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Versions of the Techno-organic Virus


One Techno-Organic race is called the Technarchy. The Technarchy is an alien race from a planet called Kvch. Notable members are: Warlock and Magus. The Technarchy used the Transmode virus to turn living beings into techno-organic beings and then would drain them of their energy, leaving the remains of their prey to be nothing more than statues. Those not drained of their energy became a Phalanx. The virus can be transmitted through skin contact, though some mutants aren't over taken by the virus as quickly. Those infected possess the ability to shapeshift, recover from damage, and directly interface with machines,


Another Techno-Organic race is The Phalanx. The Phalanx is not a race per definition, just the collective name of any being that has been infected with the Technarchy’s Transmode Virus. Those infected with the Transmode virus lose individuality and usually create a hive like mind and have the the desire to contact other techno-organic lifeforms. Phalanxes also have the ability to absorb both organic and inorganic matter.


This version of the T-O virus rewrites the carriers entire genetic code. It gives the carriers body an upgrade in health, as well as physical and mental attributes. The original extremis gave powers such as firing electricity bolts and breathing fire. Tony Stark would later alter the virus to save his life, in the process it encased his Iron Man within the hollows of his bones and linking his suit to his mind. With the Extremis he can connect to machines all over the world. The one setback he has encountered has been isolationism, a side effect completely opposite to the Transmode Virus.


Mister Sinister created this strain of the virus to kill Apocalypse, an attempt that failed. Now in Apocalypse's hand he used it to infect Cable when he was only an infant. This versions requires blood contact rather than skin contact to infect someone. The areas that are infected appear as a blue or gray metallic color. They also tend to create protrusions in the infected ares and change form. Infection is quite painful. This version gives normal humans increased attributes such as strength and speed.


Coupled with Eli Bard's ability to infect the Techno-organic virus and Selene's immensely powerful mystical abilities, mutants around the world have been revived under the thrall of Bard and his Black Queen.  The pair have raised a mutant army who auto-repair any injuries sustained and have wreaked havoc on the X-Men, X-Force, the New Mutants, Emma Frost, and the Hellfire Club.  

Notable revived mutants include Rogue's foster mother and former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Destiny, fellow ex-Brotherhood member Pyro, New Mutants member Cypher, Warpath's ex-lover Risque, the original Thunderbird, former X-Man Banshee and the Hellfire Club's protégées the Hellions.

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