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    Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic, is the leader of the Fantastic Four. He can stretch his body to great distances due to his exposure to cosmic rays while in space. He is also considered to be one of the smartest men alive, using his brain to explore alternate dimensions and save the world alongside his family from science-based threats.

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    Mr. Fantastic
    Mr. Fantastic

    Reed Richards was born in Central City, California and the son of Nathaniel and Evelyn Richards. Reed’s father was a brilliant scientific genius and a trait that Reed inherited. Reed excelled in mathematics, physics, and mechanics and was enrolled in college by the age of 14. He went to multiple colleges including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Empire State University. While attending EMU he met and became a roommate of Ben Grimm. They became great friends and Reed shared his dream of building a spaceship himself.

    After EMU, Reed continued to go to school at Columbia University, and he rented an apartment from Sue Storm's Aunt. Sue quickly fell in love with Reed. Reed, also met Victor Von Doom, while attending Columbia University. Doom loved that Reed could rival his intellect. Eventually Doom became jealous of Reed and began conducting reckless experiments that scarred his face.

    Reed next enrolled at Harvard and earned his P.H.D. in physics and a mastery in mechanical, aerospace and electrical engineering, chemistry and all levels of human and alien biology by the age of 22. After he was done with school he used his inheritance and government funding to finance his project. He began building his spaceship in Central City. Sue Storm would move to this same area and eventually found herself dating Reed again. Reed would ask Ben to pilot the ship for him. The government denied the flight into space so Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny decided to sneak onto the ship and they took the ship into outer space. Reed miscalculated and forgot the abnormality of the radiation from the cosmic radiation. The rays destroyed the ship and they crash-landed back on earth. After the crash Reed found out that he could stretch his body like elastic at will. Reed adopts the name Mr. Fantastic and convinces the four of them to use their powers for good.


    Mr. Fantastic was created and developed by the writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. It has been rumored for years now that Stan Lee received his inspiration to create the Fantastic Four from DC's Sea Devils team. If true, the creation of Reed Richards was loosely based upon Dane Dorrance, the leader of the Sea Devils.

    Character Evolution

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    Many of the funniest scenes in Fantastic Four history have involved Mr. Fantastic. Issue #13 had the Thing use his might to squeeze Mr. Fantastic into a small tube. FF #42 even surpassed the last scene, as here the Thing squeezed Mr. Fantastic like an accordian and then put him in a jar and sealed the top. Issue #218 gave Mr. Fantastic a chance to have some fun, as he used a vacuum cleaner to defeat the Sandman.

    Reed's intellect can often make him so focused on a problem that he forgets his friends and family or will sometimes make half-cocked decisions that aren't the best option. His focus on facts and logic can cause disagreements with Sue and his colleagues in the superhero community. Luckily, Reed has grown to the point of knowing when to stop and what lines to not cross. He's a devoted father and family man, caring as much about his children and wife as he does science.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Becoming Superheroes

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    Reed started to invent equipment for the Fantastic Four including their superhero costumes, and multiple models of the the Fantasticar. Eventually the Fantastic Four would save the world countless times and become some of the Earth’s greatest heroes . Doctor Doom's hatred of Reed would make the group battle him many times and he would become the team's greatest adversary.

    A Son for the Genius

    After a long time Reed and Sue finally married and had a son named Franklin Richards. Franklin was born with powers that were unimaginable, leading to him being considered as one of the strongest beings ever. When Reed decided to shut down Franklin’s mind so he could not use his powers to destroy the universe, Sue became enraged. She filed for divorce, but they would reconcile soon afterward. However, their marital separation was quite bitter. It began at the end of Fantastic Four 130 and did not conclude until the end of Fantastic Four 149. Hence, the separation lasted for 19 months and during this time Medusa replaced Sue on the team. A huge debate erupted in the Fantastic Four Fan Page of issue #152. One fan even called for Sue to be killed. It appeared as if most of the fans sided with Reed regarding the marital separation and who was to blame the most.


    Reed was then placed on trial by an intergalactic court, made up of the survivors of Galactus. They accused Reed of sparing Galactus' life, a criminal act in their minds. After an extensive trial, Reed was acquitted at the last moment by Eternity, who testified that Galactus is an essential part of the cosmos.

    Normal Life

    Infinity Wars

    Face-to-Face with his evil doppelgänger
    Face-to-Face with his evil doppelgänger

    When Thanos and the Magus, they sent multiple doppelgängers f the world's heroes and villains to replace and subvert them. One such doppelgänger of Reed found him whilst he was working on an experiment and subsequently attacked. The match between both Mr. Fantastics dragged on for a while, and Reed pointed out that they would never defeat each other due to their equal powers. The murderous doppelgänger rejected this and insulted. As the two tried to restrict each other with their bodies, the doppelgänger sneaked a hand out, grabbed a ray gun, and bathed.

    Consecutive Tragedies

    Johnny was attending Empire State University when a number of old Fantastic Four baddies - Paibok - attacked, and in an attempt to send them back, went supernova. This caused ire. Johnny flew off, guilt-ridden but too cocky to give himself, and crashed with he rest of the FF. Seeking to bring him to justice, the former FF replacement team .

    "Death" of Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom

    Later, Latveria was attacked by a dangerous alien creature known as Hunger, and

    In reality, Reed has been transported thousands of years into an alternate past timeline known as the Hyborean Age.


    Bulking up to fight Onslaught
    Bulking up to fight Onslaught

    During the crisis with Onslaught, Onslaught tried to take Franklin Richard’s powers and add them to his own. The Fantastic Four and many Marvel heroes sacrificed themselves to defeat Onslaught. The remaining heroes thought that their friends had died, but in actuality Franklin Richards had hid them in a pocket universe which he had created. Reed and the others lived on a Counter Earth, unaware of their original pasts, only to slowly piece it all together again.

    Return Home

    Soon after, all reality was restored, but the Fantastic Four had lost their home. Reed would later become a member of the Illuminati and would not tell Sue about it. The group went on several clandestine missions together, and during one clashed with the Skrulls Empire. Reed believed that the Skrulls experimenting on him while he was captured was what allowed their shapeshifting powers to increase tenfold.

    The Fantastic Four were targeted by a new entity calling himself, and then found thsemvles propelled through multiple alternate. Ben was granted the ability to change back to human and his thing form as he pleased, which made reed happy


    Latveria's new management

    Following the demise of Doctor Doom,

    Despite Ben's death, Reed was adamant

    Stripped-Down Heroes

    Cosmic Power Swap

    Later an alien known as Zius developed a cloaking device to hide worlds from the hunger of Galactus. Galactus wanted to take Sue, in order to make the device useless. In order to protect her, Reed built a device to swap the power of Sue and Johnny. Johnny was taken by Galactus until he was rescued with the help of Quasar. When Reed activated the device to switch the powers back, the remaining Power Cosmic in Johnny overloaded it, and all four members lost their powers.

    Their powers went across the city, temporarily inhabiting the bodies of civilians. The cosmic rays which gave the group their powers made it so that anyone who were accidentally given The Four's powers would not have them long. Reed developed gloves that would bring their powers back to them. He attempted to trick Ben by giving him a fake glove. Reed planned to take the powers of the Thing for himself, and cure Ben once and for all, believing the accident to have been his fault. Ben saw through this and fought with Reed long enough to take back his own power and burden.

    Cosmic Truth

    Civil War

    On the side of Registration
    On the side of Registration

    During the Civil War, Reed worked with Iron Man on the pro-registration side and was one of the higher ranking individuals. The choices he made during Civil War would cause a rift between him and Sue, especially when he unleashed a clone Thor, killing Goliath. Sue and Johnny would leave Reed and join Captain America’s group, the Secret Avengers. It was later revealed that one of the reasons Reed sided with the Super-Human Registration Act was because of his uncle. His uncle had picked a fight against the American Government and was imprisoned, ruining his career, reputation and ability to find work. He believed his Uncle was wrong for picking a fight that he could not win, which led Reed to not go against the Registration Act.

    The other reason Richards joined the act was related to a mathematical equation he had been working on. In that equation he used theories to surmise that at the current path humanity was heading in, it would be a matter of time before they all destroyed themselves. He hid the knowledge from his family, and it wasn't until Johnny decided to visit with his brother in law in secret, that this information came to light. He enlisted the help of the Mad Thinker to check his work. The Mad Thinker theorized that the plan was flawed because he didn't include a person's decision, hence an improbable variable. The Mad Thinker's theory was proven when Sue made herself known. She had been there the whole time, and finally knew why Reed wanted the Registration Act to exist. Angry, she stormed off leaving Reed with the Mad Thinker. However, Sue's feelings altered when Reed literally took a bullet to protect her from Taskmasker during a massive clash between the heroes.

    Taking a bullet for Sue
    Taking a bullet for Sue

    After Civil War, Reed wrote a letter to Sue asking her to come back, and after receiving it, Sue returned to the Baxter Building. In an effort to reconcile and fix the emotional strain their marriage had endured during the Civil War they decided to take a leave of absence. In their place, Storm and the Black Panther would take over.

    He took Sue to one of the moons of Saturn to try and rekindle their love, as well as give her their first true honeymoon, since they never had one. While there Reed discovered a strange object and teleported back to Earth in order to gain information on it. Unbeknownst to him, the Frightful Four commandeered the ship with Sue still within and kidnapped her. This was another plot to destroy the Fantastic Four. Naturally, Reed was able to outsmart the Wizard once again and help save his wife.

    World War Hulk

    Stretched by the Hulk
    Stretched by the Hulk

    In the midst of the Civil War Reed learns from a conversation with Mastermind Excello that Hulk is not where the Illuminati intended and he goes on to tell Iron Man what has happened, he mentions that Hulk has friends and "may God help us if they find him before we do". During World War Hulk, as part of the Illuminati, Reed helped make the decision to send the Hulk into space forever. This plan backfired and Hulk became stronger than ever and returned to Earth to get his vengeance on Reed and the Illumanti.With the help of Sue Storm and the new Fantastic Four, Reed tried to stop the Hulk by creating a hologram of the Sentry to calm the Hulk down, the Hulk knows this isn't the real Sentry and destroys the machine, he goes on the defeat Johnny, Ben and Sue. The plan failed and led to the Fantastic Four's defeat and Reed's capture. The Hulk built a Gladiatorial Stadium in New York and Reed was forced to fight Tony Stark to the death. Reed defeats Tony, but is stopped from killing him when Hulk states that he came for "Justice not murder." Hulk fills them in on his plan to destroy New York and is interrupted by the Sentry. Hulk is eventually stopped and locked up three miles inside the earth's crust.

    Secret Invasion


    Prior to the events of the Skrull Secret Invasion, the Illuminati conveyed a meeting to investigate the corpse of a Skrull impersonating Elektra. It wasn't until Black Bolt voiced his opinion that things weren't looking good for them. Black Bolt then turned into a Skrull and attacked the Illuminati to retrieve the dead Skrull. After it was killed by Namor, the Illuminati separated, perhaps for the last time, because any one of them could also be a Skrull and therefore they could trust no one from now on. In his laboratory, Reed and Hank Pym were doing an autopsy together on the dead Skrull to find out why the Skrulls had become undetectable. When Reed finally found out, Hank shot him from behind and revealed himself to be a Skrull.

    It was revealed that a clone of Reed Richards was possibly the reason for how the Skrulls knew how to be undetected. Reed is first shown in a room meeting with the other members of the Illuminati. The members are discussing their escape from a Skrull ship, as well as if they could be hiding undetected. Once they find their powers seem to be failing, tempers begin to flair and it is revealed that the Charles Xavier in the room is a Super-Skrull and the rest of of the illuminati are just clones. The clone of Reed Richards is viewed by one of the Skrull scientists, by the name of Dro'ge, as having the key in his mind for what they wish to acquire. A second clone is subjected to physical and mental torture, which fails. A third clone is then placed into a recreation of his bedroom. The Skrulls then manipulate this Reed by looking like his loved ones, and manage to get him to write down some kind of equation that is hinted at being the answer to how they remain undetected.

    Reed was later found being torturously overstretched in a Skrull ship in orbit, and was rescued by S.W.O.R.D agent Abigail Brand, who later used the information to find out a way to discover who was a Skrull and who was not. He and agent Brand traveled to the Savage Land, where Richards fires an odd weapon, which revealed who were Skrulls among the heroes there. The Skrulls were defeated and the remaining heroes were gathered for the final battle against the Skrull empire at Central Park. After the battle was over and the war was won, Reed returned home with Sue, finding the Baxter Building in shambles, but their family turning out to be alright. Trying to prevent the building from getting into the wrong hands, Reed blows it up.

    Dark Reign

    The Bridge
    The Bridge

    A week after the Secret Invasion, Norman Osborn has taken control, and the rebuilding of the Baxter Building is near completion. While starting reconstruction on the building, Reed became sidetracked and started to develop a device called the Bridge. The Bridge is a reality bending supercomputer Reed created for observing other earths and seeing how they solved similar problems that Earth-616 has faced. As Reed goes into the bridge, the Baxter Building is visited by Norman Osborn and his H.A.M.M.E.R. agents leaving papers with Franklin and Valeria stating that the Fantastic Four is to be shut down. The power fluctuation from the Bridge sends Sue, Ben, and Johnny through multiple strange realities. As Reed sees the alternate realities, he realizes that there is no way that the events of the Civil War could have played out peacefully. Once Reed steps out of the Bridge, Sue, Johnny ,and Ben are returned to the building. The Fantastic Four arrive just in time to stop Norman from killing Franklin and Valeria. Telling Reed of what happened, Sue makes him promise to destroy the Bridge. Reed Replies: "I'll take it apart piece by piece." It turned out that before Reed shut the Bridge down, he found others with the same technology that said they could help him fix things. So Reed took the Bridge apart piece by piece, and reassembled it in the Room of 100 Ideas.


    Solve Everything

    The Council
    The Council

    In secret, Reed continued his plans to use the Bridge for his ultimate goal: Solve Everything. Every problem in the universe. He also began the Future Foundation, taking in some of the smartest young minds on Earth to assist and help him make the world a better place.

    He entered the Bridge and discovered something astonishing - himself. Dozens of alternate reality versions of himself had had the same idea, and they joined together as The Council. Their common goal and powers allowed them to hop from reality to reality and solve the problems of the multiverse. Reed was intrigued and assisted on many of their missions, from saving dying stars and growing planets of food for the hungry to defending planets from Galactus.

    Finally, the offer was made for him to join the team permanently. Unfortunately this meant that he would have to basically choose the Council or his family. Unlike the other versions of himself, he chose his family. But the entering of the bridge in the first place set off a chain of events that would threat Earth - and the entire multiverse. The Council had attracted the attention of the Mad Celestials and they would stop at nothing to destroy every last member of the Council.

    The Future Foundation
    The Future Foundation

    They managed to kill all but three members, who escaped to Reed's Earth, and were quick to betray it in order to defeat the Celestials. In the process, they allowed the Negative Zone to invade. At the same time, war was breaking out between the Universal Inhumans and the invading Kree Empire. The members of the Council used all of this to their advantage to wage further war between the City of the High Evolutionary and Old Atlantis. Reed even gathered some of his greatest adversaries to help him find a way to defeat himself... and the Celestials. Luckily, Reed's father Nathaniel had come from the future to assist. He said that no matter what, this event was inevitable. With the help of Doctor Doom and future versions of Franklin and Valeria, and even Galactus, plans came into place for the final attempt to stop the Celestials. Even with the super weapon the Council had created and Galactus, it seemed that the Celestials would win, until Franklin from the future arrived just in time to defeat them. Their plans to delay the Celestials until that time had worked.

    Reed would finally agree that the Bridge was not a good idea and agree to never attempt it again. He continued his work with the Future Foundation and began to help Franklin with his restored powers.

    Expiration Date

    Exploring the cosmos for fun - and a cure
    Exploring the cosmos for fun - and a cure

    During a mission involving a dinosaur, Reed's arm was severely (and surprisingly) damaged. To his shock, he discovered back at his lab that his body's molecules were slowly coming apart - by association, this meant that the Fantastic Four were slowly dying. Seeking a way to discover a cure in unknown universes but not worry his family, he decided the Fantastic Four would go on a road trip across unexplored cosmos. The others relented to the idea and appointed a substitute team of heroes - Medusa, She-Hulk, Ms. thing, and Ant-Man - in their place to watch over the Future Foundation.

    At first, the family encountered odd beings and characters, including the likes of Julius Caesar and multiple Doctor Dooms. However, the other heroes began to slowly lose their powers as well and Reed was forced to reveal the truth. The search for the cause culminated in another dimension, where an alternate version of the FF were siphoning their powers to fight off an abomination comprised of Kang, Doom, and Annihilus. After helping to defeat the monstrosity, the FF returned to normal and departed back to their universe, having a celebratory cookout with the other heroes.

    Fall of the Fantastic Four

    Heroes under fire
    Heroes under fire

    Out of nowhere, a series of disasters wrecked the Fantastic Four's reputation. A portal to Counter-Earth opened up and spawned destructive monsters in Manhattan, Johnny mysteriously lost his fire powers, and a battle with the Wrecking Crew led to a class lawsuit against the FF tying into small and unconnected instances many blamed on their actions. Making matters worse, Ben was framed for murdering the Puppet Master, and Sue was possessed by her old Malice personality into attacking the Avengers. After the Future Foundation kids were taken in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, Reed and Sue decided to go live at an experimental housing called Eden . However, Reed quickly realized that a single entity, a clandestine individual known as the Quiet Man, was behind all of these disasters and more in hopes of ruining them. He was revealed to not only be an old classmate of Reed's from university that secretly admired Sue, but also the man in charge of Eden, their new home. He abducted Reed and was revealed to be working with Psycho-Man in order to invade Earth with an army of Counter-Earth doppelgängers. Luckily, the combined might of the reunited Fantastic Four, the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D, Spider-Man, Sleepwalker, the Frightful Four, and several other heroes was enough to save the day. Although Quiet Man got away, the heroes were reunited for what the future might send their way.

    Everything Dies / Time Runs Out

    Reed on the lam
    Reed on the lam

    After the mysterious villain Black Swan attacks Wakanda, the members of the Illuminati learn that the Multiverse is undergoing violent Universal Incursions which consist of two parallel Earths colliding, resulting in their respective universes both being destroyed. When it becomes clear that the only way to protect their world is to destroy the alternate Earths whenever an incursion begins, Captain America is mindwiped and expelled from the group for his refusal to go along with it.

    Reed and the others seek various ways to somehow solve the incursions without having to destroy the other world, with little success. When Captain America's memories are restored during Original Sin, Reed and the other members of the Illuminati are declared fugitives and forced to go on the run. Following a six month time skip, it is shown that the Illuminati are being hunted by a joint Avengers/S.H.I.E.L.D. task force led by Sue. In reality, both Reed and Sue are still working closely together in secret, hoping to find a way to reunite both factions and save all of existence.

    Sue and Reed are later revealed to be in league with Namor as part of a plot to force the warring heroes to work together. Reed discovers that only a few alternate Earths remain and that time is running out.

    Secret Wars

    The Incursion Crisis comes to a head when the only other remaining each in the Multiverse, Earth-6160 (Ultimate Universe), launches an attack upon Earth-616 directed by Nick Fury, the Maker, and the Cabal. The heroes launch a counteroffensive as both worlds begin to crumble. Simultaneously, Reed and a large collection of heroes pile into a spacecraft designed to survive the end of the multiverse. As the clock ticks to zero, a portion of the craft is exposed and Sue and the kids are caught in the blast, seemingly destroyed alongside everything else, to Reed's horror.

    The travels survive and open the Raft, shocked to land on a patchwork planet comprised from the remains, Battleworld. They are met by Doctor Strange/Sheriff Strange, who serves the now ruling God Emperor Doom. He explains that when he, Doom, and Molecule Man confronted the Beyonders at the end of the Multiverse, Doom defeated them and took their power to rebuild the Multiverse as Battleworld. He has since used his power to maintain an iron rule over the various domains for eight years, guarded by the Thors, and having enchanted Reed's family to his side. The heroes immediately make themselves known, attracting Doom's furious rage when he discovers that Reed is alive. The heroes are teleported to safety by Sheriff Strange, willing to die at Doom's ahdn for them to live.

    Mr. Fantastic v. Doctor Doom for the fate of the Multiverse
    Mr. Fantastic v. Doctor Doom for the fate of the Multiverse

    As Doom's order begins to crumble, the various heroes from Earth-616 implant themselves into the different regions and help stir up rebellion against Doom. Reed meets and allies with the Maker, though he is inevitably betrayed by him when the two are close to defeating Doom. As their combined rebel armies fight Doom's forces, Reed finds his family and informs them of their past, then faces Doom at his full power. Thanks to Miles Morales giving Molecule Man food, he makes the fight between Reed and Doom fair, and the two duel for blood. Just as it seems like Doom has the upper hand, Molecule Man intervenes at Reed's behest and the two disappear.

    The Multiverse is slowly restored as Reed, Franklin, and Molecule Man share their power to make dozens of new planets, all while the denizens of Earth-616 wake up to a brand new day. Reed, Sue, as well as the rest of the Future Foundation decide to pretend that they're dead so the other heroes can move on, and so that they can be a family whilst rebuilding the Multiverse.

    Return of the Fantastic Four

    Best friends reunited
    Best friends reunited

    After several years in space with the Future Foundation and Molecule Man (during which he kept his beard and the kids grew into teenagers), change occurred when Franklin's powers started to wane. This allowed an extra-dimensional villainess, the Griever, to kill Molecule Man and nearly defeat the group. Reed bought them time by making Griever await a confrontation with the full Fantastic Four, when in actuality he teleported every hero who had ever been a member to their side. The combined might, along with Reed threatening to trap her in their universe, forced her to retreat, and the first family had a joyful reunion.

    Upon returning to Earth, the heroes discovered the Baxter Building had been purchased by a group of knockoff younger heroes dubbed the Fantastix. Luckily, Ben managed to obtain a building for them in Yancy Street, and the team made it their new headquarters. Reed and Valeria used their scientific genius to expand the dimensions inside for more room, much to Sue's chagrin. When Ben and Alicia's wedding approached, Reed abandoned most of his best man duties to everyone's annoyance. However, it was revealed he did this so he could create a time-distortion device allowing them enough time to get married (which helped when Doctor Doom interrupted the wedding to broadcast a worldwide boast).

    Following the wedding ceremony, the four travelled to Latveria as Doom had drawn Galactus there and warned the rest of the world not to interfere. They were shot down by Doom's newest ally, Victorious, but still made their way to Latveria in time to realize Galactus was after Victorious' cosmic power. Doom and the Fantastic Four worked to stop him, only for Doom to capture them when he revealed Galactus would become Latveria's new source of power cosmic. Doom then place each member of the four in specifically-designed cells. In Reed's case, he was stretched to his limits and frozen, with the slightest bit of movement detrimental to his health. However, Doom's attempt to showcase them defeated to the world backfired when Sue made his horribly disguised body known to the world's eyes, allowing them time to escape their cells and get back to the states.

    War of the Realms

    The FF take the fight to the Frost Giants
    The FF take the fight to the Frost Giants

    When Earth was invaded by Maliketh the Accursed's forces, the Fantastic Four remained in New York City and defended it against invading Ice Giants, getting to work with the Superior Spider-Man along the way. Mr. Fantastic and the Thing later played a crucial part in the conflict by using the time platform to recruit the past and future versions of Thor against Malekeith.

    After the crisis was averted, the Richards dealt with a Microverse invasion while their kids took flying car tests. Only Franklin passed, as Val had not been paying attention to her instructor. Ben and Alicia then went on their honeymoon, and Reed and Sue made sure they left their communicators so they could have a much-deserved non-superhero vacation.


    Mr. Fantastic tries to think while holding off his future doppelgänger
    Mr. Fantastic tries to think while holding off his future doppelgänger

    Reed is a very scientific man who often prefers to solve any situation or confrontation he finds himself in with logic and nonviolence. He is invested in saving as many lives as he can, with any type of scenario that his brain comes up with. Although even the rest of the FF may be weirded out by his ideas, Reed's plans usually come off with a hitch. Johnny once put it that Reed's type of genius came once every several generations and that it was to be appreciated. This "genius" also propels Reed to make decisions based on data. When the X-Men used the power of the Phoenix Force to make the world better, he saw the X-Men as heroes and disbelieved the Avengers' notions purely based on how much a positive environmental impact they were creating.

    As logical as Reed is, his science-based approach to most things in life can come off as disrespectful and cold. He routinely needs to be pulled out of his work and back to earth by the team, and most of the time by Sue. The two have gotten used to their polar personalities, but Reed's attempt to abide by his principles has threatened their marriage on several occasions; the Superhuman Registration Act, the Council of Reeds, the FF's takeover of Latveria, etc. Thankfully, the two believe in each other and Reed's family and humanity (which he cares for much) always do his good. His children's youth often causes Reed to utilize his powers in humorous ways for their entertainment.

    Reed is also a man who can be hurt by his own guilt. His inability to repeatedly cure his best friend the Thing, keep the Fantastic Four financially secure, and safely countermeasure his son's godlike powers have put a lot of strain on his personal belief in himself. In time, it seems he has grown past these notions.,

    Powers and Abilities

    Mr. Fantastic stretches to dodge being shot
    Mr. Fantastic stretches to dodge being shot

    Reed's defining quality is his vast intellect; the Intelligentsia considered him one among the eight smartest men in the world, and Galactus himself once remarked that Reed possessed a "universally relevant intelligence". The great resources and revenues of the Fantastic Four stem almost entirely from the legion of patents for things Reed has created, and he is a pioneer in a range of fields including physics, chemistry, biology, computing, space travel, medicine and so on. Even so, Reed acknowledges that there are fields where he would defer to the expertise of others. For instance, while Reed is a brilliant inventor, he still considers Iron Man to to be the greatest engineer in the world and has said "There's no one that can do the things Tony can do". Nevertheless, for sheer mastery of a wide range of fields and subjects, Reed is arguably the smartest man on Marvel Earth only ever rivaled by Doctor Doom.

    His main superpower however is that his body becomes elastic and he has complete control over it. This allows him to use his body for either offensive or defensive purposes. He can squeeze through openings sometimes even as small as one molecule's breadth. He can twist or reshape his body or stretch roughly three miles (approximately 1500 feet) fully extended before physical pain sets in (though in some cases, he has stretched or been stretched past this limit and still managed to push through the discomfort). He can flatten himself to the thickness of a sheet of vellum. By lowering the cohesion of his body through relaxation, he can enter into a semi-liquid state and bypass sealed openings or enter through pipes. Due to Reed's distaste for violence, he will usually wrap an opponent up in his body to attempt to control and compromise with them. To trap an opponent, he can also flatten his body and smother his opponent until they give in. Reed's body becomes gradually weaker the farther he stretches, but though years of practice and healthy regimen, he has become used to it and retains a greater degree of finesse with his elasticity. This affords him the ability to hold tremendous amounts of weight, usually falling rubble or dozens of people, with ease. Even if Reed is fully stretched out, smaller parts of his body - fingers, eyes, parts of his face - can elongate further and make their way into tiny spaces.

    An invisible enemy impacting Mr. Fantastic's body
    An invisible enemy impacting Mr. Fantastic's body

    Other applications of his powers include expanding his lungs allowing him to hold his breath longer, adjusting the distance between his cornea and retina to allow for natural ocular magnification, compacting his skin to repel insects, and in at least one case shortening the distance between the synapses in his brain allowing him to process thought at impossible speeds. He has also shown that he can stretch his brain, cerebellum, as to facilitate operation of Cerebro, the mutant finding computer devised by Professor Charles Xavier. Reed's body can blanket and absorb the brunt force of an explosion, usually several tons, though it might strain him to do so. He can reflect sharp weapons such as bullets, darts, knives, etc as if his body were a trampoline. His body's natural elasticity affords him great resilience in that being flattened, squished, bashed, chewed on, and pummeled will have no lasting effects, and he momentarily reforms; even being shot point-blank in the face or any part of his body, while discomforting, will have no lasting damage as he just reflates into normal. This is due in no small part to his suit comprised of unstable molecules, which stretches and shifts as he does and takes a substantial of protection for him.

    Spider-Man finds Mr. Fantastic weakened after being overstretched by Gladiator
    Spider-Man finds Mr. Fantastic weakened after being overstretched by Gladiator

    However, despite the fantastic nature of Reed's abilities, he is not invulnerable. Though it is difficult to do, his skin has been cut (and can be if he willingly relaxes it). Because he is like rubber, he suffers all the drawbacks of it, like melting in heat and freezing in cold conditions. Electricity is generally not a great weakness to Reed, but a quick or sufficient shock can paralyze that part of his body and make his form lose composure. More concentrated energy, like that of Doctor Doom, can be detrimental enough to reduce him to his liquid state. This can be achieved in a similar fashion if his body is exposed to tremendous amounts of the aptly-named "Heat" drug, which, when force-fed down his throat by Daken made him quickly melt and lose form. Alien technology (like that made by the Skulls) is advanced enough to the point of its' energy being capable of overwhelming his hyper-elasticity until he is a mess of plastic. Other drawbacks include taffy-puller machines that can pull him beyond his tensile strength. This causes great pain and he cannot snap back to his original human form as quickly. The same is also applied to strong opponents, who can easily hurt him by stretching him with their immense strength (such as when Gladiator mistook his for a Skull and left him stretched out all over New York City) or opponents who use machines to pull his body in different directions (The Wizard, Quiet Man).

    Reed can also change his appearance by force of will, like "aging" himself, altering his hair color and body composition, inflating his body like a balloon, stretching to become vastly taller, imitating a goofy expression to entertain his children, and once even took on the appearance of a bloodthirsty alien (though the sheer concentration and effort it took to maintain the form caused him to drop it soon after). His body's elasticity enables him to shift into inanimate objects, ala a parachute, cube, wheel, trampoline, spring, or container. Some enable him to hide while other serve either the purpose of getting somewhere or aiding someone; as a trampoline, he can cushion the fall of others, and as a parachute save those falling towards the ground. When Reed becomes a ball, he can increase the speed at which he propels himself or simply bounce across a space. He can concentrate his elasticity into one area of his body. For example, it can all go to his fist, making it an effective offensive weapon. This can increase his strength and size considerably, as he did in the instance where he went up against Onslaught.

    Though he has many great physical feats, his intellect is also considered a power of his. He is one of the smartest in the Marvel Universe, showing himself to be even as smart as alien civilizations. Because of this, mind control is useless, though when it does affect him, it wears off more quickly than on an average human. He is not flawless however, as he has tried many times to revert the Thing back to his normal human form. He also indicates that he can not understand magic, which usually stunts him when dealing with Doctor Doom or Diablo. Later in life, he also earned a Black Belt in Judo.

    Reed, at one time, was the possessor of the Power Gem.

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 165 lbs.

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Brown with gray around the temples

    Equipment: Mr. Fantastic usually wears his unstable molecules uniform, which stretches as he does and protects him from some forms of harm. He usually carries a communicator and whatever gizmo or technology he needs to solve a problem.

    Alternate Realities


    In the alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse, Richards attempted to evacuate a large group of humans from Manhattan when Apocalypse came into power. Along with Ben Grimm as the pilot and his friends Johnny and Susan Storm as crew, Richards used one of his prototype rockets to fly off the island. Unfortunately, an angry mutant sabotaged the launch and both Reed and Johnny sacrificed themselves to let the others blast off safely. Reed Richards did not have any powers in this reality before he died, as he never was bombarded with cosmic radiation in space.

    Earth-1610 (Ultimate)

    No Caption Provided

    In the Ultimate universe Mr. Fantastic is 20 years younger than his mainstream counterpart and is the leader of The Fantastic Four. He is also more insane than his counterpart.

    Unlike his 616 counter part, he is born in a normal family but with extremely gifted intellect at his early ages. He have shown to teleport objects into N-zone before any scientist on Earth could.

    The accident involving a N-zone experiment replaced Reed's cells to a single cell which could duplicate most human body's function, which allow him to stretch any part of his body, he also could stretch his brain to further improve his intelligence and ability to muti-task.

    Following the events of Ultimatum, the Fantastic Four disbanded. Similarly, Sue and Reed ended their relationship. Reed ends up moving back in with his parents.

    Ultimate Doom Trilogy

    Ultimate Reed
    Ultimate Reed

    Reed Richards, ex-leader of the world famous Fantastic Four, now lives with his parents and his father is not happy about that especially since he has no job to contribute to the family. After being brutally woken up by his father, Reed's computer detects an energy flux, and then somebody's at the door. Even though Reed warns his father not to open the door, he opens it, and a purple, cloud-like explosion happens inside the Richard's home.

    As Reed appeared to have died during the explosion at his home, the remaining Fantastic Four mourn his death. However, it is revealed that Reed did not perish in the explosion. In fact, he is responsible for the explosion as well as the rest of the attacks at Roxxon, the Baxter Building, etc. Reed's plot is discovered by Sue Storm, who confronts him. Sue is quickly beaten by Reed.

    Reed is now convinced that he has figured out how the world should be and is willing to do what he thinks is right, regardless of the consequences. Reed is currently planning to implement his intended changes, and a team consisting of Sue and Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, Spider-man, Spider-woman, Carol Danvers, Nick Fury, and Captain Mar-Vell intend to stop him. When they find him, they don't give him the chance to explain himself. Johnny burns him with a fire blast that burns the right side side of his face, and made his right arm stop working. When the heroes destroyed his lab, Reed was flung into the Negative Zone.

    Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates

    No Caption Provided

    Reed has since made his way back from the Negative Zone, and taken over most of the European Union, with the help of his latest creation, "The Children." There they set up shop in what is known as "The Dome." As a defense Reed sent a warhead to Washington destroying it along with most of the U.S Government and President. He was ultimately defeated and captured.

    Reed later escaped from captivity and formed the Dark Ultimates, a group consisting of himself, the Hulk, Quicksilver, and Kang the Conqueror. Using the Infinity Gems, the group formed the Infinity Gauntlets and used their power to defeat the Ultimates and conquer the planet in order to prove they could do a better job saving the world. They ended up being defeated after the gems were shattered, and Reed was once again imprisoned.

    During the Cataclysm crisis, Reed returned and partnered with Miles Morales to travel to Earth-616 to find info about Galactus. While there, he met Valeria Richards and learned that in this reality, he was still a respected hero and had married Sue. This revelation seemed to bring out the good in Reed, and he helped the Ultimates trap Galactus in the N-Zone.

    With his reputation restored, Reed partnered with Nick Fury to revamp the Ultimates Initiative and protect the world more efficiently. This proved to be a ruse, as Reed had only feigned a return to the light so that he could continue his own shadowy plans. During a trip across dimensions, he encountered Thanos and the Cabal of Earth-616.

    Secret Wars

    No Caption Provided

    Richards, still under the guise of The Maker, learns of the incursions that are incoming and begins to manipulate The Ultimates into prematurely attacking Earth-616, in the hopes that he can use it to his advantage. He is still working with Earth-616's Cabal at this point, and Thanos points out that "There is no saving anything. No victory to be had. No victory of any kind. So why lie to them?" Richards proceeds with his plan and deploys his "doomsday weapon." This attempt to defeat Earth-616 is futile though, and Richards is powerless to stop the incursion from destroying both universes.

    Richards and The Cabal are only able to escape by using a raft designed for the exact circumstances of the incursions completion. Years after Battleworld is created, The Cabal emerge, taking note of the strange readings the planet they appeared on was producing.


    In the Zombieverse, Mr. Fantastic is, as most other heroes, transformed into a zombie, although he purposely turned himself into one because of the insanity he endured when his children were killed by the zombie She-Hulk.


    In this reality, also known as Earth A, (first seen in Fantastic Four #118), Only Reed Richards and Ben Grimm was aboard the spaceship and got exposed to cosmic rays. Afterwards Reed Richards got the Thing powers and Ben Grimm got the Mr. Fantastic powers. Furthermore Johnny Storm was believed to have died in Vietnam, but he became Gaard and later Vangaard. Sue Storm married Ben Grimm.


    In the 1602 reality, Sir Richard Reed is a member of the Four of the Fantastick. His powers are based on the fluidity of water. this version is more of a perfectionist in his studies than his mainstream counterpart.


    In the MC2 reality it is originally believed that Reed transferred his intelligence to the robot Big Brain after the death of Susan. However, it turns out that Reed is controlling him remotely from The Negative Zone, where he is protecting Susan as she holds together holes in reality.

    Upon their return, Mr. Fantastic once again leads the Fantastic Five. In battle with a returning Doctor Doom, Reed and Doom have a battle of the minds through a machine created by Doom. The end result puts Reed and Doom in a comatose state, but their bodies remain alive.


    In this reality Mr. Fantastic is a member of Fantastic Five alongside Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Spider-Man.


    In this reality Mr. Fantastic is a member of Fantastic Five alongside Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Namor. Here Sue is married to Namor instead of Reed.


    In this reality Mr. Fantastic is a member of Fantastic Five alongside Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Silver Surfer.


    Mr. Fantastic was also a member of Fantastic Five in this reality, alongside Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Thing and Spider-Man. They were all killed by Hyperion and Weapon X.


    As a boy, Reed Richard's father vanished under mysterious circumstances, leaving Reed to be raised by his mother. This created a wanderlust in him. Reed Richards leads a little resistance group known as Free Earth against his ex-wife who calls herself as Madame Hydra, who dominated and devastated Earth. Richards also became the lover of Elektra. From his hidden base beneath Manhattan, Richards allied with the Exiles in stopping Madame Hydra. In beating Madam Hydra he destroyed and remade his universe. Following their victory, Richards had ensured in rebuilding and repopulating Earth as he had previously digitized more than a billion of Earth's people into a pocket dimension inside his daughter's, Valerie, necklace.


    In the Battleworld reality, Reed Richards is killed in the fight between Galactus and the Beyonder. With his death, the Avengers are stuck and must live in the world as their new home.


    In this reality, Mister Fantastic is turned into an anthropomorphic moose named Mooseter Fantastic and is the leader of the Fantastic Four.

    One Dimension Away from Earth-616

    Reed Richards of Earth-One Dimension Away
    Reed Richards of Earth-One Dimension Away

    In this Universe, possibly either Earth-615 or Earth-617, Mister Fantastic and Jack Storm (The Human Torch) were a (presumably) happily married homosexual couple who were both members of The Fantastic Four. Unfortunately, everything they had ever known all ended in disaster when The Marquis of Death and a disguised Doctor Doom arrived in their Universe and within a matter of hours wiped out every living thing on Earth and beyond.

    After killing Susan and Ben, The Marquis taunted Reed and then tore his heart out. In his rage, Jack tried burning The Marquis and Doctor Doom to a cinder only to be slain by a single wave of The Marquis' hand. In the moments after, Earth-One Dimension Away was eradicated by The Marquis' awesome power and faded into nothing as the two invaders departed.

    The Council

    The Council is a group of many alternate reality versions of Reed Richards, banded together to do what every Reed wishes to do: Solve Everything. The alternate reality versions have a wide array of powers, technology, power items (such as Infinity Gauntlets and Ultimate Nullifiers) and some have no powers at all. They are all extremely intelligent.


    Earth-65 Reed
    Earth-65 Reed

    On Earth-65, Reed Richards is a 13-year-old African-American child prodigy. He is also very opinionated, which he shows off by voicing his vocal dislike of Tony Stark. Jessica Drew comes to him for help getting back to the Prime Universe (Earth-616) after S.I.L.K. Agent Jesse Drew steals her dimensional travel device. Reed is attacked by S.I.L.K. agents, but is saved by Jessica and Spider-Gwen. After this, he's able to build the women a portal to get back to the Prime Earth.

    Gwen later comes to Reed again after the device she's using to replace her lost powers is destroyed. Reed successfully manages to repair and upgrade the device, and continues to help out Gwen from time to time (such as using a portal to help her escape from prison). Reed later helps explain the concept of the Multiverse to Gwen, revealing that he's met several alternate reality versions of himself.

    Other Media


    Fantastic Four (1967)

    The 60's animated series
    The 60's animated series

    Mr. Fantastic appeared in the 1967 Fantastic Four TV series, voiced by Gerald Mohr.

    Fantastic Four (1978)

    The 70's cartoon
    The 70's cartoon

    Mr. Fantastic also led the team in the 1978 Fantastic Four TV series, voiced by Mike Road.

    Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

    The 94 series
    The 94 series

    Mr. Fantastic appeared in the 1994 FF animated series voiced by Beau Weaver.

    Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series

    Beau Weaver reprises his role of Mr. Fantastic in the The Incredible Hulk episode "Fantastic Fortitude." He and the other Fantastic Four take their vacation prior to Hulk, She-Hulk, and Thing fighting Leader's Gamma Soldiers.

    Spider-Man: The Animated Series

    Reed in the Secret Wars arc
    Reed in the Secret Wars arc

    Mr. Fantastic appears toward the end of the 1994 Spider-Man TV series voiced by Cam Clarke. He and the Fantastic Four are among the heroes Spider-Man summons to a planet to help him against the villains the Beyonder brought there. He helps to awaken the dormant part of Curt Conners' mind in The Lizard.

    Spider-Man: Unlimited

    Reed Richard's name is also briefly mentioned twice in the first episode of Spider-Man Unlimited. First mentioned in an interview, he is later seen again when Spider-Man gets some equipment from Reed which aids him in building his new stealth-uniform.

    Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

    Mr. Fantastic in WGH
    Mr. Fantastic in WGH

    Mr. Fantastic is in the 2006 Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes TV series voiced by Hiro Kanagawa.

    The Super Hero Squad Show

    Mr. Fantastic is featured more recently in The Super Hero Squad Show voiced by James Marsters.

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Reed in EMH
    Reed in EMH

    Mister Fantastic is referenced in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Some Assembly Required." Iron Man mentions that he and Mister Fantastic are developing a prison in the Negative Zone to store any villains the Avengers captured after what happened in the episode "The Breakout." He also made a brief cameo appearance in the episode "The Man Who Stole Tomorrow". He finally makes a full appearance in "The Private War of Doctor Doom," voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, and appears again in the final episode "Avengers Assemble," as one of the many heroes who help fight Galactus.

    Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

    Mr. Fantastic in Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
    Mr. Fantastic in Agents of S.M.A.S.H.

    Mister Fantastic appears in the Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. episode "Monsters No More," voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.


    The Fantastic Four (1994)

    No Caption Provided

    The unreleased 1994 film The Fantastic Four featured Alex Hyde-White as Mr. Fantastic.

    Tim Story Fantastic Four movies (2005-2007)

    Mr. Fantastic has been played by actor Ioan Gruffudd in the 2005 film Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

    The 2005 film
    The 2005 film

    Both movies were directed by Tim Story. In the film continuity, Reed Richards is, initially, a brilliant but timid and pedantic scientist who, despite his genius-level understanding of the sciences and being (as he is described in the second film) "one of the greatest minds of the 21st century", is fiscally incompetent and nearing bankruptcy, forcing him to seek investment from Victor von Doom (in the film continuity a rival scientist and successful businessman) to further his projects.

    By the events of Rise of the Silver Surfer, Richards is, along with his teammates, an internationally recognized superhero and celebrity. Reed's celebrity status sometimes gets to his head, like when he parties with three sexy women at a club. Reed and Sue are now engaged, although Reed has trouble keeping himself from being distracted from his imminent wedding (which is established as the fifth attempt they have made).

    The Fantastic Four (2015)

    Miles Teller as Reed Richards
    Miles Teller as Reed Richards

    Reed Richards appears in the 2015 film The Fantastic Four, directed by Josh Trank. The movie is a complete reboot set in a new continuity, with Miles Teller portraying a younger, Ultimate-inspired version of Richards.

    As in the Ultimate comics, Reed is introduced as an inquisitive child prodigy who is best friends with Ben Grimm. After completing a miniature teleportation device for his high school's science fair, Reed is approached by accomplished scientist Franklin Richards. Richards recruits Reed for the Baxter Foundation, a special institute for young prodigies. While there, Reed uses his knowledge to help complete the Quantum Gate, a teleportation device the Foundation had been working on. When Reed, Ben, Victor von Doom and Franklin's son Johnny go on a drunken expedition to "Planet Zero" (the film's version of the Negative Zone), an accident occurs that gives Reed, Johnny, Ben and Franklin's daughter Sue superpowers.

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

    John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic
    John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic

    An alternate version of Reed Richards makes his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, portrayed by John Krasinski. He is a variant and a member of the Illuminati on Earth-838. While traveling through the multiverse, the Doctor Strange and America Chavez are arrested on Earth-838 and stand judgment in front of the Illuminati, before being attacked by the Scarlet Witch. In the ensuing battle, Reed is killed by the Scarlet Witch while trying to talk her down.

    According to director, Sam Raimi, Kevin Fiege suggested the pairing because there had been a large fan movement for Krasinski to play the role, and he thought it would be a treat for those fans. Krasinski had also confirmed in previous interviews that he was aware of the campaign and was interested in the role.

    Video games

    Ultimate Alliance
    Ultimate Alliance
    • Mr. Fantastic is a playable character in the Fantastic Four PlayStation game.
    • Mr. Fantastic has a cameo appearance in the Spider-Man game based on his 1990s animated series for Sega Genesis and Super NES. By reaching certain levels of the game, Mr. Fantastic can be called a limited number of times for assistance.
    • Reed is mentioned in Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects.
    • Mister Fantastic appears as a playable character in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance voiced by David Naughton. He has special dialogue with Bruce Banner, Uatu, Black Bolt, Karnak, Crystal, Arcade, and Colonel Fury. A simulation disk has Mister Fantastic fight Bulldozer in Murderworld. And another simulation disk has Thing protect Mister Fantastic, when he’s frozen by Rhino.
    Marvel Heroes
    Marvel Heroes
    • Mister Fantastic appears in the Fantastic Four video game based on the 2005 film voiced by Ioan Gruffudd and by Robin Atkin Downes in bonus levels, and the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer video game based on the film voiced by Matthew Kaminsky.
    • In Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, Spider-Man tries to call Reed Richards for his help to build a device that will destroy the symbiotes. However, his answering machine says that he's out of the galaxy.
    • Mr. Fantastic appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 voiced by Robert Clotworthy. He appears as a main boss for the Anti Registration side, and is one of your three main heroes on the Pro Registration side.
    • Mr. Fantastic is playable in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.
    • Mr. Fantastic appears in Frank West's ending in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.
    • Mr. Fantastic is a playable character in Marvel Heroes.
    • Mr. Fantastic is a playable character in Marvel Avengers Alliance.
    • Mr. Fantastic appears as a playable character in Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
    • Mr. Fantastic appears as a DLC character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, voiced by Wally Wingert.

    Audio Drama

    • Mr. Fantastic is a central character in Stitcher's podcast adaptation of Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross' Marvels. Set in the 1960s, the series sees Reed embroiled in a massive controversy after the Daily Bugle alleges that the Galactus invasion was actually a hoax designed to make the Fantastic Four look good to the public. He is voiced by Ethan Peck.


    From ToyBiz and Hasbro
    From ToyBiz and Hasbro
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in Mego's World's Greatest Super Heroes line of figures back in the 1970s.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Super Heroes action figure line.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in ToyBiz's line for the 1990s Fantastic Four animated series.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Famous Covers line as part of a two-pack with Invisible Woman.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends line as part of Wave V. The figure was later rereleased in a Fantastic Four Legends box set.
    • Companies like Bowen Designs, Sideshow Collectibles and Eaglemoss have produced statues and busts of Mr. Fantastic.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in Diamond Select's Minimates line.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in ToyBiz's action figure line for the first Fantastic Four movie.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in ToyBiz's Fantastic Four Classics line.
    • When Hasbro took over the Marvel Legends license, Mr. Fantastic was featured in the Ronan Build-a-Figure wave, as well as a two-pack with the Thing.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in Hasbro's line for Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.
    • Mr. Fantastic was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Hasbro later released another Marvel Legends Mr. Fantastic figure, this time as a Walgreens exclusive.
    • Hasbro later released another Marvel Legends figure of Mister Fantastic as part of the Super-Skrull Build-a-Figure wave.

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