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    Using the Violet Light of Love and led by the Zamarons, the Star Sapphire Corps plans to change the hearts of the universe.

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    Originally there was only one Star Sapphire and that was Carol Ferris. In the silver age of comics she was both a friend and foe to Hal Jordan. She was imbued with the power of the Star Sapphire which made her mad with love (though this showed itself in very negative ways.) The power was given to her by the Zamarons. When it was revealed by prophecy in the Book of Oa that numerous Lantern Corps would emerge, one became apparent to be the Star Sapphire Corps.

    After one of the Zamarons was possessed by a Star Sapphire gem, the race of females realized that the gems were simply too overpowering and unwieldy to use. So it was that the Zamarons decided to learn from the Guardians of the Universe and refashioned the gems into power rings and create the Corps (and the Violet Lantern). Unlike with the gems the wielders of the rings were aware of their actions and could control the impulses of the rings. In so doing they changed the legacy of the Star Sapphire from being a single villain to a group of heroes (which included Carol).


    The Star Sapphire Corps is more of an evolution of the single character represented by Carol Ferris for many years. The modern version was created by Geoff Johns.

    Team Evolution

    Throughout the majority of the team's history there has been only one member of the Star Sapphire Corps, and that was Carol Ferris. Occasionally the gem would take control of another (for instance Cowgirl.) Rather than have the Star Sapphires be gem-possessed beings running wild through the universe, they would become a corps like the Green Lanterns and the Sinestros. They would also prepare for the prophecized Blackest Night. This new context for the Star Sapphire portrayed them as less villainous and more of an ideological opposition to the Green Lantern Corps. Rather than imprisonment and punishment, the Star Sapphire Corps' ideology revolved around forced rehabilitation. True to their history as Star Sapphires, when they try to convert someone this often takes the form of a protective crystal wherein one Star Sapphire can discuss the benefits with the potential recruit of joining. This has happened with both John Stewart and Bleez, though neither recruiting examples were successful. Like many of the Lantern Corps, the Star Sapphires lose the occasional member in combat, but since expanding to a Corps, the most frequently seen members have been Carol Ferris, Fatality and Miri Riam.

    Major Story Arcs

    Sins of the Star Sapphire

    For further details: Sins of the Star Sapphire

    The Star Sapphire rings were sent out to recruit members and bolster their ranks. The first member of the newly created Star Sapphire Corps was Miri Riam who, after the death of her husband due to an attack by Mongul, accepted her ring's offer to fill the void in her heart. She soon allied with a team of Green Lanterns trying to prevent Kryb from killing any more members of their corps and stealing children.

    As their recruitment continued, female Sinestro Corps members who had been scattered throughout the universe after the Sinestro Corps War were tracked down and brought to Zamaron. Karu-Sil, Kryb and Fatality were among those captured and placed in crystal chambers to be converted into Star Sapphires. Soon the Star Sapphires' violet light became too bright for the Guardians to ignore and a delegation was sent to Zamaron to negotiate. The Zamarons could not be convinced out of their course of action, feeling that it was the Guardians who had become out of touch with the universe and too detached from emotion, so Queen Aga'po continued her expansion of the Star Sapphire Corps, recruiting Carol Ferris among their number, but she was not simply meant to be another Star Sapphire, Carol was meant to lead the Star Sapphire Corps.

    Blackest Night

    For further details: Blackest Night

    Sinestro led an attack on Zamaron to liberate his captured Sinestro Corps soldiers and clashed one-on-one with Carol Ferris. Many of his captured soldiers were freed including Karu-Sil, Kryb, and Kiriazis. The Star Sapphires seemed overwhelming by the Sinestro Corps, and Carol soon found herself at the mercy of Sinestro and some of his soldiers, but a contingent of Black Lanterns, all deceased members of the Sinestro Corps, appeared and interrupted the battle.

    The already strained Star Sapphire Corps was then forced into a battle against the Black Lantern Corps, and the Sinestro Corps became their unlikely allies in the fight. The Star Sapphires' violet crystals were completely ineffective because the Black Lanterns did not feel love. The crippling blow to the Star Sapphires came when two black power rings flew into the heart of their Central Power Battery and reanimated the crystallized dead lovers within. Khufu and Chay-Ara of Earth rose as Black Lanterns, and the Violet Light on Zamaron began to fade. The Predator broke free of its confinement, and the Star Sapphire Corps had lost.

    Despite this devastating loss, the Star Sapphires regrouped with members of the other Corps of Light to engage the bulk of the Black Lantern Corps on Earth as a final line of defense.

    Meanwhile on Earth, Carol was on the front line with representatives of the other corps. The desperate circumstances enacted an emergency protocol in Carol's ring that spawned another power ring to deputize a person for a 24-hour period. This person was Wonder Woman.

    The expectation that the combined light of the full Emotional Spectrum would destroy Nekron proved to be wrong, leaving Carol and her allies at a loss for how to stop the Blackest Night. It was not until Nekron summoned that Entity that a possibility arose. Sinestro became the herald of the White Lantern Corps, and soon those heroes who had been resurrected in the past become brief members of the White Lantern Corps. The power of the white light resurrected Black Hand, cutting off Nekron's access to the universe.

    Brightest Day

    For further details: Brightest Day

    Left in dire straits by the loss of the crystallized remains of Khufu and Chay-Ara, the Star Sapphire Corps needed to recapture the Predator entity in order to reignite their Central Power Battery. Carol succeeded in locating and reining in the Predator in Las Vegas, where it had taken an obsessed stalker as its host.

    Upon bringing the Predator back to Zamaron, Carol could no longer allow the Zamarons to go through with their plan of exploiting it to reignite the corps' power. Her plea for the Predator's sake touched Queen Aga'po in such a way that the leader of the Star Sapphire Corps chose to sacrifice her own love and life to bring light back to Zamaron. With Queen Aga'po dead, Carol was named the new leader of the Star Sapphire Corps.

    Shortly after Carol's rise to leadership, Queen Shrike and an army of Manhawks attacked Zamaron with Hawkman and Hawkgirl in tow to aid in Zamaron's defense. This attempt to steal the power of the Star Sapphire Corps was defeated, and Carol sent the two heroes home to finally enjoy their new lives together.

    The New 52

    The Star Sapphires continue to fight for love, however when the Star Sapphire from Sector 22 looses her ring while defending a family from pirates, ending up with Kyle Rayner. Fatality is drawn into the investigation. She is initially led to Earth where she discovers other representatives from other Corps including Saint Walker, Arkillo, Munk and Bleez. After protesting his innocence, the group heads to Oa and then to Okaara in search of answers before being forced to confront Invictus. Fatality and Bleez showed some understanding of one another (at times) and Fatality thus tries to forcibly convert her to the Star Sapphire Corps. Meanwhile on Earth Carol has decided to not don her ring even though she still acts as the Queen of the Star Sapphires.

    Powers and Abilities

    Violet Power Ring

    In many ways, Star Sapphires are similar to Green Lanterns in capability. They are capable of intergalactic travel, surviving inhabitable environments such as exposed space and creating energy construct.Their more unique abilities include encasing beings within violet crystals. Beings within these crystals are kept in stasis and psychically bombarded with thoughts of love. This is the primary means the Star Sapphire Corps uses to forcibly rehabilitate violent beings.

    The emotion channeled by the Star Sapphires, Love, is shown as a flexible emotion, as opposed to singular emotions like willpower or rage, love can be channeled as love for a lover, love for her children, or even love for a concept, such as Guy Gardner briefly using a ring via his love for the Green Lantern Corps.


    Because violet is at one of the extreme ends of the Emotional Spectrum, members of the Star Sapphire Corps are susceptible to being mentally compromised by their own power. Many Star Sapphires lose a portion of their own free will, following the beating heart of their Central Power Battery. They may take extreme measures to show their love, such as killing and sealing their loved ones in crystal to be together forever. Carol Ferris is one of the few able to resist the effects of the violet light.


    "For hearts long lost and full of fright,

    For those alone in Blackest Night,

    Accept our ring and join our fight.

    Love conquers all... With Violet Light!"

    Corps Structure

    Entity: The Predator

    Leader: Zamarons, Carol Ferris (formerly)

    The Space Sectors

    Other Versions

    Other Media


    Green Lantern Animated Series

    Star Sapphire Corps has appeared in Green Lantern Animated Series.


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