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    Mario is widely recognized as the mascot of Nintendo. He's as iconic to video games as Micky Mouse & Bugs Bunny are to cartoons & Superman is to comics. Over the course of his 25+ year career, he's appeared in both Japanese Manga & American Comics alike.

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    Mario is the pudgy little protector of the Mushroom Kingdom. This Italian plumber has saved the sweet Princess Peach several times from countless dangers, usually at the hands of the evil tyrant Bowser, a monstrous dinosaur creature who seeks to rule the Mushroom Kingdom as his own.


    Mario first appeared in the video game Donkey Kong in 1981. He was created by Shigeru Miyamoto.

    Character Evolution


    When Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong, he was only referred to as Jumpman. This was due to the fact that Mario jumped throughout the game. It wasn't until Mario Bros. (made in 1983) that Mario acquired his official name.

    Powers and Abilities

    Mario is an Olympic level athlete, able to do anything that the worlds best athlete can do. Mario's jump is the second best in the Mushroom Kingdom, losing only to his brother, Luigi. Mario is capable of variations on the jump, such as wall jump, back flip, and a spin jump. Mario has an extremely high stamina, allowing him to continue physical activity for an indefinite period of time.

    Super Strength

    Mario possess super strength that allows him to lift more than 3 tons. Mario has been able to toss Bowser, King Bob-omb, and the Mega Goomba without trouble. All of these creatures are at least 10x Mario's size. In Bowser's Inside Story, Mario uses all of his strength to lift Luigi, who at the time was 3 tons. Note that Mario is able to do that move when he was very tiny. Mario also was able to lift and throw an entire fortress in Super Mario World.

    Mario's feet are even more amazing. They have allowed him to destroy 1000s of enemies, fortresses, and even spaceships.

    Super Durability

    Mario has a significant amount of durability. He can withstand great impacts, such as falling from a height of several stories or being attacked by opponents with super human strength, such as Donkey Kong or Bowser. Along with that, Mario can very harsh environments. In Bowser's Inside Story, Mario withstood the freezing cold within Bowser's stomach and dark energy blasts from the villain Dark Star. Mario adapts amazingly fast to his surroundings, being able to go from scorching deserts to freezing cold areas to even the depths of outer space. Mario can endure lethal hits such as burning, electrocution, freezing and more several times before dying.

    Super Speed

    Mario is capable of running up walls in Super Mario World, and is capable of outpacing sound in Super Paper Mario . Mario won in a race against Koopa the Quick a koopa with sprint shoes capable of reach speed of mach 1 also he has referred to Mario as a "human blur.

    Giant Mario

    When Mario touches a mushroom, he can grow to over twice his usual size, increasing his strength and durability

    Metal Mario

    When Mario puts on his metal cap, he becomes Metal Mario who is immensely heavy and durable.

    Winged Cap Mario

    When Mario puts on his winged cap, he can fly for a short time. If he is shot from a cannon, he can fly at greater heights and a longer time

    Fire Mario

    When Mario touches a fire flower, he gains the ability to shoot fire balls from his hands. Mario's fireball can bounce off of any surface. The fireballs cannot be destroyed by water. This is his most iconic powerup.

    Cape Mario

    when Mario touches a feather, he gets a cape which lets him glide for short distances. In the Smash Bros games, he can use this to reflect enemy projectiles.

    FLUDD Mario

    Once Mario used a back-pack style hose unit named FLUDD to take down sludge creatures. It had features such as hover mode (hovers using water jets), rocket mode (shoots into the air using water pressure), and propulsion mode (shoots forward at high speed using a massive water jet. Very effective for getting across large bodies of water)

    Mega Mario

    If Mario touches a special mushroom, he grows to twice the size of his Giant Mario.

    Invincible Mario

    When Mario touches a glowing star, he becomes invincible for a short time

    Invisible Mario

    When Mario puts on his invisibility cap, he becomes invisible to enemies

    Video Game Team Ups

    Mario sometimes teams up with his brother Luigi in various games. he also teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games and Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games.


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