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    Rachel Summers is the daughter of Cyclops and Jean Grey from the alternate "Days of Future Past" timeline. She was forced to become a mutant "hound" and track other mutants before escaping to the present. Rachel has immense telekinetic and telepathic powers. Rachel was also a longtime host to the Phoenix Force.

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    Rachel as hound
    Rachel as hound

    Rachel Summers is the daughter of Scott Summers and Jean Grey, Cyclops and Phoenix, on Earth-811. Her reality diverged from the regular time line when Senator Robert Kelly was assassinated by the Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. In her world, this event caused the mutant/human relations to escalate to the point that an anti-mutant candidate won the next presidential election. He put forth the legislation that brought the giant mutant hunting robots known as the Sentinels. The goal was to eliminate all mutants. The Sentinels adapted and decided the best way to do so was to take over North America. They did not stop with just mutants. Several super-powered humans were also killed or imprisoned. When Rachel was a child, the X-Men's base, Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, was attacked. Rachel was the only survivor. Rendered unconscious due to Xavier's death Rachel was taken, tortured and brainwashed by Ahab into using her psionic powers to become a mutant "hound" with her face tattooed to mark her permanently. As a hound Rachel was tasked with tracking down and even killing other mutants against her will.


    Rachel Summers was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men 141 (1981).

    Character Evolution

    Travel to the Past

    Rachel in Earth-616
    Rachel in Earth-616

    After some time Rachel eventually broke free from her hound programming and assaulted her handler - Ahab. In response Rachel was sent to a Mutant Containment Facility where she found other surviving X-Men as well as falling in love with Franklin Richards who returned her feelings. In a plan to end the nightmare that was their world, Rachel used her psionic powers to switch the psyche of the X-Man, Kate Pryde with that of her younger self. Kate found herself in the body of a young Kitty Pryde who was still new to the X-Men. Together they prevented the assassination of Senator Kelly.

    Unfortunately, history couldn't be changed. Rather than switching psyches with her younger self Kate was actually sent into a different reality. Thus even though the assassination was stopped the Sentinels still ruled their world and pursued them relentlessly until everyone was killed but Kate and Rachel. Curious over why there was no changes to the timeline Rachel traveled back in her astral form and was discovered by Phoenix. Impressed the Phoenix sent a piece of itself along with Rachel back to Rachel's timeline. Upon returning Kate met with the Phoenix, when Rachel wasn't conscious, and struck a deal. Thus Kate hypnotized Rachel to use her powers to tap into the Phoenix Force when she uttered a certain code word. Eventually Kate forced Rachel to travel back in time when the two were trapped in the laboratory of Project Nimrod, the next evolution in Sentinels, in attempt to fake Rachel's death. Unfortunately Rachel was followed by Nimrod and found herself, not in her past, but that of the mainstream reality. With time Rachel was finally able to come to terms with her situation and found a home with the X-Men of this world.

    Time With the X-Men

    Rachel as Phoenix
    Rachel as Phoenix

    Upon hearing about the death of Jean Grey, Rachel decided to take on the mantle of Phoenix in the hopes of clearing her mother's name after the destruction the Phoenix Force had caused while in the guise of Jean. She locates a crystal with the mental imprint of her "mother" and relives the most indelible memories of Jean. Through experiencing what a woman her mother was in this time she feels confident that she can carry on with the good her mother had accomplished before becoming tied with the Phoenix Force. Rachel was a helpful but sometimes unreliable teammate who was driven mostly by her emotions and ghosts of her past. In an early mission, she, Wolverine, Shadowcat, Nightcrawler and Rogue were sent to save Banshee from James Proudstar who would later be known as Warpath. When given the task to locate Banshee with her telepathic powers, Rachel is unable to come to terms with this use of her power as she spent so much time as a Hound in her time. She panics and becomes a liability to the team.

    On a mission to Asgard, she proves her worth and confidence as a member of the team, donning a costume resembling the Phoenix which was a problem for Cyclops. Rachel is finally pushed to her limits when targeted by the External, Selene. When doing battle with Selene, Rachel gains the upper hand and is about to execute her when Wolverine steps in an nearly fatally injures his teammate. His intention was to save her from doing something that would haunt her but he nearly killed her in the process. She runs off and even though the X-Men search, especially her best friend Kitty Pryde, they can find no sign of her anywhere.


    Rachel joins Excalibur
    Rachel joins Excalibur

    Rachel was next found as a prisoner of Mojo and Spiral, forced to perform for the people of Mojoworld. She is rescued by her former teammates Nightcrawler and Shadowcat and are later joined by British Superheroes Captain Britain and Meggan to form Excalibur. During her tenure with this team she came into her own as a confident woman and is frequently shown having to stave off advances from men all around England, much to the chagrin of her teammate Shadowcat. Rachel was a huge asset to the team and battled with several forces such as the Technet and Sat-yr-9. The team ventured through many adventures through time and alternate realities.

    Upon their return Galactus came to Earth sending one of his Heralds to tell Excalibur to render Rachel. The herald tells them that Galactus wants to take the Phoenix out of Rachel saying that Rachel is too dangerous to Galactus to have the Phoenix. Rachel laughed it off and asked if the Herald joking and used her telekinesis to hit the Herald out of the Earth's orbit and onto the moon. Galactus made a machine that would take the Phoenix from Rachel and send it into orbit. Later Rachel goes to other dimensions and finds out she is the only Rachel Summers anywhere. She comes back and the Herald returns and charges at her. Rachel use her telekinesis to swing her around and throw herself at Galactus, however the fight would reach no true conclusion due to risk of both being destroyed.

    Clan Askani

    Rachel as the leader of Clan Askani
    Rachel as the leader of Clan Askani

    On the way back to the present, Captain Britain got lost in the time stream and Rachel switched places with him. Rachel finds herself in the far future where the evil mutant, Apocalypse rules. She starts the Clan Askani as a way to thwart his further rule. Knowing of her half-brother's potential (Nathan Summers, also known as Cable), she sends a member of the clan (aptly named Askani) to retrieve the young Nathan, who has been infected with a virus. To ensure a form of her brother can stand and fight against the forces of Apocalypse, Rachel has Nathan cloned. The clone falls into enemy hands and Rachel uses her psionic abilities to bring Scott and Jean's consciousness forward through time to care for Nathan. This, plus an attack on the Askani citadel, caused a great deal of strain on Rachel's body, which caused her to go into a coma. Her mind was still able to communicate and she helps Nathan grow as much as possible until the inevitable battle with Apocalypse. After what appeared to be the battle had concluded Mother Askani passed away and her parents returned to the present.

    Rachel Return to Present

    Rachel Return
    Rachel Return

    In a plot to end Mother Askani as a threat her enemies tasked Gaunt with capturing Rachel in the timestream, thus preventing her from becoming Mother Askani, and and to lure Cable into a trap. Lost in the timestream Rachel was easy prey to Gaunt and as predicted Cable fell into the trap. However, Cable and Rachel joined forces and were able to defeat Gaunt thus Cable was able to bring Rachel back to the present. This caused a divergence where two of the same Rachel's exist as Rachel no longer would become Mother Askani, however Mother Askani still existed.

    X-Treme X-Men and Transition back into the Fold

    Rachel Grey
    Rachel Grey

    After being gone for so long it seemed like Rachel had been forgotten and decided to keep herself hidden from all by Cable until she was ensnared by Elias Bogan. In the last story arc of X-Treme X-Men, the team is targeted by Elias Bogan and through the use of his pet telepath Elias begins to control members of the X-Men using Bishop as his own weapon against his team. With the recruitment of Kitty Pryde into the team, Magma, Kitty, Sage and Storm are able to free the telepath and in turn their teammates. Since the telepath is shrouded in a shadow form the entire time the team is unaware that she is indeed Rachel Summers. She is freed and without hesitation rejoins the X-Men.

    Rachel continues on with Storm's team of the X-Treme Sanctions E xecutive and is a badge carrying member. She takes on the name Rachel Grey and the code name Marvel Girl with a costume resembling Jean Grey's classic green and yellow outfit all in honor of her dead mother. During this time she forms an antagonistic relationship with Emma though eventually they mend ties and Emma even trained Rachel. During this time Rachel is shown to be far more powerful now than she ever was before by taking on such feats as creating a micro black hole while fighting the Fury and creating a Jovian pressure field while saving the Queen of England from Arcade. She becomes very fast friends with Psylocke who had recently been resurrected and sees more of a distance from Kitty Pryde as her lover Colossus had also recently returned from the dead.

    Rachel's Return to X-Men

    Rachael as Marvel Girl
    Rachael as Marvel Girl

    As a Christmas gift from Cyclops and Emma Frost, Rachel was finally introduced to her maternal grandparents and was quickly accepted with open arms by the Grey family. She spent quite a bit of time trying to become a new part of that family and interacting with her Grandparents John and Elaine Grey. They attempted to throw a party in her honor but were attacked by the Shi'ar Death Commandos, an elite squad of bounty hunters. In the process the Death Commando's killed the entire Grey family in 24 seconds, also marking Rachel's back with some sort of ink that set into her DNA, a sort of scarlet letter for bounty hunters. With the help of the X-Men the Death Commando's were defeated. She was examined by Beast as to the nature of the mark that haunts Rachel, but it is compared to the "M" tattoo on Bishop's eye and Rachel claims to not be able to remove it. She is questioned by Nightcrawler on whether it is just a matter of her willingness to keep it. After trying to cope with the loss of her new family the Death Commando's escaped and attacked her again while at a therapy session. She escaped again only to fight most of the Death Commando's on her own until the X-Men showed up to aid her and together they defeated them but the world soon came under attack by a Shi'Ar battleship. In response Rachel combined her powers with Psylocke's to block the attack, redirecting it back to the ship and saving the planet. Unknown to Rachel, Psylocke was instructed to keep a close eye on Rachel out of concern for her mental state.

    House of M

    Rachel in House of M
    Rachel in House of M

    During the House of M storyline Rachel's and Psylocke's combined energies transported them to the White Hot Room and they were able to retain their powers. Upon returning to Earth-616, they realized that Betsy, in this reality, was a princess, sister of Captain Britain, ruler of England and Rachel was her lady-in-waiting. They were able to save Nocturne, alternate reality daughter of Nightcrawler and Scarlet Witch, from a group of Marauders (in this reality consisting of Callisto, Black Tom Cassidy and Caliban) and they were also vital in Captain Britain's effort to save Earth-616 from destruction. Eventually reality corrected itself but as retribution the Scarlet Witch would utter the words "No More Mutants" which caused Mutantkind to nearly go extinct, in an act referred to as the "Decimation", though Rachel was one of the lucky few unaffected by the Scarlet Witch's reality altering powers.

    Enter Vulcan

    Rachel faces Vulcan
    Rachel faces Vulcan

    Once Rachel's uncle Vulcan reawakened due to The Scarlet Witch's Decimation Wave, he set out to gain revenge on those who wronged him: namely Professor X. Rachel was sent on team, including Wolverine and Cyclops, to investigate the power surge Vulcan's return had caused to Cerebra. Vulcan quickly dispatched with Wolverine and kidnapped Cyclops and Rachel (oblivious to her genetic relationship with him). Vulcan mistakenly took Rachel for her mother, Jean. Using his psionic power to manipulate energy, he took control of Rachel's telepathic and telekinetic energies in order to render her powerless and taunt his new foes with illusions recreated from his traumatic memories. Vulcan ordered Charles to expose himself and reveal all the wrongs he had done, but since Charles was depowered after the events of House of M, Vulcan forced Rachel to link all their minds in order to show them what actually transpired during the X-Men's battle with Krakoa. However, Rachel used this link to sense another consciousness in Vulcan and then release Darwin from Vulcan's mind. This caused Vulcan to lose the powers he gained from his former teammates and gave the X-Men an opportunity to attack.

    Vulcan then fled the planet in order to exact his vengeance on the entire Shi'ar Empire. Professor X then chose Rachel to be a member of a special team that would travel to space to defeat Vulcan. Other team members included Havok, Polaris, Nightcrawler, Warpath and Darwin (another student of Xavier's who had survived Krakoa). Because Charles was still depowered at the time, he and Rachel trained intensively on her telepathy and often allowed Charles' mind to flow through hers however she eventually set boundaries after growing uncomfortable with Charles' extensive use of her telepathy which he respected. The team had launched into space using an old Shi'ar spaceship and started following Vulcan, who having regained his memory, was slowly destroying the Shi'ar Empire.


    Rachel with blue flame Phoenix Force
    Rachel with blue flame Phoenix Force

    They were soon joined by The Starjammers, Lilandra and Korvus, a mysterious Shi'ar prisoner, originally sent to kill the Starchilde - Rachel due to her current connection to the Phoenix. Korvus wielded the Phoenix Blade, which contained a small portion of The Phoenix Force, being passed on to him by one of his ancestors who, though a Shi'ar, was an avatar to the Phoenix Force, Rookshir. Upon having contact with the Phoenix Blade, as she was fighting Korvus, Rachel telepathically exchanged memories with him, immediately forming a psychic rapport with him, and also absorbing a portion of the Phoenix Force contained within the Blade. Rachel soon frees Korvus from the Shi'ar's control and invites him onto the team despite Warpath being weary at such a decision.

    Eventually, mutual attraction formed between Rachel and Korvus due to their psychic rapport and they started becoming more and more intimate with Rachel eventually cutting it off as she wasn't sure if what they had was real or because of the Phoenix. Upon learning that Deathbird and Vulcan are to wed and Xavier is to be executed the team crashes the wedding. Vulcan uses this opportunity to kill D'Ken and claim the Shi'ar throne as it's new Emperor with Deathbird as his Empress. Vulcan than proceeds to try and kill Lilandra but he's stopped by Corsair, in response Vulcan fatally strikes down his own father before retreating. Lilandra has Xavier and those present with him sent to Earth to protect them.

    Following Vulcan's ascension to the throne the team, now lead by Havok, stays in space and is later forced to aid Vulcan against a common threat only to be betrayed by him afterward. Gladiator is sent after Rachel only to be defeated by her. Only Lilandra, Rachel and Korvus manage to escape capture with Korvus being mortally wounded. While recovering Rachel and Korvus mend their relationship and begin referring to each other as their "love". Continuing to elude Vulcan's forces they relied almost exclusively upon Rachel's mastery of the Phoenix, though when they eventually meet up with Havok again the remaining fragments of the Phoenix within Rachel and Korvus's blade are taken away by Rachel's mother for an unknown reason. This leads to Rachel being badly wounded which drives Korvus into a rage, they are soon forced to retreat so that they could recover.

    In the final battle against the Shi'ar, Lilandra is apparently assassinated by Darkhawk, in reality it was an impostor, despite Rachel's best efforts to save her. This leads Gladiator to defect and engage Black Cloak in battle which causes the Shi'ar forces to break into chaos. During the ensuing battle Rachel finds the opportunity to at last obtain revenge by killing Black Cloak, leader of the Death Commandos and slayer of her family, and in turn saved Gladiator's life. Gladiator informs Rachel that Black Cloak was merely following orders before he kills the real mastermind behind the Death Commandos. Following this Rachel and the Starjammers head back to Earth after Gladiator accepts his role as the new leader of the Shi'ar. Ch'od and Raza of the Starjammers stay behind and later end up helping the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    Age Of X

    Rachel in Age of X
    Rachel in Age of X

    While still in space with Alex and Lorna, Rachel attempted to contact Professor Xavier or Emma Frost with a message. Legion warped reality taking Rachel's mind with it creating the amnesic Revenant. She is a member of The Force Warriors, the most powerful telekinetic and psionic-based team into the Fortress X. Rachel does not take a part in an active way during the battles since her powers are essential to rebuild the force walls at Fortress X after each attack . Those walls are the only protection against their enemies and the most important way of surviving. Once reality was restored, Rachel's mind is separated from her body which according to her is "half a universe away". However, due to the separation Rachel is longer able to recall the important message and her mind retains the form of her Age of X counterpart.

    Age of X Aftermath

    In the aftermath a fading Rachel is visited by the best minds of the X-Men and Cyclops grows desperate to save his daughter. In a last ditch effort Rachel asks for Rogue, whom shared a connection with her due to Age of X, to connect with her to see what will happen. When the two of them touch Rogue sees a vision of where Rachel, Havok, Polaris are and that they require aid. Afterward Rachel then returns to her body, when she awakens she is met by an unseen villain holding a gun and telling her he has killed her friends.

    Return back to Earth, "Five Miles South of the Universe"

    Rachel sends an intergalactic distress call to the X-Men. Rogue came to her aid, with Cyclops' blessing, but she finds her in an unconscious state. They are on board of an huge intergalactic vessel, Gul Damar Station and Rachel's body is being carried by a group of space pirates. At the same time a civil war is happening between The Shia'r Empire and and alien insect race. When Rogue is able to awaken Rachel from her catatonic state they're able to take control of the Pirates with Rogue now as their leader. The pair proceed to lead the pirates to rescue Havok and the others from the control of the Friendless who had been the one that put Rachel in a coma initially. Eventually Rachel and Rogue are able to stop the Friendless and they arrive at Earth, Korvus though quickly begins acting erratic due to the unfamiliar setting. Rachel worries for Korvus and despite her love for him she can't stand to see Korvus in such a state and wishes he would return back to space so that he can be happy. Rogue's solution is to offer Korvus the position of Captain of the space pirate crew in her stead. Korvus accepts and is transported to his new ship with Rachel's blessing.


    In the aftermath of the Schism between Wolverine and Cyclops, Rachel decided to go with Team Wolverine and went to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning as a teacher. She teaches foreign languages, Psychic Self Defense and Brain Spelunking. She is also having an eye on Quentin Quire as a special task granted by Wolverine.

    Avengers vs X-Men

    During the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men, Rachel chose to secretly aid her father Cyclops by informing him where Hope was and she personally defeated Thor, Iron Fist, and many other Avengers all on her own despite no longer being a Phoenix Host. Multiple times throughout the conflict Rachel tried to explain that she was living proof that the Phoenix Force could be tamed but the Avengers and even her fellow X-Men ignored her for the most part. Only Cyclops and his team seemed to acknowledge her existence but eventually even she grew uncomfortable as Cyclops began to grow more and more crazed due to constant Avenger attacks and being forced to absorb more of the Phoenix Force into himself. Before Professor X's death he reveals to Rachel that after him Rachel is the most powerful Telepath upon the planet. Following the conclusion of the event Rachel believes in her father's innocence and strongly opposes blame being placed upon him and continues to mention, when Cyclops is brought up, that it was the Phoenix's influence that drove Cyclops to madness.


    -Primer (Story Arc)-

    Rachel Grey is one of the women that come together to form an all female X-Men team that was unofficially lead, initially, by Storm. The reasoning for them coming together involves the appearance of Sublime who sought out their aid. When being interrogated by Rachel and Psylocke he reveals that his crazed sister, Arkea Prime, had returned and desired vengeance against him as they had cast her off Earth in ancient times. During the interrogation Sublime asks Rachel if baby Shogo had been secured, when he finds out that the baby hadn't been Sublime panics and Rachel had Psylocke shut him down until she can figure out the situation.

    After putting the school on lockdown Rachel, Psylocke and Sublime rendezvous with Storm. Sublime agrees to aid the X-Men but Arkea manages to escape. While they're on the x-jet pursuing Arkea both Rachel and Sublime begin to form an attraction towards each other.When they land Rachel notices that Sublime is sitting rather close to her which leads to casual flirting.

    Later Sublime is seated next to Rachel in the van as they wait outside the building for Arkea's next move. Once inside they're assaulted by Arkea and the patients that she had possessed. Eventually Psylocke is posed to kill Arkea, and thus Karima, but Rachel stops her while Storm makes the call to kill Karima. Sublime sides with Rachel and asks Arkea if Karima's consciousness still resides within that body. This gives Karima a chance to temporarily break free and attempts suicide so that she can kill Arkea. Karima survives her suicide attempt while Arkea appears to have been killed.

    -Primer (Epilogue)-

    Rachel is extremely displeased with Storm and challenge's Storm's leadership and decisions due to Storm's willingness to sacrifice Karima and Storm assuming that she was the leader of their unofficial team. Storm confronts Rachel over this which leads to them quarreling over the decision regarding Karima's fate.

    Putting their differences on hold Rachel and Storm agree to work together for now. When Storm begins questioning the team's ability during the operation Rachel tells Storm to trust in the team. This leads to Storm asking Rachel on what Rachel would have done in that situation, Rachel tells Storm that she would have done everything she could before sacrificing Karima's life and that she, Rachel, would have been right. Angered by this Storm brings up Rachel's attraction to Sublime which causes Rachel to call out Storm on such a low blow.

    Rachel makes it clear that she won't let the Karima thing go and is unsure what this means between them. Storm doesn't apologize and states that she would have made the same call again. Storm then says that Rachel can go on and help the team. However, before Rachel can go help the team an emergency occurs and Storm is goes out to save a falling Rogue.

    -Battle of the Atom(Event)-

    When the future "X-Men" arrive in the present Rachel confronts the telepath wearing Xorn's helmet, when "Xorn" takes off her helmet she reveals herself to be an older Jean Grey of the Original 5 X-Men that had been brought to the present by Beast to punish Cyclops. Later when Rachel decides that she cannot agree to forcing the Original 5 back into their own timeline against their will both Kitty and Rachel both proceed to aid the runaway teenage Cyclops and Jean against the future "X-Men". Eventually the Original 5 agree to be sent back but cannot for some reason, around that time the true X-Men of the future arrive and they aid Rachel and the others against the "X-Men" who're really the future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Following their defeat Rachel is present when Kitty Pryde leaves the school, as does the Original 5 X-Men, to go to Cyclops's school.

    -Muertas (Story Arc)-

    News of Lady Deathstrike's return reaches the team, Rachel initially doesn't believe it. Monet feels that they should deal with this regardless and wonders what their team name is. Storm mentions that they aren't a team and Rachel mutters under her breath that she had a name for it with Storm quickly mentioning that they have a few things to talk over.

    Typhoid Mary infiltrates the school during the night, this catches the attention of a sleeping Psylocke and Rachel who reveals that she sleeps in her uniform and that she's already working to intercept the intruder. While monitoring the encounter Rachel reveals to Psylocke that the intruder cannot escape as they've stolen the "box", realizing what it is Psylocke tells Rachel that she must contact Sublime which Rachel already planned to do. Storm than walks in wondering about the recent attacks, Rachel realizes why the box was taken as it possibly contains a functional piece of Arkea.

    Rachel awkwardly contacts Sublime who isn't surprised to hear from her nor does he panic when Rachel reveals that a piece of Arkea had been stolen. This makes Rachel suspicious and she asks whether he's okay or not, Sublime brushes it off as nothing. It's revealed after he ends contact that he's being held captive by the Sisterhood.

    After an exhausted Sublime had been rescued from the Sisterhood by Psylocke, Rachel privately interrogates Sublime about the return of Lady Deathstrike. Sublime eventually brings up their mutual attraction towards each other, Rachel informs him that she doesn't have time for that and isn't sure what she was thinking letting herself be alone with Sublime as she's the last person that should be alone in a room with him.

    Sublime is cut off from what he was about to say when he realizes that Arkea is back. Rachel quickly informs the team about Arkea's return before heading out. As they plan their strategy Rachel wonders if Arkea fears she'll lose to them again and Sublime reveals that Arkea isn't targeting him anymore but the X-Men. Rachel soon begins losing contact with Monet and proceeds with formulating strategies to prevent Arkea's escape.

    Following the team's failure to stop Arkea and the Sisterhood's escape Rachel is present as Beast provides medical care to Sublime. When Sublime is uncooperative with Beast, Rachel calls him out on it. This leads to a confrontation between the two of them which causes Beast to leave. With Beast gone Sublime quickly brings up that they both shared a moment that one night while they were on the x-jet and questions if Rachel wanted more.

    Rachel instinctively tries to make telepathic contact with Sublime but he stops her and tells her that he wants to hear what Rachel has to say with her own words. Rachel explains that even though she's the one that gets to make the decision to be with Sublime or not her friends would never approve of such a relationship. Not to mention that they, Rachel included, will always see Sublime as a villain due to his past deeds.

    Thus Rachel tells Sublime that they're a bad idea. Sublime understands Rachel's decision and mentions that he sometimes forgets that others aren't like him as he's had lived a million lifetimes at that point. As he heads back to his holding cell Rachel telepathically tells him that she's sorry which Sublime says that he is too.

    Back with the team Rachel figures that the Sisterhood's current strategy is to gather more members. Soon after they receive a call and learn that the Sisterhood plans to recruit Selene, the Black Queen, and resurrect Madelyne Pryor. The team then heads out to where the "Queen Bee" part of Arkea is and launch their surprise attack with Rachel, now second in command, ordering Monet to take point. After the rest land Rachel allows Psylocke to pursue Typhoid Mary upon her own while securing a promise that Psylocke won't let Typoid Mary escape this time.

    During the fighting Rachel and Storm ambush Arkea and Selene. As Storm is about to attack Rachel stops Storm as Arkea can travel through Storm's lightning due to her powers. This is all the distraction Madelyne Pryor needed to spring her trap upon Rachel and creates telepathic explosions inside Rachel's head thus incapacitating her.

    With Rachel at Madelyne's mercy Storm makes Madelyne a deal, Selene and Madelyne may go free and they'll face each other at another time since all they care about is stopping Arkea at the moment. Madelyne suddenly releases Rachel and she walks away with Selene. As Arkea lashes out in rage Monet places her in a hold as Karima reveals that Sublime had developed a bullet that would save the host but kill Arkea right before Karima pulls the trigger. Afterward Karima leaves to go with Gabriel Shepherd of Sabra. Rachel is impressed with Karima's taste in men as the team sees Karima off.

    -Bloodlines (Story Arc)-

    Following the aftermath of Arkea's death Sublime opts to leave the school with Rachel demanding an explanation. Sublime tells Rachel that it's complicated and when prompted he tells Rachel that the fact is that they still murdered his sister. As he leaves Sublime looks at Rachel through his window while Rachel see's him off.

    Later when Rachel is alone she reveals that she now knows that Sublime had killed her mother and is a complete mess over the entire Sublime situation which concerns her team about her current mental state. However, when Rachel learns that a student had been shot she resumes her duties.

    Some time later Rachel acts upon her own with Monet to go after who they believe to be the shooter in a highly busy subway system. Thanks to Rachel's telepathy they're shielded from the public eye. Rachel extends her shielding on the shooter so that Monet can tackle him without anyone noticing. The shooter free's himself and tries to commit suicide but Monet stops him after having Rachel lower their shielding. Afterward the two of them take the shooter into custody.

    While interrogating the shooter they're surprised that Storm isn't furious when she finds out that Rachel acted without her knowledge as Storm calls a team meeting. At the team meeting Storm tells them that they're an official team now and when Rachel assumes that Storm will be their leader Storm informs everyone that it will be taken by silent vote. Before they can decide on anything the shooter escapes and causes extensive damage to the school before perishing.

    Kymera informs Rachel and the rest of the team that in four hours they'll be attacked, during that attack Jubilee is maimed permanently and Shogo is kidnapped by his biological father and it would take them 15 years to recover. After the others leave to prepare their defenses Rachel informs Storm that if she can get them through this crisis she'll have Storm's back forever.

    After Jubilee's capture Rachel takes it upon herself to get as much information from Kymera as possible in regards to Shogo's father. Once Rachel learns what is supposed to happen next in Kymera's timeline Rachel informs the team. While they're en-route to where Jubilee is being held Rachel informs Storm that in Kymera's future that the Future (Organization that wants Shogo) loses, 7 of the school members die and 12 are wounded. This shocks Storm and Rachel explains that in Kymera's future the Future had been prepared for them.

    Upon arriving Monet is attacked by the forest itself, Rachel realizes that they need more intel and instructs Psylocke to lead a scouting team. Psylocke informs Rachel that Monet was right about the forest seemingly having a consciousness and Rachel informs her that the system they're fighting is something called Bloodline. The Future then sends an offer - Jubilee for Shogo. Storm responds by declaring war on them.

    Rachel is unable to locate Monet, Storm theorizes that Bloodline is blocking Rachel out but Rachel isn't so sure. Suddenly they're attacked by the forest and Rachel is telepathically assaulted by it. Storm is worried for Rachel but Rachel informs her that she'll manage, Storm then asks Rachel if the forest is sentient which it isn't. Storm then asks if it can feel pain, Rachel isn't sure so Storm leaves to test that out first hand with by calling up a storm to assault the forest.

    Eventually Kymera has Psylocke contact Rachel and Rachel is told that she needs to stop Storm from accidentally killing Monet. Rachel quickly subdues an enraged Storm and calms her down by telling her that Monet and Jubilee are down there. Taking a breather Rachel is concerned over Storm's maniac state as she had never seen Storm lose her head like that before.

    The pair meet up with Kymera who reveals that Shogo's blood can control Bloodline and they steal control from Shogo's biological father. Bloodline promptly kills him as it only recognizes Shogo as its controller now. With that the team reunites and they return to the school.

    -Exogenous (Story Arc)-

    Rachel vividly remembers when the Shi'ar's Death Commandos attacked her and killed nearly all of her relatives when they had sought out to erase the Grey Genome (End of Greys - Story Arc). Back to reality Rachel informs the team that they have to kill all of the virus at once. So with Pylocke and Monet's help they group the virus together with telekinesis for Storm to fry. Afterward Agent Brand contacts the team and informs them that they've found Deathbird which catches Rachel's attention. Jubilee questions the connection Rachel has with Deathbird and Rachel informs her that the Shi'ar had wiped out most of her family and that Deathbird is her Aunt.

    Upon meeting with Agent Brand the team is informed of Deathbird's current status and that Agent Brand specifically wants Rachel's help due to Rachel's knowledge of the Shi'ar mind and history with Deathbird. Rachel agrees to help and asks for privacy as Rachel realizes that Agent Brand is keeping secrets from them. They discover that Deathbird's mind is a mess but are able to learn that "they" are here. Suddenly they're under attack by a horde of Sidrian Hunters. Rachel has the team form a protective circle around Deathbird. Cypher figures out during the fighting that the Hunter's don't want Deathbird, they want her unborn child.

    After the attack Rachel leads a small strike team, Monet and Psylocke, to track the creatures back to their home. While tracking the creatures they run into the Shi'ar ship, named the Lilandra, and meet a Shi'ar man named D'keth, of the Weather Council, who knows of Rachel due to her heroism against Emperor Vulcan and the Grey Genome. D'keth tells them that they're looking for Deathbird but Rachel knows that D'keth is hiding something yet she still decides to tell him about Deathbird anyway as their interests aligned. Aboard the Lilandra they soon discover a Brood ship created from the remains of multiple Acanti. The team soon realizes that it's similar to what they saw in Deathbird's mindscape.

    Rachel decides that they should investigate and has Monet and Psylocke split up from her so they can cover more ground, while telling the Shi'ar that they can leave if they want to. The Shi'ar decide to remain and D'keth believes that Rachel is racist for not trusting him but Rachel tells him that she doesn't trust him because she can't read their thoughts and because she gets a "hit" from his mind whenever she mentions her family. When Rachel asks why D'keth is so uncomfortable about the massacre D'keth reveals that it's because it was his idea. After a moment Rachel attacks D'keth and tells him about the Phoenix 5, Avengers vs X-Men, and that the Shi'ar, based off D'keth's mistaken advice, slaughtered innocents for nothing. D'keth's seems regretful but Rachel doesn't buy it. At that time they're attacked by the supposedly dead "experiments" aboard the Brood ship.

    Rachel immediately defends herself and showcases great mastery of her powers as she easily takes out large swaths of the experimental creatures. During the fighting she calls Psylocke and Monet to her side though Rachel chooses not to try to save D'keth who's instead saved by the timely arrival of Psylocke and Monet. After the fighting ends Rachel is extremely hostile to D'keth and Psylocke questions why Rachel left D'keth for dead. Initially Rachel doesn't want to talk about it but soon explains that D'keth is the reason her family died and Psylocke expresses sorrow for Rachel. At that moment Rachel realizes that the tattoo that Monet discovered on the experiments had appeared in Deathbird's memories. D'keth explains that it's the sign of the Providian Order but he knows little of the organization. Rachel and her team than watch recordings of the experiments done on Deathbird and her baby and once more D'keth tries to explain that his advice to end the Grey Genome was in the best interest of the Universe which Rachel disagrees with. Before their debate can continue one of the Shi'ar is able to isolate the feed for when Deathbird awoke during the experiments and escaped.

    The video feed reveals the mastermind behind the experiments and Rachel reaches the conclusion that Deathbird wasn't fleeing to Earth but to the Peak for revenge. With this realization Rachel leads them back to the Peak though Psylocke tries to probe Rachel's mind on the way out of worry which Rachel didn't appreciate. Upon returning Rachel prevents Deathbird from killing Manifold Tyger, the traitor, as they need to interrogate him. After the interrogation they're attacked by Manifold's allies and Rachel leads the assault against them, however despite their best efforts against impossible odds they're captured and TK Blockers ensnare them. At that moment Storm appears with the rest of the team and frees Rachel's team, soon afterward the threat is neutralized thanks to their combined efforts.

    Following the battle Rachel has Agent Brand safeguard the pregnant Deathbird from the Shi'ar and D'keth meets with her one final time and admits that it's Rachel's right to kill him in revenge. Instead of killing him Rachel telepathically shares with D'keth the constant pain she feels over what the Shi'ar did to her family which leaves him stunned over how she can live with so much pain as she leaves him. Later Rachel is at the grave site for her family and reveals that she's still trying hard to be the woman she believes they would want her to aspire to be which is why she didn't kill D'keth.

    -The Burning World (Story Arc) -

    Word of an apparent natural disaster causes Rachel and the team to head out, when they arrive they discover Gambit already there aiding the civilians. Assessing the situation Storm takes the initiative to try and end it herself, the result is her being swallowed up by the Earth. This causes Rachel to lead the rescue mission to save their leader and friend - Storm. While underground they're attacked by unknown creatures and Psylocke is left severely injured, to make matters worse they discover evidence of past Kree presence. Monet soon departs in a rage, though later contacts Rachel when she calms down, and Pyslocke's health takes a turn for the worse thus forcing Rachel to combine their powers to save the team and escape. Much to her relief they succeed, and even saved Storm who understand Rachel's intent, but are soon met by an apparent Krakoa whom is dubbed "Dark Krakoa". Rachel insists on trying to reason with it only to be assaulted and is only saved by the timely arrival of Jubilee, who had met with Medusa earlier over the entire thing, in a mini X-Jet and Psylocke using the last ounce of her strength to stop them from crashing. When Storm decides that Dark Krakoa must die Rachel is saddened since her attempts to end the innocent creatures rampage was for naught however Rachel, now accepting Dark Krakoa must die thus taking one step closer to being a leader one day, begs Storm to at least let her, Rachel, block out the creature's pain. Storm allows this and soon after the team kills Dark Krakoa. Afterward Rachel returns to the school to dwell on what had happened and what things mean as Jubilee gives what's left of Dark Krakoa to Krakoa to care for.

    Secret Wars

    Rachel is one of those saved by Doom from the incursions, had her memories altered and placed in the Kingdom of Manhattan zone as Doom put the pieces of what he saved from the main universe back together. Strangely enough Cyclops, Spider-Man and the such reside in this zone as well despite them having escaped on the raft before Doom saved what he could of 616. Regardless, other issues plague the Manhattan zone as it is a merging of the main universe and the Ultimate universe which has caused conflicts between the sides. However those conflicts seem to eventually resolve themselves by the time Old Man Logan arrives into the zone. Rachel re-confirms that Old Man Logan is indeed an alternate Wolverine and is there when Cyclops, Emma and herself take Old Man Logan to meet Ultimate Jimmy Hudson, Ultimate Kitty Pryde and Ultimate Jean Grey before they prepare for the final battle against Doom to restore the multiverse.

    8 Months Later

    Following Secret Wars the universe is restored and Rachel resumes her duties as an X-Man under Storm's leadership. Following her father's apparent death after a battle with the Inhumans over teh Terrigen Cloud, Rachel quits the X-Men and enters a state of mourning.

    X-Men: Civil War II

    Rachel has become a recluse living in London as she still mourns the death of her father and the looming extinction of mutantkind thanks to the Inhumans and their Terrigen Cloud. She is approached by Magneto who knew that Rachel was in London the entire time but refused to recruit her in the past out of respect for her loss and how she still mourned for mutantkind. However, Magneto requires a powerful Omega-Level telepath to augment his team following Psylocke's betrayal and is able to convince the reluctant Rachel to help save mutantkind from extinction once more. Soon after, the Inhuman's send a spy to gather intel on Magneto's team; the spy tries to flee after being discovered but Rachel is able to prevent an escape. In response, Magneto pushes his plans forward and has his team rescue Fantomex while Magneto and Rachel secretly invade New Attilan.

    Rachel proves crucial in taking out the New Attilan defensive forces thus allowing Magneto to reach Ulysses Cain. However, Magneto decides not to take Ulysses Cain after all, for reasons only known between them and Medusa, and instead has Rachel erase their presence from the minds of the Inhumans. Afterwards Rachel informs Storm's X-Men team of the sudden turn of events before returning back to Magneto's base to inform him that she's returning to London since Psylocke had returned. Magneto informs Rachel to remain close by and he informs her that he may require her aid once more as he suspects that Psylocke will leave for good next time.

    Inhumans vs X-Men

    Magneto has Rachel recalled to aid him in the war against the Inhumans. While Rachel expresses doubts on the methods she supports destroying the Terrigen Cloud and agreed to watch over the Inhumans trapped in Limbo, and ensure their safety, until Emma Frost's plan has been reached.

    X-Men Gold

    Following the war against the Inhumans, Kitty Pryde returns from space and reforms the X-Men into a more heroic image. Rachel decides to rejoin her old friend in this endeavor and takes up the more moniker Prestige as well as sporting a much more heroic costume. Her Hound Markings have also vanished mysteriously, most likely her hiding them with her Telepathy so that she may look more heroic for the teams public image.


    When Northstar reformed X-Factor on Krakoa, Rachel was one of the recruits. Her alternate mother, Jean Grey, is a founding member of the original incarnation.

    Powers & Abilities


    Rachel is an Omega-Level Mutant and oft Phoenix Force Avatar who possesses unlimited psionic powers of telepathy and telekinesis, in addition to limited chronal abilities.

    Phoenix Force

    Rachel claiming the title and power of Phoenix
    Rachel claiming the title and power of Phoenix

    Rachel is also one of (and most probably well-known) hosts of the Phoenix Force. Unbeknownst to Rachel, when she traveled to Earth-616 she was also brought a piece of the Phoenix Force with her. Rachel went on several adventures without ever learning that she was a host of the Phoenix or using its power. After discovering that Cyclops (Earth-616's analogue of her father) was about to have a child with Madelyne Pryor and that " Jean Grey" had died (in reality this was Dark Phoenix impersonating Jean) Rachel went to visit her maternal grandparents' home (The parents of Earth-616 Jean Grey). There, she found a Shi'ar holo-empathic crystal that contained an imprint of Jean Grey, which prompted Rachel to make a vow to restore Jean's good name and atone for what the Dark Phoenix had done. Rachel not only claimed her codename but started tapping into the Phoenix Force. As Phoenix, Rachel's psionic powers were expanded as well as her control over them in addition to being granted several cosmic-level abilities. She found that she could more easily use her telekinesis to sense and manipulate energy and matter on a sub-atomic level, often rearranging molecules and generating energy blasts. On a cosmic scale, she could manipulate life-forces, survive unaided in space, possessed limited cosmic awareness, and presumably could resurrect herself (though she never displayed this power, other Phoenix Avatars have and this is one of the powers the Phoenix is famous for possessing). While hosting the Phoenix Force, she was able to battle the Beyonder and defeat Galactus.

    With the Phoenix Echo
    With the Phoenix Echo

    Rachel's relinquished her connection to the Phoenix Force when she found herself stranded in a possible future (the Askani timeline). However, under certain circumstances Rachel was still able to tap into the Force to increase her power levels, an ability she almost completely lost while getting older. When this timeline ceased to exist and Rachel came back to the Earth-616 present, her connection to the Phoenix Force was not restored. However, this did not mean she could never host the Force again. Recently, Marvel Girl interacted with the Phoenix Blade, and as direct consequence Rachel absorbed most of the energies contained in the Blade (including Korvus' memories), which she called a "Phoenix Force Echo" which is much less powerful, but at the same time easier to control. Shortly afterwards, she started manifesting it in the classic Phoenix Force signature but this time with a small difference, the fiery bird was blue. It seems this Phoenix Echo was powerful enough to allow Rachel perform feats like fighting from equal to equal with Gladiator, Praetor of the Sh'iar Imperial Guard, enable her to survive in and fly through the vacuum of space without the need for any additional protection, charge a Shi'ar Warpdrive, and fight several warships. As a result of the mindmeld with Korvus and reconnecting with the Phoenix, Rachel's confidence increased and she began using her powers more proactively than even just prior to meeting Korvus. She changes her costume to reflect this and even manifests her telekinesis through her Phoenix aura, acting like an actual bird of prey.

    Unfortunately, all the Phoenix Force hosts (including Rachel) lost their connections to the cosmic entity at exactly the same moment in Marvel Earth-616. Rachel called out to her mother who was reclaiming the Phoenix Force and pleaded to not lose the connection at that moment because she was in battle. Korvus' Phoenix Blade and the Stepford Cuckoos were affected too, leaving the first stunned and unable to lift the blade and the Cuckoos temporarily comatose. The fact that Rachel was not incapacitated like the Cuckoos is a testament to her power.


    Rachel Training with Charles
    Rachel Training with Charles

    Marvel Girl is an Omega-Level telepath, similar to her mother Jean Grey, meaning she has limitless telepathic power. Her telepathy allows her to sense and manipulate thought allowing for a variety of effects. Most often for Rachel this includes Mind Communication, Mind Reading, Animal Telepathy, Mind Transferal, Mind Detection, Psychic Surgery, cast near flawless Illusions, project her Astral Form, control the Astral Plane, create Psychic Links with other beings and Mind Manipulation. Because she was enslaved and forced to become a mutant-hunting hound Rachel's telepathy was honed to sense, locate and track other mutants based on their thoughts patterns; it's said she was the best hound ever created. Rachel can project blasts of psionic energy using them to stun, stupefy or even kill, she was also taught how to protect and shield her mind from any external psychic attacks.

    She is able to cast psychic illusions manipulating the perceptions of others. During an encounter with Emma Frost and a new incarnation of the Hellfire Club, Emma forcibly taught Rachel how to render herself undetectable to the senses, making her effectively invisible. She can also scan or alter somebody's memories without causing any harm, heal/repair any harm caused to somebody's mind, and even suppress somebody's access to his/her superpowers. She can shield her and others' minds from psychic intrusion and project her astral self into the physical or astral planes of existence. In the right circumstances she has been able to swap minds from one body to another, but mostly in conjunction with her "chronoskimming" ability. Rachel can also sense residual psychic energy in locations and objects (effectively pulling thoughts from objects instead of minds) in order to recreate events in her mind's eye (most telepaths can do this, but sometimes it is a singular power called "psychometry"; see Adrienne Frost for details).

    Rachel "Training" with Emma

    Rachel's telepathy, though having an immense potential, was very limited by her poor training and techniques. Rachel often relied on sheer power-level and lacked any subtlety or formal strategy. This is quite visible when some other telepaths with much less power have equaled or outmatched Rachel in battle, which happened with both Emma Frost or Professor X. Despite her limitless power, Rachel was unable to enter Psylocke's mind after her resurrection because her brother Jamie Braddock rendered her mind impregnable to any form of external telepathic interaction. However, Rachel underwent training with Frost and Xavier. During her intensive sessions with Xavier, he gave her full access to all his knowledge and telepathic skills which dramatically increased Rachel's finesse.


    Rachel making a black hole
    Rachel making a black hole

    Marvel Girl is an Omega-Level telekinetic, meaning she has limitless telekinetic power. Rachel's telekinesis allows her to sense and manipulate matter and energy at varying thresholds. Commonly she uses her telekinesis three ways, offensively (firing concussive force blasts or creating Telekinetic weapons - Axes, Swords, War-Hammers, ect.), defensively (creating telekinetic shields), and for transportation (flight). By using her telekinesis she can hover or fly at incredible speeds, manipulate matter down to the molecular level (often rearranging the unstable molecules of her costumes to better suit her tastes or the environment), manipulate objects at the macroscopic level, and easily deflect oncoming energy blasts.

    One example of the finesse she has achieved over time is when she was even able to subconsciously rearrange her own genome (in that instance making it more reptilian). Other amazing feats Rachel has performed include creating a micro black hole to "destroy" the Fury, levitating an entire city for a time ( Cable's floating city, Providence), sustain shields that withstood Jovian atmospheric pressures, deconstructing complex machinery, and replicating Psylocke's telekinetic blade.

    Even when her power levels were heightened by the Phoenix Force, magics have proven resistant to Rachel's telekinesis. When the Soulsword appeared embedded into a rock near the Excalibur lighthouse, Rachel attempted to remove it but despite using the full extent of her powers, Rachel was unable to remove the sword.

    Chronal Abilities (Time-Travel)

    Rachel has displayed a variety of abilities akin to time-travel. She appears to be connected to the timestream which enables her to sometimes travel physically or metaphysically through different points in time. Rachel has a particular ability called "chronoskimming" allowing her to psionically transplant a person's consciousness and send it through time into a younger or older version of that person (that particular reality's counterpart), into the closest living ancestor/descendant, or as a disembodied astral form.

    Rachel appears to generate a "fourth dimensional pulse" which shields her from distortions in the timeline (i.e. changes in reality or time) . This, however, has been displayed with varying degrees of effectiveness. During the House of M, Rachel and Psylocke (who was also supposed to be immune to reality warps) were affected and believed themselves to be native to the Scarlet Witch's new reality. Rachel's powers only temporarily protected them and transported them to the White Hot Room. Also, When Rachel's "Mother Askani" timeline was voided, she returned to her younger self and her lost most of her memories of that timeline.

    Skills and abilities

    At times, Rachel has been shown to learn new skills extremely quickly like mastering Shadowcat's fighting style simply by watching her teammate perform it or learning lock-picking skills from Storm (of her timeline), engineering, using and repairing advanced technology and weapons, piloting aircraft. It's unknown if she has some type of photographic memory or just her telepathic abilities helping her to obtain this knowledge.


    Despite being an Omega-Level Mutant, in most recent cases her powers appear less extensive than the abilities she has displayed as the Phoenix. Recent portrayals seem to undercut her natural mutant abilities and force to rely on the Phoenix Force for power, directly contradicting previous instances. Whether or not these are just psychological impediments to Rachel or mistakes in story writers is unclear. However, it has been stated by Xavier himself, during Avengers vs. X-Men, that Rachel has much untapped potential in regards to her power and after him she's the most powerful Telepath on the planet. Following his death she is currently the most powerful Telepath.

    Nimrod, the ultimate sentinel from Earth-1191, classified Rachel as an Omega class mutant, probably referring to a not further explained classification based on the threat level, being alpha an average threat and omega a severe threat.

    Personal Data

    Rachel's Gold Rachel Emblem
    Rachel's Gold Rachel Emblem
    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 135 lbs
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Red
    • Distinguishing Features: Facial tattoos giving to her when she was a mutant-hunting hound (most often concealed by her telepathy). She also has been branded on her back as a signature of the Phoenix by the Shi'ar Death Commandos (these markings were written into her genome so they could not be removed superficially)
    • Power Signature: Marvel Girl exhibits a Phoenix emblem energy signature, which appears over her left eye whenever she uses her powers, and can manifest a shadow form (much like the shadow form Jean Grey-Summers gained when she absorbed the telepathic powers of Psylocke). Even when she lost the Phoenix Force, she still displayed the Phoenix insignia over her eye. After regaining a small portion of the Phoenix Force echo, the Phoenix emblem over her eye changed from a gold Phoenix emblem to a version made of electric blue flame. Since she gained the Phoenix echo she no longer manifests the shadow form. Rachel has since lost the small portion of the Phoenix force echo, and the blue emblem disappeared as well.


    • Citizenship: American (alternate future), Honorary subject of the United Kingdom
    • Place of Birth: Unrevealed location in an alternate future
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Education: High school (Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters), some college
    • Occupations: Adventurer, student; former leader of the Askani Sisterhood, former mutant "hound"
    • Known Relatives: Scott Summers (Cyclops, father; deceased in alternate timeline), Jean Grey-Summers (Phoenix, mother; deceased in alternate timeline), Alex Summers (Havok, alternate timeline uncle), Gabriel Summers (Vulcan, alternate timeline uncle), Nathan Summers (Cable, alternate timeline half-brother), Nate Grey (X-Man, alternate timeline brother), Franklin Richards (alternate future husband), Jonathan Reed Richards (Hyperstorm, alternate future son, allegedly deceased), Cardinal (alternate future clone "son"), David Richards (alternate future son, deceased)

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-905- Juggernaut


    In this reality where Professor Xavier was Juggernaut she is shown as a young girl.

    Earth-967- Hyperstorm

    One such child was the time-traveling supervillain Hyperstorm, Jonathan Richards, who grew up to be one of the most powerful mutants ever taking over his world. Jonathan powers included dynamokinesis, telepathy, telekinesis and vitakinesis, also possessing his grandfather's genius level of intelligence. Eventually, he got tired of Earth and went to the space to conquer the galaxy, becoming a terrible and relentless tyrant.

    Rachel's son Hyperstorm
    Rachel's son Hyperstorm

    Hyperstorm then developed an elaborate plan to visit the Earth-616 present (probably because this timeline is the origin of his own) to toy with the mythical Fantastic Four, his father and grandfather amongst them. Nathaniel Richards tried to prevent Hyperstorm's existence by kidnapping Franklin Richards and raising him in the future having a severe training to become the Psi-Lord, while finding a way to avoiding Franklin to lose control over his near limitless abilities. Nathaniel also helped the team, most of times not in the most subtle way, like teaching Invisible Woman some new ways to use her powers.

    Hyperstorm's plan included rescuing the villain Tomorrow Man the time-stream to send him to attack the Fantastic Four, triggering some evens like the team's alliance with their former enemy Kristoff von Doom. Following this Hyperstorm faked Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom deaths, removing them from the timeline just in the exact moment of their deaths after a battle with an unknown alien menace. Doom was imprisoned and incapacitated and Mister Fantastic exiles to to a remote past without any technology. The Fantastic Four were shattered, their trust broken, their leader and friend "dead".

    Ultimately, the Fantastic Four confronted Hyperstorm after tracking him to his timeline/future and they lost the resulting battle, being thrown to the past when/where they successfully found and rescued Reed in the process returning to the future to fight Hyperstorm once more. Doom, free again, attempted to siphon some of Hyperstorm's power but he was just sent back to Earth-616 present. Hyperstorm, tired of the Fantastic Four, sent them back to the present as well, thinking they would fear and respect him. He was totally wrong. Reed assuming Galactus might be alive tracked him to the dimensional void he had been exiled. Hyperstorm discovered it and tried to stop it, but Mister Fantastic was one step ahead and Galactus was "alive" and hungry from his "resurrection". Reed lured Galactus into Hyperstorm convincing him he could feed of the infinite energy source Hyperstorm was, starting a fight which ended dragging both of them back to the dimensional void. It is unknown if he is still alive.


    In this reality, they had a child named David Richards.


    Dream Summers was born in the South Bronx Interment Center. Being just only one year old, her parents were killed. She grew up and manifested a a set of powers similar to her parents', plus some empathy powers of psychic nature; she is confirmed to have Omega class level powers. Upon claiming Marvel Girl's codename (being the third heroine using it) she became a member of the future incarnation of the X-Men. She appeared in the Spider-Man/X-Men: Time's Arrow trilogy of novels.

    Weapon X: Days of Future Now

    In this timeline, Rachel Summers was captured by the Weapon X Program and detained in the "Neverland" concentration camp.

    House of M

    House of M
    House of M

    When the mentally unstable Scarlet Witch used her powers to change the Earth-616 reality, Rachel's powers temporarily protected her and her teammate Psylocke from the initial reality warping wave transporting them to the White Hot Room. However, once they left the chamber to go back to Earth-616 the changes made in the timeline by the Scarlet Witch caught and transformed them. Rachel became the bodyguard and traveling companion to the princess Elisabeth Glorianna Braddock, sister of the ruler of all England, Brian Braddock. She helped Captain Britain, Meggan (Brian's consort in this reality also) and Psylocke to seal the void created by the Scarlet Witch's reality warp, seemingly sacrificing Meggan her own existence to seal this breach in the reality.

    X-Men: The End

    In this timeline based 20 years in the future, Rachel leaves the X-men to become Kitty Pryde's campaign manager to become Mayor of Chicago. After a series of devastating attacks on the X-men and related ones and the destruction of the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning she rejoins the X-Men. She tracks down Sinister who had kidnapped both Lebeau (Rogue and Gambit) and Summers (Cyclops and Emma Frost) children and helps Cable overcome the techno-organic infection he was suffering, purging and destroying Technarx. Later she goes to Sh'iar throne world, Chandilar, to face Cassandra Nova who was the mastermind behind all the attacks. Unfortunately Rachel is killed by Cassandra Nova and later revived to form together with Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor and Scott Summers, amongst others, the Tree of Life of the Quabala, transcending this plane of existence.


    The Vi-Locks
    The Vi-Locks

    In this reality, the Legacy Virus became one of the biggest Plague their world had ever seen, almost wiping most of the Earth population, humans and mutants equally. When Cypher caught the Virus, Warlock merged their bioforms trying save Cypher's life, which he did. Unfortunately, as a side effect, the Virus mutated and became a new non fatal disease, which attacked humans and mutants equally.

    Most of the victims became techno-organic zombies, hungry and confused, hunting down living beings to absorb their life force; but the most powerful superbeings on the planet maintained their intellect enslaved by their hunger and basic instincts, all of them called the Vi-Locks.

    Rachel Summers was a remaining member of the Avengers, the surviving superhero group.

    The reality hoppers known as the Exiles´mission in this reality was rescuing Doug Ramsey, because he was supposed to be the cure for the plague, who was being kept safe in stasis by the Vi-Locks. Being really outmatched and Doug destroyed with no hope of surviving, Morph suggested Rachel to use her psychic powers to contact Thor and the Asgardians as one last try to fight the Vi-Locks, which she did successfully. Surprisingly for everybody, the Asgardian blood was strong enough to fight the virus and could be used as an antidote, so this reality was finally saved.

    Secret Wars - X-Topia

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    Mutopia, which includes Genosha and X-Topia, is governed by Rachel Grey, Phoenix Host, or better known as Baron Grey. It is her reluctant duty to maintain the quarantine of Genosha or risk the spread of the lethal disease to X-Topia and beyond.

    While discussing Genosha's plight with Beast an attack comes from Havok. Caught completely by surprise Rachel and her X-Men are defeated and before they can counter attack Havok retreats after capturing a few of her allies. Knowing Doom's laws and the fact that Havok captured her friends and allies as well as risking the spread of the infection Rachel has no choice but to lead a willing team of volunteers, as risk of infection is high, to take the fight to Genosha.

    Wanting to save her comrades - Tabitha, Tempus, Wolverine, Triage and Rogue, - Rachel forms a team consisting of Storm, Longshot, Ink, Rockslide and Thuderbird as they have the highest chances of success. After a final chance to back out due to the dangers of infection, which none take, Rachel leads a surprise attack of her own on Genosha thus taking Havok's X-Men by surprise. It soon becomes apparent that Rachel's X-Men has the upper hand and victory could soon be theirs if no outside forces interfere.

    Rachel's forces gain the upper hand with Rachel defeating Havok, however he's able to appeal to her thus causing her to discover the truth that the plague was man-made, thus a cure is possible after all, and that Hodge had returned. Agreeing to an alliance Rachel leads the X-Men to battle where Hodge initially sees her has Jean Grey, her mother, before attacking her. Eventually a new plan is hatched which has Tabitha, Havok and Wolfsbane sacrifice themselves to destroy Hodge. Afterward Rachel is revealed to have shielded the remaining Mutants from the blast and declares that both territories shall be one once more and that rebuilding will be their penance for taking so long to act to save their brethren from the man-made plague. From there on out the X-Men are united once more.

    Secret Wars - Sentinel Territories

    Rachel was once a hound, is a current host of the Phoenix Force and never traveled back to the past. Like many she was imprisoned into the internment camps, her powers dampened by a collar and possibly sterilized so that she may never have children in an attempt to wipe out the Mutant race by President Kelly. Eventually she escapes, along with others, and plans to change how the world sees Mutantkind and to reveal the atrocities that have been inflicted upon them.

    Sensing Storm, Rachel flies off to find her and to Rachel's horror she discovers that Storm was being used as a battery for the Sentinels. Quickly freeing Storm the pair team-up to lay waste to their enemies before returning to aid Kitty Pryde and Lockheed against the new Doom Sentinel models.

    It is revealed that Rachel was working in secret with Magneto and that their plan was to have Christina and Cameron Pryde act as Martyrs to the cause while saving President Kelly. However, Magneto assures that Rachel agreed to the plan for good intentions though with his death soon after by Cameron only Rachel remains to try and carry out the plan.

    Rachel tries to continue the plan that would save all Mutants in the Zone but is stopped by Kitty whom Rachel refuses to defend herself against. Despite Rachel trying to explain that this was the only way Kitty doesn't listen and instead chooses to doom Mutantkind of this Zone over sacrificing her own daughter for a greater cause. Soon after Cameron ruins the plan and is killed by Catherine to end his madness, however Cameron obtains the last laugh as the Zone only sees the violent/insane version of Mutantkind that he wanted to sell. Seeing that all is now lost Rachel apologizes but Kitty won't have it as she knows that Rachel still believed in the plan. With that said the remaining Mutants only recourse left, due to Magneto and Rachel's plan failing, is to wait things out and let Humankind decide to either exterminate the remaining Mutants or not. The future is bleaker than ever.

    Deadpool & The Mercs for Money (5 Years Later)

    Rachel is one of the remaining X-Men after 5 years of constant war with the Inhumans even after the Terrigen Cloud had been dealt with. Serving under the team Polaris had created, which consists of Polaris, Rachel, Nightcrawler, Goldballs and Xorn, they watch over and protect Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the Inhumans who have been hunting her for years. The team confronts Deadpool when he appears at their hideout with an appeal to Negasonic Teenage Warhead to restore the Terrigen Cloud.

    Other Media


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    No Caption Provided

    Rachel made a cameo appearance in "Beyond Good and Evil Part 4: End and Beginning," along with many other psychics that had been kidnapped by Apocalypse.

    Video Games

    X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants

    Rachel appears as a playable character in this RPG.

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    X-Men: Battle of the Atom
    X-Men: Battle of the Atom

    Rachel is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

    • Rachel Grey
    • [Professor] Rachel Grey
    • [New Xavier School] Rachel Grey
    • [Crawler's Crew] Rachel Grey
    • [Fatal Attractions] Rachel Grey
    • [Blue Phoenix] Rachel Summers
    • [Red Phoenix] Rachel Grey

    Rachel is also a playable avatar in the game.

    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Marvel: War of Heroes
    Marvel: War of Heroes

    Rachel appears in several cards in the mobile card game Marvel: War of Heroes. Her cards are:

    • [Marvel Girl] Rachel Summers


    Marvel Select and Marvel Legends
    Marvel Select and Marvel Legends
    • Rachel Grey was featured in Diamond Select's Marvel Select line as a variant of the Jean Grey figure produced for the line. The figure came with an X-Mansion gate display base.
    • Rachel Grey was featured in the Marvel Legends Brood Queen Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro. A black-skinned cosmic variant was also released.
    • Rachel Grey was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Rachel Grey was featured in the Minimates line from Diamond Select.
    • Diamond Select produced a Rachel Grey bust.
    • Eaglemoss Publications produced a Rachel Grey figurine.

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