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    First Students

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    The first students at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters were:

    Cyclops (Scott Summers)

    Marvel Girl (Jean Grey)

    Iceman (Bobby Drake)

    Beast (Henry Philip McCoy)

    Angel (Warren Kenneth Worthington III)

    New Mutants

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    The New Mutants were trained by Professor X and later Magneto.

    Cannonball (Samuel Guthrie)

    Psyche (Danielle Moonstar)

    Karma (Xi'an Coy Mahn)

    Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair)

    Sunspot (Roberto de Costa)

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    Magik (Illyana Nikolieva Rasputin)

    Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquila)

    Cypher (Douglas Aaron Ramsey)


    Generation X








    Special Class

    When Xorn came to the Xavier Institute he was assigned a special class for those with special needs. The students were:

    Beak (Barnell Bohusk)

    Angel (Angel Salvadore)

    • Flight
    • Vibration of her wings can create deafening ultrasonics
    • Highly acidic projectile vomit

    Dust (Sooraya Qadir)

    • Ability to transform herself into a living dust cloud


    • No known Abilities

    Martha Johansson

    • Suppresses the mutant abilities of others
    • Telepathic communication


    • Ability to emit a pulse of high-frequency strobe light directly from his brain


    • Gaseous form

    Omega Gang

    Formed and lead by Kid Omega, the Omega Gang was a group of Charles Xavier's students that questioned Xavier's philosophy and school policies. They are most known for leading a riot at the Mansion.

    Kid Omega (Quentin Quire)

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    • Omega level mutant

    • Telepathy

    • Mass Manipulation

    • Telepathic Cloak

    • Mind Control

    • Telepathic Illusions

    • Mental Paralysis

    • Mental Amnesia

    • Psionic Blasts

    • Astral Projection

    • Telekinesis

    • Psychic Intelligence

    • Phoenix Force Tap

    Glob Herman (Robert Herman)

    • Highly flammable paraffin body

    Radian (Christian Cord)

    • Generation of blinding flashes of ultraviolet light

    Tattoo (Christine Cord)

    • Intangibility that allows physical attacks to pass through her harm
    • Chameleon skin

    Redneck (Vincent Stewart)

    • Generation of intense heat from hands

    Squad era

    New Mutants

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    Advisor: Moonstar


    Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega)

    • Co-Leader
    • Flight
    • Manipulation of the wind

    Prodigy (David Alleyne)

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    • Co-Leader
    • Telepathic absorption of skills and knowledge

    Surge (Noriko Ashida)

    • Electrical absorption and discharge
    • Super-speed

    Elixir (Josh Foley)

    • Manipulates body's functions
    • Healing

    Wallflower (Laurie Collins)

    • Pheromone-based emotion control

    Icarus (Joshua Guthrie)

    • Flight
    • Healing factor
    • Sonic effects with voice


    Advisor: Emma Frost

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    Hellion (Julian Keller)

    • Leader
    • Telekinesis

    Mercury (Cessily Kincaid)

    • Liquid mercury shape-shifter

    Rockslide (Santo Vaccarro)

    • Rock body with detachable limbs

    Dust (Sooraya Qadir)

    • Transforms into dust cloud

    Wither (Kevin Ford)

    • Touch decays organic material

    Tag (Brian Cruz)

    • Telepathic ability to "tag" a person and make them "it"

    Alpha Squadron

    Advisors: Northstar followed by Karma.


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    Anole (Victor Borkowski)

    • Leader
    • Camouflage ability
    • Wall-clinging
    • Long sticky tongue

    Indra (Paras Gavaskar)

    • Retractable armored plates and exoskeleton

    Rubbermaid (Andrea Margulies)

    • Elastic body

    Loa (Alani Ryan)

    • "swims" through solid material, crumbling it behind her

    Kidogo (Lazaro Kotikash)

    • Shrinking ability down to 4 inches

    Network (Sarah Vale)

    • Interacts with machines, makes them follow commands


    Advisors: Wolfsbane followed by Magma.

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    Match (Ben Hammil)

    • Leader
    • Flaming head
    • Pyrokinesis

    Pixie (Megan Gywnn)

    • Flight
    • Butterfly wings
    • Pixie dust which causes hallucinations

    Trance (Hope Abbott)

    • Astral projection
    • Astral form causes energy damage

    Wolf Cub (Nicholas Gleason)

    • Permanent half-wolf form

    Preview (Jessica Vale)

    • Precognition , usually only minutes in advance

    DJ (Mark Sheppard)

    • Energy manipulation based on type of music he hears


    Advisor: Cyclops.

    No Caption Provided


    Stepford Cuckoos ( Celeste, Mindee, Phoebe Cuckoo)

    • Leader
    • Telepathic group mind

    Quill (Maxwell Jordan)

    • Fires projectile quills

    Specter (Dallas Gibson)

    • Becomes living shadow
    • Enhanced strength and speed

    Dryad (Callie Betto)

    • Controls plant life and plant growth

    Chevaliers (Gambit's squad)

    Advisor: Gambit.

    Gambit's squad
    Gambit's squad


    Bling! (Roxanne Washington)

    • Bone marrow able to produce diamonds of varying quality
    • Expel diamond shards from her body at high velocity
    • Enhanced durability

    Onyxx (Sidney Green)

    • Organic rock hide
    • Superhuman strength and durability
    • Second pair of eyes


    • Rubbery body gives him heightened agility and ability to leap great distances

    Rain Boy

    • Rain Boy exists as living water in a special containment suit

    Foxx (who actually was Mystique).

    Storm's squad

    Advisor: Storm.

    Students: Gentle, others unknown.


    Advisor: Beast.

    Students: Angel Salvadore, rest unnamed.

    Advocates (Rogue's Squad)

    Advisor: Rogue

    Students: Boggart, Naiad, Trovao, Pinpoint, Umbra, Xenon.


    Advisor: Kitty Pryde

    Students: Armor, Wing, Blindfold, rest unnamed.


    Advisor: Iceman

    Students: All unnamed.


    Other student with unknown squads: Aero, Amber, Audio, Butterfly, Caput, Cephalopod, Choir, Collider, Contact, Crater, Cudgel, Cryptid, Eosimias, Flood, Forearm, Gelatin, Gloom, Hydro, Imp, Longneck, Keratin, Mentat, Overlay, Pako, Pinocchio, Polymer, Protozoa, Saurus, Silicon, Skylark, Skywalker, Slick, Spike, Spirit, Stalwart, Squidboy, Tantra, View, Viskid


    After M-Day
    After M-Day

    Most of the students, except a handful, lost their powers after the events of M-Day, and was sent home and the squads was disbanded.

    Only one new-formed group - the New X-Men is currently being trained by Emma Frost.

    The New X-Men in training are currently: Surge, Hellion, Mercury, Dust, Rockslide and X-23.

    After the dealings with Belasco also Anole and Pixie was added to the team.

    The students retaining their powers and are as follows:

    Anole, Blindfold, Bling!, Dust, Elixir, Ernst, Hellion, Armor, Icarus, Indra, Martha Johansson, Loa, Match, Mercury, Gentle, Onyxx, Pixie, Quill, Rockslide, the Stepford Cuckoos, Surge, Trance, Wallflower, Wither, Wolf Cub and X-23

    Most of those remains at the Xavier Institute except for Wither who left, and Icarus, Quill and Wallflower who has been killed by William Stryker and his men.

    Kid Omega is contained at the Institute and has retained his powers but as he has evolved to a higher state of being, he is no longer a student at the Institute.

    Glob Herman also retains his powers though he is currently in jail.

    Angel Salvadore, Beak, Radian, Redneck, Tattoo and Wind Dancer are all de-powered, but active in the newest incarnation of New Warriors with new code-names and artificial powers. For more on that see: New Warriors.

    Prodigy is de-powered, but still stays at the Xavier Institute.

    Of the de-powered students forty-two died when William Stryker and his men blew up the bus they were on.

    The following students are confirmed to have died in the explosion:

    DJ, Dryad, Network, Rubbermaid and Tag.

    Being formed

    Emma Frost summoned all remaining students with powers to meet her in the Danger Room, in costume. There they have to battle each other, the winners creating a new X-Team. Wallflower, Gentle, Blindfold and Ernst were excused from the battle. The winners were Dust, Elixir, Mercury, Rockslide, Surge, Hellion and X-23, although Emma did try to ignore the fact that X-23 was a winner, Cyclops told her different, and X-23 became a member.

    Grieving & fighting the Purifiers

    During their next arc, Crusade, the New X-Men are in the training room, attempting to knock over Colossus. Still fueled by the rage of Wallflower’s death, Elixir hits Colossus in the back of the head while he’s in human form with a metal bar. Emma grabs him in diamond form by the neck and throws him off the team, threatening that if he ever pulls a stunt like that again, she’ll erase every happy memory he has. Icarus asks Dust to meet him at an address, but is actually a set up. X-23 realises this, and takes Dust’s place, and kills the Purifiers. Elixir then kills Stryker, driving into a temporal state of insanity.

    When William Stryker invades the Xavier Institute later in the arc, Dust, Mercury and Rockslide take on several Purifiers. As Hellion and Surge battle more Purifiers with Emma, X-23 enters and kills the Purifiers they were battling.

    More grief & Nimrod

    When Ms. Marvel comes to talk to the X-Men about Jay’s death, the New X-Men use X-23 to eavesdrop on their conversation, and they manage to figure out that Jay was trying to warn them out Nimrod. Cyclops ignores their warning and goes to Storm’s wedding. When Surge is awoken by a message from Forge warning that Nimrod is in Eagle Plaza. The New X-Men, plus a depowered Prodigy, fly to Texas to save Forge. The team battle Nimrod and Prodigy is able to fight using guns brought by X-23. Nimrod obliterates Rockslide, and for a while, he doesn’t reform. Forge tells the New X-Men that it’s possible to overload the time device inside Nimrod, sending him to another time. X-23, Mercury and Surge manage to this, but X-23 is gravely injured. Hellion manages to contact Emma telepathically, and she removes the “safeties” off Hellion’s telekinesis. He manages to fly X-23 from Texas to Westchester quickly, but has to lift a lorry in front of him to try and protect himself from the air currents. Hellion forces Elixir to save X-23, which he does, forcing out of his insanity. Rockslide is also reformed in this time, except is now craggier.

    Captured team mate

    After an issue of rest, Mercury over hears Emma telling X-23 to leave the Institute. Mercury realises that X-23 fancy’s Hellion, and both go to get coffee and talk. Mercury and X-23 have a heart-to-heart over coffee, but X-23 realizes that they’re about to be ambushed, and the café explodes. Several members of The Facility appear, as well as Kimura, X-23’s handler. X-23 and Mercury take down several of the members, but X-23 offers herself up. At that point, Kimura reveals that they aren’t there for X-23, they’re there for Mercury. Next, Mercury is loaded into a van after being taken down by Kimura, while X-23 and Kimura skirmish. The Facility members escape and X-23 returns to the Institute. While Hellion is searching for Mercury, he finds X-23, covered in blood, getting ready to go and get Mercury back. Hellion insists on going with her, and while she refuses at first, he flies both of them out of the Institute, breaking a hole through the roof. The two go and shake down X-23’s contacts, including Owl, Mercury is tortured endlessly, as the Facility attempts to cut a living piece of the mercury that makes up her body. They manage to do so, and replicate it. They put it on mutant hunting animals, to increase their strength, speed etc (this is how Predator X is created). X-23 and Hellion arrive to save her, and as they escape up top, the X-Men and the ONE arrive to help. For next arc, please see Quest For Magik.

    Children of the X-Men & Messiah Complex

    Nessiah Complex
    Nessiah Complex

    The X-Men organize several meetings to get to know the New X-Men. Beast takes care of the injured in the med lab, while Mercury goes around the school, asking how old the students are. Indra is revealed to be the youngest mutant. Rockslide and Anole (now a new member along with Pixie) mess about, and David and Surge break up.

    In Messiah Complex, the New X-Men (minus Dust, Elixir and David plus Armor) go to take down the Purifiers after hearing about the incident in Alaska. After gaining entry to one of their churches, Hellion is stabbed through the chest by Lady Deathstrike, and is gravely injured. Pixie tries to teleport them out of there, but they end up being scattered between the Institute and Washington. Iceman rounds them up, X-23 joins X-Force and they all take part in the final battle on Muir Island. The X-Men are then temporarily disbanded by Cyclops, and New X-Men ends at issue #46.

    Jean Grey Academy


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