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    A founding member of the X-Men, Dr. Hank McCoy is a mutant possessing animal-like strength and agility. Despite being covered in blue fur and resembling a ferocious beast, Hank possesses an astounding intellect and a superb wit. He is currently a key member of X-Force.

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    He was born in Dunphee, Illinois. Edna and Norton McCoy are his parents. Hank McCoy’s father was exposed to radiation during a meltdown when working at the nuclear power plant. Because of this, it seems to be the reason why Hank was born with unusually large feet and hands and a high I.Q. He had a huge curiosity since childhood, disassembling anything he could so he could understand the function of everything and to create a hypothesis. Because of his irregular proportions, his schoolmates teased him and gave him the nickname of "Magilla Gorilla" and "Beast". Hank only started to come out of his shell when he started tutoring Jennifer Nyles. She started to see the real Hank McCoy, and on the night of the prom she turned up at his place with a rented tuxedo and told him she was taking him to the prom. When some people started to tease them, Jennifer knocked out the leader of the taunters with one punch.

    After that Hank and Jennifer were inseparable, and in love with each other, but still not going out. During Hank's teen years, his mutant abilities started to show themselves and allowed him to excel in sports and academics in school. Hank ended up joining the football team after the coach asked him to kick a football and he kicked the skin off it. However, this caused jealousy amongst his classmates.

    Sadly, Hank and Jennifer went their separate ways after awhile; she traveled to London to study genetics while Hank stayed in the United States. One day, three masked men robbed the stadium and tried to escape across it. Luckily, Hank was nearby and he managed to knock out all three men. This made it to the news. The villain known only as the Conquistador decided that he could use Hank as a weapon after seeing this report. The Conquistador successfully managed to kidnap Hank and his parents, and told him that he would release them if he stole an experimental nuclear device for him.

    When Hank returned, the Conquistador revealed that he would actually keep Hank's parents prisoners indefinitely, until Hank was of no more use to him. Hank tried to escape and was almost killed if it wasn't for Professor Charles Xavier, Cyclops, Iceman and Angel saving Hank, before offering a spot for him in Xavier's school (Xavier Institute for Higher Learning). The school was a haven for mutants and also the headquarters of the mutant team, the X-Men. Hank took advantage of the offer, mainly in order to further his academic intelligence and ended up completing his doctorate in biophysics at Xavier's. There, he received the codename "Beast."


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    Beast was created by the team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for the first X-Men book and thus first appeared in The (Uncanny) X-Men issue 1(1963).

    Character Evolution

    Beast originally started out as a man with larger appendages and a keen intellect. He would undergo two changes in appearance: the first was into a man with blue fur and claws; the second was a further mutation into a more feline-looking animal with the same type of blue fur he previously had. He would maintain his intellect throughout each change.

    Major Story Arcs

    With the X-Men


    After an incident where Beast saved a falling child, he quit the X-Men, as he was sick of protecting a world that hated and feared him. He started a career as a wrestler, still calling himself the Beast. But one of Hank's opponents was none other than Unus the Untouchable, who was also a mutant. Hank realized that his place was still with the X-Men, and built a device to increase Unus' powers to the point where he couldn't control them. He only decreased them to their original level after Unus vowed not to join the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. With that done, Hank rejoined the X-Men. He also started dating a librarian named Vera Cantor thanks to Iceman's girlfriend ( Zelda) setting him up with a blind date. Unfortunately, their first meeting was interrupted by Vera's ex-boyfriend, Calvin Rankin. Calvin was a mutant who could copy the powers of other mutants, and he was at first a villain, but later joined the X-Men for a short while.

    Over time, Xavier granted the X-Men new costumes as a reward for proving themselves time after time. Hank received a new blue-and-red costume which was similar to his training costume. Not much later after that, Kraven the Hunter appeared, who wanted to test his skill against Beast. Kraven poisoned the X-Men's house guest, Avia, and would only give the antidote if he was allowed to fight Beast without interruption. Kraven wasn't the type to play fairly, and he had traps all around the house to try and stop Beast. Hank couldn't dodge them all and was hit by some drugged darts. The darts had been meant to slow down the blood flow to Beast's brain, thus slowing his reflexes, but had a side-effect. With Hank's higher-brain functions inhibited, it made him revert to a frenzied rage, and would have killed Kraven if the X-Men hadn't stopped him. After this fight, Beast held back in action in case another incident like this occurred.

    The Brand Corporation

    Hirsute Hank
    Hirsute Hank

    Hank went on to work as a genetic researcher at a corporation called " Brand Corporation." At Brand Corporation Hank met his assistant, Linda Donaldson, and his bitter superior, Carl Maddicks. Hank successfully managed to create the hormonal extract that creates mutations in organic beings, but when he rushed to tell Carl Maddicks about it he overheard him discussing a plan to steal some government records. Hank took his extract to disguise himself and increase his power. Unfortunately, Hank had the extract in him for too long, therefore leaving him permanently transformed. This enhanced his agility, stamina and strength. Other side effects were the growth of fangs, pointed ears, claws, enhanced senses, a healing factor and blue (originally gray) fur that covered his entire body. Hank then completed his doctorate in genetics and is one of the world's experts on mutations and human biology. As a result of the failure, Linda Donaldson shot Carl Maddicks, since she was actually a spy for the Secret Empire.

    Gray Beast
    Gray Beast

    Hank knew that he couldn't walk around looking like a gorilla, so he spent all night reading up on latex masks and disguises before making gloves and a rubber face mask that he could wear over his own. Hank's posture was also like that of a gorilla, and he had to use a special harness to help him walk and stand like an ordinary man. When Tony Stark visited Brand, a crisis required him and Hank to go to the rescue as superheroes. Iron Man mistook Beast for a villain, and fought with him. The X-Men's old foe Mastermind watched from a distance and created the illusion in Hank's mind of him having killed Iron Man. Hank was then easily tricked into joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but he managed to overcome the illusion and leave.

    Since Beast had been seen around Brand Corporation a lot, the Pentagon sent Buzz Baxter and his wife Patsy Walker to investigate. Ironically, Beast turned up at Patsy's house after a near defeat from Quasimodo. Patsy helped heal Hank, and for some reason his fur turned from gray to bluish-black. Patsy also learned Beast's real identity, since he had been talking in his dreams. She agreed not to reveal his secret, but didn't tell Hank what she wanted in return. Shortly afterwards, Hank was captured by Linda Donaldson, and delivered to the Secret Empire. Along with some of his old teammates, Hank was held captive until he was freed by Captain America, Falcon, Jean Grey and Cyclops.

    The Avengers

    Avengers Assemble!
    Avengers Assemble!

    Beast couldn't return to Brand Corporation after being captured by Linda Donaldson. Hank decided to try being a superhero with another group after he saw an ad for new members on TV. Beast and Moondragon were accepted as probationary members, mere minutes before the Stranger attacked the Avengers (actually Toad in disguise). "The Stranger" filled a stadium with floating mines, which the other Avengers were defeated by, but Beast's agility let him get through the mines whilst Moondragon's mental powers stopped their foe. Whilst a member of the Avengers, Beast became good friends with Wonder Man.

    With Beast a member of the Avengers, it was only a matter of time before Patsy Walker returned. It turned out that the deal she had made with Beast in return for not revealing his identity was that she was to become a superhero, since she was bored of being a housewife. Beast had already revealed his alternate identity to the rest of the Avengers, though, so she had nothing to hold over him. Even so, Beast let Patsy accompany them on one mission to repay her for not revealing his identity. Whilst raiding Roxxon Oil, the Avengers came across the old gear of the Cat (who didn't need it now that she was Tigra). Patsy used the equipment to become Hellcat, which meant she got her wish to become a superhero after all. Moondragon and Hellcat both left the Avengers when they restarted their roster, but Beast was more than happy to stay on. One of the many bonuses of being an Avenger was that Beast was no longer hated or feared as a mutant.

    Sometimes Beast would leave to help with the X-Men when they were in need of help and to make space for new recruits. One time that he temporarily left was when he hadn't heard from the X-Men in a while, and went to the mansion to check up on them. For some reason, the mansion was abandoned. Beast went looking for the X-Men with Cerebro and found them performing as freaks in a carnival. It turned out that the carnival was run by Mesmero, but shortly after the X-Men were broken free from his hypnosis, Magneto captured the X-Men and took them to his secret base in

    No one gets along with Gyrich.
    No one gets along with Gyrich.

    Antarctica, which was hidden beneath an active volcano. After a fight with Magneto, Beast and Phoenix were seemingly the only ones able to escape, and since they thought the X-Men were dead, they returned to New York, Beast continuing his time with the Avengers. One problem that they Avengers had was that Henry Peter Gyrich of the National Security Agency limited the members of the Avengers allowed. Whilst Beast was on this team, Wonder Man unfortunately was not, and so Beast's best friend on the Avengers had to leave. Shortly after Hank found out that the X-Men were still alive after the events in Antarctica, Henry Gyrich continued to plague the Avengers, this time trying to get rid of their government clearance.

    The Avengers had a trial in court, and it was not going well, but when reports of a rampaging monster were heard, Beast suggested that Gyrich should fight the monster himself. Gyrich had to admit that the heroes were needed, and so the Avengers got back their security clearances. Shortly afterwards, Falcon quit the team, and Wonder Man was called back to replace him. One night, when Hank was on duty by himself, he received a message that the X-Men were on a rampage in the Hellfire Club. Torn between friends and responsibility, Hank decided to aid the X-Men. Beast witnessed Jean Grey's transformation to Dark Phoenix, a fight between the X-Men and the Shi'ar Imperial Guard on the Moon, Jean's suicide, and her funeral before he returned to the Avengers.

    Beast met his old girlfriend Vera Cantor in a bar by complete chance, and the two talked all night. Beast took her back to Avenger's mansion, but upon drinking some tea Jarvis provided, Vera fell into a coma. " Jarvis" was actually a Skrull who had poisoned Vera so that she could be used as blackmail. He told the Avengers that he would only provide Vera with a cure to her coma if the Avengers got a rare artifact called the Resurrection Stone for him. The team used the Fantastic Four's time travel device to acquire the item in the past for the Skrull, but Hank destroyed it before they handed it to him, since it was too powerful to trust the Skrull with. The best the Avengers could do for Vera was to give her to Reed Richards in the hope that he could find a cure for her coma.

    Despite that they had been glad that Henry Gyrich was not longer bugging them, the Avengers realized there were some things he had done that made sense. For example, the current team had 10 members, and was too unorganized. After a talk with Wonder Man, Beast began to realize if he really did just want to be a joking superhero. Beast then quit the Avengers.


    The Beast with the Defenders.
    The Beast with the Defenders.

    Beast went to Doctor Strange, looking for his help to save Vera Cantor's life. With Hellstorm and Reed Richards, they were able to destroy the Resurrection Stone once and for all, and Hellstorm was able to cure Vera. To repay the favor to Doctor Strange, Beast helped him find his missing teammates, who had been captured by the Secret Empire, and joined the Defenders. Beast opened up to Vera his insecurities about being a superhero, and she tried to help Beast by pushing him into a relationship. Because Beast was silent, Vera mistook this for agreement, when it was actually insecurity.

    Beast eventually realized that super heroics are what he's best at, but still didn't like the Defenders' status as a non-team. Beast reorganized the Defenders, adding his old teammates Iceman and Angel to it, as well as Gargoyle, Valkyrie and Moondragon. With Nick Fury's help, the new team got government clearance, but there was a problem when both Beast and Valkyrie applied to be the leader of the team. After an argument between the two, they realized that they didn't need an actual leader, but someone to run headquarters, deal with the authorities and other such things.

    The person they appointed for this was Candy Southern. Whilst a Defender, Beast wrote a letter to Vera Cantor, apologizing, and when they next met, it was as friends, even though their mutual attraction was still there. Unfortunately, Moondragon and Gargoyle were both taken over by a mystical enemy called the Dragon of the Moon. An Eternal called the Interloper was able to defeat the Dragon of the Moon, but only if some people sacrificed themselves. With the exception of the three former X-Men, all of the Defenders sacrificed themselves. With this event, the Defenders disbanded.


    The Beast helps form X-Factor.
    The Beast helps form X-Factor.

    A few weeks later, the Avengers found a mysterious cocoon at the bottom of Jamaica Bay. They sent it to Reed Richards to examine, and when he cut it open Jean Grey came out. Shocked at the state of mutant affairs in the world, Jean wanted to do something about it, but not as an X-Man, since the X-Men were being led by Magneto. Jean, Beast, Iceman, Angel and Cyclops all rejoined and they formed the group called X-Factor. On their second mission, Hank was kidnapped by Carl Maddicks, who was apparently alive, for experimentation to find a "cure" for his son Artie's mutation. This turned Beast back into a human form. Hank also met with Vera Cantor more, who had a change of appearance. She now wore her hair half shaved and wore flashier clothing. After Vera was interviewed by Trish Tilby, a reporter hot on X-Factor's trail, Vera and Hank stopped seeing each other, as their lives had gone in different directions.

    During a fight with Apocalypse's Horsemen, Beast was touched by Pestilence, whose virus causes a deadly sickness. Instead of Hank becoming sick, it reacted with Hank's recent change so that every time he used his superhuman strength, Beast's intelligence would drop. Hank's intelligence dropped for weeks and he opened up to Trish Tilby, not realizing that she would use the information on TV. Out of respect for Hank, Trish did tell the world that one of X-Factor's members was losing his intelligence, but didn't say which. When Iceman was almost kissed by Infectia, who could mutate people into monsters by touch, Beast intercepted the kiss. This made him change between his furry form and human form, until he finally stayed in his furred form, with his usual intelligence and strength. The next time Hank met Trish, she was having trouble accepting Hank's new furry form. Hank and Trish realized they had missed each other after a mission in space, and started dating.

    Trish's duties as a news reporter caused some trouble with their relationship, since she had to make mutants look bad. During one of Trish's assignments in India, Hank came over to say goodbye to her, only to see her kissing her ex-husband, Paul. Seeing this, Hank left without saying goodbye to Trish. One day, Hank was invited to attend the International Symposium on Mutant Research in Belgium. Hank wanted to take this very seriously, as his old girlfriend Jennifer Nyles would be attending the conference. Just then, a cyborg tried to kill the mail-woman who was delivering the letter to him that stated he would be invited. Whilst at the conference, Hank uncovered a plot involving cyborgs and genetic programming. The leader of this conspiracy, Commander Courage, was going to infect world leaders with techno-organic implants and take over the world.

    Back to the X-Men

    Even when preparing to face a serious threat, Hank always keeps up team morale.
    Even when preparing to face a serious threat, Hank always keeps up team morale.

    Jennifer Nyles was unknowingly working on this, since when Xavier had mind-wiped her all those years ago, she knew something precious in her mind had gone, and devoted her life to getting it back. After meeting Beast, Jennifer's memories came back and she helped stop Commander Courage. It was later discovered that Shadow King had taken over the minds of almost everyone on Muir Island. Since that included most of the X-Men, Professor X enlisted the help of SHIELD and X-Factor to stop Shadow King. After the defeat of Shadow King, X-Factor merged with the X-Men and the team was split into two squads: a Gold Strike team and a Blue Strike team. Beast was on the Blue strike team, where he provided background in the scientific and medical fields while continuously teasing the "fearless leader" Cyclops.

    X-Cutioner's Song

    Genius at work.
    Genius at work.

    During the events of the X-Cutioner's Song, Professor Xavier was shot in the head by Stryfe (under the disguise of Cable), and infected him with a techno-organic virus. Both Moira MacTaggert and Beast attempted to save his life, but couldn't find any solutions. It wasn't until their deadly villain Apocalypse offered his assistance that Professor X could be cured. Before he died, Stryfe got his revenge on the X-Men by releasing the Legacy Virus into the atmosphere. The Legacy Virus is a virus that is deadly to mutants, attacking their x-factor gene and killing them. Watching Rogue and Gambit together, Beast also started to question what he had accomplished in his life, as he was turning thirty. Professor Xavier and Moira MacTaggert only added to these doubts when they excluded him from their research on the Legacy Virus. Hank had a look at their research and admitted that it was far beyond him.

    Despite this, Beast still tried to cure the Virus, going to extremes. Beast allowed Mister Sinister access to a mutant named Threnody, who could sense the effects of the Legacy Virus, since Sinister had more resources and less morals, which gave him more of a chance to cure it. Beast managed to get Sinister's notes on the Legacy Virus by breaking into Sinister's base, using information provided by Sabretooth, who at the time was the X-Men's captive. Beast's girlfriend, Trish Tilby, somehow got information about the Legacy Virus and released it to the public. Feeling betrayed, Beast broke up with her.

    Legacy Virus

    Cure for the Legacy Virus.
    Cure for the Legacy Virus.

    Beast's work on the Legacy Virus became an obsession with him. He was curious when he found some of his formulas completed for him. Beast followed the trail of the person who had finished his formulas, which led to the abandoned Brand Corporation. There, Beast was captured by Dark Beast, who had escaped the Age of Apocalypse. Dark Beast joined the X-Men, pretending to be the real Beast, whilst the real one was kept locked up with a tiny supply of water, in case Dark Beast needed any more information from him. Beast wasn't free until Onslaught revealed himself to the X-Men, and Dark Beast joined him. Since he had been locked up for so long, it gave Hank time to think about what he should do and what he valued, and he called up Trish Tilby to apologize and make up with her.

    Beast eventually managed to find a cure for the Legacy Virus, but the only way for it to work was if a mutant sacrificed themselves. Whilst Hank looked for an alternative, Colossus activated the cure when no one was looking, sacrificing himself to save mutant kind.

    X-Treme X-Men

    After mourning the loss of a teammate, Hank briefly leaves the school with Storm and her X-Treme X-Men team in search of Destiny's diaries. After an attack by Vargas that leaves Psylocke dead, Beast is gravely injured and returns to the Institute.

    New X-Men & Further Mutation

    Secondary Mutation
    Secondary Mutation

    When he heard of a "cure" that would take him back to normal state, Wolverine convinced him not to take it, as that would send a negative message across other mutants. Hank returned to the Xavier Institute becoming the resident scientist and teacher at the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. During this time, Beast further mutates in form and takes on a more feline appearance.

    Beast was one of the few X-Men fond of Emma Frost when she joined the team; everyone else was wary that she hadn't reformed and was still a villain. When Emma was shot whilst in her diamond form, Beast worked day and night to put every piece of her diamond form back together. His efforts were not in vain, as Jean Grey was able to use her telekinesis to fuse the diamond shards together and bring Emma back. Despite that he liked Emma, Beast disapproved of Cyclops kissing Emma at Jean Grey's grave, although Cyclops argued back that it would be hypocritical to not follow his feelings. What neither Beast nor Cyclops knew was that Jean had telepathically given Cyclops encouragement to express his romantic feelings for Emma, so that he would not be in pain.

    Astonishing X-Men

    Astonishing X-Men
    Astonishing X-Men

    Cyclops formed a new X-Men, and Beast was drafted onto the team along with other X-Men/Women like Wolverine and Kitty Pryde. On their first mission, the team dealt with Ord of the Breakworld and the "cure" for mutants. After a brief encounter with Ord, Beast went to visit his old friend, Dr. Kavita Rao to get a sample of the "cure". He takes it back to the Institute, and begins to study it. Wolverine then comes to his lab, telling Beast that Emma told him that his mind was basically screaming it out that he wanted to take the cure. Wolverine tells him to flush it but Beast refuses to do so, and the two fight it out, until Emma stops them telepathically and threatens to make them tango. When he finds out that Rao had been testing the cure on corpses of other mutants, he helps stop her and Ord, and he and the X-Men destroy the base.

    After a confrontation with Danger, Cassandra Nova psionically attacks the team. She strips Beast of all his morality, intellect and basically his mind, leaving him as basically, a feral beast. He attacked Wolverine and bit off some flesh on his leg (obviously it grew back). Luckily, the student Blindfold used a "sensory stimulant", something the Professor and Beast invented, just in case of a situation like this. The stimulant was in a form of a ball of string. Beast then used a special magnet he'd created to stop Danger and Ord. The X-Men, Ord and Danger are teleported away to SWORD, and travel to the Breakworld. Beast is one of the X-Men taken with them. Later, he and Abigail Brand are separated from the main squad, and almost freeze to death but Agent Brand manages to save them by generating heat to keep them warm (no one knows how she did this yet).

    She later dives in front of a laser to save him, believing that he is the one with the best chance to save Earth. He gets to the missile along with some of the others. Danger finds a signature on the missile of Illyana Rasputin and as they talk, the missile, with Kitty inside, is fired. Beast then realizes that it's not a missile, but a bullet. As Beast team doubles back to their ship he finds Agent Brand who survived the laser blast and they pick up their antagonistic banter with each other. When Beast accuses Brand of still keeping things from him and after he persisted she admits that she is really attracted to him. Once back on Earth Brand takes a walk with Henry and waits for his response on the job with SWORD that she has offered him, as she believes him to be qualified both professionally and personally and states as much. Beast is later shown with Brand and several X-students in a lab both him and Brand looking pleased.

    Endangered Species

    Since the events of M-Day Beast has tirelessly tried to reverse their effects and avoid mutant extinction. Dr. McCoy sought the help of some of the Marvel U's most brilliant scientist and heroes in order to find a solution. Making little progress, Beast then extended his plea for help to some of the most intelligent and ruthless villains such as Mr. Sinister, Doctor Doom, and the High Evolutionary. After receiving little assistance from most of the villains, Beast made his way to the now defunct mutant concentration camp, Neverland. While searching Neverland for anything that could aid his research, he was confronted by Dark Beast who offered his help. Beast apprehensively agreed, and the two have formed a strained partnership. After the two research for a while, they begin to fight about each others ways. After research with others, Beast went to see the Scarlet Witch, who remembers nothing about her former life. After a lengthy discussion, he returns home.

    Messiah CompleX & Divided We Stand

    Messiah Complex
    Messiah Complex

    When Professor X discovers the Baby Mutant, Beast is present in Cerebro, and helps fix it. He's there through the multiple other events and then, with the help of Prodigy, saves Hellion from dying by performing surgery on him. He then takes part in the final battle on Muir Island. In X-Men: Divided We Stand Beast was dropped off at the Xavier institute by Logan. Beast spent his time in the subbasement destroying all the student and teacher files fearing what would happen if they fell into the wrong hands. He then emailed the information for Stryfe's Legacy Virus to five scientist he trusted thinking that no matter what happens to him, the anti-virus would always be safe. Beast then took Martha Johansson and left the institute putting a No Admittance sign on the gates.

    After Messiah CompleX, Beast relocated to San Francisco with the rest of the X-Men. His primary job in San Francisco was first to set up the Greymalkin Facility with Prodigy, and build all the X-Men's needed computer equipment. This included Cerebra, security systems, a new Danger Room, and much more. Afterwards Beast formed a science team along with Angel. This science team, known as the X-Club, was working to reverse M Day by any means. His most recent recruits are Madison Jeffries, Dr. Nemesis, and Dr. Kavita Rao. Some months later, during the events of Secret Invasion, Beast discovers that the Super-Skrulls with X-Men abilities can be infected with the Legacy Virus and, despite his ethical protests to the contrary, Cyclops decides to use it on them, offering the antidote in return for the Skrulls' retreat.

    X-Club and Utopia

    After raising Asteroid M and naming it Utopia where mutants can live peacefully. Beast started a group of scientist named the X-Club. With this team he traveled back in time (1906) in order to find Nemesis' parents and discover the origins of modern mutation, hoping to find a way to save the mutantkind. While in the past, the X-Club encounter an earlier version of the Sentinel made by the Hellfire of the 1906 and had also accidentally caused the San Francisco earthquake. Unfortunately, when the X-Club returned to the past, the DNA evidence had been buried beneath the Dreaming Celestial in the park.

    Beast started to have doubts on whether or not to stay with the X-Men. Beast had shown to be disillusioned about Cyclops's leadership, allowing Magneto to join the X-Men and taking so long to save him from Dark Beast's torture. He eventually decides to leave Utopia and the X-Men.

    Leaving the X-Men, Enter S.W.O.R.D.

    After leaving Utopia and the X-Men, Beast decides to become a member of SWORD along with his girlfriend Abigail Brand. While being in space with Abigail, her co-commander Henry Peter Gyrich (hired by Norman Osborn) has started to gather all aliens on earth, thinking this way they can avoid another Secret Invasion. Beast, Abigail, and Lockheed become fugitives of SWORD and attempt to stop Gyrich's plans. Beast eventually returned to Utopia, blaming Cyclops for recent events and to attended Nightcrawler's funeral. He was one of the few X-Men to speak at the ceremony.

    Secret Avengers

    Once an Avenger....
    Once an Avenger....

    Beast seems to be the tech and intel part of the Secret Avengers as he is seen in the first issue of the title inspecting a similar crown to the serpent crown and also researching things on the serpent crown and similar things via hacking in to with help from Ant-Man and Moon Knight. Beast warmly greets Captain Britain upon his arrival to the Lighthouse. Hank and the team respond to a power flare up in Pakistan and discover a woman being taken by adaptoids. Beast charges after one but is blasted by Urn. The adaptoids get away with the girl but with Ant-Man secretly in tow. Back at the Lighthouse, Beast conducts maintenance on the facility from outside while discussing how Pym has stabilized the Venom symbiote for Flash. The team heads towards where O'Grady's signal left off and uncover a teleportation device. They are sent to the Core where they are attacked by followers of Father. During their mission, Hank tries to carefully comment on Hawkeye's running of the team who does not respond too well. Beast is attacked by Miss America who shoots him which severely injures him. Hawkeye comes to his aid and they are both captured. While imprisoned Clint pleads with a Wasp/Deathlok cyborg to help Hank who is bleeding out. Ant-Man reveals that he has been hiding in their cell. The three of them escape and rejoin with the rest of the team who have recovered the child of the woman who was captured.


    Beast received an e-mail updating from the Avengers notifying him that Logan would open the Westchester school again after Schism. He called Wolverine and informed him that he was in. After this, he designed and build a new school building, the Jean Grey Institute for Higher Learning. Hank is helping headmaster Logan to run the school. He is also a teacher and the Vice-Principal.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Beast makes an arrangement with Gladiator to receive Shi'Ar technology for the school in exchange for the enrollment of his son, Kid Gladiator at the school. During an attack by the new Hellfire Club on the school, Beast defends against several clones of Frankenstein's monster. The Hellfire Club reveals to Hank that he has built the school on top of a grandchild of Krakoa as the monster joins the chaos. Once resolved, Beast and Kitty meet with Logan and Uncanny X-Force to discuss what has happened to Warren during Dark Angel Saga. They decide to enroll him and Genesis at the school.

    Beast leads Broo, Kid Gladiator, Quentin Quire, Genesis and other students on a field trip inside of Toad to see the X-Gene up close. Upon his return, Kitty begins acting strange. She reveals she is pregnant and upon Hank's examination, discovers that she is infected with Brood. When Kid Gladiator shrinks down and jumps inside Kitty to save her, Beast goes in after him. Beast leads the students against the hoard of Brood inside of Kitty while trying to find Kid Gladiator who has turned into a Brood. Hank plants a localized bomb after recovering Kid Gladiator and exits along with the students. Once out Hank finds Broo covered in Dr. Starblood's blood, who was behind all of this in an attempt to kill Broo. Beast and Agent Brand oversee Dr. Starblood's apprehension.

    Beast informs Logan of the damage done to his legs by the matter transmutation ray and heads to the Peak to obtain another to heal him. As his ship nears the Peak, bodies of the crew members begin to float into space and strike his ship. Sabretooth has killed them and is holding Agent Brand hostage. Beast and Sabretooth engage in an extremely vicious and bloody battle until Creed savagely cuts open Hank's stomach. Creed then takes Brand out into space to finish her and leaves Hank without a working space suit. Beast takes a deep breath and takes a massive leap through the bay and manages to knock Brand free long enough to get her gun before landing through the opposite bay door. Abigail returns to Beast and helps patch him up after blasting Sabretooth.

    Avengers vs X-Men

    Beast fights along side the Avengers against the rest of the X-Men as the Phoenix Force hurdles towards Earth. After plenty of fighting and the eventual confrontation on the moon, the force arrives where Iron Man shatters it with a new suit of armor. This causes it to go into 5 mutants, Cyclops, Emma, Namor, Colossus and Magik. After the Phoenix Five solve some of the world's problems, Beast questions the Avengers' motives anymore as they are even discussing killing the Phoenix hosts.

    All-New X-Men

    Beast gets help from his past-self.
    Beast gets help from his past-self.

    In All New X-Men, Beast begins to undergo another phase of his mutation. Sensing that he will not survive this next transformation, he endeavors to study and cure himself on his own. Beast reinforces here that he is the leading expert on genetic mutation and mutant physiology. Beast converses with Iceman and Storm about the direction that Cyclops is headed post-AvX, and agrees with Bobby that Scott from the past would not have agreed with his future actions. Beast then transports himself back in time, arriving during a moment when his past-self had just concluded arguing with young Cyclops about staying with the X-Men. Past-Beast had just been attacked by anti-mutant humans, and had become disillusioned with Xavier's cause. Future-Beast then confronts Cyclops and asks him to accompany him back to the future to reason with his future-self. During this time, Beast transforms into a new form similar to his old ape-like incarnation.

    Around this period, Beast is inducted into the Illuminati, taking the place of the deceased Professor X. He is gifted the Mind Gem, which was in the Professor's possession before he died. As part of the Illuminati, Beast seeks to stop the Incursions that threaten all of reality.

    Uncanny Inhumans

    Divided loyalties
    Divided loyalties

    Six months after the events of Secret Wars, the world is in the midst of a mutant health crisis. The release of the Terrigen Mists across the globe during Thanos' last invasion is revealed to have dire consequences for mutants, causing a disease known as M-Pox. In order to study the disease and search for a cure, Beast allies himself with Queen Medusa and the Inhumans. Working with Iso, Beast eventually discovers that the Terrigen Cloud will soon dissipate into the atmosphere, leaving the entire planet uninhabitable for mutantkind. After he meets with the X-Men to tell them this, he suggests that mutants could leave the planet in order to avoid the Cloud. However, Storm, Emma Frost and Magneto disagree, believing that it would be better to go to war with the Inhumans and destroy the Cloud themselves. Storm incapacitates Hank, and a massive conflict between the X-Men and Inhumans later unfolds. After the battle ends and an armistice between the two races is reached, Beast reconciles with his former teammates on the X-Men.


    By transforming Krakoa into an island nation for mutants, Pr. X put a bullseye on the collective heads of mutants. With a new nation comes new enemies. They found the need for a CIA like operation to analyze threats through intelligence gathering and black ops. Beast was one of the early supporters of this new X-Force, joining as intelligence gathering and strategy.

    These new responsibilities were a bad influence on Hank. His obsession with the security of his new nation led him to act unilaterally for the greater good, especially when it came to the telefloronic arm's race. X-Force uncovered paramilitary scientists who were creating plant based weapons like those of the Krakoa after they tried to assassinate Pr. X on an diplomatic mission. Beast took it upon himself to sabotage the Terra Verdean strain within one of the assassins, who happened to be the president's son. In a few months time, the Terra Verdean telefloronics killed the President's son and overran the country.

    Powers and Abilities

    Dr. Henry (Hank) McCoy
    Dr. Henry (Hank) McCoy

    Beast has superhuman strength, agility, endurance, senses, durability, speed and has a genius level IQ. In his human form, Beast could lift 1 ton. His simian form could lift 10 tons. Even though he mutated to his feline form, he can still only lift about 10 tons. He has strong fingers and toes, using his razor sharp claws on his hands and his feet to scale walls. He has thick blue fur all over his body. Hank has great manual and pedal dexterity and can perform several complicated tasks using both his hands and feet such as tying knots with his feet. He has long appendages that allow to him to walk on all fours. Beast has superhuman durability, though he is very far from invulnerable. He can survive a fall from 3 stories if he lands on his feet and being struck by superhuman strong foes that would kill an average human. Beast can run for short sprints at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. He has enhanced senses such as night-vision and a sense of smell that can track a human and also has a slight healing factor. This healing factor allows him to recover from slight sicknesses like colds quickly. He also heals broken bones in a couple days, where it takes regular people weeks, even months. Furthermore, in contrast to his superhuman powers, he is extremely intelligent. He is one of the smartest people in the Marvel Universe. He is a world authority in biochemistry and genetics as well as being the X-Men's medical doctor (though he never received an M.D.) which shows his vast intellect.

    Later on, when he has taken on a secondary mutation, his smelling, strength, sight and reflexes are enhanced even further. The secondary mutation gave him the a feline appearance. The downside to this mutation is that Hank has lost his super human dexterity. He has stated that he used to play the guitar but now plays the drums as a result of the lost dexterity. Beast is a capable hand to hand combatant. He has been trained by Captain America and Professor Xavier, in a fighting style that makes good use of his agility, strength and speed. He has an incredibly high pain intolerance and can manipulate his own pheromones

    Alternate Realities

    Earth-295 (Age Of Apocalypse)

    In this reality, Beast was a twisted and sadistic scientist known as the Dark Beast.

    For more information on this character see the Dark Beast page.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)

    In the Ultimate universe, Beast was an X-Man who at first appeared to be a human with ape-like proportions, strength and agility. He has a severe inferiority complex because of his appearance. While on a mission to save the presidents daughter, Beast is nearly dies and the procedure to save him turns his hair blue. When the Ultimate X-Men were forcibly drafted into Weapon X, he was mutated into a more powerful blue furred form. He gained enhanced senses and strength. He had an on-and-off relationship with Storm, which he broke off because he could not believe she loved him without the Professor mind-controlling her to. Beast was also responsible for the Brotherhood finding out Magneto was still alive, when he blabbed to his online "girlfriend" (who was actually the Blob searching for information). He later left the X-Men, because he didn't believe that Storm could truly love him and joined a government funded group. He seemingly died after a Sentinel attack.

    Later, it was revealed that Beast was still alive (after being revived at a hospital) and working with SHIELD for a Legacy Virus cure. He has reversed his physique back to a human-like state, but he retained his heightened abilities. He seems to have died during the flood of Ultimatum. Beast in Earth 1610 's abilities are very similar to Earth 616. He possesses superhuman strength, agility, dexterity, flexibility, and stamina. The Weapon X program mutated him in to a form that was covered in thick blue fur and had claws and fangs.

    Earth-15104 (Here Comes Tomorrow)

    In the "Here Comes Tomorrow" reality, Beast was possessed by Sublime, and was the world's greatest villain.

    Earth-TRN240 (Possibly Earth-616's past)

    This is the version of Beast that was sent from the past to the present by the adult Beast, along with the original five X-Men. Beast seems to handle the surprise that he will mutate to something "blue and furry" rather well. When the older version of himself seems to be dying due to a third mutation, the younger Beast saves him. Beast is one of the X-Men who voted to stay in the future and try to fix it. After reading the mind of the older beast, Jean Grey realizes that he was in love with her when he was younger. With this knowledge, she confronts Beast and asks him about it. At first Beast seems embarrassed and shocked that she read his mind, but then she confesses that she likes him as well. They start to begin a relationship, but after the events of Battle of the Atom, Beast ends it, due to Jean running off with Scott after he refused to leave with her. However, they get back together later on only for them to break up again during the gap between Secret Wars and All-New, All Different Marvel.

    Earth-1298 (Mutant X)

    Mutant X #24
    Mutant X #24

    Henry McCoy was one of the original X-Men. Upon graduation, McCoy began his employment for the Brand Corporation. In his position as genetic researcher, McCoy attempted to isolate the cellular catalyst that causes mutations--using himself as a guinea pig. The results were disastrous. Instead of reversing the mutation, as was his intent, McCoy caused himself to undergo a complete physical metamorphosis. Now, McCoy was a literal beast--a green-skinned, amphibious monster. The most tragic aspect of the entire affair was that his once-superior intellect was virtually gone, and with it, all hope for reversing the transformation. He joined his former teammates in the Six but during the inferno he was duped by Sym and N'astirh and allied with them. The result of which was his legs became goat legs and his feet cloven hooves.

    Brute was the first member of the team to discover that Madelyne Pryor had been taken over by the Goblin Force after he saw her kill Spider-Man and the Green Goblin. The Goblin Queen framed Brute for the murder and forced him to ask for his own execution and when he died she resurrected him and forced him to join her. The Brute managed to fight off the Goblin Queen's influence with help of Scotty Summers and rejoined Havok and fought against the Goblin Queen.

    During a battle with Professor X Brute was help with a telepathic blast that temporarily restored his intellect. As his restored intellect was only temporary he devised a hologram with all of his intellect that he hoped would develop a cure for Gambit and Bloodstorm's Vampirism and Iceman's inability to turn back to human as well as sending Havok back to his home reality. In the case of Bloodstorm, Gambit and Iceman he was successful. The Hologram was unable to figure out a way to permanently restore Brute's intellect. Brute survived the final battle with the Goblin Force possessed Beyonder.

    Earth-311 (1602)

    Fur-less Beast
    Fur-less Beast

    In the 1602 reality, Beast was known as Hal McCoy and was a member of Carlos Javier's group of witchbreeds. He appeared in his fur-less simian form. Later he was captured by Otto Octavius, who experimented on him and he was turned furry.


    In this reality, Beast was known as Kreature and was a member of Queen's Vengeance.


    In this alternate reality, the X-Men died on their first mission against Krakoa, the Living Island. Beast sends a telegram to Moira MacTaggert urging her to be at the side of Charles Xavier during his time of need. When she arrives, Beast explains the tragic events which have transpired. As time passes, they suddenly receive a transmission from Count Nefaria demanding a large ransom or he'll destroy Earth. With all due haste, Beast activates Cerebro and searches for as many mutants as possible who could help. Once located, Beast uses Cerebro and teleports himself and his "X-Men" to Colorado. There, they battle and defeat the Ani-Men and thwart the schemes of Count Nefaria. Professor X pulls himself together and asks everyone to remain as a group. Most of them, including Beast, stay and form the New X-Men.

    Earth-58163 (House of M)

    In the House of M, Hank is working with Hank Pym and Forge, and all of them are working for Iron Man. He feels superior to humans because of his mutation. He has a human appearance in the universe.

    Earth-2149 (Zombieverse)

    Zombie Beast is working with Zombie Mr. Fantastic to rewire Cerebro to detect humans. They find a lot of them in Doctor Doom's castle and he is also seen in attacking his home with the other zombie superheroes. He is later shown arguing with Colonel America (this universe's version of Captain America) and is killed by him when he got his cosmic powers.


    Became a member of the Exiles. This Beast had lost most of his intellect due to further mutation. He was also in a relationship with this reality's Wonder Man who had died at the hands of Modok.

    X-Men Noir

    McCoy is one of the criminals sent to Xavier's juvenile detention center to be rehabilitated, just to be taught how to commit crimes better. It is said that he tries to use superseded English to make himself seem smarter, but has has very little understanding of what the words mean. When the X Men save Unuscione from being murdered by Peter Magnus, McCoy saves Drake's life and takes a bullet to the head.

    X-Factor Forever

    X-Factor Forever
    X-Factor Forever

    In this reality he is still with Trish, who has adopted a young girl. During a birthday party for Timmy, X-Factor is attacked by Hodge in a sentinel suit. The team is able to defeat him but realize that they were only being distracted by Hodge so Apocalypse could enter Ship. Apocalypse kidnaps Nathan to see if he is real or something that Sinister created. The Team attacks sinister and fight Clone versions of their friends and enemies. Eventually Apocalypse gives back Nathan and kills himself and Sinister. the team brings Nathan to the Celestials that are now standing in New York to be judged. The Celestials decide the mutant race is okay to continue and they leave Earth.

    X-Men Forever

    He was furious with Xavier for not telling him of the Mutant crisis. that is that mutants will burn themselves out with their power usage. He became more distant to the professor until Moira was able to bring them back together. He had also developed a relationship with Jean after the death of Wolverine. This all ended when he sacrificed him self on the space station along with Tony Stark to save the Mutant population.

    X-Men: Misfits

    X-Men: Misfits
    X-Men: Misfits

    As with regular Earth-616 continuity, the manga rendition of the Beast from Del Rey had him in a teaching role. He had a large fur-covered physical mutation, which strongly resembles a Totoro with pince-nez and a neck-tie. He seemed to enjoy being a little beastly and an intellectual, as he roared in his classroom and first detected his newest student (Kitty Pryde) by smell.

    From the portraits of the staff, it is clear that this version of Beast was originally hairless. It would therefore seem that his animal-like mutation was a recent change, soon before the story began.

    Earth-6141 (Shadow-X)

    During the events of Albion's invasion of England, and before that some obscure events involving the bank of Courtney Ross (impersonated by Sat-Yr-9), a group of violent mutants capture the attention of the Excalibur. It's an alternate team of X-Men where Xavier was possessed by Shadow King and following, controlled all the team to corrupt the X-Men to wipe out the human race. This Beast version died in New Excalibur #22 slaughtered by a brainwashed Sage.

    Other Media


    The Marvel Superheroes

    Beast's animated debut
    Beast's animated debut

    Beast made an appearance in the episode "The Sub-Mariner" along with Cyclops, Jean Grey , Angel and Iceman. This was his first ever appearance on television.

    Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

    Along with the other original X-Men, Beast was seen in a flashback in the episode entitled "The Origin Of Iceman".

    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Animated Beast
    Animated Beast

    Here Beast was a regular cast member, and had a prominent role in the X-Men team, he was voiced by George Buza. In the first season, he was arrested for a raid in which the X-Men took part in, wanting to prove his innocence in a legal way as well as to prove that mutants are not out of control or above the law., Beast refused the X-Men's proposals to break into the prison in order to liberate him. In the second season of the series, Beast is released from prison after a change of heart from Robert Kelly, and once again joins the X-Men.

    Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Beast appeared in the episodes 'The Mutant Agenda' and 'Mutant's Revenge.' Here he offers Spider-Man advice on how to cure his 'disease' that caused his powers. In the process Beast gets mixed up with Brand Corporation's plan to wipe out mutant-kind. Here he was voiced once again by George Buza.

    X-Men: Evolution

    Beast in X-Men:Evolution
    Beast in X-Men:Evolution

    Beast appears in the show starting in the second season, voiced by Michael Kopsa. In the series, he is a high school chemistry teacher that works at the school attended by Kitty Pryde and Spyke. It is revealed that as a teen, Hank developed a serum that allowed him to hide and control his mutation and, as a result, he turned down Professor Xavier's offer to attend the Xavier Institute. However, the serum begins failing while Hank is an adult, causing him to transform into a vicious, bestial state. Spyke manages to calm him down after reciting a passage from Hamlet, causing Hank to regain his senses. With his transformation now permanent, Hank joins the X-Men.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Wolverine and the X-Men
    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Once again, Beast has a central role as an X-Man and he was voiced by Fred Tatasciore. After the explosion that destroyed the X-Mansion as well as for the most part the team that was the X-Men, Wolverine tried to recruit the team to become a team once again, Beast was the first X-Man to be recruited. He hadn't left the X-Mansion since the explosion, which in turn shows his dedication to Xavier's cause.

    X-Men Anime

    Beast in the anime
    Beast in the anime

    Beast appears as one of the leads in the Japanese X-Men series, with his voice provided by Fred Tatasciore in the English dub, and by Hideyuki Tanaka in the Japanese original.

    Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

    Beast guest-stars in the series, voiced by Naomi Kusumi.


    X2: X-Men United

    McCoy has a cameo in X-2: X-Men United, where he is seen on a television screen in a bar here, in his original fur-less appearance. Although his appearance was merely a cameo, the character was largely recognized as Beast. In a deleted scene of the movie, Beast is shown to be affected by dark Cerebro and takes on his furred appearance when he is psychically attacked by the machine. He was played by Steve Bacic. Also, his name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

    X-Men: The Last Stand

    Kelsey Grammer as Beast
    Kelsey Grammer as Beast

    Beast has a main role in X-Men: The Last Stand, marking his first full appearance in the series. He is described as an early member of the X-Men who eventually left the world of superheroics behind to pursue a career in politics, which he felt would be a better way to help mutantkind. Hank reunites with his former teammates for the first time in a while after Dr. Kavita Rao develops a mutant cure, which quickly divides the mutant community and provokes violent responses from Magneto and his Brotherhood. He eventually rejoins the team after Jean Grey becomes the Phoenix and kills Professor Xavier. During the final battle, Beast is the one who injects Magneto with the mutant cure, acting as a callback to his fight with Xorn (who was posing as Magneto at the time) during Grant Morrison's New X-Men run. In the film, Beast was portrayed by Frasier star Kelsey Grammer.

    X-Men: First Class

    Nicholas Hoult as a young Hank McCoy
    Nicholas Hoult as a young Hank McCoy

    In this prequel, X-Men: First Class, Henry McCoy was a scientist, who worked for the CIA. Upon meeting him, Charles Xavier instantaneously knew that Hank was a Mutant. Also, Hank McCoy introduced Xavier to the stealth jet, that he had designed. McCoy creates a Mutant-locating device called Cerebro. Xavier was the only one who could use Cerebro, because it required his special Mutant abilities. Beast is constantly annoyed and harassed throughout the movie, by fellow Mutant Havok. Havok steadily agitates Beast about his large, animal-like feet. He goes to such extremes as calling McCoy names, such as "Big Foot."

    In First Class, Beast and Mystique have instant chemistry upon meeting each other. They both share a common understanding for one another. Beast and Mystique want to be accepted into society, and be considered "normal." Beast devotes his time to create a cure for both himself and Mystique. Beast's cure would be made, only to alter his appearance, but not affect his Mutant powers whatsoever. However, Magneto reassures Mystique, that she is perfect the way she is. Mystique eventually takes Magneto's words to heart, and refuses to take the cure. Henry McCoy, however, takes his cure, which actually backfires.

    Young Beast
    Young Beast

    Beast's cure makes him grow blue hair, and makes him resemble some type of animal. Beast is accredited with making the New Mutant's uniforms. After, Beast's cure backfires he becomes very self-conscious about his appearance. However, after some motivation from Mystique, Beast accepts who he has become, and agrees to fly the New Mutants in his stealth jet. Also, Havok, complimented Beast's new appearance. Havok declared that McCoy looked "like a beast." In the last battle, where the New Mutants fight Sebastian Shaw and company, Beast plays a vital role. Beast, along with Havok are sent by Xavier to ward off Sebastian Shaw's right hand man, Azazel. He uses his specific Mutant ability, teleportation, to drop Havok on an enemy base. This action left Beast to handle Azazel alone. After much back and forth, Beast gets the upper hand and knocks out Azazel. In the end, Beast is one of the Mutants, that remains loyal to Charles Xavier, despite his weakened condition. He is played by Nicholas Hoult.

    X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Beast and Storm
    Beast and Storm

    Beast returns as a main character in X-Men: Days of Future Past, with Nicholas Hoult reprising his role. The film takes place close to a decade after the events of First Class, with a now-adult Henry McCoy hiding his furred appearance through the use of a serum that makes him appear human as long as he keeps his anger and stress within reason (similar to the Hulk). He is recruited by Wolverine after the hero travels back in time from the future to warn of a holocaust caused by the Sentinels, and plays a large role in reassembling the X-Men to stop Bolivar Trask.

    Kelsey Grammer also returns to play the older Beast in a cameo.

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    Nicholas Hoult reprises his role as Beast in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Dark Phoenix

    Nicholas Hoult reprises his role again in Dark Phoenix.

    Video Games

    X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse

    He is one of the five playable characters in this SNES game. During his first mission he must gain access to central computer on Genosha and extract all data of mutants captured by Apocalypse, at the end he must face three sentinels. Then he cross the Genosha Forest in order to find a prison of Genoshan people, this time the boss is Brood queen. Then beast could face Tusk and Apocalypse, in the next levels. Once Apocalypse is beaten and prisoners freed, Magneto appears. Beast could fight against Omega Red and Juggernaut as preparation to Exodus and Magneto.

    At the end Beast said: "One who relies solely on power can never truly win, Magneto. Violence can never be the solution". In his final scene he appears mocking with Jubilee.

    X-Men vs. Street Fighter

    X-Men vs. Street Fighter
    X-Men vs. Street Fighter

    Beast makes a small appearance in the Japanese fighting game X-Men vs. Street Fighter, where he can be seen alongside as one of the characters being held captive in Apocalypse's lair. He also appears in Chun-Li's ending, where is one of the X-Men who greets her when she arrives at the Xavier Institute to train. This would mark the first of several instances of Beast making cameo appearances in the wider Marvel vs. Capcom series despite never actually making it in as a playable character.

    Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

    Marvel vs. Street Fighter
    Marvel vs. Street Fighter

    He next appears in the sequel, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, where he can be seen alongside Blanka in the Death Valley stage, and once again as one of the prisoners in Apocalypse's stage. He can also be seen in the sequel, In Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, where he appears on a monitor in Avengers HQ, referencing his time as an Avenger.

    X-Men: Mutant Academy and Next Dimension

    Next Dimension
    Next Dimension

    Beast is a playable character in these three fighting games. These three versions correspond to a spiritual saga of X-Men fighting 3D games.

    In Next Dimension, he has 8 different costumes to choose from, based on the X-Treme, X-Men and the Ultimate costumes.

    X2: Wolverine's Revenge


    He makes a cameo here, giving Wolverine a watch for a mission. This item would tell him how much time he had to get an antidote for the Shiva Virus before it killed him. He is voiced by Richard Porthow.

    X-Men Legends series

    Beast in X-Men Legends
    Beast in X-Men Legends

    He is a playable character in this game, you can also look around his lab when not on a mission. At one point, he talks about an old mission where Juggernaut attacked the mansion. He can be recruited and use in all missions after completing the first mission. In his bio depicted he as agile and strong and due to his college nickname Xavier give him Beast codename.

    He returns as an NPC in X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse. You can buy things off of him earlier on in the game, such as health, etc. Later in the game Apocalypse invades the Xavier School and defeats him, then he is transformed into Dark Beast by Sinister. He stays with the X-Men for a while as a double agent. Once he shows his true colors, he leaves with Sinister. A team fights him and Sinister and he reverts back to normal.

    He was kidnapped to create a device that would allow Apocalypse to merge the powers of 4 mutants with Harmonic DNA, he does build the machine, but Sinister appears to have tampered with it, causing Apocalypse to lose in the final battle. At the end it appears that he recover his own personality. He has an special conversation with Storm. He is voiced by Richard Doyle in both games.

    Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

    Beast is a playable character.

    X-Men: The Official Game

    He was first mentioned when Xavier notes that he promised Henry that he would find Magneto. He was shown when Xavier questions him about the Sentinels after the fight with Multiple Man. He is voiced by Gregg Berger.

    Lego Marvel Superheroes

    Beast is an unlock able character in this game voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Beast appears in the game as a playable character.

    Marvel Heroes

    Beast appears as an NPC.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    Beast appears as an NPC, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.



    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • ToyBiz produced various Beast figures in the 90s, such as ones for their line based on the animated series.
    • ToyBiz produced a Beast figure as part of the Marvel Legends line. A variant that included Beast's glasses and lab coat was later released as part of the X-Men Legends box set.
    • A cat Beast figure was released for ToyBiz's 2006 X-Men Classics line as "Stealth Beast." A variant depicting Beast's more classic, ape-like form was also released. Another Beast figure came in the second wave.
    • Beast was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends Icons line, with a variant showing his gray form. Another variant included Beast's lab coat and glasses.
    • Beast was featured in Diamond Selects Minimates line.
    • A figure of Beast based on his X-Men: The Last Stand appearance was included in Hasbro's Annihilus Build-a-Figure wave for the Marvel Legends line.
    • Bowen Studios produced various Beast statues.
    • Hasbro released a Beast figure based on his Astonishing X-Men design for the Nemesis Build-a-Figure wave of the Marvel Legends line.
    • A Beast figure was included in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Beast was included in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line in his cat form.
    • Hasbro released a Beast figure for the Marvel Infinite line. A variant depicting his gray-furred form was also released.
    • A classic Silver Age Beast figure was included in Hasbro's All-New X-Men Marvel Legends box set, which was a Toys R Us exclusive.
    • Diamond Collectibles released a Beast figure as part of the Marvel Select line.
    • Beast was included in Funko's Pop! line of bobbleheads.
    • A 90s-era Beast was included in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Marvel Legends Caliban Build-a-Figure wave from Hasbro.


    Kotobukiya's Beast
    Kotobukiya's Beast
    • Bowen Designs released a statue of Beast's classic Silver Age form, as well as a variant showing him in his short-lived red and black costume.
    • Bowen Designs released a statue of Beast based on his 90s appearance.
    • Beast was featured in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Diamond Select produced a Beast bust based on his appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand.
    • Dark Horse released a vintage style Beast statue for their line of classic Marvel heroes.
    • Sideshow Collectibles release a statue of Beast's cat form from Astonishing X-Men.
    • Kotobukiya released a Beast statue based on his modern appearance.

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