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    A sadistic, cruel, and dangerous extra-dimensional demon with unknown origins, Mephisto is incredibly powerful. Based on Mephistopheles, a demon from the Faust legend, Mephisto is known for stealing souls and torturing them in his hell-like dimension. He is one of the many Hell-Lords in the Marvel Universe.

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    The evil, demonic Hell-Lord Mephisto comes from eons ago. The Elder Gods, immensely powerful, ruled Earth ages before The First Celestial Host stepped foot on Earth. The monster Atum drove them off, but their mystical energies remained and became the Hell-Lords. Mephisto was the first and is one of the most powerful. Mephisto is a massive demon, an evil lord who steals people's souls and tortures, kills, and attacks the other world. He is modeled after the devil in Christianity, which fits, as he rules over his own Hell-like dimension, and steals souls using contracts with mortals (which are often misleading or unfair). He particularly enjoys taking the souls of powerful or very good people. Legend has it however, that Mephisto was actually the first Deviant to have been created by The Celestials on Earth during The First Host, and was never a demon to begin with.

    Mephisto once revealed to Thanos that he was fathered by the omnipotent being that once possessed all of the Infinity Gems. Bored by his own existence, he created Mephisto and the demons, unaware that they would turn evil. He destroyed them when he understood their true nature, but when this omnipotent entity committed cosmic suicide, Mephisto and the demons were brought back to life.

    Mephisto's Dimension

    Mephisto rules over his own dimension, which he calls Hell or Hades. It is a horrible place where demons are tortured and torture others, with fiery pits of smoke and lava. Mephisto is nearly unstoppable while in his dimension, possessing power rival to a hungry Galactus. It has its own demon army, which frequently wages war against other-dimensional creatures and armies, including Earth's heroes. Mephisto's Realm also is home to Mephisto's Castle, an imposing palace in which Mephisto dwells, and the Arena of Tainted Souls, where debased souls are forced to wage war in eternal combat for the demons' amusement.

    Character Creation

    Mephisto made his first appearance in Silver Surfer volume 1, #3 in 1968. Stan Lee and John Buscema created the character.

    Character Evolution

    Prince Wayfinder
    Prince Wayfinder

    The earliest known event concerning Mephisto begins with the arrival of the Celestials on Earth and their very first attempt at manipulating Mankind's genetic structure, which resulted in the creation of beings shape-shifting beings whose forms were too easily shaped by early man's impressions of them.

    Deeming these creations a failure, The Celestials set out to create a second race that would shape man's early myths rather than be shaped by them, the Deviants. While the Celestials continued their experiments, terrible and powerful entities emerged from their early creations.

    Chief among them being a red-skinned humanoid with horns and cloven hooves. As time passed, this particular early creation of The Celestials eventually took on the form that Mephisto is associated the most with.

    But those early days were fraught with danger and Mephisto was not nearly as powerful as some of his compatriots like Chaos and his Whirldemons, who established total dominance over the Earth with their mighty wind elemental abilities. This balance of power shifted dramatically when the first time-traveler Prince Wayfinder and his Wanderers used the power of The Enigma Force to travel backwards in time from the dystopian future of Earth-7614.

    Like his compatriots, Mephisto was understandably not happy when Wayfinder and his people built a great city in what would one day become India and clashed with the time-traveler many times until finally there came a day when Chaos and his Whirldemons lead a massive assault on Wayfinder and his followers.

    These events lead to Wayfinder ultimately becoming one with The Enigma Force, which he used to create the Microverse in order to save his people from extinction even as Chaos and his kin were banished to another plane of existence with no hope of escape.

    But as a consequence of this event, Mephisto, who had been seeking a source of inspiration, became inspired by Prince Wayfinder's method of escape. A seed was planted inside him that day, one that grew out of the knowledge that time could be traveled upon like a river and that there were worlds within worlds that one could escape into, given the possibility.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Power and The Prize

    The first story arc revolving around Mephisto, takes place in Silver Surfer volume 1, starting from Issue no 3, December 1968. Silver Surfer at this time is trapped on Earth, thanks to a barrier Galactus erected, and forever denied being able to travel beyond Earth and meet his one true love, Shalla Bal on Zenn La.

    The story begins with Mephisto on his realm, named Hades, observing the events on Earth. He notices Silver Surfer as a being so innocent, wielding such great power. Mephisto is unhappy that someone like Silver Surfer is on Earth, hampering Mephisto's devious plans to manipulate humans and feed on their misery. While Mephisto claims he has enough power to slay Silver Surfer, he is not interested in merely killing Silver Surfer, but rather wants Silver Surfer to be his slave for all eternity. For this purpose, he teleports to Zenn La, and grabs Shalla Bal as his hostage. Mephisto then brings Shalla Bal to Earth and drops her in a middle of a war zone, causing her to be hurt. Silver Surfer comes to the rescue and heals Shalla Bal. However, Mephisto appears in front of them and teleports Shalla Bal to Hades. Silver Surfer, thanks to his ability to track energy signature, follows Mephisto to Hades in order to free Shalla Bal. Because Mephisto wants the Surfer as his lackey, he starts seemingly warping reality in hopes that Silver Surfer would accept to be his servant forever. First, Mephisto offers Silver Surfer a collection of rarest gems in the cosmos with a value so huge Silver Surfer could buy an entire Galaxy with it. Silver Surfer, however, refuses the offer. Mephisto then out of thin air creates three lovely ladies, each more fairer than man's deepest desire, and demands that Silver Surfer choose them and forget about Shalla Bal. As expected Silver Surfer refuses. Mephisto then offers to make Silver Surfer a king of an entire Galactic empire, which Silver Surfer again refuses. Angered by the repeated refusal, Mephisto sends his demons after Silver Surfer. After a brief struggle, Silver Surfer defeats Mephisto's minions, but Mephisto himself steps in. Mephisto then matter manipulates Silver Surfer into a round silver coin-like substance and devours Silver Surfer. However, even after being devoured, Silver Surfer evidently continues to resist Mephisto. Mephisto is finally forced to spill Silver Surfer out because the very goodness of Silver Surfer's spirit nearly drove Mephisto insane.

    Mephisto then pulled in a final gambit and offers Silver Surfer to either be his lackey or he would teleport Shalla Bal back to Zenn La far away from Silver Surfer reach. While Silver Surfer initially hesistates, Shalla Bal begs him that a love at the cost of someone's spirit is not worth it. Silver Surfer eventually refuses. Mephisto then teleports Silver Surfer back on Earth and Shalla Bal back to Zenn La.

    Now strikes the Ghost (Silver Surfer vol 1 #8-9)

    Mephisto is next seen in Silver Surfer vol 1 #8 looking at a visage of Silver Surfer saying of all who has lived since time’s first dawning only a handful have defeated the lord of lower depths. One such man is the Silver Surfer but i shall never rest till his immortal soul is mine. I have the power to slay him with merely a thought but that would not grant me the victory i seek. It is his soul, not his life that i hunger for. But it can never be mine while his spirit defies me. Not for the untold ages has Mephisto nurtured such burning hatred which flows from my body like a living thing transcending all time and space till it reaches and blankets the one i despise.

    We see some energy thing flowing from Mephisto hands, which goes all the way from Hades to Earth blanketing Silver Surfer which causes Silver Surfer much pain.

    Silver Surfer himself explains that his head is racking with searing pain such that he has never known. The energy itself assaults him, engulfs him, till the universe itself has become a seething sea of suffering. But the moment the pain reaches the limits of Silver Surfer mortal endurance the energy just vanishes which makes sense given Mephisto does not know to kill Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer however still cries in pain saying all that remains is the memory, a memory which i bury forever, for even the thought of it is more than my mind can bear.

    Once Silver Surfer regains his sanity, and can smell the odor of fire and brimstone he know it is Mephisto’s doing. Mephisto, on the other hand, realizes he has to exercise caution because his power might end up killing Silver Surfer before Silver Surfer pledges his soul to Mephisto, because doing so would mean Silver Surfer soul would not come to hell (Hades) and hence will be out of Mephisto’s reach forever and Mephisto does not what that to happen.

    Mephisto therefore wants a vessel to do his bidding hence he searches the surface of the earth for those who dabble in the forbidden arts to find him one who will do his bidding so that thought such a scheme, which Mephisto believe none shall fathom, Mephisto can claim the soul of Silver Surfer.

    Mephisto than appears on Earth looking for Joost Von Straatan , also known as Ghost or latter the Flying Duthchman, but he initially finds an un-named man before him whose memories Mephisto erases with his powers. Mephisto then pieces the very dimension of Limbo, ripping out Joost and explains him that only Mephisto can ends his eternal sentence in Limbo, only he can give him rest (which later proves to be unture) if he so chooses to join Mephisto. When Joost agrees to join Mephisto, he summons a visage of Silver Surfer explaining that unlike Joost, Mephisto tried to lure Silver Surfer with the promise of gold and power and couldn’t persuade Silver Surfer. Mephisto also explained that he tried to he tried to strike fear within the heart of Silver Surfer and failed and the more Silver Surfer resisted Mephisto the more he hungered for Silver Surfer’s soul. Now that Mephisto has Joost he is going to provide Joost with the power of darkness, transforming him, giving him enough power to crush the silver surfer.

    When the un-named man (not Joost of course) tried to question Mephisto , he killed the un-named man living him adrift between heaven and hell. Mephisto after having transformed Ghost gives him a vessel name The Flying Dutchman.

    As expected while Joost is capable of overpowering Surfer initially he is eventually defeated and Mephisto exiles him back to Limbo, but Joost vow vengeance.

    An undetermined amount of time later, Mephisto got an engagement with the lover of one of his former soldiers, then got the demon to murder the lover. He turned this demon into Darklove, who must always perform the opposite of love. Darklove is still around, performing his dastardly feats and hating it. That is a typical Mephisto case-using lies, deception, manipulation, trickery, and evil to achieve horrible ends and curse someone.

    Mephisto also enjoys taking spiritual souls or mystical mortals. He corrupted an ordinary sea captain into the Flying Dutchman. He duped German scientists into giving up their souls trying to find a magical race. One of his most heinous was corrupting a group of mystics, then giving them immortality for a yearly payment of souls. They later became the Mys-Tech. He also fought a man for centuries to gain his soul, utilizing innocent Puck in his plan. He also transformed a man who wanted to commit suicide, into Suicide. Suicide could only be killed by Ghost Rider ( Dan Ketch). This was Mephisto's plot to force his enemy into committing murder.

    Many of his rivals were other demons. Mephisto got into a rivalry with Zarathos, a demonic creature of equal power. He bargained with a prince (later Centurious) and managed to catch Zarathos's soul. This was eons ago. Mephisto has been torturing Zarathos since, bonding him to mortals over and over. This contributed to the creation of Ghost Rider. He cursed the Kale family because they held parts of the Medallion of Power in their souls.

    Mephisto has become interested in the heroes of Earth, including Silver Surfer, Thor, and, surprisingly, Daredevil. He has spent a lot of time trying to capture the Silver Surfer's absolutely pure soul. He even offered him unlimited time with his love from his home planet, wealth and power, but Norrin Radd was able to resist. He hates him as a shining example of humanity's capability and his pure soul. He tried on several occasions to force the Surfer into becoming his servant or offer his soul, but they continually failed. Eventually, he no longer wanted the soul of the Surfer, but hated him none the less. He eventually captured the Surfer's soul anyway by pretending to be Frankie Raye. He also showed the Surfer that he had possession of both of this parents souls. The Surfer was able to free them Mephisto allowed the Surfer to think he was killed in battle, knowing that the Surfer was tormented over the events and would be for haunted forever.

    Mephisto was also very interested in Thanos' gems of Infinity. When he learns that the Mad TItan possessed them all, he came to him and offered to be his servant. Thanos refused and Mephisto told him he had a special relationship with the gems, that he was once associated with those jewels... He reveals that he was created by the very first possessor of the gems and thus is able to provide Thanos with some secret knowledge about them. Mephisto then tells him that the Titan is actually able to connect to every soul in the whole universe. This is a tremendous power and Thanos tries is right away. While he is off, Mephisto takes the gem-mounted glove from him but it triggers some kind of security and the glove tries to kill him. Thanos tells him that he had foreseen it and he could never trust him but Mephisto still wants to be his servant.

    Mephisto also fought the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four in a limited series, " Mephisto vs...".

    His wars with The Avengers have been more personal now, as Mephisto murdered one of their own. Mephisto was warring with Satannish, a fellow demon, over a group of souls. One version of the Lethal Legion had been murdered-and both Lords wanted them. Their war took on epic proportions and did great damage, so the Earth's Mightiest Team interfered, stopped the war, and caused Mephisto to lose the souls. Mephisto attacked them. As he was about to destroy Hawkeye, his lover Mockingbird stepped in and saved him, losing her life in the process. The Avengers escaped-but Mephisto had taken one of them with him.

    Ties To Characters

    Mephisto has contributed greatly to the creation of two major characters- Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and Doctor Doom.

    The Kale family had been cursed by Mephisto, the firstborn son would turn into a ghostly, deathly creature at night, a Ghost Rider. Naomi Kale sold her soul to Mephisto so her descendants would not become "the Ghost Rider". When she had signed the contract, Mephisto revealed that although they couldn't become "the" Ghost Rider, they could become "a" Ghost Rider.

    Johnny Blaze was the son of Naomi Kale and Barton Blaze. They both were motorcycle stunt riders. Naomi left because of the curse she thought would be on Johnny. She took his siblings too. This hurt Johnny inside, and Barton later died in a motorcycle stunt. So Johnny went to Crash Simpson (who worked as a stunt rider with his parents) and his wife Mona. Mona was killed, and Crash later got cancer, so Johnny summoned Mephisto and made a deal-he would serve him if Crash was saved. Crash died about a week later, and Mephisto almost procured his soul, except for Roxanne Simpson (his girlfriend), who saved him with the purity of her emotion. Mephisto had enough time to bond Johnny Blaze to Zarathos-turning him into the ghostly Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider is one of Mephisto's major enemies-but he hasn't ever won yet.

    Victor Von Doom's mother was a powerful witch that wanted more power. So she turned to a powerful source, Mephisto. She invoked a spell to steal his power-but a fraction of it drove her crazy before she was killed. Her soul was then acquired by Mephisto. As Victor grew up, he schooled himself in sorcery, and every Halloween, he would try to get his mother's soul back. Every attempt failed. When Victor traveled to America, he met Reed Richards (later Mr. Fantastic), who was also a genius and wanted to be friends. Victor had a petty rivalry with him over intelligence and rejected Reed's friendliness. He created an amazing invention that he believed would be able to steal his mother's soul back. Reed warned him of a flaw, but Doom tried it anyway and it exploded in his face. This made him think he was hideous, so he created a suit of armor, took over Latveria, and became Doctor Doom. Doom continued his fights, every year, on Halloween, trying to steal his mother's soul back. Finally, when he cut a deal with Doctor Strange, who helped him, he managed to steal Cynthia Von Doom's soul and send it to heaven. It remains one of the few times that Mephisto has ever been thwarted.

    Mephisto asking for Peter Parker's marriage
    Mephisto asking for Peter Parker's marriage

    After Aunt May was shot by an assassin during the Civil War, Spider-Man contacted several superheroes and supervillains who could help him. All those he spoke to told him that there was nothing they could do as it was indeed her time to die. However Mephisto came to Spider-Man in the form of a young girl saying he could heal her. After showing him different realities in which he didn't become a hero he went to MJ and Peter and told them the deal. Instead of Spider-Man's soul he wanted his and MJ's marriage as it was pure love and made holy by God. After discussing it the two agreed with MJ adding that he be given his secret identity back but she also added an unknown part of the deal. He agreed and altered the personal timelines of both and saved Aunt May.

    Even More Power

    Mephisto tortures Susan Storm Richards
    Mephisto tortures Susan Storm Richards

    Mephisto has often tried gaining amazing power in a large event. The Dire Wraiths (who were amazingly powerful) increased Mephisto's power by nearly 300%! He wreaked some havoc, but a hero from space ( ROM) banished the Dire Wraiths and Mephisto lost the power, being destroyed by the son of Reed and Sue Richards, Franklin Richards (who can manipulate reality itself). Mephisto captured the Invisible Girl/Woman, Mr. Fantastic, Elspeth Cromwell and young Franklin Richards in FF 276. He tortured Franklin's parents in FF 277 and Mephisto seemed to especially delight in tormenting Susan Storm Richards. Finally, poor little Franklin Richards could take no more. He showed that he is truly one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel Universe. Franklin shot a power blast at Mephisto which defeated him. However, Mephisto came gradually back to life, partly by manipulating Master Pandemonium. Him coming back to life killed Scarlet Witch's sons, and he called a vendetta against Asgardian death goddess Hela (who stole some of his souls). He manipulated many heroes and stole powerful souls (even getting Invisible Woman and, most importantly, Thor). Thor soon escaped, but he called a vengeance against Hela (thus completing Mephisto's plan). In the short run-heroes won. In the long run, Mephisto.

    Franklin Richards coming to the aid of his helpless mother
    Franklin Richards coming to the aid of his helpless mother

    The Beyonder, who was nearly all-powerful (he instigated both Secret Wars and Secret Wars II), came to Earth-616 to try and better understand humans and how they work. This gave Mephisto a golden opportunity. He tried to sway the godlike being by giving him warped or misleading views of humans. For instance, he sent his demon Zarathos to sway Spider-Man to show Beyonder the evil. He also used Nova to try and mislead him, deceiving her into becoming more violent and bloodthirsty in her duties as the Herald of Galactus. This brought two powerful enemies against Mephisto, however-the Sentinel of the Space ways, Silver Surfer, and the big man himself, Galactus. Mephisto did fight a well-nourished Galactus, and the fight took place in Mephisto's own realm, where he was at his strongest. Mephisto was able to stalemate Galactus, until Galactus ran out of energy and threatened to consume Mephisto's realm, and Mephisto decided to call the fight to an end to protect his realm. Mephisto's plot failed-as plots often do when they collide with Galactus. However, after the fight Galactus acknowledged that Mephisto was one of the most powerful beings in the universe, and that his death would affect the balance of the universe.

    He then allied himself with Thanos, who had been resurrected by Death to kill half of the universe. Mephisto also tried to sway Thanos, who was all-powerful with the Infinity Gauntlet at the time, and take the Gauntlet for himself. He tried on two separate occasions to take the gauntlet from Thanos, but failed. He allied himself with Thanos once more when the threat of the Goddess came to the universe. He gave him valuable information regarding the Cosmic Cubes she possessed in exchange for just one Cosmic Cube in return. After the Goddess' defeat, Thanos did give him a cube, but it was depowered. Thanos told him he should have specified that he wanted the power also. He also used the Vril to invade Earth. Both times, he failed.

    Children of the Devil

    Mephisto wanted a legacy-and partners. So he created two children for himself Blackheart and Mephista.

    Blackheart was created from the combined evil of a certain area. He was trained by his father in evil, but eventually resented him and turned on him. They warred to rule Hell, but Mephisto won and cast Blackheart out. Blackheart went about his own misdeeds (including fighting Ghost Rider) before surprising his father and stabbing him. Although he seemed dead, Mephisto survived. Although he was dead, he was stuck in a state of limbo since he could go to neither heaven or hell. Even in this state, Mephisto was able to gather an army of souls who feared the afterlife.

    Blackheart ruled Hell for a short time before Ghost Rider defeated him. Mephisto then cast out Ghost Rider and took his dimension back. Blackheart survives today, doing evil and attacking his father in hopes of ruling the dimension that he believes is his.

    Mephista was not nearly so noteworthy. She did not turn on Mephisto, but instead waged war upon Doctor Strange. She was defeated several times and has not been heard from for a while now.

    After defeating Blackheart and regaining his dimension Mephisto continues his ways-capturing souls and spreading evil. He has many enemies-but his power ensures that he's got more than a sporting chance at victory. Blackheart has come closest-but still failed. Will anyone ever destroy Mephisto? The universe should hope so.

    Past Soul-Stealing Activities

    Mephisto has stolen the soul of the Fantastic Four, Thor, The Silver Surfer, Mr. Fantastic, Black Panther, Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards, Daredevil, and more. He murdered Avengers member Mockingbird and held Dr. Doom's mother's soul for several years. Although this looks impressive, it is worth mentioning that Mephisto no longer possess ANY of these souls, not even Mockingbird who had somehow escaped Mephisto's grasp only to end up being held captive by The Skrull Empire for many years until their plot to overthrow Earth during Secret Invasion was thwarted, it has yet to be explained how she escaped Mephisto and could still be alive despite the fact that she was a member of the last known incarnation of The Legion of the Unliving and was encountered by both Hellcat, her husband Hawkeye and Dead Girl in the afterlife at various points in recent history.

    Mephisto had often put Shalla Bal in danger to tempt the Silver Surfer into giving him his soul. He always failed but eventually came into possession of Shalla's soul. But by this point he no longer wanted the Surfer's soul after he realized it was not as pure as he once believed. He planned to torment Shalla's soul forever in order to hurt the Surfer. The Surfer was helped by Adam Warlock, who in possession of the Soul Gem was able to soundly defeat Mephisto. He was forced to give up her soul and they returned it into her body and resurrected her.

    Mephisto was able to obtain the soul he had long sought - the Silver Surfer. He did so by taking the form of a resurrected Frankie Raye. When the Surfer pledged his love and soul to her, he was really pledging it to Mephisto. In his realm, he shows the Surfer that he also possesses the souls of his parents, Jartran and Elmar, for they both committed suicide. The Surfer was able to get the souls released as well as him own by killing Mephisto, something he vowed to never do. But this was all Mephisto's plot, and he was quite pleased at the emotional damage he had caused the Surfer.

    Powers and Abilities

    The Lord of Lies
    The Lord of Lies

    Mephisto is an immensely powerful demon. He possesses vast intelligence, which is how he manages to manipulate and deceive others so easily. Mephisto once had omniscient intelligence, but this was de-powered. He has demonstrated projection of mystical energy, erecting mystical shields, becoming invisible or intangible, casting illusions, summoning supernatural creatures, teleportation, changing size, and shape-shifting. His true form is unknown, and he is entirely indestructible to most attacks, and is immune to disease. He doesn't need to breathe, eat, drink, or sleep. He has defeated Silver Surfer in combat before and seems to have no limit to his age. He also can possess mortals and cast spells of unknown power. He likely has other abilities that have yet to be discovered. He literally can do anything that a human can comprehend and more. Mephistopheles is not the Devil; he is an arch-demon, and being so, he can capture lost souls, but only with the mortal's approval, which is one of his main weaknesses. Another weakness is that if he leaves his dimension, he isn't as powerful, depending on the worship of his followers. Mephistopheles can read minds as well.


    Height: 6'10" (Variable)

    Weight: 550 lbs (variable)

    Eyes: Yellow

    Hair: Red

    Alternate Realities


    In this reality, Mephisto plots to gain control of the soul of the incredibly powerful Protege, a child with the power to learn any power or ability he sees. He carefully manipulates situations for the Guardians of the Galaxy in his favor, including separating Starhawk, the most powerful of them, into Stakar and Aleta. He commands his daughter Malevolence to become the Matriarch of the boy in order to corrupt him, thus guaranteeing their control over him and his power.

    When Malevolence and Protege are kidnapped by the Beyonder, Mephisto tracks them to the Beyonder's universe under the guise of The Tracker. He frees them from the Beyonder's captivity, enabling Protege to replicate much of the Beyonder's great power. He continues to amuse and manipulate Protege to his ends.


    In the Marvel Mangaverse (Earth-2301) Mephisto was the ruler of one of twelve planets with sentient life on it. He would spread the forces of Anti-life and disease across the Universe. He quickly found the Skrulls and molded

    Mangaverse Mephisto
    Mangaverse Mephisto

    them into violent and hateful warriors to destroy civilisations and planets.The Skrulls tapped into the substance of Mephisto's world to create the anti-life virus called Galactus, which then went on to devour the life forces of many worlds.


    In Earth X (Earth-9997) Mephisto was never a demon to begin with, but a Deviant created by the Celestial's First Host ... After Captain Marvel killed Death, Mephisto began mortally wounding victims so that they could suffer for eternal life. He was killed in a ensuing battle with X-51, Black Bolt, Medusa, Ransak the Reject and King Britain after being stabbed by Excalibur.

    In Other Media


    • Mephisto makes a cameo appearance in the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends episode "The Prison Plot". He is featured as an illusion caused by Mastermind.
    • Mephisto was due to appear in the proposed second season of the Silver Surfer with the demonic nature toned down and made acceptable for children. He makes a cameo at the end of episode 21, "Down to Earth, Part 3".


    Mephisto in the live action Ghost Rider movie.
    Mephisto in the live action Ghost Rider movie.
    • Actor Peter Fonda plays Mephisto (as Mephistopheles) as one of the two main villains alongside Blackheart in the 2007 film Ghost Rider. Mephisto appears, as with Blackheart, in his human form throughout most of the film, only showing glimpses of a horned, goat-like demon. Peter Fonda has expressed interest in returning to portray the character again for Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance.

    Video games

    • Mephisto appears in the Silver Surfer video game for the NES
    • Mephisto appears in the background of Thanos' stage in Marvel Super Heroes as well as Blackheart's ending.
    • Mephisto appears as a secret character in the game Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter as a palette swap of Blackheart.
    • Mephisto's voice is heard in a bonus mission in the 2005 Fantastic Four video game.
    • Mephisto appears in the game Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by Fred Tatasciore. Doctor Doom uses Nightcrawler combined with the Mutant Amplifier to teleport to Mephisto's Realm in order to gain a Twilight Sword to use on Odin. When Nightcrawler escapes them, Mephisto has Blackheart and some demons recapture Nightcrawler and capture Jean Grey. When the heroes find Ghost Rider trapped, he tells the player that he will release Ghost Rider when the one who touches the Book of Despair takes his place for the remainder of the level. After Blackheart is defeated, the players engange Mephisto who uses the astral energy to resurrect the X-Man that was dropped into the Infinity Vortex. The resurrected X-Man when defeated will sacrifice their life to help defeat Mephisto. When it comes to the future part revolving around finding the damaged Ultimate Nullifier at Castle Doom, Uatu mentions that Mephisto will one day seek to conquer Earth. If the player successfully finds the damaged Ultimate Nullifier, Mister Fantastic will repair it and use it to prevent Mephisto from invading Earth before all is lost. If the damaged Ultimate Nullifier isn't found, the team of heroes will be forced to band together once again to fight Mephisto with the resulting battle causing a tremendous amount of destruction. Mephisto has special dialogue with Thor.
    • Mephisto appears in the Ghost Rider video game voiced by Kirk Thornton. He brings Ghost Rider to Hell and has him fight the demonic forces that plan to resurrect Blackheart.
    • Mephisto appears in the ending of Morrigan Aensland in the video game Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

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