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    Once Michael Morbius was a world-renowned bio-chemist, dying of an unknown blood disease and desperately searching for a cure. He found that cure, but, in turn, it afflicted him with a curse far worse than any possible disease; the curse of the blood-sucking night-beast; the curse of the Living Vampire.

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    Michael Morbius was born in Nafplio, Greece child to a surrealist author, filmmaker, painter Makarioa Morbius who Micheal never met and an over protective mother who owned a bookstore with Michael's Grandfather. She kept Micheal from the outside world due to a rare deadly blood condition he had ever since he was born which made his body extremely weak. But as a kid he did have one childhood friend by the name of Emil Nikos whom we would sneak out of the house with at night to play with.

    Years later Michael and Emil would go to college together and both become biochemists and both working on a cure to save people from fatal blood diseases as well as save Morbius. It was because of this study that Micheal won the Nobel Prize, but he did not attend the ceremony due to his condition and the fact that he was so weak that he couldn't even hold a cup of tea.. He was also engaged to Martine Bancroft at this point. He took part in an experimental test out at sea with Nikos by his side to cure his disease once and for all. The procedure involved using the bio chemistry of vampire bats which they have been working on, and electro shock therapy which Nikos didn't agree with. The procedure worked. It cured him of his disease but the side effects turned him into a makeshift vampire. Morbius's appearance turned into a vampire-like being, his skin turned white, and his teeth grew into fangs and he became a "vampire".

    It was at this point Morbius with his new bloodlust craving he killed his partner and oldest friend Nikos by accident. Then he fled from the boat he was doing the experiment on. He left Martine as well. Later he was picked up by a ship. Soon he would feed on the blood of the crew members. After nearly being outnumbered by the remaining crew, Morbius fought them and escaped the ship. He would soon take refuge in an abandoned beach house in Long Island, NY.


    Morbius was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane and first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 101 (1971).

    Major Story Arcs


    In his original costume
    In his original costume

    When Spider-Man had four extra arms growing out of his sides, Peter Parker borrowed Curt Conner ( the Lizard)'s beach house as a lab to find a cure for himself. Little did he know that Morbius was in the same house, where The two would end up fighting in the house. Soon the Lizard would get involved in the fight. During the final part of their first encounter, Spider-Man threw Morbius into a bridge and Morbius was knocked out and fell into the river. Morbius would fight Spider-Man in a few other issues.

    At one point he encountered the Thing while attacking Alicia Masters. After the battle with Thing, he tries to attack the alien Living Eraser. He and Thing are then transported to a cell in Dimension Z but escape and return back to Earth to defeat Living Eraser. Morbius then uses the Living Eraser's technology to transport away from Earth so that he can not harm anyone. He would then come back to Earth for a short period of time and fight Spider-Man and Human Torch. During this time he turned a student named Jefferson Bolt into a living Vampire just like him. However during a battle with Spider-Man and Torch, he attacked Jefferson's brother and later killed Jefferson. After that he used Living Eraser's technology to leave Earth for good.

    For a while Morbius got control of a set of wristbands that transported him to another dimension so that he couldn't feed on the blood of others. But he ran into the being known as The Empathoid and used Morbius as host and returned him to the real world. Morbius would kidnap a girl and run into a fight with Spider-Man again. The resulted with the Empathoid entering Spider-Man's body and then fighting Morbius in a battle all over the city. In the end Empathoid died due to the over emotion of the crowd. Morbius left.

    At one point Morbius takes some of Spider-Man's blood which cures Morbius of his vampirism. But this is did not last long. Morbius later met Spider-Man in his Black Suit while he was the master of a group of bums in the sewers. Morbius tried to get Spider-Man's blood again but was tranquilized by Simon Stroud during his attack and was captured by Dr. Paine's men. He would later discover his hypnotic powers and use it to trick Spider-Man in giving him some of his blood.

    He would soon be on the same side as Spider-Man while fighting Carnage and his evil family during Maximum Carnage but has a strong difficulty getting along. Most of the time he was teamed up with Venom, Black Cat, Cloak, Dagger, and Nightwatch.

    Anti-Hero and Midnight Sons

    After he thought he was cured, he went on a feeding frenzy after he got his vampire powers back. But he hated feeding on the blood of others. He would soon be seen in an image by Ghost Rider and Danny Ketch of himself, Morbius, and others fighting Lilith. Ghost Rider and Blaze went to NYC to find Morbius in order him to join the Midnight Sons. After losing his love Martine in the hands of murder, Morbius swore to only drink the blood of the wicked. As soon as he started his life as an anti-hero, he required a new suit, got a job as a hematologist at St. Judes and used his new alias Morgan Michaels. He would also encounter villains like the assassin turned vampire Vic Slaughter, the serial killer Basilisk, and even Nightmare. During a battle that took place in Greenland, the fully foamed Midnight Sons fought against Lilith and the Lilin. In the fight, Morbius drained the life out of Fang, a lilin that tainted Morbius's blood with demon blood.

    Midnight Massacre


    One night while as his other Alias Morgan Michaels, Morbius received a call from Frank Drake telling his how Blade turned into Switchblade and how he might be after him. He later meets with friend Jack Russell ( Werewolf By Night). As Morbius's feeding grows Jack tries to convince Morbius to get used to his curse and accept it. They soon encounter Switchblade and engage in a fight in the sewer. At one point of the battle, he tries to save Jack but fails and is stabbed to the wall and dies. But his demon Lilin side doesn't and attacks Switchblade only to be burned to death by Switchblade's reign of hellfire.

    He is later resurrected after the Demon in Blade is destroyed. He then encountered a man named Gunther, a guy who's daughter Morbius killed a while back. He almost killed Morbius after trapping him in a electronic web, but Morbius escaped and later attacked a group of vicious thugs. Gunther saw that Morbius changed his ways and let him live.

    During this point his life during the Midnight Sons Unlimited, Morbius was being framed for a set of ruthless murders taking place in the subway. He decided that he wanted to get to the bottom of things. In the subway, Morbius found a hidden lab with a recorded journal entry.

    He found out from the journal, that a Soviet doctor was seeing a patient with a rare blood disease. They had a child before she died. The child suffered from the blood disease even worst then it's mother. As the child got older it started to grow spike out of it's chest. But the spikes were really fangs. The child would feed off certain blood types of others to live (As well a special designed suit to live). The Soviet doctor came to America to find Micheal Morbius to find a cure for the baby. The baby was later given the nickname Bloodbath.

    Morbius later fought Bloodbath after Bloodbath tried to kill a TV crew. After nearly losing, Morbius crippled the special suit that Bloodbath was wearing. Bloodbath slowly died. He later used his hypnotic powers on a female reporter to force her to forget what she had seen.

    While a Darkhold victim named Spider-X was on the lose, Morbius thought it was Spider-Man. But it wasn't. Both Morbius and Spider-Man encounter Spider-X at his web. Morbius attacks Spider-X and is almost killed by him until Ghost Rider, Blaze, the Darkhold Redemers, and the Nightstalkers come to his aid. Morbius throws him into the Midnight Son's line of fire but all of a sudden, a power slave called Zzzax breaks lose. Morbius then uses his hypnotic powers to make Spider-X attack Zzzax. Both Zzzax and Spider-X are destroyed. Spider-Man wants to turn in Morbius but is stopped by Hannibal King. Morbius then tells Spider-Man that they both have the same goal in life to protect the innocent and that he would rather fight someone who deserves it. This angers Spider-Man who vows that he and Morbius will meet again. Morbius does not wish this and flies into the night.

    Massacre Aftermath

    After he was resurrected he learned that he lost his soul. At this vulnerable point, Morbius was tricked by the Dwarf to use a Darkhold page. He used it to resurrected his old girlfriend Martine. However Martine did come back, but with the Lilin Parasite in her and getting commands by Lilith. . After this, Morbius's lust for blood was getting stronger the Lilin Bloodthirst was rupturing his mind. During this time, Jacob and Jack Russel tried to calm him but the craving Morbius had was to dangerous to handle. Even the demon Dyparere had trouble dealing with Morbius. At one point, Morbius felt he can control his craving and start a new. But during a sexual intercourse, his primal state was set lose and the Lilin Bloodthirst was released. At this point Werewolf by Night sought the aid of Ghost Rider to snap Morbius back to his senses. But In the end subdued to the Lilin Bloodthirst.

    Siege of Darkness

    During the Siege of Darkness, Morbius was possessed by the Lilith Bloodthirst. Possessed by the Lilin, Morbius betrayed the Midnight Sons by at first leading his team consisting of Blade, Frank Drake, Louise Hastings, Modred The Mystic, and Jinx through the mist leading them to a group of Lilin on the Brooklyn Bridge(but failed to get rid of them). Morbius then lead his team to a hide out in the meat market distract, while he killed Louise Hastings and later got the four remaining Midnight Son members captured. He then lead other Lilin to Doctor Strange's place where the other Midnight Sons were hiding. But Doctor Strange helped Morbius destroy Bloodthirst, and Morbius joined in the fight to save his fellow members.

    Though he turned back, him, Blade, and the other Midnight Sons would not see eye to eye and end up fighting. From this point, Morbius did everything he could to redeem himself. He tried to convince the others,which led to further conflict. But at one point he did convince Ghost Rider and stopped the Lilin Sister Nil from killing anyone else.

    At one point, after the fall of Dr. Strange's mansion by Lilith and the Lilin the Midnight Sons took time to escape to Caretaker's night club. But Morbius was left behind. During his time alone, he spied on Lilith, Zarathos, and the Lilin in graveyard. He later aided Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and Vengeance save the Medallion of Power before Lilith could get her hands on it.

    Afterwards, Morbius still didn't blame his teammates for not trusting him after he was possessed. But now he had to locate a member of The Blood known as Raydar. Morbius later finds a wounded baby Lilin. Morbius aids the innocent baby but is interrupted by Hannibal King who wanted the baby dead. Though Morbius tried to save it, the baby Lilin died. Though Hannibal King didn't care about the death, Morbius confronted King telling him it should make no difference if an innocent is human or demonic. The two later go out to find Raydar and members of the Blood.

    After finding Raydar, they were found by the Fallen members known as Embyrre and Rubach. During the fight Morbius nearly drains all the blood from Embyrre while being burned alive until he spots Martine attacking Raydar. Morbius soon rips her chest open and releases the Lilin Parasite. Martine later recovers and Morbius holds her in his arms. Morbius's actions also influenced Embyrre to turn back to the side of good. In the final battle of the Siege of Darkness, Morbius participates in both battles against the Fallen. In the end he and Hannibal drained the blood of a Fallen member leaving Blade to finish her off. He would then try to stop Embyrre from returning to Zarathos. In the end he was given the brand of the Midnight Sons.

    After the events of Siege of Darkness, Morbius was possessed along with Werewolf by Night by Mordred. He wanted to use them and Vengeance as a way to defeat Salome, only to find out Mordred was stabbing them in the back.,He would also help Ghost Rider and Brother Voodoo stop a living corpse from killing people.

    After the Siege

    Morbius would still try constantly to find a cure for himself. But during this time him and Martine are not seeing eye to eye like they used to. Soon Morbius would team up with Deathlok to fight against the powerful hypnotist the Wrath from starting intense riots in the city. Later on he would also fight the Lilin Bloodthirst who controlled him, during a savage battle in St. Judes Hospital. He would later be sought by the CIA to help find a crazed ex-agent. During this event he would get into conflicts with old enemy Simon Stoude, arch enemy Vic Slaughter, and Spider-Man. Morbius would then fight Basilisk again as well as his relationship with ex-love Martine would start to diminish as he developed love for another woman named Lena.

    He would soon give into his dark craving for blood and while trying to be aided by friend Jacob and Werewolf by Night, Morbius killed himself in the sun light. At his funeral Morbius was brought back to life by the Dark Dwarf. For a short period of time he had a better control off is power and even helped Lena save a woman. But Martine later revealed to Lena that Morgan was Morbius and set the relation into a downward spiral. He then told Lena that he would try and do good. And that is the last he ever saw over her.After which he gave back into his blood thirst.

    Years Later

    Morbius and Blade have an on-and-off hate relationship. Years after the Nightstalkers fell during a battle with Varnea, and Blade fighting a returning Deacon Frost, Blade and Morbius team up and beat Frost. Also at one point Morbius would attack and bite X-Man and threaten Threnody. But he would be defeated by both X-Man and Spider-Man.

    Later on, Morbius was genetically altered to fight a super vampire named Hunger. Morbius was later stored in a chest,the chest then fell into the hands of the KingPin and Jimmy 5. However Blade was following the chest Morbius was in, but Morbius ultimately escaped, killed some of KingPin's men and biting Blade in the process. Spider-Man was also present at this battle as well,during which Morbius wanted Spider-Man to let Blade kill him but Spider-Man wouldn't let it happen. Blade then left Morbius to Spider-Man. Spider-Man then took the injured Morbius to Tricorp Research.

    Morbius would later leave Tricorp Research. Morbius would then try to bite the neck of a crippled teen. (wither to turn him into a vampire to walk and speak or end his suffering) He was once again stopped by Spider-Man who threw him off of a roof. Morbius would later join the Superhuman Registration Act. This would lead to him capturing Blade,so Blade could be sent off to fight Wolverine.

    Legion of Monsters

    Some time later Morbius was in the Legion of Monsters Series where Morbius was living in San Francisco. At some point of his life he was hanging out with a bunch of junkies, but would later go hide in a church to die of thirst. At this time, he would be taunted by a talking bat (maybe Dracula) to kill the teens and saver their blood. After one teenager died of an overdose, they wanted Morbius to bring her back to life by biting her. She came back to life and ended up killing all her friends. Morbius then killed the vampire girl.

    Marvel Zombies

    Morbius, still under the Superhuman Registration Act, is working as a scientist for A.R.M.O.R. But at this point the real Morbius is beaten and is pumped with anticoagulant by his zombie version which had sneaked into the real Marvel Universe. For the next few weeks he would be eaten alive by zombie Morbius but not die due to his healing factor. He would later come out of his coma and attack and kill his zombie counter part who was fighting Machine Man by stabbing a wooden stake through his heart. After the fight he learns that something used the transportation machine to escape A.R.M.O.R.. Even after his last few painful days Morbius offers himself to do the job in finding the escaped zombies with the help of his own version of the Midnight Sons.

    During this mission he has found a way to kill the zombies quicker by injecting a formula in the bone marrow of the zombies to make them explode as well as a vaccine to protect them from getting bitten. He and the Midnight Sons have now boarded a ship infested with zombie-like sea monsters called Men-Fish. He and the Midnight Sons defeat them and end up on the West Indies and end up in a grave yard and are attacked by The Hood and the Night Shift. He gets into a fight with Digger getting smashed in the face but later attacks Digger by stabbing him in the head with his own shovel and then attacking Dansen Macabre by draining her of her blood. All of a sudden a group of zombies attack the teams. Morbius fires his vaccine at the zombies but is horrified to find out that his vaccine doesn't get rid of human zombies but instead makes the virus air born and turning it into an undead storm cloud. He and the Midnight Sons take refuge in Black Talon's Plantation House where they are safe from the undead storm cloud. He gets in contact with ARMOR and tells them of the situation. They tell him if the mission fails, then A.R.M.O.R. is forced to nuke Tanio. Morbius refuses this solution and wants to rescue the surviving villagers. Yet as the situation with the undead storm cloud worsens Morbius sadly admits the mission is a failed one tells A.R.M.O.R. to teleport his team back to A.R.M.O.R. but he is interrupted by a now more powerful Jennifer Kale who just came back from a meeting with Dormammu. He, The Hood, and Hellstorm start fighting the zombie version of the Night Shift but he is attacked by a zombie infected Jack Russell. He finds out that only his human side has been infected by the zombie virus and not the werewolf side. He gets Jennifer Kale to cast a full moon spell over the zombie Jack and turning him into the Werewolf. After Jennifer Kale transfers the zombie virus into Simon Garth, he tells A.R.M.O.R. to abort the bombing of Taino. After the teams victory over the zombie invasion, Morbius makes a vow to the others that the Midnight Sons should continue their fight against the monsters of the world. Later, in Marvel Zombies 5, he is behind Machine Man and Howard the Duck's mission to retrieve the samples from the various zombie types of the multiverse.


    Part of Legion of Monsters
    Part of Legion of Monsters

    Morbius is now back with the Legion of Monsters and has brought back the Punisher to life after his deadly fight with Daken. He and the Legion are living in the sewers and protecting other monsters from a monster killing force from Japan at the Monster Metropolis. It later turns out that Morbius is holding a powerful unknown ruby which is helping his thirst for blood. He fears who to give the ruby to due to it's own power. As the Monster Killers attack Monster Metropolis, he tries to hide the ruby but fails after being found by the assassins. After a brief fight in which he is looses to Hellsguard and his samurai, he is taken captive and tortured for information. After he storms the castle, the Punisher rescues Morbius and the captive Manphibian. After the fight-in which Frank Castle is severely injured-he gives him the Bloodgem to heal him, though this is only after prompting from The Living Mummy.

    Legion of Monsters

    Morbius leads the Legion (who now has Eilsa Bloodstone on the team) in Monster Metropolis policing the city. Also at this time he is trying to find a cure for a deadly disease that is turning monsters into extremely violent beings.

    Spider-Man, Lizard and Horizon Labs

    Morbius was recently also in The Gauntlet involving Spider-Man when he some how got some of Spider-Man's blood without his consent. He was given the blood by the Black Cat(who he fought a long side with during Maximum Carnage with). His plan to use the blood to cure himself was stopped by Spider-Man himself as well as his former lover Martine. At this point Morbius kills Martine by stabbing her in the heart. He gets into a fight with Spider-Man but afterwards explains the situation involving his past with Martine. After the fight and the understanding of the situation Spider-Man decides to help Morbius by giving his some of his blood.

    After this event, it seems the amount of Spider-Mans blood still didn't cure him which later involves him the Origin of the Species Arc. He as well as other Spider-Man villains are called by Doctor Octopus the capture the child of Norman Osborn. If the villains are victorious in capturing the child they will be rewarded, which can mean Morbius finally getting a cure for himself.

    As of recent he has been working with Horizon Labs as the mysterious doctor known as Number 6. He helps develop a cure during the Spider-Island story line. After that he remained at Horizon but this time to not only find a cure for himself but also a cure for Curt Conners aka The Lizard. However this would involve robbing the grave of Curt's dead son Billy and sealing the body using Billy's blood to change Curt back to normal. Thought the idea of grave robbing upsets Spider-Man, he is still willing to help get Conner's back. Morbius gives him harpoons with the cure in it. He assists Spider-Man in the sewers and fights the Lizard turning him back to Curt Conners.

    However the personality of the Lizard is trapped in Curt's human body. To make a distraction to find a formula to turn back into Lizard he uses samples of blood and pours them threw the air vents. This causes Morbius to revert to his deadly blood craving state and attack a women at the lab. Shocked at what he has done Morbius escapes Horizon now with a weapon armed Spider-Man on his trail. They fight viciously over the sky tops on New York until they are stopped by the new Madam Web. Morbius keeps on trying to attack Spider-Man while distracted but fails which leads him to seriously urge for blood. He almost attacks a New York until Spider many sprays a massive amount of webbing on him trapping him in place and leaving him to the cops to send him to the Raft.

    But he didn't stay at the raft for long. During the break out of Doctor Octopus by Trapster and Hydro-Man, Morbius while in his cell tells Otto to let him out to help cure him, however he favors the Lizard's services instead. However the cells manage to turn off their defenses and Morbius gets out anyway. After a brief conversation with Lizard Morbius escapes out of the Raft and into the night to face all new challenges.


    Graffiti in Brownsville
    Graffiti in Brownsville

    After breaking out of The Raft, Morbius needed to lay low, so he got out of Manhattan and went to Brownsville. He fell in with fellow homeless, Becky, and crossed paths with local thug, Noah St. Germain. St. Germain had a superhuman makeover, and he used that power to become his neighborhood’s own kingpin. When Morbius lost his cool and ripped his throat out, it incited a gang war with The Rose at the center of it. Feeling responsible, Morbius did his best to protect his new home. Morbius was essential to The Rose’s plans though. He needed a patsy to blame everything on when the neighborhood falls apart before The Rose gentrifies.

    Eventually, Morbius’ profile was high enough to get Superior Spider-Man’s attention. He brought Morbius back to Horizon Labs to investigate a theft of his old research materials, only to be confronted by the guilty party, Nikoleta Harrow. She was working for The Rose, and they were conspiring together to take out Brownsville with a makeshift “Ultimate Nullifer.”

    After the first explosion, Morbius was able to get the Legion of Monsters to save the residents using the underground tunnels. This gave Morbius and Rose free reign of Brownsville for a big fight. Morbius fakes his death so that he can follow The Rose back to his headquarters and take him out, permanently dashing his gentrifying goals.

    Nikos Revenge

    Morbius' mutation progresses
    Morbius' mutation progresses

    Using chemicals he stole from The Melter, Morbius thought he finally had a breakthrough. His blood cravings had subsided briefly before coming back even stronger, as well as many of his other monstrous traits.

    Before he could even get his bearings, Morbius was tracked down by The Melter and his new partner, Elizabeth Nikos. Nikos was the brother of Morbius’ best friend, Emil, who was killed when Morbius first turned into a monster. She had been training for their confrontation ever since, and she is finally ready.

    Morbius is able to fight his way out and get the help of Spider-Man to stabilize his mutation. They determine that feeding on blood slows the progression. Spidey is unhappy with that outcome. Unfortunately, he was tracked down yet again by Elizabeth, but this confrontation was short-lived. The trio had to team up to take on The Melter, who had taken Morbius’ research and created an army of human-animal hybrids.

    Spidey and Elizabeth bought Morbius time to work on a serum to cure them all. Morbius was able to cure all the newly transformed, but his mutation was too far gone. He was only able to reverse his most recent progression. When the dust settled, Elizabeth left Morbius to his medical toiling, hoping he finally finds that ultimate cure to his vampirism.

    Beyond Corporation

    Soon after, Morbius started to regress again, getting the attention of Ben Reilly, who was acting as the Beyond Corporation's Spider-Man. Morbius tried to drink Ben's blood to slow his mutation, but it didn't work. Morbius ended up following the retreating Ben, only to be injured by Beyond's security protocols. He was later tracked down by Beyond's B-team, Misty Knight and Colleen Wing.

    Beyond stabilized his abilities so that it would be easier to experiment on him. They combined his genetics with that of Curt Connors to create Creature Z, a vampire lizard. When it escaped, Misty and Colleen released Morbius for back-up. He feeds some of his own blood to the creature to destabilize it on a genetic level. Morbius then ditches Misty and Colleen to locate Connors in Beyond's custody. He was inspired by the creature and hope Connors would work with him.

    Blood Hunt

    Morbius and Lizard would take refuge in an abandoned Beyond lab under a fake church. Despite being split from Connors, Lizard shown some signs of intelligence, enough to be an aid to Morbius. They were getting close to a cure for vampirism when the vampire cult, The Structure, used Atlantean magic to turn every darkforce user into a fount of darkforce, blocking the sun for the world domination plans. Morbius, along with Colleen Wing, were taken by a vampire corporation called Hemoglobin Inc hoping to commodify it.

    They tried recruiting Morbius when they showed him their own work on a cure, having successfully created a less violent transformation serum. Morbius saw the benefit to combining their research but was still suspicious of their motives.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 170 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue (human), Red (vampire)
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Citizenship: Greek
    • Place of Birth: Greece
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Education: Ph.D. in biochemistry, specialization in blood diseases
    • Occupation: Biochemist/hemotologist
    • Known Relatives: Makarioa Morbius (father)
    • Distinguishing Features: Chalk white skin, upturned nose, and vampire fangs

    Powers & Abilities


    Michael Morbius is not a supernatural vampire; he is a pseudo-vampire, whose abilities stem from electrical shock therapy and the ingestion of chemicals. As a result of this, Morbius' powers are not traditional, or similar to pure blooded vampires, such as Dracula, but it also means he doesn't have the same limitations. Morbius' actual abilities are super-human strength, speed, reflexes, agility, and enhanced senses. As a result of the transformation, he not only operates with peak human abilities, but he also possesses a modified beyond, which allows him to have an accelerated healing factor, whilst not as powerful as Wolverine, it allows him to shrug off and heal from blunt trauma injuries, bullet wounds and cuts and lacerations. He also has the ability to ingest and process blood-plasma, talon-like fingers and fangs, and the ability to glide thanks to hollow bones. Morbius is also able to hypnotize individuals in a similar fashion to traditional vampires, and on the very few times he was able to transform victims of his bite into vampires, he was able to control them with his mind, until they were killed.

    What makes Morbius vampire like and not just a mutated human is his desire and need to consume blood in order to power himself and his powers. It has not been established how often or what type of blood Morbius needs in order to maintain himself at peak levels, however, meta-human blood, specifically Spider-Man's sustained him longer than a normal humans.

    In this case, the radioactive elements within Spider-Man's blood caused the Morbius' affliction to go into remission. With this in mind, Spider-Man was able to create a serum that allowed Morbius to avoid drinking blood for long periods of time.

    Morbius' weaknesses however, are not Supernatural. He does have similar weaknesses, where he avoids sunlight, which as a result of his photo-sensitive skin, which doesn't prevent damage from the sun. Morbius doesn't possess the abilities of Shapeshifting, or weather control such as those exhibited by true vampires.

    Former Powers

    When Morbius drank the blood of Fang, one of the Lilin, he gained the same abilities and was able to transform himself into a slime like substance. He was later cured of this by Dr. Strange. As a by product of Morbius drinking Lilin blood,he became immortal.


    Michael Morbius has previously won the Nobel prize for biochemistry. As a result he is a leader in the fields of biochemistry and neuroradiology. He has gained a Ph.D. in biochemistry and is an expert in blood-related diseases.

    Morbius is trained in the usage of firearms, as well as long-range hypodermic delivery systems.


    While working for A.R.M.O.R. Morbius was head of medical department and had access to a wide variety of medicinal technologies. Morbius has developed a number of biomedical weapon systems to combat against Zombies.

    Known Kills & Crimes

    • Killed his partner Nico on the ship which changed him into a living Vampire.
    • Killed people on another ship.
    • Killed old man as soon as he got to land
    • Kidnapped a girl.
    • Killed a girl walking late on night.
    • Lead the Midnight Sons into a trap on the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the Murder of Louis Hastings.
    • Sucked out the blood of the Lilin Fang in the Battle with the Midnight Sons in Greenland.
    • Broke the life fluid of BloodBath.
    • Killed the Wraith with help of Deathlok.
    • Poisoned Bloodthirst after he left his body.
    • Kills the Blood Leader
    • Murders Journalist.

    Alternate Versions

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    In this reality, Morbius is a true vampire and is the son of Dracula. He is portrayed as a hero and is resisting his vampiric instinct. He first appeared helping Ben Urich from a group of vampires and preventing him from becoming a vampire. When Spider-Man appeared, he thought that Morbius was attacking Ben and attacked him. The two fought briefly before a separate group of vampires attacked, and Morbius and Spider-Man fought them off. In the attack Peter was also bitten, but his blood was deemed "tainted" and thus he couldn't be turned, nor could he nourish a vampire. Afterwards, Morbius was able to heal Ben.

    House of M (Earth-58163)

    In this reality, Morbius is a scientist that gave Luke Cage his powers.

    X-Man- #60

    In this alternate reality that X-Man was brought in, in this reality, Morbius has actually turned Spider-Man into a vampire.


    This reality is ruled by Kulan Gath and Morbius is one of his servants. He is more powerful and has a more bat-like appearance with huge leathery wings. He is also more evil and shows no remorse. He is close to Wendigo. In this reality he also killed Illiana Rasputin after she turned Wendigo back into his human self after being hit by her sword. He also killed Wendigo when he reverted back to his human from. He is later killed by Sasquatch.

    Marvel Zombies 3

    The zombie version of Morbius is posing as the real Morbius who he beat-up and uses as food. He sends Machine Man and Jocasta to the Zombie Marvel dimension to get non infected blood and use it as a weapon. Apparently he and the Deadpool zombie snuck into the real world dimension to spread the zombie virus the super humans. Over the next few weeks he would feed on his non zombie version and then start a major zombie outbreak in A.R.M.O.R. During a fight with Machine Man he would finally be staked to death by the real Morbius.


    Morbius' first suit was the suit he wore as protection of the electricity while trying to cure himself. It was dark black with red sides that looked like wings. His hair was down to his neck.

    When Todd Mcfarlane came, Morbius wore a cape similar to spawn.

    When he got his own series, Morbius started to wear a hard leather suit with long side looking like huge wings hanging from the side. His hair also got longer.

    When he was in the chest during Peter Parker: Spider Man, his head was really long a ratty, and was wearing what looked like mummy wrappings. He also had purple smoke streaming from him.

    In Spectacular Spider Man with the art of Paolo Rivera, Morbius' head was shaved, and was wearing a leather suit similar to what he wore in his solo series but without the cape.

    During the Legion of Monsters series, he wore a leather trench coat and jeans. The leather jacket was red inside similar to his old costume.

    During Marvel Zombies he gained back his original costume and now during the FrankenCastle story, he still wears the suit but his chest is more bare and his hair is stringer then before.

    In Other Media


    Spider-Man: The Animated Series
    Spider-Man: The Animated Series
    • Morbius appeared as a recurring character in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, voiced by Nick Jameson. Micheal Morbius was a gifted foreign student who was in some what competition with Peter Parker. He was also the boy friend of Felicia Hardy (Black Cat). In the animated series, he was not afflicted with the blood disease but people from his home country were. He would end up stealing some of Peter Parker's blood in a petri dish (Spider-Man's blood was infected with a weird mutation at this point). He would then shoot the blood with a electro-genetic gun at his lab, but a vampire bat he was experimenting on escaped from it's cage and drank some of the blood. As Morbius tried to get rid of the bat, the bat bit him and turned him into a living vampire. He would later go on a feeding rampage in the city. His actions would later attack other heroes such as the Punisher who thought Michael was captured by Spider-Man (Who had six arms at this time) and Blade who thought he was a real vampire. Morbius then later kidnaps Felicia and tries to change her into a vampire like him so that they can be back together forever. But he almost comes to his senses after a talk with Falicia but is attack by Spider-Man and Blade but during the fight before the machine can change Felicia, he gets in the machines away and turns more into a bat like creature and flies away into hiding. Due to Fox's censorship for the morning cartoon show, the character of Morbius was altered to remove content deemed inappropriate for children. Instead of using the word or showing blood, Morbius fed upon the plasma in blood and instead of biting his victims, he possessed concealable suckers on his hands. He was voiced by Nick Jameson.
    • Michael Morbius appears in Ultimate Spider-Man, voiced by Benjamin Diskin. This version of the character is a HYDRA scientist who is transformed into a vampire-like creature after being injected with a vampire bat DNA serum by Doctor Octopus.



    Stephen Norrington as Morbius
    Stephen Norrington as Morbius

    The first Blade movie has a deleted scene featuring Morbius. After killing Deacon Frost and his underlings, Blade and Karen Jensen have a conversation. When Blade says that he still has a job to do as long as the war between vampires and humans is going on, Karen notices a strange man staring at them from a nearby rooftop and says "Well, then you're back on the clock." After seeing the masked figure, Blade recognizes him as Morbius and pulls out his sword, ready to fight. According to screenwriter David S. Goyer, this was meant to as a lead-in to a sequel that would have featured Morbius as the main antagonist, but this plan was scraped when Blade II went with a different villain. Morbius was portrayed by Stephen Norrington, the film's director.

    Sony's Marvel Universe


    Jared Leto as Morbius
    Jared Leto as Morbius

    Sony is producing a live-action Morbius film starring Jared Leto as the title character. In the movie, Micheal Morbius is a scientist with a rare blood disorder. Unable to fully walk, he goes on a journey through science to find a cure to his disorder, and possibly others. After finding a cure through bats, he becomes a vampire like being.

    Video Games

    Spider-Man 3
    Spider-Man 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3
    Ultimate Alliance 3
    • Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage - Morbius appears as a summoned character by Spider-Man and Venom to aid them during the fights. When aiding Venom, he sucks the blood of attackers.
    • Spider-Man 3: The Game - Morbius appears in the Wii version of the Spider-Man 3 game. Spider-Man first trails after him in order to get a picture of him for the Bugle. He then later in the games fights Spider-Man near an electrical grid. He is defeated and brought back to Curt Conners. Also in this game, it is revealed the Shreik is his wife and that both were infected by the symbiote. He was voiced by Sean Donnellan.
    • The Amazing Spider-Man: The Game - Micheal Morbius is a doctor at Oscorp who is involved in the creation of the Rhino. Here he is also trying to find a cure for himself for his deadly blood disease just like in the comics and because of this, he remains isolated from everyone else, hiding in the dark giving him the nickname, "The Living Vampire." He doesn't turn into his vampire form in the game.
    • Marvel Super Hero Squad Online - Morbius appears as a playable character.
    • Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds - Morbius makes a cameo appearance in Jill Valentine's ending, where he is seen as one of the monsters preparing to fight Jill and Blade.
    • Marvel Avengers Alliance - Morbius appears as an enemy character.
    • Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 - Morbius appears as a playable character.e
    • Spider-Man (2018) - Dr. Morgan Michaels appears as an NPC, voiced by Phil Morris.
    • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order - Morbius appears as a playable character in the Marvel Knights: Curse of the Vampire DLC pack, voiced by Jake Green.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Morbius was featured in ToyBiz's action figure line for Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
    • Bowen Designs created a Morbius bust.
    • Morbius was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Morbius was featured in ToyBiz's Spider-Man Classics line.
    • Morbius appeared in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Morbius was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Absorbing Man Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Morbius was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Morbius was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Venompool Build-a-Figure wave.

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