X2: X-Men United

    Movie » X2: X-Men United released on May 02, 2003.

    X2: X-Men United is the sequel to the original film "X-Men". The mutants must work together to stop a mutant assassin who has made an attempt on the President's life.

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    Having returned from the north after finding nothing, Wolverine/Logan watches over the school students for a night as Charles Xavier visits Magneto in his plastic confinement prison and Storm and Jean Grey search for a teleporter mutant known as Nightcrawler who attempted to assassinate the president.

    Things become deadly as William Stryker, a scientist who has experimented on mutants, leads a siege on Xavier's mansion- few mutants escape.

    With the school no longer safe, Magneto out of prison and forming a temporary alliance with the X-Men, and Professor Xavier in the hands of Stryker; the mutants team up to stop Stryker's plans to wipe the mutants off the face of the Earth.


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    What X3 should have been, X-Men at its finest! 0

    Any one reading this knows this movie has been out for quite some time know and should be warned that part of this review is in light of what all the other x-men related movies have brought to the table.   It’s sorta like a “Looking back review” (LBR) were I………well…..look back at the movie and give credit were it indeed got some stuff much better than the more recent attempts (maybe I should have done LBR of the first movie.   But oh well I can still make it work). The Spectacular: The whole fir...

    10 out of 10 found this review helpful.

    Return to Weapon X 0

    After recently seeing The Wolverine at the cinemas the other day I decided to go through the X-Men film collection, but this time in chronological order (though I accidentally watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine first thinking it was set earlier), continuing with this.PlotSPOILER FREEAfter the president is attacked by a mutant (Nightcrawler), William Stryker gets permission to infiltrate the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, taking some of the students, as well as managing to capture Professor X...

    8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Probably the best marvel movie today!!! 0

    Summary:  The X-men are in turmoil when there many members are separated from one another due to the fact that a new enemy emerges from the hate that has been pushing mutants down for so long. Due to this new enemy the X-men are forced to team up with magneto and his allies in order to stop the new threat. However, along the way many of the heroes must face their own difficult journey in order to succeed.  The Good:  Practically, almost of the entire film is very well made and also very entertai...

    9 out of 10 found this review helpful.

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