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    The Midnight Sons are Earths main defense against dark and unnatural forces.

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    Rise of the Midnight Sons

    Fight against the Lilin
    Fight against the Lilin

    The origin of the Midnight Sons started with Daniel Ketch a.k.a Ghost Rider. While Ghost Rider as well as Johnny Blaze are trying to find a way to save Daniel Ketch who was killed by Blackout. Minutes later Ghost Rider communicates with Danny Ketch's spirit in the void and ther Danny encounters a vision of Lilith and her children raging war with Ghost rider and a group of supernatural characters being the only ones to stop her. Ghost Rider tells Blaze about the situation and agrees to join. After winning an attack by the Lilin at Blaze's carnival, Ghost Rider and Blaze go out to seek the other members of the Mystic Nine.

    They first go to Manhattan to find Morbius. Morbius had hard times to come to his senses because of his blood lust and is almost killed by both the Lilin Fang and Doctor Langford during this event. Later on Ghost Rider went out to find the Darkhold Redeemers Victoria Montesti, her body guard Interpol agent Sam Buchanon, and occult expert Professor Louise Hastings.. Lilith, the Lilin the Darkholders, and even a spell caused by the Darkhold almost killed Victoria Montesi, but with the help of Ghost Rider and Blaze, they survived. They would then go to find the Nightstalkers which consisted of Blade, Frank Drake and Hannibal King who just defeated Dracula. The Nightstalkers were tricked by Lilith to kill Ghost Rider and Blaze, but the plan failed when Blade noticed the Lilin Meatmarket spying on them. The entire Midnight Sons would then be teleported by Doctor Strange to Greenland where Lilith was planing to release a whole army of demons. The Midnight Sons were victorious, but Ghost Rider died in battle (but was later brought back by Doctor Strange). However while all the Lilin but Nakota are dead, Lilith has survived after all the Midnight Sons left the battle. She devours her remaining child and vows to come back for revenge.


    The Midnight Sons where created by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert and first appeared (as The Nine) in Ghost RiderVol.2 issue 28 (1992)

    Major Story Arcs

    Midnight Massacre

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    Blade wanted to rid the world of vampires and read a page of the Darkhold that made him possessed by the Demogorge turning him into Switchblade. Switchblade would go on a killing spree of all things supernatural. During this time, many of the Midnight Sons were murdered. The death list included the members Hannibal King who was the first to get killed, Johnny Blaze, Victoria Montesi, Morbius, and Ghost Rider but his Penance Stare weakened him. Demogoblin, Modred, and Werewolf by Night were also victims of Switchblade. With the help of Louise Hastings, Switchblade was defeated and Blade was back to normal. Everyone that Blade killed came back to life.


    At one point the Midnight Sons would get together to stop a demon version of Spider-Man called Spider-X. Spider-Man who was going though a stressful time was offered by the Darkhold Dwarf a page from the Darkhold which Spider-Man refused. The Dwarf later went to a fan of Spider-Man and gave him the Darkhold spell turning him into Spider-X. Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze would get trapped in Spider-X's web after accidently riding their bikes into it. They would escape and at first think it was the real Spider-Man. They would then go after the creature. This would later lead to the Nightstalkers who were hired the Spider-Man fan's mother to look for him. They would end up getting attacked by Spider-X as well as attacking the Darkhold Redeemers Victoria Montesi and Jinx on the streets of New York. They would be saved by Ghost Rider and Blaze. Meanwhile Morbius was looking for Spider-X but bumps into the real Spider-Man. Soon all members of Midnight Sons and Spider-Man come in conflict with Spider-X. As they fight him, the mutant Paralyzer gives rebirth to an electric monster which set out to destroy the city. The Midnight Sons end up tricking Spider-X to defeat the monster but is killed by being shocked to death. Later the Midnight Sons end up destroying the Monster and help capture Paralyzer.

    Road to Vengeance

    Nine months later, Lilith and the reborn Lilin returned with the aid of the soulless Centerious. Both were looking for the Medallion of power. During this event, Daniel Ketch's mom was kidnapped, Ghost Rider fought Deathwatch again, Blaze would be injured by Skinner and the Lilin but would come back as a powerful force, Vengeance would team up with Ghost Rider and Blaze with the help of Caretaker, and it was the return of Zarathos. Ghost Rider also learned that Blaze was his brother.

    Siege of Darkness

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    The Midnight Sons with the help of Caretaker and Doctor Strange would fight against Lilith and a dark demonic mist. But this time Zarathos was with her. During the siege, the Midnight Sons would split into two teams. However the team lead by Morbius who was possessed by the Lilin Bloodthirst lead that team to a secret location and killed Darkhold Redeemer member Louise Hastings as well as lead the Lilin to capture Blade, Frank Drake, Jinx, and Modred. Meanwhile the team lead by Ghost Rider would end up saving Stacy Dolan and others from a Lilin attack in the police station.

    At this point Ghost Rider's former enemy Vengeance join forces with the Midnight Sons. Later on Ghost Rider's team would be attacked by Morbius and the Lilin at Doctor Strange's Mansion. During this fight Dr. Strange would free Morbius from the control of Bloodthirst, but due to an overpowered force going on in his mind, he accidently destroys his mansion. The Midnight Sons later flee to the mystical Nightclub where they reform a plan to defeat Lilith. Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, and Vengeance, being spirits of Vengeance use the Medallion of Power to defeat Lilith and send her and her army by to the Shadowside Dimension but Zarathos would end up returning to power with the aid of his cult the Fallen.

    Caretaker would be captured by Zarathos in which Blade and Frank Drake would try and save him only to end up in a fight with a strange race known as the people of the dust. During this change of events, Caretaker tells the Midnight Sons to find members of his old group the Blood to defeat Zarathos. He is later saved by Ghost Rider. At this most members of the Fallen have turned to Zarathos which includes Patriarch, and the death of other Blood Truth Seer at the hands of Modred and during this event Victoria Montesi found out she was carrying the author of the Darkhold Chthon as her unborn child.

    However Hannibal King and Morbius would convert Fallen member Embyrre back to the Blood with her father Blood member Radar. Doctor Strange after a failed fight Fallen member Salome has became the powerful being Strange, and Ghost Rider would end up being killed by Zarathos.

    In the final battle, the Midnight Sons get help from Blood member Foundry and gives Blade a sword known as the Juciscar which will killed the Fallen and Zarathos. After summerous battles against the Fallen, the defeat them which weakens Zarathos and Blade stabs Zarathos in the heart turning Zarathos into a statue defeating him. After the battle the member's of the Midnight Sons would get the mystical mark by Caretaker as a sign that they are Earths last hope against a supernatural threat. Except for Frank Drake who was to human to get the mark.

    Marvel Zombies: Return of The Midnight Sons

    Enter: The New Midnight Sons
    Enter: The New Midnight Sons

    In the wake of the Earth-616 Zombie Infestation at A.R.M.O.R., Morbius the Living Vampire learns that the zombie Simon Garth and the head of the Zombie Deadpool have escaped A.R.M.O.R. With the director of ARMOR's blessing Morbius vows the stop the zombies and forms a new Midnight Sons team that consists of Jennifer Kale, Daimon Hellstorm, Man-Thing and Werewolf by Night.

    Prior to starting their mission, each teammate makes a private video to a particular person that the MIdnight Sons know if they do not survive the zombie attack.

    They begin their mission on a ship infested Fish-men who were bitten by Simon Garth and Deadpool. They teleport onto the ship and attack the Fish-men. Minutes before the ship can hit land, Hellstorm destroys the ship killing all the men fish.

    They then end up on land and are attacked by the Hood and the NIght Shift. Though they experience difficulty fighting the Night Shift at first, they end up turning the tables around and defeat them. However things would turn for the worse. The vaccine Morbius created to prevent the zombie infection turned in to an air born virus in the form of an undead storm cloud which would infect the small island town killing them and turning into zombies.

    The Midnight Sons, along with the Hood, would try and keep safe in a big plantation house, except for Man-Thing who was safe from the storm cloud. Man-Thing would apparently be killed by a super human zombie and the storm cloud, but he later regenerates. Dormammu answers Jennifer Kale's call for help and also manages to take control of her. Jennifer is then forced to attack her teammates.

    Hellstorm would get Dormammu out her body and Man-Thing survives the attack. After Morbius and Jennifer Kale save a zombie infected Jack Russell, the team transfers the zombie virus, with the help of Black Talon, into Simon Garth who the Midnight Sons later lock up in the Hallow. From there they vow to continue their fight against the evil monsters of the world.


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    During Hydra’s takeover of America, Las Vegas was burned to the ground and sent to Hell. Doctor Strange took it upon himself to resurrect the city with magic, however, he also accidentally manifested Hotel Inferno, the hotel and casino created by Mephisto while Vegas was in Hell. Mephisto was allowing gamblers to bet their very soul and was able to convince Strange to make his own wager. If Strange wins, Mephisto empties his vault of souls and returns to Hell. However, Mephisto wins when he effectively tempts the Avengers with their own wrath. Thus, Strange’s soul now belongs to Mephisto.

    To save Strange and Vegas, Wong and Bats collect a new roster of the Midnight Sons made of heroes that are either dead, damned, or carry darkness. The team consists of: Johnny Blaze, Blade, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, Iron Fist, Doctor Voodoo, Man-Thing, and, eventually, Ben Reilly. The team journeys to Vegas to do battle with Mephisto’s demon army, which now includes Strange and his Avengers allies as Ghost Rider-like demons. The rest of the team fought them off so Johnny Blaze could take on Mephisto.

    Mephisto immediately gets the best of Johnny Blaze by ripping the Spirit of Vengeance from him and throwing him from the top of Hotel Inferno, killing him. Mephisto thinks he has the upper hand now, however, Johnny has been sent to Hell. There, he is able to free the vault of souls and steal the crown and throne of Mephisto. Cut off from his power, Mephisto was easy to defeat. With Blaze on his throne, Mephisto had nowhere to go, so the Strange and the Midnight Sons locked him up in his own hotel, still in Vegas.

    Alternate Versions

    Ghost Racers

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    During the Ghost Racers series that takes place on Battleworld a flashback by this version of Danny Ketch shows him riding with a motorcycle club called the Midnight Sons.


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