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Character Alignment

  • Lawful Good - believe they are doing good upholding the law
  • Neutral Good - believe doing good is more important than upholding the law, but still abide to it if they believe it is right
  • Chaotic Good - believe doing good away from all kind of rules or laws
  • Lawful Neutral - believe law is more important than upholding what is right
  • True Neutral - they couldn't care less about the others and care only about themselves
  • Chaotic Neutral - free of everything don't care about good or evil, but they aren't inclined to do either
  • Lawful Evil - believe in controlling everything with intelect or manipulation, enforcing harsh rules or having some kind of code of honor.
  • Neutral Evil - align themselves with anyone bad to further their own evil goals
  • Chaotic Evil - destroy everything in their path, regardless of other or even themselves

Note to anyone who read: this list is obviously subjective, so the alignments of the characters and teams below may vary in opinion to everyone...

(Except Bella)

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