Agent Smith

    Character » Agent Smith appears in 11 issues.

    The rogue agent of the Matrix universe and the strongest evil.

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    Agent Smith is the most evil villains of all in the Matrix universe. He was first an ally of the Matrix but turned against it one by one taking people with no prisoners. Agent Smith tried to destroy Neo many times and failed. Smith took over a citizen of Zion when he was in the Matrix and made it to the real world, in this process he killed many soldiers engineers and scientists. He was going to kill Neo when he was alone but Trinity came along and the first attempt failed. The second was when Neo and Trinity were on there way to the Machine City. He destroyed Neo's eyes, but he could see better than ever

    Neo killed Smith and then moved on to the machine city where Neo and Trinity fought and died together on the same day.


    In this cartoon series he appeared trying to stop a kid who knew about the Matrix. The kid jumped off a building but was revived by Neo. Next he was seen trying to stop an athlete whose legs exploded after a race and succeeded. After that he hired a detective who was shot by trinity for her own safety he sat on a train seat pointing his gun at Smith.

    Ying and Yang

    Agent Smith is the absolute opposite of Neo. He is negative and Neo is positive.

    Bullet dodge

    Smith can dodge bullets and move as fast as Neo.

    The final battle

    Smith and Neo battled many times. In the last battle they both died and Smith lost all control of the Matrix.


    Agent Smith was created by the Wachowski Brothers (Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski), for use in The Matrix Trilogy (The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions), The Animatrix, The Animatrix short film Kid’s Story, video-games, as well as The Matrix Comics.


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