborn's minions have created; however, they are saved by the X-men.

    Second Coming


    In this event, Julian defends Utopia on the Golden Gate bridge, along with the other X-men, against a huge attack of Nimrod sentinels. He is hit by a shock-wave attack, and both of his hands disintegrate, leaving him with bloody stumps, as Kinney watches from the background, horrified. He appears in a later panel, unconscious, while Psylocke, Surge and Kinney tend to him, grieving. This is possibly the largest challenge in his life. Kinney is shown to visit him in the hospital (before leaving on what is probably a one-way trip to the future with X-force), her hand on the empty space of bed that his hand would have rested on before. Surge is shown crying, with Mercury, in the sleeping quarters.

    X-men: Legacy


    After the events of Second Coming, Julian is left to deal with his new handicap. He is very angry and hurt, making sarcastic comments to many people about no longer having hands. The other students now treat him differently. Julian is seen butting into a conversation between Hope and Magneto about whether Hope is dangerous or not. Julian sarcastically comments about how he would scratch his head and ponder the thought, but (he) has no hands to do so. Magneto tells him to leave, which he does, but he glares at them out of the corner of his eye. He is also shown (in New Mutants) comparing wounds with Karma and insisting that losing both hands is much worse than losing a leg. Shortly after this, Hellion turns down an offer to join Rogue (along with Magneto, Loa, Anole and on their trip to India. Filled with anger and resentment, he acknowledges that he does not want to be in public due to his fear of public reaction to his current handicap.


    Wanting to help Julian after the loss of his hands, Dr. Kavita Rao modifies the mechanical hands that Madison Jeffries made and grafts them on to Julian. Eventually growing displeased with the prosthesis, in a fit of rage he wrecks the lab and removes them. Complaining, Hellion draws out that the X-Men have brought back the dead, but cannot give him back what he lost. Rogue once again appears and drafts him into Cyclops's team to help out the rebuilding efforts in San Fransisco.

    While at the site Julian and Hope have a chat about the nature of her powers and status as the Mutant Messiah. Hellion, still embittered over his belief that someone who is supposedly all powerful is unable to help him. Hope argues that if she could help him she would but Julian only berates her and storms off. Feeling the urge to blow off some steam Julian then proceeds to violently blow up debris which dangerously lands near Hope and a small girl she meets during the volunteer work. The two girls then decide to "chew out" Hellion but before they can, they are attacked by Omega Sentinel. Julian is confronted with a decision when it becomes apparent that the woman has contracted a virus that is causing her strange, dangerous behavior. Omega Sentinel begs him to kill her, and he does, for the first time trying to cause death with his powers. It is revealed after that she is brain dead. Cyclops then interrogates Julian, who relates the entire issue in a narrative.

    Hellion destroys Omega Sentinel
    Hellion destroys Omega Sentinel

    Julian explains that during Omega Sentinel's attack, he felt his powers amplify and experienced telekinetic control at the molecular level. He theorizes that Hope may have had something to do with this. Steering his attack through Hope and the girl, he delivers a major blow to Omega Sentinel without harming them. The rest of the team show up and demand Julian to stand down, but the attack from Omega Sentinel continues. That is when Julian destroys her. Cyclops and Rogue berate him for his actions. Then Cyclops puts him on probation; Julian can be seen walking to the edge of Utopia, thinking how he has no friends...and doesn't need them anymore.

    In the recently concluded Age of X event, Julian is a member of the Force Warriors, and is missing his arms up to his biceps (instead of just to his wrists). In this universe, he demonstrates the use of metal hands, with telekinetic arms. He was confronted with a decision to stand with or against Magneto (a protagonist in this story) and is shown to spare the idea careful thought, instead of acting rashly. It is said that this event will have a large effect on Julian, but what that effect will be is not yet apparent. When Blindfold is investigating for a hidden monster that may threaten the X-men, she comes across Hellion. The two exchange words about that fact that Julian hasn't yet decided what his future holds. Blindfold leaves...but not without telling him he's not the kind of monster that she is looking for.

    X-23 :The Killing Dream

    Laura and Julian
    Laura and Julian

    Kinney is shown observing Julian at a party in the Utopia courtyard. A Cuckoo sister is attempting to feed him pizza, and he refuses, angrily reminding her about his telekinesis and that he can still take care of himself (Kinney appears satisfied by this response). He later is seen walking with a few New X-men (Surge, Rockslide, Anole, and Dust), and having a discussion; Rockslide refers to Kinney as Julian's 'crazy girlfriend'; he tells Vaccarro not to call her that. Surge asks him to specify whether he means girlfriend, or crazy, but before he can answer, they run into Kinney. Surge begins to accost Kinney about her recently revealed X-force involvement; Rockslide backs her up; and both Anole and Dust both seem to be taking the side of Kinney.

    After a few moments, Julian tells Surge to shut up and goes to speak to Kinney, in the first intimate moment they have ever shared. He tries making conversation, saying that he has missed her presence, and the way she always gets him into trouble. He notices a leaf in her hair and moves to brush it away, but realizes he doesn't have hands anymore; he apologizes and begins to draw away when Kinney says: “I have missed you”.

    Julian seems surprised, and says he has never heard her say that; she replies by telling him that she’s not good with words, "or anything else". Surge and Rockslide show their disgust for the moment, but Dust calls it “Beautiful", and then tells the two troublesome individuals that they should stop teasing the pair. The others begin to make more insults toward Kinney; Rockslide saying that he finds her "freakier now than when she first joined". With that Kinney says that she should go. Julian puts his arm around her and disagrees. Dust adds that Surge is just being Jealous and “the B-word”. Surge justifies her actions as trying to protect the others. Anole states that Laura is scared, and Surge says that she is the one who is scared. Preparing for an electrical attack, Surge asks why doesn't Kinney deny being a killing machine just once more, and if there is anything else she is hiding. Kinney asks what Surge wants.Cyclops then appears breaking off the fight and pulling Kinney to the side. They leave soon after.


    Julian's next appearance is when he attempts to visit Kinney at the infirmary (after she is injured in an explosion at a depowered mutant halfway house). As he enters the room, he sees Kinney with blood dripping off her claws, and Wolverine obviously recovering from a stab. 'Hellverine' (nickname for possessed Wolverine) tells him to stand back; Julian disobeys and uses his telekinesis to restrain the girl. He thinks can talk some sense into her because he doesn't seem to be herself. Kinney tries to plead with him to let her go, and then attempts to convince him that Wolverine is the one who is not himself; but Julian only says he wants to help her because she's his friend--his best friend. At that moment, Wolverine attacks. Kinney sees this over Julian's shoulder and calls out for him to look out, but it's too late; Wolverine stabs him through his back, out to his chest.

    Kinney moves to Julian as he lies on the floor, bleeding and dying. The Demon offers her a deal: he'll bring the boy back to life if she comes with him. After some taunting from the Demon and deciding that she cannot let Julian die, she accepts the Demon's offer and he then sends her to a hell dimension. This event is later explained as taking place in Kinney's mind; only the hospital room event happened. Frost says that Julian has no memory of what happened in there. Kinney decides to leave the X-men, and visits Julian's room to say goodbye, but he pretends to be asleep, and she does not disturb him. This causes the reader to wonder what he does remember.

    Schism and Regenesis

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    In Regenesis, Hellion argues with Prodigy over why leaving Utopia and going with Wolverine is the better option. Prodigy tells him that he seems to be forgetting their dead friends and their ordeal with Stryker back in Westchester. Hellion then tells Prodigy that at least he didn't have to give up his hands as a homework assignment. Rockslide, and many of the other other New X-Men decide to follow Hellion and go with Wolverine.

    Having decided to follow Wolverine back to Westchester, Julian is now a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. On the School's opening day he is seen reverting back to his old ways by teaming up with Glob Herman to bully the new student Broo for not being what they consider a true "mutant". Wolverine shows up and the two run off to the Boy's Room and in response to their actions Wolverine decides to use them as guinea pigs for the new and improved Danger Room, which now encompasses the entire school. Julian also chats with Glob about their decision to go East. Glob says they should have stayed on Utopia but Julian says the reason he came was because of the chicks and the action. They get attacked in the Boy's Room by the Danger Room and Toad is forced to clean it up after Julian and Glob come out with their fair shares of burns and bruises.

    Logan's Lost Lesson

    Undying Love
    Undying Love

    During the Winter Holidays, Julian along with Kid Omega, Oya and Broo get a form of detention from Logan after they trashed Beast's lab, though Broo claims that Kid Omega said was an exercise in "controlled destruction". Logan then takes the four outdoors(as well as Iceman and Kitty Pryde) into cold to teach them some teamwork skills by having them play ice hockey. Julian is teamed up with Broo and Kitty against Iceman, Kid Omega and Oya.

    Julian and Broo work together(it should be noted that Julian is friendly toward Broo as opposed to being antagonistic, which means Julian will most likely drop his prejudices against Broo in the future) to try and score but are foiled by Iceman. After a match fulled of each of the mutants cheating by using their powers Logan's ends the lesson and they head back to the school to enjoy the holidays.

    Hellion is put in a 'remedial' class by the staff, headed by visiting teacher Spider-Man. The resulting adventures inspires Hellion to develop intense loyalty for fellow members of this specific class.

    X-Men: Primer

    After not choosing to join Cyclops and his team at the new Xavier School for the Gifted, Hellion still resides at the Jean Grey School. Accompanied by his peers and mentor Kitty Pryde, Hellion and his classmates were caught in the middle of a lockdown. While other students resided in their rooms for protection Hellion accompanied with, Bling, Primal and Pixie were caught in the crossfire. Fighting alongside Professor Pryde and his peers. Hellion aided in stopping the Karima-bots from attacking his friends.

    The Terrigen-Cloud

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    Hellion remained with the X-men after the war with the Avengers and joined the X-Men when they relocated the school to the Limbo dimension, hoping to stay safe from the Inhumans' Terrigen cloud, which roamed the Earth at the time and turned out to be leathel for mutants. He accompanied the other X-Men in the war agianst the Inhumans, eventually helping dissolve the Terrigen Cloud, making sure the Earth would be inhabitable for mutants once more. Once the Terrigen cloud was disposed of, Hellion and the other X-Men returned to Earth as the school was relocated to New York City's Central Park and renamed as the Xavier Institute.

    He there joined up with his fellow X-Men in a fight against Mojo and also against a number of other threads the school faced, including the return of the Phoenix, which eventually caused the return of the adult Jean Grey.

    X-Men Dissasembled

    When the Xavier school was destroyed by Nate Grey, also known as X-Man, Hellion joined the other X-Men in a fight against him. Eventually, the X-Men where seemingly wiped out of excistence by Nate Grey, including Hellion. He however turned up alive and well in an alternate dimension in which he and the other X-Men had been transported to. Eventually X-Man was defeated and all X-Men, including Hellion, returned to their normal universe.

    Krakoa and ressurection

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    When the X-Men formed the Mutant-nation of Krakoa on the likewise named island of Krakoa, Hellion joined the group. The mutants had unlocked the secrets of ressurection. As such, allmost all (former) mutants that where killed, where ressurected by a group of mutants known as The Five. This also was the case for many of Julion's former teammates of the New X-Men classes. He was also there to great his former lover Wind Dancer, when she was ressurected. As of now, Julian remains on the island nation.

    Powers and Abilities


    Hellion is a highly skilled and powerful telekinetic. He can fly at subsonic speeds, generate telekinetic force barriers, fire telekinetic force blasts, create 'force constructs' (such as platforms to lift people with), as well as lift things weighing multiple tons with only his mind. He has been shown to be able to simultaneously carry an X-wing jet while tunneling through over a mile and a half of caved in rock.

    Julian has also shown that he has a huge amount of untapped potential. After the New X-Men fought Nimrod and X-23 needed medical care, Emma Frost unlocked some of this potential so Hellion could get her to the mansion in time. He was able to travel from Dallas, Texas to New York in mere seconds (a distance of roughly 1500 miles), while also plowing through a Sentinel upon arrival before stopping.

    Since then, Hellion's powers have eased slightly in intensity, but for a while were much higher than before. As a result, he had very little fine control over his telekinesis. At one point, he tried to lift a paper clip and accidentally blew a hole through the floor of the Danger Room. On another occasion he blew up his bedroom, and stated that anything smaller than a refrigerator caused enormous explosions.

    His control has since improved; recently he has been shown as being able to feed himself using only his telekinesis. Also due to the affects of Age of the X, Hellion's fine motor control has sky rocketed.

    Before losing his hands, he channeled his telekinesis through his fingers. He has now begun to route the energy through his head, like most other psionicists.

    When Hellion uses his powers, the telekinetic energy he creates glows a bright green and makes a 'Vrrrrm' sound effect. (The color only became apparent halfway through the New X-men: Academy X series, while the sound effect was introduced in New X-men: Childhood's End).

    X-23 has been shown as informing him that, in theory, he could easily defeat the invulnerable Kimura simply by expanding a bubble inside of her, to the point where she would explode. Hellion, however, is reluctant to kill (an attitude that may be changing, after having put Omega Sentinel into a coma).

    Hellion has some training in self defense and martial arts from his education at the Xavier Institute.

    Alternate Earths

    House of M

    House of M
    House of M

    During House of M, Julian leads the Hellions squad of the S.H.I.E.L.D. unit as a junior agent. His codename here is Scion. He is involved in a romantic relationship with Sofia Mantega, who is also on his squad. The Hellions prevent a human terrorist attack at a leadership demonstration, and are considered heroes by everyone but the New Mutant characters in the crowd. Jubilee and Dust comment that he is cute. In a private scene later, Julian and Mantega talk.

    It becomes apparent that he is worried for her safety. The Hellions are then summoned to the ready room, where they receive a mission to investigate Surge's father (she is on the Hellions team in this universe). Julian and the other Hellions assume that Nori's father is the villain, but in the end (after numerous fight scenes), discover they are wrong when they see the experiments that their government has been doing on humans. They instead defect to assisting Mr. Ashida in freeing the trapped humans. Sunfire appears, and kills them all for disobeying.

    Age of X

    Age of X
    Age of X

    Hellion was living lavishly in LA in a luxurious underground bunker and a tripped out 1960's Camero, but was discovered by the authorities. The task force underestimated the power of his telekinesis and he managed to escape but lost both his arms to lasers in the process. He managed to kill all of his assailants as well as demolish three fighter jets. He went underground for three years before he joined Magneto's forces at Fortress X. It is unknown how he joined Magneto, but there is a chance that Nightmare (Megan Gwynn) recruited him.

    Julian is apart of a group of mutants known as the Force Warriors in Age of X. They consist of Legion, Revenant, Psylocke, Stand-Off (Unconscious) and Hellion. Everyday they rebuild the Force Walls around Fortress X so they are too important to risk in combat. They are idolized in the Fortress, being elevated to celebrity status. After Magneto "kills" Legacy and Gambit the Force Warriors talk amongst themselves and wonder if he did the right thing. Hellion asks Revenant about it and she tell them that Fortress X doesn't look like home and she doesn't feel like herself.

    The Force Warriors then show up when Magneto tries to get Dani Moonstar's team to join him in his rebellion against X. The Force Warriors inform everyone that Magneto has been relieved of Command and now they're in charge. The Moonstar Cadre and the Force Warriors face off and Hellion and Magma banter as Xavier tries to convince them to listen to him. Eventually the two squads agree to listen and they all relocate to Magneto's command center where Xavier explains how the Age of X came to be. It seems during the process of erasing Legion's multiple personalities Legion's mind created a psychic anti-body that absorbed dozens of the personalities and overpowered Xavier and turned Utopia into Fortress X. "Moira" aka the mysterious "X" tries to convince the group that Xavier is lying but fails and in a fit of rage breaks down the Force Walls letting her created Human Battalions attack the Fortress.

    Hellion fought alongside his fellow X-Men against the Human Battalions. When Legion reabsorbed "Moira" and returned the world to the way it was, Hellion returned to having no hands. He was seen to be thinking as Dani Moonstar seemed to be lecturing him.

    In Other Media

    Wolverine and the X-men

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Julian was one of the mutant prisons of the Sentinels of the future. Julian then was recruited to be a member of Professor X's X-men in the future. He was sent into an operating room which aims to transfer his mutant powers to the Sentinels. As Bishop saves him together with Professor X, he used his powers against the Sentinels even if he feels weakened. He also fought Polaris in a later episode with the other Future X-Men.


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