Orange Lantern Corps

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    Fueled by the Orange Light of Avarice, the Orange Lantern Corps is dominated by Larfleeze, who jealously guards his power against all others. The rest of the corps is populated by the stolen essences of other beings given form as avatars through the orange light.

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    Larfleeze, Owner of the Orange Lantern Corps
    Larfleeze, Owner of the Orange Lantern Corps

    Many thousands of years ago five thieves raided the planet Maltus-- which was once home to the Guardians of the Universe. Among the many treasures they were able to steal were an ornate box and what seemed to be a treasure map. The map, created by the Maltusian scientist Krona, lead out of the system to the far away Okaara in the Vega System. The thieves-- now numbering four, after one was lost in their escape from Maltus to the Manhunters guarding the treasures-- split the map into sections amongst themselves and followed it to Okaara.

    Once there, they journeyed into the Forest of Weeds-- where they lost another of their party. Finally they stumbled on the location of the treasure the map had promised: in a subterranean ruin, the Orange Power Battery awaited them. Transfixed by it, the three all attempted simultaneously to take it for themselves. The Guardians and a squadron of Manhunters had tracked the thieves to Okaara and their prize. As the thieves struggled for possession of the power battery, their efforts and greed awoke it's power. The orange lantern's power was so great that it burned all the Manhunters, a number of Guardians, and one of the thieves.

    In order to keep the orange light from the rest of the universe and to recover the stolen box (which acted as a prison for Parallax) , the Guardian made a deal with the remaining thieves. In exchange for the box they would leave the Vega System and never return or interfere, as long as it remained there. The bargain contained one additional conditions however: The orange light would only be allowed a single keeper. Maddened by their greed, the thieves fought until only one remained: Larfleeze. The Guardians departed and remained away for thousands of years-- even going as far as to declare the Vega System out of Green Lantern Corps jurisdiction.


    The Orange Lantern Corps was created by Geoff Johns as part of Johns' expansion of the Green Lantern mythos with other corps representing other lights of the Emotional Spectrum. Ethan Van Sciver designs the Orange Lanterns Corps' leader, Larfleeze, and Philip Tan designed many of the Orange Lanterns themselves.

    Major Story Arcs

    Agent Orange

    For further details: Agent Orange

    Billions of years passed and Larfleeze remained alone and undisturbed. But as time passed the pact grew strained by the presence of the Green Lanterns, who would pursue criminals into the Vega System (namely the Spider Guild and later the Sinestro Corps members).These trespasses were ignored time and again by Larfleeze, who was still deeply intent on the orange light and his own hungers. The final straw was the arrival of the Controllers. Desiring to harness a power which would enable them to empower an army at their command, the Controllers journeyed to Okaara in search of the orange power they had perceived from afar. They worked their way through the Forest of Weeds and down into the underground palace where the lantern resided. There they found not only the orange lantern, but also the mad Agent Orange. He covetously guarded his lantern, by summoning up an army of constructs made from the many who had ventured too near and been consumed by Larfleeze. Like the beings who had been previously murdered, the Controllers were likewise devoured by Larfleeze's power.

    The Guardians Battle Larfleeze
    The Guardians Battle Larfleeze

    Not long after, the Green Lantern Stel pursued Sinestro Corps Member 2825 from sector 2828 into the bordering Vega System. Just inside the Vega System, the Sinestro Corps member was devoured by a huge orange construct. After calling for backup, Stel was branded and badly damaged by the construct. The Green Lantern Corps recovered Stel and brought him before the Guardians. They were shocked to see the brand and even more surprised when a projection of Larfleeze burst from it. The projection accused the Guardians of reneging on their pact. Agent Orange was unwilling to listen to the Guardian's protests that the Controllers were not affiliated with them (and had not been for billions of years). Instead he began a list of demands, which Scar silenced by destroying the construct. This lead to war with the Orange Lantern Corps.

    The Guardians mounted an attack on the planet Okaara with a contingency of Green Lanterns in tow. Among their number was Hal Jordan, who at that time posessed both a green and a blue power ring. On the surface of Okaara, in the Forest of Weeds, green fought orange. During the battle Green Lantern Gretti is killed. When Larfleeze detected the presence of, then unknown to him, blue power ring he captured Hal and brought him in for a face to face encounter. After being tricked by the power of the blue ring, he attempts to forcibly take it from Hal. Hal, inspired by Larfeleeze's own constructs and super charged by the blue ring, created his own army of green lantern avatars to fight Agent Orange. With his attention entirely focused on Jordan, the Guardians are able to break into his lair. Hal, at last and by accident, used the power of the blue ring to rebel an attack from Larfleeze. With its power expended at the defense of Hal, the blue ring detaches itself and seeks out a new wielder worthy of it.

    Seeing that they could not extinguish the orange light and in an attempt to avoid further battle from the Orange Lantern Corps, the Guardians struck up a new bargain with Larfleeze. In exchange for a cease fire the Guardians informed Larfleeze where he can obtain a blue power ring for himself. And so Larfleeze left for Odym, home planet of the Blue Lantern Corps, intent on possessing his own blue power ring by any means necessary.

    Blackest Night

    Coming for the Blue Ring
    Coming for the Blue Ring

    For further details: Blackest Night

    During his encounter with Hal Jordan, Agent Orange discovers the existence of the blue power rings and their light. Above all else he comes to desire these for himself, thinking they may somehow quench his unceasing hunger. The Guardians negotiate a deal in which Larfleeze is informed of the location of the Blue Lantern home world.

    A short time later on Odym, the Blue Lanterns prepared to induct their newest member, Sister Sercy. Abruptly they found themselves under a full-scale assault by the Orange Lantern Corps, intent on the power of the blue.

    The Blue lanterns found themselves utterly outmatched by the full might of the Orange Lantern Corps, even with the help of their Guardians Ganthet and Sayd. So overwhelmed were the Blue Lanterns, that the orange avatars began lifting the Blue Power Battery from the surface of Odym for transport to Larfleeze on Okaara. This process is however interrupted by the resurrection of all of Agent Orange's victims (and thus the bodies of those on which the orange lantern avatars are based) on Okaara, as members of the Black Lanterns.

    With his attention subverted by the Black Lanterns, the Blue Lantern Corps were allowed a respite from the assault on their planet. Agent Orange was then pursued by the Black Lanterns until the leader of the Red Lantern Corps, Atrocitus, appeared and blast through some of their ranks. This was not the blessing it momentarily appeared, as Atrocitus demands Larfleeze relinquish the Orange Power Battery to him. Larfleeze, of course, refused and the two struggled across the surface of Okaara.

    Revenge of the Orange Lanterns
    Revenge of the Orange Lanterns

    Agent Orange was truly saved and Atrocitus subdued by the combined powers of the universe's greatest lanterns from across the various corps: Blue Lantern Saint Walker, Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Star Sapphire Carol Ferris, Indigo Tribe Member Indigo-1, and Yellow Lantern Thaal Sinestro. They explain the situation of the Blackest Night and their need to combine forces temporarily to defeat Nekron and his Black Lanterns. Larfleeze agreed with the condition that he is given his own Guardian of the Universe. Sayd sacrificed herself to the cause, agreeing she would serve Larfleeze if he aided them and once Nekron wass defeated. Though he was given the thing he asked for, in his endless greed, he continued to demand more. Saint Walker persuaded the other member of their group (namely Sinestro and Atrocitus) not to kill Larfleeze for his greed by explaining it as merely an attribute of the orange light, and thus would occur in any of its users and not simply Larfleeze. Agent Orange finally relented and truly agreed to help after Saint Walker forgave him for the attack on Odym and used the blue ring to stifle his hunger.

    From there, the assembled leaders lanterns of the various corps ventured to Ryut and to attempt to destroy the Black Lantern Power Battery. They found that it had already departed and arrived on Earth. The group then followed it across the galaxy to Central City, where Nekron had risen. Central City erupted into a full blown battle, pitting the heroes of earth and various lantern corps against the combined might of the entire Black Lantern Corps. In the course of the battle, Larfleeze attempted to take Scar as his Guardian, but was reeled and Scar was subsequently destroyed. In an act of desperation, Ganthet activates the deputizing protocol on all the rings of the assembled top lanterns of the corps. Larfleeze's ring replicated itself, despite his desires, and sped off to recruit Lex Luthor, as one of the greediest and most manically men of Earth.

    Over the course of the battle Larfleeze and Lex fought each other more than any one else. Lex's greed was all the more enhanced by his induction into the Orange Lanter Corps and it lead him not only to covet the Orange Power Battery, but also the rings of all the other lanterns he was supposed to be allied with for the time being. He was stopped by Larfleeze, who knocked him unconscious by bludgeoning him with the Orange Power Battery. In the end Agent Orange combined his power with the others to save Earth and the rest of the universe from Nekron, while also bearing witness to the birth of the White Lantern Corps.

    Brightest Day

    For further details: Brightest Day

    Larfleeze came to appreciate the apparent greed on Earth so much that he and his Orange Lantern Corps chose to stay until he could have all that Earth had to offer him. His activities were disturbed by Krona, who sent Hector Hammond to steal Larfleeze's power battery and become the new host of the Ophidian entity. This forced Larfleeze and his Orange Lanterns back into an alliance with the ring-bearers from Blackest Night in a quest to apprehend the Emotional Entities and stop Krona.

    War of the Green Lanterns

    Larfleeze, along with the representatives of all the corps except for Hal Jordan, was imprisoned in The Book of the Black without his Orange Ring. He regains it after the death of Krona, who had overpowered the ring's attempts to find Larfleeze, and had taken it for himself.


    What's mine is mine and mine and mine,

    And mine, and mine, and mine!

    Not yours!

    Corps Structure

    Entity: Ophidian

    Leader: Larfleeze

    Guardian: Sayd (formerly)

    Butler: Pulsar Stargrave

    Stolen Identities

    The orange constructs aren't really members like the other colored corps. They are avatars created in the identities of Larfleeze's victims. They are not merely constructs. Larfleeze can still create constructs while they are active, so they can operate individually away from the ring that created them, albeit entirely obedient to Larfleeze Some of them include:

    The only living member of the corps is Larfleeze. For a short time Lex Luthor (temporary), and Hector Hammond (taken over by Ophidian) were members.

    Other Media

    In Green Lantern the Animated Series episode 23 "Larfleeze", When discussing how to deal with Aya Razer asks about the Orange Energy and when they're all listening mentions "The Legend of the Orange Lanterns". In this Red Lantern Legend it is stated that ages ago a race of conquerors obsessed with taking over the universe harnessed its power. And their battery was said to influence its user and so only those with a sense of duty were chosen. When Atrocitus came to their galaxy they fought Atrocitus to a stalemate. This sector was the only one in frontier space that Atrocitus did not conquer. And then "almost over night" Razer said, "they disappeared and were never heard of again." He then mentions that their planet base was said to be Okarra.

    When Hal finds the battery he asks if Larfleeze is a member of the Orange Lantern Corps, to which Larfleeze is the Orange Lantern Corps. Hal asks where the others are. To which Larfleeze responds "They aren't around anymore". Hinting that Larfleeze had killed all of them and that is why they disappeared.

    In the show Hal becomes a member of the Orange Lantern Corps but manages to give it up when his team mates get to him.

    Hal later uses this to say that they can't give up on Aya because like her he was a monster and look at how it turned out.


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