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    Ulquiorra is an Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army. He is also the 4th Espada. You can see the leftovers from a hollow mask on the top left side of his head.

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    General Information

    Birthday: December 1

    Height: 5'6"'

    Weight: 121lbs

    Eyes: Green

    Hair: Black

    Race: Hollow


    Ulquiorra is a thin but muscular Arrancar. He has shaggy black hair and green eyes with pupils similar to a cat. He has green lines that descend from his eyes that make him look like he's crying. He wears the typical Arrancar uniform, but his jacket has a longer coattails and a higher collar. than others. Ulquiorra is almost always seen with a melancholic/emotionless expression on his face. The remains of his hollow mask appear as a broken horned helmet on his head. This has lead to speculations that he is a Vasto Lorde, as the silhouette of the Vasto Lorde is similar to the silhouette of Ulquiorra. His hollow hole was initially located at the base of his throat, but was later changed to his sternum. His Espada number is tattooed on his chest.


    Ulquiorra has been shown to be very aloof and callous, looking down on all those whom he judges as beneath him. He has not shown any care or respect to any who are weaker than him, even watching his partner Yammy kill other Arrancar with no care. In fact, he has shown himself capable of non-lethal violence towards Yammy in return, hitting him to get his attention. He deems anyone below him 'trash', pawns to be played, used and discarded: expendable assets under Aizen. He has a particularly difficult time understanding human emotions, such as love. He professes that since he cannot see emotions with his enhanced vision, that they are a lie and cannot exist, as his eye is capable of seeing through anything. It is perhaps due to this eye technique that he is deeply analytical of any situation or individual he comes across, and in combat he prefers to stand back and let Yammy do the combat merely remarking on the opponents abilities and advising Yammy of their abilities, his own potentials (and failings) etc. When confronted by a opponent he deems unworthy, he even refuses to draw his sword to fight them, preferring to use his hand to hand combat skills and invulnerability to beat them down, though this style is not limited to Ulquiorra: all the Arrancar tend to fight in this way, as they consider using their blades on an unworthy opponent disgraceful.


    Ulquiorra considers all those weaker than him trash, and this attitude does not earn him much support. In particular it gets Grimmjow the wrong way, and the two often argue. It was due to this argument that Grimmjow launched an attack on the real world that led to his own disgrace. Grimmjow believes that Ulquiorra is afraid of fighting him, as he believes that the conflict would destroy them both. Other than Aizen, Ulquiorra is shown to only have a respectful relationship with Tosen and Aizen, he seems to get along with his partner Yammy well enough, though this seems to half be a relationship based on his power over Yammy than anything else. Ichigo Kurosaki is seen as Ulquiorra's main rival. But in fact, because he is weaker up to a certain point in the story, Ulquiorra refers to him as trash. But as quick as a flash Ichigo's hollow side takes over and cuts Ulquiorra to ribbons as it may seem. The final blow in fact, was dealt by Ulquiorra who impacted Ichigo with a Lancero Verde. Ulquiorra realizes at the instant, he says, "If you don't kill me now". Ulquiorra realizes what "The Heart" that Orihime mentions finally is.

    Powers and Abilities

    Ulquiorra is the Cuarta Espada in Aizen's Arrancar force, which literally means 'Fourth Espada'. This means that he is the fourth strongest.

    He possesses various abiliities, including :

    • Master Swordsmanship: Though he rarely uses his sword during combat, He is a highly skilled swordsman.
    • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: This is Ulquiorra's preferred method of combat. He doesn't not draw his sword unless he considers his opponent worthy. He is fond of impaling his opponents in the chest and creating a hole there which is similar to his own hollow hole.
    • Sonido Master: Ulquiorra moves at an excessively fast speed in combat, so fast that Ichigo found it hard to even discern his movements at first. In his release state, he shows an even greater level of speed, astonishing and outclassing Ichigo even further.
    • Cero: Energy based attack that is released from the hand, power is ranked by color, red - green - purple-black.
    • Cero Oscuras: Ulquiorra's King Cero upon resurrection its color resembles Ichigo's Getsuga in that it is entirely black. (Only used while in resurrection form.)
    • Bala: This technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist.
    • Keen Intellect.
    • Garganta: Technique used by Espada to travel to and from Hueco Mundo.
    • High-Speed Regeneration: While other Arrancar sacrifice their high-speed regeneration for power, Ulquiorra did not, he is able to regenerate very fast. However, he cannot regenerate his organs.
    • Instant Replay: Used only by Ulquiorra, he is able to record events in his mind and by transforming his eye, he can display this footage to others. He is capable of copying anything he see's through the use of his eye, which he can replay to others by removing the eye (which seems to be like glass) and crushing it, at which point what he has seen is replayed. The eye seems to instantly regenerate afterwards.
    • Immense Spiritual Power.
    • Enhanced Hierro.
    • Enhanced Speed.
    • Enhanced Strength.
    • Enhanced Durability.


    Ulquiorra's Zanpakuto is a plain, green handled katana with a small eye shaped hole near the base of the hilt. His release command is "bind", and its name is "Murus-hierago", or Murcielago. Spanish for "bat" and Japanese for "Giant Black Winged Demon". Ulquiorra is also the only Espada capable of releasing twice, his first release form being slightly similar to his normal mode, albeit the tear marks under his eyes widening somewhat, a change of clothing, and the helmet forming entirely above the base of his head. The most notable difference in this form are the giant, looming black wings that sprout from his back.

    Ulquiorra has shown a second resurrection form. He said that he is the only Arrancar to have a second resurrection form and he kept this a secret which not even Aizen knows. Although this may not be true as the other Arrancars may have kept it a secret just like him.His second resurrection form is much darker overall, and he sprouts a thin pointed tail somewhat similar to various representations of what "The Devil" would look like. His hollow hole enlarges greatly, and from his biceps top his hands his arms become pitch black. He loses the helmet and out from his head sprout two great white horns. His legs more animal-like, his feet becoming paws and from the waist flaps of fur flow to his knees. The whites of his eyes also become black, and the tear marks under them become larger still.

    Resurrection: Murcielago

    Resurrection 1st Stage
    Resurrection 1st Stage

    Aspect of Death

    2nd Etapa (stage)
    2nd Etapa (stage)

    Like all Espada, Ulquiorra's power is based on the aspects of deaths (the ten reasons people die). His aspect of death is Nihilism, Nihilism is which literary means nothing is based on his way of acting, on how cold he can be without feeling no remorse, only believing that what he see's with his eyes to be true, the absolute true.


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