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    Commander James Bond, Agent 007, is a spy who works for the MI6 secret service branch of the British Government. Created by Ian Fleming, Bond was originally the star of a series of novels, before being adapted into the world's second longest running film franchise. Inevitably, James Bond has found his way into all types of media adaptations including into newspaper strips and comics books.

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    James Bond: 007, in Comic Strips & Comic Books

    Comic Strips

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    Bond's first foray into sequential art came in the form of syndicated newspaper comic strips published in the British newspaper The Daily Express. Although Ian Fleming was initially hesitant about having his strips turned into comic form, the plan went ahead, with the adaptations being written for the most part by Anthony Hern and drawn by John McLusky and Henry Gammige. Modesty Blaise writer Peter O'Donnell adapted the Dr. No strip.

    Artist Yaroslav Horak went on to draw the strip during the 1970's along with writer Jim Lawrence. The strips did not solely appear in the Daily Express, but were featured in other UK newspapers as well as publications abroad.

    These strips have since been collected in trade from by Titan Books. The first James Bond 007 volume starting in 1987, and a more complete series of James Bond 007 reprints were published starting in 2004. In 2009 these were collected in James Bond 007 Omnibus editions.

    Comic Books

    An adaptation of Dr. No appeared in 1963 for the UK version of the comic Classics Illustrated, which eventually was reprinted in DC Comics' Showcase #43.

    Scandinavian publisher Semic printed the Bond newspaper strips into comic books translated into several Nordic languages starting in 1965. Eventually, they acquired the license to print new materials which they continued to do well into the 1980's. Other countries have adapted the works into their own languages, most notably in Spanish.

    In the United States, Marvel published adaptations of Octopussy and Four Your Eyes Only and Eclipse Comics published an adaptation of License to Kill in 1989. It was not until the 1990's that new and original James Bond material came from Dark Horse Comics who published several mini-series between 1993 and 1995. Topps comics published an adaptation of the film GoldenEye in 1995.


    James Bond has been the feature of many parody comics such as those found in MAD Magazine and similar publications. The spin-off franchise James Bond Jr. also received his own comic series. Japanese Manga adaptations in 1964, from the comic book studio Saito-Production Co. Ltd were published with Japanese variations on the plots to Live and Let Die, Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and The Man With The Golden Gun.

    Fictional Character History

    James Bond was (supposedly) born on November 11th, 1920. His parents were Andrew Bond, and Monique Delacroix.

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    He was born in Wattenshied, a small town nearby Germany. When he was eleven, both of his parents died in a mountain climbing accident. He then went to live with his aunt, Miss Chairman Bond. When he was twelve, he attended Eton College. However, he was removed at the request of his aunt, when some alleged trouble with a maid was revealed.

    He was then sent to Fettes College in Edinburgh, Scotland, his father's old school. For an unspecified reason, Bond also attended the University Of Geneva. In 1941, Bond joined the British Navy, lying about his age in order to join. He was quickly promoted to the ranks of Commander.

    The Service

    Around the time of 1951, Bond was recruited into the SIS, or British Secret Service for his exceptional skills. Bond becomes earns the rare 00 rank for accomplishing two kills. One being the assassination of a Japanese cigar cipher. The other is a murder of British double agent. He then soon becomes the most professional 00 agent there is. It is here that Bond's attitude develops the most, and he begins to have fine taste in wine (his favorites being his Martini, and Dom Perignon, preferably of the year 1953 at a temperature below 24 degrees Fahrenheit), and his womanizing attitude.

    As he goes through his missions, he becomes more and more professional towards killing, yet is enraged at the deaths of innocents.His co-workers and associates vary. His boss is M, the leader of the British Secret Service. Q provides equipment support. Throughout his adventures, it has been highlighted several times that Bond does not have many friends. His closest friend would be Felix Leiter, of the CIA, Bond's American counterpart. His other most noteworthy friend was Alex Trevalyan. He ended up betraying Bond on the Goldeneye mission, and was subsequently killed by 007.

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    James Bond has been assigned to several missions, going into the dozens range. Every one of them he has completed successfully. Among his most notable are:

    The "Goldfinger" mission, where he prevented the collapse of the American economy.

    The "The World Is Not Enough" mission, where he saved thousands of lives from eradication of the way of nuclear armageddon.

    The "Moonraker" mission, where he litarally saved the human civilization from being wiped out by way of deadly virus.

    The "Tomorrow Never Dies" mission, where he prevented war between Britain and China.

    And the "Diamonds Are Forever" mission, where he prevented the detonation of every nuclear bomb in the world, averting nuclear armageddon.

    His most common enemies is SPECTRE. It is a secret criminal organization that controls almost all organized crime on Earth, and has tried to destroy the world many times over. It's leader is Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who Bond has a deep grudge with.

    We Have All The Time In The World

    Bond has loved many women, but almost always abandons them. There was one, however, that Bond was ready to spend the rest of his life with. Tracy di Vicenzo was the daughter of the leader of a very powerful mob that was second only to SPECTRE. Bond made a deal with the leader. He would settle down with Tracy and marry her if he could provide Bond with information concerning the whereabouts of Blofeld. The deal goes on, and Bond subsequently foils Blofeld's scheme.

    He also grows attached to Tracy, and decides that he really will marry her and quit the Service. Right after the ceremony, Bond pulls over to remove the decorations from the car. Suddenly, a car with Blofeld in it drives by, and unleashes a barrage of machine gun fire. Bond is unharmed, but his is horrified to learn that Tracy has been killed. Bond goes on to seek revenge, and supposedly kill Blofeld. Bond went on another avenging spree when Felix Leiter lost his leg and his wife was killed by a brutal gangster. Bond got his revenge, like he always does.

    Preferences, Equipment, and Skills

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    Bond has developed a taste for fine wine, and his favorites are Martini's and a very expensive bottle called Dom Perginon. He smokes, mostly cigars, and prefers tuxedos as the clothing to wear when present at social events. Over the years, Bond has been provided incredible equipment by Q.

    Chief among these are the cars they have given him, which have been able to be remote controlled, turn invisible and are able to shoot missiles and volleys of bullets at targets. He wears a watch that contains a dart gun that can paralyze a man, a stun taser, a grapple hook that can support his weight with a string of wire, GPS, and a laser that can burn through metal.

    He has been provided many oddities of equipment, including a grenade pen, gas canisters hidden in a attache case, flash bang guns, and remote detonators. His preference for a weapon would be a 7.65 MM Walther PPK, a light handgun. Bond has considerable skills in almost everything. He speaks multiple languages, including Russian, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.

    He is a master at Judo, and is very intelligent. Mostly demonstrated in "Goldfinger", when he figures out the logistics of how many men, trucks, and how much time it would take to move all of the gold out of Fort Knox. He also figures out how long something would stay radiated if a nuclear bomb was detonated on it. Bond's most impressive skill, however, is his ability to think on the fly. Many times he has been outnumbered, only to use his surroundings and figure out his opponents weaknesses.


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