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    Nathan Petrelli is the father of Claire Bennet and brother of Peter Petrelli. He possesses the power of self-propelled flight. He can fly at supersonic speeds. Nathan was mercilessly killed by Sylar. Sylar now believes he's Nathan because of a mindwipe, therefore carrying on his legacy and role as Senator.

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    Nathan, ambitious, pragmatic and an aspiring politician inspired by his father, sought to one day help the world by occupying a high position in the government. Nathan made many questionable choices and did or supported many bad things during his long and painful struggle for power. In the end, Nathan, upon succeeding in becoming New York State Congressman, realized how much his efforts had cost him when his beloved, yet somewhat estranged, younger brother detonated above the city. Resigning from office, Nathan went through a long period of depression, steadily driving his friends and family away. Though with time, coupled with Peter's return, Nathan resolved to make things right. To this end, he attempted to reveal the existence of evolved humans to the world, only to suffer an assassination attempt. Miraculously recovering, Nathan attributed his healing to an act of God, and believed evolved humans to be God's servants to His will on Earth. To this end, Nathan accepted the position of Junior Senator of New York, with Tracy Strauss as his aide. After discovering that his parents had injected him with the formula at a young age, Nathan eventually pledged his allegiance to his father's plans to synthetically give people abilities, despite his father's previous attempts to kill Nathan. Unfortunately, these plans failed, so Nathan revealed the existence of evolved humans to the President, like he tried to at the press conference before he was shot. They both agreed to have the government capture them and place them in a facility where no harm could be done. Despite having turned against his own kind, he still tried his best to keep his family members safe, even if it meant risking his own secrets coming out. His biological body was killed by Sylar, who had already obtained Nathan's form andmemories in order to meet and replace the President. However, at Angela's insistence, Matt Parkman questionably used both abilities against Sylar by transferring Nathan's memories and forcing Sylar to believe that he was Nathan. For months, Sylar was living Nathan's life, unaware of his true identity, but "Nathan's" conscience resurfaced, and it seemed that Nathan wasn't willing to go down without a fight. The two battled for control over the body. After Peter used mental manipulation to help Nathan's conscience regain control one last time, Nathan discovered that Sylar was too powerful for him and tried to throw himself a roof. While hanging onto Peter's arm, he said his goodbyes to Peter before falling, appearing to finally "die", turning back into Sylar just before he crashed into a car below.

    ==Volume 1==

    Nathan Petrelli was a senator in New York City.He denied of having any supernatural ability until his brother proofed him that truth.He worked against Daniel Linderman with the FBI.He had a romantic affair with Nikki Sanders in Las Vegas which he intended to keep a secret against his wife. Ultimately he stood by his brother at the Kirby Plaza where the Heroes were facing the ultimate villain, Sylar.

    ==Volume 2==

    Four months after the incident in Kirby Plaza, Nathan had been mysteriously healed of his wounds, but he had became an alcoholic who sees his reflections as a severely injured monster who believes his brother Peter is dead and because of it he lashes out his at mother , Angela Petrelli calling her evil and kicking her out of Peter's apartment where he was using a his residence because of his divorce between him Heidi, who took away his two children Simon and Monty. After Angela is arrested under suspicion of the Kaito Nakamura death , Maury Parkman attacks her mind causing her to attack herself while in an interrogation room, Nathan joins forces with Matt Parkman to help warn all twelve Company founders who were mostly all killed of by the murder of Kaito, Adam Monroe A.KA Takezo Kensei. After discovering his brother Peter is alive and has joined Adam Monroe in trying to stop a deadly virus from being released, but Adam really intended to release the fatal virus. After a brief debate about whos the villain in situation Peter tries to stop Adam by barely catching the virus vial. Nathan then decided its time for no more secrets and comes up with the idea to reveal to the world he has the ability to fly, but was interrupted by two bullets to his chest by an unknown assasin who does not every one in the world to know about evolved people.

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    ==Volume 3==

    Nathan is rushed to the hospital after being shot by his brother from the Future . He is declared dead but somehow comes back to life while Peter is with him. Nathan visits the Chapel, and gives some inspiring words to the people within it. He believes that he has been saved by god and that he is alive to do God's bidding. Nathan is soon visited by the "ghost " of Linderman and is offered the position of Senator by Tracy Strauss . After some words with Peter, Nathan decides to take up the Senate seat with Tracy at his side. When Tracy resigns, Linderman informs Nathan that it is his destiny to help her. Nathan flies to catch Tracy seconds before she commits suicide . The two spend the night together and Nathan learns that his abilities may not be god given.

    He and Tracy go to Angela and learn about his abilities being syntethic . He also learns Peter absorbed Sylar's power and is dangerous. He takes Tracy to visit Mohinder, who drugs them and tries to experiment on them. Tracy uses her power to save Nathan and after Mohinder escapes, the two are visited by Noah and Meredith . Nathan and Tracy learn that Arthur Petrelli is alive and go to visit him. After the meeting, Nathan decides that Arthur must be stopped and goes to Primatech to help his family. He and Peter go to Haiti to find The Haitian but after his powers disappear , Nathan is kidnapped by Baron Samedi . Upon seeing what one person with powers could do, Nathan joins Pinehearst and becomes their leader. Along with Tracy and Mohinder, Nathan gives the marine Scott a syntetich ability . When Peter, Knox and Flint try to bring down Pinehearst, Nathan and Peter are caught in Flint's fire. Peter injects himself with the formula and saves Nathan.

    ==Volume 4==

    The Brother,The Villain and the Chairman of the Senate Commission
    The Brother,The Villain and the Chairman of the Senate Commission

    Two months later, Nathan begins a movement to capture evolved humans . When Claire is mistakingly caught, Nathan gives her a free pass, much to Danko 's disapproval. Flight 195 goes down and Nathan assists his men at the crash site. When Claire is captured, Nathan and Noah protect her from Danko's wrath and Nathan once again sends his daughter home.Abby Collins soon inspects Nathan's base of operations, Building 26 , and attempts to shut it down. Her decision is changed when Tracy kills an analyst to try and escape. Seeing how their targets are dangerous, Danko tries to push for lethal force but Nathan continuously refuses to allow it, even after Peter and Matt Parkman try to shut them down. Realizing that something is different about Nathan, Danko manages to get him to reveal his power.

    Now a target of his own operation, Nathan flies Claire to Mexico in an attempt to protect her and connect with her. He fails in both attempts and reveals to Claire how much he was afraid of her hating him. Nathan and his daughter finally connect and the two fly to the Coyote Sands to help Angela. Nathan tries to mend his broken relationship with Peter, who is not willing to accept his apology. Peter eventually does forgive Nathan and the Petrelli family discover that Sylar has taken Nathan's form. Nathan rushes to DC to stop the killer but is captured and held captive by Sylar. Sylar tortures Nathan and uses his clairsentience to learn all about his life. After escaping, Nathan and Peter fight Sylar in a devastating battle. Nathan ends it by flying away with Sylar to try and protect Peter. Upon landing in his suite, Nathan is killed by Sylar. His body is found by Angela and Matt, who go on to use Matt's power to make Sylar believe he is Nathan, body and soul.

    ==Volume 5==

    Sylar manages to access his clairsentience , learning that when he was younger, Nathan had a night out with Kelly Huston ,

    'Nathan' as he appears in Volume 5 'Redemption'
    'Nathan' as he appears in Volume 5 'Redemption'

    . On the night, Kelly and Nathan got drunk and while they were playing around the pool, Kelly fell in and hit her head, dying. In order to protect Nathan, Angela had the Haitian erase his memories.

    In 'Tabula Rasa' Sylar tells Samuel Sullivan to call him "Nathan". Sylar then remembers Nathan's memories, including shaking hands as a politician, and flying airplanes in the military.

    At the carnival , Sylar sees Tracy and slightly remembers her ,but Samuel informs him that they are not his memories but Sylar states that he wants to know who he truly is.

    I n the episode 'Shadowboxing' Sylar wakes up and and it's shapeshifted into Nathan.He exits the cab where he was sleeping and before Samuel or Lydia would notice him,flies off.

    Than goes to Peter's apartament,hugs Peter and says he thinks he's in a big trouble.

    Following the events,next day morning Peter and 'Nathan' are confronted by the Haitian who's name is revealed to be Reneé and gives Peter an adress.He tells Peter what he will find in there will be greater than any pain.

    They arrived to the adress and found Nathan's dead body.Not much later 'Nathan' and Peter found Matt Parkman who is in custody in the hospital for the attempting to commit suicide by cop.Matt reveals that Sylar have killed Nathan weeks ago in Washington and in order to bring Nathan back,Matt purged Sylar's memory out and made him believe that he himself is Nathan.Sylar takes over the control of Matt's body and touches Nathan to get back in his body.Not knowing what to do, 'Nathan' and Peter flies off.

    During the thanksgiving dinner in the Petrelli House, 'Nathan' transforms into Sylar and after a long night he takes off.

    Peter goes after and evetually beats 'out' Nathan from Sylar with the help of the Haitian's power wich he copied before he went after Nathan.

    Nathan falls to his 'death'.
    Nathan falls to his 'death'.

    Nathan confesses Peter that there's not much left from him and every second is a struggling because from inside Sylar is killing him.He tells Peter that he loves him and every thing he did was for their benefit, than jumps out from the roof and dies.

    After his death, Sylar emerges again and walks away.Nathan died.

    Not much after his 'death', Peter,Angela and Noah arranged the burying by bringing in the real Nathan's body and burying that.Later that night, Peter met up with West, Claire's ex-boyfriend and vowed revenge against Sylar.


    Nathan had the ability to fly. It is currently unknown how he propelled himself or what speeds or altitudes he was capable of achieving, but judging by the sound of his flight when escaping from Mr. Bennet and The Haitian (Hiros), he was probably supersonic. His power, according to Angela Petrelli, was synthetic, and created by the same formula that gave abilities to Niki,Tracy, and Barbara (Angels and Monsters). He was capable of carrying people with him over long distances as shown when he flew with Peter to Haiti, Matt to Philadelphia and Texas, and Claire to Mexico.


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