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My Most Hated People

And here are for my most hated creators in comics. Thank you for bringing the worst comics ever written like Sins Past, the Crossing, Ultimatum and One More Day

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  • One More Day wasn't the only marriage he unmade. Jean Grey and Cyclops, Kitty Pryde and Colossus, Wasp and Hank Pym no longer are together because they are more interesting like this. I am looking forward for when he steps down as Marvel's editor in chief.

  • I think he is in the wrong profession considering all the effort he puts in insulting the comic fanbase. That is how I felt when I read Wanted. In fact I was so glad the movie had very little resembling the actual comic that I liked it. Same thing for Kick-Ass.

  • Frankie boy was wonderful back then. Then he made Sin City and every single work he made afterwards follows the same blocky noir style. The Spirit, The Dark Knight Strikes Again and All-Star Batman and Robin for instance. He then became a even huge asshole than we though and he hasn't shown any attempt to make himself look good or sympathetic.

  • I hold Bendis accountable for the downhill that Marvel took during the late 00's. His Avengers Disassembled story lead up to Civil War, Secret Invasion and finally Dark Reign, which I think is the most wretched crossover event that Marvel created in the last ten years, which of course, he himself wrote it. And know he is doing Avengers vs X-Men which I am not even gonna touch when its available in my homeland.

  • His writing track since his return from retirement is less then pleasing to put it mildly, he created several Mary Sue characters (Hush, Kara Zor-El, Red Hulk and Romulus) that effectivaly broke their stories. It seems like he could phone in his writing and have it sell huge numbers, so long as his subpar scripts were drawn by a big name artist who fans love like Jim Lee.

  • It seems like I am picking on him at this point just like everyone else but I kinda like Liefeld in ironic, tongue in cheek way. His artwork is so hilariously bad I love to poke fun at it.

  • His name is synonymous to bad writing. Just about any writer for Marvel or DC has some fans, but you'll have a very hard time finding any for him during his runs on Uncanny X-Men and The Avengers.

  • I don't know what was his problem before he died. He couldn't possible write a likable or at least believable female character, almost every single one of them had the same bitchy and annoying personality.

  • Alright lets make something clear... I don't hate him as much as I do the others on this list, but he is mostly hit or miss for me. Other than OMD, he also created Sins Past which sent me into a fit of berserk rage and Superman Grounded didn't have a exactly good start either being saddled with such moronic writing despite his credit as a amazing writer.

  • He is such huge Batman fanboy, even compared to Frank Miller, he is willing to ruin other characters around him to make Batman look awesome. Or maybe because he doesn't other superheroes or how do they work other than Batman. Also he dwells into purple prose a lot in his writing.

  • Because of a bet he made with Joe Quesada and Peter David, he made what is considered one of the worst comics ever made, Marville. It started out as a very unfunny parody of pop culture soon turned into preachy, soapbox for Jemas's ideological views about God and life.

  • His artwork is composed of nothing more than tracing off porn, magazine covers, his old artwork and even more porn. All of his characters look absolutely lifeless and dead. If you had any doubt about it check out this article. Warning its really long: