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    A demigod bent on murdering The Olympian Gods, Kratos was once the God of War, but his lust for power was feared by his father Zeus, thus making him kill his own son. Now, resurrected from Hades, Kratos now seeks revenge against The Olympian Gods.

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    Kratos, also known as the "Ghost of Sparta", first appeared in the 2005 video game God of War for the PS2, which led to the development of multiple additional games featuring the character as the protagonist. His first comic book appearance was in God of War #1 published by DC Comics but is now published by Dark Horse Comics.


    Kratos is a hulking and fierce looking warrior. He is mostly seen without a top and with his signature chain swords. His unusual white complexion is the result of a curse an oracle put on him, the ashes of his deceased daughter and wife are affixed to his skin. He also has a scar on his left eye that Ares gave him and a massive one in his chest which his father Zeus gave him. He wears sandals and later changes to Hermes' boots for a better advantage in fighting his enemies.


    "Death is my calling. Vengeance my creed. I will wash away the past. With the blood of Olympus! CHAOS WILL RISE AGAIN!"


    Kratos can be described as complete psychopathic monster, but affably evil due to more sympathetic traits. He will kill anyone who enters his path or need to move on, he has no qualms to sacrifice even innocent mortal to reach his goals. Kratos is not someone to hold a grudge with, as with gods such Ares or Zeus in particular, the latter for making him a monster and brutally murdering his wife and his daughter, and the former for betraying him after he became the new God of War.

    He is not without positive traits: he shows sorrow for having killed his mortal family and is haunted by the memories of it, but frequently turn his angst into anger and hatred for those who directed him to do it. After killing Ares, he discovers that though his sins may have been forgiven he was not eased from the visions that came to haunt him and considered suicide to escape his madness, but as reward from the gods, he ascended as the new God of War, and proved to be more dangerous than Ares himself. The the pain of his memories were turned into hatred because he never asked to become a God. After being betrayed, Kratos desired to destroy Zeus and everything he stood for if any would interfere on Zeus' behalf.

    Despite his thirst for revenge, the only people he truly cared about were his mortal family: his wife, daughter, mother, and brother. As a child, he was very close to his younger brother and once inseparable but the weaker children like Kratos' brother had been cast into the wilderness without a chance to survive. As an adult, he had many women, but he felt truly connected to one who would become his wife, she was perhaps the only person to truly face him without fear. His daughter Caliope also meant a great deal to him as he was willing to renounce his powers to stay in the Underworld with her. Kratos also cared for his mother and had to kill her when Zeus turned her into a monster. The loss of everyone he ever loved fueled an even greater need for revenge to take everything from those who took his life from him: Zeus and the Gods. Also when Kratos encounters his half-siblings it shows that he doesn't want to fight them and just stay out of his way, but will fight and kill them if they force him.

    God of War (2018)

    After the events of previous God of War games as he becomed a husband and a father Kratos has becomed much more wiser, much less brutal and much less angrier character who only bursting out his anger when he or he's loved ones threatened thought most of the big traits about his characters had gone there are still some characteristic features he keep from the previous games like his hard-headedness and extreme seriousness. He also accepts the responsibility for all the bad things he did in past unlike avoiding them and feels sadness and regret for most of the time as shown in the some scans like when Kratos kepts his arms wrapped in bandages for hiding the marks that his Blades caused or when he shuts up Mimir for calling him "Ghost of the Sparta" or when he hides the Spartan pottery of himself from Atreus in Týr's Temple.

    Due to not being home for most of the time and contuniously keep hiding secrets from him Kratos has a complicated relationship and weak bonds with his son Atreus but, as the story progress and the secrets come out one after one the bonds between the duo strengthens to the points where Kratos finally accepts himself to call Atreus as "son" unlike most of the times where he call him by the word "boy". He also strengthens his bonds with the dwarf borther Sindri and Brok as the story progress.

    Even thought he comes to accepts most of the things as story progress Kratos still have his hatred and blame for the gods and have difficulties trusting to even the likes of Freya who are very friendly,caring and hospitable. Thought due to being not as much as brutal and angry as before Kratos even tries to talk them out about what they're going to do before actually start fighting for the most of the times.


    Early Life

    Kratos is the son of Zeus and Callisto. Kratos also has a younger brother named Deimos, Deimos was scarred by his broken house and was captured by Ares. Kratos got a red mark symbolizing Deimos' scar. When the rumors about his sire's identity grew so strong, his mother took Kratos to Sparta and receive training. He quickly become a Spartan general and although his tactics were brutal, they were efficient. But soon he learned that despite all his military power he was no match for Eastern Barbarians, numbered in the thousands, and his men fell one by one. As he was ready to be finished by the Barbarian King, Kratos pledged Ares the God of War and the Furies to save him,and kill his enemies. Kratos exchanged his soul for a victory. There are three blood oaths: the death of his enemy, the death of his enemies and the death of his brethren. Kratos became a living weapon, his swords attached to chains and burned to his forearms. He continued in the ways of war and death for Ares. But Ares deceived Kratos, and in his bloodlust Kratos killed Lysandra and Calliope. He was then cursed by a woman of the village, the ashes of his family forever turning his skin pale.

    God of War: Ascension

    The Furies were sent by Ares to find Kratos who broke his oath. 6 months later, Kratos met a Fury/Demigod named Orkos who helped Kratos break his connection with Ares. Orkos told Kratos to go to Delphi to meet Aletheia. Kratos was encountered by Pollux and Castor who took Aletheia's rule. Aletheia was blind since her eyes were ripped out by the Furies. Kratos used the Amulet of Uroborus to destroy and construct surfaces. When Kratos came to Delos, Orkos gave Kratos an Oath Stone in which Kratos can use a decoy to get out of the Furies' traps. After finishing the Trials of Archimedes, Kratos and Orkos were sent to Aegaeon the Hecatonchires. The Hecatonchires was a titan who broke his oath and became a prison for oath breakers. Kratos escaped from the insect infested prison and killed Megaera. He later killed Tisiphone, her pet Daimon and Alecto who can transform into a sea monster. Before the Furies died, they made their son, Orkos their oath keeper. Kratos regretfully killed Orkos which broke his oath and made him remember the tragedy made on Calliope and Lysandra. He put Orkos' corpse where Calliope and Lysandra's were.

    God of War: Chains of Olympus

    Kratos did various tasks for the gods for 10 years. One task included that Kratos must help Helios defeat Morpheus, Atlas and Persephone. The death of Persephone led to Atlas carrying the world on his shoulders. Atlas stated that both he and Kratos will meet again.

    God of War

    Kratos wearing the God of War armour
    Kratos wearing the God of War armour

    Kratos' last task from Poseidon was to kill the Hydra. The torment of what he had done to his family still haunted him. He wished for forgiveness and sought out Athena.

    Athena and the other gods have become troubled by Ares and she offers Kratos forgiveness if he kills the God of War. Eventually, Kratos finds Pandora's Box and with it's power he is able to kill a god. However, the Box contained the evils of the Great War and infected the other gods. Athena put hope to help Kratos kill Ares. But when he goes to claim his prize, Athena forgives him, but this does not make him forget his past. Kratos attempts suicide, but is saved by Athena. Without Ares, the gods have decided that Kratos will be the new God of War.

    God of War: Ghost of Sparta

    Before Kratos actually became a god, he had to find Deimos. Kratos sunk Atlantis which made Poseidon upset. Kratos found Deimos at the Domain of Death. Kratos and Deimos killed the owner of the land named Thanatos. Deimos later died. He was dug to his grave by the Grave Digger (Zeus). The Grave Digger said "Only one remains". Kratos is now a God of War.

    God of War II

    Kratos overlooking the Temple of the Fates to change his destiny
    Kratos overlooking the Temple of the Fates to change his destiny

    As a god, Kratos assists the Spartan army and does not associate himself with the other gods, which angers them. Finally, while trying to destroy Rhodes, Zeus intervenes. Zeus gives life to the Colossus of Rhodes and tricks Kratos, telling him how to defeat the giant. Kratos puts all his godly energy in the Blade of Olympus, but it is taken from him by Zeus, who kills him. The titan Gaia helps Kratos escape from Hades and tells him to find the Fates to change his destiny. When he finds them, they cannot do as Gaia says and Kratos slays them. Using the Loom of Fate, Kratos travels back to when Zeus killed him. He battles with the king of the gods and defeats him, but Athena intervenes, at the cost of her own life.

    Athena tells Kratos that Zeus was trying to break the cycle of the son killing the father and that Kratos is the son of Zeus. This does not deter Kratos from seeking his revenge on Zeus. He uses the Loom once more to go further back in time to the Great War between the Titans and the Olympians. He rallies the Titans to fight with him in the future and kill the gods of Olympus.

    God of War III

    Kratos and his Titan allies were attacked by the Gods. After brutally killing Poseidon, he confronts Zeus but is blasted from Mt. Olympus along with Gaia. With his grip slipping, Gaia refuses to help Kratos, stating he to be nothing more than a pawn to serve the Titans, having now brought them to fight Zeus, he outlived his usefulness.

    Kratos ready for Zeus
    Kratos ready for Zeus

    Kratos fell into Hades Realm, where he is greeted by Athena, who had become some sort of Angel and agrees to help Kratos, so can mankind be freed from Zeus's grasp, and told he should extinguish Olympus' source of power, the Flame of Olympus. In the Underworld, Kratos meets Hephaestus, the God of Smith, who warn him the Flame of Olympus is deadly to all who touches it. Kratos also kill Hades and finds the tombs of Ares and Persephone. He learn Hephaestus had created Pandora, a child-like construct, who is the key to extinguish the Flame of Olympus and had been hidden by Zeus, so Kratos cannot find her.

    He resumes his quest back to Olympia, killing Hermes and taking his boots; curb stomp Hercules to death, snaps Hera's neck with his bare hands after she called Pandora a whore. Back above, he finds Gaia, now loosing against the Gods and ask his help again, but having been already betrayed by the Titans he refuses and sever her hand. Kratos also find the goddess of love

    Kratos fighting a Titan size Poseidon
    Kratos fighting a Titan size Poseidon

    Aphrodite and makes love with her, much to Hephaestus's dismay, but when he learn Kratos intend to sacrifice Pandora to the Flame of Olympus so he can retrieve the Pandora Box, Hephaestus send him to the Underworld to retrieve the Omphalus Stone inside their grandfather's belly, the Titan Cronus.

    Cronus and Kratos fight, and after Cronus made the foolish mistake of swallowing Kratos like he did with his sons, Kratos cut his way from the Titan, finding the Stone and use the Blade of Olympus to finish off Cronus. Hephaestus make a new weapon with the Stone an give to Kratos, but he tried to kill him so he cannot reach Pandora, and Kratos kill him in turn.

    He finds Pandora, but Kratos grew fond of her because he reminds her of his daughter and is at first, unwilling to let her sacrifice herself, as he realized that if he lost Pandora he would be throwing away another loved one because of the manifestation of his daughter in Pandora's form. But Zeus appears and they end up fighting, but Pandora tries to jump in the flame only to Kratos hold her, but Zeus kept reminding him of "do not fail her like you fail with your family" making Kratos exploding in anger and attacking Zeus in a overwhelming rage, but letting Pandora fell into the Flame.

    After he open the Pandora's Box and find it empty, the guilt of a loved one sacrifice in vain lies heavily in his shoulder and he pursues Zeus into a last stand, which is interrupted by Gaia herself, having survived the attempt against her, Zeus and Kratos fell into her heart and after one last battle, Kratos kills both Zeus and Gaia by stabbing them with the Blade of Olympus in the heart.

    After removing the Blade from Zeus' chest, he emerges a spirit moved by his overwhelming hatred for Kratos and imprisons him in his own mind. However Pandora appear to him and remind him of hope and her sacrifice. Kratos manage to get hold in to himself, overwhelm Zeus and beat the tar out of him to death.

    However, after the gods have been killed, calamity after another befell over mankind, leaving a calamitous world behind, and Athena appear to Kratos and demands she return her power to him. She explain the Box was not empty, after Kratos opened it to fight Ares, all the evils rested inside the Box sought out the strongest and end up corrupting the Gods, but the Hope, the last remnant was inside the box sought Kratos, and he still has the power of Hope inside him. Rather than let himself be manipulated by another, he impale himself with the Blade of Olympus and release the power of Hope into the world. After he falls dead in the ground, in a post-credit scene, a trail of blood into the sea is seen, indicating he might still be alive...

    Powers and Abilities

    "The hands of death could not defeat me, the Sisters of Fate could not hold me, and you will not see the end of this day! I will have my revenge!! "

    Kratos equipped with his blades
    Kratos equipped with his blades

    Kratos is a natural born demigod, his father being the mighty Zeus himself. This heritage allows him to possess a number physical attributes and powers. Kratos possesses an unknown level superhuman strength. His strength seems to fluctuate according to the situation that requires it. He can go from having enough strength to open certain doors one minute to having the strength to combat beings of massive strength and size the next. His greatest feats of strength include wrestling the mighty Hydra into submission, going toe to toe with Hercules, resisting being crushed between the fingers of the Titans Atlas and Cronos, tossing the Colossus of Rhodes after it attempted to crush Kratos under it’s foot, and overpowering Zeus himself. Kratos also has a decent degree of durability, being able to survive attacks and situations that would easily kill a normal man. Such feats of durability include falling from great heights and walking away unharmed, getting crushed, stabbed, beaten, blasted, and burned by various enemies and traps he’s encountered. Kratos also has the ability to sense incoming danger and react quite fast. Under normal conditions, Kratos has the speed of an Olympic athlete, but when possessing the Boots of Hermes {see Weapons and Equipment}, his speed increases. Kratos has superhuman stamina. In fact, Kratos has never been sown to tire at all. Kratos is a master of weaponry, able to pick up any weapon and use it like an expert. Kratos is excellent in the arts of war, able to execute brutal strategies to win almost any battle. He has shown to be a capable magic user, but only in offensive spells {see Magic}. After Ares' defeat, Kratos became the new God of War. The only power shown as the God of War was the ability to grow in size, but it is implied that Kratos could have done far more. Kratos also possessed the power of Hope, a unique and undefined power that, when tapped into, allowed Kratos to become immune to Zeus’ attacks, and was able to hit Zeus while in an ethereal form.


    Blades of Chaos/Athena/Exile

    Kratos' main weapons. A large pair of axe-like swords that are attached to chains which, in turn, are attach to Kratos wrists. Allows Kratos to attack at great length with great power and speed. Blades emit flames and can cause explosions. Basically an extension of Kratos body, Kratos has complete control over them and can do an number of tasks with them other than for attacking such as pulling objects and swinging.

    The Blade of Artemis

    A large sword glowing with energy. Once owned by the Goddess Artemis, she said that she once used it to slay a Titan. In Kratos' hands it can cleave a man sized ememy in two with one slash.

    The Blade of the Gods

    A large sword once used as a bridge. When Kratos was stripped of his powers and weapons by Ares, Kratos used this large weapon to bring the mighty god to his knees and ultimatly kill him.

    The Gauntlet of Zeus

    Forged by Hephaestus to help Zeus imprision the Titans in Tartarus, the massive metal fist amplifies Kratos punching strength to unbelievable degrees. Also emits electricity.

    Barbarian Hammer

    A large spiked hammer once weilded by Kratos' nemesis, The Barbarian King. This weapon is slow to used but makes up for it's lack of speed with great crushing power. Can emit waves of energy an summon the souls of the Dead.

    Spear of Destiny

    This magical Spear is covered in purple crystals and can also extend it's length. The crystals can be shot out like a shotgun, be placed as bombs, or can turn enemies into living bombs.

    Claws of Hades

    Cruel hooks once used by the God of the Underworld himself. Can rip the souls from living beings and summon the souls of the dead.

    Nemean Cestus

    A large pair of lion-headed gauntlets. Once owned by Hercules, the have the power to "make the very Earth tremble". Can create shockwaves and can break certain objects that otherwise cannot be destroyed.

    Nemesis Whips

    Forged by Hephaestus and infused with electricity, these bladed weapons work with speed rather than raw power.

    The Blade of Olympus

    Created by Zeus and forged from the Heavens and the Earth, this large golden sword was the very weapon that ended the Great War and defeated the Titans. This powerful weapon glows with blue energy and has the power to lay waste to entire armies in a single slash. Also infused with Kratos' godly power.

    Leviathan Axe

    Forged by the Huldra Brothers, Sindri and Brok, the Leviathan Axe is a weapon passed from Kratos's wife Laufey. This axe has Norse runes inscribed on the blade and infused ice magics, able to freeze enemies and perform powerful ice-based attacks. It also can fly back to Kratos's hand at any distance.

    Magic Abilities

    Poseidon's Rage

    Harnessing the power of sea storms, Kratos can vaporize his enemies with powerful streams of lightning.

    Medusa's Gaze

    Torn from the Gorgon Queen's serpentine body, Kratos can harness the power of Medusa's head to turn his enemies to solid stone.

    Zeus' Fury

    Granted to him by the King of the Gods himself, Kratos can hurl thunderbolts at his enemies from afar. Can be charged for a devastating blast of lightning.

    Army of Hades

    The God of the Underworld granted Kratos command of the Dead. Kratos summons invincible vicious warrior spirits to tear his enemies to shreds. Ares himself could not withstand such an assault.

    Rage of the Gods

    Granted to him by the Goddess Athena, Kratos could focus his rage and power to give himself godlike powers, becoming invincible and granted infinite power (magic), but only for a short time.

    Typhon's Bane

    Torn from the eye of the imprisoned Titan, Typhon, this ability manifested into the shape of a bow. Kratos could harness the power of wind to fire blasts of wind or create small tornadoes.

    Cronos' Rage

    Before his fall in the Great War with the gods, Cronos, the leader of the Titans hid away the last of his magic. Granted to Kratos, he could place orbs of electricity that would electrocute anything nearby and explode.

    Euryales Gaze

    Torn from the body of Medusa's sister Euryale, Kratos can use the Gorgon's head much like the Medusa's Gaze.

    Atlas Quake

    Granted to him by the mighty Titan Atlas, Kratos can pound the earth with his fists to send shock waves of debris in all directions.

    Rage of the Titans

    By freeing Prometheus and allowing him to be consumed in fire, his ashes, tainted with the power of the Titans, have been given to Kratos and allow him control of fire as well as making his durability and speed go up.


    By summoning the Fire Demon Efreet, Kratos can command it to pound the ground with it's fists and burn enemies in the process.

    Light of Dawn

    Drawing power from light itself, Kratos can create orbs of light and force and hurl them at his enemies.

    Charon's Wrath

    With the mask of the ferryman of the Underworld, Kratos can send forth a blast of green flame that will slowly end the life of those it touches.

    Divine Reckoning

    With the Blade of Olympus in hand, Kratos can plunge the weapon into the ground and envelop himself in a vortex of energy that decimates nearby enemies.

    Army of Sparta

    Calling forth the spirits of his Spartan comrades, Kratos can command them to form an impenetrable phalanx around him and attack his enemies with spears and a rain of arrows.

    Soul Summon

    Harnessing the power of the Claws of Hades, Kratos can call forth various ethereal beasts to attack his enemies.

    Nemean Roar

    By slamming the Nemean Cestus into the ground, Kratos can send forth a barrage of powerful


    Nemesis Rage

    Using the Nemesis Whips, Kratos can send forth a surge of electric energy that will attach to an enemy and attack others as well.

    Rage of Sparta

    By drawing upon the the power of the Blade of Olympus, Kratos can become temporarily invulnerable and move at greater speeds.

    * As stated in the newest game, as Kratos destroyed the Greek realm, his Greek magics are all gone.


    Poseidon's Trident

    By using the god of the sea's symbol of power, Kratos is granted the ability to breathe under water indefinitely.

    Amulet of the Fates

    When near certain statues, Kratos can move through time while all around him slows.

    Golden Fleece

    A golden, indestructable piece of armor for the wearer's arm. Has the ability to catch incoming enemy projectiles and send them back to the enemy.

    Icarus Wings

    Torn from the legendary Icarus, Kratos can use the artificial wings to glide and fly with the help of powerful upward drafts.

    Sun Shield

    Belonging to Helios, God of the Sun, this shield can block enemy attacks and projectiles {see Golden Fleece}.

    Triton's Lance

    With the Spear of Triton, son of Poseidon, Kratos can breathe underwater indefinitely {see Poseidon's Trident }.

    Bow of Apollo

    A magical bow that can fire an infinite amount of flaming arrows. Can set objects and enemies on fire.

    Head of Helios

    Torn from the god of the sun himself, Kratos can harness the power of Helios' head to illuminate his way through dark areas and even damage his enemies with powerful surges of light.

    Boots of Hermes

    After defeating the Messenger of Olympus, Kratos acquired Hermes' winged sandals. With the the source of the God of Speed's power in his possession, Kratos can run up walls and ram his enemies at great speed leaving a trail of fire in his wake.

    Video Games

    Kratos appears in his own series "God of War" which currently has 6 released titles and one upcoming one

    Kratos appears as a third party character in SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny

    Story Mode Appearence: Kratos makes a notable appearence during the storyline when Hilde, Cassandra, and Dampierre need to find sand from another world to cure Hilde's father. The group attack Zasalamel and defeat him forcing him to travel with them to the alternate world. Once their the party holds of Kratos as Dampierre sneaks enough sand so the alchemy can work. Once safe from the God of War's wrath Cassandra breaks the fourth wall by complaining about the "Special Guest"

    Kratos appears as a third party character in Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Mortal Kombat 2011 Bio: "Ancient Greece knew no more bloodthirsty a warrior than Kratos, who for a time was the God of War. Mortal once more, Kratos withdrew from the ages-old clash between men and gods. But his solitude was broken when he was ripped through space and time. As the madness subsided, Kratos found himself in present-day Outworld, kneeling before Shao Kahn. To ensure his victory in Mortal Kombat, the emperor had invoked an ancient ritual, sacrificing the souls of his vanguard to summon and enslave the most powerful warrior of all time. But the spell alone could not contain Kratos, who soon regained his free will. Enraged by Shao Kahn's arrogance, Kratos vowed to rip the warlord's spine from his body. The God of War had returned to battle."

    Kratos is set to appear in the Playstation All-Stars Battle Royal as a playable character alongside Sly Cooper, Needles Cane, and Parrappa the Rappa. The God of War stage will feature Hades realm of the dead overrun the Pappion Army.


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