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    Light Yagami, covertly known as Kira, is an extremely intelligent but a somewhat bored 17-year old pupil. When he found out about a notebook used by the Shinigami to sustain their lives and possesses the ability to take a human's live by writing their name on it, he utilizes it to his goal to cleanse the world of evil and become the "New God" of this world.

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    Blood Type: A

    Birthdate: February 28, 1986

    Death Date: January 28, 2010

    Zodiac Sign: Pisces

    Age Line: 17-23

    Known Relatives: Soichiro Yagami (father), Sachiko Yagami (mother), Sayu Yagami (younger sister)

    Occupation: Student, Police Detective

    Nationality: Japanese


    Light Yagami was a star student in his high school class. He was far more intelligent than other students and naturally graduated Valedictorian. He knew just about everything that there was to know and often scored higher than the rest of his classmates. He was able to stay popular among his peers despite keeping to himself most of the time.

    He was sitting in class at the end of school one day at the end of his last period, bored. He never paid attention to the teacher and always stared out the window, bored. The teacher rarely called on him anyway, so why should he bother? He didn't care. As long as his mother was proud of him...maybe, maybe he might just try. He was a different kind of kid. He was extremely intelligent for being such a couch potato, but he never once even thought about exerting himself for anything other than exams.

    "Mr. Yagami. Mr. Yagami! Answer the question please." the teacher said, looking at his daydreaming star student. Light then proceeded to answer the question with ease. Simple Calculus, he thought. He never understood why people thought it was so difficult. It was just numbers, and that was all. Just numbers.

    He continued his daydreaming once more, and stared out the window, waiting for something. But, he didn't know what. He waited and waited, and still, nothing. What was this feeling of anxiety? He didn't know...but he didn't care. He suddenly saw something fall out of the sky and onto the grass outside. It was black and square shaped, and it looked different from other notebooks.

    "Hmph...probably seniors at it again...tossing stuff off the building." he said under his breath. He mumbled a lot. He went outside after class and waited for the majority of his class to leave. He was curious about this book. He picked it up and looked at the black covered binding. On the cover it said "Death Note". Little did he know, this book would change his life and death as he knew it.

    The Death Note is a notebook that has huge amounts of power. Using it the owner can write down any name he wishes and as long as he knows the face of the indivual then they will die withen 40 seconds. Throughout the series the rules where constantly being aired between breaks and are as follows.

    -The human whose name is written in this note shall die.

    -This note will not take effect unless the writer has the subject's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.

    -If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the subject's name, it will happen.

    -If the cause of death is not specified, the subject will simply die of a heart attack.

    -After writing the cause of death, the details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds (400 seconds)

    However it also comes to be known that there are two other real rules, those above being the only ones listed in the notebook. the other two rules are as follows

    -The human who uses this book , for personal gain or not, will not be allowed to go to either heaven or hell, but will spend three years in perpetual darkness then put into a state of limbo on Earth trapped for an eternity niether seen or heard by the living.

    -You may also make an exchange half your life with the shinigami who has dropped the book for what are called shinigami eyes which allows the user to see the names and life spans upon looking at their face.

    The shinigamis (also known as a death gods) are the original owners of the notebooks. If they do drop a notebook down to earth (weather out of boredom or by accident) they are bound to the human under which the notebooks ownership has been transfered to. In lights case the shinigami's name is Ryuk, the same shinigami in fact who had written he basic rules of the death note.

    As stated above the story does start out with Light Yagami (kira) finding the notebook, but throughout the rest of the pages he begins to test it's limits relentlessly looking for new ways to utilize its powers for what he believes to be the beterment of man kind. However, in the police's point of view this is not the vision of the perfect world but rather the introduction to chaos. The Greatest detective in the world, only to be known as L or Ryuzaki throughout most of the series decides to enter himself into the investigation of the Kira Case. Unbeknownst to most, however, Light Yagami is actually the son of Chief of Police, who is co-leader of the Kira Case, which then gives Light the upper hand on as to what to expect. Light discovers L was suspecting that Kira may be a student based on the victims times of death. Light then uses this to his advantage. He deliberately shows L that he has access to police information so that L would suspect a cop of being Kira and thus start turmoil in the investigation. L deduces that Kira is a family member of someone in the Kira Taskforce, L bans people from talking about the Kira case at home and places many families under FBI surveillance, light noticing this begins his battle with L, in what is to be one of the greatest tactical story in this writers opinion to ever be published.

    The battle starts with installation of cameras and wire taps in Light Yagami's home, Light conducts himself accordingly. Hiding a T.V. in a bag of chips as well as hiding the death note under another notebook and pretending that he is having a snack while doing his homework. Then one day while he was outside with Ryuk (his personal shinigami) alerted Light to the fact that he was being followed. at this point Light devised an elaborate plan to kill the man who was following him.

    As a result of killing Ray Penber, the FBI agent assigned to follow him, Light would soon be forced to kill Penber's fiancee, Naomi. This helped L narrow down the possible Kira suspects to who Ray Penber had been following. With the appearance of the second Kira, Misa Amane, L asked Light to join him in his search for Kira. Light agreed.

    Misa and Light would meet soon after, and Light chose to take advantage of Misa's obvious devotion to him. Unfortunately for them, L discovered evidence that Misa is the second Kira, and arrested her. Light knew it was only a matter of time before he too was arrested, so he devised yet another elaborate plan, and turned himself in.

    His plan involved Ryuk creating a fake rule that said the user of the Death Note would die within thirteen days in the event of discontinued use. Light and Misa willingly gave up their memories of the Death Note, and Rem took one notebook away to be used by a new Kira. When the deaths started up again, and with Light and Misa's honest conviction that they were innocent, L had no choice but release them from their prisons, although he didn't free them entirely. Light and Misa would help L track down the new Kira, but once Light touched the Death Note, his memories came back. The fake rule created by Ryuk cleared Light and Misa of guilt, and they were both freed.

    Light's plan to use Rem's love for Misa to kill L came through. Rem realized that with Misa once again using the Death Note, it wouldn't take long for L to catch her and sentence her to death. To save Misa, Rem wrote L's name in her Death Note, killing herself in the process. Light had won the battle against L.

    With L now dead, Light would take on the role of L himself and continue the Kira investigation.

    However, he gets two new opponents to fight: Near and Mello, the candidates for being L's successor. His fight with them leads Light to his defeat and also his death by the hands of Ryuk.


    As we can see in the comics and in the anime Light Yagami is a very popular and handsome guy. Misa Amane was her "girlfriend". Really, e used her because she had she Shinigami´s eyes but we can see him in many intimates ocassions with her. She was totally in love with him. She loved Light Yagami and his alter ego, Kira. He was the both of those individuals. The popular and genius guy and the murderer of her parents killers.

    Light and Misa. They first meeting.
    Light and Misa. They first meeting.

    Kira in many moments took advantage of her naivety. She was a lovely and naive girl but whatever Light ordered her to do she did it without think of it twice. Misa with her Death note killed many innocents lifes just to prove Light´s innocence.

    Light living with Misa in his appartment
    Light living with Misa in his appartment

    Takada was another girl who Kira used to finally be the god of a new world. Light respected her intelligence over Misa and greatly admired her grace. But when he found himself cornered by Mello and Near he just used her and manipulated her without think of it twice. She committed suicide in order to kill Mello with her. She burned herself for Light.

    Light seducing Takada
    Light seducing Takada

    Misa and Takada love for Light was unconditional.


    Light's personality is at best cocky and arrogant. He believes himself to be the best and these beliefs are only reinforced throughout the series. At the start of the series Light is a humble, reasonable and intelligent young man. Confident in his abilities with a strong sense of justice.

    Upon coming into contact with the death note, Light strong sense of justice is unearthed and starts his escapade to rid the world of evil. But the introduction of L begins to reveal Light's competitive side. His hunger to defeat L consumed him and this is where he began to lose the better parts of his personality.

    His confrontation with L showed his brilliance and cunning as well as the arrogance he held. The constant strain pushed his psyche to great limits and contorted his mind thus changing his persona entirely. Light then became two people. There was the brilliant super sleuth with a heart of gold and there was the brilliant mastermind who manipulated many seeking to move closer towards his goal. Both men used there intelligence to advanced towards there goals yet only one succeeded.


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