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Versions of the Techno-organic Virus


One Techno-Organic race is called the Technarchy. The Technarchy is an alien race from a planet called Kvch. Notable members are: Warlock and Magus. The Technarchy used the Transmode virus to turn living beings into techno-organic beings and then would drain them of their energy, leaving the remains of their prey to be nothing more than statues. Those not drained of their energy became a Phalanx. The virus can be transmitted through skin contact, though some mutants aren't over taken by the virus as quickly. Those infected possess the ability to shapeshift, recover from damage, and convert organic matter into convertible sustenance.


Another Techno-Organic race is The Phalanx. The Phalanx is not a race per definition, just the collective name of any being that has been infected with the Technarchy’s Transmode Virus. Those infected with the Transmode virus lose individuality and usually create a hive like mind and have the the desire to contact other techno-organic lifeforms. Phalanxes also have the ability to absorb both organic and inorganic matter. The danger of phalanx infection is the collective imperative to forming a spire to call the rest of the Technarch race to their designate worlds. In which the Technarch destroy phalanx inhabited planets as a consequence.


A radically different yet still similar strain of Phalanx strain was created by the villain Mainspring while he was experimenting on the mutant T.O infected Esperanza Ling. Instead of Techno-Organization of living tissue, this strain was instead dubbed Techno-Mechanization, where the recipient virus strain instead transformed inorganic substance into shapeless mechamatter. Template a subroutine of the mutant killing machine Bastion, would gain vast technoshifting abilities which not only enabled the direct interfacing with machines but to transform and assimilate with it along with computerized systems.


This version of the T-O virus rewrites the carriers entire genetic code. It gives the carriers body an upgrade in health, as well as physical and mental attributes. The original extremis gave powers such as firing electrical bolts, razor claws and breathing fire. Tony Stark would later alter the virus to save his life, in the process it encased his Iron Man within the hollows of his bones and linking his suit to his mind. With the Extremis he can connect to machines all over the world. The one setback he has encountered has been isolationism, a side effect completely opposite to the Transmode Virus.


Mister Sinister created this strain of the virus to kill Apocalypse, an attempt that failed. Now in Apocalypse's hand he used it to infect Cable when he was only an infant. This versions once required blood contact rather than skin contact to infect someone. The areas that are infected appear as a blue or gray metallic color. They also tend to create protrusions in the infected areas and change form. Infection is quite painful. This version gives normal humans increased attributes such as strength and speed coupled with some form of technopathic abilities.


Amoral scientists backed by the shady government police force known as H.A.M.M.E.R. were tasked with creating a nanoviral weapon from the remains of a murderous alien android and selling it over the black market as a test phase. The Ultimo Virus as it is called has the power to convert most any organic life into an extension of the robot itself. Complete with Superhuman Physical abilities, regeneration and heat vision coupled with a berserker rage; it would affect other biological elements differently bestowing odd aspect of its liquid metal substance onto it it in order for the bearer of its CNS core to move through whatever infected patches of it were in the vicinity. The virus had a conversion and kill rate of 110%, if left unchecked Ultimo could kill off entire planets by morphing plant mater into lifeless metal. Effectivly cutting off air supply and converting worlds into nests of metallic thorns.


Coupled with Eli Bard's ability to infect the Techno-organic virus and Selene's immensely powerful mystical abilities, mutants around the world have been revived under the thrall of Bard and his Black Queen. The pair have raised a mutant army who auto-repair any injuries sustained and have wreaked havoc on the X-Men, X-Force, the New Mutants, Emma Frost, and the Hellfire Club. Those who're revived this way have defunct physiology's; that being they lack the need of sustenance, rest, breathing and the like. They also boast powerful regenerative capabilities.

Notable revived mutants include Rogue's foster mother and former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants member Destiny, fellow ex-Brotherhood member Pyro, New Mutants member Cypher, Warpath's ex-lover Risque, the original Thunderbird, former X-Man Banshee and the Hellfire Club's protégées the Hellions.

Second Coming

Seemingly taking after Eliphas and Selene's plans of the T.O Virus. Bastion remolded a Mixed strain of viruses for the personal use of augmenting and resurrecting select human beings with as much hatred of the mutant race or for simple tactical usage in his plans for their extermination. Augmenting himself into a powerful nimrod sentinel with celestial tech traits, having combined the Technarchy & Apocalypse strains of the virus to gain even greater technomorphing and roboticizing abilities. Which he used to found his Human High Council, some of whom he would convert those within his thrall into Nimrod Series Omega Prime Sentinels.

Individuals modified and/or resurrected include Leper Queen underboss of the Mutant Response Division, Donald Pierce leader of the Reavers and chairperson of the Hellfire Club's inner circle, William Stryker founder of the Purifiers, Cameron Hodge, Steven Lang and Graydon Creed of the Friends of Humanity. Finally the creator of the Sentinel Program, Larry Trask.


During his time alone in the depths of cold space, the malevolent Artificial Intelligence known as Ultron would eventually take what he knew of the Phalanx's transmode virus and combine it with the technologies of the Eternals sentient computer system ISAAC. Ultron would eventually create his own form of T.O Virus named and modeled after his own mechatronics, anyone afflicted with the virus became a subservient hive drone connected to the Ultron mass intelligence as their bodies took on physical characteristics of the monstrous android. Those changed into simulacrum's of the robot become enthralled to him mind, body and soul; as well as gain the capacity to spread and infect countless others across galaxies. Turning them into virus carriers as well. In some infected beings however they gain unique abilities of their own which drowns out the Ultron Conciousness's hold on them.


In the New 52 productions, the parademon hordes of Apokolips are techno-organic entities created using both the living and dead biomatter of the populaces of worlds that the gods of evil conquer. Usually the robotic corpse corps snatch up and take all the available human and alien beings on inhabited worlds to their processing factories for the conversion process. But lone Parademons can also infect solitary beings with a technocytic virus in which converts individuals into techno-organic soldiers.


An individual once taken to a conversion factory to be processed underwent an odd mutation instead due to it's effects. Being transformed into a living, breathing internet hub whose entire physiology had been converted into pure micro-machinery and information. Over the coarse of years, she would come to master her new techno-organic condition spreading her virulent consciousness throughout the internet. Through her technomorphism she could fabricate incredibly advanced pieces of technology and augment the human biome with vast bionic enhancements. Those she infects are able to be resurrected by copying their vital information; their persona's onto her nanocytes in order to regrow them from the atom outwards.

O.M.A.C Virus

A nanotech virus fashioned by Maxwell Lord using inert B13 Technology and activates/comandeered through the Brother I Satellite system created by Batman. Placated through various immunization, vaccinations and intake supplements supplied to the masses through the localized food chains and sickness treatment facilities. The Virus can be directly beamed into desired hosts via computer equipment or a simple broadband line, aggressively infecting anyone whose contracted the Virus. Once activated the unsuspecting sleeper agent serves to observe, assess and exterminate all known forms of superhuman activity. Be the individual superpowered or gifted intellects alike. Omactivated subjects gain any manner of unique abilities such as shapeshifting, weapon construction, eye beams and adaptive countermeasures. The hosts share a hive connection to the Brother Eye network and can instantly download any manner of information on the catalogued database of super powered beings on record.


Also known as the Omniscient Transformational Advanced Cell, a form of full organic techno-virus developed by Silas Stone. Initially it was created fort he purpose of creating self aware biological matter that could be re-purposed to affect and heal as well as replace damaged or irregularly formed organic tissue. Curing cancer, blindness, genetic deformities, etc. Anomaly a by product of its creation known as O.T.A.C. 13, would utilize it to cause mutagenic phenomena instead of preventing it; creating monstrous cyborg abominations and inducing a cybernization effect. Transforming those who're infected with the O.T.A.C virus into hyper aggressive Mechahuman's who can elongate like taffy, morph limbs into artillery and further spread and infect using O.T.A.C, turning others into Mechahumans as well.


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