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    During World War II, Steve Rogers volunteered to receive the experimental Super-Soldier Serum. Enhanced to the pinnacle of human physical potential and armed with an unbreakable shield, he became Captain America. After a failed mission left him encased in ice for decades, he was found and revived by the Avengers, later joining their ranks and eventually becoming the team's leader.

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    America's Super Soldier: Captain America
    America's Super Soldier: Captain America

    After the outbreak of World War II in Europe, a young HYDRA agent disguised as an American patriot named Steve Rogers attempted to enlist in the U.S. Army but was rejected, due to his skinny, anemic physique, and was classified 4-F. However, he garnered the attention of certain people including scientist Doctor Abraham Erskine who was searching for suitable volunteers/test subjects for a top-secret experimental program designed to create an army of Super-Soldiers. As a result of Operation: Rebirth, Steve Rogers gained speed, strength, flexibility, endurance and agility of nearly superhuman levels. These heightened abilities coupled with his unwavering courage and “never say die” attitude eventually made him Captain America, a living legend.

    For information on the Captain America that substituted for Steve Rogers when the latter apparently "died" in 2007 see the Bucky Barnes character page.


    Collector's Item!
    Collector's Item!

    Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby as a response to the booming popularity of patriotically-themed superheroes in the 1940's. Though it was rare for any character, let alone a new one, to get a self-named title in those days, he debuted in Captain America Comics #1 (March, 1941). He was depicted fighting Adolph Hitler himself on the cover even though the United States had not yet entered World War II and wouldn't for another 9 months. Debuting along with Captain America in this comic was his teenage partner Bucky, and his arch-enemy the Red Skull. This issue sold nearly one million copies and Captain America soon became Marvel's best-selling character.

    "Cap" (the nickname he came to affectionately be called) spent World War II punching, kicking and defeating Nazis, Japanese, and other Axis members. In addition to help from Bucky, he battled the Axis forces alongside other Marvel (Timely) stalwarts: the Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch. Simon and Kirby did ten issues before leaving Timely to work for DC. When the war eventually ended, superheroes fell out of favor and comics sales declined. Captain America Comics were printed up to issue #75, but by then it had become a horror book and soon ended.

    Captain America was revived by one of his original co-creators Jack Kirby, along with Stan Lee, during 1964 in issue #4 of the Avengers. This was the start of Cap as we know him. He became an instant hit and was soon leading the Avengers. A short time later, he shared and co-headlined a comic called "Tales of Suspense" along with fellow Avenger Iron Man. He has since become one of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe and even transcended comics becoming a true American icon. Additionally, Captain America has been recreated many times over the years in comics featuring stories that take place in alternate universes. One of the most well-known alternate universe versions of Captain America is in the Ultimate Universe.

    Major Story Arcs

    The War

    Steve Rogers before the Super Soldier serum.
    Steve Rogers before the Super Soldier serum.

    On September 28th 1922 Steven Rogers was born to a pair of Irish immigrants. Steve was always a courageous kid as well as a diligent student, but he wasn't very athletic and he was quiet and introverted, because he was so skinny. Although he would eventually grow to 6'2, he was scrawny and weak, always last in athletic games (much like one Peter Parker, that would be born much later). A target for bullies as he grew up, he was protected by his best friend Arnie Roth, and, on at least one occasion, by neighborhood tough-guy Duvid Fortunov. Though it wasn't apparent at the time, he possessed fierce loyalty, a courageous fighting spirit and a noble heart. Knowing he had no future in athletics, Steve majored in fine arts and was an exceptionally talented artist specializing in illustration.

    His life changed, though, when the Axis forces sweep across Europe starting World War II. Seeing their atrocities on newsreels, Rogers becomes convinced they need to be fought and that the European war would soon pull America into the conflict, inspiring him to enlist in the U.S. armed forces to fight against the Axis forces.

    Becoming Captain America

    Steve Rogers bombarded with Vita Rays.
    Steve Rogers bombarded with Vita Rays.

    When he tried to join the U.S. military Steve was immediately rejected due to him being physically too skinny and classified as "4-F." Steve was puny and didn't even come close to passing the mandatory physical exam for induction, although he wanted with all his life to serve his country, he was rejected and stamped out. It seemed there was nothing he could do. He eventually made an impression on the Army recruiters and trainers, however, when he convinced them just how desperately he wanted to do his part, and how it was his dream to fight for America against the Axis powers. Steve caught the attention of an officer who was looking for men to volunteer as test subjects for an experimental program which was part of a top-secret defense plan known to only a dozen men or less. The experimental program was called Operation: Rebirth. The plan was to create physically superior soldiers with a new serum dubbed the Super-Soldier Formula. If it worked, it would make ordinary men into super soldiers. They would become perfect physical beings; possessing strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and recuperative powers that bordered near the upper limits of human evolutionary potential.

    After a rigorous process to choose a suitable candidate, Steve Rogers was chosen to be the first man whom the Super Soldier Serum would be administered to. It was Dr. Abraham Erskine who had developed the process, and it was he who administered it to Rogers. Rogers was injected with the Super Soldier Serum and was then bathed in Vita-Rays which activated and stabilized the serum's chemicals in his system.

    The process worked perfectly; Steve Rogers' entire physical being was boosted to the maximum of human potential and efficiency. In addition, he virtually doubled in size as millions of new cells were created almost instantaneously. His muscle strength, flexibility and reflexes improved to the peak of human potential. Steve marveled, he had become the ultimate specimen of human physical power and ability as all weakness and deficiencies drained from his body. Just then, a Nazi spy burst in with a gun. He cried "Hail Hitler" and shot Erskine through the head. In order to keep Nazi spies from obtaining it, Erskine hadn't written down the serum's ingredients, along with much of the procedure, having instead committed it to memory. Therefore the secret of the Super Soldier Serum died with him. Steve Rogers would be the only Super-Soldier. He chased after and caught the Nazi spy who'd assassinated Erskine and broke his neck, killing him. He then vowed to use his power to fight the enemies of America and become a symbol of freedom.

    Captain America & Bucky
    Captain America & Bucky

    The U.S. government, disappointed at the loss of their planned super soldier army was determined to use Rogers to his fullest potential. To this end, they decided to use him as a superhero to fight the Nazis; to become a symbol of freedom and hope against Nazi forces as well as a counter-intelligence agent. He also would be their answer to and main weapon against the leader of the Nazi terrorist operations - the Red Skull. The U.S. Government gave him a costume based on the American flag, an unbreakable shield (given to him by President Franklin Roosevelt), a sidearm, and the name Captain America. From that point on, Steve Rogers was Captain America. A short time later he was stationed on an army base in Virginia serving as Private Steve Rogers.

    While there he continued his extensive training and was deployed several times both domestically and abroad on covert missions. When on base as private, Steve purposely developed a persona and reputation as a clumsy soon-to-be soldier. It was also during this period that he meets Bucky Barnes - a young teenager who accidentally found out that Steve Rogers was secretly Captain America. With the U.S. Federal Governments' permission, Steve trains Bucky and makes him his sidekick. Captain America and Bucky became a formidable fighting duo during World War II.


    Watch out Axis, here comes the Invaders!
    Watch out Axis, here comes the Invaders!

    The two fight crime and Nazis on their own and, after Pearl Harbor, helped found the Invaders, an Allied superhero team that fought against the Axis and their super-powered agents. The Invaders were featured in a comic book of their own in the 1970s. Recently, it has been stated that Bucky was already being trained when Steve/Captain America met him at the military base, hence, his being able to fight side-by-side with Cap almost immediately despite not having any super-powers.

    During a mission to the African nation of Wakanda, Cap met King T'Chaka, the then-current Black Panther (this was later retconned into being Azzari, T'Chaka's father). As a show of good faith, the Black Panther gave Cap a small amount of the rare metal vibranium, which would be used to construct his iconic shield. In return, Cap gave the Panther his original, triangular shield, which would be held on display in Wakanda for decades to come.

    A few years passed, and, in part due to Captain America and the Invaders' contributions, by 1945 the war was drawing to an end in Europe with the Allies driving the Axis troops out of the countries they had occupied.

    With the Nazis retreating Cap and Bucky were on a routine mission trying to stop the evil Baron Heinrich Zemo from harming civilians using an unmanned drone plane. The patriotic duo engaged Zemo and his troops but before he was could be stopped Zemo managed to launch the drone plane up into the air towards allied forces armed with a huge bomb. Racing towards the plane as it was about to launch, Captain America and Bucky managed to jump onto it so they could try to defuse the bomb. Cap realized they couldn't defuse it in time and tried to get Bucky, who was closer to the bomb, to jump off. Tragically, the bomb exploded and seemingly killed Bucky while throwing Captain America into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. All searches to rescue or recover them failed and both were eventually presumed dead. Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes were both believed to be dead for many years, and efforts to replace them were attempted to varying degrees of success.

    Replacing A Legend

    The Spirit of '76
    The Spirit of '76

    With Captain America presumed dead (though actually frozen in a block of ice) the U.S. Government decided that Captain America was a valuable public relations tool that was still needed. Even though the war was won, they figured if the American public found out Cap was dead, their morale would be severely diminished, something that could not be risked while Japan continued to fight Allied forces in the Pacific. As it would turn out several replacements were needed to try to carry the mantle of "Captain America."

    The first replacement the U.S. Government recruited was formerly the Spirit of '76, a patriotic superhero whose physical abilities were similar, but less than, those of Captain America. His partner, a new “Bucky”, was Fred Davis, a very athletic but still normal young man. This Captain America and Bucky team operated very well fighting crime, communism and aiding other super-heroes (working with the All-Winners Squad). Unfortunately this Captain America's tour of duty ended when Adam II (an android) killed him in 1946.

    The U.S. Government still felt having a "Captain America" was necessary so they again recruited one. This next replacement Captain America was the Patriot, Jeff Mace, another Golden Age/World War II superhero. This Captain America also had a partner code-named "Bucky" but, unfortunately, two years into their stint this "Bucky" was shot in the legs, sustaining injuries that prohibited him from being Bucky any longer. Yet another former super-hero, this time the female, Golden Girl, became Cap's crime-fighting, commie-busting partner until they both quit to marry each other. Determining that replacing Captain America and Bucky properly was quite difficult as well as risky to his iconic reputation, the U.S. Government finally let the idea fade and there was no Captain America and no Bucky.

    1950's Commie-Bustin' Cap

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    In the 1950s, there was a brief run of the Captain America comic where, in keeping with the spirit of the times and the newly started 'Cold War' with communist Russia and China, Captain America becomes a more aggressive, conservative, communist-fighting character. When the real Captain America made his return in the '60s, the appearance of the '50s Cap was left unexplained, until Steve Englehart started on the book.

    In 1953, a man named William Burnside found the lost formula for the Super-Soldier Serum in Nazi files in a German warehouse. This man idolized and almost worshiped Captain America. He had a Ph.D. in American History and he had done his thesis on Captain America. He immediately tells the government about the formula in exchange for becoming the next Captain America. He underwent plastic surgery to look like Steve Rogers and was set to be the symbol for the Korean War. However, the project was never finished, so "Steve Rogers" became a teacher.

    While teaching, he finds a young student named Jack Monroe (eventually known as Nomad) who also is a huge Captain America fan. They use the formula on themselves and became the new Captain America and Bucky. They fight Communism, but they didn't know of the Vita-Ray process that was required to stabilize the recipient after taking the super-soldier formula. Since they don't take it, it affected their minds and they became overly paranoid, attacking anyone they even have the slightest suspicion of being a Communist, seeing threats to America where none existed. The government quickly realized they were out of control, and shut them down, placing them in suspended animation. Years later they are freed by a disgruntled government employee. Newly awakened in the 1970's, they confront the real Captain America and his new partner, the Falcon.

    Regarding the differences that underpinned this confrontation, Steve says, "In this case, the comics mirrored their eras; the late '30s-early '40s Cap was a liberal and the early '50s Cap was a conservative. The first one looked up to Roosevelt; the second looked up to McCarthy. That's about as fundamental as it gets." Thus, it was not only a physical battle, but a battle of ideologies in which Cap confronted the impostor with just how out of touch and extreme he has become, and in doing so, manages to defeat him.

    The Modern Age


    Ironically, it was Cap's former Invaders teammate, Namor the Sub-Mariner, who finds an Inuit tribe worshiping a frozen figure in a block of ice near the icy waters of the North Atlantic. Namor, seemingly enraged that they are worshiping an inanimate object, lifts the block of ice and hurls it into the sea. Apparently damaged by the impact of hitting the water, the ice began breaking apart revealing the frozen figure within as a man. The Avengers, who are still in the area, after battling the Hulk and Namor, spot this man floating in the water and pull him aboard their craft. They soon recognized the iconic uniform the man wore beneath his torn and tattered clothing and identified him. He was none other than Steve Rogers, Captain America! The Avengers determined he was still alive and they revived him. Upon becoming conscious, Captain America didn't recognize any of the Avengers so he assumed they were Nazis and immediately sprung into action battling the entire team alone. Fortunately, the battle and the misunderstandings ended quickly.

    Joining the Avengers

    Accepting the Avengers' offer.
    Accepting the Avengers' offer.

    From his impossibly youthful appearance and actions after his revival, the Avengers determined that he had been preserved in a state of suspended animation while frozen in the ice. Though he was out of his own time and unfamiliar with the modern world, he is still at his peak-level of human perfection. Recognizing his value as a skilled fighter in combat, a great tactician, and a natural leader; the Avengers invite Captain America to join their team. The Living Legend of World War II accepted, and soon became team leader, a position he has held more times than anybody else. This was quickly followed by his own monthly gig in the Tales of Suspense anthology, wherein he shared equal billing with Iron Man. He was involved in the Avengers' first great roster shakeup, where he led a team consisting of himself, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye. During the final arc of Tales of Suspense before it was renamed Captain America, Cap met and befriended the African hero Black Panther, beginning a friendship that would last many years.

    Rick Jones briefly becomes Cap's new Bucky.
    Rick Jones briefly becomes Cap's new Bucky.

    Cap appears in an extended run by Stan and Jack in which Captain America leads the Avengers for a long time, fighting their enemies and some of his old enemies-such as Baron Zemo. He finds out what had happened to Bucky, his young World War II partner, and is devastated. He was grief-stricken for many years. Shortly after Captain America's revival, honorary Avenger Rick Jones convinces Cap to let him become the new Bucky and partners with him for a short time. Captain America doesn't want to be responsible for another young partner's death. Just as he relents, and allows Rick to assume the Bucky identity, the Red Skull (Cap's arch-enemy from World War II) uses the Cosmic Cube to drive Bucky away. Afterwards, the title's creative reins transferred over to Jim Steranko. A Silver Age stylist who helped redefine comic art expectations. One of his greatest Marvel triumphs was in the pages of Captain America! The issues of Cap #110, 111, 113 were packed with high drama, proportion expanding page layouts, and Steranko's sultry, spy-oriented action.

    Captain America & The Falcon
    Captain America & The Falcon

    While acclimating to modern times Captain America became reacquainted with old friends and met with people with whom he became friends and allies. Colonel Nick Fury was a fellow veteran whom Cap had met and served with during World War II when Fury leads the Howling Commandos as a sergeant. They reunited, becoming friends and allies again. Fury now leads the intelligence agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and when situations beyond the capabilities of his agents cropped up, Fury would frequently ask Cap to undertake and complete these missions for S.H.I.E.L.D. Later, he meets Sam Wilson, an African-American social worker from Harlem whom Captain America met on Exile Island. Captain America trains Sam to become the Falcon and Captain America's new partner renaming his series Captain America and The Falcon. Throughout their partnership they combat numerous foes including the Grey Gargoyle, Scorpion, Mr. Hyde, The Serpent Gang and even the Red Skull.


    Steve Rogers as Nomad
    Steve Rogers as Nomad

    A bit disillusioned, Captain America retired his mantle due to the Watergate scandal. Later he was convinced by Hawkeye to continue fighting evil leading him to adopt a new superhero persona; the Nomad. However, after the death of the new Captain America, Roscoe, at the hands of the Red Skull, Steve realized that the costume is a powerful symbol of American ideals and not a tool for the government; he became Captain America once again. Relishing his return to his Captain America role, Steve nonetheless promises to never forget what he learned during his time as Nomad. Next he fought the Red Skull once more and it was revealed that Red Skull had been a burned-out youth in Germany before a chance meeting with Adolf Hitler himself. Seeing the inner anger and sensing his potential for evil, Hitler trained the boy to be his protégé and he eventually became the Red Skull. Captain America defeated the Red Skull again, preventing him from using his Dust of Death to first decimate the population and then to attempt the restart of the Third Reich with which to take over the world.


    Steve Rogers as The Captain
    Steve Rogers as The Captain

    New enemies came, such as Flag-Smasher and the Scourge of the Underworld. While Captain America resigns his role when the government tries to force him to work solely for them. He is forced to relinquish his shield and costume which are then turned over to John Walker, becoming the new Captain America. Donning a black costume given to him by D-Man and a new black shield designed by the Black Panther, Steve takes on the identity of "The Captain." The Captain assembles a group of heroes consisting of himself, Falcon, D-Man, Nomad (Jack Monroe) and Vagabond, with the heroes traveling across the U.S. to fight crime. During this time, Steve has some questionable run-ins with the law that made him realize how much credibility he had as Captain America. Sometimes, he even had to resort to working outside the law as much as it pained him. Cap and Walker tussled a few times, until Walker was driven insane. Cap's team disassembles around this time, and the Captain tries to assemble a new roster of Avengers during the events of Inferno. His first new recruit, D-Man, is seemingly killed on his very first mission. The Captain eventually discovers that Red Skull is responsible for Steve being ousted and replaced, leading to a final showdown which leaves the Skull disfigured by his own weapon. Steve is allowed to reclaim his iconic costume and shield; while Walker is given the black outfit and Wakandan shield, and becomes the hero known as U.S. Agent.

    Final battle as equals.
    Final battle as equals.

    Later, it had been revealed that the chemicals that allowed the Red Skull to retain his youth had worn off, and now the Red Skull was in his 80's. The Red Skull had kidnapped several of Cap's closest allies, including the Falcon, and forced Captain America to revert to his natural age by subjecting him to the same artificial aging process that he had used to advance his own daughter's age. The two had one final battle where they would fight as equals. Cap came out the victor but refused to kill the Red Skull, who died right after the battle of an apparent heart attack. Eventually, Cap's youth was once again restored by the Avengers.

    Cap Armor

    Cap's Armored Adventures
    Cap's Armored Adventures

    During the Streets of Poison story arc, Captain America had discovered that Avengers staff member Fabian Stankowicz had been on a new street drug called Ice. After suspending Fabian and sending him to rehab, Captain America had taken it upon himself to clean the streets of drug dealers. During a raid on a warehouse, a drug dealer blows the building up and Captain America finds himself caught in the fumes of Ice. Captain America finds himself hooked on the drug which makes him prone to violence and causes outbursts of rage. Caught in the middle of a turf war between The Kingpin and The Red Skull, Captain America's condition worsens until he subdued by Diamondback and The Black Widow. Captain America undergoes a blood transfusion to cleanse his blood of the drug; he is however temporarily stripped of the super-soldier serum. Vowing to break the drug circle, Captain America heads to Yankee Stadium where a final confrontation between the Red Skull and Kingpin occurs to determine who would control drug trafficking in New York. At the stadium Captain America is confronted by Crossbones, after a brutal fight Steve Rogers prevailed proving that even without the super-soldier serum, he could still be Captain America.

    However disaster strikes when Captain America avoids an explosion at a drug lab full of a chemical that causes a reaction with the Super-Soldier serum in his system. It alters his biochemistry, and he begins to deteriorate. He turns to Iron Man, who helps him by making a powered exoskeleton for him in the vein of the Iron Man armor. Eventually, he is cured by a transfusion of blood from none other than Red Skull, who had transferred his mind into a cloned body of Captain America.

    Operation: Rebirth & The Expatriate

    After being revived by the Red Skull, Cap shows his appreciation.
    After being revived by the Red Skull, Cap shows his appreciation.

    At some point in the “Man Without a Country” story arc, Steve Rogers briefly dons the costume of the Expatriate. During the events of "Operation: Rebirth", the Avengers discovered Cap had gone missing; and it was later revealed to be an elaborate plot orchestrated by the Red Skull. After being brought back to life, Cap is filmed storming a military base alongside both the Red Skull and Sharon Carter. Because of this, President Bill Clinton temporarily exiles Rogers to the UK until the matter is sorted out and his name can be cleared. As not to associate himself with the United States, Steve wears an all-blue costume (similar to Isaiah Bradley’s uniform, but with no stars or stripes). It is also at this time when Steve first receives the Plasma Shield although it only forms a yellow buckler, as opposed to his later star-spangled Plasma Shield.


    Heroes Reborn and Return

    September 11th Attacks

    The Truth: Red, White and Black

    Captain America's successor: Isaiah Bradley
    Captain America's successor: Isaiah Bradley

    After Steve Rogers' participation in Project: Rebirth, the U.S. Army tested the early version of the Super Soldier Serum on 300 black soldiers. A married man and father to a newborn girl, Isaiah Bradley was an infantryman at Camp Cathcart, Mississippi in 1942, during the first year of the United States involvement in World War II. Bradley's platoon is among the 300 test subjects that were randomly chosen from the two of the all-black battalions are Cathcart which were murdered after the 300 left for Project Super Soldier. Barbaric medical practices are performed on the subjects. The surviving seven were sent forward to Europe, one of their number dying on the boat ride to complications with the serum. The remaining six entered the war in July 1942.

    Bradley's only known costumed mission involved the destruction of the Nazi Super Soldier Project at Schwarzebitte, Germany in October 1942. Bradley steals a spare Captain America costume that had been set aside for Steve Rogers who was to lead the mission. He completed his mission, however he is captured and later interrogated by Hitler himself before being shipped off to Auschwitz. Bradley escaped and is taken in by the German and Belgian Underground Resistance. He is eventually able to sneak back behind Allied lines in 1943, but receives a court-martial from the Army and a sentence to life imprisonment for stealing Captain America's costume. Bradley served seventeen years and was released by President Dwight D. Eisenhower on the day of President John F. Kennedy's inauguration. Bradley was the only test subject to survive the war.

    He became an underground legend among the Marvel African-American community - he was their Captain America. Eventually, however, the serum's long-term effects damaged Isaiah Bradley, in his body and mind. He became childlike and began to disappear as a hero. It was then that he is discovered by Steve Rogers, who tracks him down and acknowledges his sacrifices and heroism. Isaiah Bradley remains as one of Cap's greatest allies - the black Captain America. He is the grandfather of Elijah Bradley, a Patriot from the Young Avengers.

    The New Avengers


    Eventually, the Avengers disbanded in Avengers Disassembled after the Scarlet Witch had a nervous breakdown and killed a few team members. For a few months, there were no Avengers in the immediate vicinity. However, Captain America soon found himself in a situation that brought together many of New York's superheroes once again. Finding that destiny has struck twice, Captain America formed the New Avengers with Iron Man. Filling out the roster were newcomers Sentry and Ronin as well as high-profile superheroes such as Luke Cage, Wolverine and Spider-Man. In need of a new headquarters, Iron Man soon found one for the team and they were back in business. And so, the New Avengers were born.

    The Winter Soldier

    Rogers revealed his secret identity, and then encountered a new villain named the Winter Soldier who assassinated the Red Skull. The Winter Soldier's secret identity turns out to be Bucky Barnes, and he was under the control of a Russian businessman and former Soviet general named Aleksander Lukin. Steve later learns that Bucky had been rescued by the Soviet Union, who brainwashed him and made him their own assassin. Eventually, Bucky's memory was returned to him when Captain America willed it back with Lukin's Cosmic Cube (which Lukin took from the Red Skull).

    Civil War

    Cap and Iron Man at odds during the superhero Civil War.
    Cap and Iron Man at odds during the superhero Civil War.

    For further details: Civil War

    A super-human battle in Stamford, Connecticut causes the deaths of hundreds of school children and leads directly to the superhero Civil War when the public called out for super-humans to register their powers, abilities, and identities, and hang up the costumes. In the wake of this horrible tragedy, the Super-human Registration Act is quickly passed. This new law requires every superhuman in the United States to register with the federal government, submit to evaluation, training and even become a government operative. Some heroes are for it while some were against it. Captain America is the most highly-respected hero against it. He believes it infringes on the rights and personal freedoms of super-humans.

    He elects to lead the anti-registration faction of heroes against the pro-registration people, who are led by none other than his friend and fellow Avenger; Iron Man. Cap and the other heroes' refusal to register immediately makes them all technically criminals and fugitives to be hunted down by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, police, their former friends, and even enemies/villains who'd registered and agreed to work as government operatives. The two factions clash several times with Iron Man beating Cap savagely in their first fight. However, as the War goes on, Cap's side grows by recruiting and attracting mostly street-level heroes like Daredevil, Luke Cage, and later Spider-Man (after he defects from Iron Man's pro-registration side). Captain America's faction even recruits one true powerhouse; Hercules.

    Eventually, Cap's anti-registration faction gained enough strength to match Iron Man's pro-registration forces. Captain's morals were sorely tested too, when he enlisted the help of many figures he would normally apprehend and turn over to the authorities. The most notable of these questionable allies were Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher and Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. the Kingpin.

    Eventually events lead to the final confrontation between the opposing factions where Captain America confronted and batters Iron Man. The tide of the battle was turning in favor of Captain America's forces and victory was at hand when a group of ordinary civilians intervenes and attempt to restrain Cap. It was at this moment that Captain America realizes he was endangering the very people he had sworn to protect. "We're not fighting for the people anymore. We're just...fighting." he said tearfully, surrendering even as he was about to win. Captain America then removed his mask, surrendered to authorities as Steve Rogers, and orders the anti-registration forces to stand down. As Rogers is led away in handcuffs, the Punisher retrieves Captain America's discarded mask. The majority of the other anti-registration heroes subsequently elect to register, while some decide to take their chances, stay outside the law and remain fugitives. After his arrest, Captain America is incarcerated by the federal government to await trial. The Civil War strains relationships between the former Avengers, too. Thor was dead. Iron Man and Captain America led opposing forces. Hank Pym was on Iron Man's side, Vision was on Cap's. Due to the Scarlet Witch's mental instability and breakdown, the Avengers had been disassembled already (in Avengers Disassembled), but the events of the Civil War made it nearly impossible for the team to reform and function effectively. Eventually, several different versions of the team either formed or re-formed as the Mighty Avengers, the New Avengers and the Secret Avengers.

    Fallen Son

    Captain America: Assassinated!
    Captain America: Assassinated!

    For further details: Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America

    The tide of the superhuman Civil War turns, as Captain America is assassinated in a scheme perpetrated by his greatest foe, the Red Skull. It is later revealed that Steve Rogers is not dead. When S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony Stark take possession of Captain America's body, and they wanted to conduct tests because he was the only perfect Super-Soldier. What they discover was the serum seems to have reversed the effects on his body after he died. Though his death demoralized even those he had fought against, the new order of superheroes had already begun, spearheaded by Iron Man, who had been appointed as the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the launch of the Fifty State Initiative program, Iron Man's dream of a dedicated superhero team in each U. S. state was being realized. Little did he suspect that the mounting Skrull invasion was secretly placing one of their agents on each of those teams. In Captain America: New Deal, Steve Rogers left instructions for Tony Stark in a letter written before his death to "save" Bucky and that the mantle of Captain America should go on.

    When the Winter Soldier (Bucky) is brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, he managed to escape, only to attack Iron Man. The two fight to a standstill until Stark mentions the letter from Steve. Bucky isn't sure that Cap had meant for him to actually become Captain America. Tony said that there's no way Bucky would let anyone else fill those boots and asked if he wanted to be the one to let Steve down. Bucky says he'd do it under two conditions. The first was that his mind would be completely probed to ensure there was no trace of brainwashing or fail-safe code-words leftover from when he was under control as the Winter Soldier. The second condition is that he doesn't have to answer to S.H.I.E.L.D. or to Stark, just as Steve didn't. Tony thought about it and agreed. The Norse god Thor later communicates with the spirit of Steve Rogers on the one-year anniversary of his death.

    Captain America Reborn

    Reborn: Cap comes back!
    Reborn: Cap comes back!

    For further details: Captain America Reborn

    As the machinations of the Red Skull continue despite the intervention of the new Captain America, Black Widow and the Falcon, he and Arnim Zola reveal to an astonished Norman Osborn that the gun Sharon Carter used to kill Steve Rogers actually froze him in space and time at the moment of his death. That moment of spatial and temporal stasis could be used to bring back his body from any moment in the future via a modified version of Dr. Doom's time device and Sharon Carter herself, whom they referred to as "the constant." At the time of the intended retrieval, Sharon's actions disrupted the process, resulting in Steve being lost in time and space. He is shown reliving moments of his past, most notably, events during the Second World War, badly disoriented and bewildered. While going through the time stream, Steve finds himself back in 1944, at one of the Red Skull's bases, fighting Master Man. As he begins to fight Master Man, Cap figures out that he has somehow been sent back in time and reliving all of the battles he has fought in over the years. After he defeats Master Man, Steve is then sent to the time he met with President Franklin Roosevelt at the White House.

    Back in the present, Bucky and Black Widow begin to fight Ares and Venom inside a H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier, but Bucky and Black Widow are defeated and taken to Norman Osborn. At the Baxter Building, Hank had brought Sharon Carter to Reed Richards, so that he could examine her. While Reed does this, Hank mentions that Falcon and the Vision are out looking for Bucky and Black Widow, since they never returned from their mission. Reed then tells Hank that he has found something in Sharon's bloodstream, Reed then mentions that there was something similar to what's in Sharon's blood, in Steve's body that Reed had found after he had done an autopsy on it. Reed then tells Hank that there was something Tony Stark didn't like about the rapid cellular decay in Steve's body.

    Norman then meets with Crossbones and Sin, telling them that he knows about the second shooter and that he would love to have a Captain America on his side, leading his Avengers, even if the Red Skull's mind was in that Captain America's body.

    Back in the past, Steve finds himself back in 1940 with Dr. Erskine, Steve then begins to ask the doctor about time travel and what would happen if someone were to go back and kill Hitler before all of this madness began. Dr. Erskine then tells Steve that doing something like that would have both an action and reaction that could end up making it so that your loved ones might have never been born. After this, Steve is taken into a lab and is about to relive the moment he became Captain America, Steve knows that the doctor is going to be killed by a Nazi spy, but is forced to do nothing but go through with the experiment. After he does, the doctor is killed and Steve begins to ask himself why he is reliving all of his past memories.

    Back at the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier, Norman is talking to the now captured Bucky and Black Widow, Norman then reveals that he had told the whole world that Sharon Carter was the second shooter in the assassination of Captain America and is now the world's most wanted. Norman then tells them that he is letting Black Widow go so that she could tell Sharon that if she doesn't turn herself in within twenty-four hours, Norman will kill Bucky.

    Still trapped in time, Steve relives the time he was trapped in the ice, he begins to wonder why he even keeps track of the time anymore, since he believes time has no meaning for him now. As he ponders on this, Namor appears, as Steve knew he would, picking up the large chunk of ice that holds Steve. Everything happens like it always did, Namor throws the piece of ice into the water, even though Steve tries to yell Namor's name, to where Steve would be found by the Avengers. Back in the present, Reed Richards has met with Namor in the Arctic Ocean, where Steve's body was secretly laid to rest. Reed asks Namor to raise Steve's coffin, which Namor had already done, and as Reed examines Steve's body, the body disappears, shocking both Reed and Namor. As Reed tried to figure out what happened, he gets a call from Hank Pym, who tells Reed that Norman Osborn has outed Sharon Carter as the second shooter who killed Captain America, and to Black Widow's disapproval, Sharon tells them that she's going to turn herself in.

    Elsewhere, Bucky is being transported by Norman's Thunderbolts, while Sharon tries to figure out what she should do. Back in time, Steve finds himself reliving his time during the Kree-Skrull War, fighting alongside Clint Barton, who was going by Goliath at the time, fighting off an army of Skrull soldiers. Steve watches Iron Man, Thor, and Captain Marvel, Steve then asks the Vision, who had asked him to meet with the other Avengers on the command deck, if the Vision could remember something and then store it deep in his memory storage, something Vision said he would have no problem doing. Back with Bucky, Falcon attacks the Thunderbolts' jet, fighting off the Thunderbolts, while the Thunderbolts' Ant-Man frees Bucky, after that Bucky and Falcon escape unharmed.

    Still jumping through time, Steve finds himself reliving the time he and Rick Jones, who was going by the name of Bucky at the time, fight off a group of HYDRA agents. Steve then feels remorse for losing the original Bucky, his close friend James Barnes, when he almost calls Rick "Bucky". Back in the present, Norman Osborn has announced that Sharon Carter, Steve's lover, was the second shooter in his death. While he does this, Sharon is being taken to Latveria. At the Infinite Avengers Mansion, Hank Pym and Mr. Fantastic activate the message Steve left with the Vision back during the Kree-Skrull War, telling them that he is lost in time.

    Elsewhere, Bucky, Black Widow, and Clint Barton (Ronin), attack a H.A.M.M.E.R. mobile data-collector, trying to find out where Sharon Carter is. Once in Latveria, Sharon is shocked to see that the Red Skull is alive still, and is with Dr. Doom. They quickly then attach her to a machine that will bring Steve back to the present. In the English Channel Islands, 1945, Steve finds himself and Bucky escaping Baron Zemo's fortress. Bucky and Steve then jump onto the drone bomber that will explode, sending them to their apparent deaths, only to let them live to become who they are today. Steve, who has relived this day so many times in his mind, and nightmares, decides that he won't let Bucky get blown up again and become the Winter Soldier. As he tries to stop Bucky, Steve is suddenly pulled back through time, he then finds himself being attacked by the Red Skull as he flies through time.

    Steve's body then appears in Dr. Doom's lab, but as Sharon calls out to him, it is revealed that the Red Skull has placed his mind in Steve's body, and is now in control of Captain America. Steve then finds himself in a nightmarish world ruled by the Nazis and the Red Skull. The Red Skull, who is now on his way to the White House to meet with the President to ruin Captain America and what he stands for once and for all. But as they make their way to D. C., the Skull captures the Vision who is trying to sneak on board to rescue Sharon, and commands his ship to attack the Avengers Quinjet which is chasing after them. The A.I.M. ship takes out the Quinjet, causing it to crash in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

    The Avengers are forced to fight the Skull's forces. While that happens, Steve finds where the Skull is hiding in his mind, and they begin to fight over control of Steve's body. Meanwhile, Bucky fights the Red Skull outside of Steve's body. But Bucky shows that he can't kill Steve, even if it is the Red Skull controlling him. . The Red Skull then takes Bucky's shield, stating that “what's Captain America without his shield?” He then cuts off Bucky's bionic hand, saying that it's time for a new morning in America. But before Red Skull can kill Bucky, Steve is able to force the Skull out of his mind and back into his robotic body, gaining control over his body again, and finally returning to the world he left.

    Sharon Carter then uses one of Hank Pym's size changer devices to make the Red Skull into a giant, making sure he can't escape this time, Steve and Bucky then team up with the rest of the Avengers, fighting the giant Red Skull, and finally are able to seemingly kill the Red Skull. As they do so, the public sees Steve among the heroes, and yell with joy as they see that Captain America has returned. Back in New York, Steve remembers that he saw the future while he was going through time, and that he believes Bucky is going to die, but before he can think about it more, Sharon comes to get him to come down to his party. Four days after his return, Steve had been training with Bucky, getting back into shape. He talks to Sharon, telling her how he's worried that he may slip away back into time again, she then tells him that he's not going anywhere and that she has him.

    Later that night, Steve decides to suit up and go out into the city, to see what has changed. He finds Captain America (Bucky) and Black Widow as they fight the Hyde who has escaped from The Raft. As Hyde tries to escape from the battle, Bucky sees Steve watching from the sidelines and throws him his shield, allowing him to defeat Hyde all by himself. Steve then says that was fun and hands Bucky the shield, but Bucky refuses to tell Steve that he's Captain America and that's his shield.

    Steve then tells Bucky that they need to talk. Steve tells Bucky that he should keep being Captain America, that it means something more to him, which Bucky disagrees with, saying that Steve is the only Captain America. Steve then tells him that he's not sure if he's ready or will ever be able to pick up his shield again, and asks Bucky to continue being Captain America, if not for himself, then for him.

    Steve then returns to Sharon, telling her that he believes that if Bucky doesn't continue to be Captain America, that he may die, and Steve could never live with that possibility, even if it means giving up the future he wants. Steve then meets with President Obama, who gives Steve a Presidential Pardon for what he did during the Civil War, saying that he felt the S.H.R.A. was un-American to him. Steve then tells the President that he may not be able to pick up his shield again, President Obama then tells Steve that that is okay, that he has a feeling that in the coming days, America is going to call on Steve for something much bigger.

    The Heroic Age

    For further details: The Heroic Age

    Commander Rogers
    Commander Rogers

    After the Dark Reign of Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers, Steve Rogers is called on again for duty, but now as America's new "Top Cop" ( S.H.I.E.L.D. director). Steve accepts the job and assembles two new teams. The Avengers under Maria Hill's command and the Secret Avengers for covert missions under Steve's direct command. Steve's first line-up of Secret Avengers includes his long-time love interest Sharon Carter, Brunnhilde the Asgardian Valkyrie, Nova the Prime Centurion of the Xandarian Nova Corps, former Avenger and X-Man Beast, Black Widow, Moon Knight and War Machine.

    During this time, he joins the Illuminati and is given possession of the Time Gem, one of the legendary Infinity Gems.

    Fear Itself

    Broken by the Serpent.
    Broken by the Serpent.

    During the Fear Itself storyline, Steve Rogers is present when the threat of the Serpent is known. Following the apparent death of Bucky at the hands of Sin (in the form of Skadi), Steve Rogers ends up changing into his Captain America outfit. When the Avengers and the New Avengers are fighting Skadi, the Serpent ends up joining the battle and breaks Captain America's shield with his bare hands. Captain America and the Avengers teams end up forming a militia for a last stand against the forces of the Serpent. When it comes to the final battle, Captain America uses Thor's hammer to fight Skadi until Thor manages to kill the Serpent. In the aftermath of the battle, Iron Man presents Captain with his reforged shield now stronger for its uru-infused enhancements despite the scar it bears. It is then revealed that Captain America, Nick Fury, and Black Widow are the only ones who know that Bucky actually survived the fight with Skadi as Bucky resumes his identity as Winter Soldier.


    During the events of Spider-Island, Steve Rogers is captured by the Jackal when he was investigating in the former location of Project Rebirth. The Jackal mutates Steve into a giant spider creature, which he calls Spider King. The Jackal then impregnates him with thousands of spider eggs, so that the Spider King could spread the virus to other areas in the world. The Spider King was stopped by Agent Venom but escaped capture when some of the eggs he was carrying hatched. He was re-captured and put into suspended animation. Agent Venom disguised himself as Spider King, in order to infiltrate the Jackal's secret base. Steve was given a cure and was reverted back to himself. He joined Agent Venom in the fight against The Queen, who was the secret person behind Spider-Island. Steve rallies the other Avengers, X- Men and other heroes to stand and fight against the large army to give Spider-Man a chance to cure the infected people.

    Avengers vs. X-Men

    Leader of the X-Men vs. Leader of the Avengers!
    Leader of the X-Men vs. Leader of the Avengers!

    When Steve learns that the Phoenix Force is coming for Hope and learns that Cyclops is ready to take the risk and will allow the Force to come to Hope, he right away takes the Avengers to Utopia to tell Scott that that is too risky and they cannot take such a big risk. When Cyclops tells Steve that the Phoenix Force has been doing only good during the years, Cap tells him the risks and Cyclops starts the attack against Steve Rogers and the Avengers. Later when Steve sees that they cannot win this war he uses their only hope, Wanda Maximoff. They are able to take Hope but a lot of Avengers are being held captive in a prison in Utopia. Later when Steve has no other hope he tries to gather the Illuminati again but not all of them come, Namor is the one that doesn't come but the others come and go because they don't have hope or they believe that the Phoenix Force is actually good. But later when everybody's gone Namor comes.

    Marvel NOW!

    Cap's new uniform and team
    Cap's new uniform and team

    After being injured during a battle with Ex Nihilo and Abyss on Mars, Captain America dons a new costume and recruits a new, expanded Avengers line-up. During an incident involving Universal Incursions, Captain America attempts to use the Infinity Gauntlet to solve the problem, but fails. During a subsequent argument about what path the Illuminati should take, he is mindwiped by Doctor Strange and expelled from the group.

    Captain America is featured in his own title, where he is abducted by Arnim Zola's minion to his own dimension, called Dimension Z. There he saves Arnim Zola's infant son, Leopold, from his own father's terror. Captain America raises Leopold as his own son, naming him Ian. After ten years' time, still trapped in Dimension Z, Zola retrieves his long-lost son, brainwashing him to hate Captain America and love the will of Zola. While getting out of Dimension Z Ian was shot by Sharron Carter and left for dead but unknown by Captain America Ian survived and has now become Nomad. Sharon Carter was also left for dead in Dimension Z but no one has seen her body to confirm it.

    Additionally, he tries to show the world that mutants and humans can work together, so he founds the Avengers Unity Squad, consisting of himself and Thor, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Havok, the leader of the team.

    Time Runs Out

    Even aged, Steve Rogers continues the fight.
    Even aged, Steve Rogers continues the fight.

    During the events of Original Sin, Captain America regains his memories and vows to bring the Illuminati to justice. Around this same time, an encounter with a Chinese super-villain named the Iron Nail results in the Super Soldier Serum being drained from Steve's body, leaving him a withered old man. Sharon and a teenage Ian return around this time, having miraculously survived their apparent deaths in Dimension Z.

    Steve decides to step back from active super-heroics, appointing Sam Wilson as the new Captain America, while Ian takes over as the new Nomad. He remains an active member of the Avengers by serving as their operations director. He continues his war on the Illuminati until the two sides are able to come to a temporary truce in order to deal with the Incursions.

    Secret Empire

    Steve Rogers: Agent of HYDRA
    Steve Rogers: Agent of HYDRA

    At the Red Skull's manipulation, a child named Kobik is later able to use her reality-warper powers to rejuvenate Steve and make him young and strong again. However, unbeknownst to the heroes, Kobik has secretly rewritten the timeline and replaced Cap with an alternate Steve who was recruited by HYDRA at a young age.

    In this new timeline, Steve was trained by HYDRA to help them conquer the world from the inside, with Steve having been lifelong friends with Helmut Zemo. In the present day, Captain America critically injures his former partner, Jack Flag, after the youth accidentally discovers his secret. Jack is eventually taken off life support, ensuring Steve's secret is kept.

    Working with Zemo, he attempts to engineer a situation where the Chitauri can attack the planet, allowing him to conquer it in the ensuing chaos. During this time, he also uses the second superhuman Civil War to his advantage, arranging for the death of Bruce Banner and for Tony Stark to be rendered comatose.

    Cap defeats his doppelgänger
    Cap defeats his doppelgänger

    When the time is right, Captain America conquers the United States, and uses HYDRA's forces to cement his power. As all of this is happening, the original, heroic Steve Rogers finds himself lost in a strange forest. After encountering alternate versions of his various allies and enemies, Steve eventually finds Kobik, who reveals that they are inside his mind. With help from both Kobik and Bucky, Steve eventually returns to the real world, where he confronts his evil counterpart, now known as the Hydra Supreme. After a heated final battle in Washington, D.C., Steve is able to lift Mjolnir (which had been rendered inert after Jane Foster was banished to another dimension) and use it to defeat the Hydra Supreme. With Hydra beaten and the Hydra Supreme taken into custody, Steve is able to reclaim his place in the world.

    Home of the Brave

    Back to basics
    Back to basics

    In the aftermath of the Secret Empire incident, Cap's faith and confidence are shaken. With his reputation tarnished by the actions of his doppelgänger, Steve finds that some citizens now fear him, having come to associate him with hatred and tyranny. After Sam returns from a time-traveling adventure that changes his perception of things, he voluntarily returns the shield and Captain America identity to Steve, reasoning that Steve will need them to overcome his current anguish and doubt. Donning his original costume, Steve embarks on a motorcycle journey across America, hoping to reconnect with the country. Along the way, he battles foes like Kraven the Hunter and a new Swordsman, as well as a paramilitary group known as the Rampart. Following the battle with Kraven, Steve is frozen in ice by agents of the Rampart.

    He awakens in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic 2025, where much of America lies in ruins after the Rampart launched a nuclear strike that decimated the nation. After linking up with a band of survivors led by a woman named Liang, Cap sets out to topple the regime of King Babbington, the tyrannical ruler of America. After successfully beating Babbington, Cap is sent back to the present, where he avoids being frozen this time and defeats the Rampart before they can launch the nukes.

    Captain of Nothing

    Captain America was struggling to live down the behavior of Hydra-Cap in a divided country. His government gave pardons to criminals who helped resist the Secret Empire, including Thunderbolt Ross, recently incarcerated for desertion as Red Hulk. He feels responsible for the added strife they are causing. After publicly taking on Ezekiel Stane’s Nuke factory, Gen. Ross turns up dead, and Cap is named the number one suspect.

    No Caption Provided

    Capt turned himself in and was sent to the Myrmidon, a private prison run by a pardoned Von Strucker. Unfortunately, laying low wasn’t an option for Cap. When he saw the guards step out of line, he defended his fellow inmates. This built enough trust that when the Daughters of Liberty (secretly led by a resurrected Peggy Carter) attempted to break Cap out, the supervillains pitched in to help.

    Now a fugitive, Cap casts off his Captain America uniform and asks the Daughters for help. He needs a team to investigate Ross’ murder and take on the growing number of domestic terrorists, like The Watchdogs. This forced Cap to cross paths with a new Scourge. Scourge was taking out Watchdogs hiding in the NYPD, inspiring violence across the city. Cap disapproved and tracked this new Scourge down, only to find him, dead by suicide.

    The Daughters revealed at the center of the conspiracy against Captain America was Alexa Lukin, the wife of an old villain of Cap’s. She was working with the mutant, Selene. Selene had stolen a piece of Sharon’s soul during her investigations, so Cap teamed up with his old pals, Bucky and Falcon to get it back. Their cover was blown, and they were, ultimately, rescued by the Daughter of Liberty. With the backup, they were able to recover Sharon’s soul piece, returning Sharon to her youthful appearance.

    Their victory celebration was cut short when other Daughters members were caught by Lukin’s forces in Madripoor, where the Daughters found Ross alive. Cap and his friends fought through Watchdogs to Alexa and Red Skull, resurrected in Alexa’s husband’s body. Luckily, they were able to escape with the help of Ross’ Red Hulk form, leading to an exoneration for Cap.

    However, it wasn’t enough. Lukin had already fomented enough rage and distrust across the country that multiple political demonstrations ended in violence. This was the plan all along. The Red Skull had used social media to reach the masses and brainwash followers. It was an enemy Cap couldn't punch, so he riled up Red Skull into monologuing how he really feels about his followers. Using a spy cam, the Daughters were able to broadcast it on his own channel.

    United States of Captain America

    No Caption Provided

    After Cap's shield was stolen by an imposter Captain America (mind-controlled Speed Demon), Cap and Falcon tracked him to a railroad bridge. There, he used the shield to derail a train as a distraction. While Cap helped passengers escape the wreck, he mistook a helper inspired by Cap as the imposter. This helper was Aaron Fischer, a gay runaway who informed Cap of the Network of Captain Americas, do-gooders from across the country inspired by Cap. When a second masked stranger (Sin) tried to assassinate Aaron at the scene, Cap believed the rest of the network could be a target.

    So, Sam agreed to hit the road with Cap protecting these would-be heroes. Their first stop was Harrisburg, PA, where Nichelle Wright was being framed by Sin for destroying a new water pipe that she helped get installed. Then, they chased Speed Demon to Kansas where they met up with a Native American Cap, Joe Gomez, and Bucky. Together, they protected a Native American candidate for governor from Speed Demon.

    Upon learning that the imposter Caps had moved on to NORAD where they planned on releasing the Hate-Monger with their boss, Commander Krieger, Cap called as many hands on deck as he could, including US Agent. Cap with 5 of his proteges take on the imposters but manage to lose Krieger, who escaped with Hate-Monger.

    Eventually, they tracked Hate-Monger to a broadcast intended to mesmerize the country. Unfortunately, it was a trap that he, Falcon, and US Agent got caught in. Krieger attempted to mesmerize Cap before the broadcast, but Bucky broke in, leading a many members of the Network. Together, they were able to stop Hate-Monger.

    Judgment Day

    Resurrected by The Five
    Resurrected by The Five

    When Druig of the Eternals declared the mutants were a type of Deviants, The Avengers, including Cap, banded together with pro-mutant Eternals to defend the new nation of Krakoa from being wiped out. The ally Eternals planned to revive the dead Celestial that made up Avengers Mountain. This backfired when The Progenitor decided to judge the entirety of Earth: human, mutant, and Eternal alike. Cap was one of the first to be judged. Unfortunately, his failure to inspire the people of Earth to do better, as evidenced by the violent anti-mutant fervor that Druig had easily created, meant that Cap was considered a failure.

    Stung by Progenitor's judgment, Cap fought through the demoralizing to continue to inspire people, while the smartest among the Eternals, Avengers, and mutants strategize a new plan. They decided to try Starfox's ability to influence feelings to convince it to stop. Offended by this attempt, the Celestial decided to unilaterally fail the planet and made a first attack on Cap's location. His shield protected him from the attack, but the civilians surrounding him were not as lucky. After a much needed civilian pep talk, Nightcrawler teleported Cap to the North Pole so that he could try to inspire the Celestial, only to be immediately killed. However, the real plan was for the mutant telepaths to connect everyone on Earth to Cap's speech as one last ditch effort to inspire the world to stand together. As a result, the mutants agreed to break policy and use The Five to resurrect Captain America.

    The Century Game

    Cap's New Invaders
    Cap's New Invaders

    While reconnecting with his old ham radio friends, Radio Company, their conversation was interrupted by a signal from an old numbers station that revealed plans for an attack on July 4th in New York. With Bucky's help, Cap monitored the situation and stopped an imposter Destroyer, however, this was only the beginning. Evidence pointed Cap to the forge where his shield was created, as well as the clandestine organization that authorized the super solider program, The Outer Circle. A warning had been built into the shield by the rebellious blacksmith so that Cap would one day be able to confront them.

    Cap revealed this information to Bucky, who, in turn, shared his information on the "Starpoints," five assassins (including Bucky, Destroyer, and Peggy Carter) who were employed by The Outer Circle to turn the tide of history in their favor. With the help of another Starpoint, Redacted, they tracked down the Shadow Capital, the floating fortress of The Outer Circle. Although, Cap had every intention of taking them down, he was surprised by Bucky, who accepted an offer from Outer Circle member, The Revolution, to kill him and take his place.

    With a lead on the final Starpoint, MODOC, Cap put together a new team of Invaders to interrupt a raid on an old Zola lab that MODOC had arranged with the help of AIM. Unfortunately, MODOC was able to defeat the Invaders with his psychic abilities, forcing them to relive their worst memories. However, Invader member, Roger Aubrey, was able to break through the psychic barriers and free Cap and the others at the expense of his own life. This gave them the opportunity to take down MODOC, as well as, The Power, a member of the Outer Circle.

    Cold War

    Cold War
    Cold War

    Cap witnesses Ian Zola, who just revealed he was still alive, be kidnapped by Peggy Carter, working as a starpoint for Bucky and the Outer Circle. As a result, Cap and Sharon team up with Falcon and Misty Knight, who were already investigating the prison escape of White Wolf, also facilitated by Bucky. They track them to an Alaskan training facility where they were using Dimension Z portal tech to bring Dimension Z monsters to join their ranks. Determining Ian is being held by the White Wolf on the other side of the portal, the heroes head in together.

    On the other side, they were nearly taken out by an explosion. Misty and Sharon are badly hurt, however, Cap pushes forward. Sam does his best to talk him down from being so headstrong, but being back in Dimension Z causes Cap considerable post-traumatic stress. The two Caps are forced to duke it out with Sam eventually knocking some sense into Cap, who regrouped himself to rejoin his allies. Cap deferred to Sam who suggested they trade sparring partners. Sam and Sharon would go after Bucky, and Cap and Misty would go after the Wolf. Cap found Wolf mutated by Dimension Z into a monster werewolf, which he beat unconscious just before Sam delivered Bucky to be confronted.

    Bucky revealed this was always his plan, for them to think he went to the dark side. He was actually using Wolf for access to Dimension Z so they could have the resources for an attack on the Outer Circle. Ian wasn't a real prisoner of Bucky's. Bucky intended him to take the throne from Wolf. Cap was suspicious, but Sam encouraged him and Sharon to stay behind and plan the attack while he and Misty returned to Earth to keep the peace until they returned.

    End of the Outer Circle

    Cap leads an assault on the Outer Circle headquarters with Sharon and Redacted. Cap's two Invaders promise to hold off the Outer Circle's robot guards and hired mercenaries, so Cap and Bucky can confront the rest of the members.

    • The Love leaves voluntarily before the violence starts
    • The Machine suffers a feedback loop when she tries to move her brain into a robotic sentry that Cap destroys
    • The Money falls and breaks his neck, with help from Alpine.
    • The Power is delivered to Doctor Doom for his past transgressions against Latveria.

    With the Outer Circle gone, Cap and his allies finally feel in control of their own destinies.

    Fall of X

    Cap's new Unity Squad
    Cap's new Unity Squad

    Orchis sets their plan in motion to take out mutantkind for good. This included turning public opinion against them using false flag terrorist attacks. Captain America and Rogue decide to put together another Avengers Unity Squad to stand against them. This includes former members Deadpool and Quicksilver and new mutant recruits M and Psylocke. They operate out of Ellis Island, using the old Morlock Tunnels to travel, with financial aid from Tony Stark and Emma Frost.

    One such false flag is a mysterious villain using the Captain Krakoa suit and attacking world leaders with his new Mutant Liberation Front. They have stolen nuclear weapons, putting the whole world on edge. After tracking the MLF to Camp Lehigh, Cap guessed that the new Captain Krakoa was his Hydra-raised clone, now going by their middle name, Grant. In addition to the nuke, the clone was gunning for Ben Urich who had witness testimony against Orchis from a non-mutant, Kingpin.

    Cap and most of his team went to protect Urich and Kingpin, but Grant had stashed the nuclear warhead at Empire State University. Cap and the others bested Grant and took him into custody, but the warhead was activated. Cap ordered Rogue to get rid of it in orbit, but the ISS was due to pass by New York. Instead, she flew it out to Area 51 to blow it up in the desert, while Quicksilver ran Deadpool to her as fast as he could so she could absorb his healing factor and survive.

    Change Agents

    Magically upgraded shield
    Magically upgraded shield

    Cap was spreading himself very thin. With a loan from Stark, he bought his Brooklyn apartment building to fix up, while helping out every New York superhero who came to him looking for help. Eventually, he was confronted by a serial killer possessed by a demon. Barely surviving his first encounter, he identifies the demon as Asmoday with help from Doctor Strange. He is connected to a series of supernatural crimes that Misty Knight is investigating. Together, they watch over a peace conference they believe to be the demon’s next target. Combining his shield with the Eye of Agamotto on loan from Strange, he managed to defeat the serial killer host body.

    Soon after, he was approached by Lyra, a mysterious woman of incredible magic power. She invited Cap to witness a magic show starring “Change Agents,” special nexus beings with the potential to change the world. Asmoday was targeting them, to stop change from occurring. Cap had been determined to be one of these change agents. Lyra wanted to recruit Cap to track down the last four change agents on Earth so that she could focus on guarding The Pale City, an interdimensional safe space for change agents. Cap agrees, and Lyra unlocks a mystical upgrade that his shield absorbed in the demon fight, granting it a magical crystal form that responds to his needs.

    Blood Hunt

    When the vampire cult, The Structure, cast a spell that fills the sky with darkforce energy, Cap is instructed by current Avengers leader, Carol Danvers, to assemble a backup Avengers squad. While the active Avengers deal with the vampire supersoliders, the Bloodcoven, Cap and the others help on the ground against multiple vampire attacks. There, his new team are abducted by Baron Blood and his vampire Nazis.

    On Blood's helicarrier base, Cap takes on Baron Blood one on one luring him deeper into the helicarrier while he secretly makes his way to the control room. While he does this, he orders his new Avengers to get any prisoners to the escape pods. Once in the control room, Cap pulls the hellicarrier above the darkforce energy into the sunlight, killing Baron's troops. With the Avengers regrouped by his side, Baron Blood jumps from the hellicarrier.

    Personal Information

    Steve Rogers.
    Steve Rogers.
    • Height: 6'2 1/2" / 1.89m
    • Weight: 220 lbs. / 100kg
    • Eyes: Blue
    • Hair: Golden Blond
    • Identity: Publicly known
    • Occupation: "Top Cop" of America, Avenger, adventurer; former soldier, public works artist, special SHIELD operative, freelance illustrator, police officer, history teacher, sparring partner, WPA artist
    • Citizenship: U.S.A.
    • Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York City, New York
    • Education: High school graduate; one year of art school; military basic training; private tutoring in hand-to-hand combat, gymnastics, military strategy, piloting, demolition, and other disciplines
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Known Relatives: Steven Rogers (Captain America, ancestor, deceased), Joseph and Sarah Rogers (parents, deceased), unborn son (deceased), Ian Rogers (Nomad, adopted son)

    Powers and Abilities

    Super-Soldier Serum

    Ultimate Human Condition

    In the beginning the Super-Soldier Serum increased his body to the physical perfection of human potential or the next step in human evolution (though still a non-mutate). He is as strong, fast, durable and agile as any human could one day be - and his strength is referred to as being preternatural. His reflexes have also been increased to ultimate human potential and are nearly instantaneous (he is also capable of 'seeing faster' - enabling him to dodge bullets). He has run a mile in roughly a minute (approx 60 mph) and has bench-pressed 2200 pounds (1100 pounds on each side) for reps (just as a warm-up). His one-rep maximum is likely much higher. He also has uncanny accuracy, being able to hit multiple targets with a single throw of his shield, and having enough marksmanship to turn a light on and off through a shield throw alone.

    Another major enhancement provided is the serum prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles. This means he effectively never tires, making it possible for him to perform at his maximum ability when doing anything physical for an extraordinary length of time. However Captain America has displayed feats that would appear to be far outside the limits of a human. One of Captain America's most recent durability feats is him surviving a 200ft fall on top of a car from an airplane and suffering no discomfort. Steve's enhancement has also allowed him to survive building collapses and major explosions.

    The serum also enhances his constitution, making him immune or highly resistant to many diseases and increasing the speed at which he heals from injuries and recuperates from illness. The serum is constantly being replenished by his body down to a cellular level.


    Master Martial Artist and Combatant

    Cap is an expert and adept in virtually every technique and form of martial arts, hand to hand, and weapons combat. He is a master of a large number of martial arts and has developed his own unique fighting-style which melds American and bare-knuckle Boxing, Taekwondo, various styles of Karate, Judo, Aikido, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujutsu, Muay Thai, Jeet Kun Do, Krav Maga, Savate, pressure points, all-terrain acrobatics and the use of his own shield. He is also able to learn how to use most weapons (if not all) quickly, as Beast has described Cap as being capable of mastering any weapon in seconds. He has used chi-manipulation and many other techniques. He is a quick learner and learned these skills in a short amount of time. The known martial arts Steve used in his fighting style (without counting the variations) including but not limited to: Boxing, Judo, Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Hapkido, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Muay Boran, Jeet Kun Do, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Wendu, Defendu, Okinawa-te, Savate, Sambo, Wrestling, Systema, Taijutsu, Wing Chun, Jujitsu, Brazilian Jujutsu, Capoeira, Wushu, Pencak Silat, Kobudo, Vale Tudo, Eskrima, Jojutsu, Kenjutsu, Kendo, Iaido, Iaijutsu, Bojutso, Shinobi-Iri, Intonjutsu, Ninjutsu, Shurikenjutsu, Kayakujutsu, Chi-Mon, Cho-ho, Bartitsu, Keysi, Fencing, Dambe, KAPAP and U.S. Army Combatives.

    Master shield fighter

    An accomplished master with his signature shield, Cap can hit multiple throws by calculating ricochets. He can also use his shield as a tool for assaulting and fight against his opponents using his shield while defending himself from their attacks.

    Master Marksman

    His aim is unerringly top-notch which makes him an extraordinary master marksman. He can throw his shield in the calculated way he wants and is skilled enough to use Hawkeye's Bow with the same accuracy and precision. He is also highly trained in the use of firearms and proved to be a deadly sharpshooter with several types of guns though he doesn't like to use them.

    Master Swordsman and Staff/Stick fighter

    Steve is an excellent sword fighter as he was able to fight Wolverine, a master swordsman, easily and gaining an upperhand against him and later by his time in The Avengers with The Swordsman, his skills and knowledge were praised by him. He also proved to be highly proficient in the sue of Bo staffs and Kali sticks, using Daredevil's billy club against himself with the same proficiency and skill which surprised Daredevil and commenting on them.

    Master Strategist and Tactician

    Cap is also a great and nearly unmatched leader, field commander, strategist and tactician. He led the Avengers for a long period of time, and his great experience makes him a seasoned commander on the battlefield. He also creates the plans for the Avengers. He also likes to keep himself prepared for any possible situation and study his opponents by any measure.

    Master Hacker

    Steve can hack into every form of digital data, systems and computers without leaving a trace or alerting security and tipping firearms with ease.

    Expert in Arts of Espionage and Stealth

    Cap is an expert and extremely experienced in fields of espionage, stealth, disguise, infiltration, escape arts, data gathering, sabotaging, surveillance and hostage-rescue as evident by his leadership and participation in almost every Secret Avengers mission.

    Expert Military Operator

    Also an expert military operator. He is well-versed and highly educated in every Armed force technique and discipline like reading codes and maps, drilling, marching, assassination, decrypting, intelligence gathering, survival, demolition, swimming, mountaineering, secret code languages reading, disguising and many more.

    Expert Vehicular Driver

    He is greatly skilled and very proficient in driving cars, bikes, tankers, trucks, boats, submarines, several types of trains and piloting jets and helicopters from civilian to military classes.


    Cap is also a polyglot, he is fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and maybe more.



    Cap's Uniform
    Cap's Uniform

    Captain America is usually seen with his Captain America chain-mail armor that is bulletproof, and is colored red, white and blue which represents his country's flag. His costume covers up everything except his nose, mouth, and ears. It's made out of Kevlar, Nomex, lightweight Titanium and an unknown polymer. This costume offers a mid-high level of resistance against electric shocks and force impacts fundamentally. This suit cannot be pierced or slashed with simple and rather normal sharp materials like woods, glass, iron and aluminum. It's also resistant to high or low temperatures. In its helmet there is a small voice operated-wireless communicator which has its frequencies locked and almost untraceable that is also unaffected by jamming systems.


    Captain America's Shield
    Captain America's Shield

    Cap's trademark weapon is his vibranium alloy shield in which he always carries with him. This shield is 2.5 feet / 70 cm in diameter and weight 12 pounds / 5.5 kg. The shield is virtually unbreakable and absorbs the kinetic force of anything that strikes it, which enables Cap to ricochet the shield off of objects and allow it to come back to him. Despite it being nearly unbreakable, it has shattered a few times but has needed a highly-powerful being to do such a feat, such as Thanos (with his Infinity Gauntlet) or Odin's brother, the Serpent. After giving the shield and costume to Bucky Barnes, Cap got a new costume and weapon. However, after Barnes faked his own death, Rogers would once again become Captain America and wield the shield. But then he lost his serum, and would become an old man. He would give the shield to Falcon as the new Captain America until Steve was again restored back to his youth, but allowed Sam to keep his trademark round shield and would instead wield an all-new one.

    No Caption Provided

    Cap's (Hydra one) former wielded shield is similar in appearance to his classic, triangular shields he would use before he got his vibranium round one. This shield is made of an unknown metal, but is highly durable. The shield can split into two parts with the bottom part being capable of being shot at an opponent or disconnected if someone were to grab it. The biggest feature of the new shield is that of a laser blade that forms along the point of it that enables Cap to cut through things like steel with utter ease or used to dismember opponents.

    Alternate Realities

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    Ultimate Cap
    Ultimate Cap

    In the Ultimate universe, Captain America's origin was much the same. He became a hero due to the Super-Soldier Serum and fought in World War II. His sidekick is Bucky, who photographs him and writes articles about him but isn't a costumed fighter. In his final mission, he attempts to sabotage a Nazi nuclear missile, and the resulting explosion throws him into the Atlantic Ocean, putting him in suspended animation. He is discovered fifty years later by Tony Stark, and after reconciling with Bucky, is drafted into the Ultimates as the team's field leader.

    He played a crucial part in the team's first mission - the Manhattan Crisis - when Bruce Banner injected himself with a Hulk serum mixed with Steve's blood, causing him to Hulk out and go on a rampage. During the battle, Captain America nearly manages to inject the antidote into Hulk, but Hulk ultimately prevents this. Regardless, it was Captain America who formulated the winning strategy by sending Wasp into the Hulk's brain. Banner's brain was the one soft part of his body, and Wasp's stings successfully bring down the berserk Hulk, changing him back into Banner.

    After the Crisis, he learns of Hank Pym abusing Janet Pym, and proceeds to beat Giant-Man up. After successfully leading the team to defeat the Chitauri (an alien race of Nazi-allied shapeshifters whom Cap fought in WWII), Steve begins to date Jan. Captain America would then go on to lead the Ultimates in several other missions, including a clash with the Ultimate X-Men and fighting the super-villain group Six - which was comprised of Ultimate Spider-Man's villains.

    Six months after the battle with the Chitauri, Captain America participates in the team's joint operation with the European Defense Initiative to take down Thor. Thor had just recently quit the team, and his half-brother Loki's reality manipulating powers manage to trick the Ultimates into viewing Thor as a threat. Thor is soundly defeated by the two teams, and after the battle, the Ultimates would be sent into a Middle Eastern nation to destroy their nuclear arsenal.

    But Loki's meddling is far from over, and after Black Widow betrays the team and kidnaps Hawkeye while murdering his entire family, Loki magically alters the cameras in Hawkeye's home to make it appear as though Captain America was the perpetrator. As a result, S.H.I.E.L.D. successfully detains and incarcerates Cap. But all of this turns out to be ruses to weaken America when the Liberators - a superhuman army comprised of the USA's enemies, attacks the nation. But Captain America is eventually freed with the help of the Wasp, and along with the rest of the Ultimates and America's superheroes, launches a counterattack against the Liberators. In the ensuing battle, Captain America defeats and executes the Liberators' leader, fellow super-soldier Colonel Abdul al-Rahman. After the invasion of America is repelled, the Ultimates then decide to go independent (as their actions in the Middle East inadvertently triggered the invasion).

    After this, Nick Fury would ask Cap to train the supposed mutant, Black Panther. He does so, but later finds out that Fury lied to him and that Fury has not let the Panther go home. With the help of Tony Stark, Steve makes himself a Black Panther disguise and joins the Ultimates as the Panther, allowing T'Challa to go home. Later in the Savage Lands while battling the Juggernaut, the rest of the team finds out that the Black Panther they know has been Cap the whole time, and they manage to defeat Ultron. When the ULTIMATUM Wave hits New York City, Cap is saved by Iron Man, but collapses and is taking to the Triskelion and put on life support. Cap later joins Thor in Valhalla, helping him fight Hela the goddess of death for Valkyrie's soul. Captain America ultimately survives the events of Ultimatum. Post-Ultimatum, Captain America and Hawkeye are on a mission when Cap runs into the Ultimate version of the Red Skull. They battle aboard a helicopter and Cap is quickly and brutally beaten by his adversary. Captain America later learns that this Skull is his son, but after the Skull secures a Cosmic Cube, Cap is forced to kill his own flesh and blood.

    Captain America would continue to lead the New Ultimates in various missions, including going against Fury's black ops Avengers team and a vampire invasion. After the death of Spider-Man, he goes into exile over his failure to properly train the young superhero, but is later recalled back with the emergence of the grassroots terrorist group HYDRA. Subsequently, Ultimate Cap would eventually be elected as a wartime President of the United States. Shortly after resigning from presidency, Captain America was killed during Galactus' attack on New York.

    Ultimate Captain America can lift 2 to 4 tons, and is rated by his handbook strength as a 4, while his 616 counterpart is only a 3. Ultimate Captain America is classified as a superhuman, and he has shown enough strength to harm even powerful combatants like the Hulk and Juggernaut. His official bio states that he has mastered several martial arts, and has been shown to be able to defeat skilled fighters like Black Panther and Nuke. Ultimate Captain America is also considered a tactical genius, and has formulated many successful battle plans and strategies, and has also displayed intelligence levels that enable him to hack into classified S.H.I.E.L.D. files. In contrast to his mainstream universe counterpart, Ultimate Cap is willing to resort to any means in order to win, and will often improvise and use any strategy to triumph. He also has a low-level healing factor. As well, he is more likely to kill than the 616 version, and seems to dislike the French, as proven by his infamous quote, "You think this letter on my head stands for France!"

    His standard piece of equipment is a metallic shield designed by Hank Pym (later destroyed by Valkyrie but reforged by Asgardians), and his uniform has a vibranium chestplate and is Kevlar-lined to be bulletproof. Ultimate Cap also frequently makes use of firearms and explosives.


    This Captain America is a rebuilt version of the original Cap, thanks to Stark Industries and Tony Stark. It has a computer inside which cooperates with his mind and works as a supporting device. Along with his traditional shield, he's armed with a pistol, with which he goes around to look for new foes to kill.


    Earth-9997: Earth X
    Earth-9997: Earth X

    Much of Captain America's past matches that of his Earth-616 counterpart; however recent insights into the past of the Captain America of Earth-9997 have been revealed by the studies made by X-51, Kyle Richmond, as well as Cap's own travels through Mar-Vell's cloak (which was once owned by the hero of the same name). At some point in his past, Cap was held prisoner of the Red Skull and an army of Neo-Nazis; during this encounter, the Red Skull claimed that Dr. Abraham Erskine was secretly a member of the Nazi party. The Red Skull went on to explain that Adolf Hitler had funded scientists to work for the Allies, so that their discoveries would aid the Axis powers. The secret plan of the Nazis for the super-soldier project was to create a perfect Aryan race, and as such, they picked Steve Rogers, a scrawny young man with blond hair and blue eyes. Red Skull also went on to explain that the assassin that killed Erskine was originally meant to kill Rogers after his birth, and that Erskine's death was not intended. The Red Skull's claims have not been substantiated, and could have possibly been used as mental torture. Since then, the Red Skull and his followers began worshiping Captain America as Hitler's "one true son", and the Skull himself began attacking people in Cap's personal life whom the Skull deemed "impure" or "unworthy" of Cap. At some point either prior to or after the death of the Red Skull, Cap came into the possession of the Cosmic Cube once more. Knowing that he would be too tempted to use it, he turned it over to the only person he knew would not be tempted to use it nor give it up to Cap no matter how much he begged for it: the Black Panther.

    World Wide Mutation: At some point during the world-wide mutation of humanity due to the release of Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere, the Red Skull had tracked down and murdered Bernie Rosenthal, who was once the girlfriend of Captain America due to her brief association with Cap, and the Red Skull's belief that Captain America had to live up to Hitler's dream. The battle between Cap and the Red Skull following Bernie's death ended with Captain America decapitating the Red Skull with his shield. Following the Skull's death, Cap had vowed never to kill again. Soon after the Skull's death, Cap quit the Avengers because he felt that since he had killed the Red Skull out of revenge that his continued membership would taint their ranks. Not long after, all the Avengers (except the Vision) were murdered by the Absorbing Man in Washington, D.C. As the world's population began to rapidly mutate and anarchy spread across the world, Cap joined up with S.H.I.E.L.D. around the time that world meat shortages began. Soon after his joining of S.H.I.E.L.D., members of its organization were succumbing to the alien Hydra (including the Falcon, Dum Dum Dugan, Sharon Carter, and She-Hulk among others). When Norman Osborn bought his way into the White House, Captain America refused to serve under him or fight along with the Iron Avengers, a group of robots created by Tony Stark for Osborn to act as guardians of the United States and fight off the invasion of the alien Hydra. Soon the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier was taken down by Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury died in the crash. When Cap investigated the crashed helicarrier, he found a video on its main computer from Nick Fury warning that Osborn was behind the creation of the Hydra and that S.H.I.E.L.D. and Cap's friends were all targeted because Cap refused to work for Osborn.

    Eventually, Cap returned to New York City and partnered up with Red Wing (Wyatt Wingfoot) and the Iron Avengers, finally working for Osborn, plotting to take him down, but it never came to pass.

    Instead, during one of the Iron Avengers' routine sweeps through New York City to eliminate the Hydra hordes, Cap almost submitted to the members of Hydra's (all of whom were former friends of Cap) pleas to join the Hydra. When one of the Hydra approached with what appeared to be a cloth bearing the Punisher's old insignia but in red, Cap quickly rejected the Hydra's offer to join. After the Iron Avengers' seemingly eliminated the Hydra, Cap assumed that the symbol on the cloth was an indication that the Red Skull had somehow returned.

    Soon, Cap and Red Wing traveled to the fallen S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier to see if its computers could locate any other sign of this red skull insignia and found a large concentration of the image on the west coast. Cap and Red Wing then traveled to the west in one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s flying cars.

    In California, they found a large group of people (one of whom was Cap's old ally Marshall Maldoon) working under the banner, collecting fish from the ocean as a food source. This pillaging of the sea caught the attention of Namor, who attacked this group and he soon clashed with Iron Maiden. During the battle, he suddenly stopped and bowed down to their leader, who, to Cap's amazement was a teenage boy who went under the name of the Skull. It appeared that the Skull was able to make anyone in his vicinity his slave (it was later revealed that the Skull was in no way related to the Red Skull, but was really Benny Beckley, son of Comet Man. His powers were one of the many fail-safes that was implemented into human DNA by the Celestials when they originally manipulated the human race, so at a time when all humans had mutated, one of their numbers could control them all and they could better defend the planet from invaders).

    Outraged by this form of slavery, Captain America and Red Wing confronted the Skull and demanded that he release the people that he controlled. The Skull found that Captain America was a laughing stock and took possession of Red Wing and had his masses attack Cap and drive him out of the vicinity. The Skull wanted Cap to be the only person free of his control, to mock the humbled hero.

    Cap, without a cause, decided to remain on the west coast until he was approached by the Daredevil (not Matthew Murdock, but a freak show performer) who wanted to join Cap's cause because he figured it was a surefire way to die (Daredevil's mutation made it impossible for him to die). While Cap and Daredevil followed the Skull's progression across the United States, Cap had sent ahead Daredevil's circus companions to New York City to find Scott Summers (formally the X-Man, Cyclops) to train them to be the next X-Men. Aided by Pete Parker upon arriving in New York City, Cap and Daredevil located the Thing asking him to aid in rallying a counter army to stop the Skull from taking over the world. Using the tuning fork once belonging to the Inhuman royal pet named Lockjaw, Cap first approached Tony Stark to assist in battling the Skull. Stark insisted that his Iron Avengers would stop the army. However, the Iron Avengers were destroyed and as a result, President Osborn was assassinated by the Skull. Cap traveled the world recruiting superhumans from around the globe to assist in battling the Skull. From Japan, he recruited Lord Sunfire and his Red Ronin army; Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil from the Savage Land; from Russia, he recruited Czar Colossus, the Black Widow, the Crimson Dynamo, and an army of Red Guardians; from Britain, Captain Britain, the Black Knight (secretly the son of Black Bolt), Dragon Man, and an army of Union Jacks, and finally Guardian and Sasquatch from Canada.

    When Cap and his army traveled to Wakanda seeking aid from the Black Panther, Cap also asked to be given the Cosmic Cube for use against the Skull. The Black Panther refused to aid Cap and stated that should the Skull's army make their way to Wakanda, he would deal with the invaders on his own. With his army, Cap returned to New York City and made an attack on the Skull and his army, and even with the added power of the Hulk and Bruce Banner, the Skull gained the upper hand by taking control of most of Cap's warriors. Even after his defeat, the Skull refused to possess Cap and had his troops beat Cap. Cap made one final desperate lunge at the Skull and just before he was killed by Marshall Maldoon, he was rescued by Spider-Man, who had finally decided to get involved in heroics once more in order to save his daughter, Venom, who was one of the Skull's slaves. The two heroes returned to the Thing's loft where they regrouped with the Thing, and the X-Men, and they formulated a plan. After their first battle with the Skull, Cap had noticed that the Skull was unable to take control of the Hulk, and could only control the beast once he took control of Bruce Banner. Cap also realized that the Skull destroyed the Iron Avengers as opposed to taking control of them and realized that the Skull had no control over the mindless, and so employed the use of the Marvels (life-sized clay sculptures of many of Earth's heroes in their prime that were created and given life by Alicia Masters, the wife of the Thing).

    The two heroes returned to the Thing's loft where they regrouped with the Thing, and the X-Men, and they formulated a plan. After their first battle with the Skull, Cap had noticed that the Skull was unable to take control of the Hulk, and could only control the beast once he took control of Bruce Banner. Cap also realized that the Skull destroyed the Iron Avengers as opposed to taking control of them and realized that the Skull had no control over the mindless, and so employed the use of the Marvels (life-sized clay sculptures of many of Earth's heroes in their prime that were created and given life by Alicia Masters, the wife of the Thing).

    Earth-2149 (Marvel Zombies)

    Earth-2149: Zombie Colonel America
    Earth-2149: Zombie Colonel America

    In the Marvel Zombies reality, Cap was known as Colonel America, and he was the President of the United States. After being turned into a zombie, he raided secret government bunkers and ate countless people until the zombie Red Skull killed him, by scooping his brains out.

    In Marvel Zombies 2, we see the return of Colonel America. A Frankenstein experiment carried out by the X-Man Forge, allowed the brain of Colonel America to be transplanted into the body of the Black Panther's son T'Channa.


    Earth-3010: General America
    Earth-3010: General America

    On Earth 3010, Steve Rogers was known as General America. This version of the character fought for an oppressive, fascistic version of the United States, with his arch-nemesis being Lady Deadpool, the leader of the rebellion.


    Earth-311: 1602
    Earth-311: 1602

    In Earth-460, the Purple Man had become president of the United States. He somehow sent Captain America to the year 1602 of an alternate reality, which created a divergent timeline designated Earth-311. In Earth-311 at the year 1602, Steve Rogers became Rojhaz, and joined an American Indian tribe. His arrival screwed up the timeline, and people started appearing in 1602 as analogues of themselves. Rojhaz didn't want to leave, so he could create a prejudice-free USA, but 1602 Nick Fury forced him to go back to normal time and bring everything back to normal.

    House of M

    Earth-58163: House of M
    Earth-58163: House of M

    In the House of M storyline, Captain America (Steve Rogers) never got frozen in the iceberg that kept him youthful in modern times. Instead, Steve Rogers continued to fight alongside the Invaders (Namor, Human Torch 1, Miss America, and others) and protected the United States from all sorts of trouble and destruction. Steve Rogers gives up his mantle as Captain America after an argument with Senator McCarthy over the persecution of Mutants - particularly of Human Torch 1. He then joins the Space Program and becomes the first man to walk on the moon (changing Neil Armstrong's famous line to "One small step for man, one giant leap for peace between man and mutant-kind). Although he marries Peggy Carter, they split up after an argument over Steve's stance on S.H.E.I.L.D and Mutant persecution. In the end, Steve retires from the service, and is accosted by a group of young mutants who beat him in a subway station.

    Earth-982 (MC 2 Universe)

    In the MC2 universe, Cap's origin and suspended animation were exactly the same. Once he had joined the MC2 Avengers, they went on a perilous mission that claimed most of their lives. Cap stayed behind to help others on the mission and was considered missing in action. Later, he gave American Dream his shield, as he saw in her the dedication he had when he was fighting. Steve was last seen leading the young superheroes against their superhero parents who were being mind-controlled by Loki. He was fatally injured, but in order to preserve his legacy, Thor used his power to immortalize him by turning him into a star resembling his shield to honor him.

    Earth-2301 (Mangaverse)

    In the Marvel Mangaverse, Captain America is both the leader of the Avengers and the president of the United States. He was killed by Doctor Doom. Carol Danvers (Ms. Marvel in 616) becomes the new Cap.


    Earth-398: Yeoman America
    Earth-398: Yeoman America

    Yeoman America was Captain America (Steve Rogers) altered by Morgan Le Fay's reality distortion wave. The wave caused the time period to be altered to a medieval setting altering the Avenger's clothing, speech patterns, and thought processes. All of the Avengers involved believed themselves to be a part of the Queen’s elite guard known as the Queen’s Vengeance. The Scarlet Witch, with the combined willpower of all the awakened Avengers, pumped power into Wonder Man, shifting reality back to normal, and defeated Morgan in the process.

    Earth-1298 (Mutant X)

    Steve Rogers was mentioned to be too busy to help mount an attack on the Goblin Queen by Quicksilver to Magneto. After he died, an unknown mutant took his place as Captain America.

    Steven Rogers never shows up in the Mutant X reality, though his mutant replacement is around quite a bit.

    Earth-9811 ( Battleworld )

    In this reality, also called Battleworld, Captain America and Rogue had a daughter called Crusader. The daughter was called Sarah Rogers.

    Earth-9602 (Amalgam)


    In the Amalgam Universe, Captain America was merged with Superman. The new character was called Super-Soldier. Captain America's (or rather Super-Soldier's) shield was replaced with Superman's logo, and is missing the top part of his mask piece, revealing his hair. (which is designed after Superman's hair). While this amalgam shared Superman's name, he also shared Captain America's backstory.


    In the Larval Universe, Steve Rogers and his alter ego, Captain America, are turned into a cat named Steve Mouser and Captain Americat. He is working in the Daily Beagle (this universe's version of the Daily Bugle).

    What If...?: Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

    In "What If both Professor X and Magneto was both killed by Legion?", Captain America is the leader of the Defenders, which is composed of Weapon X, Captain Britain, Brother Voodoo, the Thing, Colossus, Sauron, Molecule Man and Nate Summers. The Defenders have learned the truth of their reality and have sworn not to change the past but defeat Apocalypse in the present. In this reality, Steve appears unmasked, wearing an eyepatch, and is in possession of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir along with his shield.

    After the team defeats Apocalypse in a climactic battle, Nate Summers betrays the team's oath and attempts time travel into the past to prevent Legion from killing Professor X and Magneto using Apocalypse's technology. Steve then fires lightning at Nate using Mjolnir, an act which, although killed Nate, also killed hundreds of others across the time portal and causing yet another version of the Age of Apocalypse reality.


    In this reality, Captain America leads the Avengers against Charnel and his "children". After Charnel conquered and destroyed the Earth, very few people are still alive in this reality. In an effort to prevent it from coming to be in another world, Captain America and the Avengers travel to Earth-616, where they fight Death's Head II, believing him to be Charnel. When the real Charnel surfaces, the Avengers and DH II team up, and manage to defeat Charnel. Captain America is killed along with most of this reality's Avengers in the process. One of the final heroes fighting against Charnel. He led the last of his Avengers back to the past (specifically, Earth-616), to stop Charnel from gaining too much power. He was killed during the conflict.


    In this alternate reality, Captain America never awoke from his cryogenic slumber because the Sub-Mariner remained a homeless amnesiac. Namor never met Johnny Storm, who went on to become a world-class race car driver.


    In this alternate reality, the Fantastic Four never existed. Without them, Namor remains a wandering amnesiac and Captain America was never freed from his icy tomb.


    In this reality, Captain America is known as Captain Hydra. He's the warrior of Hand. In this world, Hydra rules the world.

    Steven Rogers of Earth-1081

    Not much is known about the past history of Captain America on Earth-1081 presumably most of his history and origins are on par with most realities. It has been identified by Morph that during World War II, this version of Captain America served in his realities Invaders, where he would clash with the vampire lord Baron Blood. Eventually, in the modern era, Captain America would slay Baron blood. Also in the modern era, Captain America would be a member of the Avengers.

    Weapon America

    No Caption Provided

    Weapon America is a variant of Captain America that went through multiple super soldier programs. In addition to Project: Rebirth, he went through Weapon X (where he received adamantium claws) and Project: Homegrown (where he had an American flag tattooed on his face). He was pulled from his timestream and placed in a prison with other variants of Steve Rogers. He and the other Steves were baited into trying to escape to prove their worth for a multiversal army to stand against Mephisto. He was ultimately made a member of the Howling Commandos and fought to defend The God Quarry from two different armies: one of variant Mephistos and one of variant Doctor Dooms.

    Other Media


    Captain America TV movies

    Reb Brown as Captain America
    Reb Brown as Captain America

    In 1979, two Captain America TV movies were produced for CBS. Captain America starred Reb Brown as the title character, with his origin updated to the 1970's rather than the 1940's. This version of Steve Rogers is a reluctant, somewhat whiny artist who has no interest in being a hero until he is injured in an accident. His life is saved by a dose of FLAG, a special serum created by his deceased father, which allows him to become Captain America. In the sequel, Captain America II: Death Too Soon, Cap battles a South American terrorist named General Miguel (played by Christopher Lee).

    Captain America

    For further detail: Captain America

    Matt Sallinger as Captain America
    Matt Sallinger as Captain America

    The film starts in 1936 when a fascist government kidnaps a talented boy from his family. The boy is needed for an experimental project to create a fascist super-soldier; however, Dr. Vaselli (Carla Cassola) objects to using the boy, and under the cover of gunfire, flees.

    Seven years later, the American government finds a volunteer in Steve Rogers, a loyal all-American that is excluded from the draft because of his illness. The formula successfully transforms Rogers into the perfect soldier. Before any more super soldiers can be created using the formula kept in her head, Dr. Vaselli is murdered by a Nazi spy. Meanwhile, the Italian boy has become the Red Skull and is planning to launch a missile at the White House. Now code-named Captain America, he is sent in to defeat the Skull and deactivate the missile.

    However, after a brutal battle, the Red Skull tricks and defeats Captain America and ties him to the missile as it is about to launch. Cap is able to grab hold of the Red Skull, forcing him to cut off his hand in order to avoid being launched into destruction with Cap. While the missile is overhead, a young boy named Thomas Kimball takes a photograph as Cap forces the missile to change course and land, where he remains frozen until 1993.

    Kimball goes on to become an honest politician and Vietnam War hero until being elected the President. In 1993, a year into his term, he is pushing for pro-environmentalist legislation that is angering the military-industrial complex, who hold a secret conference led by the Red Skull.

    After the War, the Red Skull had extensive plastic surgery done in a partially successful attempt to alter his disfigured features, raised a daughter, and became the leader of a powerful crime family. In the 1960s, this American military-industrial complex hired the Red Skull and his thugs to murder various Americans who were against their militarism and Red Skull's fascism, such as Dr. Martin Luther King, President John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy. Now, Red Skull is targeting President Kimball for assassination.

    Cap's frozen body is found by researchers, and he awakens still thinking that it is the 1940s. After battling some of the Red Skull's thugs, he brushes off Sam Kolawetz (Ned Beatty), a reporter and childhood friend of President Kimball, and hitchhikes his way back to his wartime girlfriend, Bernice (Kim Gillingham), in the movie.

    While Bernice still lives at her old residence, she has long since married and raised her own daughter, Sharon. Sharon subsequently shows a series of VHS history tapes in order for Cap to catch up on what has happened while he was frozen in ice. Meanwhile, the Red Skull's thugs, lead by his daughter, break into Bernice's house and kill her. They also cause her husband to have a heart attack during their efforts to find where Cap is hiding out. Rogers and Sharon visit the secret underground base where he gained his superpowers, in the hopes that Dr. Vaselli's diary is still there and contains the original name of the Red Skull.

    Although Rogers and Sharon find the diary, the Red Skull's thugs attempt to grab it. Rogers and Sharon vow revenge as well as the rescue of the recently kidnapped president. They locate and travel to the Red Skull's home and discover an old recording of the murder of his parents. Sharon agrees to be kidnapped in order to allow Steve Rogers, who once again dons his costume, to enter the Red Skull's castle.

    In the midst of their battle, the Red Skull pulls out a remote trigger for an explosive device, but Cap knocks him off a cliff with his trademark shield before the bomb can be set off.

    The United States Marines show up to save the President and arrest the Americans involved in the kidnapping. The credits roll with a comic book image of Captain in the background and a plea to support the United States Environmental Protection Act of 1990.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    The Incredible Hulk (2008)

    Cap's frozen body
    Cap's frozen body

    A deleted scene in The Incredible Hulk shows Captain America's still-frozen body. After Bruce Banner attempts to commit suicide, he transforms into the Hulk and goes on a rampage, destroying the surrounding area. When this occurs, Captain America's shadowy form can briefly be seen trapped in the ice. The scene was cut from the movie's theatrical release, but was included on the DVD.

    Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

    Chris Evans as Captain America in CA:TFA
    Chris Evans as Captain America in CA:TFA

    In Captain America: The First Avenger, Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) is a young man with a great will and attitude to do his part for his country. He continuously tries to join the Army and is continuously rejected for various health and physical issues. When he attended the Stark World Expo, on a double date with his friend James Barnes, his date is not happy with him because of his weak appearance. He tries to enlist again, and for the first time, he is allowed to by Dr. Abraham Erskine, who overheard the conversation between Steve and Bucky and the good heart and will that Steve has.

    He is recruited into Project: Rebirth, a super-soldier experiment to win the war. General Phillips is not happy with Erskine's choice of Steve being the right person for this procedure. The night before the procedure, Steve gets an unexpected meeting from Erskine, who reveals to him about Johann Schmidt, the first super-soldier, who went through an imperfect version of the serum and gained super-human abilities but also suffered side-effects, as well as revealing that a "Strong man who has known power all his life, loses the respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows compassion." Steve goes through the treatment and transforms into a much stronger and taller human being, a Super Solider.

    The USO costume
    The USO costume

    After this procedure, Erskine is killed by an assassin of Schmidt's, Heinz Kruger. Steve chases and captures the assassin, who commits suicide before an actual interrogation. Rather than use him on the battlefield he is toured across the nation to promote war bonds as " Captain America", since he is the last and only success of the Super Soldier Serum. While on one of his tours, Steve learns of Barnes unit being lost in battle. Refusing to believe he is dead Steve goes on a solo rescue mission with the help of Peggy Carter and Howard Stark. Steve infiltrates the Hydra base and frees the captured soldiers alongside Barnes. He eventually confronts Schmidt, who reveals his true face, which a red-colored disfigured and skull-like.

    After the rescue, Steve recruits Barnes, Dugan, Jones, Morita, Falsworth, and Dernier to attack known Hydra bases. He is provided with an upgraded suit, that he designed, and a new circular shield made of Vibranium. They attack a Hydra train to capture Arnim Zola, but lose Barnes. Steve later on leads an attack on Schmidt's base. He jumps on board Schmidt's secret weapon, and confronts him. During their fight, Steve damages the container of the Tesseract. In doing this, Schmidt for the first time grabs the Tesseract, which causes him to vanish into a bright light. Steve seeing no safe way to land the plane. with the bombs and weapons on board, makes a daring decision to crash the plane into the Arctic. He does just that, and begins his 70-year time in suspended animation.

    He remains frozen until the present day, when he is found. He is taken and awakens in a hospital room. He quickly figures out something is wrong, because of the baseball game on the radio. He flees out of the room into a present New York, which takes him by surprise, and is confronted by Nick Fury who informs Steve that he was asleep for almost 70 years. When Fury asked if he was going to be OK, Steve in a sad tone replies "I had a date".

    The Avengers (2012)

    Chris Evans as Captain America
    Chris Evans as Captain America

    Chris Evans reprises his role as Captain America in The Avengers. Steve Rogers finds himself lost in a new world, after his defrosting. He recounts various memories of his life in the 1940s and World War 2, while he is working out in a boxing gym. Nick Fury approaches him with a mission to save the world again. He is informed about Loki and how he stole the Tesseract, to conquer Earth, to which Steve is not thrilled to learn about especially the Tesseract, Hydra's secret weapon and power source. Even though he accepts the mission, he tells Fury "you should have left it in the ocean", when asked about any important information on the Tesseract.

    Aboard the Quinjet, Steve is debriefed on each member of the Avengers Initiative, and one in particular intrigues him, Bruce Banner. He was informed by Agent Coulson that Banner tried to recreate the Super Soldier Serum, which he believed low levels of Gamma Radiation to be the key. Onboard the Helicarrier, he gives Nick Fury 10 bucks, since he was wrong about how much the world has changed. SHIELD later learns of Loki's location, Germany, Captain America, and Black Widow are sent in to apprehend him. While Loki is about to kill an old man, Captain America intervenes and battles Loki, to which Loki has the upper hand even though Cap is not giving up, eventually Loki gives up, after the intervention of Iron Man.

    While escorting Loki to S.H.I.E.L.D., Steve is uncomfortable over how easy it was to capture him, but before he could go any further they are interrupted by the arrival of Thor, who has come to earth to take his brother and the Tesseract back to Asgard. While Thor and Iron Man are battling each other on the ground, Rogers gets ready to jump off the Quinjet, to which Natasha informs him is a dangerous idea because of them being Gods and far more powerful than he is, to which he replies "There's only one God ma'am, and I don't think he looks like that!". He stops the fight between Tony and Thor, but angers Thor to attack him, to no avail because of Rogers's shield.

    Onboard the Helicarrier the team listens to the conversation between Fury and Loki. Rogers discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. has possession of Hydra tech from World War Two and information on Phase 2, to create weapons of mass destruction powered by the Tesseract just like Hydra, which turns into an argument over the roles of each member and Tony's characteristic as a hero, leading them to be oblivious about the attack on the Helicarrier. While the Hulk is rampaging inside the Helicarrier and Thor is trying to stop him, Steve and Tony try to restart one of the Helicarrier engines. Even though they succeed they end up losing an Agent, as well as Loki escaping his captivity.

    Tony and Steve devise a plan to take on Loki, and the battle in New York begins. With the arrival of the Hulk, the Avengers take on the horde of Chitauri that is entering through the portal that has opened on top of Stark Tower. After the capture of Loki, Thor takes him and the Tesseract back to Asgard, and the Avengers go their separate ways.

    Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

    Cap in the sequel
    Cap in the sequel

    Chris Evans reprises his role again in the 2014 film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Set two years after the Chitauri invasion of New York, the movie sees Rogers now working as an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside Black Widow and the STRIKE team. When his old friend Bucky emerges as the brainwashed assassin Winter Soldier and a conspiracy within S.H.I.E.L.D. is discovered, Cap goes on the run and recruits the Falcon as his new partner.

    The heroes discover that Bucky is working for HYDRA, who have infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. and are planning to conquer the world by using three new Helicarriers. Cap and Falcon manage to bring down the Helicarriers while Black Widow exposes HYDRA's plans to the public. The movie ends with Bucky rescuing Cap and disappearing to parts unknown, with Cap and Falcon resolving to track him down.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Captain America in the Avengers sequel
    Captain America in the Avengers sequel

    Chris Evans returns as Captain America once again in the 2015 movie Avengers: Age of Ultron. He sports yet another new costume, as well as a magnetic gauntlet that allows him to control the shield in mid-flight.

    After the events of The Winter Soldier, Steve has returned to the Avengers in order to help take down the remaining HYDRA cells. He repeatedly clashes with Iron Man throughout the film due to the two heroes' vastly differing ideas on how best to protect the planet. One such way is Ultron, an artificial intelligence program that goes rogue and builds itself into a killer robot. Cap leads the Avengers to the fictional country of Sokovia to stop Ultron from destroying the world.

    After several of the original members leave the team, the film ends with Captain America and Black Widow preparing to lead a new team of Avengers consisting of War Machine, Vision, Falcon, and Scarlet Witch, acting as a nod to the "Cap's Kooky Quartet" period from the comics.

    Ant-Man (2015)

    Chris Evans makes a cameo appearance as Captain America in Ant-Man. In a short post-credits scene, Captain America and Falcon are shown with the Winter Soldier, whose arm is trapped in some sort of vise. When Cap states that they cannot call Iron Man or the Avengers for assistance, Falcon mentions that Scott Lang may be able to help them out. This scene ended up being taken directly from the succeeding movie, Captain America: Civil War.

    Captain America: Civil War (2016)

    Civil War
    Civil War

    Chris Evans returns once again as Captain America in Captain America: Civil War. The film opens up a year after Age of Ultron, with Cap still leading the New Avengers. After a disastrous mission in Lagos, Nigeria results in civilian casualties, the nations of the world craft the Sokovia Accords, a series of laws designed to regulate and control the Avengers.

    Steve opposes the laws, arguing that they could lead to the governments using the Avengers for political agendas. The situation is complicated when Bucky is framed for a terrorist attack in Vienna, with the Avengers not being authorized to bring him in. After Cap and Falcon violate the Accords by trying to bring in Bucky themselves, the Avengers opposed to the Accords become fugitives hunted by Iron Man and Avengers who support the Accords.

    The film ends with a violent confrontation between Cap and Iron Man, which Cap ultimately wins. He relinquishes his shield and goes on the run, and is last seen hiding out in Wakanda.

    Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Cap's cameo
    Cap's cameo

    Chris Evans appears in a cameo in Spider-Man: Homecoming as part of a number of school board videoes, including a fitness challenge video shown to Peter Parker's class. He is shown wearing his uniform from the first Avengers movie.

    Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

    Chris Evans as Captain Steve Rogers in Avengers: Infinity War
    Chris Evans as Captain Steve Rogers in Avengers: Infinity War

    Chris Evans reprises his role as Steve Rogers in Avengers: Infinity War. He now sports a dirtier version of his Captain America uniform while growing facial hair after being on the run from the authorities. Instead of sporting his signature shield, he now uses gauntlets that were made in Wakanda.

    He first appears alongside Black Widow and Falcon while saving Vision and Scarlet Witch from an ambush made by Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight, who were trying to obtain the Soul Stone from Vision. After the three reunite with their former comrades, they decide to travel to the Avengers Headquarters only to find James Rhodes and a hologram of Thunderbolt Ross having a meeting, with the latter threatening the rogue superheroes with their criminal records and Rogers retorting that he was not there to fight the government but will fight them as well if needed.

    After Ross leaves, Rogers and the other Avengers assess how they would have to deal with the Soul Stone dilemma and finally came to the conclusion that they needed to head to Wakanda in order to remove the Soul Stone from Vision's head to avoid killing him while keeping the stone in a safe place away from Thanos. The Avengers ultimately fail to stop Thanos from killing Vision, and Thanos subsequently completes the Gauntlet and uses it to wipe out half of the universe. At the end of the film, a despondent Captain America is shown lamenting the loss of many of his friends.

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Chris Evans reprised his role as Cap in the post-credit scene of Captain Marvel. In the present, he and the other Avengers had collected Nick Fury's special cosmic beeper and were monitoring the deep space signals it was producing. Captain Marvel would then surprise them demanding to know where Fury was. It is implied that they compared notes and sent her into deep space to find Tony Stark, which she does at the beginning of Avengers: Endgame.

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Captain America in Avengers: Endgame
    Captain America in Avengers: Endgame

    Chris Evans reprised his role in Avengers: Endgame, reportedly for the final time. Five years after Thanos' victory, Steve now runs a support group for the survivors. Despite this, he still has not gotten over the loss of Bucky, Sam, and the others. When Scott Lang arrives and tells Steve and Natasha that time travel may hold the key to retrieving the Infinity Stones and using them to resurrect those who were killed by Thanos, Steve makes peace with Tony. He, Tony, and Scott travel back to 2012 (during the events of the first Avengers movie) in order to get both the Mind Stone and the Space Stone, but fail to retrieve the latter. Steve and Tony travel back even further to the 1970s, where they manage to get the Space Stone and more pym particles.

    After successfully using the Infinity Stones to bring back most of those who died, Steve and the other Avengers battle Thanos and his army. It is here that Cap is able to use Mjolnir, proving that he is worthy. At the close of the film, he volunteers to go back in time to return the Infinity Stones to where they belong, but ultimately chooses to stay in the past to live out his life with Peggy. In the end, an aged Steve passes the shield and Captain America mantle to Sam.

    Video Games

    Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge

    Doctor Doom's Revenge
    Doctor Doom's Revenge

    Captain America is one of the two playable characters in this game, where he and Spider-Man battle a host of supervillains led by Doctor Doom.

    Captain America and The Avengers

    Captain America and The Avengers
    Captain America and The Avengers

    Captain America is one of the four playable Avengers in this game, alongside Iron Man, Hawkeye, and the Vision.

    Marvel vs Capcom series

    Captain America is a playable fighter in this series of Japanese fighting games. He appears in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes. He was voiced by Cathal J. Dodd.

    Captain America in: The Doom Tube of Doctor Meglomann

    Captain America appeared as the protagonist in this, which was his first solo game.

    Spider-Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety

    Captain America appears in this game.

    Avengers in Galactic Storm

    Captain America appears as a playable fighter in this Japanese fighting game from Data East, which is loosely based on the Operation: Galactic Storm crossover.

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    Cap in M:UA
    Cap in M:UA

    Captain America is a playable character, and one of the four stars, alongside Thor, Spider-Man, and Wolverine. In the beginning, he and the other three are summoned by Nick Fury to combat the Masters of Evil, who are attacking the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier. While one can play as any hero available, Cap still appears in all the cutscenes - including the ones of higher quality (except "Doom's Day).

    Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

    Captain America is a playable character and leads the Anti-Registration side. As M: UA 2 adapts the Secret War and Civil War storylines, Cap's role is similar to his role in said storylines. Cap, Wolverine, and Spidey are once again summoned by Nick Fury with a mission (Iron Man takes Thor's place) - this time to take down Lucia von Bardas. One year later, Lucia has her revenge, and begins setting the stage for the Civil War part of the arc, where Cap becomes the leader of the Anti-Registration side.

    Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    Captain America is a playable character in Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, as well as its update, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Brian Bloom reprised his role from the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon.

    Captain America: Super Soldier

    Captain America fights through Baron Zemo's castle in the tie-in to the Captain America: The First Avenger live-action movie. Chris Evans reprised his role from the movie.

    Marvel Heroes

    In the Free To Play MMO game Marvel Heroes, Captain America is one of the characters that can be purchased by the player. Several famous costumes can be purchased as well, like the Captain America: Reborn, Commander Steve Rogers, and The Captain costumes

    Marvel Avengers Alliance

    Captain America is playable in this Facebook game.

    Contest of Champions

    Captain America appears as a playable fighter. An alternate version of Captain America in his costume from Captain America: The First Avenger dubbed "WWII Captain America" was later released as a special promo for the 4th of July.

    Disney Infinity

    Disney Infinity
    Disney Infinity

    Captain America is a playable hero in the Marvel Super Heroes expansion pack, voiced by Roger Craig Smith. A new version of Cap in his Captain America: Civil War costume was later released for Disney Infinity 3.0.

    Marvel Future Fight

    Captain America is a playable character in the mobile app game.

    Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

    Captain America returned as a playable fighter in the fourth Marvel vs. Capcom game, once again voiced by Brian Bloom.

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

    Captain America returned in the third Ultimate Alliance game, with Brian Bloom once again reprising his role.

    Marvel's Avengers

    Captain America appears as one of the main playable characters in the Square Enix Avengers game. He is voiced by Jeff Schine.


    In the summer of 2020, Captain America was added to the popular Fortnite battle royale game.

    Marvel Midnight Suns

    Captain America is a playable character in the tactical RPG Marvel Midnight Suns.


    X-Men: The Animated Series

    Captain America and Logan go way back.
    Captain America and Logan go way back.

    Captain America made an appearance in the X-Men episode "Old Soldiers", which involved Cap and Wolverine fighting side-by-side in World War II. He was voiced by Lawrence Bayne.

    Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Captain America in Spider-Man: The Animated Series
    Captain America in Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Captain America appeared in several episodes of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He was first seen in a flashback in the episode "The Cat", before making a proper appearance in the "Six Forgotten Warriors" and "Secret Wars" storylines. In this version of the story, Captain America was the leader of a team of Super Soldiers known as the Six American Warriors (whose ranks included the Destroyer, Black Marvel, Miss America, Thunderer, and the Whizzer). Near the end of World War 2, Captain America and Red Skull were sucked into a time vortex, which placed them both in suspended animation. In the present, the two were rescued from the vortex, only to end up back inside it after Captain America sacrificed himself to stop his old foe. During the "Secret Wars" arc, Captain America was again rescued from the vortex, this time to aide Spider-Man on Battleworld. He was voiced by David Hayter.

    Avengers: United They Stand

    Cap with the Avengers
    Cap with the Avengers

    Captain America appeared in the opening credits of Avengers: United We Stand in every episode, as did Iron Man and Thor. However, Cap was not an active member of the actual team; it was the same case with the former two. Whereas Thor never appeared outside the opening credits, Iron Man and Cap did make at least one appearance each. In Cap's case, he appeared in the sixth episode, "Command Decision", where he helps the Avengers defeat the Masters of Evil. He was voiced by Dan Chameroy.

    X-Men: Evolution

    Cap's frozen body.
    Cap's frozen body.

    Like the previous series, an episode of X-Men: Evolution was devoted to showing the previous cooperation between the two. However, it goes further in explaining the Captain's absence and how it is related to the plot when Magneto sought the physical abilities of the hero. Cap is the only superhero to make an appearance, even though he's not a member of the X-Men or a mutant in general.

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Avengers: EMH
    Avengers: EMH

    Captain America has a much larger role in the second, more-acclaimed series, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, voiced by Brian Bloom. Much like his 616 counterparts, Captain America served in WWII and was thought dead after his final mission. He attempted to disable a bomb launched by the Red Skull, and the resulting explosion threw him into Arctic waters, where he froze and remained in suspended animation for decades. Captain America was eventually found by the Avengers (who were searching for a rogue Hulk). After fighting his own WWII enemy Baron Zemo, as well as Arnim Zola and his creation Doughboy, Captain America would then join the Avengers.

    He served as a loyal member of the Avengers in their missions during this time. He and the rest of the Avengers aided Black Panther in reclaiming Wakanda, defeated Zemo's Masters of Evil, and Captain America also helped Hawkeye in his unsanctioned attack on HYDRA Island. But Captain America was the inadvertent cause of one of the Avengers' biggest threats when Kang the Conqueror traveled to the 21st century to kill Cap. He claimed that Cap was an anomaly in the space-time continuum, and that Captain America's betrayal would eventually lead to the destruction of Earth. Kang would eventually be defeated, but his claims would have repercussions in the next season. Captain America meanwhile, continued to adjust to 21st-century life; teaching Iron Man how to fight without his armor and getting used to the J.A.R.V.I.S. AI and the Quinjet.

    The Avengers also went up against both A.I.M. and HYDRA, who were fighting over a Cosmic Cube created by the former. During the battle, Captain America wrestled with Baron von Strucker (leader of HYDRA) for the Cube, and they both touched it at the same time. While it seemed as though nothing happened, the Cube secretly worked - fulfilling Cap's truest desire - resurrecting his dead sidekick Bucky who was killed in the bomb's explosion during WWII. Subsequently, Cap would fight with the rest of the Avengers against Ultron, Malekith the Accursed, and Loki with the power of Odin. At the end of the first season, Captain America was ambushed by a Skrull shapeshifter in his room, who announced that the invasion had begun.

    At the start of the second season, Captain America started wearing an energy shield designed by Tony, to replace the shield he had lost when Odinforce Loki destroyed it. In one crucial mission, Baron Zemo, Crimson Dynamo, Wonder Man, and Abomination sought the aid of the Avengers to defeat Enchantress and Executioner (who were hunting down their former teammates). Zemo placed Captain America in charge of the plan to disable Enchantress's power because he knew he could trust Cap, but as the Skrull shapeshifter was masquerading in Cap's place, 'Captain America' betrayed Zemo. This was one of the hints that Cap had been replaced. Later on, when Iron Man receives intel that a member of his team is a Skrull shapeshifter, the team fractures in distrust and breaks apart. Only Captain America, Hulk, Wasp, and Hawkeye remained together.

    As his Skrull impersonator continued to lead the team, the real Captain America was being tortured and held in a Skrull spaceship. They were trying to figure out how to break him, so as to learn how to defeat humanity, but failed to do so. Instead, Cap was able to engineer an escape, and temporarily teamed up with all of the superheroes and villains who were captured and impersonated - Madame Viper, Mockingbird, Agent Quartermain, Cobra, Henry Gyrich, Invisible Woman, and an A.I.M. grunt. Together, the group made an escape, hijacking a Skrull craft back to Earth and subduing Super-Skrull. Back on Earth, the fake Captain America gave the order for the Skrull fleet to begin infiltrating Wakanda and Washington, D.C. The Skrulls had realized that they shouldn't try to defeat humanity, but use 'Captain America' to convince them.

    Back on Earth, the team is finally reassembled together after initial misunderstandings, and the Skrull invasion begins. Super-Skrulls are used to subdue the Avengers, and the Cap impersonator goes on live TV to try to subdue the human race by telling them to embrace the Skrull Empire (thus fulfilling Kang's claim that Cap's betrayal would end the world). But the real Cap returns, and together with the Avengers (Iron Man figured out how to reveal Skrull disguises as well), they defeat the invasion. Captain America successfully defeats his impersonator, though his reputation has been ruined in the fallout. As a result of his Skrull impersonator, the public turns against Cap and brands him a traitor. But after a mission with Spider-Man where they saved a group of innocents, the Daily Bugle clears his name.

    Cap would then go on to fight in several other missions (facing off against the Vision, the Loki-Destroyer, Annihilus, and a Purple-Man controlled Iron Man) but his past would come back to haunt him when Senator Dell Rusk (secretly the Red Skull) attacks the team. The team was comprised of conditioned heroes, including the Winter Soldier - who was actually Bucky. Bucky and Cap eventually reconcile, though after defeating Red Skull and his Sleepers, the two go their separate ways. After getting Hulk back on the team, the Avengers would then go on to fight the Kree Empire and the Supreme Intelligence, with the aid of Captain Marvel. The last episode of the series would also have the Avengers and all superheroes go up against Galactus and his heralds.

    In the final scene of the series, Galactus is defeated and the crowd cheers on as Captain America tells Iron Man, "You wanted to know how history will remember the Avengers, Iron Man? Well, here's your answer."

    Captain America has the Super-Soldier Serum in his veins, granting him peak human conditioning. He also had his indestructible shield.

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    The Ultimate version of Captain America appears in Ultimate Spider-Man as a member of the Avengers. He teams up with Spider-Man to retrieve his shield in the episode "Not A Toy" and then teams up with Wolverine and Spidey to defeat Arcade in the episode "Game Over". He is voiced by Roger Craig Smith in the show.

    Avengers Assemble

    Ultimate Cap
    Ultimate Cap

    The Ultimate version of Captain America appears as one of the main characters in the animated series Avengers Assemble. Though his costume resembles his Ultimate counterpart, his personality is more in line with the classic Captain America. He frequently clashes with Iron Man over their differences, and acts as a friend and mentor to the Falcon, the youngest member of the Avengers. Roger Craig Smith reprises his role from Ultimate Spider-Man, with a performance largely based on Chris Evan's portrayal of Cap.

    Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

    Captain America and Chris
    Captain America and Chris

    Captain America appears as one of the main characters in Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, a Japanese anime series by Toei Animation. He sports an armored design in contrast to his sleeker comic costume. This version is one of the few remaining Avengers after most of the world's heroes are captured by Loki, and is partnered with a teenage boy named Chris. He is voiced by Yasuyuki Kase.

    Marvel Future Avengers

    Cap in the Future Avengers anime
    Cap in the Future Avengers anime

    Captain America appears as a major character in the Marvel Future Avengers anime, voiced by Kazuhiro Nakaya in the Japanese version and by Roger Craig Smith in the English dub.

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    Cap with the Avengers
    Cap with the Avengers

    Captain America guest-stars in Marvel's Spider-Man episode "School of Hard Knocks," voiced by Roger Craig Smith once again. Ms. Marvel comes to the Bilderberg Academy to search for Captain America after he, Captain Marvel, and Hulk have gone missing, and teams up with Spider-Man to find them. He returns in the episodes "Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 2, Bring on the Bad Guys: Part 4" and "The Cellar."

    In the two-part Season 3 episode "Vengeance of Venom," Captain America is one of the heroes who becomes possessed by a Venom symbiote.

    What If...?

    Captain America appears as a recurring character in the Disney+ animated series What If...?, voiced by Josh Keaton.

    Hydra Stomper and Zombie Cap
    Hydra Stomper and Zombie Cap
    • He first appears in the episode "What If... Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?" where he is shot and badly injured just before he can be injected with the Super Soldier Serum. Unable to go through with the experiment, he is replaced by Peggy Carter, who becomes a patriotic super soldier called Captain Carter. Wanting to still contribute to the war effort, Steve is made the pilot of an experimental mech suit called the Hydra Stomper, and becomes Captain Carter's partner and love interest.
    • He is present in "What If...Zombies!?" where, after the Avengers respond to an incident, he and several of his teammates are transformed into ravenous zombies.

    Live Performance

    Universal Orlando and Marvel Live
    Universal Orlando and Marvel Live
    • Captain America appears as a main character in the traveling Marvel Universe Live stage show. He sports a costume similar to what he wears in the Ultimate comics and the Avengers Assemble TV show. Due to the stunt-based nature of the show, many of Captain America's action scenes involve his motorcycle.
    • Captain America is featured as a costumed character in the Universal Orlando resort from Universal Studios.
    • Captain America is featured as a costumed character in Disneyland.



    Mego, Secret Wars, Revoltech and Marvel Select
    Mego, Secret Wars, Revoltech and Marvel Select
    • During the 1970s, Captain America was featured in Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes line of figures, as well as the company's other products.
    • During the 1980s, Captain America was featured in Mattel's iconic Secret Wars line. Decades later, Gentle Giant made a recreation of the figure.
    • In the 1990s, Captain America was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Super Heroes line of figures.
    • Captain America was featured in other lines from ToyBiz, including the deluxe Marvel Universe line of oversized figures.
    • Captain America was also featured in ToyBiz's line for The Avengers: United They Stand.
    • Captain America was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line many times.
    • Captain America was featured in Diamond Select's Marvel select line multiple times, including his Ultimate WW2 look and his iconic costume.
    • Captain America was featured in Bandai's line for Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.
    • Captain America was featured in the Mini-Mates line from Diamond Select.
    • Captain America was featured in Kaiyodo's Revoltech line.
    • Mezco has produced several Captain America figures for the One:12 line.
    • Captain America has been featured in numerous kits from Lego.

    Marvel Legends

    From ToyBiz (left) and Hasbro (right)
    From ToyBiz (left) and Hasbro (right)
    • Captain America was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as part of the inaugural wave. The figure came packaged with an American flag diorama display base.
    • He was subsequently featured in his Ultimate costume in Series VIII.
    • Classic Captain America was included in a Face-Off two-pack with Red Skull, as well as an unmasked variant with Baron Strucker.
    • Captain America was also featured in ToyBiz's 12-inch Marvel Legends Icons line, as well as the 3.75-inch Marvel Legends Showdown game.
    • When Hasbro took over the Marvel license, they produced more Captain America figures in the Marvel Legends line, starting with a Golden Age Captain America in the Brood Queen Build-a-Figure wave.
    • The WW2 version of Ultimate Captain America was featured in a two-pack with Nick Fury.
    • Commander Rogers was featured in the Terrax Build-a-Figure wave. A variant with a holographic shield was also released.
    • Ultimate Captain America was featured in the Hit-Monkey Build-a-Figure wave, and was later re-released in a Target-exclusive three-pack with Ms. Marvel and Radioactive Man.
    • Marvel NOW! Captain America was featured in the Mandroid Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Captain America was featured in the Red Onslaught Build-a-Figure wave with a swappable Capwolf head. This figure was later repainted for the Marvel Legends Vintage line.
    • Captain America was featured in Hasbro's 12-inch line.
    • Captain America was featured in his Secret War stealth outfit in the Abomination Build-a-Figure wave.
    • The World War 2 version of Ultimate Captain America was featured in the Ultimate Riders line along with his army motorcycle.
    • A classic Captain America inspired by the artwork of Alex Ross was released as part of the Marvel 80th Anniversary line as a Walmart exclusive. An updated version was later released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Marvel Legends.
    • Captain America from the 2020 Avengers video game was featured in the Gamerverse Abomination wave.
    • A Venomized Captain America was released as a Walgreens exclusive.


    From Diamond Select, Good Smile, Hasbro, Tamashii-Nations, Funko and Hot Toys
    From Diamond Select, Good Smile, Hasbro, Tamashii-Nations, Funko and Hot Toys
    • Hasbro produced a line of action figures for Captain America: The First Avengers. Though the toys were primarily in the 3.75-inch scale, a 6-inch Captain America movie figure was also produced.
    • Captain America was heavily featured in Hasbro's line for The Avengers, including figures in the 3.75 and 6-inch scales.
    • Hasbro produced a line of figures for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain America: Civil War.
    • The Good Smile Company from Japan produced a Captain America figure from The Avengers for the Figma line. Cap's various movie looks have also been featured in the Nendoroids line.
    • Bandai's Tamashii Nations crew developed various movie figures of Cap for the S.H. Figuarts line.
    • Funko has produced Cap bobbleheads for the Pop! line depicting his various cinematic looks.
    • Each of Captain America's movie looks were immortalized by Hot Toys.
    • Diamond Select produced Captain America figures in the Marvel Select line for many of his movie appearances, including The First Avenger and Captain America: Civil War.
    • Captain America has been featured in various movie kits from Lego.
    • The various cinematic versions of Captain America were featured in the Marvel Legends line from Hasbro.


    From Kotobukiya, Diamond Select and Eaglemoss
    From Kotobukiya, Diamond Select and Eaglemoss
    • Bowen Designs has produced a number of different Captain America statues and busts.
    • ToyBiz produced a Captain America model kit.
    • Iron Studios has also produced Captain America statues based on his movie incarnations.
    • Diamond Select has produced Captain America statues and busts, including his Ultimate design.
    • Round2 produced a Captain America model kit.
    • Captain America has been featured in the HeroClix figure game numerous times.
    • Captain America figurines were produced by Eaglemoss Publications for The Classic Marvel Figurine collection.
    • Dragon Models produced Captain America statues and model kits, usually featuring his movie incarnations.
    • Gentle Giant Studios has produced Captain America statues.
    • Sideshow Collectibles has produced multiple Captain America statues and dioramas.
    • Kotobukiya has produced Captain America statues from both the comics and movies.

    Board Games

    Marvel Legendary

    Captain America is a playable character in the base game of Upper Deck's Marvel Legendary.


    Captain America: Liberty's Torch

    No Caption Provided

    The trial of Captain America! Captured by a vicious militia group called Liberty's Torch, Cap is put on trial for the imagined crimes of America. Forced to defend himself in a hostile courtroom with no hope of a fair trail, the star-spangled Avenger faces his greatest challenge as his ideals are put to the acid test.

    • Written By: T. Isabella
    • Publisher: Berkley (December, 1998)
    • ISBN-10: 0425166198
    • ISBN-13: 978-0425166192

    Spider-Man Super Thriller (3): Global War

    No Caption Provided

    When Spider-Man tries to stop what looks like a simple robbery, he discovers that it's really the start of a sinister plot created by his archenemy, Dr. Octopus. Dr. Octopus is in control of a pair of unstoppable nuclear missiles that he plans to use to take over the world. Teaming up with Captain America, Spider-Man must race against time to stop World War III!

    • Written By: Martin Delrio
    • Publisher: Pocket (January, 1997)
    • ISBN-10: 0671007998
    • ISBN-13: 978-0671007997

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