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Young Kitty Pryde
Young Kitty Pryde

Kitty was born in Deerfield, Illinois. When she was 13 years old, she began getting headaches which were the result of her mutant powers starting to manifest. Both the Hellfire Club and Professor X pursued Kitty to get her to join their cause. Kitty did not like Emma Frost or her attitude which made Kitty feel uncomfortable around her. It was an easy decision for Kitty to go with Xavier and the few X-Men accompanying him. One of the X-Men was Storm, and they quickly became friends.

The X-Men were abruptly attacked by mercenaries sent by Emma Frost. They battled and The X-Men defeated them easily, but Emma used her telepathy to freeze everyone. Kitty was able to slip away during the confusion and contacted Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Nightcrawler. They arrived soon after and Kitty helped them rescue the captured X-Men. Xavier returned Kitty to her parents who were furious that their daughter had been missing for an entire day. When Professor Xavier requested that she be allowed to study at his School For Gifted Youngsters, Kitty's parents refused, and expressed their fear for the danger they felt he represented to their daughter. Jean Grey erased their memories and replaced them with false ones, thus changing their perception of Professor Xavier. Kitty's parents relented, and she was allowed to join the school, becoming the youngest X-Man ever.


Kitty Pryde´s First Appearence
Kitty Pryde´s First Appearence

Kitty Pryde was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist John Byrne in 1980. Her debut appearance was in X-Men #129. There is a Canadian Fun Fact associated with Kitty Pryde, her name was a promise John Bryne made to a fellow art student while he was in school. Byrne liked the name Kitty Pryde so much he promised the real Kitty Pryde he would name a character after her. The real Kitty Pryde participated in comic book conventions for many years, however she had her name legally changed in the 90s.

Mayor Story Arcs

Joining the X-Men

Original costume
Original costume

While in the X-men, Kitty developed a relationship with her (older) team member, Colossus. She also became close friends with his sister Illyana Rasputin. Initially, Kitty was also uncomfortable around mutants with irregular physical features such as Nightcrawler. Eventually she overcame this problem as she got to know him, and the two became close friends. During a mission in space, Kitty befriended an alien dragon named Lockheed. They gained a psychic bond with each other and Lockheed became extremely loyal to Kitty. To this day the two are nearly inseparable.

While dating Colossus Kitty met Douglas Ramsey, a bright young man who shared her love for computers, science fiction, and arcade games. The two seemed an ideal pair; both notably bright (Kitty has been said to possess 'genius-level intelligence', Doug being on par), from similar backgrounds, and close in age.

This was not lost on Colossus, who sometimes wondered if he, a 'simple Russian farm boy', could make Kitty as happy as her new friend seemed to. The White Queen stated that Kitty had feelings for Doug when she tried to persuade the young woman to transfer to Massachusetts Academy. Despite all this, Kitty and Colossus remained close, often going to Salem Center on dates. Colossus, despite having stated that he and Kitty had already talked about having a life together once she was old enough, developed feelings for an alien named Zsaji whom he met during the Secret Wars. At first he thought the feelings were due to the side-effects of her healing powers, but he eventually realized them as genuine emotion. The object of his affections, however, died in battle, a loss that affected the young Russian profoundly. Once back on earth, he confessed to Kitty that he had not been faithful and cheated on her with Zsaji. This ultimately ended their relationship.


New costume
New costume

When Kitty's father, Carmen Pryde, ran into trouble with the Yakuza, she went to Japan to investigate. She was kidnapped and brainwashed by a ninja Yakuza boss named Ogun. Using a combination of brainwashing and training techniques that bordered on magical, Ogun turned her into an assassin and she single-handedly killed entire groups of ninjas. When he felt she was ready, Ogun ordered her to kill Wolverine. Kitty nearly did kill Wolverine before his friend, Yukio, beat her senseless, allowing Kitty the opportunity to defeat the brainwashing. Kitty realized that she had been turned into a killing machine and tried to run away, however Wolverine stopped her and forced her to confront her issues. Kitty, Wolverine, and Yukio battled Ogun together and defeated him. Defeated and humiliated, Ogun tried to kill her, but impaled himself on Wolverine's claws as he passed through Kitty's phased form. In the end Kitty decided not to kill Ogun which convinced Wolverine that she was herself again.

Together, Kitty and Wolverine helped her father recover, eventually returning to New York City. The two have since developed a big brother/little sister relationship. She also adopted the code name Shadowcat after this event.


Kitty and Lockheed
Kitty and Lockheed

During the Mutant Massacre, Kitty was badly injured saving Rogue from Harpoon. Her injury made her unable to un-phase and she was rushed to Muir Island to be treated by Dr. Moira MacTaggert. Moria was able to stop her from losing physical substance which would have made her cease to exist, but was not able to do more. Kitty was still intangible and had to make an extreme effort of concentration to become solid. At first they went to Mr. Fantastic for help, but he declined, claiming that he did not know what he could do for her. The X-Men turned to Doctor Doom, which angered the Fantastic Four. The Fantastic Four then tried to stop Dr. Doom from treating Kitty, believing that Doom had an ulterior motive, and they battled the X-Men. Franklin Richards stopped the two teams from fighting and made everyone come to their senses, in the process bonding considerably with Kitty herself. Reed Richards saw the error of his ways and decided to help the wounded young mutant, saving her life.

During a fight with the Adversary (Kitty was not present due to her injuries from the Mutant Massacre), the X-Men made a sacrificing move to defeat him. This was televised live and it showed the X-Men being killed while defeating the Adversary. They were later resurrected and decided to keep a low profile so they could have the advantage on their enemies. This meant they could not contact friends, family or even Kitty. Thinking her friends had died, Kitty was devastated. She left the X-Men mansion together with her long time teammate Nightcrawler and her pet dragon, Lockheed, and went to Britain. There she helped form the superhero team Excalibur which included new teammates Captain Britain and Meggan.

She and Rachel Summers (an old X-Men teammate) were good friends, however, she was annoyed with her a great deal sometimes as most men they met were only interested in Rachel. Wanting to be like Rachel, Kitty dressed up in one of Rachel's costumes, strapped some high heels on, painted her face and went out on the town.

Unfortunately, the creatures known as the Warwolves happened to be looking for Rachel at that very time, wanting her skin as a trophy for their master Mojo. They captured Kitty mistaking her for Rachel. This led to Excalibur's first mission: Find and save Kitty Pryde. After they rescued her; the team realised that they were needed here, to protect Britain like the X-Men, Avengers and other teams protected America. During this time Kitty further developed her fascination for computers and technology and soon became the teams unofficial 'repair-woman'. Kitty and her new teammates continued to have a lot of wacky adventures, including the Cross-Time Caper, a journey Excalibur of Earth-616 took through the entire Marvel Multiverse, visiting many new worlds and learning a lot by themselves.

After some time with Excalibur, Kitty learned that the X-men, who she presumed dead, where still alive. While being happier then she had been in a while, she and Nightcrawler choose to remain with Excalibur. A lot of things happened in the life of Kitty after that. Rachel seemingly got lost in the time-stream and was not seen again for a few years. Also a Phalanx-like creature calling itself Douglock surfaced and soon became part of the team.

A New Love

Pete and Kitty
Pete and Kitty

Despite bearing a striking resemblance to her long-dead friend Douglas Ramsey, it was proven that Douglock was an entirely separate entity, a concept which took Kitty a while to fully accept, and eventually the two became close friends as well. Kitty had even met and eventually fell in love with a British special agent named Pete Wisdom, who was himself a mutant. Later, Colossus regained his feelings for Kitty and went of to England to try and get her back. Unfortunately for him, Kitty was in a relationship with Pete Wisdom. Although Colossus was extremely mad at Pete and lashed out at him a number of times, he finally accepted their relationship and joined Excalibur. However, on a mission with S.H.I.E.L.D, Kitty realized that she was strongly attracted to one of the other agents, causing her to seriously re-think her relationship with Wisdom. Upon returning home, the two eventually sat down and discussed their feelings for one another, and decided to stop dating. Not long after, Captain Britain decided to retire from superheroing and married Mega. Excalibur disbanded soon afterwards. Kitty and her friends from Excalibur, Nightcrawler and Colossus joined her back to the United States and back to the X-Men. She ended her relationship with Pete Wisdom from that point on.

Return to the X-Men

All grown up
All grown up

After Captain Britain left Excalibur for good, the team was disbanded. Kitty and her friends from Excalibur, Nightcrawler and Colossus joined her back to the United States and back to the X-Men. There Kitty became part of the newest X-Men group where she was re-joyed of seeing her good friend Wolverine and Storm again. Kitty quickly adjusts to the team once more and became a valuable asset. Kitty remained an X-Man for some time, but when Colossus sacrificed his life to host the cure for the Legacy Virus, Kitty was distraught and left the team. She took his ashes back to Russia where he was born and raised and spread them across his family farm. Afterward. she retired from her career as a superhero and attended college in Chicago, working part-time in order to pay for her tuition. It was at this time that she also began to search for her father who she discovered had been in Genosha during the Sentinel attack that completely decimated the island nation's mutant population.

Out on her own and into the X-Treme

Despite her reservations toward acting like a superhero, the rising anti-mutant sentiment and the threat it posed to her friends and family began to convince Kitty of her responsibility to once again use her powers and knowledge for the greater good. She also found a clip of her father in her messages sent before his death, telling her that he was proud of her and to make him even prouder. She then teamed with her friends, including Karma and Shola Inkosi, and fought back against attacks by Wild Sentinels and the Purity anti-mutant faction.

Kitty was then captured by Reverend William Stryker and his goons who injected her with psychotropic drugs in an attempt to convert her to their cause. She managed to resist them and nearly killed Stryker, but instead allowed him to merge with an A.I. in an attempt to teach him about humanity. Kitty was freed by the X-Men and was influential in helping Storm's team recover Destiny's Diaries.

Return to the X-Men, yet again


Even with Cyclops and Emma now being co-headmasters of the school, Kitty decided to rejoin the X-Men. She still hated Emma for what happened in the past, but Emma claimed that this was the reason she chose Kitty to be on the Astonishing team; because if Emma decided to return to her evil roots, the person that trusts her the least would be the one to notice first. On a mission, Kitty discovers that Colossus is still alive. There was a brief moment of awkwardness, but everything turned out fine and they resumed their relationship. They also finally made love for the first time.

During the crisis with the Hellfire Club, Kitty did exactly what Emma thought she would do. Kitty beat Emma and trapped her deep underground. Then Kitty was caught under a telepathic spell by Emma's evil version called Perfection. It gave Kitty the illusion that she and Colossus had a baby and the X-Men were taking it away to kill it because it was too dangerous. She was eventually lead to a box somewhere inside the school, she phased through it an took it out thinking it was her baby. Still not knowing anything, she actually freed an alien entity that contained Cassandra Nova's consciousness.

Nova jumped over into Emma's mind and Emma manipulated Kitty into trying to shoot her to kill Nova. Kitty refuses to kill her and Nova then tries to leap into one of the students. Everything was then interrupted by SWORD and teleported to Breakworld.

While traveling to Breakworld, where as Agent Brand informs them is a missile pointed to earth which she needs the X-men to disable, Kitty is still feeling the after effects of Emma's mind game and as such rejects Peter. After their act in Brands ship and subsequently eject in one of the escape pods that comes a part in the air she holds on to Peter and phases. However as she phases through the first building she is affected by the strange Breakworld metal that is used and Peter then takes the brunt of their fall to the surface.

Not much later Kitty and Peter after fighting of many of the Breakworld inhabitants and soldiers, who are certain Peter is there to bring about the destruction of their world as was foretold. They are led to Aghanne, a former warrior of Breakworld who has compassion for her worlds sick and/or weak which is considered as close to sin for their race of warriors, by one of her men and are offer shelter for the night before they are to rendezvous with the others.

To Infinity and Beyond...
To Infinity and Beyond...

It is there that they make love again after Kitty explains to a now confused Peter that they should live in the now. Meeting up with the team their first attempt of reaching the missile is halted. Agent Brand also informs Kitty that Lockheed is in fact an intelligent alien species that was in fact their mole within the X-men in return for SWORD help with pressing issue back on his home world. Scott devises a plan B which includes him dying and being brought back to live by their enemy.

Kitty tries to approach Emma after Scott's death but is snidely shot down by the White Queen. Their second attempt is so successful that they manage to reach the missile but are unable to to disable it as their are no real remote control or control panels to do so. Kitty decides to phases through the missile and disrupt it's circuitry from within while only very short moments away from firing. After phasing through a mile of Break world metal Kitty reaches the center which, to her surprise is empty. As Beast concludes that the missile is in fact a bullet Kitty passes out as the bullet is fired. As everyone attempts to both stop the bullet and save Kitty, Emma contacts her to inform her of their efforts to get her out and ask her to phase out of the bullet. Kitty informs her that she feels sick as the metal somehow meshed with her and thus trapped her. Emma tells Kitty that their chances of stopping the bullet are not good and presses that Kitty try and phase out. Realizing what the likely outcome is Kitty accepts her fate ignoring Emma's attempts to reassure her that she will be rescued.

Astonishing Pryde
Astonishing Pryde

As the two women say their final words to each other Emma states that this was not what she had wanted for Kitty and Kitty replies with humor that if she recalled she was brought aboard to take Emma out. When she asks Emma if she was disappointed Emma responded with respect that she was astonished. With this, their rivalry that dated back to Emma's recruitment efforts of Kitty ended. With the bullet quickly approaching and Earth's Mightiest Heroes being unable to stop it, Kitty summoned all her power and with superhuman effort, phased the entire bullet straight-through the planet. The bullet continued without losing any velocity into deep space. At that point, Emma lost all telepathic contact with Kitty. Speculation between Dr. Strange, Reed Richards and other intellectuals believed that she had fused with the bullet, and that she was lost forever. Abigail Brand revealed to Lockheed that Kitty Pryde was still alive inside the bullet, but now it was nearly impossible to break open the bullet, because it hardens as time goes by.

Back on Earth

Unable to touch
Unable to touch

In an attempt to gain the X-Men's trust, Magneto goes to the top of Mt. Tamalpais where he focuses all of his powers to bring back the X-Men's long lost teammate. Magneto concentrates hard to change the direction of the metal bullet, in which Kitty Pryde is trapped in, and bring it to Earth safely.

It is revealed that Magneto had encountered the bullet before, back when he and the High Evolutionary were trying to bring back Magneto's powers and save the mutant race. The High Evolutionary detected it and had found a mutant inside as well. The High Evolutionary told Magneto that he was able to recover the bullet, but Magneto chose to concentrate on what they were doing. He knew at that time it was Kitty who was inside the bullet, but decided to retrieve her back to Earth later, keeping it a secret it to himself. The X-Men discovered his plan and prepared for her arrival. Magneto successfully retrieved the bullet and cracked it open, bringing Kitty to the ground. When Kitty and Colossus tried to touch each other, it is revealed that she is trapped in her intangible form. The X-Men quickly place her in a protective chamber, with Colossus sitting by her side.

Post-Second Coming

Kitty with Peter
Kitty with Peter

Following the events of second coming Kavita Rao and Madison Jeffries are seen visiting Kitty and Colossus about her condition. Kavita states that she is baffled by the fact that Kitty has not experienced any hair or nail growth while trapped inside the bullet and also did not need to eat, drink, go to the bathroom, or sleep at any point in her travels. She explains to a panicked Colossus that because Kitty was forced to stay phased for so long she simply does not remember how to become solid. Colossus asks Emma to help them communicate with her telepathy while Kitty can't talk. Emma refuses but Kitty angrily gestures at her, blaming Emma for the fact that she was lost in the first place.

Emma links their minds and Kitty says she loves Peter. She later discovers Emma's plan to kill Sebastian Shaw and, using a suit to keep her solid (to allow her to leave Utopia, Kitty was given a special containment suit by the X-Club, allowing her to be solid and physically interact.) accompanies Emma and Fantomex on a mission to get Sebastian off of the island in order to keep Emma from killing him. Sebastian frees himself from his prison and attacks the group. As he is about to kill Emma, Kitty removes her suit and sticks her arm through Shaw's heart, threatening to kill him. Unknown to Shaw, Kitty can't do that because she can't solidify. Shaw calls the bluff and continues to attack Emma. After subduing Shaw, Emma uses her telepathy to wipe his mind and leaves him.

Breaking Point

Kitty and Colossus VS Kruun
Kitty and Colossus VS Kruun

When a Breakworld warship is seen on the edge of the solar system, Agent Brand calls the X-Men in for assistance. Kitty is part of Cyclops' Breakworld team that infiltrate the warship, but upon entering the ship they become aware that the ship is full of refuges, seeking help. The aliens are brought to Utopia, and Kitty is seen assisting the new refuges. Little do the X-Men know, Kruun set a plan in motion to get revenge on Colossus and the X-Men. He managed to incapacitate key members of the team, and attack Kitty and Peter in the middle of the night. Peter was injected with a chemical that temporarily removed his powers and was forced into a duel with Kruun, who threatened Kitty with a blade that could pierce her intangible form. Colossus fought bravely, but in his human form he was no match for the powerful alien. Kitty went for help, but was unable to make anyone hear her, due in part to Kruun's scheme. She came across Haleena, Kruun's mate who killed her, then immediately brought her back using her own life force. After this, Kitty regained her ability to phase and solidify.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Occupy The Jean Grey School
Occupy The Jean Grey School

Following the dissolution of the X-Men into to separate factions (those with Cyclops and those with Wolverine) following the events of Schism, Kitty heads back to Westchester with Wolverine and others. There, she becomes Madam Headmistress of "The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning" alongside Wolverine as the headmaster. She attempts to show inspectors from the states education board around the school in order to persuade them not to shut the school, although things have yet to go according to plan as the visit proved disastrous.

Kitty will also be teaching part of the curriculum at the school, including "Ethics 101L Forgetting Everything You Ever Learned From Emma Frost", "Future History 101: Mapping What We Know About the World of Tomorrow" and "Computer-Hacking 101: ONLY FOR USE TO SAVE THE DAY!", while also running a Fencing Team. At the end of Wolverine and the X-Men #4, it is revealed, much to Kitty's surprised, that she is pregnant.

Initially, she confined herself to her room as she tried to come to terms with this revelation and to try and understand how it had happened. After much soul-searching she eventually sought help from Beast and Rachel Grey. Upon further examination it was discovered that Kitty was not in fact pregnant at all, but rather was infected by a swarm of microscopic Brood. With help from the students and fellow X-Men, Kitty managed to remove the Brood from her system and she returned to normal. She also kissed Iceman telling him she was afraid of growing up. She has remained at the school to continue teaching the students while the Avengers fought the X-Men during the return of the Phoenix. Despite these good intentions, conflict soon reach the school. During an altercation between certain X-Men and the Avengers ordered to keep an eye on the school a battle broke out around the school. Kitty, angry at the conflict on peaceful ground and injury to her students, could no longer sit on the sidelines and aided Rogue in defeating the AI controlled Iron Man suit. After the events of Avengers vs X-Men, Kitty and Iceman's relationship has progressed to a full relationship. Kitty recently had to let Husk go due to her mental instability and she hired Storm due to the mutant population being restarted and influx of new students coming to the school. She was recently brainwashed by the Frankenstein circus along with the other teachers to attack the students.

All New X-Men

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Kitty was there when Beast brought the original five X-Men to the future. She helped him when his further mutation caused an episode of severe pain, that was the result of genetic degeneration, resulting in him passing out and suffering a heart attack. She was the mentor to the time-displaced young X-men. She dated Iceman for a short period during this time but broke up with him After Battle of the Atom.

Kitty with Peter Quil, Star Lord
Kitty with Peter Quil, Star Lord

After the events of Battle of the Atom, she and the original 5 X-Men have sided with Cyclops' Uncanny X-Men, leaving the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She and the original 5 X-Men now located in the old Weapon X facility. Not too long after later Kitty meets the Guardians Of the Galaxy after the young Jean Grey is kidnapped and tried by the Shi'ar for her crimes when she becomes Phoenix. After the adventure has ended Kitty begins a relationship with Guardians Of The Galaxy member Star Lord although the relationship is long distance.

With the Guardians of the Galaxy

After the events of Secret Wars it is revealed that Kitty has now joined the Guardians of the Galaxy and is the new leader of the group during the absence of her romantic interest, Peter Quill. She served with the Guardians for a number of months. Eventually, the blosseming romance between Kitty and Peter Quill was stalled and when the Guardians where stranded on Earth, Kitty choose to stay behind on Earth.

Leader of the X-Men

Kitty lived a relatively normal life for a number of weeks. She had heard about the struggles of her old team, the X-Men, during their war with the Inhumans about the Terrigen Mist, but choose not to contact them. That was until her old friend Storm contacted her and asked not only to join, but to lead, the X-Men into a new and brighter tomorrow. Kitty accepted and became, for the first time ever, the leader of the X-Men Gold team.

Physical Attributes

Kitty & Lockheed
Kitty & Lockheed
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 110 lbs. (when fully solid)
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Hair: Brown


Powers and Abilities




Kitty Pryde has the ability to pass through solid matter by allowing the molecules of her body to travel through the space between the molecules of whatever solid she is traveling through. In A+X she explains she used to hold her breath or she thought she had to but after the initial shock wore off, she can now phase through solid objects while breathing and talking. She can also render other people and objects intangible by touching them. When phasing through extremely dense materials, such as adamantium, Kitty experiences pain and disorientation as well as those with dense metals in their bodies ( Wolverine, X-23, etc.) should she phase through them. For some unknown reason, when Kitty phased through Garokk, it caused him intense pain. The reason for this is unclear. Kitty is capable of phasing any amount of her body through objects as well as humans leaving them unconscious. Kitty is also capable of killing another being by phasing them into a solid object and then releasing them, causing them to solidify whilst still within the object. Kitty has trained herself to reflexively assume her intangible state at any indication of danger, such as a loud noise like a gunshot, in order to protect herself.

Kitty can disrupt electronic devices by passing through them in this manner without harm to herself. When she uses this ability in the opposite direction she can levitate herself by walking on air, as if she were walking up a flight of stairs. In her intangible state she is weak against certain energies, psionic and mystical attacks. While in phase form Kitty has demonstrated a remarkable resistance to psychic probing and psionic attacks, but she can be hurt by the Soul Sword and remains vulnerable to magic-based attacks. As guided by the Doc Green persona of the Hulk, she has been shown to be able to use her phasing abilities to perform surgery, essentially phasing cancerous growths out of people's bodies.

According to the book "The Science of the X-Men", one theory that could potentially explain Kitty Pryde's power of intangibility is that of "spintronics". This theory is based on electrostatic repulsion, which is the force that keeps subatomic objects from passing through one another.

Electrons naturally repel each other and instead of positive or negative charge, electrons have what is called "spin", which is based on a random pattern of up and down. If Kitty can rearrange her molecules into an organized manner so that they are "polarized" with the objects she is trying to pass through then she can pull her molecules through objects (like a molecular magnet) by controlling the spin on all of the particles in her body. By reversing the polarity on air, she can then air walk by making the air around her much harder. This also explains why she disrupts electronic systems since she basically polarizes the spin of electrons in objects she passes through and drastically changes the conducting forces in circuitry.


Expert Martial Artist

Kitty is an extremely adept fighter who has mastered several martial arts, including karate, aikido, ninjutsu, and krav maga. In addition, Kitty was taught how to fight with a sai and bo staff by the undead ninja Ogun as well as with swords by Wolverine and Nightcrawler.

Genius-level Computer Expert

A genius with applied technology and computer science, Kitty is especially skilled with computer hardware design and use.


Kitty speaks fluent English, Japanese, Russian, the alien language of the Skrulls, and the alien language of the Shi'ar. She also has knowledge of both Hebrew and Gaelic.

Dance Training

A skilled dancer, Kitty was taught by Stevie Hunter in the ballet style.

Expert Pilot

Kitty is an accomplished pilot of jet and piston engine aircraft, and is adept with interstellar vehicles.


Kitty Pryde has grown into a fantastic leader, becoming headmistresses for the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. She has trained many students and served as a mentor. She lead the original five X-Men from the past.

Alternate Realities

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

Ultimate Kitty Pryde
Ultimate Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde is a 14 year old girl and her powers only recently manifested. Her mother seeks Professor Xavier and allows her to go to his school as long as she does not do any Danger Room training, or go on missions. Kitty joins the X-Men anyway, which makes her the youngest X-Men ever. She begins dating Iceman but when Iceman starts a fixation with Rogue, Kitty dumps him. She eventually begins a relationship with Spider-Man and decides to hang out with him and help him fight crime. However, when the X-Men and Spider-Man are fighting Deadpool and the Reavers on Genosha, a hidden camera catches Spider-Man and Kitty hugging, and the Spider-Man/Shadowcat relationship becomes a tabloid sensation. This leads to Kitty donning a costume to fight crime, even though she wants Peter to unmask, so they can go on dates together. But because of this media sensation, Kitty and Peter sadly break up, and he begins to date Mary Jane again.

After she's expelled from the X-Men for wanting Professor X to erase Aunt May's knowledge of Spider-Man's identity, Kitty begins to attend Midtown High where she is singled out as a mutant. She sees Peter kissing MJ and decides to not speak with him anymore. When she's paired with Peter in a "raise your own baby" exercise, Kitty trades with MJ, and Kenny becomes her partner. Kenny is respectful of Kitty's mutant powers and beats up Flash Thompson when he bullies her.

Kitty as her alternate alias
Kitty as her alternate alias "Shadowcat".

Peter is captured by Shocker so MJ asks Kitty for help. Kitty tries to call the FF´s Torch but no one´s home. She runs to the police with some footage of what had happened and asked for help. She made a deal and together they found Spider-Man. Kitty gives props to MJ for trying to find Peter calling her an awesome girlfriend. Peter answered "So were you" .

A power-enhancing drug named banshee started circulating around mutants, so Shadowcat and Spider-Man started taking care of the Screamers. Wolverine arrived and went to Peter for help on finding out why he was positive for taking the drug. While Peter worked on sorting it out Kitty thanked Wolverine for the note he gave her and told him she didn't know he felt that way. Peter told Logan that he was the source of the drug and then the X-Men took Wolverine after denying access to go with them to Kitty.

In Ultimate Comics Spider-man, the true identity of masked vigilante Shroud is revealed to be Kitty Pryde. In addition to being able to become intangible, Kitty is now able to become super-dense. Not long after Kitty was revealed to be the Shroud, her mutant powers caught up with her. Following the events of Ultimatum, mutants had become essentially outlawed.


As a result, Kitty (openly a mutant) was confronted in class by two federal agents who wanted to escort her off the premises, kick her out of school, and presumably take her into custody. She refused, but did not have any support from her classmates, with the exception of Kong. Kong and Kitty escaped via Kitty's intangibility powers and went on the run. Before disappearing for a while, Kitty made it clear to Peter that she was extremely upset with him for not standing up for her in class. Recently, Kitty has returned. She mentioned that after about a week on the run, Kong got scared and returned home to his mother who quickly moved them to Wisconsin. Kitty is no longer angry with Peter and the rest of her friends and was welcomed back into the Parker home with open arms.

After the death of Peter Parker, Kitty gives up being a super hero, feeling it is to risky to continue. After Peter's funeral she finds Bobby Drake and Johnny Storm and invites them to stay with her since it is no longer an option to stay at Peter's house. She leads them to the abandoned Morlock tunnels, and allows them to stay as long as they give up adventuring as well. However it is not long before they must once again don their superhero persona's and become the X-Men once again, even though Kitty is very reluctant to do so.

When Val Cooper revealed during a press conference that mutants were not the next step in human evolution but rather a botched attempt to recreate super soldiers like Captain America, Kitty and the other mutants realized the only thing left for them was to band together. Kitty, Bobby, and Johnny went out to rescue Rogue who was being chased by Sentinels and succeeded, finding out that Rogue was on a mission from "God" in her own words though none of them really bought it. Afterwards they found Jimmy Hudson, the son of Wolverine, and added him to the group. Rogue was dead set on getting Stryker, which the others ,save for Kitty, agreed with. Kitty later learned from a mutant that Jimmy had rescued that Rogue knew Stryker and Kitty thought they were being led into a trap. Kitty killed Stryker, but due to the combination of his mutant ability to control machines and the Sentinel armada being linked to Cerebro and having the location of every mutant in the United States, Stryker accidentally transferred his consciousness to the Sentinels and they set out to destroy every mutant in the country. Afterward Kitty decided she had enough of hiding and decided to take action and with Jimmy, Iceman, and Rogue set out to unite the mutant race against the Sentinels and human militias. With Nick Fury's help Kitty managed to make an army out of the mutants and beat the Sentinels, but their troubles were far from over. After the Sentinel threat was gone, the mutants were given two choices, move to a mutant reservation or take a cure from the Southeast Asian Republic (SEAR). Kitty and nineteen other mutants including Jimmy, Bobby, and Rogue, chose the former. Kitty however had to deal with dissent from her former junior Nomi Blume who was now looking to continue the fight against humanity. When they were placed on the reservation they ironically named Utopia, the group held an election for their leader, Kitty won, much to Nomi and her allies' chagrin. When Blackheath and Zero created a mutant plant they called "Sentient Seed" Kitty decided to give it the States as a show of faith. With Tony Stark's assistance they put together a campaign showing their intentions which did wonders for them in the mutant community as more mutants began to flock to Utopia. However Kitty and Stark sabotaged the greenhouse containing the Sentient Seed in order to flush out the rogue elements in Utopia, something Kitty was not happy to do. Kitty is currently involved in a romantic relationship with Jimmy Hudson.

During the Cataclysm storyline Kitty is an essential key to Reed Richard's plan to stop the earth eater Galactus from destroying the world. She was injected with the Giant Man serum so that she could grow to giant size and destroy Galactus's machine which he used to convert the Earth into energy that he could feed on. During the fight it is revealed that she is only a distraction so that the heroes can set up a Negative Zone projector to banish Galactus. Kitty herself is almost pulled in as well but she was able to shrink herself so that she could be rescued by Spider-Man and the Invisible Woman. Due to her exposure to the Giant-Man serum Kitty might also now be able to grow to giant size along with her mutant abilities but this has yet to be confirmed.

After helping to save the world the public opinion of her changes completely. She is no longer seen as a mutant terrorist but now as a true heroine and shortly after her battle with Galactus she is given a medal from the President for her bravery. She joins a newly formed Young Ultimates team and she currently lives with fellow teammate Jessica Drew (Formerly Spider-Woman but now goes by the name of Black Widow). Since the team split up Kitty has since moved out of Jessica's apartment and has re-joined the remaining X-Men in Utopia and has since faded from the public eye. She even met the All New X-Men when they travelled to the Ultimate Marvel Universe and had a part in the both team's battle against Doctor Doom.

This version of Kitty Pryde has been well received by fans and critics alike and is considered to be one of the greatest characters in the Ultimate Marvel Universe. Her evolution from secondary member of the UltimateX-Men character leader of the mutants has helped towards her popularity.

Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

Age of Apocalypse Shadowcat
Age of Apocalypse Shadowcat

For more information see: Age of Apocalypse. In the Age of Apocalypse universe, Kitty Pryde's parents were killed in Chicago and she was forced to grow up alone. Eventually, Kitty would be forced to join Apocalypse's army and serve him. However, Kitty would be rescued from Apocalypse's control by Colossus. She would be introduced to Magneto and the X-Men, where Magneto would appoint Wolverine as her mentor. Kitty would develop into an incredibly great fighter, and also made retractable claws in order to be more like Wolverine who trained her. Kitty and Colossus would also eventually marry, then Magneto let to them the leadership of Generation Next, send them to seek the last time traveler mutant alive: Illyana Rasputin. In this universe Kitty was accidentally but tragically killed by Colossus himself due to his obsession with the protection of his sister.

Age of Apocalypse Kitty Pryde versus Star-Lord
Age of Apocalypse Kitty Pryde versus Star-Lord

Shadowcat in Secret Wars

During the events of Secret Wars, the implosion of the Multiverse was only stopped by Victor Von Doom, who manages to save fragments of different realities onto a a planet called Battleworld. One survivor of this catastroff was Kitty Pryde form Reality-295 (Age of Apocalypse). The 616 (main Marvel universe) version of Peter Quill/Star-Lord was also among the survivors and soon found AOA Shadowcat, mistaking her for his own Kitty with whom he had a relationship. It is revealed that AOA Kitty Pryde is responsible for hunting anomalies in Battleworld. Although she is much more violent than the version he knows, Star-Lord feels compelled to help her, and after doing so discovers that she herself doubts the claims of Doom. He aids her on a mission, although it is soon revealed to be a trap by Gambit.

Age of X

Kitty is a prisoner in the Fortress X prison in this reality, which is guarded by Danger. She attempt to escape but is caught by Legacy, and begins to mumble non-sense and appears to try to hide something. The mutants apprehend her and put in the high security area of the prison. Danger is told to only allow Magnus to visit her cell until they discover what she was up to. Legacy discovers that the hidden item is a camera, with completely blank pictures. After escaping captivity the assists Professor X in discovering the truth about the world, and taking down Legion's manifested personality, who is in control of the universe.

For more information see: Age of X

House of M (Earth-58163)

House of M Kitty Pryde
House of M Kitty Pryde

Kitty is a young thirteen year old girl who has taken college at a young age due to her unparalleled genius level intellect. At the age of fourteen, Kitty have experienced migraines because of her manifesting mutation. She then have to stop attending classes because she became intangible. After a mutant counseling and having total control of her mutant ability, she returned to class and graduated as a Valedictorian. During her eighteenth birthday, Sebastian Shaw approached her to join SHIELD but declined. She then found a career in Clinton Elementary School in Ohio as a Sixth Grade Teacher.

For more information see: House of M

X-Men: The End

The End
The End

Kitty Pryde was candidate for being Chicago's mayor along with Rachel Summers that served as her campaign manager during the mayoral election. Despite being a mutant, many humans supported her. For this reason, she was left in Earth with other X-Men while others are sent to Shi'ar to fight Cassandra Nova who was the host of the Phoenix during that time.

Unlike the other X-Men who was put into jeopardy and some have died, Kitty was among those mutants who survived. The remaining X-Men was then shown after 20 years. Kitty Pryde became the President of the United States of America and the mother of Meredith, Doug and Sara, though, their father was not revealed. Her already grown up pet dragon Lockheed also remains as her friend.

Her political rival Alice, has arrived to apologize to her and accepts the fact that Pryde has been a good leader despite the fact she was a mutant. She then made a speech in front of all the remaining X-Men and their families. Katherine Pryde then disbanded the X-Men saying that their worst enemies are themselves. The new lives of the X-Men have started for raising families and living a life that they wanted since the days before they joined the X-Men. Also in the speech, she recognized Professor X's advocacy of a peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans, their memories during their X-Men years. She also said that it was not their end but their beginning.


Exiles: Cat
Exiles: Cat

A version of Kitty Pryde, codenamed Cat, has joined the team in Exiles. She is a younger version there than her Earth-616 counterpart and wears a different uniform, but she essentially has the same powers, skills and genius level I.Q. In her first appearance, Cat helped Psylocke defeat Dr. Doom's soldiers, and later helped to rescue Blink, Morph, and Sabretooth from being lost in the Multiverse . She has now become the teams computer systems expert. Sadly she died when fighting an evil alternate version of Sue Richards who had gone by the name of Ms Hydra.

Magik & Storm In Limbo

Kitty Pryde was among those who have attempted on saving Illyana Rasputin, Colossus's younger sister who was abducted by Belasco and was brought to Limbo. Unexpectedly, Illyana was brought back to Earth while the others are left to forcible work for Belasco in Limbo. Belasco transformed Kitty into a cat humanoid.

Magik: Cat
Magik: Cat

She then hated magic because of that encounter and renamed herself as Cat. She then stalked on Belasco and became a sister figure to Kitty. She also disagrees on Storm's decision to train Illyana with her ability as a sorcerer and trained her as a warrior instead. Knowing that Cat would be a threat to him because of her usefulness in that state, she mind wiped Cat and made her loyal to him, yet, more violent. She then hurt Storm. As a self-defense, Illyana was forced to break Cat's neck that caused her death. As she decomposes into a skeleton, her skull was crashed by Illyana to show rage to the demonic populace.

Kitty Pryde's Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale: Colleen
Fairy Tale: Colleen

Kitty Pryde told Illyana a fairy tale that was actually an alternate time line. She casts herself as Pirate Kitty a.k.a. Colleen as others call her. Unlike her other versions, she is only a regular human without any mutant abilities. She operates the Abdul Alhazred and landed to Nhu Yorkh. During her arrival with Colossus, they have been chased but Colossus' powers were enough for them to escape. Soon after, they have met a wizard named Xavier and his ally, a prince who was named Cyclops. Kitty and Colossus were approached for their travel accommodations. They also said that they are seeking for an evil entity named Dark Phoenix who was once a princess named Lady Jean Grey. Knowing that they will never have a chance on bringing Xavier back, they climbed to Lockheed and landed on a peaceful place where they have met lots of X-Men counterparts of that reality.

The Dark Phoenix then appeared and threatened their safety. With their joined efforts, they were able to defeat him and has Xavier use his magic, her soul was retrieved by her rightful body. After the events, they have met Nightcrawler who discovered that the story was not just made-up by Kitty Pryde but actually an alternate reality. She helped Nightcrawler defeat the evil Shergreen and she also met the 616 versions of herself and Lockheed. Kitty Pryde along with Colossus and Lockheed have continued their careers as pirates.

Multiverse (Earth-597)

Multiverse Kitty
Multiverse Kitty

Kitty Pryde's hair was shaved and her forehead was tattooed by the Star of David. Moira MacTaggert said that she worked for the Lightning star that became the only reason for her to live since she is more of a dead ghost than a living person. It was revealed that she is only a ghost resurrected by both science and magic. Her demonic facial expression is also apparent while using her powers which also gives her the ability to knock down human life causing them to be unconscious.


Kitty Pryde was converted into an X-Baby. She is the youngest X-Baby and was called Shadowkitty.

What if the X-Men stayed in Asgard? (Earth-209)

The X-Men together with the New Mutants have visited Asgard. Wolfsbane then offered them to stay. The X-men voted whether they will stay or not. However, some X-Men including Shadowcat have left Asgard, though, leading them into a new era.

What if Phoenix had not died and rose again? (Earth-9112)

For a long time, Kitty Pryde have become an X-Man who was based in Xavier's School. When the team found out about the Sentinels which were created to have a mutant genocide, the X-Men planned of their attack against Master Mold. Colossus hurled her inside Master Mold and phased through. Kitty then solidified and exploded with Master Mold.

What if the X-Men lost Inferno? (Earth-89112)

During a battle against Sy'm, magic blasts started to attack causing Shadowcat and other superhumans to be set free. Dr. Strange then opened a portal for them to escape. Only a few heroes were left to defend Earth as they follow orders from the mystics. Spider-Man, She-Hulk, Shadowcat and Human Torch were among those few remaining heroes. Following the murder of Human Torch from Sy'm, Wolverine attempted to slay Dr. Strange while a battle is occurring. Shadowcat attempted to save him by phasing through, though, it led to her death from the hands of Wolverine. Following her death, it caused Wolverine's sanity to come back.

Professor X and Magneto formed the X-Men together (Earth-94831)

Kitty Pryde was a student of Professor X who went to the University of Chicago and started wearing multiple differently-colored wigs. After a computer activity, she reminded Professor X that Jean Grey have arrived. Kitty then phased through the wall leading to the gym where Xavier and Alexi Vazhin were playing basketball. Unfortunately, Kitty's powers were interrupted leading her to appear with nothing but her wig. She felt ashamed and left. As she returns, she showed Vazhin a mutant named Peter Rasputin. During the trip around the school, the Sentinels unexpectedly attacked the Institute. Kitty and Peter joined the other students on fighting them. She then became one of the first mutants that formed the X-Men.

Dino-World (Earth-99476)

Kitty Pryde in this reality is a dinosaur like humanoid known as Shadowcompsognathus. She was sent to Savage Land along with other Exiles to look for the lost humans and the missing Fantastic Five. She was then imprisoned by Invisiguanodon's force fields in a high evolutionary citadel. With her powers, she easily phased through and knocked her foe out. She then defeated Arachnysaur after making her web shooters function unwell. She also crossed over to Earth-616 to return the Griswolds.

Days of Future Past (Earth-811)

Kitty and Logan in Days of Future Past
Kitty and Logan in Days of Future Past

A gadget called Widget which was fed with Trash has appeared in this reality and was later revealed to be Kate Pryde- Rasputin. Rachel Summers attempted to bring her to her own body but has failed since it will have to create a new past or an alternate reality for the two. Though, Kate Pryde has returned to her younger body and found out that Rachel was already dead. The Phoenix Force had then arrived. Kate ran for her life. She then persuaded the entity to bring Rachel to a reality which recaps the bad experiences that she wants to escape. Rachel has disappeared leaving Kate with the Sentinels who have attempted to use the warp to have Rachel back. Though, Kate has phased and merged with the warp. Kate had rest in a spherical and metallic body created by Tweedledope. After Rachel has retrieved her memories, she along with Kate as Widget has returned to Rachel's home reality as the Excaliburs.

For more information see: Days of Future Past

Fairy World (Earth-1193)

Princess Kate is a mix between a royal figure, and a witch, having herself some magic powers, like almost all the inhabitants of Earth-1193. She uses these powers to summon a Shaitan to attack the Excalibur, and with the help of her butler ogre, she tries to fake her kidnapping in order to be saved by her secret love, Prince William aka "Billy the Kid".

For more information see: Cross-time Caper

Nocturne's Home Reality (Earth-2182)


Kitty Pryde is a member of Professor W's X-Men and was assigned as a mentor to Nightcrawler's daughter Nocturne. The X-Men then have to fight Apocalypse who is operating a Chronal Disruptor that would probably cause danger to humans and mutants. With her powers, the X-Men assigned Kitty to phase through the machine and short circuit it. Unfortunately, the machine has exploded together with Kitty who attempted to phase through. The X-Men then looked for her expecting that she was already dead. Instead, they found Kitty a lot younger. They said that she looks as young as she was before enrolling at Xavier's. Nocturne helped this Kitty to fit in with the other students and she also helped the X-Men when they were attacked by the Brotherhood led by former X-Man Cyclops

Earth X (Earth-9997)

In the Earth X reality Kitty ironically dies taking a bullet for Colossus.

Zombieverse (Earth-2149)

The X-Men have been attacked by a zombified Alpha Flight. After the event, she was later seen infected by the plague and was converted into a zombie.

Mutant X (Earth-1298)

Mutant X Kitty
Mutant X Kitty

Kitty was a former member of the X-Men. During a mission to rescue Storm from Dracula, Storm became a vampire turning her into Bloodstorm. Kitty was forced to kill her but failed. Instead, she was turned into Bloodstorm's servant and became a vampire. After Bloodstorm's defeat by the Green Goblin, she was approached by Sebastian Shaw. Kitty then became the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club.

War of the Worlds (Earth-691)

Kitty Pryde went away with Magneto after the Sentinels were assigned to conduct a genocide on mutants.

Professor X's Secret Service (Earth-1003)

Along with Magneto and Quicksilver, Kitty Pryde was massacred during a peace summit.

Mimic's Home Reality (Earth-12)

Kate Pryde is a friend and team mate of Mimic in his home reality.


As Galactus started a threat to humanity, super humans including the X-Men have joined forces to stop him. Kitty is a member of the X-Men with her pet dragon Lockheed during that time.

Mutant Destruction (Earth-94831)

Kitty Pryde is the only survivor from the destruction of the Institute by the United States government. Hyperion saw her hiding in a locker. She was then protected by Hyperion from Vision who attempted on killing her. She fell in love to Colossus who was a member of the Weapon X. For the Weapon X to move to another reality, Hyperion has to send them to space. Due to loss of oxygen, the two of them died.

What if Storm absorbed the Phoenix instead of Jean Grey? (Earth-9590)

Its comic is situated when s.XX are ending, in a new reality created by Storm-Phoenix.


Kitty is one of Storm-Phoenix cult members but when the goddess send her and Ahadi to take the corps of Yallut's people. Then, Kitty realized that this Ororo couldn't be the original one and she goes with Ahadi in a mission to save the rest of the cult. Finally, she has to take the Original Storm body, that was in the sea, to show Phoenix-Storm followers that Storm isn't the one they have in front of them.

Ruins (Earth-9591)

Kitty was imprisoned along with other mutants. To be free, she attempted to phase through but was stuck half-way through the door. she then lost three feet of intestines during her attempt.

X-Men: Misfits

In the Manga collaboration with Del Ray, Kitty is the focus of the re-imagined story. She came from a happy family, the second of three sisters who worked in their parents' restaurant after school. However, Kitty's mutant powers of phasing had already manifested causing her to feel like an outcast at school. Magneto recruited her, and she transferred from Chicago to New York to attend Xavier's School for the Gifted. However, she soon discovered that she was the only girl in the school, making her feel like an outcast all over again.

As soon as she transferred, she became the focus of the attention and gossip of all the male students. Jamie Madrox freaked her out with his duplicates, and Angel invited her to join the Hellfire Club (an exclusive club for privileged students). Kitty refused Angel's offer to date him, and soon entered into a relationship with Pyro. The only boy who didn't acknowledge she existed was Iceman. Pyro became possessive of Kitty and jealous of Forge & Nightcrawler for spending time with her.

However, Kitty ended her relationship with Pyro after a disastrous school trip to New York City. Pyro, Havok & Longshot stirred up trouble at an anti-mutant protest. Iceman was knocked unconscious and Havok appeared to become possessed, losing control of his powers. As the teachers ran to control the situation, Havok blasted towards Iceman. Kitty leaped on top of him, phasing them both; saving him from Havok's plasma blast. As a present, Iceman left her an ice heart as a parting present when she left school for the holidays.

This incarnation of Kitty is a typical female lead character from any romance/male-harem manga. She is friendly & energetic, even feisty at times. However, unlike regular Earth-616 Kitty Pryde, she is not particularly intelligent and has mediocre grades in school. Despite the casual desires of the Hellfire Club to treat her as a luxury item, she still wishes to do the best she can at school. Whenever she has a silly exasperated moment she develops a little tail and kitty-ears. Also, as a play on her name, she has a lot of items that feature a cat-motif. However, she continued to have trouble deciding on a codename. The write-up for the second volume indicates that Kitty will finally be joined by some other female students, but hints that they may not get along well.

X-Men Forever (Earth- 161)

X-men Forever
X-men Forever

In X-Men Forever, Kitty left Excalibur and rejoined the X-Men. While chasing Fabian Cortez, Kitty and Wolverine’s genes became scrambled. As a result, she got one of Wolverine’s adamantium claws and a small measure of his powers, including his healing factor and natural claws on her other. It was also inferred that she had somehow obtained some of his memories. With Wolverine dead, Storm seemingly a traitor, and most of her old friends gone, Kitty became angrier and more dangerous. At the same time, she started to fall for Gambit. Eventually, Storm was restored to her true self and invited Kitty to come work with her and Gambit to help heal Wakanda and Genosha. Kitty accepted this offer. Her attitude also changed after being scrambled and she became more aggressive and she felt like she was losing everything that made her Kitty Pryde.

Earth 23238

Excalibur visit a world where Kitty is a ruthless crime boss and went by the name of Kit Pryde. She planned to use the team to defeat the police force known as the Justicers. However she is betrayed and killed by her partner in crime Illyana Rasputin before her plans could be fully realised.

What If: Wolverine Enemy Of The State

In this reality Wolverine was never able to be freed from the clutches of the Hand is still their brainwashed assassin. Kitty is one of the last remaining heroes to combat Wolverine and when the initial plan to capture him fails she is forced to kill him. She sacrifices her hand in the process to end his murderous rampage.

Other Media


Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends (1981)

Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends
Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends

Kitty Pryde is code named Sprite as she appears in the episode "The X-Men Adventure" voiced by Sally Julian. She was shown watching Firestar and Spider-Man undergo challenges in the Danger Room. As a menace named Cyberiad attacked to take revenge on Firestar, the X-Men helped her. As they cannot go inside because of a wall that is immune to Cyclops' optic blasts, Sprite phased through and pressed the button to open it. Professor X then have divided the team. Cyclops, Sprite and Colossus were together. When the ceiling's trap forced them to get in, Sprite phased through and was fooled that she was talking with the real Colossus who was a hologram at that time.

Kitty also had a cameo appearance in the episode 'Education Of A Hero' although in that episode she wore her Ariel costume.

Pryde of the X-Men (1989)

Pryde of the X-Men
Pryde of the X-Men

Kitty was a 14 year old girl who had arrived to Xavier Institute with Professor X's invitation to come. At first, she was afraid as she entered the Institute. She thought that no one was in the place when a projection of Professor X came to guide her to Danger Room. Kitty saw the X-Men and classified them as mutants. She wondered how he detected her since no one knew about her powers, not even her parents. He then revealed that he had found Kitty through the Cerebra which detected her unique brain waves as a mutant. Kitty's mutability was then confirmed. The Professor introduced her to the X-Men. At first, Kitty was so afraid to Nightcrawler because of his inhuman appearance. Wolverine is the member who would refused to let Kitty join the team.

The Brotherhood then attacked the Mansion. Kitty was assigned to guard the power circuit by phasing away from the Brotherhood. However, Kitty failed when the Brotherhood came to steal the power circuit. When the X-Men arrived, the power circuit was gone. She apologized and they understood except for Wolverine who blamed her. To retrieve the machine, the X-Men had to go to space. Because she was just a kid, and was not trained well, Xavier recommended that she should be left behind in safety. Kitty then stowed away on the X-Jet uninvited. Professor X then detected her mind and let Kitty out of the closet where she was hiding.

Together with the other X-Men, they faced the Brotherhood and only she and Nightcrawler had been left to face Magneto. She disrupted the machine with her powers yet not stopping another side effect of what she have done. Nightcrawler used his own body to recharge the machine and saved earth from doom. Nightcrawler teleported out of the space ship, though had no protection from the earth's atmosphere. Presuming he was dead, Kitty cried and apologized not knowing that he was alive as he teleported inside their base. Storm then confronted Wolverine, noting that Kitty had saved all of humanity. Wolverine refused to state his response directly, but it was obvious that he realized how wrong he was about Kitty.

She was voiced in the episode by Kath Soucie. Her portrayal in this pilot is often criticized for her depiction as a "whiny brat". This could have been intentional so that there was room to develop her into the confident young woman like her counterpart in the comics at the time. Unfortunately the series never went into production so we will never know what she could have become.

X-Men: Evolution (2000-2003)

X-Men Evolution Kitty
X-Men Evolution Kitty

Kitty first manifested her mutant abilities while she was sleeping. She had a nightmare of falling down from a high building, and when she woke up she discovered that she had fallen from the upper story of their house to the basement. When her parents Carmen and Terry found out about this, they were skeptic about allowing Kitty to attend the Xavier Institute. However, after Avalanche courses Kitty to help him steal test answers, she phases herself and her parents out of the rubble caused by Avalanche and is allowed to join the X-Men. She became an official member of the X-Men. During her school days, she experienced discrimination from her schoolmates because she was a mutant.

She then found a friend in Avalanche who later became her love interest. He even joins the X-Men to be closer to Kitty but leaves after being falsely accused of taking the X-Jet for a joy ride. Later, she strikes up a friendship with Nightcrawler after initially being afraid of his blue skin and teleporting abilities. On the X-Men's cruise, they make fun of Scott and Jean's relationship. She calls Wolverine, "Mr. Logan", and they have a mentor/student relationship, especially when Kitty helps him control his feral nature when she accidentally joins him on a private mission in Canada.

Kitty also met Dani Moonstar who projected herself as a ghost. It caused Kitty to be mistaken as insane for believing that a Dani Moonstar existed. With the help of Nightcrawler, she discovered the real story about Dani and saved her. Her canon relationship with Colossus is hinted at when he saves her in a battle against Egyptian statues in one of Apocalypse's pyramids. During the final battle with Apocalypse, Kitty persuaded Wanda to join the other mutants in fighting Apocalypse. The other Brotherhood mutants disagreed, but Wanda joined them as her father Magneto became one of Apocalypse's horsemen.

Kitty is voiced by Maggie Blue O'Hara.

Wolverine and the X-Men (2009)

Wolverine and the X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men

Kitty Pryde is about 19 years old in this series, for she was shown leaving for the island of Genosha alone without any adult supervision, and states at a much mature level than most of her previous incarnations in animated and or live action films. She was first seen in a Danger Room mission with Colossus and Nightcrawler before a bomb destroyed Xavier's Mansion. When Wolverine was reforming the X-Men, it was Iceman who informed them that Kitty was heading to Genosha. They found her en-route on a boat bound for Genosha. At the first site of the X-Men in their stolen chopper, she leaped into the air and phased into the aircraft to join them. When Emma Frost arrived at the Institute, Kitty was instantly skeptical. She did not appreciate her tone with her current teammates. She often speaks the truth fairly well, and even stumped Wolverine on several occasions.

This incarnation of Pryde is mostly cool headed and often corrects her teammates. Nightcrawler mentioned that he'd rather fight Sentinels than get on Kitty's bad side. She is just as intellectual, quick, and as mature as previous incarnations. Although still a younger member of the X-Men, this is her most mature portrayal in an animated series.

Despite her protests about 'babysitting', Wolverine trusted the care of young (and dangerous) Tildie Soams. Kitty Pryde is also the current love interest of fellow mutant, Bobby Drake who has has made a few failed attempts to ask her out. Pryde also participated in the final fight against the Hellfire Club, Magneto's Sentinels, and the Phoenix in the first season's finale, falling alongside her comrade Kurt Wagner. Overall, the characters of Wolverine, Kurt Wagner, and Bobby Drake have been seen the closest to Pryde. As Colossus has only been featured briefly in the first episode, it is unknown whether he had the same romantic interest as in regular Earth-616 continuity. However, from their banter during the Danger Room work out it is clear that they were already good friends before the series started.

She is voiced by Danielle Judovits.

The Super Hero Squad Show (2009)

Super Hero Squad
Super Hero Squad

Shadowcat appears in The Super Hero Squad Show episode "And Lo...A Pilot Shall Come." She appears alongside Colossus at the unveiling of the Great Wall that separates Super Hero City from Villainville and helping citizens into the S.H.I.E.L.D. Shelters. In "Mysterious Mayhem at Mutant Academy", she uses Lockheed to chase Reptil and the hypnotized X-Men out of the Girls' Bathroom, where her only line is "HEY!" (the actress who did this was never credited). She also briefly appears as a poster on a wall in Reptil's bedroom.

Astonishing X-Men Motion Comic

"Gifted" Motion Comic

She is voiced by Eileen Stevens in this adaptation of the "Gifted" storyline. She also reprises her role the adaptations of "Dangerous", "Torn" and "Unstoppable."




In the first film Kitty is portrayed by actress Sumela Kay, wherein the character reveals her phasing ability through a door when leaving Professor X's Ethics class. Early in the film, the character is referred to as a girl from Illinois who can walk through walls by Senator Robert Kelly in his debate with Jean Grey.

X2: X-Men United

X-Men 2
X-Men 2

In the sequel, Kitty Pryde appears during William Stryker's military attack on the X-Mansion where she phases through her bed, through the walls of the mansion and people to avoid assaults from Stryker's men. She is also mentioned at the near end of the film, wherein Professor Xavier states he knows a little girl who can walk through walls to explain how he got the files given to President McKenna. She is played by Katie Stuart.

Also, her name is listed in Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

X-Men: The Last Stand

Ellen Page as Kitty
Ellen Page as Kitty

She was finally given a meatier role in the third installment, where she was portrayed by Ellen Page. Early on, she is revealed to be an intelligent student, asking questions about human/ mutant Ethics in Professor Xavier's class. In it, she is a member of the X-Men and is involved in a love triangle with Bobby Drake and Rogue. During the final battle which took place on Alcatraz island, Kitty fights alongside the X-Men, and volunteered to save Leech from Juggernaut. With Leech and his powers to cancel mutation by her side, Juggernaut ultimately loses his powers near them and hits a wall, falling flat before Kitty and Leech head out of the facility.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Ellen Page as the older Kitty
Ellen Page as the older Kitty

Ellen Page reprises her role as an older, adult version of Kitty Pryde in the 2014 sequel. Taking place 17 years after the events of The Last Stand, Kitty is shown as one of the last surviving members of the X-Men in a future where the Sentinels have devastated and conquered the planet. She has developed a secondary mutation that allows her to send the mind of someone back in time into their younger body, which she uses on Bishop in order to evade Sentinel patrols. After reuniting with Professor X and a few of the other survivors, a plan is hatched in which Kitty sends Wolverine back in time to 1973, where he attempts to stop Mystique from assassinating industrialist Bolivar Trask, which is what led to the creation of the Sentinels in the first place.

Kitty is shown to need to maintain perfect concentration in order to maintain the time travel, but is badly injured when Wolverine experiences a traumatic flashback and accidentally stabs her. She manages to hold out as long as she can, before ultimately being forced to sever the connection when the Sentinels finally corner the X-Men.

In the new, revised future, Kitty is seen as a teacher at the rebuilt Xavier Institute. She is shown leading a class with Colossus, possibly hinting at a romantic relationship as with the comics.

Video Games

X-Men II: Fall of the Mutants

X-men II
X-men II

In this 1990 computer RPG, Kitty is one of 15 playable characters.

X-Men Arcade (1992)

X-men Arcade
X-men Arcade

Kitty is a NPC in this Konami game based on the 1989 animated pilot Pryde of the X-Men. The main objective of the game is to rescue her and Professor X from Magneto and his Brotherhood. The X-Men battle Nimrod to rescue her and she sends them to rescue Professor X.

X-Men Legends (2004)

Although not actually appearing in the game Kitty is mentioned in a couple of the trivia questions. There is also an item named Shadowcat's Touch which allows the player to deal more damage to robotic enemies.

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse (2005)

X-Men: Legends II
X-Men: Legends II

Kitty in a non playable character. Kitty was shown staying near the Morlock Tunnels after Apocalypse have attacked the Institute. In this game, she is also the girlfriend of Colossus and is jealous of Scarlet Witch. She is voiced by Kim Mai Guest.

X-Men: The Official Game (2006)

Kim Mai Guest reprises her role in this game.

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions (2010)

Although not actually appearing in the game she is mentioned during the Ultimate Deadpool level.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011)

MSQ Online
MSQ Online

She is a playable character, and she teams up with Lockheed, she is voiced by Tara Strong.

Her description says: Shadowcat can fix all kinds of computer glitches, phase through walls, or fight off bad guys with her martial arts skills.

X-Men: Destiny (2011)

Although not actually appearing in the game Kitty is mentioned to have been taken captive by the U-Men and if the player chooses the right choices they are temporarily given her phasing abilities making them phase through the floor.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance (2012 - )

Marvel: Avengers Alliance
Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Kitty Pryde is one of the original playable characters available in Marvel: Avengers Alliance. She is an Infiltrator class character. Lockheed also makes an appearance as a companion character during Kitty's 'Call Lockheed' ability.

Her bio says: Gifted with the mutant ability to phase the material of her own body and other physical objects, Kitty Pryde can walk through walls or render her enemies' weapons useless. Her alternate names—Ariel, Sprite, Shadowcat—are as mutable as her form.

Deadpool (2013)

Kitty briefly appears in the bio video of the Sentinels. (Based on her appearance in Ultimate X-Men #45 - New Mutants: Part 6

Marvel: War of Heroes

War of Heroes
War of Heroes

Kitty is featured in the mobile game Marvel: War of Heroes in these card:

  • [Ariel] Kitty Pryde
  • [Shadowcat] Kitty Pryde
  • [Keep Calm] Kitty Pryde
  • [Ninja Team-Up] Wolverine & Kitty Pryde
  • [Lovebirds] Colossus & Kitty Pryde
  • [Short Circuit] Kitty Pryde
  • [Quiet Leader] Kitty Pryde

X-Men: Battle of the Atom

X-Men: Battle of the Atom
X-Men: Battle of the Atom

Kitty is featured in the mobile card game "X-Men: Battle of the Atom" based on the comic book story with the same name. Her cards are:

  • Kitty Pryde
  • [Headmistress] Kitty Pryde
  • [Exiles] Cat Pryde
  • Shadowcat
  • [Limbo] Cat
  • [Battle of the Atom] Kitty Pryde
  • [Generation Next] Shadowcat
  • [Fatal Attractions] Shadowcat
  • [New Xavier School] Kitty Pryde
  • [Ogun's Disciple] Kitty Pryde

Kitty can be chosen as the player playable avatar in the game.

Uncanny X-Men Days of Future Past

Kitty appears as a playable character in this game for mobile devises. The game is a retelling of the famous comic book storyline of Days of Future Past. Kitty is one of the main characters as she is sent back in time to stop the assassination of Senator Robert Kelly.

Marvel Heroes

Marvel Heroes
Marvel Heroes

Kitty Pryde is playable character in the game. She was released with several costumes.

Her bio says: Kitty Pryde was your average 13 year old girl from Illinois when her powers began manifesting. Able to "phase" her body and anything she touches through solid matter, Kitty's been connected to the X-Men since the first time her powers came to light. Though her powers were originally considered passive, Kitty has learned to use them in various waves to save her friends and even the world! Not content with just a sharp wit and awesome power set, Kitty Pryde also possesses masterful knowledge of martial arts (thanks to an adventure with Wolverine) as well as a fire-breathing pet alien dragon, Lockheed!

She is voiced by Danielle Judovits.


  • Toy Biz released a Kitty Pryde figure as part of the Giant-Man "Build-a-Figure" Marvel Legends wave.
  • Toy Biz released a Kitty Pryde figure as part of an exclusive mail away deal from ToyFare magazine.
  • Bowen Designs released a Kitty Pryde bust.
  • Kotobukiya released a Kitty Pryde bust for the Fine Arts line.
  • Diamond Select released a bust of Kitty Pryde in her Astonishing X-Men costume.
  • Kotobukiya released a Kitty Pryde statue as part of the Bishoujo line.
  • Hasbro released a Kitty Pryde figure for the Marvel Universe line.

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