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    Team » Indigo Tribe appears in 106 issues.

    The Indigo Tribe wield staff lanterns powered by the Indigo Light of Compassion.

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    The Indigo Tribe are those that are unable to feel compassion and Members of the Tribe wield the Indigo Light through a staff as their lantern, yet they also wield indigo rings. The Tribe has it's own language, and despite the educated guesses concerning their stance in combat, both Indigo and Munk have eagerly taken up arms against the Black Lanterns. Their powers are demonstrated by their ability to channel the emotional energy of other Lanterns through their staffs, such as willpower, fear, and even the black rings, in what can only be describe as an extreme form of empathy. It appears that Abin Sur, the former Green Lantern of Sector 2814, has more connections to the Tribe then have been alluded, as Indigo refers to him as her savior, and his name is a part of the Tribe's oath.

    The members of the tribe are completely dedicated to spreading goodwill throughout the universe, forsaking all material possessions and living out meager lives as they spread the indigo light. While nothing is currently known about the individual members, they are led by a female alien whose name is Indigo. In recent issues of Green Lantern, Ganthet and Sayd have set their Blue Lanterns with the task of finding those who wield the Indigo Light, so hope and compassion can work together when the Blackest Night begins.

    The Tribe finally appeared in Blackest Night: Tales of the Corps #1, in which they came across a gravely injured Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps soldier in battle. Indigo channels the Green Lantern's energy, and then puts him out of his misery due to the extent of his wounds. The Sinestro Corps solider attacks, but Indigo absorbs his yellow energy and fires it back, creating a monstrous construct that scares him off. It would appear from this sequence that an Indigo Lanterns staff can protect them from attacks by other lanterns and channel this energy back at the attacker.

    The Indigo Tribe also speak a language which is not recognized by a Green Lantern ring. It was also revealed that the members of The Indigo Tribe can speak English if they want to. During the beginning of the Blackest Night, Indigo-1 teams up with Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Saint Walker, and Carol Ferris, the major members of the other six corps, and Ganthet and Sayd, the two outcast Guardians of the Universe and leaders of the Blue Lantern Corps. The seven lanterns transport to Earth after Indigo channels the energy of a black ring to locate the central Black Lantern Power Battery in Coast City. When the seven fail to destroy the main battery, Indigo offers the use of the Tribe to gather the rest of the members of the other Corps to team up against Nekron. Indigo's ring replicates, and the replicated ring inducts Ray Palmer into the Tribe.

    Meanwhile, Munk has traveled to Oa in order to help the rest of the Green Lantern Corps defend the central Power Battery from the Black Lanterns. He also helps Soranik Natu in preventing Kyle Rayner from being revived as a Black Lantern by destroying any rings trying to revive him. The Indigo Tribe is instrumental in transporting the Corps to Earth to battle the Black Lantern Corps. Following the Blackest Night, they abduct Black Hand and force him into their Tribe, forcing him to feel compassion.

    The Indigo Tribe later come to Earth to find a host for their entity Proselyte. They find an American paramedic named Shane Thompson, who is mortally wounded in a car accident whilst trying to resuscitate a patient in the back of an ambulance. The Indigo Tribe, with Black Hand in tow. They encounter the New Guardians, along with Barry Allen. They clash with them over their treatment of Black Hand, along with the revelation that they are criminals forced to feel compassion. They are interrupted by Krona. In the subsequent battle, Krona is able to posses Barry with Paralax, only for Proselyte to cure Barry. In the ensuing battle, Krona steals all the entities.

    Indigo-1 is later trapped in the Book of the Black by Lyssa Drak. Her ring is rescued by Hal Jordan, and John Stewart wears it during the War of the Green Lanterns. Using his Indigo powers, he is able to kill Mogo, who was possessed during the War. Stewart channels the Black Lantern energy in Mogo's core into a Black Lantern rifle, and shoots Mogo's core.

    The next time the Indigo Tribe is seen is when they capture Sinestro to and take them to there home world of Nok. Hal follows them and tries to free him but they have already converted him to there tribe. Fleeing them to a statue of Abin Sur he pushes a panel and finds a secret chamber where he finds the tribes central power battery along with an alien named Natromo who created the corps with Abin to fight in the Blackest Night and against the Guardians when they become corrupted. When he hears that Abin is dead he destroys the indigo battery releasing the tribe from the control of their rings.

    The destruction was only temporary, however. Hal and Sinestro found Natromo escaping as they, themselves, were trying to outrun the now-released Tribe. Hal convinced Natromo to repair the lantern, telling him to do as Abin would have, and not give up. But when Natromo began the process, he realized he required an indigo spark, something that would take a week at least to re-forge. Iroque, formerly Indigo-1, reappeared then, and revealed she still felt the remorse the ring put in her. Her ring glowed, providing the spark, which Natromo then used to restore the Power Battery completely, restoring all of the members of the Tribe, save Black Hand, who had removed his ring.

    Hal convinced them to release Sinestro, who was promptly 'de-purified', and allowed to return to his work against the Guardians of the Universe. In the meantime, Black Hand, who had leaped to his death attempting to escape the Indigo Ring that sought him out, was revived by his Black Ring, while the Indigo one left to search for a new host.






    Corps Structure

    Entity: Proselyte

    Leader: Natromo, Abin Sur (deceased)


    Black Hand (formerly)


    Munk (deceased)

    Ray Palmer (formerly)

    Sinestro (formerly)


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