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    After being bombarded with a massive dose of gamma radiation while saving a young man's life during an experimental bomb testing, Dr. Robert Bruce Banner was transformed into the Incredible Hulk: a green behemoth who is the living personification of rage and pure physical strength.

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    Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk
    Bruce Banner becomes the Incredible Hulk

    Robert Bruce Banner was born to atomic scientist Dr. Brian Banner and his wife, Rebecca. Although deeply loved by his mother, Bruce's father, who was mentally unstable, harbored deep jealousy and hatred for him. Brian was convinced that his work in atomic science had altered his genetic structure. Because of this, he also feared that Bruce would grow up a genetic freak, when actually, Bruce was just a very gifted and intelligent child. While growing up, Bruce was subjected to Brian's drunken rages and abuse, as was his mother. Tragically, Rebecca was killed by Brian when she attempted to take young Bruce and leave him. His mother's murder and his father's arrest left Bruce in the care of his aunt, Mrs. Drake. He grew up a social outcast due to the trauma of being abused by his father, as well as witnessing his mother's abuse and murder at the hands of his father.

    After graduating high school, Bruce began studying nuclear physics at Desert State University and later at the California Institute of Technology. He gained employment with the military at Desert Base, New Mexico, under the command of General "Thunderbolt" Ross. The latter was overseeing the test of Banner's newly-created Gamma Bomb. It was here that Banner met Ross's daughter, Betty, and the two found a mutual attraction.

    On the day of the bomb's scheduled detonation, Banner saw someone in the testing area. Hoping to rescue him, Banner went into the testing area where he encountered the individual he'd seen: a young teenager named Rick Jones, who had snuck onto the test site on a dare. Banner managed to push Jones to safety. However, rather than delay the countdown and halt the detonation as instructed, Banner's assistant, Igor Starsky (in reality, a foreign secret agent named Igor Drenkov), allowed the countdown and subsequent detonation to occur. This resulted in Banner being caught in the Gamma Bomb explosion and thus exposed to an incredibly massive amount of gamma radiation. Banner and Jones were later picked up by the base's military personnel and taken back to Desert Base, where they were placed in isolation and observation due to their exposure to gamma radiation. They were still in isolation at sundown when Banner transformed into a gray, monstrous, and lumbering brute for the first time. This brute was quickly dubbed "the Hulk" by military personnel.


    The character of the Hulk was created by artist Jack Kirby and writer Stan Lee and first appearing in The Incredible Hulk #1 (May 1962). When creating the Hulk, Lee and Kirby were inspired by the horror/literature characters Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. The Hulk has seen many writers at the helm, notably Lee himself and greats such as Bill Mantlo, Peter David and Greg Pak. Notable artists include Kirby, Marie Severin, Herb Trimpe, Sal Buscema, John Byrne, Todd McFarlane, Dale Keown, Gary Frank, Adam Kubert, Mike Deodato, Jr., and John Romita Jr.

    Lee originally intended the Hulk to be colored gray, believing that "gray would be a heavy, dramatic, somber color, in keeping with the melodramatic mood we wanted to establish." However, original copies of the first issue showed that the printers had a difficult time maintaining the gray color, and the decision was made to change his skin to the more familiar green. Until 1986, all reprints featuring the origin story would depict the Hulk with green skin, until writer/artist John Byrne would incorporate the original gray coloring into canon in The Incredible Hulk #318.

    Bruce Banner was originally meant to be his real name until the name was written as Bob in few comics. To amend this, his name became Robert Bruce Banner and he went by his middle name.

    Character Evolution

    Silver Age

    Hulk during the Silver age with the Avengers
    Hulk during the Silver age with the Avengers


    While the Hulk’s original series failed to last more than six issues, writer Stan Lee felt that the Hulk would work best as a reoccurring character in other titles, and finally settled on the Hulk being a co-founder of the Avengers. By the next issue, he wrote the character off the team, and delegated him as a reoccurring menace until he was given co-billing in the Tales to Astonish title alongside Giant-Man and the Wasp. Featuring the artistic talents of Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Bob Powell, John Romita Sr., Bill Everett, John Buscema, Gil Kane, Marie Severin, and finally Herb Trimpe, the Hulk’s popularity continued to soar until taking over the title completely with issue #102 in 1968. Roy Thomas soon took over writing chores for Lee and Herb Trimpe settled in as regular penciler for the next eight years.

    Bronze Age


    Thomas and Trimpe continued as the regular creative team for the title until Thomas accepted the role of Editor-In-Chief in 1972. Top writers of the era such as Gerry Conway, Steve Gerber, Archie Goodwin, Steve Englehart rotated through various stints until Len Wein settled in as regular writer with The Incredible Hulk #179. Wein’s run is most notable for the introduction of Wolverine in The Incredible Hulk #181. Artist Herb Trimpe moved on to other assignments in 1975, allowing Sal Buscema to take over for the next decade (starting with issue #194 and ending with #309, taking very few breaks along the way.) Roger Stern took over for Wein, who began to delve into the psychological aspect of the Hulk (most prominent during the Peter David run.) Bill Mantlo took over for Stern and embarked on a six-year stint that saw the Hulk and his supporting cast grow and change in numerous ways. In 1982, Mantlo had Bruce Banner take control of the Hulk’s body, gain world-wide acceptance and then descend into mindless madness before handing the book over to John Byrne, who separated Banner and the Hulk and married off Bruce and Betty.

    Modern Age


    Al Milgrom stepped in briefly after Byrne left, and changed the Hulk back to his original gray-skinned form, paving the way for Peter David to take over in 1987. Paired with such artists as Todd McFarlane and Jeff Purves, David continued chronicling the gray Hulk and later had him adopt the identity of “Joe Fixit”, a Las Vegas leg-breaker. David continued as writer for the next several years, as he paired with Dale Keown and merged the green and gray Hulk personalities with Banner’s, creating a new Hulk incarnation. From there, the character continued to progress, regress and change in various ways until David left the title in 1997. Joe Casey replaced David until the title was relaunched under a new name “Hulk” under writer John Byrne and artist Ron Garney. Byrne soon left and the title returned to its original heading of the “Incredible Hulk” with Paul Jenkins at the helm until Bruce Jones took over in 2002. The next several years saw the Hulk and Banner on the run from a mysterious agency that was later revealed to be led by long-time Hulk nemesis the Leader. Taking over from Jones was writer Greg Pak, who began with the “Planet Hulk” story-line that saw the Hulk banished to another world by other superheroes and returning for revenge in “World War Hulk”. The title was soon cancelled and given to Hercules, rebooted as “Hulk” under writer Jeph Loeb and featured a new story and focused on the mysterious Red Hulk for the next two years. The title was again returned under its original numbering and continued after the mystery of the Red Hulk was revealed and re-named “Incredible Hulks”, featuring all the gamma-related characters from the last several years. The title was cancelled as Greg Pak left to other projects and relaunched again as "The Incredible Hulk" with incoming writer Jason Aaron and artist Marc Silvestri.

    Marvel NOW!

    After Aaron, Mark Waid and Leinil Yu have taken on the Hulk with the new relaunched Hulk title called Indestructible Hulk beginning in November 2012. The premise of this series is that Bruce Banner has finally accepted he will never be rid of The Hulk and decided it's time he used his genius for the good of mankind - and get the recognition he deserves. Thus Dr. Banner has decided to become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., allowing them to use Hulk as a weapon of mass destruction in exchange for providing Banner with the funds, lab, equipment and staff he needs to create his inventions.

    Major Story Arcs

    Beginnings for the Hulk

    After absorbing the radiation from a gamma bomb explosion, Bruce Banner became a giant, grey version of the Hulk at night (he would not transform into the subsequently-standard green Hulk until much later). Banner's first adventure was when he was captured by the Russian villain, The Gargoyle, whom Igor Drenkov/Starsky, a communist spy who was working undercover as a scientist with Bruce Banner, had informed of Banner's transformation. The Gargoyle wanted to know the secret of the Hulk so he could reverse his own horrible radiation-damaged face. In return for Banner's help, he released both Banner and Rick Jones, having kidnapped the latter in an effort to force Banner to cooperate. Jones would soon become Bruce's sidekick, travelling with him and attempting to control the Hulk's rage. Because of Banner's lack of control over the Hulk, he was declared a menace by General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, who mobilized Army personnel under his command to track down the Hulk under orders to capture him -- and to destroy him if at all possible. However, Banner would gain some control over the Hulk with radiation treatments and become a founding member of the Avengers. However this would not last long and misunderstandings with team members led to The Hulk leaving The Avengers. Banner regained the ability to conceal his condition for some time, but that would not last and he commenced to wander the country as both Banner and the Hulk.

    A Rogues Gallary

    Hulk and the Silver Surfer
    Hulk and the Silver Surfer

    The Hulk would battle many foes over the years such as The Leader, Abomination, Rhino, Absorbing Man, and The Wendigo. He has even found himself in Communist China battling both The Mandarin and The People’s Liberation Army. During this time the Jade Giant has traveled to outer space a number of times, battling the High Evolutionary’s New Men in Wundagore II (Tales To Astonish #94, August 1997), The Sagittarians and The Galaxy Master (Incredible Hulk #111, January 1969). The Hulk’s adventures would often lead him into conflict with other heroes such as Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #3, November 1966), The Fantastic Four, The Inhumans ( Incredible Hulk Annual #1, October 1968) and The Silver Surfer (Tales To Astonish #93, July 1967), as well as former teammates The Avengers. In one notable encounter, The Hulk teamed up with fellow anti-hero Namor The Sub-Mariner to battle The Avengers (Avengers #3, January 1964). However Hulk soon lost interest and abandoned the Prince of Atlantis to fight Earth’s Mightiest Heroes on his own. The conclusion of this tale led to The Avengers discovering the frozen WW2 hero Captain America.

    During Banner's wanderings, he paid a visit to his cousin Jennifer Walters, a lawyer in Los Angeles. But in the course of their visit, she was shot by a henchman of the crime boss Nicholas Trask for defending a thug of his, Lou Monkton, whom he was framing for murder. All Banner could do to save his cousin was give her a blood transfusion. Because of this, she was turned into the heroine, the She-Hulk. Soon after, the Hulk was captured by Dr. Leonard Samson (Doc Samson), and the two discovered that the only way to cure Banner of being the Hulk was that the two would have to separate their bodies. Banner was placed in a 'nutrient bath' that separated the cells that were uniquely his from those of the irradiated Hulk. Being separate, they each gained their own body and personalities, but the Hulk becomes an even greater threat without Banner's mental and moral restraint. Banner would soon create a team called "The Hulk-Busters" to track down and stop the Hulk. Banner soon chose this time to ask Betty Ross to marry him.

    Wedding of Bruce and Betty

    During the wedding Banner became sick. It was revealed that Banner and The Hulk needed each other or they would die as they were losing their molecular cohesion. After being weakened by his sickness, the Hulk was captured by the Avengers. Accepting that the only way to stop the Hulk and save her husband, Betty asks the Avengers to spare the Hulk. With some help from "The Vision," a synthezoid that was one of the Avengers' greatest enemies, the robot Ultron (created by Henry Pym) from the remains of the original Human Torch, the two were re-joined together. Unfortunately, without The Vision's presence, the cohesion remained unstable. Banner slipped into a coma and the Hulk was restrained. Dr. Samson decides that the only way to re-combine the two was to place them back into the 'nutrient bath' with reversed ionization. As they were preparing for the process, Banner and the Hulk, now restrained in the gamma base, begin transforming back and forth; Hulk to Banner and back again, arguing the whole time over who would control their body. Oddly, Banner began to push out from within the Hulk's body, asking Samson and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents present to kill him and stop the Hulk permanently. Refusing to harm Banner, the SHIELD agents corralled the Hulk back into the 'bath'. General Ross escaped his SHIELD escort during that time and attempted to ruin the 'bath' in hopes of permanently destroying the Hulk, but he was impeded by Rick Jones, who ended up being pushed into the nutrient bath himself. When the tank eventually ruptured, the Grey Hulk emerged, to the shock of everyone present.

    At this time Banner would turn into the Hulk at nightfall and return to human form during the day. As the two traded off, each would try to find a way to destroy the other. For a time, Jones became a Hulk-like creature himself, but he was soon cured by the Leader. However, the process established a mental link between the two. General Ross was killed at this approximate time, but his body was stolen by the Leader, who afterwards kidnapped Betty Ross Banner. Bruce Banner, Jones, and Clay Quartermain set out to try and save her and destroy all of the remaining gamma bombs in the possession of the government and thereby foil the Leader's plans to steal them. To slow down the Hulk's search for him, the Leader returned Betty, and she revealed that she was pregnant. The Leader did succeed, in spite of Banner's, Jones's, and Quartermain's efforts, in stealing a gamma bomb, which he detonated in a small Arizona town called Middletown. It seemingly killed the Hulk and created several new gamma-irradiated servants for the Leader, whom he nicknamed Rock, Hotshot, Jailbait and Ogress. It seemed that the Leader had also resurrected the Redeemer, who was believed to be dead.

    The Hulk in Vegas

    Joe Fixt!
    Joe Fixt!

    This Hulk spent some years in Las Vegas where he acted under the name of Joe Fixit, a.k.a. Mr. Fixit. This incarnation of the Hulk was a mean-spirited, street smart, wise-cracking thug. He became a "leg-breaker" for Michael Berengetti at his casino. Under the persona of Joe Fixit, he had everything he wanted: women, money, and peace, since the world believed that the Hulk had died in the gamma bomb explosion. He also started a relationship with Marlo Jones. Marlo would soon leave him and began dating Rick Jones, whom she later married. Dr. Robert Bruce Banner was not seen for months.

    In the Microverse again, Joe is used to overthrow a corrupt religious leader and teleported back to Earth-616. As payment for helping, they placed a spell on Fixit that they promised would rid him of Banner permanently. This spell is somehow altered by his abrupt return and only lasted three months. When Banner surfaced again, he is amazed that three months had passed since he had been himself. After some confusing encounters, he came to understand what Joe had done in his time and creates a shaky truce with his alternate personality.

    Evolutionary War

    For more information see: Evolutionary War

    Evolutionary War
    Evolutionary War

    After a battle with the Thing, Fixit was approached by Beast and invited to rejoin the Avengers. Initially reluctant, he was convinced to join when the Avengers promised to leave him alone afterwards. Beast and Fixit regrouped with Captain America, Falcon, Hercules and Yellowjacket and the Avengers tried to stop the High Evolutionary from detonating a "genetic bomb" which would kick start an evolution.

    After the team stormed the H.E.'s base, a giant underwater battleship out at sea, the H.E. quickly captured and imprisoned the team with relative ease. Upon breaking free, the Avengers broke free and decided to use the H.E.'s machinery to "evolve" Hercules so that he would be an equal match for their enemy. Upon learning of the plan, Fixit turned on the Avengers wanting to be the one to undergo the process so he could be even stronger. Attacking the team, Captain America decided to alert the H.E. to their presence in the hope that he would arrive to stop Fixit's plan.

    After the H.E. appeared, he blasted Fixit with a plasmatic beam that would render a normal person into nothing more than their component electric charges. Barely even phased, Fixit was ready to smash H.E. until the villain decided attempting to fight Fixit would only hinder him and instead used his powers to transport him away to the outskirts of Las Vegas. The rest of the Avengers managed to defeat H.E. without Fixit's help as Fixit went back to work for Berengetti and the Avengers, true to their word, left him alone despite his attempt to betray them.

    Atlantis Attacks

    For more information see: Atlantis Attacks

    After wrestling a whale while investigating a sea-park that owed Berengetti money, Fixit began aware of odd happenings involving sea creatures - part of Atlantis' planned invasion of the surface world. Fixit rejoined the Avengers to help them battle against invading Atlanteans but again left the team immediately after the conflict.


    Under the false identity of Bruce 'Bancroft', Banner takes a job as a janitor at the Yucca Flats Nuclear Research Center so that he could still look for a cure for the Hulk. He is poisoned by Madman just moments before the Research Center is attacked by the Abomination and Hulk is shocked when he realized that his healing factor wasn't strong enough to fight off the poison. He struggles against the Abomination, but eventually throws him into a barrel of toxic waste which permanently scars him. Even in the form of the Hulk, the pain of the poison continues, giving him multiple heart attacks. During this time, Hulk fights the She-Thing while searching for Reed Richards' help in curing him. Reed can not find a cure, and estimates that upon his transformation at next daybreak, Banner would not be able to survive the condition.

    In the form of Joe Fixit, the Hulk begins to waste away, losing most of his body mass and strength. The Leader offers his assistance in finding an antidote if Hulk promises to kill his brother, Madman. After finding Madman and infecting him during the fight, Fixit was able to grab the antidote but could not pierce his skin with the needle. At the moment of his transformation, Banner is able to administer the serum, saving himself, but he left Madman beaten and unable to reach the antidote himself. At this time, Banner believes that Betty has had his child and goes on a desperate search to find her (not knowing that she had miscarried), even enlisting the help of Tony Stark. Stark had found out about the miscarriage but did not have the heart to tell Bruce.

    Professor Hulk

    Later, with help from Samson and the Ringmaster's hypnosis, Banner confronts his other sides as well as two other personalities called Guilt Hulk and Devil Hulk, whom represented Banner's guilt over his family and Banner's hatred of the world. This doesn't actually make him physically change into either of these personalities but Banner was soon able to gain control, and, after speaking with a manifestation of his deceased mother, created a merged form, sometimes referred to as the Professor. This Hulk was green and strong as the Green Hulk during his rage. The drawback to this version of the Hulk was that when he got too angry and lost control he reverted back to the body of Bruce Banner with the intelligence of the savage Hulk.

    Infinity Gauntlet

    For more information see: Infinity Gauntlet

    Hulk races for the Gauntlet
    Hulk races for the Gauntlet

    When Thanos the Mad Titan acquired the reality-warping and wish-fulfilling Infinity Gauntlet, he wished half of all living beings on Earth be turned to dust. Scrambling to oppose the near-omnipotent villain, the Avengers invited Hulk back onto the team to aid them in their attempts to thwart Thanos' plans. Despite some tension between Hulk and the team, the new more intelligent Hulk managed to accept his place within the team.

    The Avengers, and an assortment of other heroes, launched an attack on Thanos which ultimately failed with most of the heroes being defeated, destroyed or wiped off the face of the Earth entirely. The few surviving heroes; Doctor Doom, Drax, Firelord, Hulk and Thor were summoned back into battle by Doctor Strange to aid Adam Warlock in the final battle for the Gauntlet.

    Following the resolution of the conflict, Hulk again parted ways with the Avengers, albeit on more amicable terms this time around.

    Joining the Pantheon

    Hulk and the Pantheon
    Hulk and the Pantheon

    This Hulk would join and eventually lead a superhero team called Pantheon. When the Hulk first joined the Pantheon II was being led by Agamemnon (a.k.a. Vali Halfling) and while with the team he also fought its resident strongman, Ajax on several occasions. As a favor to their friend Jim Wilson, Hulk and Rick agreed to help out at an AIDS benefit concert with Rick headlining and Hulk providing security. The concert is disrupted by the drug-addicted assassin, Speedfreek who is sent to kill one of the concert's attendees. Jim was stabbed while defending the man, and the Hulk gets rid of Speedfreek before he could kill anybody. When Hulk and Rick return to the Pantheon they are sent to the Florida Everglades to investigate the disappearance of two teens that may have been tied to a missing Pantheon scientist. While there they battle both the Man-Thing and the missing scientist who had transformed himself into the Glob, who was killed by the touch of the Man-Thing. During one of his missions with them, he fights alongside a rebel force in a Trans-Sabal against both S.H.I.E.L.D. issue Mandroids and the new government super-team, X-Factor. The country was being ruled by Farnoq Dahn, a dictator who had promised the US government energy assistance if they helped him keep his place as unchallenged ruler. He was exposed as a psycho when he tries to win the war by tying a mother and child to two separate missiles, threatening to launch them if the Pantheon didn't stop. He is stopped by Hulk and X-Factor. The tyrant is forced to face his people for the crimes he committed but most of them still saw him as a god and bowed at his feet, he was then shot and killed by a traumatized Rick Jones who had taken a Mandroid suit.

    The Hulk uses his Pantheon resources to confront Igor, his former assistant who let the gamma bomb go off that created the Hulk. Igor has been driven insane by nightmares brought on by his decision to let the bomb detonate. On her way back from a mission, one of the Pantheon members, Atalanta, is shot down in the Himalayas by the Troyjan warrior Trauma and Hulk, Ulysses, and Hector were sent to find her. Hulk finds Trauma's ship and is ambushed and left for dead. Trauma finds Atlanta and confesses his love to her, but the Hulk appears and brings down an avalanche on top of him. When Hulk's old boss, Michael Berengetti is killed, Hulk teams up with the Punisher to get revenge on his killer and his super-powered enforcer, Frost.

    The End of a Great Leader?

    During this time Marlo was killed by a woman posing as Rick's mother. But because of the extreme emotional pain that Rick was feeling, the Leader also felt it because of their mental bond. It was causing him an extreme annoyance, so he offered to bring her back to life. Leader attacked the Pantheon's headquarters, The Mount, using both his gamma soldiers and the U-Foes to distract the Hulk so that he could ask Agamemnon for help against Hydra. Agamemnon agreed to help and the Hulk left in anger. Betty went to find him and they finally began to reconnect, but Agamemnon betrayed the Leader by sending the Hulk to Freehold in order to kill him. The Hulk crashed into Freehold during the middle of the Hydra invasion as the Leader was trying to resurrect Marlo. Overcome with anger, Hulk ignored Rick's pleas to stop, and destroyed the machine because he thought that the Leader was lying and taking advantage of his grieving friend. The Leader was seemingly killed in the battle against the Hulk and it was during this battle that Hulk knocked the helmet off of Redeemer. This revealed the resurrected General Ross.

    Leader of the Pantheon

    The Professor goes to war
    The Professor goes to war

    Hulk joined the Pantheon. The Pantheon were led by Agamemnon, an immortal offspring of an Asgardian and a human. Unknown at the time was that centuries earlier, Agamemnon had offered any of his offspring to the alien Troyjans in exchange for the ability to pass his godhood down to his descendants.

    As a favor to their friend Jim Wilson, Hulk and Rick agreed to help out at an AIDS benefit concert with Rick headlining and Hulk providing security. The concert was disrupted by the drug-addicted assassin Speedfreek who was sent to kill one of the concert's attendees. Jim was stabbed defending the man and the Hulk got rid of Speedfreek before he could kill anybody.

    During one of his missions with the Pantheon Hulk fought alongside a rebel force in Trans-Sabal against both S.H.I.E.L.D. issue Mandroids and the government mutant team X-Factor. Tran-Sabal's dictator Farnoq Dahnhad promised the US government energy assistance if they helped him keep his place as unchallenged ruler. He was exposed as a psycho when he tried to win the war by tying a mother and child to two separate missiles and threatened to launch them if the Pantheon didn't withdraw. He was stopped by Hulk and X-Factor. The tyrant was forced to face his people for the crimes he committed but most of them still saw him as a god and bowed at his feet. He was then shot and killed by a traumatized Rick Jones.

    Pantheon member Atalanta was shot down in the Himalayas by the Troyjan warrior Trauma and Hulk, Ulysses, and Hector were sent to find her. Trauma found Atlanta and confessed his love to her before the Hulk showed up and brought down an avalanche on top of him.

    During this time Marlo was killed by a woman posing as Rick's mother. Because the Leader shared a mental bond with Rick he offered to bring her back to life. Leader attacked the Pantheon's headquarters, The Mount, using both his gamma soldiers and the U-Foes to distract the Hulk so that he could ask Agamemnon for help against Hydra. Agamemnon agreed to help and the Hulk left in anger. Agamemnon betrayed the Leader by sending the Hulk to Freehold in order to kill him. The Hulk crashed into Freehold during the middle of the Hydra invasion and when Leader was trying to resurrect Marlo. Overcome with anger Hulk ignored Rick's pleas to stop and destroyed the machine because he thought that Leader was lying and taking advantage of his grieving friend. The Leader was seemingly killed in the battle. The Hulk knocked the helmet off of Redeemer, saw the resurrected General Ross, and realized his mistake.

    When Agamemnon felt it was time to venture out into the world to reconnect with the common people, he appointed Hulk as his replacement. On his first mission as leader he traveled to the Amazon to investigate a new company that was cutting down the rainforest. There, he was jumped by the Juggernaut who was working as an enforcer for the New World Order (NWO) and their leader, the Red Skull. Hulk was captured and brainwashed into fighting the Avengers, believing that the Juggernaut was his abusive father. Hulk was able to shake off the mind control when Cain praised him and he realized that his real father would never have shown such kindness, after breaking free the psychic backlash knocked out juggernaut.

    The Hulk began showing signs of instability when he began referring to himself as Hulk instead of Bruce. As a favor to a former Pantheon member Perseus, Hulk traveled to Lock Ness to investigate reports of a monster in the lake which turned out to be Piecemeal. The Hulk was about to defeat him when Madman interfered. After Perseus was killed, Hulk killed Piecemeal and appeared to kill Madman but nobody was found. Using his new power as leader of the Pantheon, Hulk led a strike against a maximum-security prison to free an ex-girlfriend who had been falsely imprisoned.

    Trauma returned and kidnapped Atalanta was to make her his bride. With the help of the Silver Surfer and the Starjammers, the Hulk and the Pantheon attacked the Troyjan homeworld. Upon arriving they were all shocked when Trauma's father, the Troyjan leader, Lord Armageddon, told them the truth about Agamemnon. If they tried to take Atalanta back then the Troyjans would take back the extended lives of all of the Pantheon. Hulk didn't care about the deal and attacked Trauma, accidentally impaling Trauma on his own shoulder spike. With his last words, Trauma pardoned the Pantheon and asked his father to let them all leave in peace.

    A Future Imperfect

    The Maestro Hulk
    The Maestro Hulk

    The Hulk was taken into the future by Rick Jones' granddaughter, Janis to fight his future self, Maestro, who had killed all the heroes and villains on earth and named himself emperor of the post-apocalyptic world. Maestro was a tyrant who ruled his people with the fear of death to anyone who stepped out of line. He had the intelligence of Banner and was twice as strong as the Hulk, also possessing the Hulk's more malevolent side. Merged Hulk went with Janis and met the future Rick, who was stuck in a wheelchair. Rick had collected the remains of all the deceased heroes while leading the resistance. Hulk fought Maestro, but easily had his neck broken. Maestro then had his servants nurse the Hulk back to health. During their second battle, Maestro used a gun designed by Forge with the specific purpose of killing the Hulk. He didn't succeed though, and Hulk sent him back in time to ground zero at the moment the gamma bomb that created him went off. After killing Maestro, the Hulk was sent back to the present. When he returned he was haunted by the thought of losing control and becoming Maestro.

    Fall of the Pantheon

    Soon after, Rick and Marlo were married. At the wedding, Betty told Hulk that she wants to move into the Mount to be with him. After the wedding Hulk was attacked by the disgraced Skrull warrior Talos the Tamed in an effort to gain back some honor. Hulk refused to fight because of how well his relationship with Betty was going and he didn't want to risk losing his temper again.

    Brain Damage

    One day while the Hulk was at work, the army showed up at his house and captured Betty. The squad was led by Glenn Talbot's nephew Matt. He blamed Betty and Hulk for his uncle's downfall and he wanted revenge against them. In order to draw out the Hulk he took Betty outside in front of the reporters and shot her in the leg, Hulk saw this and went ballistic. He jumped to his house and destroyed all of the Hulkbusters, then started heading towards Talbot. Talbot then shot her other leg to push Hulk over the edge so he would revert back to his Banner form.

    Banner No More

    War Hulk
    War Hulk

    Janis showed up with an alternate Hulk that came to Earth-616 when the Hulk was teleported away by Dr. Strange. He offered his help to the Hulk but the shrapnel in his brain was making him angry at everything, so he fought him until he was taken back to his own time. Hulk was then manipulated by Apocalypse into becoming one of his Horsemen.

    Hulk began battling a group of his foes, and nearly killed the Absorbing Man and Juggernaut but Rick jumped in and Hulk swung at him. Seeing the crippled body of his best friend caused the Hulk to break free of mind control and flee in shame. While back at home, Betty was reunited with her resurrected father, General Ross.

    Life Without Betty

    Bruce went insane and tried to kill himself seconds after Betty was pronounced dead. Doc Samson stopped him, but he turned into the Hulk later and escaped from Gamma Base. He began coming up with elaborate scenarios to kill himself but not turn into the Hulk, but was unsuccessful and eventually seemed to get over his grief.

    Planet Hulk

    Hulk on Planet Sakaar
    Hulk on Planet Sakaar

    Hulk was tricked by Nick Fury and the Illuminati into going into space to shut down a rogue Hydra satellite called Godseye, which turned out to be one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own... programmed to set off all nuclear bombs on Earth. Godseye is programmed to adapt, and to match its enemy's strength. It and Hulk engaged in a prolonged battle in space, but as it tries to match the Hulk's strength, it exploded.

    After finishing the mission, Hulk returned to the main shuttle, ready to return home. A broadcast from the Illuminati appears on the monitor, with the members of the Illuminati telling Hulk of their plans. They send Hulk farther into space in order to land on a lifeless planet in which Hulk could live quietly without harming any other beings. Enraged, Hulk begins to smash the ship, sending it off course. The ship goes through a wormhole, leading Hulk to the planet Sakaar, a harsh war-filled planet. Weakened, the Hulk was captured and enslaved. He was made to fight other slaves like him, in which only a few survived, who later became the Warbound. He fought in the arena and bested his enemies with the help of his Warbound. Hulk and the other gladiators later escaped and went against the red king. He was named the Green Scar, Son Of Sakaar, the savior of their planet. Hulk defeated and made an alliance with Spikes, an alien race that the red king used to kill his enemies with, along with much of the nearby population. Hulk defeated the red king and became the new ruler of Sakaar. After defeating the red king, Hulk was viewed as a leader and a hero, so He and his queen Caiera (the oldstrong) ruled Sakaar and everything in Hulk's life was finally Good. However, Hulk's happiness came to an end when the ship that brought the Hulk on this planet was emitting warnings that's its power systems were failing. the Ship exploded before the Hulk could get rid of it and so it destroyed all life on Sakaar. Enraged, Hulk blamed the Illuminati for this and set out on a quest for revenge with his Warbound.

    (To see more about this story arc check out the Planet Hulk page.)

    World War Hulk

    World War Hulk
    World War Hulk

    The ship that brought Hulk to Sakaar soon explodes killing many of the planet's inhabitants, including his wife and unborn child. In a rage Hulk leaves the planet for Earth. Hulk decides to make the Illuminati members pay for what they had done. Hulk leads a raid against the heroes of earth, and has even attacked Professor X's institute, though Charles had not voted for Hulks exile, he was meant to be one of the people who had given the chance to play God, But hulk lets him off the hook since he sees that Charles has already been through enough. Despite the hero's best efforts, Hulk still manages to get justice for his suffering, he tells the heroes to remember that his war didn't kill anyone, and now they will forever know that they are killers and monsters. As Hulk finely finishes his War, Sentry appears and He and Hulk start to fight relentlessly. In the end however, Hulk emerges victorious, and as Banner and Rick are glad that everything is over, Miek savagely stabs Jones so that Banner would Hulk out and resume his raid. Hulk brutally pummels Miek with the warbound try to stop him, and it was at this time when Miek reveals that he knew that the space ship was going to blow up, he just didn't say anything so that the Hulk would do what a monster would always do which was destroy. Hulk's anger starts to fluctuate greatly and he starts to produce a mass amount of gamma energy. He begs the heroes to put him out before he "breaks the world", so Iron Man shoots Hulk with a huge anti-gamma beam that finally reverts the Hulk back to Banner.

    (To read more about this ark check out the World War Hulk story arc page.)

    Planet Skaar

    No Caption Provided

    When the Hulk's son, Skaar, travels to Earth on a quest for vengeance against his own father, Reed Richards tries to prevent the Hulk from encountering his son. His efforts were unsuccessful, as Skaar manages to tear through the Fantastic Four and the military. Eventually, the Hulk finally does encounter him. They brawled for a moment, ignoring pleas from Hulk's Warbound. It was then that Skaar discovers that he has been fighting the Green Hulk, not his father, and that this version of the Hulk didn't remember anything. Banner manages to rise up and proclaim “never again” and instead of releasing the powerful Green Scar Hulk, he goes to save civilians. Skaar proclaims that if he ever wants to fight, he will be out there, and leaps away.

    Red Hulk

    No Caption Provided

    Doc Samson and She-Hulk are in Russia investigating the Abominations murder along with Gen. Ross, Iron Man, and Maria Hill. Accusations of the Hulk being the murderer quickly fade as facts start piling up suggesting it was someone else when it is revealed that the real cause of death actually came from a gun. Gen. Ross remarks "since when does the Hulk use a gun". Doc Samson also finds that whoever killed Abomination was giving off so much radiation they turned dirt into glass underfoot. No sooner had these facts came to light that The Winter Guard interfered and insisted the team leave Russia and allow them to resolve Abominations murder since it happened on Russian soil. Talking quickly breaks out into fighting until Gen. Ross stops the fighting announcing that he has found a survivor. The little girl can only say one word over and over.... Red. Samson and Ross return to Gamma base with Ross grimacing at the fact that he needs help from Bruce Banner to which Banner replies "I was wondering when you were going to ask for my help". No sooner have they found that the murder weapon came from the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier the Red Hulk attacks She-Hulk and renders her unconscious. Iron Man takes the fight to the mysterious new Hulk but is quickly defeated as well. As Red Hulk engages A-Bomb, Red Hulks' identity is recognized by a robotic shield guard but is destroyed before the identity is announced. The resulting battle is of such magnitude it causes 10.0 tremors and breaks Banners holding cell causing him to Hulk out. Hulk quickly engages Rulk who is pummeling Uatu the Watcher. Hulk and Rulk exchange blows with Rulk showing he clearly has more combat experience than tactical skills than Hulk as Rulk put Hulk in a chokehold and slaps him repeatedly and breaking his arm to keep him from passing out. As Rulk stands over Hulk he pulls out a gun just as he proclaimed "nobody would care if he blew Hulk's brains out" the Hulk came around and literally ate the gun. A short battle ensues and just as Rulk knocks Hulk off the top of a bridge Thor shows up swearing that Rulk WILL fall before Mjolnir. After a fierce battle, the two end up in space where Rulk uses the zero gravity to his advantage and swings Mjolnir ravaging Thor. Rulk descends back to earth leaving Thor alive and swearing vengeance. A-Bomb finds Hulk coming too underwater and declares himself a friend to Hulk and Hulk battles Rulk once again with Rulk gaining the upper hand until Thor shows up for revenge. As Thor ravages Rulk to the point where Rulk admitted Thor would have killed him if the Hulk did not interrupt the battle declaring "NOW RED HULK IS MINE TO HURT" with A-Bomb assuring Thor that hulk needed to win this battle against Rulk himself Thor agrees but assures A-Bomb if Hulk should fall than the Red Hulks blood will run by his hands. Hulk absorbed Rulks blows in an effort to get angrier and eventually realized Rulks weakness which was the madder Rulk got the hotter he got which weakened him to the point where he almost passed out. With one swift and powerful punch, Hulk knocks Rulk out cold. With Thor and Hulk declaring each other friends with Thor departing afterwards, Hulk battle weary and tired wanders off into the desert calling A-Bomb "Rick" to A-Bombs surprise. Shortly after A Bomb reverts back to Rick and Rick and tries to tell Hulk he knows who the Red Hulk is but is struck down by Samson before he can do so.

    Red & Green

    No Caption Provided

    Bruce Banner has been captured again and in custody at Gamma Base. Bruce is examining an incident where Rulk (in Russia again) attracted a group of wendigos after killing a deer. This is when Bruce first realizes that "the madder Rulk gets the hotter he gets". Bruce concludes his findings to Gen. Ross adding that this hulk has no friends and "SOON his enemies will want REVENGE". Sometime later Bruce is free from custody and travels to Vegas where he runs into a group of wendigos attacking a casino. Despite his best efforts to stay calm, he couldn't keep the Hulk bottled up, but due to his fear of letting the green Hulk out in such a populated area he unwittingly lets out the long-suppressed grey Hulk (Joe Fixit). Fixit announcing his return to Vegas and engages the wendigos until he is attacked by Moon Knight who tells Fixit to leave. Fixit who is enraged by all this attacks Moon Knight and easily overpowers him. Sentry and Ms. Marvel show up and tell Fixit to stop his attack resulting in Fixit hurling Moon Knight at them. Ms. Marvel overpowers Fixit while stating "he may be smarter than the green Hulk but he's not nearly as strong". She knocks him into a building which results in a massive power outage and also unleashes the green Hulk, being off the chart strong again this causes Ms. Marvel, Moon Knight, and Sentry to attack the Hulk. Hulk gets tackled by Sentry with Hulk stating he remembers "S man" from when he declared war on the Illuminati, Marvel tells Sentry not to engage Hulk as he is only making Hulk stronger and the streets are still filled with people who could get hurt. As the wendigos start attacking again Hulk starts attacking them, but he is swarmed and bitten repeatedly turning him into "Wendihulk". Sentry attempts to take Wendihulk down but is easily overpowered with one arm as Wendihulk attempts to eat him. Ms. Marvel quickly gets ahold of Brother Voodoo who reverts Wendihulk back to the Hulk. Almost instantly Hulk turns back to Banner who flees the scene.

    Hulk No More

    Sometime later, it was revealed that Banner had once again been captured. When Doc Samson and She-Hulk took a reluctant Ben Urich and Peter Parker into a false military base to serve as witnesses, they saw a traitorous General Ross working side-by-side with MODOK and Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) in developing some sort of gamma super-soldier program. They also saw Bruce, unconscious, in a liquid suspension pod, and A-Bomb, strapped to a table, about to be experimented on. Even though banner was no longer the Hulk, he still thought the Jade Giant might come back, so he started training Skaar so he would be able to do what needed to be done. Banner destroyed Juggernaut's house so he could lure him towards him. Skaar and Cain engage in battle, however Skaar had no idea how to fight someone who could not be physically stopped, so he turned back into his child form to hinder Cain for a moment. As soon as Juggernaut was distracted Skaar punched him and they continued to fight in the air. They came crashing down and cracked the ground, and because of this, they ended up in lava. Skaar tricked Cain into thinking that they were on the same side since they both hated banner. Because used this stratagem, he was able to punch Cain into orbit. Later Skaar would confront Daken, and he was nearly killed because of Daken's Muramasa blade, which disables the healing factor.

    (For more info on this story view the Hulk No More page.)

    Fall of the Hulks

    The Hulks come down
    The Hulks come down

    The Red Hulk had "killed" Gen. Thunderbolt Ross after Ross, attacks him (wearing a prototype 'Redeemer Armor'). Banner later shows up at Ross's funeral and made an unexpected speech about Thunderbolt and Betty Ross. Later it is revealed that Banner and the Red Hulk were working together, rather shakily - and that Banner may have been involved in the death of Gen. Ross. Banner also sends both A-Bomb and the Red Hulk to an A.I.M. base to discover M.O.D.O.K.'s 'Doomsday device' which turns out to be a Cosmic Hulk Automaton. Upon hearing of the duo's defeat at the hands of the automaton, Red Hulk reveals to Banner that he also had a gamma-powered daughter, Lyra.

    (For more info and issues related to the "Fall of The Hulks" storyline go to Fall of The Hulks.)

    World War Hulks

    World War Hulks
    World War Hulks

    The Leader and M.O.D.O.K. had unleashed a Cathexis ray upon the heroes that had arrived to help, as well as hundreds of AIMarines, turning them all into Hulked-out versions of themselves. The Cathexis machine is basically the same machine that gave Leonard Samson and the Red Hulk their powers. The Leader reveals that all the Hulked-out-Heroes would soon die, because of the overload of radiation in their bodies. Bruce Banner and the other ‘smartest’ reconfigure the Cathexis machine to drain the radiation from the Hulked-out-Heroes, and so that the machine that's draining the radiation doesn't malfunction or explode, Banner willingly absorbs the excess gamma radiation into his body. The machine starts absorbing energy very quickly and Banner’s body could keep up with the absorption, so Samson (attempting to show that he was always a hero), walks to the machine and begins to help Banner absorb the energy as well. After absorbing Absorbed the energy, he turned into the Hulk once more. Hulk and Skaar then engage in a massive battle. They fought with some interference from Red She-Hulk until the civilians were endangered, lucky Hulk stepped in and saved them all. This act of heroism showed Skaar his father was not a monster after all, but hulk was not done fighting yet, he pummels his son with some savage blows, however Skaar reveals his child form in order to prove that he is done fighting. since the fight is over Red She-hulk tells Bruce to go to his son, and Skaar and Hulk finely but their differences aside and they hug.

    (For more about this storyline check out the World War Hulks page.)

    Last Hulk Standing

    When Red Hulk was broadcasting from the White House, hulk appeared out of nowhere and declared that red hulk was done. The two beasts engage in battle and despite Rulks best efforts, he is no match for the green scar, however Rulk uses his old trick and absorbs Hulk energy, after which he delivers a powerful blow, causing a mushroom explosion. as Rulk proclaimed to be the strongest there is, he soon learns that there is no one more powerful than the Hulk himself, Hulk unleashes a powerful thunderclap and finally beats him, however before ross fades out, Hulk reveals that it was his plan to execute the fake death of thunderbolt ross, so that he may never show his human face again. Later Hulk suggests to Captain America that Red Hulk might deserve a spot on the Avengers.

    Dark Son

    Hulk Slash!
    Hulk Slash!

    Banner, Betty Ross, Skaar, Korg, Lyra, Jen Walters, and A-Bomb (Rick Jones) had hidden themselves out on a beach in Dry Tortugas, Florida, even though national media has recognized them as the heroes of the AIMarines disaster in Washington D.C. Bruce approaches Betty, trying to rekindle their estranged relationship, but only succeeds in angering her - causing her to transform into the Red She-Hulk. Immediately, she jumps several miles away, causing a good deal of destruction and alerting the authorities as to their whereabouts. After a short scuffle, Banner transformed into the Hulk and chased off after Betty. The two fought for a brief time, leaving Skaar in the care of Korg and A-Bomb. Skaar began to sense something amiss (at the exact same time as Amadeus Cho, Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Beast), and informed Korg and A-Bomb that he must find his father. They tell him to leave 'mommy and daddy' alone while they fought, but Skaar was insistent, and quite upset. Red She-Hulk and The Hulk were fighting but they eventually calmed down, and at that time Steve Rogers appeared and Amadeus Cho.

    He informed Hulk that an alien planet (K'ai) had appeared in the solar system and they didn't know why. Rogers needed Hulk's help, but Hulk declined. Skaar needed a word with the Hulk and told him that Hulk's second son was on that planet heading this way. Steve started to launch an attack on the planet but was stopped by the Hulk, who smashed everything, Steve Rogers and some other heroes knocked out hulk, however it was revealed that Hulk was not fighting back and was just leading them into a trap. Hulks family burst out of the ground and distracted the Secret avengers so that Skaar could reach the repair bay. Steve threatens to transport hulks family to the negative zone unless they could negotiate. Hulk De-powers and tells Rogers that he just saved everyone from his son by smashing the ship. The Hulks went to Planet K'ia to stop the force that was moving the planet. Banner transported his family to different parts of the planet, while he went directly to Hiro-Kala. Banner was ambushed by mindless residents of the planet, who were defeated, but Banner was also attacked by controlled children, so banner fled. Hiro-Kala appeared out of nowhere and slaughters these children. Banner Hulk-out and called his son a "Little monster".

    Hiro-kala explained that he was trying to kill the old power so that trillions would be saved. This enraged hulk and he beat Hiro-Kala, but couldn't finish the job, so banner zapped him with an Old-Power taser. Later Skaar appeared alive and well and defeated Hiro-Kala, but he still tried to reason with him. Because of this, Hiro-Kala wanted to show Skaar and banner why he had to destroy the Old power, But he could not manifest the memory because it was not real, this made Hiro-Kala bust in rage and Skaar stopped him by sealing him in stone. Banner told Skaar to release his brother, but couldn't because the Worldmind allows it, they instead used this stone to heal the planet.

    (For more information visit the Dark Son story arc page.)

    Chaos War

    Hulk Faces Abomination
    Hulk Faces Abomination

    As the Hulks return to Earth after battling Hiro-Kala, the astral projection of Doctor Strange appears, warning them of the danger posed by the Chaos King, whom was consuming all of reality. Immediately upon arriving on the burning world, the Hulks went in search of Lyra. She is found beneath some burning rubble, still alive, but dreaming, like most of the beings on the planet. As the Hulks reconvene, demons begin to spew from the cracking streets, and from the center of the mass, the Abomination appears to attack the Hulks.

    After temporarily Hulk out of the battle, Abomination, who has been greatly amped by the Chaos King, quickly turns his attention to Rick Jones/A-Bomb. In an act of brutality, Abomination tears A-Bomb's impervious armor from his very form. Despite the pain, A-Bomb manages to remain conscious as Abomination demands to know the location of A-Bomb's wife, Marlo Jones.

    The reason for this is because Marlo possessed a spark of the cosmic entity Death within her, something that Abomination could sense through those she had been in close contact with.

    While the Hulks are trying to find Marlo, Zom appears and attacks Hulk, but he and Abomination stop fighting and leave to find Marlo on flying monsters. The Hulks, however, find her quickly because Bruce was able to teleport himself and his family to Marlo. Suddenly, the Hulk's old friends were revived, Glenn Talbot, Jarella, and Doc Samson, but Abomination and Zom also came and attacked the hulks.

    The Hulk beats Abomination to the ground, leaving him for the family to pummel, while Skaar and Hiroim battled. At this time, Hulk/Bruce's parents, Brian and Rebecca, return from the dead. His father then transforms into a Devil/Guilt Hulk hybrid monster who engages the Hulk in battle while holding Rebecca Banner in his grasp.

    Brian Banner was gaining strength from Hulks hate and so he was able to impale him, thankfully the hulk was not alone because he was aided by Jarella and they together defeated Brian through the power of love (since hate was fulling Brian was fueled by hate, he was weakened by love). Marlo in the meantime killed Abomination and Zom with her death powers. When the battle was over, the Hulks were Summoned by Hercules so that they could help him defeat the Chaos King

    (For more information check out the Chaos War story arc page.)

    God Smash

    Upset with the way things turned out for his family, Banner returned to the newly positioned Mount Olympus one day later to confront Hercules. He confessed to Hercules that he would continue to help his family in whatever way he could, but he is very tired. He told Hercules that the Hulks needed his help. Hercules informed Banner that he had given up his All-Father status to heal the world, and that if the Hulks remained as they were; perhaps that is how it should be.

    That's Gotta Hurt!
    That's Gotta Hurt!

    Banner would hear no more, demanding to know who was in charge as the All-Father now. Herc informed him that Zeus has taken his throne again, and warned that if Banner so much as irked him, Zeus would kill him. Hercules knew that Banner would confront him regardless and upon his request, Herc punched Banner, changing him into his Hulk form. Hulk began to climb the mountain, fending off attacks from Poseidon, Artemis, Boreas, Apollo, and an army of Titans until he reached Olympus itself, only to be struck down swiftly by Zeus’s lightning.

    The rest of the Hulk family had sailed out near the resurrected Mount Olympus and was quickly ensnared by the Kraken. As they fought below, Hephaestus checked on the green-skinned beast that Zeus had just struck down to find him still alive. Hulk rose to his feet and called Zeus a coward. Zeus unloaded another fury of lightning on the Hulk, but he simply shrugged it off. Hulk called out to Zeus that he owed his family, and though Zeus recognized that Hulk had aided him in the past, he recalled Hulk turning on him. To Hera’s surprise, Zeus removed his cloak and prepared to grant the Hulk’s request ‘to be beaten to death… by hand.’

    Hulk landed the first mighty blow, sending Zeus smashing into some of Olympus’s giant columns. Zeus hurled another lightning bolt at Hulk but missed, and the Hulk didn’t even flinch. Angered, Zeus attacked Hulk, laying much of the surrounding area to rubble, and knocking Hulk and a large chunk of the mountain down toward the battered ship of the Hulks. As Hulk saw his family he yelled at them to leave before they ruined everything. Returning to the mountaintop, Hulk was battered by Zeus, even vomiting blood because of the beating.

    As Hera taunted Hulk, telling him that this was the end, he told her that he didn’t care… just give his family what they owed them. Realizing that the hulk wasn't even trying to fight back, but only intended to sacrifice himself for the lives of his family, Zeus struck the Hulk one final time, giving Hephaestus time to chain him to the side of a cliff with ‘unbreakable’ chains. Much like Prometheus, who angered the gods by providing man with fire, vultures picked at Hulk for three days, as he lay chained to the mountain. His healing factor was just quick enough to keep him alive as the birds devoured his innards and eyes alike. On the third day, Hercules, Skaar, Red She-Hulk, She-Hulk, and Korg arrived, freeing Hulk.

    As Zeus and Hera watched from Olympus, a group of Sakaarian refugees, now living in the Savage Land were interrupted by Miek, claiming that he would soon kill the Hulk…

    Planet Savage

    King Miek

    The group had taken the Hulk to Gammaworld in New Mexico, seeking the aid of Kate Waynesboro and the Warbound in healing the Hulk’s wounds at the hands of Zeus. The beating disrupted the Hulk’s healing ability, putting it at 7% of its normal efficiency, and as he lay on the table, Hulk began to go into ‘cardiogenic shock’. Waynesboro needed to use ventricular fibrillation to steady his heart and harnessed the energy of the Gamma Dome to deliver 2.53 gigajoules to his heart (the typical human gets 300 joules when being defibrillated).

    All Hail King Meik!
    All Hail King Meik!

    Hulk awoke in a blind rage, grabbing Waynesboro and crushing her arm. He could not be talked down and Red She-Hulk stepped in with a massive punch, putting him down. As Red She-Hulk looked at Kate’s injury, Kate explained that the Hulk only survived because of his family… that they give him the chance to let the hero come through. As the group slept that night, Hulk attempted to leave unnoticed, but Skaar, whom was holding one of Banner’s devices containing a message for him, followed him. Hulk, Korg, No-Name of Brood, Elloe, and Skaar boarded their transport and would now allow the rest of the Hulk family to come along. Before they departed, Hulk told Red She-Hulk that, “Hulk loves you too, Betty.”

    As the group traveled to their destination, Hulk wanted to re-watch a message from Ka-Zar, beckoning him to the Savage Land to investigate the murders of 43 displaced Sakaarians living in the Savage Land. As they flew above the Savage Land, No-Name recognized a familiar scent, but was interrupted by a battle below between some Ka-Zar, several Sakaarians and some beasts of the Savage Land. Hulk jumped down quickly and knocked one of the large dinosaurs out, only to be bitten and impaled by another. Ka-Zar put the beast down with a spear to the eye and Skaar informed the group that the beasts were only trying to protect their young… and several speared youths are seen dead in the background.

    The elder of the Sakaarians did not seem pleased by the Hulk’s presence and blamed his men’s killing of the beasts on their admiration of the Hulk. He chastised them for their celebration of the Green Scar’s return. As the group set up camp for the night and dined, Ka-Zar questioned Hulk’s decision to immediately proceed, due to his injuries, and insisted that tonight they rest. During the night, the village elder revealed that he had drugged the Hulk and his entire Warbound with nerve toxins developed by ‘the bugs’. Immediately, giant insects crawled in and began to haul away the unconscious body of the Hulk. The elder explained to one of the village members that they would simply tell the others that he had sacrificed himself to save them.

    The Hulk was brought into a cave containing seemingly ‘impregnated’ bodies of dead Sakaarian villagers, and a now oversized Miek. Miek explained that his entire planet and race had been wiped out because of the Hulk’s revenge. He claimed that he did not do this out of anger, but because he had something to fight for once more.

    As the group awoke the next day and the realization of the Hulk’s disappearance set in, Skaar became enraged, demanding the Sakaarian elder tell him the location of his father. No-Name began to ‘chem’ the perpetrator behind it all and as she discovered that Miek was the one to blame, he showed up with a horde of giant insects in tow. Miek instructed the Sakaarians to leave and told Ka-Zar to leave as well, but Ka-Zar refused, tussling with the Warbound against the insects.

    Hulk ‘awoke’ in the cave Miek had imprisoned him in, stumbling out of a dream/hallucination that an insectoid female was attempting to seduce him. He actually woke up as he realized the woman’s face had changed to that of an insect. Hulk found himself strapped to an X-shaped apparatus with glowing blue vines holding him to it. As he gained consciousness he was able to watch as the trapped bodies of Sakaarians began to rip open, birthing insects. The insects being birthed began to crawl toward the Hulk and as he attempted to struggle against his bindings, they glowed brighter and held fast. Soon the insects were upon him, ripping into his flesh.

    Hulk, still tired and unhealed from the fight against Zeus, relaxed against his constraints and gave control over to Banner. As Hulk changed into Banner, the size difference allowed Banner to slip out of the bindings. Banner, cussing at the Hulk for attempting to ‘smash his way out’ of things soon found himself smashing the insect that bit the Hulk with his own fists. As Banner escaped the cave, a large flightless bird attacked him, and as he ‘Hulked out’ again, his assailant threw him back. As Hulk rose to smash the bird, he found it covered by giant insects, whom quickly devoured the bird.

    Skaar, Ka-Zar and the Warbound then showed up as Hulk realized that something was wrong in his own body. On his back he caught a glimpse of something crawling beneath the skin. Asking for Skaar’s help to remove the intruder, Hulk found himself in great pain as Skaar began to pull it out. No-Name warned Skaar to stop, as she could chem that the insects growing within him were attached to his heart… and to remove them would likely kill the Hulk. Hulk fell to the ground and demanded that Skaar remove the rest of the beasts within him, reminding the group that they were Hulks, after all. As Skaar readied to aid his father, several large insects swooped in and carried the Hulk back to Miek, whom was keeping Hulk sedated and hallucinating.

    Miek explained to the drugged Hulk that Hulk had failed his other children, turning them ‘into monsters and misfits’. Hulk’s ribcage was exposed on his chest and the tentacles and bodies of foreign creatures could be seen beneath the bone. Miek covered the hole and Hulk’s chest with armor and handed him a sword, telling him that he would now protect the children and help him create a New Sakaar, with Miek as the king… and the strongest there is.

    As Skaar, Ka-Zar, and the members of the Warbound broke off from their pursuit of Hulk’s captors to rescue some Sakaarians under attack, Hulk reappeared. He was armored and being chemically controlled by Miek and began attacking the group, smashing Skaar first. The chemicals controlling Hulk took control of his desires to smash and reminded him of how good it felt to let go and stop caring. As Hulk approached Elloe and the Sakaarians under her protection, he hesitated, overcoming the chemicals forcing him to attack. Miek then appeared, once again tweaking the chemicals controlling Hulk.

    Miek explained to the group that while in captivity by the humans, he had metamorphosed, changing gender. He then began to lay eggs, but the hatchlings would not survive, no matter how he tried to feed them. He found that the Hulk’s blood/body would provide the nourishment and strength that the hatchlings needed to grow and grow strong. He convinced the Warbound to help him convince the Hulk to allow his children to live, but at that moment, the chemicals burned off in Hulk’s bloodstream, and he attacked Miek. Hulk then tore the infants from his chest and attempted to stomp them, before he set about killing Miek.

    Skaar then tackled Hulk, smashing his head into the ground, and calling him a ‘stupid monster’. Skaar promised the infant insects that no one would hurt them and that he’d care for them, as he could sympathize with their plight. Miek attempted to drug Skaar, to make him kill his father, only to have another of his arms chopped off by Hulk, before he punched Miek through a volcano and across the savage land, into a mountain of ice. Hulk chased after, and tried to save Miek, but Miek would not let him, and fell, presumably to his death.

    Upon Hulk’s return, Skaar told him to stand back, as he feared he’d returned to finish off Miek’s hivelings. As the Warbound protested, Hulk decided not to try to talk to Skaar, but instead to leave the Savage Land, as it is a place for savages… not monsters.

    Heart of The Monster

    As a result of Current events, Red She-Hulk had abandoned the Hulk, which had left Bruce banner in a very bad state of mind. As Bruce and his family (Cho included) are simply talking about how these events would and could have affected the jade jaws. As they are talking they feel a sudden earthquake, which is when they decided to rush to the training room. As they go there, they see Hulk smashing (shocker), and they ask him “are you okay?” to which Bruce surprisingly replies that he is just fine. This is very odd considering the fact that Banner of all people should have been raging since his true love just ditched him for his enemy. Bruce calmly explains that for a Hulk, the stakes are too high, so he keeps his emotions in check.

    Meanwhile, Betty and Tyrannus are discussing the matter in a chamber, but before the conversation can go to something else Tyrannus draws a line and starts talking about his prized possession, the fountain of youth! Betty is about to taste the water from the fountain but Monica Pappaccini burst in with some Agents of AIM in order to gain the fountain of youth. Monica reveals the true potential of the wishing well, saying that it is really a fountain of youth, but Betty plunges her into the water while saying “you’re gonna wish you’ve never been born!”. After that a bunch of Monsters Bursts out from a fountain in Las Vegas with Monica trying to fly away.

    12 hours later, Monica Comes to ask hulk for help, beaten half to death and barely standing. As Monica is in the infirmary, she explains what had happened, and they all leave for vegas. Along the way though, they talk about how specific one has to be in order for the wishing well not to ‘twist things up”. When they finally arrive at their destination, they start of course fighting the monsters which had threatened the civilians. But things go from bad to worse when Cho wishes for ‘help’, because the only help hulk received was his old enemies (Bi-Beast, Wendigo, Armaggedon, Umar, and Fing Fang Foom).


    While Hulk is preoccupied fighting a giant fish monster, Cho and Monica are attacked by the other villains, but when Hulk intervenes he accidentally splashes the villains with the wishing water. Hulk and Cho teleport to vegas as a result of Bi-Beasts and Wendigo's wish. Cho theorizes that since Betty made the first wish, everyone else’s desires revolve around hers, but their conversation is short-lived since his enemies intervene. The city lifts up in the sky to replicate Bi-Beasts long lost home, while in the meantime Hulk attacks and stops Wendigo from eating a fellow human, but he is disappointed that Wendigo is barely a threat due to hulk increasing in power over the years, so he accidentally wishes for a real fight, and as a result, both Bi-Beast and Wendigo become much larger than the hulk himself. While Cho wishes everyone to safety, Hulk unitizes his power and size to propel his enemies out of the city. Cho and the President himself then appear with the help of a hologram in order to thank the hulk for saving the country 3 times in months, but then comes the worst part, Arm’chedon appears, and he seems to have betty and rick as a hostage. Arm’chedon states that Hulk's cousin and best friend are both injected with a Trojan Virus, which will take years to cure, and to add insult to injury he then throws Jen and rick off his spaceship, and they crumble down into the ground. Hulk gets seriously enraged and starts to go world breaker, but he manages to turn into Banner before he causes serious damage.

    Banner leaves it up to Cho to find a cure for his friends with Monica's help, while he goes on to fight Arm’chedon and proceeds with utterly demolishing Arm’chedon. While Hulk is gloating with Betty, Arm’chedon blasts red she hulk with one of his very powerful canons, and hulk becomes even more enraged, and stomps Arm’chedon’s face into the ground. Hulk starts to lose control over himself, but luckily Umar steps in and calms him down. Monica and Cho are working on saving Jen and Rick, while Betty trying to shake hulk out of Umar's control, but in the end, the events lead to hulk being transported into the dark dimension along with betty.

    The others ask Dr. Strange and Dr. Sofia for help to track down the Hulk, but Dr strange seems reluctant, because the Hulk presents a threat to the world, but in the end they convince him to fine play along. Meanwhile Hulk and Umar seem to be battling the mindless ones, Hulk pushes them back, and Umar makes a shield around her territory. After that they go to Umar's castle to have sex, while Betty is with the goblins. When Hulk's Friends arrive, they find hulk fighting monsters, and they realize that hulk is in his paradise, but Tyrannus emerges fighting Fing Fang Foom, and says that this “heaven” belongs to him.

    Hulk thunderclaps Fing Fang Foom into the Barrier made by Umar, and so it shatters, and the mindless ones are set loose. Umar is very displeased that her castle had been destroyed, but Hulk says he will solve the problem. Since the planet has not innocent people around, he destroys the whole as a result of a shockwave caused by clashing with Red She-Hulk.

    Hulk wasn't the only one who survived the explosion, as Umar was shown to have blocked the blast via an energy barrier, and afterwards, Hulk used the wish to review everyone else, and resumes his fight with Betty, while Tyrannys sends Fing Fang Foom to dispatch some gamma bombs so he could seize all the thrones of men (America)!

    Here Comes The WORLD BREAKER!
    Here Comes The WORLD BREAKER!

    Monica refuses currently to help save Sofia and Cho, and while they are trying to intimidate her, Cho and Sofia seemed to have already transported back, and they are watching Fing Fang Foom consuming dozens of gamma bombs, even they were supposed to be any left. Foom gets supercharged, and starts a rampage. Monica says that the only solution they have is to bring back the hulk, but strange urges that Hulk is where he belongs, and bringing him back would only cause more damage. Jen and Rick say that maybe they could do something about this problem, so they are teleported to fight Fing Fang Foom. During the attack, they get dosed with gamma radiation and they become much larger in size and much more mindless.

    The only option left is The Hulk himself, so that’s exactly who they turn to. Betty and Hulk walk all Over Fing Fang Foom after they get amped by the gamma bombs, and then they engage Rick and Jen. But when Hulk notices’ that they are on earth, he wishes for everything to go back to normal, because he was afraid of destroying Earth. Every one of the Hulk family members gets what they had wished for, except, Banner is still the Hulk. Betty insults Banner for being an idiot because he forgot to include himself, so he decides to wish the Hulk away herself, yet the Hulk does not go away, and it is there where it is hinted that Hulk and Banner are the same entities.

    But in the end, after Cho locates Banner in a café somewhere, banner and betty decide that everyone deserves a second chance, and even though Banner fears breaking his achieved happiness, betty remarks that “ you don’t break easy”. Banner decides to hop inside the car, and moments later they Hulk-out and spring away.

    Fear Itself

    Hulk as Nul
    Hulk as Nul

    While Hulk and Red She-Hulk were having a private chat, a hammer fell near their location. Betty tried to pick it up but she was unable to make it budge. When the Hulk touched the hammer, he was transformed into Nul, Breaker of Worlds. He became one of the Serpent's Worthy and went on a rampage in order to spread fear. As Nul, he battled Thor with the help of Angrir (Thing). Thor was able to defeat the thing but he was in no condition to fight Nul, so he knocked Nul into orbit to avoid further rampage. Nul ends up in the middle of Europe at the castle of Dracula and the vampire nation. Nul quickly breaks through the various armies of Dracula leaving the count no other choice but to use The Forgiven, a group of vampires that have left the vampire nation to try and stop the rampaging Worthy. Their efforts prove futile and when Nul finally reaches Dracula, Betty Banner is able to convince the Hulk to fight the Serpent's influence and he breaks his hammer in half, destroying the magic inside and returning to Bruce Banner. Banner soon returns to Hulk form and tells Dracula he is letting him live since he helped to reach him in breaking the Serpent's control over him and then leaves the vampire nation in ruin. In the aftermath of Fear Itself, it's revealed that the Hulk is once again split from Bruce Banner, however, in destroying the worldbreaker, Nul is set free on Earth. Leaving the Hulk to reach out to Dr. Strange and rebuild the Defenders to stop Nul for good.

    (For more information check out the Fear Itself story arc page.)

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

    The Indestructible Hulk!
    The Indestructible Hulk!

    Maria Hill is sitting in a cafe somewhere in Manchester Alabama, searching for the Hulk. While talking to Coulson, they review the last few disasters/disturbances that have occurred in hopes that they might have found the Hulk. However, none of them had been caused by Banner/Hulk. Ever since the war involving the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Phoenix Force, the whole world has been on edge. And with the Banner/Hulk on the loose, it would appear that the world is even more on edge.

    Suddenly, Maria is visited by someone she never expected to encounter... Dr. Bruce Banner. Maria is both stunned and intimidated by Banner's sudden appearance, comparing him to a nuclear bomb as he takes a seat at the table directly in front of her. Banner's sudden appearance, at least in this case, is no mere coincidence.

    He then explains to Maria Hill that he is no longer wishes to act like some mopey, sullen teenager. He's one of the smartest beings on the planet. When he thinks, big things happen. Banner has spent his life trying to rid himself of the Hulk through any means necessary, and just about a month prior to meeting with Maria, after he gave it his best effort and failed. He accepted his fate and the fact that, at least in terms of modern science, there is no way for him to rid himself of the Hulk.

    Banner then turns the conversation in a different direction, a beginning to discuss the recent events of the war involving the Avengers, the X-Men, and the Phoenix Force. The Hulk played a vital role in fighting Emma Frost and Cyclops (each possessing 50% of the phoenix force) and then battling against the Dark Phoenix-possessed Cyclops.

    Then he mentions who was responsible for dealing with the Phoenix, and some who think the real hero is Tony Stark (despite the fact that it was actually Hope Summers and Scarlet Witch who defeated the Phoenix Force). Upset by this fact, Banner briefly causes a scene in the diner before calming himself down and apologizing to Maria Hill for frightening her before continuing their discussion.

    Banner continues by explaining that Reed Richards, Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and the other brilliant men will be remembered for the gifts of science they've bestowed to humanity. They are a small group of the smartest men to ever grace the planet. They would leave their mark on the world through their knowledge. On the other hand, Banner concludes that if he continues with what he's been doing for years, he would only be remembered as the man who transforms into a raging monster that destroys everything within his path. He doesn't want his tombstone to read "Hulk Smash".

    Banner then reveals to Maria Hill a device that he created, a Purification Unit, that can eliminate all waterborne diseases within the next five years. Astonished, Maria further questions Banner, who in turn informs her that he could create more devices that could benefit humankind if he were to receive the proper resources from S.H.I.E.L.D.. He then goes on to warn Maria Hill that if she or S.H.I.E.L.D. try anything that could harm him, he'd expose them of their secrets in the form of a mysterious individual who is Banner's insurance against the agency.

    After clearing the air, Banner and Hill begin to discuss his alter-ego: The Hulk. Even when managed, it is quite certain that sooner or later... Banner will transform into the Hulk. He can't stop it. But instead of Hulk being viewed as a nuclear gamma arsenal about to explode, Banner suggests that S.H.I.E.L.D. could use Hulk like a cannon to be aimed at whatever threat needed to be dealt with. In other words, Hulk Smash!

    Banner then informs Maria Hill that he knows that she and some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents plan to go after the Mad Thinker, noticing how she would constantly look at the clock every few moments. Bruce warns her that going after Mad Thinker would be suicidal at best... unless they'd have some back-up in the form of a certain green monster. He offers Maria and S.H.I.E.L.D. his and Hulk's service if they're willing to give him the resources that he needs, telling her that his offer will expire in ten minutes.

    Accepting Banner's proposal, Maria and S.H.I.E.L.D. are joined by the Hulk as they go to confront the Mad Thinker. Despite Mad Thinker's best defenses, using a giant robot that wields Quantom Molder blasts which can melt, reshape and liquify Ultron's Adamantium armor, Hulk withstands the brutal barrage effortlessly. In the final moment of the battle, Mad Thinker is horrified to discover that Hulk's strength/power is indeed 'incalculable' as the Green Goliath rips the robot in half, thus defeating him. Passing the 'test', Maria officially makes Bruce Banner an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..

    Damn, Tony... you're dead!
    Damn, Tony... you're dead!

    Nine Days since banner got recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D., and there was a strict rule of no visitors made by Maria hill and Banner, but Tony stark aka iron man did not take no for an answer. Stark arrives and tells maria that whoever is controlling Banner to work for shield should cut it out, But Maria herself explains that even she was surprised at Banner's change of heart. Before Tony confronts Banner he looks around and checks out Banner's invention, and to Stark's surprise banners creations include a device that could prevent a lot of cancers. As Tony enters to see Banner, he is baffled by the fact that Bruce is laughing hysterically, but they both start laughing as Tony himself checks out the formula which can only be funny if you’re smart, something maria hill isn't. Banner and Tony go to test Banner's newest invention, they go to the Himalayan Mountains and Banner explains the first step of his plan. Banner (while he had put on his new suit of armor) had built a gamma fracker in order to extract natural gas without causing harm, but when the process of fracking doesn't actually occur, tony tries to modify Banner machine, which frustrates Bruce and forces him to reveal that the second reason he bought Tony here was because he never treated Bruce as an equal, and this was a chance to blow off some steam. Banner transforms into the Hulk and starts to attack Tony, but since Tony never managed to finish the modifications, the device was set to explode, but in the last second Hulk jumps in and saves Iron Man from the explosion. Tony and Banner are soon to be sitting and talking while afterwards, and during this time Banner remarks “you’re a Brilliant Engineer, Tony -- but all you ever do is build forward from what you already know. A true visionary studies the unknown and builds backward. It’s a new field -- and a legitimate one. The novelist Charles Yu calls it "applied science fiction'. I'm sorry, am I intimidating you? Afterwards Tony goes to the bathroom and is contacted by Maria, she informs that Banner is needed in Montana.

    The W.M.D is Unleashed!
    The W.M.D is Unleashed!

    Maria Hill is seen interviewing assistants for S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters. Four volunteers are interviewed, and four of them seem to be ok with the fact that Dr. Banner could transform into a giant Green man-Monster, hinting that each and every one of them has a secret of their own. The assistance is chosen in different particular fields: Daman Veteri, Ed.D. is a molecular engineer, Randall Jessup. M.SC. a renewable energies expert, Melinda Lecusenstern, PSY.D., M.S Climatologist/Astrophysicist, And Patricia Wolman, D.I.T is a micro neural Biology expert. Meanwhile Banner is on his fits mission, which is providing a distraction for The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to do their work. A.I.M sends in agents to capture the last member of the Quintronic crew, but SHIELD pulls a switch at the last moment. While the agents were distracted by S.H.I.E.L.D., Banner switched his place with the last crew member, and since they had put on a mask that covered the face completely, no one noticed the trick. When the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were killed, it was Banner who had been taken in instead of the target. Banner meets Colin Thirty-Three, But as The mask is taken off, Banner can already smell the urine from the Guards, because he went green and mean. Hulk had been the perfect distraction, but as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were fighting A.I.M., Colin activates The Quintronic Man, but this seemed impossible since it takes five men to operate the robot, and the crew members had been dead, However, it was revealed that thanks to Electrochemichal Technology, The machine had adapted the Full psionic access to the dead crew members abilities, so Colin was still able to operate the device. The Quintronic man plunges Hulk into molten lava, claiming that this machine had been made for space exploration, therefore it could withstand any temperature. As Hulk seems to have been burnt in lava, he then emerges damage-free, and breaks the glass in which Colin had been seated, meaning that he had been scrambled alive, while hulk growled in rage. As Hulk was coming out of the molten lava, he reverts to Banner, and he had been blistered a bit. As Banner is resting in the hospital, Maria comes in and they discuss Banner's new teammates. Banner says that he is positive that the members are hiding something, considering that they had signed up to work with the Hulk, but it will not be a problem. Also Maria forgets to mention Hulk's new "best friend" R.O.B, so maria can monitor Hulk's actions. Banner expresses his distaste by breaking the robot.

    Hulk smash water?
    Hulk smash water?

    Banner wakes up, and exclaims how he hasn't got a decent sleep in a long time. While he is getting dressed he finds green paint on him, but he ignores it. As he walks out, it is seen that Banner is living in a nuclear testing town, which has been renamed "Bannerville". As he is on his way to work, he is talking to some unknown person, and it seems that he and Banner have a pretty good friendship. As Banner reaches his destination, he introduces himself to his new co-workers. As Banner finishes up with his short introduction, the assistants pile up with a lot of questions. Banner says that he will explain the obvious, but he then suddenly explodes with anger over the fact that there is no internet connection. While the assistants are paralyzed, Banner says that because their pants are still clean, they passed the final exam. He then proceeds that they must stay true to his new motto, "Hulk breaks, Banner builds"! Banner then presents his helpers with Uru metal, saying that Thor provided it years ago, while saying that it was enchanted, which is something Banner defines as "containing unfamiliar subatomic properties". Banner leaves the Uru metal in the hands of his assistants, while he himself is summoned by Maria Hill. Maria informs Banner that the legendary city of Lemuria he was looking for ....had been found, along with some giant monsters, which were controlled by Attuma, and had killed many people. Maria tells Banner that the underwater warlord is planning to regain sovereign reign over the entire Pacific Ocean. This is where the Hulk comes in, he has to travel underwater and fight and stop Attuma, with the help of the underwater version of the Helicarrier built by the Chinese called Dreadnought. In the submarine itself, Banner can't understand anyone, but he hears a familiar voice, speaking American, and he sees R.O.B. Banner is very angry about this, but before he can do anything, they are all attacked by Attuma. Banner is ambushed by his own men and dragged into some device which instantly turns him to the Hulk. Hulk bursts out of the ship and starts to fight his enemies, but is blasted off. He isn't done yet, he is barely even hurt, but before he can proceed with smashing, Attuma confronts him, and explains that he has yet to learn the dangers that lie in the depths of the ocean, so he is dragged into darkness by some monster. The pressure is rising above 8 tons, and it was still increasing, thus the Hulk was absorbed in the depth of the ocean, but he was saved by the very people/Atlantians who stand against Attuma.

    In the meantime Attuma explains in fury to his subjects, that Limura is just a means to an end, he only uses the magical monsters of the city that there will be no protest from his fellow Atlantians when he tries to force his rule on them, and despite the fact that Limuarian fleet is still loyal to Attuma, the only thing he requires from them is the weapon the chief wizard has built him.


    Banner on the other hand is still coming to his senses, and as he wakes up, he sees a beautiful Atlantian, who seems far more interested in Banner's alter ego, so she asks him to change back. Banner explains that the change is a bit more complicated than one would like to believe, but before she could respond, her love, Canor, warns banner not to do anything with his betrothed, to which Mara replies that she is not interested in this scrawny human and she is most definitely not HIS property. Canor later takes Banner into a fortress which had been the city itself before Attuma attacked, and the reason for them saving hulk was because they saw him as a powerful ally, which would be useful because Attuma has acquired a very powerful weapon. When Banner sees the plans for this weapon, he says simply " We're screwed", and Attuma's potential danger is seen when he launches the weapon on the Chinese men that came with Banner in the first place, which causes them to burn to the bone. After more research, Banner deduces that Attuma is using a very powerful solvent, acid, that can eat through anything, even it's own container, but that's not all, Attuma plans to transform the world’s oceans into a floating foam of acid, which would mean the end of all air-breathers.

    The rebels start to initiate the attack; and Bruce figures that the fastest way to Hulk out is to kiss Mara, which unsurprisingly works. They ambush Attuma and his minions, and while the others are occupied, the big guns take it out on each other. In the end, the fight leads to Hulk being consumed by a giant magical monster whose skin cannot be penetrated, but even that is not enough to stop the hulk, and Attuma's terror is defeated. Mara is ecstatic at the Hulk's power, so she kisses him, but she isn't too happy when Banner returns. The attack was successful, and in the end, Banner is not left empty-handed, he managed to smuggle the secret formula to the ancient solvent.

    Gods And Monster

    Smash at Thee!
    Smash at Thee!

    Banner and his assistants are working on creating a portal to Jotunheim, and while the others are busy with work, Banner contemplates about his coworkers. There is a reason Banner had selected these helpers, each of them is hiding a very important secret, but Banner was least suspicious of Patty, but even with her, there are signs, suggesting that she is concealing something, considering the fact that Patty was trying to make Banner Hulk out. Banner himself and three of his assistants enter the portal which they open, all with high tech armor, and one of them his left to operate the portal itself Banner's mission is to locate Eiderdurm, a source of liquid that can only exist at sub-zero temperature. The opening of the portal forces Thor to see what had happened, since Mjolnir had picked up some strange energy signature. Thor warns the mortals about the dangers of Frost giants, and Banner is surprised that he is not able to recognize him.

    As they are exchanging words, frost giants storm in and attack them, and while Thor fights them, Banner is frozen before he could assist his ally. Thor advises Banner's team to take cover and run as he is attacked from the back, which forces him to drop his hammer. Hulk then comes out, angrier than ever. He tears through the frost giants and sees Mjolnir laying around, he tries to pick it up, and though it was difficult at first, he raises the hammer and yells " HULK.... WORTHY!"

    However, it turns out that the reason Hulk was able to lift Mjolnir was because of the fact that Thor had summoned it from far beyond. Hulk and Thor quickly settle things and decide to fight off the frost giants. Before they get there Banner's assistants are trying to survive the assault from the giants. As the Helpers are captured, Thor and Hulk charge in to fight these monsters off, but one of them discovers the portal from which the humans came from. Because of this, while Hulk and Thor are fighting, Shield is forced to shut the portal down, and when they activate it again, there are multiple places where the portal could lead, so bringing the team back was completely impossible unless they could locate the specific area in which they had been residing. During the battle two major things happen, Patty tries to commit suicide by jumping off one of the frost giants' arm, but luckily Hulk saves her. Also, one of the frost giants uses their powers to trick Banner's team into believing that one of the frost giants is one of the assistants, meaning that they could learn more about the portal. As the others are camping in the lands of Jotunheim, Banner first explains to Dr. Veteri that he unknowingly created a time machine, which would explain why Thor cannot recognize the Hulk. The team manages to set up campfire and find something to eat, at this time Banner and Patricia Discuss the event that had happened to her a few hours ago, to which Patty confesses that she is committed to S.B.H- Suicide By Hulk.

    This matter is discussed further, and Patty tells Banner her story, about how she is her father's only benefactor, and since she has been diagnosed with a fatal disease, no one could provide for him. Suicide wasn't an option either, because Patty's father wouldn't get anything from it, while working in close proximity with Hulk would definitely pay for itself. Banner suggests that maybe there still is hope for a cure, but Patty has lost faith in that. The conversation then re-directs itself about a new topic, which was about Hulk's hammer stunt a few hours back. Patty asks why Hulk could not have lifted Thor's hammer, since Hulk was stronger. To which Banner replies "That's an eternal debate." then further explains that lifting Mjolnir was not about strength, but about who is worthy. Bruce further explains how the whole concept of being "Worthy" worked by providing a scientific theory: The hammer can emit gravitation particles through nanotechnology, when someone is deemed unworthy the hammer increases it's gravitational pull, making it impossible for someone to lift Mjolnir". The other theory was that Mjolnir was just pure magic, but patty gets mad since none of this has to do anything with a cure for her disease.

    At this time Randal, or more specifically the spy was communicating with his king distantly, while Thor and Veteri were thinking up a way to get the Eiderdurm. Veteri purposes that they use Thor's hammer to create an electromagnetic field to channel the fall of absolute zero. And amazingly the plan works, but as soon as the portal to home opens, the spy reveals himself, punches Thor into the Eiderdurm fall and calls upon his fellow frost giants. They charge toward the portal, so Maria hill summons her agents to fend them off, but they are not alone, because the Hulk does some smashing too. At some point in the battle Hulk remembers that Thor has to be saved, he jumps in the magic fall, and through Banner's awesome tech and his great durability, Hulk saves Thor, and they Together, pound the ground and turn the Eiderdurm fall into a river by cracking the ground. Thor flies up into the air and releases a huge charge into the cracks, fading away while he does so. Lucky Hulk caught him, but got dosed with Mjolnir's power and was knocked out for 30 seconds. When Banner awakens, Thor returns with the real Randal and they all go back home.

    Blind rage

    It's time to Run!
    It's time to Run!

    While the Shield field agents are getting ready to stop a weapons exchange, Banner decides to chat with his Insurance "mystery Man", since he is in the neighborhood. This man, is Matt Murdock, also known as Daredevil, who has been appointed as Hulk's lawyer. As Maria Hill sees Banner talking with someone about a classified shield operation, she starts no doubt yelling. Banner explains the situation and tells her to chill playfully, which angers Maria.

    Before they deploy for combat, Maria gives Banner a parachute and tells him that he can just watch from a distance, simply to take a break, of course little did Banner realize that the parachute was fake and it was just Hills way of paying Bruce back because of his constant need to make her angry. Bruce Hulk's mid-air and starts raiding the Thor-Level ordinance transfer. At this time, with Banner's invitation, Daredevil appears to help out. He jumps in to fight alongside Hulk, but once one of the AIM agents activates a sonic weapon, which would specifically be very harmful to Daredevil due to his enhanced sense, Matt is quickly rendered into one place, which leaves Hulk to power on through, and that he does.

    When the action is over, Bruce finds that one of the AIM minions is missing, along with a destructive weapon. So using DD enhances senses, he and Matt track down the agent by following the frequency given of the Kinetic Microgenerator. When they track him down, they enter the bar, with Daredevil leading. When the thugs see Matt they pull out their guns, ready to shoot him down, that's of course until they see Hulk come smashing through the door.

    Daredevil pinpoints the guy they are looking for by listening to his heartbeat. But when he does so, the AIM agent activates the weapon to a much stronger level, and Hulk gets really angry and powers on through again, only this time a massive explosion is cased, and the agent escapes. He goes to a specific address, where he finds Baron Zemo! Who of course isn't pleased that he didn't completely recessive his shipment, he simply got one gun. After asking the AIM henchmen whether he was followed or not, he executed him. The sound wave of the gun was cough by Daredevil, who had just been saved by Hulk from a charging train after ending up underground after the bar squabble.

    After Tracking Zemo down, a battle breaks out, and the events leading to the point where Hulk has been blinded. While Zemo and some of the henchmen escape, Hulk becomes increasingly angry and starts smashing mindlessly, one of the henchmen charge in and due to their own stubbornness die. Daredevil calls Maria for help, which is why she links him with Banner's assistants, they advise him to use the gun which produces sound to stabilize Hulk's condition, unfortunately Daredevil couldn't make out the signs on the gun, meaning that he had to try everything out. The battle leads eventually outside, where they accidentally crack a building, with Daredevil standing under it. Hulk regains his vision in time to save him, and does so. after some time, Matt gets treated for his wounds, but Banner is nervous because he thinks Maria is at a breaking point with him and their deal.


    For sometime now, the Heroes of the Marvel universe have been tampering with time, and as a result, the Space-Time Continuum had been shattered, and despite Zarrkos Help, No one is durable enough to survive the time-stream...except the Hulk. Bruce banner, after returning from his mission, was filled in on what had been happening around the world, things have vanished without leaving any trace.


    Banner and Maria consult Zarrko since he was the one who produced the theory of time-shattering long ago. Zarrko explains that the Hulk is the only one who can save everyone and survive the time-stream, and while Banner is reluctant at first, Zarrko corners Banner into agreeing when he makes him realize that due to the time being tampered with by villains known as The Chronarchists, Bruce can't even remember Betty's name. Also, Hulk's personality fluctuates due to his past being changed multiple times, so unless Banner takes action soon, Hulk might become mindless again.

    The situation is quite complex, Banner cannot complete his mission without the Hulk, and he has to stay as the Hulk at all times considering that he would most likely die if he appears due to the effects of the time-stream and his consciousness is carried over to R.O.B to guide the Hulk, therefore having two Banners would result in something seriously bad.

    Their First traveled to A.D.(1873). The first thing that took place right as they came to this time period was them being ambushed by a dinosaur in the presence of Kid Colt, Two-Gun Kid, and Rawhide Kid. After Hulk deals with the dinosaur, Banner explains the situation to the gang and they all agree to do what is right. The Chronarchist in question was Tok Baltusar, a criminal scientist from the 23rd century. As Hulk engages Tok's dinosaurs, the cowboy gang is ambushed by a bunch of speed-enhanced minions. As the gang is being overwhelmed Hulk dispatches the threat and comes to the rescue while Banner instructs the others on how to take Tok down. If they trike the glowing panel on his armor, it might destabilize him.

    There are certain things that Banner found odd in Tok's actions. Why would he come to 1873 with dinosaurs, clearly the people here weren't advanced enough for Tok to need the upper hand? But then It occurred to Banner that the dinosaurs were just a convenient plus to the situation. Due to the energy readings, it was clear that Tok had gone back to the prehistoric age to infect the silver vein so it could be over years transformed into alloy, which is used for time-travel.

    As the team of cowboys dealt with Tok, Banner taunted Hulk into destroying the mines in which this alloy was picked up from. However due to the high radiation levels, Hulk's armor started to malfunction, therefore teleporting him to Camelot.

    Joe Fixit Goes up against Sandman
    Joe Fixit Goes up against Sandman

    There Hulk yet again defeated another Chronarchist with the help of The Black Knight and his allies. However it seems that because of his constant interference, one of the Chronarchists had gone back in time to alter the Hulk's origin. This causes a chain of events which forces Hulk to fight many of his previous foes such as Abomination and Sandman while constantly shifting through different incarnations. As Hulk is transported to the Columbus expedition, he becomes the Green Scar. Banner, or Rob, tries to analyze the situation, however Fin Fang Foom appears out of nowhere and engages Hulk in combat. But he proves to be an unimpressive adversary to the powerful Green Scar who uses his size, power and speed to immobilize Fin Fang Foom.

    Meanwhile, the final Chronarchist, Khotto, is altering the Gamma bomb( the Original One) with temporal components mined by Tok. This of course, is for the purpose of freeing Zarrko, who is in fact behind all of this. Hulk is then teleported way back to his birthplace, where he encounters Banner(himself) trying to save Rick Jones. Hulk pushes Banner into the pit and gets dosed with the same gamma radiation which had turned him into the Incredible Hulk. During this time Banner realized that The constant time acceleration had left his artificial body in a bad state, so he quickly transferred his intelligence to his younger self as a means to save the mission. Lucky Banner's plan worked, but a new problem arose. The radiation effects from the double gamma bomb dosage had altered the Hulk in many ways.

    The result of the Gamma Radiation was the Hulk had become much more monstrous, mindless and strong. Banner bathes in his moment of freedom but upon coming to the realization that Betty has been erased from time, he understands that in his selfish moment he forgot that currently there are no properly groomed heroes to stop this new uber-powerful Hulk. Banner searches for some residual gamma radiation to regain his power and stop the atrocity trashing the soldier when he comes across Khotto. It turns out that the Chronarchists had been working for Zarrko all this time, and they had purposefully created a new Hulk so he'd be strong enough to dig Zarrko out of a very specific and impenetrable prison. Banner loses his cool and charges towards Khotto and activates the time armor. They then travel back in time to the gamma bomb blast, however due to the time component added to the gamma bomb, time starts to move very slowly, therefore the transformation takes some time to kick in. Banner dukes it out with the final Chronarchist until he sees the new Hulk Squared come charging for him through the time-stream.

    Run, now!
    Run, now!

    Banner manages to Hulk out and shatters the time barrier, which is how he manages to grab Zarrko and pull him into the time-stream. The Uber Hulk however is lost in time. They fly around until some mysterious force consumes both Khotto and Zarrko while hulk is actually saved by Red She-Hulk. Everything seems to work out for the best...except it didn't. Banner feels that something has changed about his past, he just can't put his finger on it.

    Omega Hulk

    After Banner was repeatedly shot in the back of the skull by a then-unknown assassin, his brain was subjected to Arno Stark's Extremis Virus. It was then that a new Hulk persona emerged in the form of Doc Green: The Smartest & Strongest One There is. This particular incarnation of the Hulk neither recognizes himself as either Dr. Bruce Banner or any of the various Hulk personas/incarnations. He has thus made it his mission to eliminate all gamma-based weapons and threats from the planet. This includes the other Hulks: Skaar, Red She-Hulk, Lyra, She-Hulk, A-Bomb and Red Hulk.

    Realizing that Doc Green is becoming increasingly violent and ruthless, Banner eventually allows him to fade away by refusing to take more Extremis injections.

    Civil War II

    The death of Bruce Banner
    The death of Bruce Banner

    During a meltdown on Kiber Island, the Hulk tries to siphon off dangerous reactor radiation by absorbing it. These energies overload the Hulk, nearly causing an even bigger explosion. Amadeus Cho ultimately saves the day by using nanites to drain the excess radiation from Banner, which accidentally causes Cho to absorb Banner's gamma energy and transform into the new Hulk.

    Now cured of his condition, Banner continues his gamma research. Unfortunately, Profiler receives a vision of the Hulk returning and killing the Avengers, which causes Captain Marvel to attempt to detain Banner to make sure he isn't trying to transform himself back into the Hulk. Though Banner pleads his innocence, the tensions escalate until Hawkeye kills him with an arrow (invented by Banner to subdue the Hulk), claiming that he thought Bruce was going to transform.

    After Bruce's death, he bids his friends and loved ones goodbye with a final video will.

    The Multiple Resurrections of Bruce Banner

    Hulk of The Hand
    Hulk of The Hand

    After his death during Civil War II, Hulk's body was stolen by The Hand and resurrected as one of their undead ninjas. When confronted by the Avengers Unity Squad, Doctor Voodoo was able to cleanse Banner's soul of The Hand's corruption. The Hulk would transform back into Banner, dying in the process.

    Next, Arnim Zola would resurrect The Hulk during Hydra's takeover of America. Banner refused to help Hydra, but the Hulk was more cooperative. Zola's resurrection process was temporary, based on a time-delayed implant. This caused Hulk's body to deteriorate and die yet again.

    After that, Hulk would be resurrected by the Challenger, one of the Elders of the Universe. Challenger wanted to use Hulk as his secret weapon in his challenge against the Grandmaster. Originally, he agreed to help because a victory would mean the Earth was destroyed, but the Avengers were able to talk Hulk out of it. Meanwhile, Bruce Banner realized that his constant resurrections were not just coincidence but the manifestation of Hulk's immortality.

    Immortal Hulk

    Hulk entering the Green Door
    Hulk entering the Green Door

    After the last resurrection, Banner got off the grid and traveled the country. He was still transforming into the Hulk, usually after physical injury or death and only at night. The multiple personalities of the Hulk returned with the "Devil Hulk" taking over as the primary Hulk persona.

    Banner was learning that The Hulk's immortality was due to his connection to the Below-Place, the lowest level of Hell and true source of gamma radiation. Hulk and all other gamma mutates are connected to it by the Green Door, which also allows them to return to life, sometimes with new mutations. The One Below All, the demonic resident of the Below-Place, was using the spirit of Brian Banner and Hulk's long-time rival, Leader, to manipulate the Hulk, so he could take The Hulk's body and eventually become the last being in the multiverse.

    At the same time, a branch of the Alpha Flight Space Program was tracking and trying to contain the Hulk, as was journalist, Jackie McGee. This Gamma Flight was made up of Hulk rivals and allies: Sasquatch, Doc Samson, Absorbing Man, and Titania. The more they witnessed the Hulk in action, the more suspicious they got about what was happening. The last straw was when Henry Peter Gyrich was put in charge of their unit. The team quit and were replaced by the U-Foes.

    Meanwhile, The Leader dragged the Devil Hulk, Banner, and most of his innate gamma power to the Below-Place, leaving Joe Fixit in control of Banner's body and Green Hulk in control of a scrawny Hulk body. The Leader hooked Devil Hulk and Banner into a device that would amp up the One Below All. The Leader couldn't get it to work, so the One Below All possessed him instead.

    Back on Earth, the U-Foes finally caught up with Joe and Hulk. They successfully killed them, sending them to the Below Place. They are attacked by the possessed Leader who turned the Green Door red to lock them in. This caused Joe to get angry enough to transform into a Red Hulk and smash through the Red Door, returning to the Hulk's body all by himself. Once in the mortal world, Joe is able to hulk out using the cosmic rays the U-Foes used to kill him. He has to fight the U-Foes and the Avengers before finally being rescued by Gamma Flight and eventually the Fantastic Four.

    The FF offer the use of their Forever Gate so that Hulk can freely enter the Below Place without dying, accompanied by McGee. The Gate splits Hulk in two, a Red Hulk with Joe's personality and a green hulk with the Guilt Hulk personality. They confronted the possessed Leader, forcing the One Below All to show himself. When they demand answers for their pain, the One Below All reveals itself as the Hulk form of the One Above All, both creator and destructor, who admits to creating the Hulk as a counterweight in reality.

    Now, with more questions than answers, the Hulks rescue the human forms of Bruce Banner and Samuel Sterns, forgiving Sterns in the process. When they passed through the gate, the Hulks were recombined into a single person, and Sterns was cured of any gamma mutation. And the green door was closed tight.

    Banner of War

    Starship Hulk
    Starship Hulk

    In El Paso, Hulk's mutation became contagious, transforming the customers in a biker bar into gamma mutates. Banner ended up killing them all with Hulk strength in his normal body in self-defense. Worried about his future as the mortal half of he Hulk, he turned the Hulk into a "starship" with his psyche in the “captain's chair” and Hulk's psyche trapped in the “engine room." There, he was forced to fight some of his greatest challengers in a simulation. The harder he fights, the hotter the engine burns, and the stronger the Hulk gets in the real world.

    Banner pilots the Hulk through a wormhole generator Stark had secreted away to explore the multiverse believing no one in the 616 universe is ready to deal with what the Hulk is becoming. Eventually, Thor located Hulk and had Sif teleport them to a safe battleground so that Thor could properly let loose. While Thor fought the Hulk, Odin, who was possessing Mjolnir at the time, was able to jump into Hulk's mindscape and find Banner. However, when Odin returned to Mjolnir, he accidentally took Banner with him, allowing Hulk to take control. Unfortunately, he still believed he was in simulation and thus did not hold back when fighting Thor and later Iron Man, who answered a distress call from Thor.

    During the fight, Thor absorbed gamma radiation from Banner becoming a gamma mutate himself. Sif tried to save them but was only able to evacuate Stark before Hulk-Thor destroyed the Bifrost. Banner was able to convince Odin to work with him. Odin changed the spell on Mjolnir so that Hulk could grab the hammer and share the power of Thor. Now, the fight was between a Hulk-Thor and a Thor-Hulk. Fortunately, Banner stopped the fight so that Odin could talk to Thor and help him deal with the rage he had learned to suppress. By sharing the power of Mjolnir, the two Avengers were able to stabilize both of their powers.

    Thor allowed Hulk to escape but told Stark that he had died.

    Hulk Planet

    Hulk sees a statue of himself
    Hulk sees a statue of himself

    After leaving Thor, Starship Hulk intercepted a coded message traveling on gamma energy through the multiverse. It led him to a planet that was irradiated with gamma as a result from an earlier fight Hulk had during his space journey. Through time dilation, the planet was civilized over a longer period of time than Hulk experienced since that fight. There, the resident gamma mutates, who were generally larger and stronger than even Hulk, seemingly worshiped him like a god.

    He tried his best to fit in, but when asked to participate in a contest of strength, Banner was forced to abuse the Hulk personality in the engine room once again. This abuse was causing Hulk to develop his own Hulk, named Titan. Titan was originally responsible for the events of El Paso, but all of Banner’s recent abuse has been making him stronger, angrier, and more dangerous. Banner decides he must get off the planet before Titan is unleashed on it.

    The gamma planet residents knew about Titan. When they were irradiated by gamma, Banner’s knowledge came with it. They believed that Titan was the true Hulk, destined to be their king, and Banner was an “infection” holding him back. As they start experimenting on the body of the Hulk to unleash Titan, Titan locks Banner’s subconscious in the engine room with the Hulk’s so he can take the captain’s chair. Now in control, Titan unleashed his strength on the gamma mutates.

    Starship Hulk had a direct connection to Doc Samson and distress call was sent out. Samson went to Doctor Strange for help believing he was the one who helped construct the mind palace for Banner. It turns out it was D'Spayre posing as Doctor Strange manipulating Banner based on mysterious instructions he received from the Green Door. By freeing the Hulk's subconscious, the Hulk was able to rip Titan out of Banner's mind palace, returning Banner and Hulk to their "regular, run-of-the-mill" power level.

    The Fractured Son

    As a creation of the One Below All, The Hulk is the prophesized Fractured Son. He is sought after by a being called the Eldest, who calls all monsters to her service. They plan to use his flesh as a key to an even more powerful being, The Mother of Horrors. Using Betty Ross as a messenger, she offers Bruce a young, healthy body for him to inhabit in exchange for the Hulk. Bruce refused and hit the road with a teenage runaway named Charlie, who idolizes the Hulk. Every monster at the Eldest's disposal is hot on his trail.


    • Height: 5' 9 1/2" (Banner), 7'-8' (Savage Hulk), 6'6" (Gray Hulk/Joe Fixit), 7'6" (Merged Hulk), 8'8" (Green Scar).
    • Weight: 145 lbs (Banner), 1,040 lbs-1,400 lbs (Savage Hulk), 900 lbs (Joe Fixit), 1,150 lbs (Merged Hulk), 2,400 lbs (Green Scar)
    • Hair Color: Brown (Banner), Green (Green Hulk), Black (Joe Fixit/Gray Hulk)
    • Eyes Color: Brown (Banner), Black/Grey (Gray Hulk/Joe Fixit), Green (Green Hulk/Green Scar)
    • Place of Birth: Dayton, Ohio
    • Citizenship: USA
    • Education: PhDs in nuclear physics, and two other fields
    • Occupation: Fugitive; former nuclear physicist, warrior, ruler of Sakaar, gladiator/slave, adventurer, mechanic, enforcer, research scientist, hunter
    • Known Relatives: Caiera (wife, deceased), Skaar, Hiro-Kala (sons), Lyra (She-Hulk, genetic daughter), Brian and Rebecca Banner (parents, deceased), Jen Walters (She-Hulk, Cousin), Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross (Red Hulk, father-in-law), Elizabeth "Betty" Ross Talbot Banner (Red She-Hulk, ex-wife), Jarella (Wife, deceased)

    Powers and Abilities


    The Incredible Hulk
    The Incredible Hulk

    The Hulk's gamma-irradiated physiology allows Hulk to survive in space. Hulk/Banner's increase in gamma radiation in proportion to stress(caused by his own physical exertion/anger or outside forces), converting it to stronger cellular mass (stronger DNA which, in turn, produces stronger/denser organic tissues), negating what would be a lethal force in order to survive. The growth of Hulk's gamma ray-fueled transmutation gives him potentially limitless strength extending to unparalleled abilities of regenerative healing, stamina, and durability.

    Vast Superhuman Strength

    Hulk is physically one of the strongest and most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe. His limitless strength usually depends on his emotions, especially his rage. Possessed with infinite gamma rays/energies from every dimension/universe in existence, the Hulk is in the Class 100 ton strength range, meaning that he can easily lift over the 100-ton limit. Hulk has the potential to truly be "The strongest one there is". He was picked by Champion for a boxing match in search of a worthy opponent, alongside Thor, Namor, Wonder Man, Colossus, the Thing, Sasquatch and Doc Samson. He was also said to be one of the physically strongest Avengers, alongside Thor, Hercules, Namor, Wonder Man and Gilgamesh.

    However, this may vary depending on the incarnation/persona, and also how angry the Hulk is at a certain point. It is well known that the angrier Hulk gets, the more stronger and powerful he becomes. It is a well-known fact that Bruce Banner has always suppressed the Hulk and his power, if only out of fear of harming others... especially those that both Banner and Hulk hold dear. But there have been a few times that neither Banner nor Hulk could control their fury, thus the result has been quite devastating to say the least.

    The Hulk's feats:

    • Catching and supporting a collapsing 150 billion-ton mountain range using barely any leverage. (Marvel Heroes Secret Wars #4)
    • Tearing through a bunker designed to resist the explosion of a multi-kilo-ton weapon. (Incredible Hulk #177)
    • Matching the Super-Adaptoid, who had acquired strength and durability of over a hundred heroes like Iron Man and the Vision. (Incredible Hulk #469)
    • Closing the door of a nuclear core that the combined efforts of Thor and the Thing couldn't budge. (Iron Man Vol 2 #6)
    • Redirected Gladiator's beams back to his eyes, instantly knocking him out. The blasts were said to be hotter than the sun. (Incredible Hulk Annual 1997)
    • Matching two Avengers teams (including Hercules, Namor, Wonder Man and Iron Man) during a prolonged period of time even though the Hulk was gradually weaker due to a physical separation from Banner (Incredible Hulk #321-322)
    • Unleashing intense gamma energy shock waves from his body, Hulk almost destroyed the entire East Coast with a single footstep, while also threatening to destroy the entire planet... and even then he was revealed to be greatly holding back! (World War Hulk #5)
    • Destroying the Crypto Man after its physical strength became superior to that of even Thor (Incredible Hulk #205)
    • Overpowering Thor on several occasions (Hulk: Let the Battle Begin #1, Incredible Hulk #440, Mighty Thor #385, Avengers Assemble #4)
    • Pushing two spheres of matter and antimatter apart (Marvel Team up Annual Two #2)
    • Pulling and holding the tectonic plates of a planet together, a planet that's mass and gravity far exceed that of Earth (Incredible Hulk #99)
    • Overpowering sufficient force to change the orbit (Tales to Astonish #89)
    • Destroying a planet and the surrounding planets/moons in the Dark Dimension, threatening the entire dimensional/universal realm (The Incredible Hulks #634-635)
    • Destroying an asteroid that's twice the size of Earth in a single blow (Marvel Comics Presents #52)
    • Applying force to the space-time structure itself to prevent the Defenders from being absorbed into a fissure (Defenders #3)
    • Smashing and crushing Adamantium with his bare hands (Incredible Hulk #228; Marvel Team-up Annual #2)
    • Overpowering and shattering Onslaught's armor, whose power and armor were equal to those of a Celestial (Onslaught: Marvel Universe #1)
    • Sending concussive energy through countless dimensions after clashing with Ironclad (Incredible hulk #305)
    • Destroying Nightmare's Realm with his sheer power alone (The Incredible Hulk #299)
    • Crushing the enchanted Uru hammer of Nul: Breaker of Worlds with his bare hands when The Serpent/Cul and his avatars known as The Worthy were at the height of their power (Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula #3)

    Superhuman Speed

    Hulk has always been noted to have great superhuman speed despite his size due to the power of his gamma-charged body.

    Hulk can easily exceed the speed of sound with his punches (as it's made evident with the air-shock waves he produces) and super-leaps.

    Hulk can run up to 300 miles per hour, and jump so high and fast he can achieve a stable orbit.

    He's also caught fighter jets and missiles through the use of super-leaps or reaching out to them with his bare hands.

    Hulk usually jumps rather than runs to travel because once he reaches a certain anger level he is unable to run because he breaks apart the ground underneath him, giving him no friction to run on. His reaction speed also increases with his rage.

    Hulk can resist gravity. He went up against Graviton who was making it literally impossible for anyone to move a muscle. While the likes of Iron Man, Wasp, and Thor lay pinned to the ground, Hulk was moving despite Graviton putting tons of extra weight on him on top of the containers he was throwing to stop Hulk from moving. This is the most likely reason why Hulk is incredibly fast. He can defy gravity.

    Vast Superhuman Durability

    Hulk's skin is extremely durable, his skin can easily resist a Ground Zero explosion, Human Torch's Nova Blast, planet-Shattering impacts, attacks from the likes of Juggernaut, Thor, Hercules, Namor, Wonder Man, Gladiator, Hyperion, Sentry, Colossus, the Thing, Vision, Abomination, Fin Fang Foom, Dragon Man, Blastaar, Rhino, Sasquatch and Doc Samson, and a blast from Galactus. Hulk's durability also increases with his rage. Hulk has also been able to take a blast which Ultron used to soften and manipulate adamantium.

    Healing Factor

    In proportion to stress, Hulk can instantly renew and augment the atomic-molecular structure of the most basic biological component, the DNA/amino acids, from which all the various uniquely tasked proteins, categorized by cell type and multiplied into tissues and organs, are formed. Hulk's healing factor is superior to that of Wolverine's because it is not limited in the energy necessary to maintain this core foundation.


    Hulk is capable of adapting to inhospitable environments whenever it becomes necessary. There were many occasions where Hulk not only survived in airless areas, but has also spoken in them. Same as his healing factor and strength, the angrier Hulk gets, the faster he adapts. In the early comics, Hulk also had the ability of flight.

    Self Sustenance

    Hulk's physiology allows him to survive for a long period of time without food, water or air after he has adapted.

    Astral Form Perception

    The Hulk has the unique ability of being able to see "astral forms"--or ghosts. Hulk is able to see Dr strange astral form when no one can, which comes in handy when working with his fellow defender strange. The reason for hulk developing this ability could be because of the fact that banner feared his father's ghost would come back and hunt him. however, Hulk's astral from perception has not shown it's limitations yet, seeing as how he once experienced a whole town in the middle of the desert until it faded away. while it is possible that this was merely a mirage, it is also credible that hulk witnessed a town that didn't exist in our reality. there was a case during world war hulk when hulk broke Dr strange's hands while he was in his astral form.

    Vast Superhuman Stamina

    Hulk's stamina is also very high, in a normal calm state, he can go on for several days before he even begins to feel tired. Hulk's stamina increase with his anger.

    Energy Projection/Absorption

    When sufficiently enraged The Hulk emits omnidirectional bursts of Gamma rays, to hugely destructive effect. These Gamma shockwaves were capable of utterly annihilating Fin Fang Foom and Arm'Chedon.

    The Hulk's body soaks in radiation like a sponge, using it to empower himself. Increasing not just his usual abilities but also on occasion his size.


    As a gamma mutate, Hulk is immortal. When he dies, he goes to the Below Place and is capable of returning through the Green Door.


    Hulks And Banners Relationship

    You let mommy die!
    You let mommy die!

    Despite the fact that there have been many incarnations of the hulk, the one thing that almost never changes is the hatred Hulk and Banner have for each other. The Banner/Hulk relationship is a lot like Dr. Jekyll's/Mr. Hyde's. it revolves around The good vs bad, Order vs Chaos concept, however, Banner and The Hulk has a far more intriguing connection in comparison to Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde. The main difference is that Hulk is not a bad guy, he is not the villain, he is misunderstood, and in fact, when given the chance, he has done the right thing many numerous occasions. Hulk's hatred for Banner was manifested when Banner's mother died at the hand of their father, Brain Banner. Hulk acknowledges the fact that he and Banner are one and the same, hence he blames Banner for being weak and not being able to defend their dear "Mommy", and as any kid would traditionally do, Hulk blames a part of the incident on himself, and so he takes his anger out on Bruce, same way his father did to him out of fear. Their relationship can also be considered ironic, seeing as how a small frail intelligent man gets turned into a green behemoth who is potentially one of the strongest beings on earth. But there are more to Banner that meats the eye, Banner represents will, because he is in charge of controlling a very powerful being. despite no being physically weak, Banner the strongest when it comes to inner strength of the mind, because even though Banner had taken hell as a child and still managed to turn out relatively normal. Hulk on the other hand is not Banner's dark side (that would be Devil Hulk), he represents many aspects of Bruce, the traditional Savage Hulk represents Banner's angry child self who was abused by his father, he is very strong due to the fact that most kids view themselves sometimes as an unstoppable force, while the Grey Hulk represents the wild teenager Banner never got to be. Banner and Hulk have cooperated before, but no matter how hard they try they still seem to hate each other. Over the years Banner has learned to use Hulk sometimes as a weapon, in fact, most recently, Banner has joined shield because he has some unknown plans of his own, so instead of a gamma bomb, Hulk will be more like a targeted UMD.

    They seemed to learn to accept each other in a series that's not too old, after they had been separated completely. Banner turned insane without the Hulk, and they both later learned that they both need each other.


    Banner himself, along with some Hulk incarnations, possesses a genius-level scientific intellect. Banner is one of the 8 smartest people on Earth. No one knows gamma radiation better than he does. In his main form, hulk has the brain of a child, however, he is by no means stupid, he can learn new things and have used some bizarre tactics to best his enemies before.

    Psychic Link

    Homing ability

    We can conclude that Hulk also has a very interesting homing ability, since he has been able to return to New Mexico where he first became the Hulk on many occasions, However later Maestro's image explained that Bruce was only able to do this because of his spirit, who was calling for him. However this proved to be false since the hulk was still able to locate his birthplace and use this homing ability after Maestro was revived. This homing ability has also been used to find people on many occasions. For example, Hulk was able to locate Rick Jones, Betty, and The Abomination without knowing anything about their prior whereabouts.

    Gamma energy manipulation

    The hulk is able to manipulate gamma energy, he has done it many times. by emitting gamma energy, The Hulk nearly demolished the eastern seaboard with a step, destroyed a planet in the dark dimension( with help of brute force), and afterwards absorbing gamma energy from gamma bombs and briefly becoming 80 feet tall. Armageddon once tried to use the hulks emitting gamma energy to bring his son back to life

    Other abilities

    The events of Planet Hulk, World War Hulk, and its aftermath shed greater light on the Hulk's abilities. On the Planet Sakaar, his blood has been shown to transmit its regenerative abilities to making the alien flora germinate and grow at a rapid pace. Amadeus Cho also postulated that Banner's persona and intellect influence the Hulk to a greater degree than previously thought. He deduced that the Hulk is like him in many ways, able to calculate the effects of his actions to a degree so fine that he can use the maximum amount of force in any given time, and yet not kill anyone. Cho backed up his theory with the fact that despite the Hulk unleashing more power than he had ever shown before in the World War Hulk event, no one died at his hands, whether directly or indirectly.

    Combat and weapon training

    While spending time on Planet Sakaar, Hulk has learned how to fight better with many kinds of warrior/gladiator-type weapons. Furthermore, it was seen that during the time when Hiro-Kala was trying to destroy Earth, Hulk and Banner were now working together strategically to subdue their enemy, which makes the hulk a much more formidable foe.


    Because of his healing factor that regenerates his cells, and the gamma energy he has absorbed that empowers him, the Hulk can live longer then is normal. A possible future persona, the Maestro, was in physical prime in spite of being more than one hundred years old. In another alternate future it is implied that the Hulk's body effectively lasts forever but there is much question if that is true.


    Hulk's skin can be harmed by materials such as Adamantium and Vibranium. The Hulk can also be knocked out with gas, and is susceptible to mental attacks, but when extremely angry Hulk usually overpowers them. Arguably, when Hulk sees that he is being manipulated, he can overpower them. Like when Amora was manipulating the Hulk. After being manipulated initially, the spell broke when he squashed the wasp between his hands. Afterwards when Amora tried to manipulate him again, Hulk broke through.


    After Banner was deprived of the Hulk, at the hand of Red Hulk, he showed just how smart he is. His inventions include:

    • Banner has a mobile operating system that he can hack sophisticated systems within moments and seems to be controlled mentally for the most part. Banner has a specific mobile system with which he can hack many systems, and is controlled mentally
    • Banner has a host of scanners with which he can scan everyone within a 50 radius. He can also send in a bot to perform advanced bio scans
    • Banner has a pocket dimension teleporter in his bag, which he uses to grab things from the lab.
    • Banner has managed to create a gamma old power fluid shield that can protect him from powerhouses such as Juggernaut and Skaar. Banner can also redirect the energy to increase his strength so he can lift up to 10 tons and also use it to extend his shield to protect others.
    • Banner made a survival kit to survey's anywhere.
    • Old powered taser is so strong that its effects are measured on the Richter Scale. At a 1.4, Banner was able to send Wolverine clear across the street and according to Bruce on a 6.9 it would be able to kill Wolverine.

    After Banner was Recruited By Shield he has shown to do much more:

    • Banner has Created a purification Unit that could save all Waterborne disasters for the next five years.
    • Banner has made a Catalytic Converter which could save countless Smoking induced cancers.
    • A Gamma Fracker As well.
    • Banner has designed a suit, but its maximum capabilities are unknown, it is for one known that it helps resist a huge amount of pressure.
    • Banner also has constructed a contact lens which allows him to operate it like a computer, though thus far it has only been seen to allow banner t view his physical status.
    • And since unlike the hulk, Banner can't breathe underwater, the suit has a built-in device that enables Banner to breathe on oxygen-less environments.
    • The Suit allows Banner to survive Absolute Zero temperature.

    Hulk's Incarnations

    Bruce Banner's psyche is fragmented and fractured due to years of repression, made worse by the altered genetics he was born with as well as the irradiation from the gamma bomb accident. The incarnation that are listed below only show thous Hulks who psychically manifested or appeared in banners mind long enough for one to know there identities, there are a lot of other Hulk that have appeared frozen in banners mind a place which resembles a cave, however we don't know what they represent or who they are.

    Bruce Banner

    Bruce Banner
    Bruce Banner

    Banners personality usually fluctuates over time, considering that he leads a very strange life-style. Whether he likes it or not, Bruce has been influenced by the jade Giant countless times. At one point Banner even believed that the hulk was nothing more than a mindless monster. This didn't stop him from perusing happiness and for a time he did manage to be at peace with himself, but eventually, he was forced to technically commit suicide by giving his personality up to the incredible Hulk when he had realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could never really achieve happiness. This lead to the creation of The Mindless version of the green skin. ( nightmare played a huge role here). When Banner eventually came back his personality had changed drastically. Despite the fact that this was the time where a more sinister hulk had emerged (Joe Fixit), Banner still remained hopeful for the future. Banner, as a man of science, and as a man who had suffered a lot, believed that all of his pain had meaning, meaning that he would never stop resisting his urge to finely end it all. This was proven when Mercy, an alien who granted suicidal people death, had senses Banners depression and had attempted to kill him, believing that she was doing him a favor. Bruce however, stood his ground and didn't give in. This new attitude had allowed Bruce to confront the Hulk on many occasions, and had eventually given birth to a dynamic team where Hulk and Banner would work together.

    Quite recently however, after rethinking his way of life, Bruce Banner came to the conclusion that the hulk is indestructible, meaning that he cannot be cured, therefore, he decided that it would be for the best if he stopped trying to rid himself of the jade giant and focus his energies on leaving a mark on the world with his intellect. Therefore, he joined shield with a much more confident and happy attitude. He still has episodes of anger, most notably when he is outclassed by other prominent scientists. It's possible that Bruce may have developed an inferiority complex due to the fact that he has been overshadowed by his alter ego for so long, which would explain his indignation when other egg-heads manage to stay one step ahead of him.

    The Savage Hulk

    Savage Hulk
    Savage Hulk

    This is the 'traditional' Hulk personality. He has been compared to a child and resembles sometimes the intellect of a person with a really low IQ, talking of himself in the 3rd person, mostly in fragmented sentences, however, most people neglect the fact that the SAVAGE version can learn from his experiences, same as any normal human being. This Hulk typically only wants to be left alone. This is one of the most powerful incarnations of the Hulk. The savage Hulks strength is near-limitless, but at a calm state he can lift up to 100 tons. In appearance, The savage Hulk is a giant heavily muscled ape-like creature. The Savage Hulk represents the anger of the abused child when Banner was a little kid.

    The Gray Hulk/Joe Fixit (Mr. Fixit)

    Joe Fixit
    Joe Fixit

    The first appearance/emergence of the Hulk was gray and only transformed from Banner to Hulk during the night. Later, thinking the Hulk dead, this incarnation of Hulk was able to escape to Las Vegas, working as a 'leg-breaker' for a casino owner. He remained free of Banner for months and developed a life all his own until the transformations returned and he was fired from his job. He is capable of lifting 70 tons. The Grey Hulk is cunning, intelligent, arrogant, crafty, hedonistic, and distant with a hidden conscience. The Leader once stated that the Grey Hulk was strongest during the night of the new moon and weakest during a full moon. However, this was removed when the Hulks night-based transformation was removed. even though having the weakest base level. The Grey Hulk represents the wild teenage side of Bruce Banner, which might explain his perverted and deviant personality.

    The Gravage Hulk

    Gravage Hulk
    Gravage Hulk

    A merge of the Savage Hulk With The Gray/Fixit Hulk. This event took place after the battle between Green Savage and grey Hulk within Bruce Banner's mind. when Banner got rid of his inner demons, he, with help of Doc Sampson and Maynard, (Ringmaster) merged with his savage and grey personalities which gave birth to something entirely new. The new Gravage Hulk had the cunning intellect of Bruce Banner, the personality of the grey Hulk, and the raw power and physical appearance of the green Savage Hulk.

    The Merged/Professor

    Prof Hulk
    Prof Hulk

    At first believed to be a merged version of the Hulk, it was later revealed that this was the professor, a completely different, fourth personality that represented Banner's good side. Thought this Hulk was physically the largest, he was not the strongest even though he could lift 100 tons with ease, because Banner had made a safety protocol subconsciously, that if this Hulk get's angry, he becomes weaker and eventually turns into Banner with the mind of the savage Hulk, the savage Banner if you will. The professor represents Bruce Banner's good and forgiving side. This Hulk has a more human appearance, unlike his Savage counterpart.

    The Mindless Hulks

    Mindless Hulk
    Mindless Hulk

    This Hulk originated when Nightmare broke into Banner's mind and his worst visions and fears of the Hulk merged into another being. This is one of the most powerful incarnations there has ever been, because Banner cannot hold the mindless Hulk back, he can lift 100 tons at a calm state. At this time the Hulk was being controlled by banner but he still feared that the savage monster would break free once again. Nightmare increased his influence until this hulk finely emerged in the surface. In time, This hulk learned to speak in full sentences thanks to three creatures which he created with his subconscious, since then this personality has not been seen, it has also been suggested that he is no longer a part of Banner's mind. However, with the help of doctor strange, a similar incarnation to the mindless Hulk entered nightmares dimension, and threatened to kill him. Hulk was destroying the whole domain so nightmare asked Spider-man for his aid. Spider-man managed to push the Hulk into another dimension but before he still managed to grab nightmare and pull him in. Nightmare has appeared since that, but this Hulk still remains to be seen.

    Microverse Hulk

    While the Hulk spent time in the Microverse, he remained intelligent and even married. He was made king and in his wake even left the people of K'ai worshiping him.

    The Guilt

    Guilt Hulk
    Guilt Hulk

    This Hulk is the incarnation of Banner's regret. This Hulk has never physically manifested. The Guilt Hulk fist appeared in Banner's mind as he was tormented by his father to relive memories of his childhood, but Banner himself managed to defeat the Guilt Hulk. But, the Guilt Hulk late appeared after Betty's death and he was stronger than ever, very similar to the Devil Hulk in appearance, the Guilt Hulk almost manifested but was stopped by the Savage Hulk, Joe Fixit, and the professor within Banner's mind. Due to Banner's guilt, this Hulk was also very powerful and could probably list more than 100 tons. The Guilt Hulk had claws, sharp teeth, and spikes all over him body.

    The Beast Hulk

    The beast Hulk represents Bruce Banner's abusive father. After The grey and Green Hulk clashed In banners mind, They Encountered The beast hulk thanks to Doc Sampson's Therapy. The beast Hulk easily dominated Both The Grey and Green Hulk, and has even spit fire from his mouth during the battle. He was only defeated By Bruce Banner's strong mind. We have not seen him since. his powers are not known, however, Brian banner once turned into a Monster during chaos war, which was similar looking to the Devil/Guilt Hulk. He was able to feed on The Hulk's hate and shoot flames out of his mouth.

    The Maestro

    The Maestro
    The Maestro

    The imperfect future version of the hulk, who was driven mad by the energies and radiation caused by the Nuclear war and became the Tyrant of what was left of Earth. This Hulk proved to be 10 times stronger than the Gravage/professor Hulk himself because the radiation from the war increased his strength exponentially, a young maestro was able to fight the madness warrior Thor to a stand still. Though Maestro may be an alternate personality of Bruce Banner form a different reality, there is a chance that Hulk could become the Maestro. This was demonstrated when Hulk started referring to himself as the Maestro because a shrapnel was stuck in Hulk's head, however he immediately snapped out when the shrapnel was removed during a fight with Thor.

    The Devil Hulk

    Devil hulk
    Devil hulk

    The personification of Banner's resentment against the world. He wishes to destroy all of humanity once he gains control of Banner's body. Once chained in Banner's mind, he roams free from his imprisonment. We have not seen him since. his powers are not known, however, Brian banner once turned into a Monster during Chaos War, which was similar looking to the Devil/Guilt/beast Hulk. He was able to feed on The Hulk's hate and shoot flames out of his mouth. We could make an assumption that the Devil Hulk's strength increases with his hate, but that is still yet to be revealed. We can assume that the Devil Hulk can lift 100-tons, since it took the Savage and the Grey Hulk to hold him down.

    King Hulk/World War Hulk

    World War Hulk
    World War Hulk

    This version of the Hulk was a combination of efforts between Banner and the more intelligent of the green personalities. Working with Banner's intelligence and cooperation, Hulk took control of the planet Sakaar, bringing peace to the land, marrying and even conceiving two children, Skaar and Hiro-Kala. After his kingdom was demolished, he returned to Earth to wage war on the Illuminati. The Green Scar is a very skilled fighter since on Sakaar he used various weapons as a gladiator in the arena. This particular version of the hulk also works with Banner, and they use many strategies to bring down his opponents, which makes him a much more formidable foe and a great leader. The Green scar or The world War Hulk has displayed his brute force through many feats, he is by far the strongest hulk there has ever been, He was able to defeat the Fantastic Four, the X-men/X-force (simultaneously), the members of the illumination (although Black Bolt was revealed to be a Skrull), Hercules, Ares, Colossus, the Thing, Doc Samson, Red Hulk, the unstoppable Juggernaut, the Sentry himself and he even held planet Sakaar from falling apart with brute strength.

    World Breaker Hulk

    When this Hulk reaches a certain level of anger, he enters world breaker mode. In this state, the Hulk emits mass amounts of gamma radiation and becomes very, very strong. The World Breaker Hulk's power was deployed during his war against the earth, he became so mad that he caused multiple earthquakes in North America and almost completely destroyed the eastern seaboard along with the earth with a single footstep. We saw the return of the World Breaker Hulk in Vegas, when he was fighting against Armageddon, but fortunately the Hulk was able to hold back his power. Without holding back, Hulk was easily able to destroy the planet in the dark dimension and absorb gamma radiation to the point where he became 80 feet for a short period of time.

    Reed Richards later states that Banner is actively suppressing the aspect of himself dubbed the Green Scar (later renamed by the Green Scar persona himself as the World-Breaker).

    Squared Hulk

    Hulk squared!
    Hulk squared!

    When traveling back in time, Hulk gets doses with the same gamma radiation which had originally turned Banner into the hulk, so the extra radiation had therefore given birth to a completely new version of the Incredible Hulk. Since banner originally became the "strongest there is", one can only how powerful this new version will be.

    The Uberhulk is eventually lost in time when the regular one breaks the time barrier.

    Doc Green

    Doc Green
    Doc Green

    After dosing himself with the Extremis serum, Banner develops another new personality: Doc Green. Doc Green retains Banner's intelligence (much like the Merged Hulk), but is still a wholly separate entity, with the real Bruce kept locked away inside. Doc Green is also far more arrogant and condescending than previous incarnations of the Hulk, believing himself to be far smarter and more capable of making decisions than those around him. This leads to him using Ultron's body to develop a Gamma cure. He forcibly administers it to the various other Gamma-powered heroes of Earth, despite most of them wishing to keep their powers.

    At various times, it's implied that Doc Green is in danger of eventually becoming the Maestro, who appears in his dreams. In the end, the Extremis begins to wear off, and rather than take a supplement, Doc Green allows himself to fade away, fearing that his continued existence would one day give rise to the Maestro.


    No Caption Provided

    Titan was described as Hulk's Hulk. He was extremely dangerous and more cunning than expected of a Hulk. It was reasoned by Banner that Titan was due to all the trauma that was targeted at Hulk and his childlike intellect. Banner ended up making this worse when he turned the Savage Hulk into Starship Hulk. To do so, Banner split the consciousness with Banner in a mind palace pilot seat with Hulk in an "engine room." In said engine room, Hulk would face off against escalating threats. The angrier and more volatile he got, the hotter the engine room would get, the more power the "Starship" would have. This abuse gave Titan enough power to supersede all personalities including Banner. He was strong enough to overpower a planet filled with monsters that were already strong enough to destroy planets.

    Alternate Realities


    Manga Hulk SMASH!
    Manga Hulk SMASH!

    In this Universe, Bruce Banner discovered The Negative Zone, but afterward he was tricked by HYDRA to build the Energy wall in order to drain its energy for their weapon of mass destruction, but then the weapon was launched in created an EMP that cause a blackout for 24 hours and killed thousands. During this time Namor attacked the surface world but was ultimately defeated by iron man. Tony rescued banner later and erased his every memory of ever being involved with a Cerebral driver. However during the well reaction banner gained the ability to summon gods because he was exposed to gamma radiation. Unlike the 616 Hulk, this version can call upon the Hulk when he desires, and he is also 500 feet tall, which makes him far taller than 616 Hulk and the tallest version of the Hulk ever.

    Age of X

    In this alternate universe, Bruce Banner was a military sanctioned scientist set with the task of helping cure mutants of their 'affliction'. A group of test volunteers was established to undergo a Gamma-pulse type of machine that would potentially 'cure' the volunteers of their mutant abilities. During the calibration process, one of the mutants panicked, causing the machine to malfunction, killing the volunteers and irradiating Banner. The malfunction and the deaths of the mutants sent 'shrapnel' of the volunteers into Banner, so that he will always have them as a part of him. During his transformation, Banner became uncontrollable at first, killing his best friend and his fiance. Banner has since become obsessed with exterminating mutants and joined a group of 'Avengers' set upon the task of capturing/killing the outlaws. Banner was hired by stark industries years later to reconstruct "The Energy Wall"

    Marvel 2099 (Earth-928)

    In this alternate future, a film producer named John Eisenhart was exposed by gamma radiation by a cultist who worshiped the original Hulk called the Knights of Banner. For more information go to: Hulk 2099

    Age of Apocalypse (Earth-295)

    Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse
    Earth-295 Age of Apocalypse

    In this universe, where Apocalypse rule all of North America, Bruce was never exposed to gamma radiation, therefore, he did not become the Hulk. Instead he became a member of the Human High Council, where he is a scientist and weapons designer. He yearns to become a mutant so he sold himself to Mihkail Rasputin, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, to give him mutant experiments to test on to gain superpowers. He succeeds in his experiments and he can now transform into the Thing, a creature resembling the Grey Hulk. So he was used as a mole in the Council, but was discovered by Susan Storm and Ben Grimm because of the patterns of his injuries that were the same as the Thing. Eventually Grey Hulk tried to stop Tony Stark and Gwen Stefany but he couldn't.

    Earth X (Earth-9997)

    Hulk X
    Hulk X

    In this universe, the Hulk and Bruce Banner are finally separated due to prolonged exposure to gamma radiation. But they seem to share a mutual relationship as they need each other to survive. Bruce has become a child but is also blind and can only see through the Hulk's eyes. The Hulk has become an ape-like creature that has become mentally slow, but still angrier than ever.

    House of M (Earth-58163)

    House of M Hulk
    House of M Hulk

    In this universe, where Magneto rules the world, mutants are the ruling population and the humans are the minority, Bruce is in Australia where he met a tribe of Aborigines who will help him control his rage. When the mutants attack the tribe, Bruce turns into the Hulk and defeats them. He later conquered the whole continent with the help of AIM. After that, he became a father to one of the scientists of AIM, having a daughter.

    Future Imperfect (Earth-9200)

    In this alternate future, nuclear war has killed all the super-humans and the Hulk is the only one that remained. In this universe, Hulk has become old and is ruling a city called Dystopia where he ruled in a malevolent manner.

    Marvel Zombie-verse (Earth-2149)

    Zombie Hulk
    Zombie Hulk

    In this universe, the Hulk is one of the superheroes that becomes affected by the zombie virus. When the Silver Surfer arrives on earth he is attacked by the zombie heroes and villains. Silver Surfer manages to fend them off for a while but eventually he gets overwhelmed. Hulk proceeds to eat part of the Surfer's body and therein gains a portion of the power cosmic. When Galactus appears to eat the earth, Hulk and the other zombie superheroes try to defeat him and devour him with the use of the power cosmic. After eating what's left of Galactus, they set out to other planets to try to satisfy their never-ending hunger. After eating a planet full of skrulls, they came back to earth where the Hulk turns back to Bruce Banner. The other zombies try to subdue him, unfortunately Bruce turns back into the Hulk and ate the other zombies, including Wasp. Distraught about the loss of Janet, Sentry asked the Hulk to eat him to put him out of his misery. Hulk eats Sentry and turns into Banner once again. Bruce feels guilty for eating Sentry, he ask the other zombies to kill him before he can harm more people as the Hulk.

    MC2 (Earth-982)

    In this alternate future, the Hulk is now a combination of his 3 persona's; the strength of the savage hulk, the attitude of the Grey hulk, and the intelligence of the professor. When Loki mind controlled the majority of the old heroes, Hulk was one of them and he was brainwashed to attack the other heroes. When he was freed and Loki was banished to hell by Thor, Hulk joined and made sure that he will make Loki's life worse than hell.

    Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)

    Ultimate Hulk
    Ultimate Hulk

    In this universe, Bruce Banner is a scientist working for SHIELD. When he combined his super-soldier serum with his blood and injected it into his system, it turned him into The Hulk. Ultimate Hulk was part of Nick Fury's team The Ultimates. In Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk, he was also seen tearing people apart and literally eating them. This version of The Hulk was also taller than his 616 counterpart, he was classified as 8'1". This version of The Hulk gained full control of himself when he traveled to Tibet. Ultimate Hulk however returned to his savage state and lost full control over himself. He was shown to have also killed, dismembered and eaten The Abomination. recently, Hulk attacked the Children of tomorrow, however the Maker( reed) convinced that he was being used turned him against S.H.I.E.L.D..


    Unlike his 616 counterpart, this version of the Hulk was also a lot more brutal and violent, he was have said to have killed hundreds of civilians, and 62 of them being children. This version also has cannibalistic tendencies, he has been seen eating people without hesitation before as well as consuming a field of cattle. Ultimate Hulk is not a misunderstood hero, he is in fact, a monster, in and out.

    Earth-90210 - Old Man Logan

    In an apocalyptic future where the supervillains grouped together and took over we see an older, twisted version of Banner that rules a section of the United States. This version of the Hulk had children with his cousin, resulting in inbreed children. When Logan is unable to pay a month's protection on time, Hulk tells his children to kill Logan's family. When Logan finds out what happened he kills all of Hulk's children and then fights Banner himself. The fight results in Banner's death.

    This version of the Hulk seems to have little in common with the earth-616 version. Like the ultimate version of the Hulk, this one also practices cannibalism.

    Larval Universe (Earth-8311)

    In this universe, Hulk is turned into a rabbit named Hulk Bunny.

    Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)

    In this universe, David Banner is the adviser of King James when he inherited the throne. He was given the task to kill Sir Nicolas Fury. During his mission, he was exposed to strange energy that transformed him into the Hulk of that reality.

    Mutant X (Earth-1298)

    In this reality, Yellow Jacket and Stingray commented that Bruce has found a cure to his condition and is no longer the Hulk or even a member of the Avengers. The Hulk in this reality is actually Mystique impersonating the Hulk.

    What If? (Earth-774)

    In this version where the Hulk has the intellect of Bruce Banner, he was able to live a normal life and eventually got married to Betty Ross. He also helps Mr. Fantastic with his research on returning Ben Grimm to his normal state. They were successful and Ben's transformation resulted in the Fantastic Four disassembling. With the help of Professor X, they created a machine more powerful than Cerebro which they used to defeat Galactus. The victory came at a cost. They lost their powers and Ben regressed into a less intelligent version of The Thing.

    What If? (World War Hulk)

    In this reality, the satellite bombardment that stopped the Sentry/WWH fight destroyed Manhattan and all of the heroes within its range. The island is now a wasteland, containing too much residual radiation for anyone to enter. Bruce Banner survived and because of the Hulk, he is immune to the radiation surrounding him. He has buried what bodies he could find and is setting a grave for himself when the Vision finds him. Vision enlists Hulk in fighting for the resistance against the Skrulls, who've invaded all aspects of life on Earth. A surprise attack lays waste to the resistance fighters, but Hulk again survives. The Silver Surfer responds to a beacon set off by Hulk and the Hulk forces the Silver Surfer to summon Galactus to destroy the world, the Skrulls, and himself. Reluctantly, the Surfer obliges and Galactus arrives to consume the new Skrull home-world. Again, Hulk is the only living thing to survive Galactus' onslaught. Galactus is in need of a new herald and offers to wipe the Hulk's memories away, granting him the Power Cosmic. The Hulk becomes the World Breaker, the "mightiest" herald of Galactus.

    Earth-70105 (Bullet Points)

    Bullet Points
    Bullet Points

    Doctor Banner felt personally responsible for Peter Parker's transformation, having been one of the original inventors of the Gamma Bomb. He worked night and day to try to find the origin of the Hulk, and came to the conclusion that he needed a blood sample to cure him. When he proposed this idea to Doctor Richards, he was refused, since SHIELD couldn't afford to lose him in a run-in with the Hulk.

    Upset and distracted, Banner went back to work, while beginning to dissect a spider that survived the same blast that Peter did. The spider bit him, altering his DNA. Since he was bitten as an adult, his body was unable to cope, and he went on a rampage, escaping the military installation and SHIELD's grasp for two years. After years of being in custody, along with gene therapy, and heavy medication, Doctor Banner became the newest member of the SHIELD family, Spider-Man.


    In this reality, Hulk is one of the heroes that fought and died during the invasion of the Martians.


    In this reality, Hulk is a friend of the Exiles member, Mimic.


    In this reality, the Hulk is one of many heroes that have been infected by the mutated Legacy Virus combined with Warlock's technarch.


    In this reality, Hulk along with Thor and Thing help Hercules in the fight in Olympus. They never returned.


    In this reality, Hulk was killed by Iron Man by detonating a highly concentrated Gamma Bomb, but it also turned Wonder Man into the Hulk which is more powerful than Bruce.

    Earth Charnel (Earth-9939)

    Hulk is one of the few survivors in Earth Charnel, he protects a small group of survivors in the wastelands as a member of the X-Saviors


    Hulk was unhinged from time and he joined Time-broker's team Weapon X.

    Space Punisher

    His origin in this reality is the usual one just that the accident happened in space. Banner grew into a green-skinned Hulk with four arms and without the piece of trousers. He's considered the second-worst threat after Galactus. Travelers can't take a trip to Venus without encountering him. He killed the Fantastic Four (all of them were knocked out while Thing's arm was ripped off).

    A-Babies vs. X-Babies

    When Cyclops stole Bucky Bear from Captain America, Hulk was one of the first A-Babies assembled in response. Hulk and many other A-Babies got into a large fight with the X-Babies and – during the ensuing chaos – Hulk came across Bucky Bear after throwing Wolverine into space. Hulk showed great affection for the bear but lost it when he was hit by Mjolnir (which was returning to Thor.) Hulk was last seen staring in awe at Jean Grey with the Phoenix and presumably ended up safely in bed like Captain America.


    On Earth-138, Bruce Banner goes by Robbie and his alter ego is the Atom Bomb. He was an ally of Spider-Punk against the various fascists that plagued America.

    Other Media (Appearances and mentions)


    The Incredible Hulk

    No Caption Provided

    One of the most famous portrayals of the character was in the live-action television show where he was played by Bill Bixby (Banner) and Lou Ferrigno (Hulk). The character went through some changes during the transition from comics to television. For instance, Bruce Banner was renamed David Banner and the Hulk was far weaker and less bulky. The name change was due to a combination of Universal believing that Bruce sounded like a "gay name" and the creator of the series, Kenneth Johnson, desired to honor his late son by renaming Banner after him. The de-powering of Hulk was most likely due to the restrictions of budget and relatively poor special effects of the time. The show was later followed by a trilogy of TV movies (The Incredible Hulk Returns, Trial of the Incredible Hulk, and Death of the Incredible Hulk), which effectively served to bring closure to the series.

    Early guest appearances

    The Hulk in X-Men: The Animated Series
    The Hulk in X-Men: The Animated Series

    The Hulk appeared in the Fantastic Four: The Animated Series episode "Nightmare in Green," voiced by Ron Perlman. In the episode, the Hulk was manipulated into fighting the Thing and the other members of the Fantastic Four after being captured by Doctor Doom. Perlman reprised his role in the Iron Man episode "Hulk Buster," where Banner teamed up with Iron Man to stop the Leader after the villain found one of the Mandarin's rings.

    The Hulk also made a cameo in the X-Men: The Animated Series episode "The Juggernaut Returns," where Professor Charles Xavier sent a robotic duplicate of the creature to attack the Juggernaut in the Danger Room. The Hulk robot was based on the character's original Silver Age design by Jack Kirby.

    The Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series

    Hulk and She-Hulk
    Hulk and She-Hulk

    After his guest appearances on Fantastic Four and Iron Man TV shows, the Hulk was given his own animated series on UPN (as a consequence of this, the Hulk was barred from appearing in Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which aired on Fox Kids). The show featured Neal McDonough as Bruce Banner and Lou Ferrigno reprising his role as the voice of the Hulk. For the second (and final) season, the show was retitled The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk to better entice female viewers. The series frequently featured guest appearances from other Marvel heroes of the era, such as Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange.

    Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

    Hulk vs Thing
    Hulk vs Thing

    Hulk appears in the episode "Hard Knocks," with Hulk voiced by Mark Gibbon and Bruce Banner voiced by Andrew Kavadas. Reed's old pal Bruce Banner arrives at the Baxter Building seeking aid, but ends up transforming into the Hulk and going on a rampage in New York, where he fights the Fantastic Four.

    Wolverine and the X-Men

    Hulk faces Wolverine
    Hulk faces Wolverine

    Hulk appears in the episode "Wolverine Vs. the Hulk," with Fred Tatasciore voicing the Hulk and Gabriel Mann voicing Bruce Banner. In the episode, it is established that Wolverine already faced the Hulk years ago in the past. In the present, Nick Fury manipulates Wolverine into facing the Hulk again after the creature supposedly attacks a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission. The two superhumans clash in the wilderness before it's revealed that Fury lied, and that Banner had actually been helping out on the mission before the other agents were attacked and transformed into Wendigos. The Hulk and Wolverine end up teaming up to take down the Wendigos.

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures

    Gray Hulk in Armored Adventures
    Gray Hulk in Armored Adventures

    The Hulk appears in a few episodes, where he ends up clashing against Iron Man in the Hulkbuster due to a minor misunderstanding but later joins with him. In the series finale, he is seen as part of the group of proto-Avengers assembled to fight off the Makluan invaders alongside Team Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Hawkeye and Director Nick Fury. He was voiced again by Mark Gibbon.

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

    Avengers: EMH
    Avengers: EMH

    The Hulk is one of the main protagonists of the show, along with Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man, Wasp, Ant-Man/Giant-Man and Thor. Together they are the Earth's Mightiest Heroes. He is physically the strongest member of the Avengers. Fred Tatasciore provides his voice.

    Hulk's personality in The Show is very similar to his attitude in comics. For all reasons, hulk is a hero, and even though people hate him, he spends most of his time trying to help, but despite his heart, he methods are very brutal, especially to those who have wronged him, he has almost squeezed the life out of Black Widow with one hand, and has brought major beat downs on heavy hitters such as Absorbing man, Abomination and Skurge. Though his attitude isn't much to speak of either, in fact, he usually acts like a jerk around the other avengers, with the exception of wasp and hawkeye. His personal feuds also go towards Thor, this is because of the fact that thor is among the big guns, therefore it is natural for them to fight over who's the strongest. However, this in no way means that they hate each other, in fact, when It was believed that Ultron had killed Thor, Hulk remarked that his fury towards the robot menace was " for Thor!". They have also acknowledged each other's power before, after Thor sustains a major injury Hulk remarks that " Goldilocks is tough, he'll be ok" and Thor has even stated that Hulk is a foe to whom he does not wish to face in battle. He also has some rivalry with the Thing. Early into the first season, Amora uses illusions to convince Hulk that the other Avengers hate and mock him deep down, which causes him to leave the team for a time, despite realizing her trickery and even helping the other Avengers against her and Skurge. He returns to the team (alongside the newcomer Hawkeye) after being instrumental in defeating the Leader and stopping his Gamma Dome.

    Early into the second season, Hulk is one of the few Avengers that decides to stay with the team after the revelation that one of them is a Skrull. Soon afterwards, a mysterious Red Hulk attacks the SHIELD helicarrier and Hulk is framed for it. Captain America (who is secretely a Skrull) knows this, but convinces Hulk to turn himself in anyways, thus removing from the picture (and almost the rest of the whole season) one of the biggest threats to the Skrulls' invasion plans. Near the end of the season, the Avengers finally release Hulk from custody, but General Ross (who is later revealed to have been Red Hulk all along) planted a device in him to anger him at will, thus making Hulk angrier than ever, in order to justify his imprisonment. At the same time, Red Hulk tries to improve his reputation and even joins the Avengers, but Captain America exposes everything, while Iron Man had a countermeasure in place already. Hulk is still resentful at the Avengers for taking so long in rescuing him, so he decides to wander on his own, while still being willing to help if they need him. Hulk doesn't return until the season (and series) finale, where he teams-up with Ant-Man, Black Panther, Winter Soldier and Invisible Woman against Firelord.

    Avengers Assemble

    Hulk is one of the main characters in the show, once again voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

    Ultimate Spider-Man

    The Hulk appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man episode "Exclusive," where he and Spider-man fight Zzzax, while spider-man also tries to project Mary-Jane, who is filming for the daily bugle. He appears again in the episode Homesick Hulk, where he is infected by the phalanx. Spider-man cares for the hulk in his home while hiding him from S.H.I.E.L.D. and his aunt may. When the hulk recovers, the two heroes destroy the phalanx base. In this episode, Hulk and Spider-man become good friends, with spider-man revealing his identity to the hulk, and the Hulk agreeing to work with Nick Fury and SHIELD because of Spider-man's advice- although he later told Peter he did so on the promise of food. He reappears in several other episodes. Fred Tatasciore reprises his role.

    Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H

    No Caption Provided

    Hulk is the main character in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. In this series, his personality is different from any other series. This Hulk is in full control of himself, and is introspective and brooding rather than angry. He is also much more intelligent. This Hulk is seemingly Bruce Banner in Hulk's body, as he has reminisced with She-hulk about events from Banner's past. He is also a mature, wise, and capable leader for the agents of S.M.A.S.H. Despite this maturity, he is still short-fused and flies off the handle easily, especially where Red Hulk is concerned.

    Fred Tatasciore reprises his role yet again. The series ran for two seasons before being cancelled.

    Marvel Future Avengers

    Hulk in Future Avengers
    Hulk in Future Avengers

    Hulk appears as a major character in the Japanese anime series Marvel Future Avengers, voiced by Kenichiro Matsuda in the Japanese original and by Fred Tatasciore in the English dub.

    Marvel's Spider-Man

    Hulk teams with Spider-Man
    Hulk teams with Spider-Man

    The Hulk guest-stars in the episode "Halloween Moon," with Bruce Banner voiced by Kevin Shinick and the Hulk again voiced by Fred Tatasciore. The Hulk teams up with Spider-Man to stop the gamma-powered Man-Wolf before he can infect other students at Horizon High School. He returns in the episode "School of Hard Knocks, "Brand New Day" and "The Cellar," where he is a member of the Avengers.

    Marvel's Netflix TV Shows

    • In Daredevil season 1 episode 10, Hulk was briefly mentioned as "The Harlem Terror." The point of the movie The Incredible Hulk where Hulk and Abomination duke it out in the middle of Harlem years before Luke Cage came around.
    • Although not seen, he was mentioned at a party in a season 2 episode of Luke Cage. A guy went up to Luke Cage and asked who was stronger, him or the "Green Monster"? And the guy's friend told him that "Green Monster" wasn't his name.

    What If...?

    The Hulk appears in several episodes of the animated series for Disney+, with Mark Ruffalo reprising his role from the live-action movies.

    Hulk in What If...?
    Hulk in What If...?
    • In "What If... The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?" the Hulk is killed by a mysterious assailant when Thunderbolt Ross' forces attempt to capture him. It is later revealed that the killer was Hank Pym, who murdered each of the prospective candidates for Nick Fury's Avengers Initiative in order to get revenge.
    • In "What If... Zombies!?", Banner arrives on Earth to find that the planet has fallen victim to a zombie plague. After being rescued from zombified versions of Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Wong by, he joins a small band of survivors alongside Spider-Man, the Wasp and the Winter Soldier. During the end of the episode, he sacrifices himself by staying behind to battle the zombified Scarlet Witch and a horde of ravenous zombies, allowing Spider-Man, Black Panther and Ant-Man to escape with the Mind Stone. It's unknown if he survived.

    She-Hulk: Attorney At Law

    Thumbs up for a successful test
    Thumbs up for a successful test

    Mark Ruffalo reprises his role as Hulk in the Disney+ streaming service series, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law. He is on a roadtrip with his cousin Jennifer when they get into a car accident. His cousin is exposed to his blood and gains her own gamma powers. He takes her to his Mexico beach house/lab where he worked on merging his identities, so that he could train Jen to control her new rage based powers.

    Live-Action Movies


    Ang Lee Hulk 2003
    Ang Lee Hulk 2003

    In the 2003 movie titled Hulk we see the story of Bruce Banner, a genetics researcher with a tragic past, who suffers an accident that causes him to transform into a raging green monster when he gets angry. This connects with Bruce Banner's father, David Banner, who experimented on himself several years before, in search of a way to improve Human DNA. Bruce Banner is portrayed by Eric Bana, while the Hulk was motion captured by Director Ang Lee.

    The Incredible Hulk

    Hulk 2008
    Hulk 2008

    In 2008 we had a reboot of the movie version of the character with The Incredible Hulk, this movie portraits Bruce Banner as a fugitive from the USA after his first transformation into the Hulk led to the hospitalization of his love Betty Ross. Bruce eventually will have to return to the United States in his search for a cure, while trying to avoid confrontations with the U.S Army led by General Thaddeus Ross. This movie was directed by the French director Louis Leterrier and stars Edward Norton as Dr. Bruce Banner. His cure is cut short when the world needs the Hulk again to combat the threat of Emil Blonsky who has permanently transformed into the Abomination.

    The Avengers

    Mark Ruffalo Hulk 2012
    Mark Ruffalo Hulk 2012

    In The Avengers film, directed by Joss Whedon, Bruce Banner, who is played by Mark Ruffalo, is still a fugitive, and at the start of the film, he is a doctor in India, and the last incident he faced was a year ago. Pursued by Black Widow, he teams up with S.H.I.E.L.D in the search for the Tesseract, and eventually will join as the Hulk in the fight against Loki and the Chitauri.

    Iron Man 3

    Banner's cameo
    Banner's cameo

    Bruce Banner appears briefly in the Iron Man 3's post-credits scene, where he is revealed to be the mysterious person that Tony has been narrating the events of the film to (acting as a stand-in of sorts for the audience). Humorously, he is shown to have fallen asleep, and upon waking up tries to explain to Tony that he is not a qualified therapist. Mark Ruffalo reprised his role.

    The Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Hulk in Age of Ultron
    Hulk in Age of Ultron

    Hulk appears in Avengers: Age of Ultron, with Ruffalo reprising his role. In the movie, he is shown in a relationship with Black Widow, apparently having moved on from Betty Ross. He now sports a special pair of pants designed to stretch and grow when he transforms.

    A major sub-plot of the film involves the Hulk being manipulated by Scarlet Witch and transformed into an uncontrollable enraged state, threatening the lives of local civilians in a nearby city, leading to a brutal confrontation with the Hulkbuster armor in order to keep him contained. Towards the end of the fight, Hulk snaps out of Scarlet Witch's mind control only to be confused at the frightened people and collateral damage caused in his fight with Iron Man.

    With all of the goodwill he had built up as an Avenger rendered moot, Bruce plans on leaving the team with Natasha to start a new life elsewhere. However, during the final battle, she pushes him into a large pit to trigger a transformation into the Hulk. Though the Hulk plays a vital role in stopping Ultron, he ultimately abandons the battle and escapes in an autopiloted Quinjet, leaving his friends behind. Later, Nick Fury informs Natasha that a small aircraft that might be the Quinjet was found downed in the middle of an ocean, though he assures her that Banner likely survived. The movie ends with the Hulk still MIA and his fate left ambiguous.

    Thor: Ragnarok

    Hulk in Ragnarok
    Hulk in Ragnarok

    Mark Ruffalo reprises his role in the 2017 film Thor: Ragnarok. The movie reveals that shortly after the events of Age of Ultron, the Hulk was transported to the alien world of Sakaar after the Quinjet flew into a wormhole. In the two years since then, the Hulk has not reverted to his human form, and is now the top fighter in the Grandmaster's gladiatorial games.

    When Thor lands on Sakaar after being defeated by Hela, he is forced to battle the Hulk. After losing to him in a gladiator match, Thor discovers that the Hulk has evolved since he last saw him, and is now capable of speaking in simple sentences. The Hulk finally reverts back to Banner after viewing a recording of Black Widow inside the Quinjet, and helps Thor free the enslaved Asgardians from Hela. He defeats the Fenris Wolf, and is last seen traveling the cosmos with Thor and the other surviving Asgardians after Surtur destroys Asgard.

    Avengers: Infinity War

    Hulk battles Thanos
    Hulk battles Thanos

    Mark Ruffalo once again returns as the Hulk in the 2018 film Avengers: Infinity War, which takes place shortly after the events of Ragnarok. In the movie, Hulk first appears as he is signaled by Loki to attack Thanos after Thanos and his Black Order easily overpowers the Asgardians. Thanos easily overpowers Hulk after letting the Hulk land hits on him. Heimdall then sends Hulk back to Earth in a last-ditch attempt to have a messenger warn the heroes of Earth of Thanos' invasion. Hulk transforms Banner and ends up encountering Doctor Strange and Wong after crashing through the roof of the Sanctum Sanctorum. He ends up explaining to Strange and Stark of the current situation while attempting to convince Stark to contact Steve Rogers unaware of the two's strained relationship when suddenly Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian of the Black Order appear to take the Time Stone from Strange. Banner fails to transform Hulk as a fight ensues.

    Banner in the Hulkbuster suit
    Banner in the Hulkbuster suit

    After Strange is captured by Maw and Iron Man and Spider-Man, who appeared during the fight, go after him into space, Banner contacts Rogers and meets him, Falcon, Black Widow, Vision, Scarlet Witch & War Machine in the Avengers facility. The team heads off to Wakanda to safely remove the Soul Stone from Vision's head without killing him while keeping the Stone in a safe place. Banner pilots the Hulkbuster armor against Cull Obsidian, and manages to defeat him. At the end of the film, Banner is left as one of the few surviving heroes after Thanos completes the Infinity Gauntlet and wipes out half of all sentient life in the universe.

    Avengers: Endgame

    Professor Hulk
    Professor Hulk

    Ruffalo again reprises his role in Avengers: Endgame, the 2019 follow-up. Five years after Thanos' victory, the Avengers reunite after learning that time travel may provide a way to gain the lost Infinity Stones and resurrect all those who Thanos killed. The heroes eventually meet up with Banner, who has now morphed into his Professor Hulk persona, which combines Banner's intelligence with the Hulk's raw power. Due to this new evolution, the Hulk is no longer feared or hated, and is indeed shown to be popular and well-liked. The Professor agrees to help his former teammates construct a time travel device, which they use to travel back to various points in the timeline.

    Professor Hulk is sent back to 2012 during the events of the first Avengers movie, where he is tasked with getting the Time Stone from the Ancient One. After persuading the Ancient One to entrust him with the Time Stone by mentioning his association with Steven Strange, the Professor returns to the present. Realizing that he is the only one strong enough to wield all six Infinity Stones without being killed by the Gamma rays they give off, the Professor is ultimately the one to use them to bring back Thanos' victims. This miracle comes with a cost, as the Professor's body is burned and weakened as a result. Despite his injuries, the Professor takes part in the final battle against Thanos' army.

    Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Bruce's cameo appearance
    Bruce's cameo appearance

    Mark Ruffalo reprises his role for a cameo appearance at the end of the 2021 film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Banner is shown to have reverted back to human form after the events of Endgame, though his right arm is still in a sling, suggesting it was permanently injured by the use of the Infinity Stones. Bruce appears alongside Captain Marvel and Wong in a holographic conference to analyze the ten rings bequeathed to Shang-Chi by his father Wenwu, and theorizes that they must be far older than previously imagined. Before leaving, he also welcomes Shang-Chi to the world of superheroics.

    Animated Movies

    Ultimate Avengers

    Ultimate Hulk
    Ultimate Hulk

    The Hulk appears as a major character in Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Avengers 2, voiced by Michael Massee as Banner and by Fred Tatasciore in his Hulk form. He is inspired by his Ultimate incarnation and is depicted as unstable and violent, but is not as quite as murderous and psychotic as he is depicted in The Ultimates. At the end of the second film, he escapes captivity and goes on the run.

    Next Avengers: Heroes Of Tomorrow

    The Hulk appears in the film as one of the last surviving members of the Avengers. He and Betty have been living in seclusion ever since the Avengers were killed by Ultron, and is brought out of retirement when the Next Avengers come to him for help. Though initially reluctant to help the children, he proves to be pivotal to finally destroying Ultron and liberating the planet. Fred Tatasciore reprises his role.

    Planet Hulk

    Hulk was the main character in this animated movie adaptation of Greg Pak's Planet Hulk story arc. He is voiced by Rick D. Wasserman.

    Hulk Vs.

    Hulk Vs. Wolverine
    Hulk Vs. Wolverine

    In 2009, two animated films, Hulk Vs. Thor and Hulk Vs. Wolverine, were released as a double feature.

    In Hulk Vs. Thor, the Hulk is brought to Asgard by Loki, who manipulates him into fighting Thor. Hulk Vs. Wolverine, meanwhile, sees Wolverine and Weapon X encounter the Hulk after he supposedly goes on a rampage in a small town.

    The Hulk was voiced by Fred Tatasciore in both films, with Michael Massee providing the voice of Bruce Banner.

    Iron Man and Hulk: Heroes United

    Hulk appears as one of the main characters, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

    Video Games

    Solo titles

    Hulk in Ultimate Destruction
    Hulk in Ultimate Destruction
    • Hulk starred in Questprobe Featuring The Hulk.
    • Hulk was featured in The Incredible Hulk for the Super NES and the Sega Genesis.
    • Hulk also starred in The Incredible Hulk: The Pantheon Saga for the Playstation and the Sega Saturn.
    • In 2003, a Hulk game based on the live-action movie was released, with Eric Bana reprising his role.
    • In 2005, Hulk starred in his own open-world game, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, with Neal McDonough reprising his role from the '90s cartoon. The Hulk was voiced by Fred Tatasciore, while the Gray Hulk and Devil Hulk were voiced by Michael Donovan and Richard Moll, respectively. The game was critically acclaimed, and is frequently touted as one of the finest superhero video games ever produced.
    • This was later followed by a similar game, The Incredible Hulk, which was based off the movie of the same name.

    Marvel Vs. Capcom series

    Hulk in MVC2
    Hulk in MVC2

    From the 90's onward, the Hulk was a frequent character in the Japanese Marvel Vs. Capcom video games. He first appears in Marvel Super Heroes, and returned for Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Vs. Capcom, Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In all of the games up to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, the Hulk was based off his '90s Professor/Merged Hulk incarnation, where he was the Hulk's body merged with Banner's mind. Starting in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, he returned to his more iconic Savage incarnation. He was voiced by Andrew Jackson from Marvel Super Heroes to MVC2, and Fred Tatasciore took over the role from MVC3 onward.

    Other Appearances

    Hulk in Avengers
    Hulk in Avengers
    • Hulk appeared as a boss character in the Fantastic Four game for the Playstation and Sega Saturn.
    • The Hulk was featured as a downloadable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance, with Bruce Banner voiced by Robin Atkin Downes (Arin Hanson in the Wii version) and the Hulk voiced by Peter Lurie.
    • Hulk appears as a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
    • He was featured in the four Marvel Super Hero Squad games, as well as LittleBigPlanet.
    • He also appears in Marvel Heroes, voiced by Fred Tatasciore.
    • Hulk appears in Marvel Avengers Alliance and its sequel.
    • Hulk appears in Club Penguin.
    • Hulk appears as a playable fighter in Avengers: Battle For Earth.
    • Hulk appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes (voiced by Fred Tatasciore), Lego Marvel's Avengers and Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 (voiced by Gary Martin).
    • Hulk appears as a playable fighter in Marvel Contest Of Champions.
    • Hulk appears as a playable character in Disney Infinity.
    • Hulk appears as a playable character in Marvel Future Fight.
    • Hulk appears as a playable character in Avengers Academy, with the Hulk voiced by John Cena and Bruce Banner voiced by Kellen Goff.
    • Hulk appears as a playable character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, voiced again by Fred Tatasciore.
    • Hulk appears as one of the central characters in Square Enix's 2020 Avengers video game, with Bruce Banner voiced by Troy Baker and the Hulk voiced by Darin De Paul.
    • Hulk appears as a playble character in the FVP game, Marvel Rivals.


    Novelty Hands

    Hulk Hands
    Hulk Hands

    As one of Marvel's most iconic characters, the Hulk has been a mainstay in merchandising for decades, all the way back to Mego's line of superhero action figures during the 1970's. With his renewed popularity after the advent of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Hulk has been a frequent subject of various action figures and statues from Hasbro, Hot Toys, Bandai, Lego and many others. Arguably the most endearing piece of merchandise has been the "Hulk Hands," which debuted for the original 2003 Ang Lee Hulk film, and have been reissued for The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron, as well as the Avengers Assemble and Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoons.

    Marvel Legends

    From ToyBiz (top) and Hasbro (below)
    From ToyBiz (top) and Hasbro (below)
    • Hulk was featured in ToyBiz's very first Marvel Legends wave back in 2002. A Walmart-exclusive variant featuring a removable white shirt was also released.
    • Hulk returned in the Galactus Build-a-Figure series, this time in his classic first appearance (as drawn by Jack Kirby). The figure also had a variant with green skin.
    • The Maestro was featured in the Apocalypse wave.
    • Hulk was featured in a Marvel Legends Face-Off two-pack with the Leader.
    • A figure of the House of M version of Hulk was featured in the Marvel Legends House of M box set.
    • Hulk was also featured in the 12" Marvel Legends Icons series.
    • The Planet Hulk version of Hulk was featured in the Annihilus wave, which was the first Marvel Legends series produced by Hasbro.
    • A Marvel Legends version of Hulk from the Incredible Hulk movie was released by Hasbro as a Target exclusive.
    • Hulk was featured in a Marvel Legends Twin-Pack with Valkyrie. Hulk was given a more stylized design based off the drawings of Ed McGuinness.
    • Hulk was featured thrice in the Fin Fang Foom wave, in his Hulk: The End, King Hulk and Gray Hulk forms.
    • The Avengers: Age of Ultron version of Hulk was featured in the Thanos wave, and was later re-released as part of the European-exclusive Hulkbuster wave.
    • The Doc Green version of Hulk was later included in the "Infinite" three-pack alongside Vision and Ultron.
    • The Thor: Ragnarok version of Hulk was featured as the Build-a-Figure of his own wave, which could be completed upon collecting the other figures (The Thor: Ragnarok version of Thor, Young Thor, Hela, Jane Foster, Ares and Loki).
    • A classic Sal Buscema-style Hulk was featured in a two-pack with Wolverine as part of Hasbro's celebration of Marvel's 80th anniversary.


    By Mego, Diamond, ToyBiz, Lego, Bandai and Hot Toys
    By Mego, Diamond, ToyBiz, Lego, Bandai and Hot Toys
    • Hulk was featured early on in Mego's popular line of superhero figures in the 1970's.
    • ToyBiz produced an Incredible Hulk line in 1996, as well as a line for the animated series.
    • Hulk was featured in a ToyBiz box set featuring the original five Avengers.
    • ToyBiz later produced a Hulk Classics line to coincide with the movie, serving as a sister line to Marvel Legends. The line was notable for featuring various looks from across the character's history, including the Professor Hulk, War Hulk and Joe Fixit.
    • Hulk has been featured in Hasbro's Super Hero Squad line.
    • Hulk was featured in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Various companies such as Iron Studios, Bowen Designs, Kotobukiya and Sideshow Collectibles have produced statues of the Hulk.
    • Hulk has been featured in Diamond Collectibles' Marvel Select line several times, in both his movie and comic incarnations. This was also one of the few lines to produce a figure of the Ultimate Hulk.
    • ToyBiz produced a toyline for the 2003 Ang Lee film.
    • Hasbro produced a line for the 2008 movie.
    • The Hulk was featured in Hasbro's various toy lines for The Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron.
    • Hulk was featured in Hasbro's toylines for Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and Avengers Assemble.
    • The Hulk has been featured several times in Hasbro's Titan Heroes line.
    • The movie versions of the Hulk were featured in Bandai's S.H. Figuarts line.
    • The movie version of Hulk has been featured in Max Factory's Figma line.
    • Hot Toys has produced several figures of the movie version of the Hulk.
    • Hulk appears in Hasbro's line for Thor: Ragnarok.
    • Hulk has been featured in numerous kits by Lego.
    • Hulk has been featured numerous times in Funko's POP! line of bobbleheads.

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