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    Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha. He is the son of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha. He was of the Uchiha Clan of Konohagakure and eventually became a Konoha missing-nin. He was a member of the Akatsuki. He was the best friend of Shisui Uchiha. He was considered a prodigy by the Uchiha due to his talents and intelligence.

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    General Information

    • Birthday: June 9
    • Blood type: AB
    • Height: 175.2 cm
    • Weight: 57.1 kg
    • Ninja Rank: Jōnin/ANBU (S - Rank)


    At the age of 7, Itachi had graduated from the top of his class in nin-academy of Konohagakure. At 8, he mastered his Sharingan eye and, at ten, became a Chūnin. He became the leader of his own Anbu squad at 13.

    Itachi and a young Sasuke.
    Itachi and a young Sasuke.

    Because of these accomplishments, the Uchiha Clan (especially his father) believed that he was the future of the prestigious family. This made Fugaku focus most of his attention on Itachi, and not on his brother, Sasuke, who was mostly neglected. Every time Sasuke would ask Itachi to show him some new type of jutsu or a new ability, or just to help him practice with his kunai throwing skill (in which he was very lacking), he never had time, and always responded to him, promising that he would definitely spend time with him later by poking him in the forehead with his index and middle fingers. Itachi began saying that he would train with Sasuke, but he was forced by his missions to break his promise. This too was another reason that his younger brother Sasuke hated him as they grew up. No, not hated, but rather envied. Their father gave him more attention than a teenager like him really needed.

    He paid no attention to Sasuke as he grew and became better, seeing that he was nowhere near as much of a prodigy as Itachi was. Itachi did, however, attempt to treat him like a human being. He wanted his eyes to grow up strong, he must have thought. He did, however, make his father spend more time with Sasuke by refusing to do missions unless his father went along.

    Itachi as an Anbu
    Itachi as an Anbu

    Six months after he became an Anbu squad leader, Itachi began losing ground with the clan. He began to neglect his missions, and was a prime suspect in his best friend, Shisui Uchiha's death (Shisui had apparently committed suicide, but it was questioned by the clan elders). When a band of investigators confronted him, he easily defeated them, saying that he had lost faith in the clan. He later apologized at his father's bidding. Itachi's father then began spending more time with Sasuke, trying to steer him away from Itachi's path. In recent flash backs it is revealed that at first, Itachi had a lot of motivation to play with his younger brother, but his mother often forced him to do his homework or some other chore, as if she were trying to keep him from having any form of fun with his younger brother. But, Itachi would tell her that he could always complete his homework later as the assignment was simple. Sasuke had memories of his brother playing hide and seek with him, and finding him, then just using a Shadow Clone (Kage Bunshin) technique to confuse him even more. When the day was over, he would simply poke him in the forehead and tell him that he could continue this "next time" and would then go home.

    Upon the night of the Shadow Clone hide and seek game, Sasuke would tell his parents of how much fun they had had playing the game, and how he had lost when Itachi used the clone. Sasuke had hoped to hear some form of positive reply from his parents, who consistently made him feel like he didn't matter, but all they did when they heard about the game was compliment Itachi on learning the "Shadow Clone" technique already, yet again ignoring him and complimenting Itachi for what he could do. Itachi never showed any emotion towards the subject, and never told his parents how he felt about the way they treated his younger brother. The very next day he would be asked by his younger brother to play with him, and he would just poke him in the forehead again saying that next time he would do it. This would happen for several days, until eventually Sasuke requested that he show him how to do a certain shuriken technique. He would finally train Sasuke, and on the way home, after an exhausting afternoon, Itachi would carry him on his back home, and told him some very important things about their relationship. Most importantly, that they were brothers, and as such, that he would always be there for him, whether he loved him or wanted him or not, but that he would always be there for him no matter what happened between them, and as brothers, this was how it would be.

    The Uchiha Clan Massacre

    Every one in the clan could sense that there was something extremely wrong, and they did not need Sasuke to be exposed to it. Itachi was becoming more and more like Madara Uchiha every day. Later that week, Sasuke returned to the outskirts of Konoha after a long bout of training with his precision in kunai, as Itachi had shown him earlier that day. He wanted to become one of Konoha's best with Itachi, and he couldn't wait to tell his father where he'd been. Little did he know, he would never speak to his father again. Itachi looked down at him under the full moon atop a street lamp.

    Itachi the night of the massacre.
    Itachi the night of the massacre.

    This was to be the one survivor for the clan. Sasuke continued on his way down the streets, yelling "Hello?" every few steps.Konoha seemed lonely that night. Nobody was out and about, none at all. Suddenly the horrible images popped into his head. His entire family was dead, and he was the last one left. Itachi sent these thoughts into Sasuke's brain so that he would have more fear and adrenaline.

    This drove Sasuke insane for years, to the point where he left the village and based his whole existence on killing Itachi and avenging his clan.



    Sometime later, Itachi found and joined the criminal organization called the Akatsuki. When fellow member Orochimaru attempted to defect and steal Itachi's body, Itachi disabled him and severed his left hand and forced the snake man to flee. This caused him to lose his Akatsuki ring, thus banning him as a member. Orochimaru, however, kept his lost hand as a reminder, and did not get affiliated with the Akatsuki afterwords, until much later when he was within Sasuke's body to fight Itachi.

    The return to Konoha
    The return to Konoha

    Itachi's first appearance in the series was placed right after the Chūnin Exams and the Third Hokage's death arc, in Konoha. Itachi and his partner, Kisame Hoshigake, who first appeared cloaked and with giant brimmed hats, were unnoticeable by the normal public masses as they went along through the village. Their goal to capture Naruto Uzumaki and extract the Nine-Tailed fox spirit inside of him. Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi first sensed the two at a tea shop in Konoha, and then they quickly dragged them off to an area far away from public view, to face their opponents. They commented on how Itachi and his partner were both S-Ranked bingo book criminals, and extremely dangerous, more so than that, had been exiled from Konoha for his crimes. Itachi unmasked himself, and his partner did also, and told them to step aside, as he did not want to kill them. Asuma made a comment on how that was a strange thing for someone who'd committed parricide to say, and Itachi was taken on by Kurenai right after. Asuma and Kisame began to battle also, neither a clear victor, with Asuma using his wind chakra to slice across Kisame's face without it being a visible blade. As he did this, Kurenai disappeared, and Itachi quickly discerned that this technique was genjutsu. Tree roots began to wrap around him, and he looked up as the upper half of Kurenai's body formed above him, and sliced down. Itachi looked up and with a sly smile, reversed it with ease. Suddenly, Kurenai was trapped in her own tree roots, and he was holding the kunai intended to slice into Itachi's body, he thrust forward, and blood trickled down her lip.

    Suddenly snapping back into reality, she saw Itachi running forward swinging a kunai horizontally level with her face. She ducked down, and then criss-crossed her arms as she saw his foot raise up in front of her. It shot out, and the resulting kick knocked her so far back that she was no longer on the bridge, but rather regaining her composure on the water beside them, As soon as she stood up, Itachi was already behind her, and in front of her also. Kisame almost unleashed a water type move of lethal proportions, until Kakashi Hatake in the nick of time came, mimicked the move and matched it, and then grabbed Kurenai away from the Itachi behind her, which was actually an explosive shadow clone.

    Later, in Part two, Itachi fought Team 7 when they attempted to retrieve a captured Gaara. The fight started once Kakashi and Naruto, along with Chiyo and Sakura Haruno, came upon Itachi in a forest somewhere along the way to what they find as an Akatsuki lair. As he interrupts them, Sakura stays back with Chiyo as Kakashi and Naruto go at him, Kakashi attacking him head on with taijutsu as Naruto stood in the back trying to avoid Itachi's illusions. He was caught by one within seconds and was not able to recuperate until Sakura and Chiyo interrupted his chakra flow through physical contact, one of the few ways to break a genjutsu as Jiraiya had taught him in the course of their training.

    Torturing Kakashi in Tsukuyomi, the Dreamscape
    Torturing Kakashi in Tsukuyomi, the Dreamscape

    Kakashi was seemingly able to go toe to toe with Itachi, until being caught in a genjutsu, thought this was a shadow clone, and Itachi was stopped for a few seconds as Naruto was given enough time to blow him away with a "Rasengan". After seemingly killing him, they saw that this in fact was just a clone, being taken over from a far away position by Itachi himself, with much less chakra and power.

    After they realized that the enemy they had fought and defeated wasn't Itachi, but rather a traitor from the Sand Village known as Yura, Chiyo pointed out. Itachi from far away pointed out to Kisame that his clone was out, and then teleported back to the Akatsuki lair to continue sending in his chakra.

    Talk with Naruto

    Naruto, following a bird covered in Sasuke's scent, hid in a tree as he saw Sharingan, believing them to belong to Sasuke, but they were revealed to be Itachi's, and he ordered Naruto to come down from the tree he was hiding in. Naruto tries to attack Itachi, but he informs Naruto that he only wishes to speak with him on an unknown subject. Itachi asked him why he didn't run, and Naruto said that running from him would mean that he couldn't capture him, and that this would mean that he wouldn't be able to find Sasuke. When Itachi asked him why he was so concerned with his brother, a rogue ninja, Naruto told him that he considered Sasuke more of a brother than Itachi ever had. Hearing the statement, he grinned and as the young blonde boy charged him he raised his arm, opening his cloak and multiple ravens flew from out of it.

    Itachi revealing crows from inside his cloak as part of his genjutsu.
    Itachi revealing crows from inside his cloak as part of his genjutsu.

    Naruto was stopped by the oncoming attack, and Itachi told him once more that all he wanted to do was talk to him. He told Naruto that he knew that he wanted him to bring Sasuke home, but wondered what he would do if he didn't want to go. His reply to that question was"I'll do whatever it takes to bring Sasuke home". After hearing that, he then asked him what he would do if he heard that Sasuke was attacking Konohagakure. Naruto said that he knew Sasuke, and that he would never do something like that at all, and then questioned what Itachi meant, Itachi said that Sasuke was still "pure" and could be affected and taught anything.

    After he asked him if he could weigh Sasuke's life against the village, Naruto became angry, talking about how he would find some way to save the village without hurting Sasuke. When he said this, Itachi responded that he was still far too childish, and that he spoke of nothing but "pipe dreams" while others still had to make painful choices, referring to himself, though Naruto didn't know it. In truth, the entire conversation had been revolving around whether or not Naruto could succeed where he failed, and save Konoha from imminent destruction by killing him. Then Naruto told him that someone else had said the exact same thing before, but that there was no choice, and that he wouldn't bend his words, because that was what being a ninja meant to him. After hearing that, Itachi couldn't help but smile, and then, to Naruto's surprise, a raven flew straight into his mouth and Itachi told him that he had just given him some of his power, and that he hoped he had never had to use it.

    Sasuke vs. Itachi

    Itachi goes to meet Sasuke in a location unrevealed. Sasuke attempts to kill Itachi but it turns out to be a "Shadow Clone". Itachi tells Sasuke to meet him at the Secret Uchiha hideout where they can finish their fight there. Upon Sasuke's arrival, he immediately attacks Itachi.

    Then Sasuke faces off with Itachi who's sitting in a stone chair, with Zetsu secretly watching. They start off with taijutsu where they seem pretty even, Sasuke uses "Chidori Current" to electrify the floor, forcing Itachi into the air where Sasuke stabs him, but it's not the real Itachi, the real Itachi is still sitting in the chair. Then the real Itachi gets stabbed from behind. It turns out that wasn't the real Sasuke either.

    Sasuke then starts asking Itachi questions about who the other Mangekyou Sharingan user is that Itachi mentioned all those years ago, and who helped him wipe out the clan. Itachi said it was Madara Uchiha and Sasuke thought he was lying because Madara's supposed to be dead, then Itachi starts explaining the difference between seeing reality and knowing reality. Sasuke then quickly turns behind himself and uses his "Chidori Sword", almost striking Itachi in the face... no, Itachi didn't move, the Itachi in the chair that Sasuke stabbed wasn't the real Itachi either, the real Itachi is sitting in a chair BEHIND the one Sasuke stabbed. Zetsu then comments how neither of them have moved an inch since Sasuke walked in, and assumed that they must be having a battle of genjutsu.

    Sasuke's Sharingan, taken right from his very eye
    Sasuke's Sharingan, taken right from his very eye

    Itachi then starts explaining through genjutsu about the Mangekyou Sharingan and revealed some of Madara's past, such as creating Akatsuki and hiding in it's shadow and becoming Itachi's teacher. He says that Madara was the first to awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan while competing with his younger brother, then Madara's younger brother did. He then said that Madara was also the first to discover the downside of the Mangekyou Sharingan and went blind. He was then "possessed" by the Mangekyou Sharingan which sought new light and stole his younger brother's eyes and gained a new more powerful Mangekyou Sharingan that would never lose it's "light" and gained a new technique. After this the Uchiha started killing each other trying to also gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Madara then took control of many ninja clans and allied with the leader of the Senju clan and they created Konoha. But years later they had a dispute about leadership and fought, and the leader of the Senju clan became the First Hokage.

    Itachi then breaks it all down... Sasuke is Itachi's "spare" pair of Sharingan eyes. Itachi had been planning on taking Sasuke's eyes all along. Sasuke then removes the wrapping from his forearms, revealing seals. He pulls shuriken out of these seals and throws them at Itachi, whom deflects them with his own shuriken. They then grapple each other and Itachi creates a "Shadow Clone" which throws kunai at Sasuke. A snake however comes out of Sasuke's body and wraps around him, protecting him from the kunai. The two Itachi's regroup and Sasuke unseals a giant shuriken that he throws and the Shadow Clone is destroyed trying to block it, but turns into a flock of crows that distract Sasuke while Itachi kicks him against the wall and holds him there and pulls out Sasuke's left eye and places it in a jar. Itachi then reaches for the right eye but Sasuke uses Curse Seal level 2 and breaks free... literally, it was Tsukiyomi and Sasuke managed to break out of it. Itachi's left eye was then put through a lot of pain from Sasuke breaking free.

    One half of Zetsu is in disbelief that Sasuke could break free without having a Mangekyou Sharingan himself, but the other half of Zetsu responds that Sasuke must have mastered the normal Sharingan to a point that Itachi hasn't and that an expert with a stone can beat a novice with a shuriken. Itachi then readies himself to use "Amaterasu" but Sasuke unseals a giant shuriken from the seal on his arm and throws it at him. Itachi ducks under it but realizes that there's another hidden in the top one's shadow and leaps between the two. The shuriken is rigged, however, and Sasuke, by pulling on a string attached to them, makes the blades shoot in all different directions, one of which hits Itachi in the leg. Sasuke uses the "Grand Fireball" and Itachi leaps out of the way, Sasuke follows and Itachi then counters with his own Grand Fireball, but Sasuke partially transforms into his Curse Mark level 2 form and blocks with his wing. They then square off and both use "Grand Fireball". Itachi starts losing the struggle and finally uses "Amaterasu" which starts engulfing Sasuke's fireball.

    The power of Amaterasu
    The power of Amaterasu

    "Amaterasu" stops after devouring Sasuke's technique. Sasuke then runs to avoid Itachi's next attempt, but Itachi makes "Amaterasu" chase him until it finally touches his wing. Sasuke collapses on the ground where his body is burning. Now blind in his right eye, Itachi goes to retrieve his "prize," but Sasuke's body shrivels up; it's revealed that Sasuke used his "Chidori" to break a whole on the roof and used Orochimaru's skin shedding technique and slide down to the surface below. That technique gave Sasuke a completely new body unharmed by "Amaterasu", however it depleted a great deal of chakra.

    Having walked into Sasuke's trap, he unleashes two "Great Dragon Fireballs" from beneath Itachi. Itachi avoids the first but the second one burns his arm and they ascend into the clouds which begin to churn and turn dark. Though Sasuke is nearly out of chakra, he tried to miss on purpose, using Itachi's "Amaterasu" combined with his own technique to create a hot updraft to form storm clouds. Then by using his chakra, Sasuke guides a naturally occurring lightning bolt towards Itachi in order to kill him.

    Sasuke believes that he has won, however an almost completely blind Itachi stands up and is shown standing in the center of a giant spectral skeleton's ribcage. He says that he would had died, but now it's time to use his final technique, "Susanoo." Itachi explains that Susanoo can be released after using both "Tsukiyomi" and "Amaterasu" and the skeleton surrounding Itachi starts to take a humanoid appearance. Orochimaru starts to whisper in Sasuke's head, telling him that he can help exact his revenge. A white snake then appears from Sasuke's shoulder and he transforms into a giant eight-headed snake. He attacks Itachi, but Susanoo forms a sword from a gourd that he's holding and chops off each of the snake's heads in the struggle.

    Orochimaru emerges from the snake's last head, declaring that he's going to take Sasuke's body and kill Itachi, but he is struck through the chest by Susanoo's sword. Orochimaru laughed saying that such an attack couldn't kill him... but then he recognized the sword; it was a sword he had been searching for called "Totsuka no Tsurugi", a sword that has sealing properties which traps the victim. The blade stabs Orochimaru, envelopes him, and pulls both him and his snakes into the gourd. Zetsu mentioned that it was no wonder Orochimaru couldn't find the Totsuka. Itachi then makes his way to Sasuke who's on the ground and as Susanoo finishes absorbing Orochimaru, some of the white snakes escaped and slithered away.

    Itachi then begins to walk over to Sasuke, but coughs blood and grabs his chest in pain while Susanoo starts to fade; Zetsu comments that Susanoo is not without it's drawbacks.

    Itachi's final tecnique Susano'o
    Itachi's final tecnique Susano'o

    Seeing this as an opening, Sasuke attacks with multiple explosive kunai, but Susanoo blocks them with his shield. Sasuke unseals several explosive kunai from a scroll and throws them at Itachi, but Susanoo once again blocks them with his shield. Zetsu comments that he recognizes Susanoo's shield as the Yata Mirror, one of the three sacred treasures which deflects whatever hits it. Sasuke charges at Itachi with his sword, but to no avail.

    Itachi slowly crept up to him, looking like he was in a zombie state, craving Sasuke's eyes. He looked at him, tired and worn from using every powerful Kekkai Genkai he had. Itachi slowly reached forward with his blood covered right hand towards Sasuke's face. Itachi tapped his forehead, the blood covered finger slowly dragged itself down Sasuke's face as he collapsed. Sasuke then looked into the sky, sweating and heaving, as the pride of the Uchiha clan lay dead next to him.

    The Truth

    To Sasuke's disbelief, it would later be revealed by Tobi, a.k.a. Madara Uchiha, that Itachi, in all of his dark deeds and ways, had actually done all of these seeming crimes to keep Sasuke safe. As it would turn out, when Itachi poked Sasuke in his forehead, seconds before his death, he had transferred the techniques of his Mangyekou eyes. Sasuke, of course, did not believe him at all, and went into a state of rage and confusion, saying that there was no earthly way that he would have done that.

    The proof of it all was that when Sasuke saw Tobi's Sharingan that Itachi's "Amaterasu" would activate, engulfing Madara in its black flame.

    The good old days for Sasuke
    The good old days for Sasuke

    Madara would then reveal that Itachi was actually a man who had risked it all into saving the Leaf Village. Sasuke continued to listen to Tobi's story, and eventually came to his senses that the man was telling the truth, despite how insane he came off as being. Madara continued to explain that yes, while the prodigal son of the Uchiha Clan had indeed killed his entire clan in that one night, he had done due to orders of Konoha. Sasuke found that this was a highly unlikely aspect of Itachi, and, as he remembered Itachi all of those years, he questioned how this could have been the brother he'd known.

    Tobi told him to think of all of the times he'd had with his kind, big brother, and he could remember them being children and the smiles he'd had. He thought of how he'd tried to take his eyes, and then saw black. Madara explained that he believed that Itachi had implanted his "Amaterasu" into sasuke so that the two would never meet, and told him that while he had no proof, he should still listen to his story, as only three people knew about Itachi's truth, and they'd never spill it out of them. He told him that he'd have to start from the beginning for Sasuke to understand, and then proceeded to tell him of the long history of the Uchiha Clan and their rivals, the Senju clan of the forest. Madara went on to explain how eventually, the Uchiha lost to the many people of the Senju clan, and how he had taken his brothers eyes to save the Uchiha Clan, as there were no great warriors anymore to fight back, and his brother even agreed to give up his eyes. But the Senju clan would offer and alliance with the Uchiha, which Madara uneasily accepted at the request of his clan. Together they formed Konohagakure, but the leader of the Senju was appointed Hokage and Madara was worried about their once greatest enemies being in power and apposed him or leadership, though he was betrayed, the Uchihas saying that he had taken his little brother's eyes for his own sake, not the sake of the clans itself. He sought revenge and attacked the village, but was defeated. The Senju however didn't trust the Uchiha and this lead to problems, then the Uchihas were blamed for the Kyuubi attack 16 years ago which lead to Sasuke's and Itachi's father planning to take over the village. Itachi was supposed to be his father's spy in the Anbu, but secretly gave away the Uchiha's secrets. He was against the coup and was ordered by the village elders to eliminate the Uchiha before their actions bring about a Fourth Ninja War and destroy Konoha. Itachi sought out Madara for help in the massacre and made him promise not to harm the rest of the village in return for his chance at revenge against the Uchiha. Afterwards, Itachi begged the Third Hokage to protect Sasuke and then left the village and joined Akatsuki to keep an eye on them.

    Sasuke's realization
    Sasuke's realization

    Madara then revealed that the entire reason for Itachi's return after the Third Hokage's death was to prove that he was still alive so Sasuke wouldn't be harmed, and that he was slowly dying of a disease. His love for Sasuke had been incomparable as he had died smiling, even after he was repaid for his love with hatred, and his honor for dishonor and more hatred, believing Sasuke to be worth more than Konoha.

    When Sasuke accused Madara of lying to him, and trying to cloud his mind, he told him that he was still alive. An interesting and true fact was that he was still alive, and also that Itachi had planned the entire fight out before it even happened. Forcing Sasuke to purge Orochimaru and trying to make Sasuke open his mangekyou sharingan eyes on that day, and him killing Itachi made him the avenger of his clan so he'd return to Konoha as a hero. All in all, Itachi had simply been alive for Sasuke's benefit, causing him to go into an emotional rage and putting him into a state of confusion. He would then after decide that now, rather than avenge his clan with Itachi's method, he would regroup team Hebi, changing the name to team Taka, and ally with Akatsuki. Then after finally attaining a Mangekyou Sharingan of his own, vowed to crush Konohagakure.

    Powers and Techniques

    Itachi's natural element is Fire, and his secondary element is Water.

    Itachi possesses the Sharingan, an Uchiha bloodline limit in his eyes.

    Itachi's Sharingan.
    Itachi's Sharingan.

    The Sharingan allows him to see the slightest movement and copy techniques, it also allows him to see through genjutsus, and use genjutsus by making eye contact. But Itachi can also use an evolved version of the Sharingan, called the Mangekyo Sharingan. The Mangekyou Sharingan allows Itachi to use "Tsukuyomi," which is a jutsu that allows him to invade one's mind by making eye contact and trap him/her in a world of his design that seems to last 72 hours, but in reality only last 3 seconds.

    He can also use "Amaterasu," whatever he looks at will be engulfed in a black flame which burns anything, even fire. And finally he can use "Susanoo" which takes the form of a giant humanoid that wields the Totsuka sword and Yata mirror. The sword seals whomever it strikes in a dream-like world, and the shield can deflect anything that hits it.

    The downside to the Mangekyou Sharingan is that it's techniques require a great deal of chakra, and over-use will cause the user to go blind. This is why Itachi wants to use Sasuke's eyes after he's depleted his own.

    --Itachi has used techniques including: "Grand Fireball" where he exhales a gigantic ball of fire.

    Susano, partially formed.
    Susano, partially formed.

    --"Shadow Clone" where he creates a copy of himself that is capable of fighting and using techniques, but can't take very much damage without dispersing.

    --"Exploding Clone," where he creates a copy of himself that will explode.

    --"Water Fang" where a drill of water will appear and strike the opponent.

    --"Ephemeral," an illusion technique that will cause his opponent to see and hear their friends and loved ones insult and humiliate them.

    Another genjutsu, "Earth and Heaven Change" allows Itachi to reverse genjutsu back on the opponent whom used it.

    List of Itachi's known jutsu:

    • Amaterasu
    • Clone Great Explosion
    • Crow Clone Technique
    • Demonic Illusion: Mirror Heaven and Earth Change
    • Demonic Illusion: Shackling Stakes
    • Ephemeral
    • Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique
    • Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
    • Fire Release: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique
    • Mangekyo Sharingan
    • Scattering One Thousand Crows Technique
    • Shadow Clone Technique
    • Susanoo
    • Transcription Seal: Amaterasu
    • Tsukuyomi
    • Water Clone Technique
    • Water Release: Water Fang Bullet

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