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Mass murderers

There is a list for characters who have commited mass murder or genocide, defined as killing four or more people in a single incident. These ones are villains or tipically anti-heroes, varying on your belief they still killed. This list also include comic book dictators and blue-collar supervillains, who are more inclined to commit anyone in their path. Teams of supervillains inclueded as well.

EDIT: I made some clean up on this list because at the time I created it was a early user and not aware of the site's rules. So some items and profanity will be removed to accommodate the list better.

List items

  • Anakin was ordered to lead an attack to the Jedi Temple to kill all Jedis inside, including younglings. Later, he singlehandly killed the Separatists leaders in Mustafar, where he had a confrontation with obi-wan, which ended with anakin mutilated, and he was put in his suit, and was now darth vader. He commanded the Great jedi purge and almost led the jedi to near extinction

  • murdered all the Central 46 members and plans to wipe all Karakura City to create the oken and become a god

  • Responsable for the Annihilation Wave

  • He believes the strong should destroy the weak, and he commited several crimes against humanity in his despicable, ruthless lifetime, inclunding killing of several humans. In Age of Apocalypse its is much even more worse, he rules the world with iron fist and uses genocide as excuse of his creed mentioned above. He uses humans to experiments to mde them a superior race and persecutes lesser mutants because they are regarded as weak. Truly, the world like this would not stand with his distorted notion of strong.

  • He is the lover of Death herself. How do you think she presents her? MASS MURDER

  • After acquiring the power of the Mad God, Sinestro caused the death of billions of lives across the galaxy, and in the sinistro corp wars caused more destruction

  • child-killer and rapist, he had killed several innocents in his path when he recovered his memories after been mind-erased, he almost had killed the teen titans

  • Infamous for unleashing locusts in the wind, like his world has never seen before, into every leaf, every stalk, till there is nothing left of green


  • an entire race of genocides with nothing more but just raw power, wiped al the tsufurujjns in planet vegeta, and after freeza hired them as his bounty hunters, just a single team of five saiyans can level an entire planet. Despite goku being a saiyan, he is not a murderer like his brethen

  • this hot chick can desintegrate anything into nothingness like she did in the x-men 3 movie

  • maya herrera, wanting or not, caused the death of anyone around her because of her power of poison emission, raging from a small village or a building.

  • despite being a serial killer, sylar kills anyone who crosses his path, including the soldiers from building 36 who entered the house to arrest him. Dumb assholes

  • ** spoiler **

    leveled half of New York, in order to prevent a potential war between USA and Soviet Union. Despite his intentions being good, he still killed thousands of innocent people

  • immortal ass-kicking vampire, he allow his enemies to shoot first so he can put himself back and break hell loose upon them

  • Killed all of his clan, except for his little brother

  • Fanatic zealot who believes foolish behavior is punishable with death

  • To say Kratos is just a amoral near-sociopath is euphemism... HE IS A FULL-BLOW PSYCHO!

    In the beggining he killed all his enemies, and was praised for this tactic despite brutal ones, after his army was falling in the hands of the barbarians, kratos begged to ares to let him live and destroy his enemies, Kratos was given the blades of chaos and become a beast in a roaring rampage killed his own family. Regreting his actions, he started a 10 year long servitude to the gods which ended after he killed ares... and took his throne as god of war.

    After this, he started to conquer all greek cities in spite to the gods - all he ever wanted was to lost the memories of killing his family, and the sorrow turned into hate for the gods. Zeus then betrayed Kratos and reduced to mortal, and left him to die, but he survived and left to the temple of fates to change his destiny killing theseus, perseus, icarus, euryale, lachesis, atropos and clotho in his wake and now awaits to have laid waste over the gods

  • said to have killed over 186, 477 humans and was executed for this. not really though

  • released the legacy virus which killed several mutants such pyro, mastermind and illyana rasputin


    What more can we say

  • as the herald for the black lanterns, he "killed" several people and attached the black lantern rings in them, making black lanterns members

  • a rapist, a sadist, killed everyone around him even when he was just a newborn and when he was just six, he destroyed a entire planet and when he was thirty, alredy had millions in his grasp

  • His plans of world domination maybe caused him to kill more than four people at time

  • a mix of eco-terrorist and a femme fatale, she aims to kill all the humans to preserve the plants

  • fear incarnate, parallax possessed hal jordan making him kill his fellow green lantern corps

  • He actually sees mass murder as an tactic to hunt down criminals. He even leveled a island with 10,000 people with a warhead used by a terrorist.

  • He had live since 50.000 before, obvious he had killed several people as a tyrant

  • "I killed. But I didn't just kill fifty, I didn't kill a hundred. I killed a thousand. I killed TEN thousand! And I was good at it. And it wasn't for vengeance, it wasn't for greed. It was because...I liked it. Cassandra was nothing. Her village was nothing. Do you know who I was? I was Death. Death — Death on a horse. When mothers warned their children that the monster would get them, that monster was me. I was the nightmare that kept them awake at night. Is that what you want to hear?! The answer is yes. Oh, yes"

  • Like his grandfather, he was seduced by the Dark Side and made several victims

  • To be capable of wipe out a entire city and replace their population with his clones is still MASS MURDER

  • A disturbed Romulan who manage to literally erase the planet Vulcan out of existence killing over 6 billions of innocents. AND would have done the same to Earth and others Federation-affiliated planets if he had not be stopped

  • She views genocide as way of thinking, and nothing more constructive for her to kill 16,000 mutants in Genosha

  • Having thousands and thousands of souls inside him, and having to kill more to sustain himself

  • Responsable for releasing the T-Virus and turning several innocents into zombies

  • Developed the Uoroborus and plot to release it into the world, killing or turning the humankind into monsters even worse than zombies

  • She allowed more than once innocent people been killed and hunted down every single member of her family of her father's side

  • They believe through terrorism, death and destruction, a new eden might be created, and they will kill anyone for this

  • In Batman Returns, he wished to slaughter every firstborn in Gothan City, and failed

  • He was actually more a peaceful tyrant than a bloodthirsty demon, and ruled over a quarter of Earth

  • Serial killer and mass murder, killed his own sister and made his mother commit suicide

  • He ordered his armies to be like a plague destroy everything in his wake, making their women and children slaves or even worse

  • They are the mirror universe of the JLA

  • Mirror universe of the Starfleet Federation in Star Trek

  • Force-sensitives in Star Wars who rely heavily in their inner and negative emotions such as anger and passion. They frequently stage conflicts which lead the destruction of several planets.

  • Nuff said

  • In the Dark Knight, he ordered the passagers of two boat with bombs, one filled with convicts and other with innocent people, to blow each other causing mass murder. But not happened luckly

  • You know, a guy who just not have only Superman's powers, but also reality warping, and can mess with the bery fabric of reality itself, may have not killed just four or more people, but hundreds of thousands and entire realities just because he felt unappreciated.

  • On my point of view he is a hero, but still a terrorist, but again in a opressive fascist contry. He may have killed some mooks and innocents, something a villain should do, but in that case, they DESERVED. The mooks for killing people and he innocent people for being sheeps and no stand up for themselves but this is a conspiration. Read about the Norse Fire

  • Black Adam is one first he killed several villains to protect the soveregn of Khandaq in public to let every one know.

    Oh a friend also told me he was set loose on the nation of Bialya killing not just the President and the goverment but over two million innocents just to get to some monster. As painting a entire country red was enough he also unleash World War Three on the heroes and end up toppling the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Egypt and many heroes get ass kicked by him including the Marvel family and the Teen Titans. Seriously this guy completaly loses his mind to level entire coutries.

  • He may be treated as a villain but in a fact he is not: he is above good and evil and only devouer entires planet's lifeforce to replenish himself a act he alredy declared he doesn't like to do it. Like Ozzy from Watchmen he is a anti-villain

  • Another Star Wars' villain he was pretty much like this during the Clone Wars. Just in the first time he appeared in the cartoon he fought against *five* Jedis (two of them were Jedi Masters from the Council) only three survived. Just to get a idea of how much he is genocidal look at his lightsaber collection...

  • I hate adding him to this list but Bishop becomes like this afer Messiah CompleX. He would stop at nothing just to kill a baby girl who would become some mutant Anti-Christ in his future. He done some things he did not liked to do but was convinced if she died the billions of lives he had ruined would not matter anymore because they were people who didn't exist to him.

    Note: Personally I find this very wall banging because I were a fan of Bishop and after seeing the writers turning him into some Knight templar fanatic bent on killing millions just to kill only one baby shows they lost criativity and turning a character with depth into a near flat-villain with any reason at all

  • Obvously you don't need a justification for him being a mass murderer and is worthy noting in some versions he is guilty of the destruction of Krypton

  • She may be a killer for hire (and really hot chick) she wiped all a fictional Asiatic country in Deathstroke comic book. Her reason is to prove over her point that said country may be potential enemy to Western countries. Seriously Black Adam was magically empowered. But she is just a human.

  • The former Green Goblin but apeshit like him. Don't make me explain why he is in the list. But is worth noting that he shoot down a plane full of innocents just to see if Pepper Potts with Iron Man armour could save them. And he is responsable for setting the blast in the beggining of Siege thousands of people so he could have and excuse to invade Asgard.

  • Hal Jordan is one of my favorite DC heroes but that doesn't change the fact when he became Parallax for the first time he goes nuts and lay waste over the Green Lantern Corps killing almost all of them along with the Guardians. Of course unlike Cheshire or Norman Osborn Hal Jordan killed them while he was in a genocidal madness. And of course all his victims returned to life and technically he is no longer a mass murderer but still. Just so you know.

  • Every. Single. One. Of. These. Bigot. Monsters. Really they take prejudice over reason to insane levels. They blow up a bus full of Xavier Students (note; they are depowered and no longer mutants) for no reason other than hate. This is just the start. Their first attack in the X-Men Mansion killed even more children. In the beggining of Messiah CompleX they headed to Alaska to kill the mutant baby and they decided to murder EVERY. SINGLE. BABY! Just to kill one. NIcely done Herod (I am being sarcastic of course). Thse villains are created to be monsters even worse than anyone I ever seen in the comics. Will anyone shouts this to them. Will they keep killing kids and act as if they are houlier than you or me! They deserve to be put down like rabid dogs.

  • He is psychopath. Now give him said psychopath energy-based powers to beyond max. If you think this is enough now he is the leader of the most powerful star empire in the Marvel Universe. Which also has the unfortunate implication of having complete monsters as rulers. It only goes worse from here. Note worting he started a war against the Inhumans and apparently he got himself killed along with hero Black Bolt.

  • Speaking of rulers from alien empires Veranke is quite one. She ordered the Skrull Invasion which led the death of countless humans. But she has a sympathetic light as she wants only her people to have a new home while Vulcan screw up everyone around him for his own amusement.

  • If he can write over more than four names in Death Note than he is already a mass murderer. Do not make me start how many he had killed. I think not even he has idea of how many lives were destroyed as all to him as if were Tuesday.

  • He killed at least six agents in Iron Man movie. And destroyed some cars and trucks in the highway scene.

    He also saw this list being built IN A CAVE! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!

  • Destroyed Planet Vegeta with only a flash of light. Damn. Also butchered some Namekians to lay his hands on the Dragon Balls so he could become immortal.

  • Some scary mass murderer he literally depopulated every single living being in his Universe and declared life itself to be a crime.

  • Killed some people in Ghost Rider movie with his death touch.

  • A vampire who wiped out Warpath tribe some years ago.

  • The undead Corps leaded by Black Hand they will shred and devour anything within anyone in their path. They don't even do this because are assholes villains. They are slave villains and reanimated corpses and no longer they once were.

  • He killed potential Slayers around the world to make path to the First Evil.

  • First to gain corporeal body he tricked Edward's dad to sacrifice his people (a whole contry no less) now he sacrificed Amestris so he can gain God's power. It got better through.

  • In just one day the Skynet gained self-awaresness and decided to nuke Earth and kill the humans. All the machines are extension to Skynet mind and all their victims are indirectly it's.

  • He may count as a Cybertronian terrorist which the war on his planet caused the death of almost all of his species life.

  • Outworld ruler. He wants to affiliate all the Realms to his domain and is evident that innocent blood sheding is ever present. In MK3 he opens a portal directly to Earthrealm and sucks the souls of almost all humans on Earth except it's champions. His victims were revived.

  • Death incarnate. He is the leader of the Black Lantern Corps while Black Hand function as his habinger of doom and Scar as their Guardian.

  • Originally the genetically created clone of Mew. He proved to be two powerful to contain to his captors and probably murdered many of them in his wake who tried to control him.

  • Naruto villain. Head of Sound Hidden Village. He allied himself with the Sand Hidden Village to destroy Konoha during the Chunnin Exams. He also made several experimencts with people and may have killed a lot of them during his research.

  • He was able to defeat but not kill seven members of the Justice League. If he is able to do this look of how many people he killed later.

  • A Skrull with out the ability to shapeshift he becomes some sort of Earth's evil overlord in a alternate reality where he took over the world where the Avengers had never disbanded and he had ten-long year war against them which led to deaths of Wasp and many others.

  • Despite willing propesion to disbelief in spite of all the destruction Hulk causes whenever he goes out of control he was expelled from Earth because of a little destruction he did in Las Vegas which cost 62 lives.

  • Speaking of Hulk the Maestro is older version of him. Maestro fits the bill in the Overlord job and kills anyone to prove his superiority.

  • Okay I think its is official to all the Jedis who are driven to the Dark Side of the force to become mass murderers as well. His lust for power would not be denied so Ulic started to make his own army and act on his own. He also depopulate planets in daily routine.

  • He appeared in just one Star Wars movie... To blow up a pacific planet for no other reason just to prove the Empire could.

  • Did the same thing as of Tarkin above but with the Star Forge.

  • He is a omnicidal maniac in his planet and almost enemy of all living things and is only allowed to do so because of his ties with Harkonen

  • He is just Frank Castle... IN SPACE!

  • A mutant with regenerative powers as if also be the head of racist-fascist-satanic cult was enough he tried to sterilize mankind under orders from Belasco. After his supply of poison was destroyed by the Punisher he goes nuts and kills a entire family.

  • A token bad band with superpowers and evil counterpart to the Ultimates they manage to take over America and killed millions in the process.

  • Shishio Makoto was one of the villains in Samurai X.His abilities were so monstrous he could take on soldiers with his brute strength alone. Unlike the other mass murderers he is so badass that when he died he decided to take Hell over.

  • Ultimate Captain America's archenemy he is chitauri Nazi immortal alien who tried to take Earth no less.

  • His intents are to...


  • I just knew this guy some time ago and now I learn he sunk Singapore, destroyed the city he vowed to protect and murdered not just his archenemesis but also his friends as well. This guy is just Irredeemable.

  • A somewhat obscure villain to many DC readers, he was the leader of Flash worshippers, twisted and maniacal who ordered the killing of the people he saved in the past along with his ex-girlfriend, using special knives which draw eletric force from their bodies to give him power. In the last stand with the Flash, Cicada absorbed all lifeforce from his followers at vicinity to gain power to match. He was overpowered by Flash and lost all his powers.

  • Zeus in God of War. His is a prick not only in the game but in the mythology as well. He destroyed Sparta, Kratos' homecity out of spite for him, and acts as if was all-knowing and holier than you and me.

  • He lead the Chitauri invasion in on Earth which killed hundreds of innocents in the Avengers movie.

  • Just as the King of Westenros, he caused pain and suffering to the land with out any effort.

  • Just in real life, in Assassin's Creed Rodrigo killed pretty much anyone who got into his way and most of the coup' of etat his minions lead were ordered by him. Just like his dear son...

  • He lead the attack at Monterigioni in Assassin's Creed Revolution killing most of the city' population, Uncle Mario among them.